Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bristnall Hustings Tomorrow

Mr Vaughan may have pulled "his" Tory candidate out but the hustings are on in Bristnall tomorrow (Thursday) night. Please make sure that local democracy begins to assert itself in Sandwell - attend Londonderry Baptist Church, Bristnall Hall Road at 6.30pm.


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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Spellar Sh*tbaggery!

How many times has this blog pointed out that Sandwell Labour's hard-left, anti-business, anti-enterprise stance is disastrous for Sandwell (aka "Sadwell")? Now there is more bad news on the job front in the Borough after just 40 years of continuous Labour failure.

It seems that the only way to do business with certain elements of Labour Sandwell is via the use of "brown envelopes", with the local "Cowards in Blue" turning a blind eye. The crazed Cooper era will be long remembered as a "golden" age of corruption, incompetence and cronyism in the six towns and the "cleansing" of Sandwell Council during the Jan Britton stewardship of talent and ability in favour of family, friends and fellow travellers has left governance in the area in a parlous state. Top this with three useless MP's and there is a toxic brew indeed.

Credit where credit is due. Sandwell Labour have become adept at begging for money from Government, quangos and even charities and richly rewarded their supporters accordingly (eg look at the way the liar Ian Jones and associates shafted Sport England so that his son's partner gained a £30k per annum contract for three years etc etc). But instead of trying to develop a good environment and infrastructure for business and job creation the posturing Stalinist prats line up to slag off capitalism and wealth-creation at every opportunity. I pointed out long ago that no serious business people who read Cooper's inane Twitter feed would ever consider having serious discussions with him and his cronies and so it came to pass.....

In recent times two big employers, nPower and British Gas, have announced large scale redundancies - mostly in London-resident John Spellar's constituency. Thus we had the unedifying spectacle yesterday at PMQ's of ex-public school Spellar breaking off from his important "Friends of Israel" stuff to cravenly BEG Old Etonian Dave for "help" with the problem. You might think from this that Sandwell Labour and the groveller Spellar had consistently tried to support these and other businesses in the Borough and to encourage them but not a bit of it. The Bearded Warley Wonder rarely misses a chance to publicly put the boot in on utilities INCLUDING THOSE EMPLOYING HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS. He even helpfully uses their own logos when attacking them! But then he is wealthy and doesn't have to live and work (or try to find work) in a shit-hole like Oldbury. Here we go:

And so on and on and on. With friends of Sandwell like this who need enemies?

Incidentally, many of you will remember the great Sandwell summit with a couple of sales folk from China which the late former "leader", Ai Lik Bum, trailed via the likes of the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers (aka "The Express and Star") as another new dawn for Sadders. Alas, as with all the rest of the Labour bullsh*t, nothing has come of it and now Spellar is having a go at the Chinese too (and the steel industry is still important locally) - so don't expect them riding to the rescue any time soon "lol":

Stay in London, John, and shut your mouth if you are only going to harm your constituents with your left-wing claptrap!


On the subject of the three useless Labour MP's who purport to "represent" the Borough compare and contrast their TOTAL SILENCE on Jan Britton's dismal failure with Sandwell Labour's Children's Services and that of the sitting MP's in Norfolk who forced a high-profile resignation when the local Council's service was deemed, like Sadwell's, to be "inadequate" (again in Sadwell's case) by Ofsted. You three may have been scared of Cooper but (a) grow-up and (b) grow a pair!!!!



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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bristnall Hustings and Round-Up

PLEASE NOTE - the proposed Bristnall Hustings for tomorrow night has been put back until Thursday 28th April, 2016 at 6.30pm - Londonderry Baptist Church, Bristnall Hall Road.

The Green Party and UKIP were well-up for the original date and to meet the public but, unfortunately, the Tory candidate has declined to attend. Even though the candidate had been invited via a third party some time ago a Mr Keith Vaughan (who is apparently the Chair"man" of the Sandwell Conservative Federation) stated that there was insufficient notice for the candidate to appear tomorrow. Accordingly, the date was  put back until a week on Thursday only for Vaughan to again pull the candidate out.

The Tory is a Mr Richard Toye. I don't know anything about him. Is he a scion of the super-posh Toye's of Brum's Jewellery Quarter? There is a Richard Toye from Warley on LinkedIn who is a BANKER with Royal Bank of Scotland! (RBS have been renowned for reckless lending and so, if it is he, perhaps he can lend a few quid to Labour's Carol "the Debtor" Goult!) Whatever, the long-suffering folk of Bristnall won't get the chance to see and listen to this pusillanimous Tory Toye Boy!

Regular readers will know that I am always scrupulously fair to "Sadwell" Labour despite their desperate history of 40 years of dismal failure and I am told that their candidate for Bristnall, Elaine Giles of Wednesbury, has some merit and that Mahboob Hussain is spitting blood about her selection as she is one of the few local Labour grovellers who has dared to stand up to him and refuse to pay lip-service to the royal anus. (Having said that, and noting the in-breeding and cronyism in Sadwell Labour that has already thrown up so many freaks of nature, is she related to current Cllr Elizabeth Giles?)


A strange story in about a man who was taken to Court by SMBC. He employed a solicitor and asked him specifically whether he did work for Jan Britton's Circus. The Solicitor allegedly said no and was duly instructed only for the Client to find out later this was a lie! If you have legal issues with Sadwell make sure you get truly independent advice......preferably out of The Borough.


Still nothing from The Rutting Walrus on his tax affairs and any profit he made on the sale of his co-owned Westminster apartment. All information welcome. I am told the flat was in posh Westminster Mansions, Great Smith Street but I don't have the actual number (yet) to do Land Registry searches.


Information required about the alleged suspension of a local party official.


I am also looking for information concerning the disposal of scrap metal by SMBC.


There are a couple of posts "in production" but The Skidder will be quiet for the next four and a half weeks due to other commitments. This does not signify inactivity! The Skidder team have a number of lines of enquiry that are being pursued and there are a number of Freedom of Information Requests etc that are outstanding. The death of King Troll has NOT brought an end to legal action that was in preparation against him and others and that will continue against some of his known associates. Please keep new information coming in via the normal channels as the team will still be helping me out (if using the confidential Skidder line - 07599 983737 - please be patient, Send texts or leave messages. I will get back to you!)


There has been lots of talking out of the arse lately about the good things to come to Sadwell just around the corner but remember folks - Sandwell Labour have made you these promises for forty years and delivered you f*ck all. It is just as likely - or possibly more so "lol" - that this will come to fruition:

(Please excuse my outburst of frivolity!)



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Friday, 15 April 2016

Muslim Community Let Down in Sandwell

"There will never be a Paki Labour candidate in Bristnall." Who made this appallingly racist remark? According to several members of THE LABOUR PARTY - yes, I will stress that again, The Labour Party - a still current (white male) "leading figure" in their own local party hierarchy. And so it has come to pass once again in that unfortunate ward (Liar Cashmore, Debtor Goult etc) as the May election approaches........

Meanwhile, the comrades have selected Cllr Zahoor Ahmed's wife, Shaeen Farut, for the vacancy that has arisen in Soho and Vic. Ahmed has an interesting record with a little local difficulty in the early 1990's and, despite no discernible talent nor ability, is even being suggested as a Muslim candidate/ stool pigeon for Sandwell's ludicrous Labour "Cabinet. The "socialist" Ahmed is another, like Sniffpiss mouthpiece John Edwards and Watson stooge Simon "Two Homes" Hackett, who happily has interests in more than one property. He is, of course, very closely connected with Cllrs Hussain and Rouf. Hussain's family, associates and friends have all done very well with the sale of publicly-owned land etc by Sandwell Labour to them and, of course, Hussain's daughter was given a 4 bedroom Council house in Oldbury even though Jan Britton, Sadwell's £153 grand a year under-pressure "Chief Executive", and his staff were fully aware that she and her husband (who happily works for Serco - the Council's refuse contractor) own their own house just round the corner in Century Road (Jan Britton knows this since Sandwell Labour Council have a legal charge on the Century Road property!!!!!!! Britton actually has written proof of this in his own f*cking office!)

Rouf was given a Council House by Sandwell Labour despite having just sold his own property for cash and having known interests in at least one other local property. His Labour comrades then sold his son a huge building plot which a number of other people were interested in on Florence Road, Smethwick for considerably less that the Council used our money to buy in the first place - under the noses of senior employees Britton, Sharma and Bubalo.

Please note (especially Mr Sniffpiss) that what follows is not my allegation but has come specifically from MUSLIM contacts. This is what people in the Muslim community are telling me ie that Shaeen Farut has no known interest in politics and that she is not being allowed out by the local menfolk to campaign for her own seat - Ahmed and Rouf are canvassing,with other menfolk, on her behalf. Many Muslims in the area are convinced that putting her in what should be a very safe seat is simply a ploy to get extra income coming into the Ahmed household and to provide another compliant vote for what was the Cooper/Hussain machine (as if they didn't used to have enough Labour knuckle-draggers doing their bidding anyway). What is the view of the female members of the Labour Party about this, I wonder?

(Happy to do a filmed interview with the candidate for the benefit of Skidder readers if that helps, Zahoor and Mohammad?)

Meanwhile, as in previous blogs, Jan Britton claims he still has not got the Wragge Report (from expensive solicitors where the deal was not put out to tender) into all the dodgy land sales (no interest of course, from the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers) and thick Sandwell voters are unlikely to see the report before the election. I wonder why?  Despite 40 years of failure, Sadwell Labour's friends at The Express and Star are bombarding gullible voters with endless good news stories about jobs coming to the benighted Borough etc etc. Sandwell folk - you really do only have yourselves to blame if you are again taken in with this sh*te!

Unfortunately, the Police - especially the local "Cowards in Blue" - are now giving the Labour Council, and persons connected with it, immunity from investigation - not just in respect of what I have been writing about in this blog. They are, for example, ignoring the complaints from residents in McKean Road, Oldbury about what is happening down there (and that ain't nice!)

I will shortly be blogging about proof  I now have that the police specifically blocked an investigation into the late Cllr Cooper and it is clear that others have been similarly favoured. The reasons seem to be complex. There is clearly a rotten apple somewhere reasonably high-up in the WMP barrel and they are also protecting a leading Sandwell figure in the Muslim community who is a police informant (although I am told that the material they are given from this "special" source is so low-grade as to be virtually worthless). There is also a degree of "political correctness" in all this which is particularly galling to my friends in the Muslim community who contact me. The Police are so into all the "community relations" b*llocks they are prepared to ignore criminality and wrong-doing without apparently taking into account, for example, the fact that the vast bulk of information I passed on to the Regional Fraud Team about Labour Sadwell CAME FROM LOCAL MEMBERS OF THE, ER, MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Just last night a caller expressed the same view that has been put to me several times by local Muslims: "Mr Skidder, at least the corruption in Pakistan is blatant and obvious. It is worse here because it is all being covered up". Many Sandwell Muslims are pleading for the rule of law to be upheld but that is irrelevant to WMP and to the local media (Halesowen News excluded).

Unfortunately, many members of all communities - including Muslim folk - are genuinely afraid to speak out about Sandwell's sleaze for fear of reprisals and with good reason. My wife and I were subjected to horrendous harassment from the late Cllr Cooper and his associates and I have received many threats from anonymous sources, Councillors/Labour, West Midlands Police, posh London lawyers etc etc for writing this blog. When I was physically threatened in the street in Oldbury by someone who claimed he was one of Cllr Hussain's sons, most of the incident was witnessed by a traffic warden who was "warned off" and told by my verbal assailant: "we run Oldbury". Clearly the alleged member of the Hussain clan was not joking as the traffic warden declined to give evidence to Sandwell Police who also dropped the investigation despite telling me they were "sure" they had the person concerned (whom they also never asked me to try to identify.)

I have not yielded and neither should you. Muslims and everyone else must come together and cut out the cancer that is gnawing away at the body politic in Labour Sandwell. Hold the people responsible up to scrutiny or even to derision (like one local Oldbury business which is displaying an amusing calendar of "King" Mahboob!) The problem the, let-down, elements of the Muslim community now has is that it cannot complain to the Police nor to the local MP's. The Skidder can only do so much. Who else is going to help? Are you?



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Monday, 11 April 2016

An Open Letter to Tom Watson MP

Email: 11/04/16 to Tom Watson MP

"You seem to have been rather quiet of late following your disgusting and merciless harassment of Leon Britton but I heard you mouthing off on the radio the other day about Cameron's tax etc and demanding "transparency".

You, yourself, of course have been remarkably opaque about your own "affairs" - and I use that word deliberately. You have wished to keep your sexual philandering quiet and it is also noteworthy that your clan has done well out of appointments with the Labour Party including your ex-wife who was once "employed" by you but paid for by us taxpayers. You also rarely speak about being the joint laziest MP 2010 to 2015 missing over half of the Westminster votes - I am sure people would like to know how you square that with now being Deputy Leader [sic] of the Party!

There has also been a distinct lack of transparency in respect of my enquiries about (a) your failure to get a degree at Hull University and (b) your receipt of hefty donations from gambler and ex(?)-casino entrepreneur Derek Webb of the so-called "Campaign for Fairer Gambling". You laughably purport to be a "socialist" and yet recently saw fit to accept substantial donations from two companies controlled by a well-known Birmingham pawnbroker but have not yet explained how that fits in with the Labour Corbyn/McDonnell communistic credo?

Of course, you choose not to live in the sh*t-hole that is Sandwell when you can live in trendy Bermondsey although you have been listed on the electoral register for at least a couple of years as living chez Cllr Hackett. I have asked him how many nights you have stayed there in the last couple of years but he has declined to say and I do understand that there are other nocturnal attractions for you when you deign to visit the area. But, in the spirit of transparency and in accordance with the electoral register "residence test", please tell us the precise details of your sojourns with the Hacketts.

You are infamous for the level of your parliamentary expenses claims including, of course, the notorious maximum claim for food under the old system. But more particularly, there are the questions that arise from your ownership of London property and, in particular, the property you shared with Iain Wright MP.

It is hard to keep up with your movements around London and at one stage you "rented" a flat from/with Unite the Union's Leader, Len McCluskey - presumably claiming the rent etc from the taxpayer and in 2011/12 the taxpayer forked out £11,688.70p for you to rent two rooms off another Unite official, Jim Mowatt.

But before that, you and Iain Wright MP are reported to have bought a leasehold flat together and lived there from around 2005 to 2009(?). You two lavishly furnished it at taxpayers' expense. More importantly, the Daily Telegraph reported:

"After purchasing the Westminster flat [with Wright].....the pair each submitted [claims] for thousands of pounds for arrangement fees and stamp duty".

Stamp duty is, of course, a form of tax but you chose not to pay it yourself but to let us mug punters pay it for you.

But then you went on to purchase the freehold which should have greatly increased the value of the property. Again, the Telegraph report:

"They did the same thing [ie claimed from the taxpayer] again the following year when they purchased the freehold of the property, claiming £1,431.46 for more legal expenses."

As the Telegraph also said in 2009:

"By purchasing the freehold, the MP's will have added significantly to the value of the apartment, but are under no obligation to pass onto the taxpayer any profits made when they sell the flat in the future".

There is also the question of tax here. Clearly you stopped living at the Westminster flat and went to live with your Unite chums. Did you sell the flat or rent out your half share? If the latter do you still derive an income from the flat which you declare on your tax return? As you were seemingly pretending to be married at this stage I am assuming that the flat was not your main residence and, therefore, any profit you made on a sale was liable to Capital Gains Tax. You castigate the Camerons for perfectly legal transactions and I imagine that if you had a CGT bill you were quick to claim your annual personal allowance against it? Let us have all the details please and given the size of your expenses claims it would be appropriate in your case to see your tax returns from 2001 when you first became an MP. There should be no problem with this as you told the Telegraph in 2012 in respect of your then property expenses claims to pay Mr Mowatt:

"I am very happy for the arrangements to be public and believe there should be far more transparency in the working of parliament and Government".

Finally, I have been lead to believe that your kids live with their mother but you are claiming the additional parliamentary allowance for them too. How many nights per year do they reside in Bermondsey please?

Signed (etc)

I will let you know the response folks! Meanwhile, here is the name the local branch of Unite the Union in his constituency call Watson. The Regional Organiser knows. So should you!



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Two Letters to Mogadon Man

If you ever want the pants bored off you, attend a Sandwell Council meeting when the new "acting" Leader [sic] Steve "Rotherham" Eling is soliloquising on the shitty state of "Sadwell" after 40 years of Labour failure.

With all the Cameron tax business going on, Labour politicians have been incessantly banding the "T" word about ie "transparency" and so I have sent two emails to Eling in the hope that he will "come clean" about two current "issues" - the bent ice rink deal and the Wragge Report into the dodgy land sales overseen by Sharma and Bubalo. They are set out below but I have yet to receive any response from Eling himself.


Controversial ice rink magnate Mike Petrouis was quoted in The Express and Star last week stating that the bent ice rink deal is still on with the sleazy "socialists" of Sandwell Labour still anxious to gift him a very valuable site in West Brom (Star Group companies have enjoyed advertising revenue from Petrouis's companies for a number of years but that in no way affects their, er, impartiality.) A number of Council's up and down the land (including Labour ones) have allegedly shied away from projects involving this gentleman mysteriously fearing "reputational damage" but at least basket case Sadwell doesn't have to worry about this as it has already sunk lower than a snake's belly in the court of public opinion. And so if you see Eling out and about please ask him to reply to this email of Thursday 7th April, 2016:

To Steve Eling:


I appreciate that you have lied to the public in the past (eg the casino legal costs debacle) and were - apparently - the incompetent political architect of the disastrous ultra vires CTB scheme which has cost Sandwell folk so dear but I had hoped that your (temporary) elevation to "leader" might herald a new dawn for the benighted Borough of "Sadwell" and a departure from the idiocy - and worse - of "the Cooper era". Alas, this appears not to be the case as The Express and Star are reporting that the crazy ice rink "deal" is still on! (The Express and Star group have enjoyed advertising revenues in the past from Mr Petrouis's companies.)

Of course, your fingers are all over this "deal" as you were - with Cllrs Crompton and Hussain - on the Asset Management Committee in December, 2013 which suddenly and secretly decided to switch a lease of the site to an outright sale to your specially-favoured party, Mike Petrouis.

I hereby publicly call upon you to show that Sandwell is changing and to disclose all documentation relating to this "secret" deal - it is not commercially confidential as you have locked all other parties out (which may well be the subject of an application for Judicial Review from Planet Ice Property Leisure Limited). It is difficult to assess the deal as SMBC are failing to disclose the truth but clearly any sale at an undervalue to a favoured party (assuming no actual criminal fraud here) is unlawful pursuant to s123 Local Government Act 1972. Further, there is the question of unlawful state aid as this is a very valuable site next to Tesco and New Square and a sale at an undervalue (plus SMBC's alleged offer to also pay for demolition of the huge car park) may constitute unlawful state aid.

Your own Council employees "scored" this dubious project at only 54% which means it should not have been proceeded with. Please disclose the scoring documentation.

If this matter proceeds to judicial review the lies of ex-Councillor Cooper as to the instigation of this scheme will, of course, become material. Why have no other companies been offered this site? Who made the decision to lock everyone except Mr Petrouis out of any deal? What steps are being taken to prevent the taxpayer from being shafted by you and Sandwell Labour yet again?

Have YOU personally looked at the track record of your and your Council's new friend Mr Petrouis? Please note especially the fiasco that occurred on the Isle of Wight. Is he personally known to YOU or, to your knowledge, to any other Councillors or senior staff? Why not speak to your Labour colleagues in Cardiff?

As a long-standing Councillor you will know that it is not necessary for Petrouis to own the land to apply for planning permission but the suggestion in the Express and Star is that SMBC will sell him the land BEFORE any planning application - which suggests that this is going to go through the planning process on the "nod". I can tell you that there will inevitably be objections. But what steps are being taken to protect the taxpayer before disposal of a very valuable site when everyone else has been locked out of the deal?

Please read by blog post "How Sandwell Labour Piss on You" and answer all the issues raised therein:

Come on Councillor - this is your chance to show that Sandwell is turning over a new leaf - lets have all the facts NOW!"

Incidentally - you can read the full court transcript of Eling's and Sandwell Labour's disastrous, unlawful and discriminatory behaviour (racial and sexual) via this link:

The left hand drops down as someone becomes strangely animated next to a green plastic bin


This request has been slightly superseded by events since, as you will see that Sandwell's under-pressure Sycophant-in-Chief responded to me yesterday. Please also note that Wragge Lawrence Graham (WLG) solicitors - who charge out their lawyers at huge cost - have now changed their name again to Gowling WLG. I shall continue to refer to them as Wragges.

Regular readers will know that Neeraj Sharma (who scored £129,146 from the taxpayer in the last financial year) gifted a contract - without putting it out to tender or other competitive process -  to her friends on the canape circuit, Wragges, for them to pour a bucket load of whitewash over the land sales by Sandwell Labour to sons, relatives and friends of Cllrs Hussain and Rouf (plus another curious land deal involving Cllr Bawa).

Don't forget that there had been a long-standing police investigation [sic] into at least some of the bent deals which the man who purports to be Sadwell's "Chief Executive", Jan Britton, claims the Council co-operated with "fully" (rumours of the mass shredding of documents by a Councillor and a very senior SMBC employee are clearly false). Thus all the documentation must be easily and readily available to the expensive lawyers.

Sharma instructed the vultures over one year on April Fool's Day, 2015 but the report is STILL claimed not to be available. Here is some of the email traffic on this subject:

Sharma to me 21st, October, 2015:

"Wragge Lawrence Graham and Co LLP (WLG) were engaged to progress and complete the audit investigation work.  The terms of reference were originally formally agreed on 1 April 2015. Disclosure of the terms of reference would be likely to prejudice the investigation.  In my view the public interest in withholding the information currently outweighs the public interest in its disclosure.

This work was not tendered and an exemption was applied to the Procurement and Contract Procedure Rules.

WLG have not yet reported and it is expected that the authority will receive the report in the next 3 months.  No draft reports have been received.

Consequently I cannot currently address the other questions that you have asked."

Me to Sharma on the expiry of a further three months (21st January, 2016):

"The three months is up today. Please deal with my FOI request in full."

Sharma denies receipt of the report but then confirms that it will be disclosed before the election (which is now less than a month away):

26/01/16: "The authority is not yet in receipt of the report. Wragge are trying to get the investigation completed as soon as possible so that they can then submit their report to the authority.

I understand that we should have the report in the next few weeks."

Me to Sharma 26/01/16: "Does "a few weeks" mean "after the election"? Darren Cooper says publicly that nothing to investigate and so why the delay?"

Sharma to me 26/01/16: "I anticipate receipt of the report before the election."

Time dragged on and at the end of March I wrote to SMBC and Jan the Man himself replied:

31/03/16: "In reference to your email, below, I am unable to comment on an on-going investigation."

On Sunday a Council insider phoned me and alleged that SMBC had received the Report in January. You will see from what follows that Britton himself categorically denies this:

Me to Britton, Sharma and Eling 10/04/16:

"I am informed that the Wragge Report was received by SMBC in January, 2016. Sharma specifically wrote to me on 26th January saying the Report had not been received and so we must assume that it was received in the few days following the 26th of that month.

In that case why has not yet been disclosed? What date - precisely - was the report received?"

Britton's reply 10/04/16:

"You have been informed incorrectly.

I cannot comment further on an ongoing investigation."

And so the question to Eling changes to "what the f*ck is going on?" A supposedly high-powered firm of solicitors who got the contract without competition from someone who socialises with them is seemingly incapable of producing a report for over a year. Get on the f*cking phone to Wragge's Eling and kick ass! And tell us NOW how much Sharma agreed to pay this lot for such apparently dismal handling of the matter? Over to you, matey as clearly Britton and Sharma can't sort it out (even though Sharma was a material witness in most of these matters).




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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Jan Britton's Tipton Teaser!

There must be an innocent explanation for what follows but the Sandwell Labour Dictatorship's £157.192 per annum "Chief Executive" ("Lol") Jan Britton won't say. So here goes......

Two anonymous informants asked me to investigate what was going on about some old "temporary" buildings in Jubilee Park, Tipton and bizarrely, and possibly inaccurately, referred me to SMBC employee John Satchwell and to Labour's Cllr Derek Rowley. The story was that the Sandwell Labour "comrades" had declared them to be "surplus to requirements" (just like the bits of land Jan Britton's seemingly out of control staff sold to sons of Councillors Hussain and Rouf).

But the curious thing is that even though I understand that the buildings (apparently in excellent condition) are still in situ they were recently advertised for sale by a Tipton publican on Facebook (who also stated that he was going to put them on Ebay if there were no takers). Here is the actual "advert" from Tipton's Mr Tom Arnold who apparently had full details of them, measurements etc:

The buildings are apparently mint with all facilities and so one wonders if they do indeed belong to us taxpayers (a) why SMBC are getting shot and (b) why they appear to be on sale at a very reasonable price (again, like the land sold to sons of Cllrs Rouf and Hussain!). I am also sure that publican Mr Arnold, whoever he is, will contact me to explain why he is involved as no-one at SMBC will respond. Clearly, if these buildings still belong to us - the people - he is holding himself out as the owner or official agent for SMBC. Perhaps he is the owner in which case, where were these buildings advertised for sale by Jan's superb staff? If he is selling as an agent for Sandwell, when was he instructed and what qualifications does he have for selling publicly-owned property? Did Jan know the property was to be flogged via Facebook/Ebay?

On 29th March I emailed Mr Satchwell (who figured so prominently in the Sandwell Labour fireworks accident fiasco) and copied in Britton himself:

"Dear Mr Satchwell,

I am told you are the "man in the know" for this query. Can you please tell me whether these buildings are ex-SMBC property and, if so, where they were situated? If ex-SMBC, what happened to them please?"

In the absence of a response I emailed ex-Mayor Rowley and again copied in Satchwell and Jan Britton:

"Dear Cllr,

I am told you may have information about these buildings?

This is an email I sent to John Satchwell two days ago (copy to Britton) but I have not received a response?

Dear Mr Satchwell,

I am told you are the "man in the know" for this query. Can you please tell me whether these buildings are ex-SMBC property and, if so, where they were situated? If ex-SMBC, what happened to them please?"

But answer came there none! Come on Jan the Man - just tell us what is happening here - it is that simple!

Addendum 06/04/216 I am surprised Derek Rowley can't find out what is going on as Tom Arnold has been his near neighbour for very many years!

Addendum 07/04/2016 No response as yet from Jan Britton (nor Rowley) but in the meantime another informant has suggested I investigate the history of four shipping containers which have already been sold and removed from the same site. I am asking SMBC about this. I have also received a mocking message from Mr Arnold:



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