Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Millionaires Support Lazy Git MP!

Tow Watson was the joint laziest MP 2010 - 2015 but seems to think this is a suitable qualification for being the Deputy Leader of what is left of the Labour Party!

Watson has allegedly lost one battle recently when he was supposed to be behind a plot to dethrone the ludicrous "leader" of his local Labour Council, Darren Cooper, but folk say he has now cravenly agreed to help the erudite and learned "Professor" Cooper's bid for power in the proposed West Midlands Combined Authority in return for support in this contest. One principled guy if this is all true!

This blog warned mug punters not to put money into this Deputy Leadership campaign as Ten Bellies has serious financial backers and, at the end of the day, the long-suffering members of Unite the Union will pick up the tab! And so it is coming to pass.

Unite are already in for £12.5K besides their usual support to Wealthy Watters and another union is also dishing out their members' dues to him with ASLEF chipping in postage at £2,499.75p! (Perhaps they should have bought shares in privatised Royal Mail!)

And now the rich are also stumping up for the "socialist" shagger!

The most high profile donation was £4K from multi-millionaire Joanne Rowling. Quite what she thinks, from the luxury of Edinburgh's New Town, the Nonce-Finder General (credit - Guido Fawkes) has done for his beleaguered constituents of West Bromwich East, I cannot say, unless this was just a wizard jape.

This blog has repeatedly asked (privately and publicly) for this secretive man who, in more innocent times, we would have called a "cradle-snatcher", to confirm that the Derek Webb who has put money into Fat Tom's constituency Labour Party is one and the same as the - alleged - ex-gambler and millionaire, Derek Webb, who, despite saying he has now sold his extensive interests in the, er, gambling industry runs a private organisation called the "Campaign For Fairer Gambling"! I speculated whether each time Watson opens his gob to pontificate about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, Derek is popping a coin in? Well I think we need to know now as a private individual called "Derek Webb" has just given our Bermondsey hero £25K!

The man in the centre next to Ten Bellies is "a" Mr Derek Webb
Step forward a third millionaire in the shape of local property magnate Paramjit Bassi. I mentioned in a recent blog (see below) that his Bond Wolfe companies had been doing well recently (and perfectly properly) thanks to crazily spendthrift Labour Sandwell Council and its "partner" organisations [sic] and Bassi has made small donations before. Here one of his companies, Bond Wolfe Estates Limited , has supplied benefits in kind of £13,398.42 and the man himself has stumped up a handsome £15K.

Meanwhile, this great tribune of the loony left has been getting help in cash and in kind from a bunch of creatives called Karian & Box to the value so far of £6,400. Ironically this outfit boast of their assistance to a string of the capitalist giants so beloved of Jeremy Corbyn, including leftie pet hates such as, er, Barclays, Heathrow, Rio Tinto & Sellafield! Right on, Comrade!

Happily, The Rutting Walrus of Lurve has received assistance in kind from a Mike Joslin of Organise Consulting in Newcastle to the value of £4,000 and also received donations in cash or kind from the following mystery donors (if you are one of them please do get in touch and let me know why you thought this clown was "the man for the job"):

Nigel Gardiner - £4,000

Anthony Gajadharsingh - £3,000

Trust Reservations (a hotel booking outfit) - £8,960.40

Ian Corfield - £10,000

(Despite his alleged support for openness etc the furtive Watters is still refusing to say whether he actually got a degree from Hull Uni - info welcome please as he won't waive "personal" data protection for Hull to answer my FoI request).

And so with his Union backers and new rich chums, our expenses-guzzling (despite voting record) MP hero is laughing all the way to the bank (though not now the Millbank). Rock on, Tommy!

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