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Eling & Marshall Planned Melanie's Demise!

While Steve Eling and Richard Marshall are facing renewed criticism (but no Labour Party action yet) in the Sp*nkgate affair, media commentators are overlooking their massive hate campaign against Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and others plus their involvement in the dismissal of a number of members of Chief Executive [sic] Jan Britton's bent paid service. The trade unions who take money of the pathetic cowards who work for Sadwell have just looked the other way and Jan Britton has paid people off with our money whilst forcing them to sign confidentiality agreements.

These cowards need to be careful if they want to get other jobs since the sh*t is beginning to hit the fan and future employers may well think that they must have been especially culpable if they were booted out when others were kept on but still, you reap what you sow....

(If you know of people who have been kicked out and are now working for other local authorities please email The Skidder. One huge joke is that Dave Willetts is now Town Clerk for Stourport Council!!!!)

The monument to, at best, gross incompetence - Sadwell's Chief Executive "lol" Jan Britton rakes in nearly £160k per annum from us taxpayers. As The Skidder revealed, he has his car fixed by Council mechanics. He has been seen getting in and out of the TWO chauffeur-driven limousines that the "socialists" insist on running. I am told he gets paid extra for his job as Returning Officer despite his behaviour at the last count. I understand that he has STILL not been interviewed under caution by corrupt West Midlands Police and his laughable "defence" in the face of widespread corruption and negligence is that he simply didn't know what was going on! Surely that admission is, in itself, grounds for instant dismissal WITHOUT taxpayers' compensation?

Apart from grovelling to the late Smethwick Scumbag and new Leader [sic] Steve Eling what does he actually do for his 160 grand?

Britton is hardly mentioned in the infamous "Wragge" Report into just some of the wrongful acts that have occurred during his seven years as Chief Executive. The report noted that it was Sandwell's mostly thick Labour Councillors who run the show. Some had "access all areas" passes given them by Britton despite the obvious security implications of that folly. They called all the shots whilst Britton sat back and watched (or didn't even do that according to his tale that he never saw anything untoward!) We all know (don't we Comrade Piper) that Dickhead Darren Cooper misused his position and had sexual relationships with at least two employees (as well as the infamous incident in the toilets with another woman connected with the Council). As stated in this blog, another employee told The Skidder how he would roam around the offices giving women "hugs", but that "his hands would always slide down onto your arse".

Don't take my word for it - this is what a High Court Judge recently said about Britton's total failure to run the Council:

Mr Justice Green: Documents before the Court refer to a "culture" which pervaded the authority whereby members were " the bosses" and the Council was "open for business". Documents also refer to members bullying employed officials and officers who were compliant in carrying out the members wishes."

What a damning indictment!

You might think that someone as grotesquely pompous as Britton would, at the very least, stand up for his staff against the moronic bullying and dictatorial behaviour of the "comrades". Further, he has the ultimate duty within the Authority to ensure that the Employment Law of this country is complied with. As we have seen, however, he has also surrendered here to the bully boys - preferring to dispense with the law and offer shed loads of our cash to the victims of the members' bile to keep them quiet. The Skidder had heard an allegation from two different employees that staff have also been told by senior staff in this LABOUR council that if they say anything after they leave they "will lose half of their pensions"! Again the unions have said nothing.....

We have seen in this blog how the late Scumbag, Cooper, did a "deal" with former Assistant Chief Executive, Melanie Dudley, that he had no power to make (but which we have to assume Britton agreed despite what seems to be serious irregularity.)

But Melanie then fell foul of new "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling and his enforcer, bankrupt adulterer Cllr Richard Marshall. This blog has shown how Eling and Marshall met The Skidder in a Birmingham pub and asked me to put the boot in on various people. They then fed me information to use to discredit and even "terrify" various LABOUR councillors and officers.

Cllrs Eling and Marshall sent me very serious - and libellous - information about Melanie Dudley of a sexual nature which I cannot repeat here as there is absolutely no evidence that it is true. When I told them I couldn't publish it - as I had been threatened with legal action by a third party if I did - they asked me to name the third party and say that I have received the threat with the implication that I was being silenced. I resisted that course of action and this pair were unable to back-up in any way the vile sexual slurs they had made against a senior female employee.

See also, of course, their shocking behaviour in the Spunkgate scandal:


Whether it is EVER right for two Councillors to use a blogger to attack fellow councillors is a matter for others to decide if they ever get around to it but the Department of Communities and Local Government must surely intervene when a Chief Executive has totally abdicated his responsibilities and Councillors are going direct to bloggers to have them attack STAFF. Clearly this may, in some circumstances, also constitute the criminal offence of harassment.

Besides the untrue sexual allegations, Eling and Marshall encouraged me to give employee Mel "a kicking" (ie via anti-social media rather than physically) on 18th August, 2016:

On 3rd September, 2016 Eling and Marshall took grave exception to Melanie "liking" a Twitter post by Cllr Olwen Jones (this in itself is an indication of the level of surveillance these supposedly busy pair were undertaking to attempt to destroy the Jones family). Please note the date - which was a Saturday. It now seems clear that Mel's days were numbered and that Eling and Marshall had decided to shaft her. Firstly they encouraged me to attack her via anti-social media again:

Then they suggested they were going to get rid of her:

For anyone who does not understand this reference, this meant that two councillors - Eling and Marshall - planned to force her into "gardening leave", which almost inevitably leads to a parting of the ways. So did this pair discuss this with Jan Britton beforehand or on that Saturday? Is he such a pathetic nonentity that they didn't even feel the need to consult him?

Lest we forget, Marshall - a man who has conned huge sums out of local people - has not been a Councillor for long but was mysteriously promoted to the Cabinet by The Milkman? Did Eling also discuss his plan to sack Mel with other Cabinet members - perhaps they will get in touch?

A vital component in employment law is that, at a disciplinary hearing, there is no pre-judgement of the issue. Where, as here, two Councillors have spread malicious and untrue sexual gossip against an employee and then, apparently decided to force her out, there is clearly no way they should have been involved any further in the dismissal process. But it seems they were and Britton went along with it - surely another possible reason for disciplinary proceedings against HIM?

Just 3 days after Eling and Marshall indicated what they were intending to do, on 6th September, 2016 Mel was called into a meeting. And guess what...

Being aware of what Eling and Marshall were up to, I imagined that Melanie would take legal action:


Of course Marshall's mentor, Darren Cooper was a pathetic snivelling c*nt if anyone stood up to him, crying that he was somehow "a victim", and so here with this pair of hard "men" when Mel apparently fought back (note the use of "us"):


On 8th September, 2016 the bully boys wanted to rub it in and again asked me to go on the attack:

There is more to come on Melanie's demise as there is still a Freedom of Information Request outstanding. Suffice to say her that on 11th September, 2016 I was told "Steve [Eling] has told Jan [Britton] not to go above and beyond" with the severance package. I believe Mel got in the region of £80,000 compo from us taxpayers subject, of course, to her agreeing to keep her mouth shut. Whether she was happy with that I suppose we shall never know but at least the public can now see how how Jan Britton doesn't operate for his money and how Eling, Marshall and the "socialist" comrades do! And, alas for all the Sandwell women who face harassment, bullying and worse, Melanie won't be able to help them from continuing to suffer under Sandwell Labour Party as she has stopped her own mouth with 30 pieces of silver.

Cllrs Crompton and Olwen Jones are making official complaints but they should not expect much help from their hard-faced "socialist sisters" on the Council especially noting how many of them joined in the lynching of Cllr Yvonne Davies the other night (who committed the crime of trying to tell comrades the truth about Marshall and who had the temerity to stand for election against The Milkman.)

And finally, on a lighter note after that sad story:

We have seen how useless (or worse) Britton is, but does he really need to tell us when he is going for a shit?


Fresh news just in regarding the story swirling around The Oldbury Kremlin that a current very senior man has been shagging two, named, current female employees. The women have declined to comment to The Skidder when invited to do so but the high-powered, ahem, "gentleman" has written to deny the truth of the widespread rumours. So that's that then.


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