Friday, 27 May 2016

Chaos At The Kremlin!

Well, what amazing scenes at Sandwell's Stasi HQ in Oldbury at the mayor-making on Tuesday night (as ever, compare and contrast the press coverage from Adam Smith of the Halesowen News with that of the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers, The Express & Star!)

[Apologies if you have been trying to contact the Skidder phone - I mislaid it (again). Now back in action on 07599 983737].

Steve Eling was crowned the new Leader amid acrimonious scenes and, on the face it, appears to be a breath of fresh air following the crazed dictatorship of the late Smethwick scumbag. But......

Before the meeting Steve confirmed that he would be continuing his day job at another Labour basket case council, Rotherham. He also seemed to imply that he would eschew the liberal use of the two Council's chauffeur-driven limos which were much in evidence on Tuesday night and which were one of the perks so much enjoyed by the megalomaniac Cooper (Chief Executive "lol" Jan Britton even laid one on the take Cooper to Steelhouse Lane nick in Brum when he was to be interviewed under caution on a private matter!)

Socialism in action in the dirt-poor Borough - no cuts here as 1 HA and 1 EA = 1 massive piss-take by Labour:

I honestly wish Steve well as something has to change after the corruption, cronyism and incompetence of the Cooper era but, as has been pointed out here many times, Mr Eling is probably the most boring man in the Black Country and, on your behalf readers, The Skidder pleaded with him before the meeting not to make an acceptance speechzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Steve opined that he genuinely wants a new spirit of openness and transparency following the grim recent history and HAS got off to a good start with the publication of the damning Wragge Report. However, he declined to say that he would be suspending and/or otherwise starting immediate disciplinary proceedings against Jan Britton, Melanie Dudley, Neeraj Sharma and Nick Bubalo - whose positions are clearly now untenable in the light of a catalogue of management failures and worse. Cllr Eling did say, however, that he had already had a discussion with the pathetic Britton and warned him that, in the light of the Wragge Report (many blog posts to come analysing this): "Doing nothing is not an option". Grow a pair Steve, and suspend this shower with IMMEDIATE effect!

Cllr Eling even suggested that "maybe" in a couple of weeks The Skidder will be invited for tea at The Kremlin but don't hold your breath......

On a different subject, I pointed out to Steve that he was up to his neck in the bent ice rink deal. He initially questioned this until I  pointed out that he was at a key meeting which mysteriously switched from a proposed dodgy lease deal for the land to an even dodgier outright sale. But asked whether it was proceeding his exact words were: "I'd be very surprised if it did".

But Sandwell being, er, "Sadwell", low politics crept in to the whole affair and the new "more inclusive" era is already tainted by the unbelievable inclusion of the talentless Cllr David Hosell IN THE CABINET! The Skidder has been told that this was a cynical ploy by Eling to gain votes for his leadership bid which, if true, does not augur well for the future......

A few months ago, Cllr Paul Moore confirmed to me the rumour that Cllr Hosell (who is married to Cllr Shirley Hosell) had been frequently enjoying the company of one of Cllr Melia's daughters. As he left the Kremlin on Tuesday I asked the new cabinet "member" (ROFLMAO) whether he was off for a bit of rumpy-pumpy after the mayoral bunfight? He said to me: "It could have been worse. I could have been shagging your wife!" Clearly Hosell is going to do Sadders proud..... (Note to Hosell - never wise to make unpleasant comments to a man with a megaphone in his hand).

The other problem for the new Leader is the open rebellion and civil war in Sandwell Labour with Yvonne Davies (she of the interesting CV) refusing to accept Eling's legitimacy as Leader and twelve of the Wednesbury mafia & associated drones abstaining in the vote approving his leadership. The MP's have also split with Ten Bellies and ex-public schoolboy Spellar backing Eling and the invisible man, Bailey, making a rare public utterance in favour of his chums on his patch.

Talking of Wednesbury - Ian Jones publicly condemned the Wragge Report and its findings. He insisted to a small crowd pre-meeting that he had never seen the valuation in the Boggate affair before he lied to Adrian Goldberg live on BBC WM that it had been done AFTER the sale (an absolutely ludicrous thing to say and which I questioned on the radio there and then). Regular readers will know that when I quizzed Jones about this lie to his face he claimed that it was not a lie but that incompetent staff at SMBC have briefed him incorrectly! Asked to repeat this on Tuesday he did! This unacceptable attack on the integrity of SMBC employees is being reported to the Labour Party. Following the meeting, Jones gave an ironic thumbs-up sign when asked whether all was going well with the £90k payments to his son's boyfriend following the SMBC sting on Sport England. Nice man.

(Of course, Britton himself has form for slagging off the staff to distract from HIS incompetence and management failure).

Besides the Ukip Greedfest event (collecting food and cash for a Tipton foodbank whilst the Labour Group wined and dined) there were "Hussain Out" and "Britton Out" demos. As if ex-Mayor Cllr Horton had not done enough to tarnish the image of the Mayoralty of Sandwell with her involvement in the Liar Cashmore saga, she metaphorically pissed over the robes of office yet again by publicly bringing (Labour-party suspended) Hussain into the meeting on her arm. It is noteworthy that Hussain is still trying to pull strings and that he nominated the new deputy Mayor for office. He sneaked off post-meeting without facing the protesters (as did the feeble Britton).

Just changing tack slightly, if you will forgive me, I did blog recently about the mysterious adverts by a longstanding near-neighbour of ex-Mayor (or 'mare) Derek Rowley, Mr Tom Arnold, who was mysteriously offering SMBC property for sale on his Facebook page! See my post:

Informants told me that four SMBC shipping containers had also purportedly been offered for sale by Mr Arnold and I am indebted to "X" for this interesting item from January:

There is a very poor photo of the shipping containers with a mystery figure standing by them. Not sure who it is though......

Before the meeting I asked the ex-Mayor if he had any comment "on the sale of scrap metal to his mate, Tom Arnold" to which he replied: "Do you want a smack in the f*cking mouth?"

Of course, West Midlands Police are aware of all this and, as ever with Sandwell, they will no doubt leap into inaction soon. In the meantime they had the brass neck - given their dismal failures to investigate Sandwell Council either adequately or at all - to put a truncheon up the rectum of us taxpayers by sending a representative and his wife to the publicly-funded mayoral beano. Now I have met Chief Superindendent Matt Ward a couple of times and he seems a very nice man but it was an absolute f*cking insult to the people of Sandwell for him to be there representing his local "Cowards in Blue" given their appalling conduct to date.

The new Mayor gave one of the pathetic homilies so beloved of the Great Helmsman himself about how great Sadders and its people are. Get real Julie - Sadwell is a sh*t-hole which, after 40 years of Labour failure, is at the bottom of virtually every poverty and deprivation league table and where a brutish and indifferent population mostly fail to vote. Good people have spent a lot of time and effort trying to expose what has been going on for over two years but you and your moronic drone colleagues have buried your heads in the sand. Cut the sentimental guff and start working to clean up the Cooper mess and to make Sandwell a better place!

There was jostling and abuse of The Skidder as I left the Council Chamber - Cllr Price particularly looked like he was going to blow a fuse. Some guests and weak people like Britton fled over the "bridge" to avoid the protesters outside or by secret exits. The limos had to be taken round to a different exit as the Mayoral year got off to a very bad start. After CS Ward and his wife had gone to fill their faces at the taxpayers' expense two eggs were thrown at the protesters from a window above the Council chamber (I am asking the embattled Britton whether there is a kitchen up there and who had access at that time of night - also whether the eggs were actually SMBC property?) It is ironic that Labour people should destroy food by throwing it at protesters collecting for a local food bank!!!

The Skidder has repeatedly pointed out that most of the Labour "Group" (now bitterly divided) have little experience of the wider world in general and business in particular. A large number are unemployed and so it was also a merry moment when one scrotum-faced female member of the idlers and scroungers club shouted "why don't you get a job?" at The Skidder!

I advised the Oldbury public to avoid the local bus shelters as Cllr Hackett left as allegations persist of the Chair of Trustees of the Albion Foundation and Head of Children's Services receiving a fixed penalty notice for urinating in public. There are even suggestions that Tom Watson MP was with him at the time - more info welcome please! (In another sad start to the Eling Era, the BBC have also made further allegations regarding Hackett which he denies).

Never a dull moment in Sadders "lol"!!!!!!



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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hussain's Bullying

I have a number of friends and associates who work for councils other than the Labour basket case Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") and they have always been gob-smacked that the dismal "Chief Executive" "lol", Jan Britton, should have allowed the crazed Cooper and slippery Mahboob Hussain "access all areas" security passes. Of course, it is unlikely that the lardarse supremo would have ever got to the position he has without being biddable to Cooper and Hussain's wishes and he has been handsomely rewarded as the Council has descended into corruption, incompetence and cronyism during the Cooper regime. He has to go following various disasters on his watch eg, massive pay-outs of public money to buy the silence of departing staff; the CTB court case when a High Court Judge hammered his Council for its unlawful and ILLEGAL  conduct; years of failure with the all-important Children's Services (and his grotesque effort to smear the frontline staff) and now the damning Wragge report where Britton's and his top management's conduct has led to "serious financial loss" to us taxpayers.

I have alluded to the issue of security passes many times in this blog and that the conduct of Britton and Dudley in this regard was wholly unacceptable.  Despite these warnings here Britton and Dudley did nothing until the Police belatedly appeared - more evidence in itself of gross negligence by the top echelon of the paid service [sic]. There are some very lurid stories indeed circulating about missing files and shredded documents. We know Cooper was a vicious bully but given the growing list of names on my list it seems that he also roamed the building looking for his next sexual conquests amongst the apparently undiscriminating female staff whilst exercising his particular "hands-on" management [sic] style [sic]. I have routinely said for two years that Britton was permitting Cooper and Hussain to - unacceptably - interfere with the day to day running of the Council and this has now been confirmed by the Wragge Report. Worse still, Hussain was actively BULLYING staff members - even senior ones!!!! What were Britton and Dudley doing about this? Nothing! This alone is enough for immediate disciplinary action to be taken against this pair.

(If you have been bullied at SMBC please contact The Skidder in confidence).

We know that Dudley, Sharma and Bubalo countersigned at least one document containing Hussain's lies. Even if, which seems highly improbable, they did not do this knowingly they have had two years to seek rectification of the record but they have failed to do so. But then, like so many cowards in Sadwell, they have been scared of Cooper and Hussain and the consequences of defying them (not without good reason as myself and my wife have repeatedly found out).

The stories about Hussain's appalling conduct in the Wragge Report called to mind a story my wife told me about his de facto control of the paid service in the absence of proper senior management and, under, Britton the underhand and bullying nature of the dictatorial regime. She provided me with this short statement yesterday:

A Statement from Linda Saunders - former Managing Director of The Public.

In March, 2013 I was informed that The Public was to close. This was before any formal appraisal or consultation but Sandwell Council and College had already arranged a live broadcast from The Public by BBC Midlands Today in their lunchtime slot. Cllr Mahboob Hussain duly appeared at the building together with Scott Upton, who then worked for Sandwell College, to advocate the deal they had already hatched.

Prior to the live broadcast, Cllr Hussain took me aside and told me that I was to say on camera that I agreed that The Public should be closed. When I said I was not prepared to do this Cllr Hussain offered me an inducement to do so even though he was an elected member and not part of the Council’s paid service. Nevertheless, he felt able to represent the Council and try to make an “offer” on its behalf. Cllr Hussain stated that if I said I agreed with closure I would be found a suitable job at SMBC on my (then) current salary. I took this as an attempt to bribe me but declined the thirty pieces of silver. Cllr Hussain then said that closure had already been decided and that he would personally ensure that the building was pulled down rather than be kept open for the people of Sandwell. I took this as the threat I am sure it was intended to be. I then expressed by view live on the BBC that I was not in favour of closure at that time and certainly not without any sort of due due process being followed (and, of course, none ever was).

At a later date, after the campaign and petition to save the community asset were underway, myself and my staff received VERY serious threats via a third party connected with SMBC and purporting to represent people “at the top” of the Council. This is likely to be the subject of a further statement in due course.

Linda Saunders 23rd May, 2016.

And so it is time for this feeble joke to be immediately suspended along with Dudley, Sharma and Bubalo pending full disciplinary proceedings. (It is noteworthy that before she came to Sandwell, Sharma was also lambasted in a report as to her poor record at Walsall Council - something of a unique "double".)




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Monday, 23 May 2016

The Skidder is Back!

Crikey - what has been going on in Sadwell????? The edifice is crumbling and civil war has broken out in the Labour Party!

The Skidder has completed four weeks of very intensive volunteering at Birmingham's International Dance Festival - something which Darren Cooper and Jan Britton, of course, tried to prevent. Not only did the vile Cooper and his troll associates  falsely tell one of the co-producers of the dance festival that I had killed a child whilst drink driving and had other unspecified criminal convictions but they also made strong hints that I was a paedophile unfit to work with children. Jan Britton then caused and/or permitted Sandwell Council employee (ie paid for by us taxpayers) Jane Perham to facilitate Cooper sending official letters to the co-producer stating, inter alia, that I was not a fit and proper person to be a volunteer. The two of them also acted in concert with complaints to West Midlands Police with a view to ensuring that I DID receive a criminal conviction for writing this blog.

Happily the co-producer had been directly trolled by the vicious bully Cooper and his Unite the Union sidekick, Brian Rickers, and already knew me and that the allegations were patently false so that I was able to help them out again.

It is clear from the Wragge Report etc that Britton has to go (along with, at least, Dudley, Sharma and Bubalo) and this is another element in the dossier of his pathetic failings which will be made available to the proper authorities shortly. Clearly the first task of the new leader (!) tonight must be to suspend him forthwith pending the commencement of the dismissal process. (Let us not forget that Britton is also up to his thick neck in the Sandwell Children's Services disaster and was personally involved in the failure before abusing junior staff and blaming them). Clearly Dudley cannot act in the interim and someone will have to be brought in on a temporary basis until all this is sorted out.

Clearly out of his depth Britton also needs to be suspended as Chief Operating Officer - ROFLMAO - of the new West Midlands Combined Authority.

There will follow a flurry of posts in the next few days on the West Midlands Police cover-up of wrongdoing in "Sadwell" and why Hussain (at the least) and the top tier of management must go and so please watch this space. It is noteworthy that Wragge's never asked me for evidence and also that they never interviewed key player Hussain's son, Azeem Hafeez even though, as at 16th April, 2016, he is said to STILL be an SMBC employee! Apparently he has been on long-term sick (query Jan Britton what payments he has received via us taxpayers during this period) but has happily been able to pursue his extensive outside business interests throughout his "illness". I am sure we all wish him a speedy recovery and that he will soon be back sitting at Nick Bubalo's right hand whilst continuing to build his property empire.

The main problem with the Cowards in Blue is that Hussain is widely rumoured to be "their man" in helping to police naughty boys and girls in the Sandwell Muslim Community - notably in Tipton - so that he has enjoyed immunity from interference and scrutiny by them of his "business" interests. Matters were compounded when - unbelievably - the thick scumbag from Smethwick became Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel (a Skidder expose on that body coming shortly....).

Even now, West Midlands Police are protecting Hussain. They totally failed to investigate his false declaration of interest during the taxi contract tender and even when my complaint about this to the Independent Police and Crime Commissioner (IPCC) was unequivocally upheld on this point WMP have failed to communicate with me in any way as to what, if anything, they intend to do next!

Like the rest of Sandwell, Mahboob Hussain is in plenty of doo doo already but on one point we may have to give him - in a back-handed way a little bit of credit here "lol". Regular readers will know that he very suspiciously moved his shareholding to another family member at the time of the taxi contract tender and then took it back again after the contract was awarded. Of course, he has ADMITTED that he failed to make proper register entries and that he failed to say that his wife had retained her shareholding in the taxi firm throughout the process. He claimed this was an oversight but that it didn't really matter because Cooper, Britton and Sharma "knew" all about it - which raises serious questions about the tendering processes at SMBC in any event. It seems that this behaviour also did not merit a referral to the Sadwell's laughable "Standards Committee". But whilst all this appeared very dodgy a Muslim friend phoned me to say that Hussain had not moved the shareholding because of the tendering as he "knew" he was going to get a slice of the contract anyway(!) Rather it was moved to facilitate the immigration of a person to the UK from Pakistan and that as soon as this was achieved, the shareholding was returned to Hussain's name. Now this may be untrue but there has to be a reason why he (a) deliberately transferred the shareholding and (b) took it back again into his own name (seemingly with no money ever changing hands). He has never provided reasons - and I invite him to do so to put the record straight. But the fact is (and it is FACT) that this information (including the immigration bit) was specifically given to DS Wayne Haynes and another police officer. Those officers have been fastidious in NOT telling me anything about the course of the enquiry but the clear inference both from a letter I received from a more superior officer, DI Chris Berrow (now retired), and the IPCC is that a senior officer ensured that these matters were never investigated either adequately or, more probably, not at all. Why not WMP - his taxi firm has received over £100,000 from this contract - it is not peanuts here?

Now Hussain and Hafeez are trumpeting that the police decided to take no further action and people like Cooper's arse-licking friends at the BBC are bigging this up. Goldberg was at it this morning. But the fact is that WMP have a phobia about interviewing anyone from their chums and "colleagues" at Sandwell Council (witness the Lying Lucy Cashmore inactivity) and have deliberately pulled numerous lines of enquiry (witness again - the parking ticket issue where DS Wayne Haynes specifically interviewed a witness about EXTENSIVE interference by Hussain and others but where, once again, a more senior officer "decided" that this potentially criminal activity should remain uninvestigated.) Why? Who? We need answers Chief Constable!

Just as an aside (and, yet again, West Midlands Police have been fully aware of this for some time) the late Turdmeister went around telling people he had "got" the money for his substantial house extension from Mahboob Hussain. Now when Cooper's lips were moving he was usually lying and so it is difficult to know what to make of this. We know he didn't get any sort of mortgage on the property and it is actually Labour Party people who confirm this is what he said. Why would he lie about this and it does fit in with his monumental lack of any sort of judgement and deluded sense of invincibility that he would blab to all and sundry about it. Further, it is incomprehensible that someone so thick and moronic could have become "Leader" - even given the tainted gene pool within the Labour Group - without a helping hand from the man who has really run Sadders for the last few years.

And so what of the alleged "police" investigation. If we just stick with the land sales (excluding the Bawa and Rouf issues for the time being and the question of council house sales) then any ordinary person would have expected at least the following people - at an absolute minimum - to have been interviewed in a police station under caution. This is not meant as any suggestion of wrongdoing but simply because they were all key players in the grubby and sordid events and the police needed their evidence in a formal manner. This is the absolute minimum who should have been at least invited to attend police stations as volunteers to help with the enquiry:

Darren Cooper (now not available), Cllr Ian Jones, Mahboob Hussain, Jan Britton, Neeraj Sharma, Nick Bubalo, Adrian Scarrott, David Willetts, Abdul Naeem Quyam, Anthony Hope, Bobby Jandu,
Gulfam Mohammed, Noreen Bi, Mohammad Tariq and Mohammad Farooq.

As an ex-solicitor I would have expected the interviews with Hussain, Hafeez, Sharma, Bubalo and Willetts to have been lengthy - an absolute minimum of three hours. The Skidder can now exclusively reveal that the police only actually interviewed FOUR persons under caution during the whole so-called investigation. Whilst one person (presumably Hussain or Hafeez) was interviewed for a respectable four hours and four minutes the other three were interviewed for 1 hour 55 minutes, 1 hour 48 minutes and, er, just 15 minutes respectively.

This is pathetic! In addition WMP are refusing to say what the cost of the investigation was! It is time for Dave Thompson, the relatively new Chief Constable, to re-open the investigation and do it properly or for another force to be brought in to do it. We need a statement from him on this asap.

There is a combined protest and Greedfest at the Mayor-making ceremony tomorrow (Tuesday night) at Oldbury and please do come along. The Greedfest is a Ukip idea where people can positively protest about public money being used for the joke Labour Group and its c*ck-suckers to go out and wine and dine at our expense in the cash-strapped Borough after the normal meeting. Participants are encouraged to bring along some jars/tins and/or cash for local food banks. In addition this year there will be "Hussain Out" and "Britton Out" protests too (to be done in a lawful manner outside the building). We are also on "cop watch" as it would be an absolute f*cking disgrace if, as is usual, officers (plus partners) of WMP have the effrontery to rub our taxpayers' noses in it by attending this beano and when they have so many questions to answer. The Skidder will be there and do take the opportunity to have a word about the scandal and Labour civil war engulfing the Borough but if you are attending please also help by letting me know the name and rank (if they will give it) of any police officers attending the council meeting or the knees up afterwards and, failing that, collar numbers.



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Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Abrahamic Foundation

I am hoping that my Muslim friends in Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") will be able to help out with this little mystery involving another Sandwell Labour land "deal".

The sh*t is hitting the fan big-time in Sadders as the Labour Group is riven with internal disputes and the unlikely heroic figure of Steve "The Gimlet" Eling and his followers (!) are finally making a very belated stand against the corruption, incompetence and cronyism that dogged the Borough during the regime of The Late Turdmeister. Even Sandwell Labour's mouthpiece, The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star) are finally having to take notice of the goings on (as are The Labour Party at national level) and in a piece yesterday they mentioned the sale of 215 High Street, Smethwick as being one of the "dodgy" land deals that have become a speciality of Sandwell Council during Jan Britton's tenure as "Chief Executive" "lol".

That property is immediately adjacent to the old Coroner's Office on Crocketts Lane which Jan Britton, Neeraj Sharma and Nick Bubalo sold at an extremely low price to SMBC employee and "colleague" Azeem Hafeez who, of course, also happens to be the son of Cllr Mahboob Hussain (who himself is in the happy position of allegedly enjoying considerable police protection because of his "work" with them in local community and security matters). I mentioned the ownership of this property a long time ago in this blog but did not pursue the matter further as no information was forthcoming but in the light of the C*ck-Sucker's article I make a fresh appeal for information.

Here are the facts. On 20th February, 2013 Cllrs Mahboob Hussain, The Gimlet (no less), Simon "Two Homes" Hackett and Roly-Poly, Rumpy-Pumpy, Rowley resolved to sell 215 High Street at an AMLD Committee meeting and, as usual, gave the job to Sharma and Bubalo. They duly sold the substantial property on or around 24th September, 2013 to one Barkat Hussain of xx Flint Green Road, Birmingham B27. The curious thing here is that the deal was financed by a registered charity which is also a limited company called The Abrahamic Foundation Limited (Abrahamic).

The trustees of Abrahamic are listed as Dr Sharul Hussain (also the sole director of the limited company) of xxx Church Lane, Handsworth; Mr Zahir Hussain (also the secretary of the limited company) seemingly formerly of xxx Church Lane, Handsworth but now of xx Vicarage Road, Smethwick; Mr Nasir Zameer Akhtar of xx Alder Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham and Mr Shakeeb Mohammed of xx Passey Road, Moseley, Birmingham. The only other person legally connected to this charity and/or the limited company was an initial subscriber, Mr Mohammed Shafi Chowdhury of xx Orson St, Leicester. Readers who haven't quite caught up yet will notice that Mr Barkat Hussain is not legally connected to the charity/company in ANY way.

It is, of course, normal practice that charities hold land in the name of some or all of the trustees or via a company but this is NOT the case here.

As at its financial year end on 30th November, 2012 Abrahamic had just £10,470 in the bank but, and my Muslim friends may again be able to help me out here, seemingly in accordance with Islamic tradition they secured a "loan" facility of at least £134,900 from "Qarz Hasanah", for the purchase of the property. They trumpeted in the relevant annual accounts - lodged with the Charity Commission:

"The greatest attainment this year was the acquiring of a property from which we can expand our services. 215 High Street, Smethwick was acquired on the 18th September, 2013."

They go on to show another "cost" in the accounts of  £1,642 in respect of "freehold property". But the trustees who signed off the accounts are lying and we need to know why. The Land Registry title actually states the sale date as 24th September, 2013 but shows with 100% certainty that Sharma's Legal Department sold the land for £160,000 to Barkat Hussain and Abrahamic do NOT own the freehold. As at today's date the freehold is still owned by Barkat Hussain. The Land Registry documents DO show that Abrahamic lent Barkat Hussain the money and DO have a legal charge on the land.

I am, of course, inviting Abrahamic to confirm why they say fit to borrow money to lend on to Barkat Hussain who has no legal connection with the charity or the limited company whatsoever and why they are lying about owning the freehold in official documents.

Of course, jaundiced Sadwell watchers will recall how many members of the local Muslim community were shafted in the Sandwell Muslim Organisation debacle where a valuable freehold was also held in the name of a private individual (albeit a trustee on that occasion). One of the leading lights of the SMO was, of course, Oldbury's most celebrated amnesiac, Cllr Mahboob Hussain!



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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sandwell Labour P*ss on Bristnall Again!

It was an absolutely filthy night last Wednesday but a small number of Bristnall residents braved the elements to attend the Bristnall hustings. May I firstly thank the Londonderry Baptist Church and caretaker for allowing use of their splendid hall for this community event.

There was total indifference that the Tory candidate could not be arsed to attend but there was genuine outrage that the Labour candidate bottled out. It was agreed by all that this was a  perfect example of the local Labour Party's contempt for the ward - as shown by the selection of such candidates as Lying Lucy Cashmore (daughter of Labour Councillors Linda and Roger Horton) and the debtor, Carol Goult. Incidentally, The Skidder pointed out that he does not live in Sadwell but just up the road from Lying Lucy and her Sandwell Council employee husband in South Birmingham. A member of the audience mentioned the disgusting article by The Express and Star when Cashers (who received four years of council allowances and one of whose employers was entering into contracts with Jan Britton's circus) declined to stand again but The Skidder was able to remind folk that she had taken up employment with, er, an Express and Star group company......

The Tory Candidate for Bristnall

The Labour Party Candidate for Bristnall
Happily for locals, the Ukip and Green Party candidates were prepared to venture forth on a filthy night and submit themselves to public scrutiny. The Skidder did not prohibit discussion of the EU referendum but asked Pete Durnell of Ukip and Mark Redding of the Green Party to try and deal principally with Bristnall and Sandwell issues. They stuck admirably to the brief.

Here are the two candidates who were prepared to meet and talk to Bristnall folk together with the empty chairs for the pusillanimous Tory and Labour bottlers:

Pete Durnell of Ukip (left) and Mark Redding (Greens).
I think it is fair to say that the evening took something of an unexpected turn in that both candidates accepted that, in the Socialist dictatorship of Sadwell, it was going to be necessary for opposition parties with differing views to work together to break-out from the 40 years of grinding Labour failure.

The audience was concerned at the growing level of corruption in Sandwell.The candidates and all present recognised a favourite topic of The Skidder - the craven behaviour of the Police and local media (Halesowen News excepted) in failing to hold the Council and certain individuals to account.

The realpolitik of living under a dictatorship had practical implications in that 5 seats were needed to form an appropriate "opposition" to the scandalous Labour regime.. The parties needed to work closely with those communities held in contempt by Labour and work together to find common cause. Both candidates proposed greater public consultation via local meetings and Pete Durnell was particularly keen on Facebook groups etc to allow his Party more open and immediate communication with constituents.

It was noted that the sole opposition candidate in Sadders, Phil Garrett of Ukip, had done sterling service way beyond his own ward boundary in trying to represent the 70% plus of folk who do not generally vote Labour but live under the incompetent "socialist" jackboot.

Both candidates were keen to see a reduction in the size of the Council, particularly as another tier of local government - the so-called "Combined Authority" as pushed forward by Sandwell Labour - was being imposed on local people whether they want it or not. There should be an immediate reduction to two councillors per ward from three.

Although Pete Durnell has suffered redundancy, he and Mark have long business experience unlike so many of the "been nowhere, done nothing" unemployed scroungers racking up their allowances and "special responsibility" payments in the "Labour Group". Both candidates were appalled at Sadwell Labour's harmful anti-business stance and pledged close attention to encouraging real employment and prosperity in the Borough. Bristnall itself was losing out to the likes of West Brom and local businesses deserved support.

Interestingly, a member of the audience mentioned that when she told a leading local councillor (still living) that she was not going to renew her Labour membership he (and it was a he) stated that he would pay her Party dues for her. As this person has reputedly had problems had evading creditors in the past, one imagines that he was not going to use his own cash but some sort of local Labour "fund" for this purpose...... (question also the Cooper/Hipkiss "relationship"?).

The topic of Cllr Frear's council house was raised by an audience member and why he and Paul Kerton had been given their house in Hill Top, Oldbury by Jan Britton and his out of control staff despite their substantial income from Sadwell Council (Frear - or whatever name he is using at the moment - via large payments of our cash as the laughable planning supremo - and Kerton, one of Cooper Deceased's trolls, as an SMBC employee.

All in all, a fascinating evening much appreciated by those present who thanked Pete and Mark for their respect to voters with a hearty round of applause. Let's hope Bristnall sees sense and doesn't get another nasty dose of the Labour clap next Thursday!

Stop press - some truly shocking news going out about Labour's local leadership plans after Thursday - watch this space......


Proud to have been trolled by Darren Cooper and Andrew Hipkiss!

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