Monday, 18 December 2017

Sandwell Labour's Final "Solution"!

Not content with pissing on the unfortunate residents of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") for 43 years the pathetic local Labour Party wants to wash their hands of the dead and sluice their remains into the main sewer! No - I am not making this up and it has been all over the national press over the weekend!

The local nasty Party - Labour - have apparently decided to buy a machine for Rowley Regis Crematorium which dissolves corpses in an alkaline solution. Strangely, I can't find any reference to this on the Council website (other than the planning application) even though the (no doubt considerable) costs must have been agreed somewhere and it will be interesting to see which Councillors were involved in this project..... all info welcome.

Now some folk may prefer their loved ones to be dissolved rather than cremated but the thing that is exercising many locals is that the final "solution" will simply be released into the main sewer!

Only one (horrified) Labour Councillor, hitherto oblivious to this scheme, has been prepared to speak to The Skidder so far and I quote precisely: "What the fuck flushing folk down the drain. I don't fucking thing so!" At least one comrade seems to be aware to the insensitivity of the brutal, bullying, "Socialist" dictatorship of which they are part.

The planning application (DC/16/60149) is by the Council to itself and went through - seemingly under delegated powers - in less than two months. The whole thing is dressed up under the guise of being simply an extension of the Crem for a, wait for it, "Bio" Facility. But even in the application the comrades accept that the deceased will be flushed into the main sewer:

You will note that Sandwell Labour refer to the remains of your loved ones as "foul sewage" but I suppose that is marginally better than the reality, "trade effluent":

As above, I can't find any details of the "deal" here. The Company that will supply the machine to liquefy the corpses uses the "soft" name "Resomation Ltd" but it is a subsidiary of the rather more unpleasantly monikered "Leeds and Bradford Boiler Co. Ltd"! Nice!

If it is isn't bad enough living in a shithole like Sadwell the greedy "Socialists" already charge some of the highest sums in the region when you come to make "the great escape" but the dictatorship has at least been thwarted at the moment on this little gem. At present, Severn Trent Water have refused them a licence to tip the residue of dead cadavers into the public sewer! Quelle surprise!

You may wish to boil your pathetic local councillors alive over this but you probably know that this scum will never back down and will use their total control of the benighted Borough to try to force this through. You might do better raising any objections with Severn Trent.

Of course, there is another, er, solution. Your cuddly local comrades are intent on building houses directly next to the horrifically polluted Rattlechain Lagoon* in Oldbury/Tividale. I don't know what sort of scum want to put the health of living men. women and children at such substantial risk of harm but these "people" (if you can call them that) are desperate to convert this badly-contaminated land into a "garden city" built by a company based in a tax haven.

If the local Labour politicians are so determined to put healthy folk at risk by building there why not just toss Sandwell corpses into the Lagoon as well? The cadavers will soon decompose and lie there surrounded by the toxic shit that's already there and which no-one is intending to deal with. As the dead can't vote they are no longer of any use to "The Party" it looks like a win, win situation.....

And finally...

I am told that MP's Lazy Tom Watson and John Spellar are working hard to make sure the Labour Party takes no action against The Sp*nk Brothers! No wonder the area is in such an awful state. Sad.

* Read Ian Carroll's blog on the poisonous pool:


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