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Hussain - New Property Mystery!

One recurring feature of the property sales by Jan Britton's bent paid service in the Rotten Borough of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") to family and friends of Cllr Mahboob Hussain is the appearance of Mr Anthony Hope as "design agent" in sundry planning applications connected therewith. No doubt he is simply supplying "professional planning services" and has no knowledge of the dubious circumstances of the various transactions. Nevertheless it is a pity corrupt West Midlands Police did not invite him to voluntarily give evidence to the joke "fraud inquiry" as to what he actually knew and to clear his own name from the taint of connection to Sandwell's most infamous amnesiac.

We also know that Nick Bubalo, the highly-paid Director of Regeneration [sic], was directly involved in all the bent transactions - some to Hussain's son, Azeem Hafeez, who worked [sic] in his own department. Bubalo and Hafeez say that all the transactions were open and above board. Nevertheless, Bubalo should have been interviewed under caution by The Cowards in Blue (with Britton, Scarrott, Dudley, Sharma and Willetts to name but a few). And still should be....

We must assume at this stage that Bubalo was innocent of any wrongdoing and was merely totally incompetent in not noticing what was going on (known locally as "the Jan Britton Defence"). At one point I wrote to Bubalo asking why, in some of these transactions (eg Bog-gate) false declarations of property ownership were being made on subsequent planning applications. 

On the planning applications the applicant or his/her agent has, in usual circumstances, to sign a declaration that the applicant has owned the property for 21 days prior to the date of the application (there are exceptions to this which are irrelevant here). I showed Bubalo instances of obviously false declarations and his reply was "so what?" which begs the question why our Parliament bothered to pass Article 12 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 but then we know that Jan Britton's rogue staff like to consider that the law of the land does not apply to them.

Regular readers will know that Cllr Hussain himself and Cllr Simon "The Sandwell Slasher" Hackett made the decision to sell the old Coroner's Office on Crockett's Lane in Smethwick. The task was delegated to Bubalo and now disgraced Council Solicitor, Neeraj Sharma. Happily, they were able to sell the site at an undervalue to Cllr Hussain's son who, as above, worked in Bubalo's own department (see blog posts passim).

I pointed out one little mystery in earlier posts. Hussain's son split the plot of land in two for Land Registration map purposes. He showed the land with the building on it separately from the patch of land behind. As he did this straight away he seems to have envisaged disposing of part of the land and hanging onto the other bit himself. (Incidentally, Mr Alex Homer of the BBC seems not to be able to get his head round this when writing about this bent deal but then he did train with The Wolverhampton Express and Star where his principal training seems to have been the use of his tongue to rim the anus of his "friend" Darren, the late scumbag leader [sic] of corrupt Labour Sadwell!)

Jan Britton's bent paid service legally transferred the land to fellow employee, Hussain's son, on 10th May, 2013. The title was registered in the name of Azeem Hafeez on 6th June, 2013.

But an informant recently drew my attention to a planning application of 2013.

On 28th June, 2013 Mr Anthony Hope submitted a planning application (which he had signed on 27th June, 2013) to convert the building on the land at the front of the site to a chicken slaughterhouse (clucking hell, I hear you say!). But the applicant was not Azeem Hafeez but one "Mohism Khan":

Not only that but Mr Hope made a clearly false declaration of ownership which he signed on 27th June, 2013 saying Khan had owned the land for 21 days - which he most certainly had not as it was owned by Cllr Hussain's son throughout that period.

I have done numerous searches to track down "Mohism Khan" without success and so please contact The Skidder if you know who he is (assuming. of course, that he exists at all but, no doubt, Mr Hope has his contact details.)

Now we know Hope did extensive work for the Hussain family on their property deals. He drew plans for this site - again naming the client as "Mohism Khan" in April, 2013 - before Britton's bent service sold it to Azeem on 10th May, 2013 and yet he somehow made a false declaration. How did this happen?

The fact that Azeem had plans for the site is the probable reason why the land was divided on registration.

Of course, The Cowards in Blue failed to look into this when a senior officer or officers intervened to pull the fraud investigation. The Skidder and others continue to lobby for bent West Midlands Police to be removed from all investigations connected with the Cooper/Britton regime and for an independent outside force to be brought in.

You don't have to take my word for the police corruption - just heed the exact words of new "leader" Steve Eling's right-hand man, Cabinet Member, Cllr Richard Marshall (which I repeat without any imputation of wrongdoing by the persons named - fellow councillors of Mr Marshall - or the truth thereof but as an example of the view of West Midlands Police held at the very top of Sandwell Council):

"The Jones [sic] and Manboobs [sic] have it in for me big style they've sussed what I'm upto [sic]. They have high ranking officers still in their pockets".


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