Monday, 18 June 2018

Threats of Violence by Elings "Frivolous"!

Recently the corrupt Labour Council in the rotten Borough of Sandwell announced that there is now to be"zero tolerance" to verbal and physical threats to SMBC staff or to the binmen/women who work for private company, Serco.

Yet when The Skidder made a Standards Complaint against the threat of violence made to me at the 2017 election count (plus a threat to make false allegations about me to the police) by Labour "leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling (in an incident also involving his wife) the highly controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, dismissed this as "frivolous." Standards or Double Standards folks?

Tour has ignored my formal complaints concerning Eling and Marshall even though I was directly involved on the basis that others have also complained and THEIR complaints will be dealt with at a forthcoming hearing but not mine!!!! Also Mr Tour says I cannot get a hearing because of  my unspecified "general conduct" towards The Milkman! I have asked him to explain himself and I think an application to the Local Government Ombudsman is inevitable here....

I have not been invited to the alleged hearing even though I am the person most directly involved in all this which is farcical even by Tour's trickery lol.

Here are his preliminary decisions on my complaints:

Here is a reminder of the local police force's attitude towards Marshall. We all thought he was a bit of a winker!

And here is the response to my Eling complaint:


The left-wing Skwawkbox is continuing its serious allegations about Warley CLP etc and the malign influence of Spellar. Eling has featured for the second time - now in respect of his claim to delegate status via Brandhall Labour Club:

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Public Notice to All Sandwell Labour Councillors.

Here is a notice that I have sent to all the Labour Councillors at corrupt Sandwell. Enough said!

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"Dear All,


Eid Mubarak to those celebrating.

Over the years I have known most of you, I have been insulted and abused on occasions too numerous to mention. The "F" word has been used liberally and sometimes the "C" word. I have had councillors literally screaming abuse in my face. I have been threatened with physical violence. On an infamous occasion one or more councillors stole two eggs from SMBC and threw them at myself and other peaceful protesters.

It seems that hitherto I have had a thicker skin than your Chief Executive [sic] and that the alleged use of a single swear word is now classed as a criminal offence! I hereby put you on notice that I am no longer going to tolerate this sort of abuse. I have rights too. Please be aware that from today all abuse and threats WILL be reported to West Midlands Police forthwith. You have been warned and I shall produce this notice to WMP on each and every occasion it is required.



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Jan Britton Seeks Revenge?

Chief Constable Dave Thompson has crime cracked in the West Midlands. Thus he has the resources to set the "Complex Crime Unit" onto me to try and close down this blog. Now I have to attend the police station again next week as Jan Britton has said that I called him a "c*cksucker" at the last Council meeting and the bent cops have "crimed" [sic] this as a "public order offence"!!!!!

Regular readers will know that I have frequently referred to Britton's extraordinary feats of arslikhan and questioned how he could possibly have been given the Chief Executive role at the corrupt Labour and retained it for so long on a pay package just shy of £160k per annum (£158,681).

The suspicion has always been that corrupt councillors gave him the job as he is biddable - as they did when promoting the already disgraced Neeraj Sharma to head [sic] the legal department. And regular readers will know he delivered almost immediately - sending an infamous memo to all staff demanding that they always obey the will of councillors rather than rely on their own professional judgement.

Britton was personally involved for a time in the disaster that was Labour's Children's Services and employed Impower on a contract that went way over budget and failed to budge the Ofsted "inadequate" rating. (Under Britton stewardship of the corrupt Council the Department failed so spectacularly the Government has had to intervene and it has now been transferred into a Trust!)

 He did a deal with the (moral) Cowards in Blue that they would drop their fraud investigation on the basis that he would instruct a firm of solicitors to do a report instead!!!!! The main "target" of the Report was ex-Councillor Mahboob Hussain, a Muslim. Britton appointed a self-proclaimed Zionist to do the number on him and the whole thing turned to disaster when the Solicitor made a racist joke about Hussain's family. Notwithstanding that, Britton had agreed to pay these tossers £100,000 of our money for the ultimately useless report and then agreed nearly £80,000 more when they came back with the begging bowl!

We have to assume that Britton has not been on the take from the corruption within the Council but he carefully distanced himself from the fraudulent activity. Although he has ultimate responsibility he claims (although he has never been interviewed under caution by the Police) that he simply didn't know what was going on in his bent paid service. Many reasonable folk would think that is a damning indictment in itself worthy of instant dismissal but Labour want to keep him on. Indeed it is said that he knows too much about Steve "The Milkman" Eling and that Eling knows too much about him so that they remain chained to each other in perpetuity. Senior employees have been culled in the fall-out from the fraud disclosures, eg Sharma and Scarrott, but Teflon Jan has carried on regardless!

When Mahboob Hussain bid for part of a valuable taxi contract from his own Council without declaring his and his wife's interest in the bidding company Jan Britton launched an in-depth "investigation" into the affair and exonerated Mahboob on the basis that it had all just been an unfortunate "oversight". A Freedom of Information request revealed that the investigation was so thorough that Britton could not say what it consisted of and that he made NO records whatsoever of the course of the investigation nor the reason for his findings! Surely grounds for dismissal again?

But Jan has his enemies and they have spread vicious lies about him. A number of callers to The Skidder have falsely claimed that he has behaved improperly with female staff members. I know this is all false as Jan has told me this as have Eling/Marshall.

Regular readers (and hi to Smethwick xxx, an avid reader whom I recently met in The Wildcat, Stirchley) will know that in a secret meeting Eling and then-Councillor Marshall agreed to send me dirt on Eling's enemies. Marshall then sent me a considerable amount of information via WhatsApp. At 17.11 on 11th January, 2017 I sent them a message about one of the allegations concerning Britton.

This is part of the exchange the following day when Eling/Marshall made it plain there was no truth whatsoever in the allegation.

12/01/2017, 17:29 - Richard Marshall: Hes [sic] not Lothario material , trust me. You source is stirring

Of course, Marshall was notoriously "Lothario material" and "knows" about these things. I let the matter drop.

As 2017 progressed a number of  mostly anonymous callers went further with these allegations naming names. I duly wrote to Jan on 31st October, 2017 and he responded with a firm and categorical denial. The question is - who is spreading these lies about Jan and, for that matter, other employees? Who are these enemies in the camp?

The fact remains,  however, that if you are a female employee and "on Jan's side" you are likely to get a better deal than other women working at Sandwell Council. It is said that Jan was away from The Oldbury Kremlin when highly-controversial Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour had his secret pow-wow with the members of the Standards Committee BEFORE Cllr Ian Jones's kangaroo court hearing. It is also said that he was away when seven secretaries were all unlawfully suspended - seemingly by Darren Carter*. (They have been reinstated with compensation from our pockets. Six have signed gagging agreements - posts passim).

But then compare and contrast the treatment of Ms Liz O'nions. She is alleged, and I repeat alleged, to have cocked-up in one section of the Council but rather than face sanction she has simply been moved elsewhere. Shortly before that, she was seen openly "joshing" with Jan in the office and reminded him that he "owed her a curry." Not long thereafter he was seen squiring her to The Vine for non-Ugandan discussions over the poppadoms. One rule for one.......

* Despite the intervention of the Office of the Information Commissioner Jan Britton has failed to answer the Freedom of Information Request into the secretary scandal. I am pressing the ICO to take further action. In the meantime, I wrote to Cllr Steve "Luvvie" Trow on this subject yesterday but have had no response as yet:

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 09:52
Subject: Darren Carter
To: <>, Darren Carter <>

Dear Steve,


For the record:

On 25th January, 2018 I sent you and your colleagues on the Standards Committee the following email concerning the unlawful suspension of the cabinet secretaries (including your own):

Good Afternoon Councillors,


I am being told - rightly or wrongly - that Cllr Eling took exception to the leak about your private meeting with Surjit Tour before Cllr Jones's hearing and has suspended staff. who he believes leaked the information.

Is this correct please?

I am also told that parts of the IT system is in lockdown for the same investigation. Again, can you confirm please?


You did not reply.

As per the "Stop Press" Section of my blog post of 19th March, 2018 you told me that Stuart Taylor was not involved in the suspension of the secretaries which had all been down to Darren Carter.

As I understand it, no disciplinary proceedings have been taken (yet) against Mr Carter but I spoke with a Sandwell Council insider yesterday who defended him - at least to the extent of saying that they did not believe he was the sort of person who would have been shouting "I want the f*ckers out and I don't want the f*ckers back!"

I am sending Mr Carter a copy of this email.

When you said the whole episode was down to him what exactly did you mean? Are you also alleging that he was the person who shouted the obscenities about the secretaries quoted above?

Julian Saunders




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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cllr Elying On The Ropes!

Updated 15th June, 2018

Under pressure and failing "leader" "lol" of the Sandwell Labour dictatorship, Steve "The Milkman" Eling (aka Elying), has been caught out telling porkies again - this time by the left-wing media via The Skwawkbox. Here is their original piece:

Incidentally, The Swawkbox are lifting the lid on the stinking morass that is Sandwell Labour Group and you can also follow all their revelations on Twitter at @skwawkbox.

This blog has repeatedly criticised the corrupt Council for using gagging clauses to keep their dirty secrets (and at our expense). Eling claims that these are not used by SMBC despite all the contrary evidence and as shown to be false by The Skwawkbox. This was also one of the outrageous issues arising from our local bent coppers at West Mids Police agreeing not to proceed with their fraud investigation provided SMBC employed a solicitor to do a report instead since the lawyer did NOT have police powers to "get behind" confidentiality agreements. They have legitimacy in civil matters but not in criminal investigations.

This blog is intended to form a database of all those who, contrary to the liar Eling's comments, HAVE signed confidentiality agreements and so will be updated from time to time.

Update: A Sandwell person has confirmed that to his personal knowledge 17 (seventeen) confidentiality agreements have been entered into. He thinks there are many more!

If you are on the list and did NOT sign a confidentiality agreement on departure please contact The Skidder to have your name removed.

If you yourself signed such an agreement please contact The Skidder (if you don't want your name to appear in this blog I can arrange to use "Anon" plus the date year of your departure.)

If you think you know of others who signed confidentiality agreements please ring or email The Skidder in confidence.

Stop press - a Sandwell Council insider has contacted the Skidder today to say that to their knowledge the confidentiality clauses probably run into "three figures" at least and not as Elying says....

In another context, I recently reported that 6 of the 7 secretaries unlawfully suspended in still mysterious circumstances received compensation from us taxpayers subject to signing confidentiality agreements! One is believed to be the secretary of....yes....The Milkman himself!


Neeraj Sharma - involved in numerous dodgy deals but alleged "saw nothing". Believed to have received a substantial pay-off to say nowt;

Nick Bubalo - with Sharma intimately involved in numerous fraudulent deals and Hussain's son worked in his department. Again he allegedly saw nothing. Apparently retired through ill-health but likely to have been properly gagged;

Adrian Scarrott - disgraced Head of Neighbourhoods where he was widely said to be in Hussain's pocket. In the Whats App feed Eling and Marshall said that fraud had been found in his department but this has apparently not been investigated by the (moral) Cowards in Blue;

Dave Willetts - either utterly incompetent or totally corrupt. Said to be in Hussain's pocket. These people MUST still be interviewed by WMP;

Pardip Sharma - no relation apparently but Neeraj's sidekick. Another who "failed to see anything" right under her nose;

John Satchwell Senior - left as investigations were underway into allegations concerning the Parks Department. The Eling/Marshall Whats App feed [posts passim] shows allegations relating to this. Sources say he was given a very low pay-off on a "take it or leave it basis".


Melanie Dudley - High-flyer who fell foul of "The Milkman." The Whats App feed shows that Eling and Marshall forced her out.

Stuart Kellas or John Garratt - The reason for the uncertainty here is that these two were fired on the same day and The Skidder was told that one of the two bravely refused to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Dave Haywood - a man The Skidder would very much like to chat to.


Lynda Bateman - very highly paid employee who allegedly left through retirement but is now back helping the comrades as Chair of Trustees for SLT.


Matthew Sampson

Sharon Moore

Phil Hardy

Jane Dixon (a third party says Jane did NOT sign one but not yet confirmed direct)

(There was a chap who was recently working on the Isle of Wight)

Jez Hall

Dave Thompson

Allison Fraser?

Peter Manley

Glyn Dixon

More info please!


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Technical Blog - Lion Farm Standards Complaint

This is a Standards Complaint I have submitted today in respect of the secrecy, lies, deceit and total incompetence surrounding the bent Lion Farm deal:

Standards Complaint June, 2018 re Cllrs Eling, Hackett, Horton (Linda) and Moore.

General principles of conduct relevant to this Complaint:
1  Cllrs must not bring their office into disrepute;
2  When carrying out their public duties such as awarding contracts of recommending individuals for rewards or benefits, Councillors must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias;
3  Cllrs must promote and support high standards of conduct when serving in their office;
4  Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest;
5  Holders of public office should act and take decisions in an open and transparent manner. Information should not be withheld from the public unless there are clear and lawful reasons for so doing.
6  Holders of public office should be truthful.

Background to the Complaint: Period to 19th December, 2012.

In 2012 certain Councillors, including Cllr Eling, decided to make the disposal of publicly-owned land “easier” by forming the Asset Management and Land Disposal Committee (AMLDC) at the urging of ex-Councillor Mahboob Hussain who was then appointed as the Committee’s Chair.

On a date unknown, ex-Councillor Hussain introduced a property developer to Sandwell Council with a view to him purchasing various plots of Council land. A series of secret meetings took place between Sandwell Council and Jeremy Knight Adams. At one such secret meeting Sandwell Council officials agreed to grant an option to Jeremy Knight Adams to develop a colossal 19ha of green space in Oldbury known as Lion Farm Fields subject to member approval. The said Fields had not been marketed to the public at large nor otherwise offered to other developers or individuals.

(It is not known whether any of the Councillors complained of in this complaint were party to these secret meetings and subsequent “deal”. If they were then I make the complaint that they failed to comply with all 6 principles of conduct set out above and also failed to register their interest in this matter when subsequently voting for it.)

The matter was listed on the agenda for the meeting of the AMLDC on 19th December, 2012 under the misleading and untrue title of “Junction 2 Regeneration.” The Report to the Committee nor any other information about this agenda item were made available to the public prior to the Committee meeting. At the meeting only Cllrs Hussain and Hackett were in attendance and promptly excluded the public from the meeting. The Report was not disclosed by SMBC until 15th February, 2018 - over SIX YEARS after the event! The two Councillors held the entire meeting with a lengthy agenda in just 7 minutes.

Part One of the Complaint:

No complaint can now be brought against Cllr Hussain as he has left the Council. Thus all complaints in this section relate to the failures of Cllr Hackett in that he:

Failed to question Cllr Hussain’s involvement in introducing Jeremy Knight Adams to the Council to do this deal and his connections to him; failed to question why this land had not been marketed to others; failed to question why all meetings with Jeremy Knight Adams were held in secret and were unminuted; failed to secure the best evidence when recommending an individual - ie Jeremy Knight Adams - for reward or benefit; failed to allow the disclosure to the public of the report to the committee and excluded the public from the meeting.

These failures constitute breaches of principles 1 to 5 inclusive above.

Further, the fact that Cllrs Hussain and Hackett dealt with the whole agenda (including another land disposal which eventually benefitted the Hussain family) was contempt for the public, the constitution of the Council and the proper and efficient conduct of its business. Cllr Hackett breached principles 1 and 3 above in this regard.

Background to the Complaint: Period: 20th December, 2012 to 9th January, 2013:

On 9th January, 2013 the crucial disposal of this huge piece of land to someone introduced to SMBC by Cllr Hussain came before the Cabinet when the report of the AMLDC of 19th December, 2012 was received. No Councillor present raised any objection to the unusual circumstances of this proposed transaction but then those present got through a lengthy agenda in just 2 (two) minutes!

Part Two of the Complaint:

The following Councillors (excluding members who are no longer on the Council) were present at the important two-minute long meeting:

Eling; Hackett; Horton (Linda); Jones (Ian) and Moore.

Please note that although he was present at the meeting I am specifically excluding Cllr Ian Jones from this complaint as I am aware that he has been (and still is) subject to unwarranted persecution by certain members and officials within SMBC and it is, therefore, highly unlikely that SMBC would give him the opportunity of a fair hearing in respect of this issue.

Obviously Cllr Hackett is again guilty of the failures set out in Part One above and those are repeated against him here in respect of this Cabinet meeting and the breaches of conduct principles that arise therefrom.

Cllrs Eling, Horton (Linda) and Moore did not apply their minds to the unusual circumstances of such a significant transaction either adequately or at all during the two minute meeting (assuming that their poor conduct was not deliberate.) In the premises and noting the size of the land concerned and that it was public open space (part of which was - and is - held by Fields in Trust) they failed to consider the matters Cllr Hackett should have considered as set out in Part One above and are guilty of breaching the principles 1 to 5 set out above. The fact that the entire meeting with a full agenda lasted just two minutes is evidence thereof.

Further, the fact that the Cllrs complained of got through a full agenda in just two minutes is, in itself, breach of the code of conduct as well as showing utter contempt for the people of Sandwell, the Constitution of the Council and the proper and efficient conduct of the Council’s business. Thus Cllrs Eling, Hackett, Horton (Linda) and Moore are further guilty of breaching principles 1 and 3 above.

Background to the Complaint: Report to Cabinet 15th November, 2017:

This section relates to the failures of Cllr Paul Moore. He approved and then presented a Report to Cabinet on the above date riddled with inaccuracy and falsehoods. Whilst Cllr Moore was not the author of the Report he failed either adequately or at all to assess its truthfulness and accuracy. Once again the Report and the agenda item was deliberately intended to mislead the public as it was again spuriously headed as “Junction 2 Regeneration”. In particular the report:

Failed to refer to the highly unusual (and possibly unlawful) circumstances in which the option was initially granted to Jeremy Knight Adams; referred to this proposed development as a regional attraction whilst failing to refer at all to the planning permission given for a similar major development at Cannock since the original option was granted; stated that Jeremy Knight Adams had, as at 15th November, 2017 made “significant progress” in respect of preparatory steps in respect of the (still) secret option agreement whilst failing to state what those steps were or to make them public; alleged that Jeremy Knight Adams had incurred “significant expenditure in securing adjoining land to develop the scheme” without specifying what land had then been secured or making the details public; stated that Jeremy Knight Adams had - as at 15th November, 2017 - “undertaken numerous feasibility studies” but failed to state or make public what these were; relied of spurious unverified figures that the development would create “more than 2,000 jobs” and bring circa £200m extra investment in to the area when these were the figures mentioned in 2012 in a very different environment; failed completely to mention that since 2012/13 SMBC itself had granted planning permission in 2016 to Hammerson Plc for an alternative high-end shopping development ALSO IN OLDBURY at The Junction site to be known as Fountain Retail Park.

The Report was so blatantly flawed that Cllr Moore either knew that the contents were likely to deceive fellow Cabinet members or was reckless in that regard. Ditto with regard to members of the public. In the premises Cllr Moore was in breach of the principles 1 to 6 set out above. The fact that he was an attendee at the 2013 Cabinet Meeting (see above) makes his egregious conduct in withholding facts from fellow Councillors and the public all the more culpable.

End. 12/06/18.


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Sunday, 10 June 2018

An Open Letter to Jeremy Knight Adams

I have written to the property developer friend of ex-Sandwell Councillor Mahboob Hussain. Here is my letter. Let's see how keen Mr Knight Adams is to tell the public what is really going on!

Mr J. Knight Adams                                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx                                                                         Birmingham xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx                                                                        10th June, 2018
Malvern xxxxxxxx

Dear Sir,

Lion Farm Fields


You have recently taken to the media to say how you will be consulting with folk about your plan to destroy 19ha of vital green space at Lion Farm Fields, Oldbury.

Many local people would like to consult with you and, for starters, I wonder if you would mind answering the following questions please:

1 When exactly did you first meet Azeem Hafeez?;
2 When exactly did you first meet ex-Sandwell Councillor Mahboob Hussain;
3 On what date did you pay £470,000 to Azeem Hafeez/his servants or agents;
4 On what date exactly did Mahboob Hussain introduce you do Sandwell Council?
5 Please list all dates when you and/or your servants or agents had meetings with Sandwell Council and state the names of all persons present and where the meetings took place;
6 The initial option granted to you/your companies in 2013 was stated by SMBC to be for one year with the possibility of it being extended to one further year. Please state how the option came to be extended beyond 2014;
7 Please state why your option was not listed at HM Land Registry until 2017;
8 In 2017 SMBC stated that you had already incurred “significant expenditure in securing adjoining land to develop the scheme.” Please identify that land - preferably with HM Land Registry title numbers.
9 Kindly disclose the option agreement between yourself and SMBC dated 21st May, 2013.   

Yours faithfully,



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Monday, 4 June 2018

The First Lion Farm Secret Document Is Here!

Here is one of the important documents that Fields in Trust (formerly the National Playing Fields Association) and corrupt Sandwell Council have refused to disclose about Lion Farm even though it refers to land belonging to us, the people. Jan Britton, the Chief Executive "lol" of the bent paid service (a man who has been the very well paid boss throughout years of fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence but who claims he "didn't see anything") has also refused to let Councillors see this document even though they have already approved the Cabinet decision to destroy the Fields!!!!!

Before I comment on the document, bent Labour Sandwell Council are still spouting nonsense about millions of pounds of investment and thousands of jobs if the dodgy deal goes ahead (despite a major planned expansion of Merry Hill and the new "designer shopping village" to be built just up the motorway at Cannock!) But here is a quote from David Smith, the Economics Expert, in the last Sunday Times:

"The Centre for Retail Research lists 16 medium to large retail business failures in April this year alone, with more jobs potentially affected - more than 13,000 - than in the whole of last year, and twice the number of stores and employees affected as in the whole of 2015."

And yet the moronic business-hating "socialists " - yes the same ones who brought you Queen Square, West Bromwich - think they can make this work "lol"!

Unfortunately this document is not particularly good news. The sleazy comrades with their weird obsession for building leisure centres wanted the land where they have now built the Portway Centre but that was in Trust to Fields in Trust from 1962 onwards. The simple answer was just to switch the trust land for other playing fields around Sandwell and you will see that this now includes just part of Lion Farm - around 2.8 hectares and not the whole thing. Incidentally, they also switched the land in Trust to include Londonderry Fields which Leader, Steve The Milkman" Eling and his cronies (including Tom Watson's puppet Cllr Moore - pictured) also want to destroy.

You will also see that this whole business on naming the Fields the QEII Fields is also just a load of meaningless b*llocks to suck up to our sponging Royal Family. Fields in Trust (probably staffed entirely by grovelling establishment figures and their privileged offspring) have had the bent socialists [sic] name the whole of Lion Farm Fields as QEII Fields even though only a small part of the area is actually in Trust.

It also appears that THEY had money from ASDA but that there is no evidence so far of any of it being spent on Lion Farm!

Notwithstanding the above, if Labour are going to push through the bent deal with the developer they will have to persuade Fields in Trust to "move" the Trust Land again. I am sure the Campaign Group and others will be making the appropriate representations to the so-called "charity".

Don't forget the Human Chain Event on 27th June when you can show your disapproval of this whole con trick! You can also follow the Campaign Group on Social Media:

Facebook Group (open to all): Save Lion Farm Fields     Twitter:   @LoveLionFarm


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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Homes To Be Destroyed in Bent Lion Farm Deal

Addendum 02/06/18 - SMBC have given the developer options on at least 4 separate Land Registry titles including the one that includes these houses. They say the option on this particular title is for development of land close to the houses but does NOT involve them. They will NOT be demolished. It is time Labour Sandwell lifted their self-imposed veil of secrecy surrounding this bent deal and let locals know exactly what they have been up to here!

It is not just the Fields corrupt Labour Sandwell Council are desperate to obliterate at Lion Farm but in the bent property deal with Jeremy Knight-Adams they are going to destroy homes too! Council housing!

The Skidder can exclusively reveal that the dodgy option the bent "socialists" have given the property developer  (believed to be a substantial donor to the Tory Party "lol") includes options to destroy the following houses:

Saladin Avenue:  Nos 1, 2 and 4 to 21 inclusive;

Crusader Close:  Nos 1 to 6 inclusive, 8 to 11 inclusive and 14 to 18 inclusive;

The Templars:  Nos 1, 3 to 5 inclusive, 7 and 8.

No doubt two of the Councillors who have been so anxious to push this through, the joke "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Tom Watson's puppet Paul Moore (pictured) have consulted with all local residents (double "lol").

And what of your local councillor (treble "lol") Bill "The Coward of the County"* Gavan? When he was out canvassing did he explain to residents in Saladin, Crusader and The Templars that Eling, Moore and Co are hoping to chuck them out of their homes?????

Of course, it is OK for the wealthy Eling. He has access to a second home in a pretty Derbyshire village so he can escape the traffic congestion, air pollution, chemical pollution, dog sh*t and other urban horrors of Sadders. This is a picture from the actual village where he has been living - no concreting over green space there!

Please note that the Save Lion Farm Fields campaign are holding an event at 7pm on Wednesday 27th June on Newbury Lane, Oldbury starting opposite the Post Office to protest about:

  • the bent deal to Mahboob Hussain's mate and business associate;
  • the secrecy - Sandwell Labour have still not replied to the Skidder's Freedom of Information request despite the intervention of the Office of the Information Commissioner;
  • air pollution;
  • traffic congestion;
  • flood risks,
  • destruction of yet more green space by Labour in urban Sandwell at Lion Farm and elsewhere.

The Black Country is synonymous with chain production and the campaign will form a human chain along Newbury Lane linking hands at 7pm. Please go and give 10 minutes to show your support for saving this vital green space (and homes).

*So called as Gavan twice "played the hard man" with The Skidder before the Lion Farm meeting even threatening him in the street outside the butchers down on the Farm. He was insistent he was going to attend the meeting to tell local people "the truth" about the bent deal but then filled his pants and failed to attend. No doubt when he was out canvassing he thoroughly explained to all the residents of Saladin, Crusader and The Templars that Eling and Co were hoping to chuck them out of their homes?????


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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Girlie Name "Jan" Gets His Own Back "Lol"!

On the advice of the Office of The Information Commissioner I made a formal complaint to bent Sandwell Council about their failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I hand delivered it to the Oldbury Kremlin on Monday.

Chief Executive [sic] "Jan" Britton's corrupt paid service - tainted by fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence - sent me TWO identical letters today from the, wait for it, "Customer Focus Team" addressed thus:

I have rattled Jan's cage recently - he has yet to comment on the circumstances why Ms Liz O'Nions was moved recently from one department to another. He won't say why he has paid compo to six secretaries but forced them to sign confidentiality agreements. (Only he and I know the other stuff.)

Is this girlie-named "Jan" taking the p*ss or just yet another example of how totally useless this lot are?



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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Hackett's Amy Gets The Shaft!

Let me take you back to January. The "comrades" had finally arranged a show trial for Cllr Ian Jones on trumped up nonsense (ie that the late Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper had ordered that the plot of land at Florence Road, Smethwick be removed from an auction and sold privately to Cllr Mohammad Rouf's son. Jonesy was allegedly in breach of the code of conduct for simply passing this order on to members of Jan Britton's bent paid service).

Regular readers will know from the infamous WhatsApp feed (posts passim) that a number of Councillors, including the feeble "Leader", Steve "The Milkman" Eling, were determined to destroy Jonesy who was seen as a threat to the new regime. To make sure that the Standards Committee came to the right decision on the evidence, ahem, Sandwell's highly controversial new Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, arranged a top secret meeting the day before the hearing with the Committee members. You would have thought the four Councillors - Lewis, Trow, Shackleton and Crompton - would have been experienced enough to have realised the irregularity of all this but dutifully turned up anyway. But info of the pow-wow leaked out.....

There were reports that a male person in Oldbury Council House went ballistic when the leak became public knowledge. Someone decided that it must have come from one or more of the seven secretaries working for the Cabinet members. The male was heard shouting "I want the f*ckers out and I don't want the f*ckers back." Apparently Jan Britton was not in the office (though it is doubtful if his brooding presence would have made any difference given his willingness to toe the Labour Party line) but a person or persons unknown then suspended the seven - just like that! Part of the Council's computer system was locked down as the mole hunt began.

I initially reported - from information received - that the ranting male was Herr Eling which was the same information many others received. Eling never contacted me to correct this (although I have referred to his unproven denial in this blog) but he ran to his pals at West Midlands Police and said that I was guilty of criminal harassment for reporting that it was him!

But mystery still surrounds this whole affair. It was initially said that a lowly grunt in the bent paid service, Stuart Taylor, had been responsible for this crazed and arbitrary decision which always seemed improbable. This was then changed to "council managers acting on the advice of human resources" had made the absurd order. But now SMBC are refusing to answer a Freedom of Information (FOI) request as to who made the fateful decision. Further, the foul-mouthed shouter who demanded the suspensions has still not been identified.

West Bromwich West Labour Party were disgusted that seven workers could be treated in this way by their own Party and put forward a motion of censure which stated, inter alia:

"Such actions are a fundamental abuse of natural justice, a breach of trade union agreed processes and are contrary to the historic values of the Labour Party." Ouch!

I was told immediately that the leak had NOT come from the secretaries and, lo and behold, no evidence was found that it had. After a period of gardening leave they were all re-instated. They quite rightly consulted their unions. But here the story takes another odd twist....

I have blogged about Darren and Sarah James* - well paid GMB officials who were mysteriously given a Sandwell council house allegedly thanks to the direct intervention of one of Tom Watson's pet Councillors. The bullying Ms James, a woman who was obsessed with the soft porn sado masochistic novels of E. L. James, has caught the eye of two of Labour's most notorious shaggers (no, not you Dave) Corbyn and the aforementioned Watson.


There has been a suspicion - voiced to the Skidder by some GMB members - that the Union has been less than enthusiastic in upholding their rights where Sandwell Council is concerned. Of the seven secretaries I understand that six were in Unite but that one, the secretary of The Sandwell Slasher, Simon Hackett, who I believe from the SMBC website is Amy Hodgkins, wasn't. Unite have secured compensation for their wronged six but the GMB were apparently not prepared to help poor Amy against their pals. Unite's six have, however, been forced to sign confidentiality clauses so Labour are still trying to hush this all up! BUT IT IS TAXPAYERS' MONEY that the bent Council is now forking out ie they are stealing it from you and I to cover up their shocking and disastrous decision.

I have gone to the Information Commissioner to try and force out the name of the person or persons who made the ridiculous order in the first place because it is clearly essential that disciplinary action is taken against them for gross abuse of power that has directly led to the loss of taxpayers' money.

Last night I asked cabinet members Eling, Hackett, Trow, Costigan and Hossell how much the secretaries got and why it was being kept secret. Eling and Hackett made no comment. Trow and Costigan claimed they didn't know anything about this!!!!! Hossell said the same initially but then said it was Amy's fault she lost out as "she was in the wrong Union and should have been in mine"! This is bizarre as the unemployed Hossell claims in his Register of Interests to be a member of the, er, GMB!!!!

I also attempted to ask the same Councillors, irrespective of Amy's Union affiliation, was it a "socialist" thing to do to compensate six colleagues and not her? Answer came there none....

Jan Britton made an appearance outside last night and I asked him for comment but he too said nowt. He must have signed this rotten deal off and he must now say what really happened and how much it has cost US!

Conspiracy Theory

Tom Watson used to be bankrolled by Unite's long-suffering members but they have turned their back on him. The vicious bully - who controls Hackett and some other Councillors - is now declaring donations from the, er, GMB. Nudge, nudge - wink, wink!

But Hackett's Jodie Gets The Mine....

Sandwell Council's allegedly "independent" audit team under one Peter Farrow (cf the WhatsApp feed) have had information for some time about Councillor Hackett and senior employee Jim Brennan actively involving themselves in the Council housing requirements of Cllr Hackett's personal friend Jodie xxxxxx. As nothing has apparently been done I asked Hackett about this last night but he made no comment. But here is an actual screenshot of a Sandwell Council computer showing that he was involved in one of the two dodgy transactions involving this young lady. Why and how? This is AFTER Hackett had been "cleared" (following the intervention of Herr Eling "lol") of five serious allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct.... Over to you WMP!

Nothing is ever black and white in Sadders. It's always 50 Shades of Grey.....


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Monday, 21 May 2018

Lion Farm Fields - ASDA Money????

In the social club at Lion Farm Fields the bent Labour Council put up a sign (pictured) boasting how they had given the fields to the people of Sandwell "forever". But with these lying "socialist" sh*ts "forever" means FIVE (yes, 5) months before Cllrs Hussain and Hackett agreed to try and sell the land to property developer, Jeremy Knight Adams. Soon afterwards the deal was approved by current "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Tom Watson MP's puppet in the SMBC "Cabinet", Paul Moore (with others).

The deeply corrupt Council are currently STILL refusing to disclose the Trust Deed (despite pressure from just one solitary councillor apparently) and Fields in Trust are refusing to release it without the bent Council's agreement which they currently will not give. Ask yourselves why that is folks....

The plaque also seems to indicate the involvement of ASDA in all this but when Oldbury man Pete Durnell, Acting Chair of the Save Lion Farm Fields Campaign, contacted them they were very coy about the whole scheme and also declined to say how much they put into all this!

The beleaguered Herr Eling promised transparency when he became Leader but continues to try and hide this fraudulent transaction under "Junction 2 Regeneration". He and Moore pushed this project forward in November and January and many of you will now be aware that surveyors were out on the Fields last week. But all we are getting is more "secrets and lies". The failing Council has STILL not answered my main Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request despite the Office of the Information Commissioner writing to them to do so on 11th May. Labour is once again p*ssing on you folks and telling you it is raining....

But another FOI has been answered and seems to raise more questions than answers. It now appears that only PART of the Fields may be subject to the Trust. You will see from the following that Fields in Trust held a covenant relating to land where bent Labour have built the Portway Leisure Centre and that they transferred the covenant to PART of Lion Farm and other venues (including, ironically, Londonderry Fields which Eling also wants to destroy now.) It is essential that folk continue to lobby local councillors for the full details of  exactly what is in Trust and what isn't!

The original decision was made by Councillor Ian Jones in 2010 and is set out below but another strange feature is that the sleazy "socialists" say they had no communication with ASDA or the ASDA Foundation at all with regard to any of this either orally or in writing and they received no monies or other benefits in kind from them! This begs the question why they put up a plaque boasting of being in "partnership" with ASDA!!!

It is possible that ASDA did give money to Fields in Trust relating to Lion Farm but neither of them have commented hitherto. If money was given where the hell is it? These two organisations need to start giving some answers here!

The Save Lion Farm Fields Campaign will be organising a proper demo at the Fields in due course but invite supporters to show their disgust at this deal at Oldbury Council House tomorrow night at 4.45 to 5.45 (before the ghastly mayor-making "show"). Please come along if you can as things are now moving quickly and these sleazebags need to know the strength of local feeling. Please bring some signs etc if you come and make sure you also come and have a word with The Skidder and Pete Durnell. (See also - Save Lion Farm Fields - Facebook Group and @LoveLionFarm on Twitter).

Here is the 2010 document:


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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Dave Thompson's Blues Interfere in Democratic Process

We have seen time and time again in this blog the very unhealthy "partnership" between West Midlands Police (WMP) and bent Sandwell Labour Council. A Freedom of Information Act reply today shows that because they are still determined to close down this blog they are interfering in the democratic process by "advising" Sandwell Council's highly controversial Monitoring Officer [sic] not to investigate Standards Complaints dating as far back as November.

I have four outstanding standards complaints in against Cllrs Eling, Marshall, Costigan and Rouf. Thanks to what the Police have done Marshall has now got off scot free as Labour have booted him off the Council (against The Milkman's wishes). The public have been deprived - probably deliberately - of hearing Marshall's evidence and he cannot now be compelled to give evidence about the dictatorial Herr Eling either. Nice work for your pals WMP!

WMP continue to puff Sandwell Labour at every opportunity and throughout the purdah period. They were even at it on election day!!!

Regular readers will know that Costigan lied to WMP about me leafleting against the Wednesbury BID in the town (hardly a criminal offence anyway). I was nothing to do with the campaign to get the rigged ballot overturned (step forward for congratulations local activist Darryl Magher) but it now turns out WMP were! I was mystified why they were interrogating me under caution anout the bent BID but I have just found out they, WMP, had supported the scheme through the bent process - something they managed to fail to tell me or my Solicitor at the time!

This is a letter I am just posting to the Chief Constable with a copy to the Home Secretary. The Monitoring Officer has a statutory duty to investigate the Standards Complaints and the moral Cowards in Blue are deliberately interfering in this process. On what grounds and for how long?

In any event the complaint about Costigan is based purely on documentary evidence which has been disclosed via this blog so how can Thompson and Co purport to stop that investigation into their honorary Wednesbury "Gold Commander"?

Here is the letter (already sent and there are a couple of typos and lack of appropriate punctuation in places):

Mr D. Thompson, Chief Constable,                                                           
West Midlands Police                                                                               
Lloyd House                                                                                                 17/05/18
Colmore Circus
Birmingham B4 6NQ

Cc:  The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Home Secretary, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF

Dear Mr Thompson,

West Midlands Police - Interference in Internal Affairs of Council


I am writing primarily about WMP advising Sandwell Council not to proceed with Standards Investigations against three Councillors. But it is worth reminding the public of your force’s capitulation in upholding the rule of law where the rotten Borough is concerned. Here is a non-exhaustive list of significant concerns:

1   A WMP Inspector said the force deliberately allowed the time limit for prosecution to expire in the case of the election of Lucy Cashmore;

2   DS Gilice gave advanced notice to the said Cashmore when visiting her at an address where she did not live;

3   WMP failed on a number of occasions to investigate failures by sundry Sandwell Councillors to make truthful declarations in the Register of Interests - again letting time limits expire.

4   Failed to investigate the advertisement and sale of Council property by individuals in Tipton either adequately or at all;

5   WMP have been using at least two Labour Councillors as informants;

6   Your force permitted inappropriate relationships to form eg a senior officer bragging about golf and spa days with “SMBC Colleagues” [sic];

7   A police inspector is said to have had a sexual relationship with a disgraced director of the Council;

8   Your force has promoted Sandwell Labour via social media on hundreds of occasions including on election day this month. The constant social media and other interaction between WMP and Costigan is wholly inappropriate.

9   You or a senior officer blocked investigations of social media harassment by Darren Cooper of myself, my wife and others,

10  You or a senior officer blocked a major fraud investigation into Sandwell Council with your panoply of powers on the basis Sandwell would conduct a limited private enquiry via a firm of solicitors at huge expense to the public;

11  WMP failed to discipline WPC Charlene Tranter for her wholly inappropriate involvement in the Lee Garmston affair;

12  Your force has failed to investigate a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice following the actions of Street Warden 18 Chris Jones in the Hackett public urination affair. Jones may have been innocent of wrongdoing but has not told the true version of events to internal SMBC enquiries where there has been conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. WMP have used social media showing publicly-funded officers of WMP working on the streets with Jones which is wholly inappropriate until he has been investigated and cleared.

13  Your force has harassed and continues to harass me and to close down my blog.

14   Failed to investigate possible fraud and false accounting relating to “Wednesbury Celebrates”

15   WMP failed to investigate a £15m false accounting black-hole in the SMBC accounts.

16   Even though the SMBC audit committee expressed concern with regard to land deals involving Cllrs Rouf and Bawa, WMP have failed to investigate adequately or at all.

17   WMP have failed to interview under caution various prominent players at the Council who should have been in a position to spot fraud and corruption but failed to do so eg Eling, Britton, Bubalo, Sharma, Scarrott and others.

18   Two of your officers mislead my Solicitor about the allegations against me when trying to close down my blog. Further, and bizarrely (as I had nothing to do with it), they interviewed me about Wednesbury BID without disclosing that WMP were directly involved and had supported the BID through the rigged election - now overturned by the Sec of State.

Returning to the standards issues:

1   I made standards complaints against Cllrs Eling and Marshall on 30th November, 2017 (nearly six months ago) with further issues being added later. I wish to know the legal grounds that you rely on to contact the Council and advise them not to proceed with the investigation? Further, it was Eling’s plan to keep Marshall as a Councillor until he was suspended by the Labour Party etc. Had Marshall been allowed to stand the voting public would not have been aware that he faced serious standards allegations. As it is, due to your failure to advise SMBC to the contrary, Marshall is no longer a councillor and has escaped the standards process. Further he cannot now be compelled to give evidence when the standards investigation into Eling eventually takes place. You have prevented - so far - a legitimate complaint into Eling’s conduct. Whilst he was not standing for election this time round he is the Leader of the Council and the public were entitled to know on election day that he faced standards allegations. WMP have interfered in the democratic process to the disadvantage of Sandwell people.

2   Sandwell have also failed to proceed with the standards allegations concerning Cllr Costigan. This is based on absolute hard fact ie she failed to disclose certain emails (which I have disclosed) where she was soliciting donations from a company involved in a controversial planning application. What right has WMP to involve itself in stopping that enquiry and, indeed, why are WMP not investigating the same incident as she also failed to declare an interest at the actual planning committee meeting?

Of course, it is the same three councillors who have made allegations against me which you HAVE chosen to investigate.

For how much longer to you intend to prevent the Monitoring Officer from carrying out his statutory duties and on what continuing grounds?

I am copying this to the Home Secretary.

Yours faithfully,

Julian Saunders



07930 361831

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Lion Farm - More Secrecy!

At the bottom of this post is the so-called "report" to bent Sandwell Council's Labour "Cabinet" prepared by new director Dr Alison Knight. Knight had been employed by Sandwell before and had been heavily involved in a disastrous project called "Click Sandwell." In my recent blog, "Twice a Knight", I quoted an outside senior observer with knowledge of the programme and local government who stated, "it is without doubt the worst project I have ever seen."

I wondered how Knight had come to be re-employed following this catastrophe and mentioned the rumour that she has "friends in Derbyshire". Another SMBC employee heavily involved in the Click debacle was one Pamela Pulsford, now Pamela Eling, wife of the embattled Council Leader, Steve "The Milkman" Eling. It is said that Knight is one of the very few people who has been prepared to "out" herself as a "friend of Pamela". No doubt this was all declared when the grovelling "Chief Executive" of Sandwell Council, Jan Britton, re-appointed Knight despite the Click fiasco!

Knight had only been back with the corrupt Council for a couple of months when her political masters had her prepare the report which, as before, was hidden from obvious view by using the false and misleading title "Junction 2 Regeneration". The presenting Cabinet member, an employee and puppet of Tom Watson MP, Paul Moore (pictured), accepted it without question even though it contained such nonsense as there being environmental benefits in destroying 19ha of green space to build a shopping centre!!!

But the "report", either deliberately or negligently, contained one particularly egregious omission ie that in 2016 the very same venal Council had approved planning permission for another shopping centre by Sandwell & Dudley Station to huge retail operators, Hammerson. Accordingly, I wrote this email to the sleazebags:

"From: Vincent Alexandervich <>
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Lion Farm - serious omission from Cabinet Report
To: Jan Britton <>, Paul Moore <>,,,,,,
Cc: Pete Durnell 


Dear Sir,

I write with regard to very serious issues arising from the Report to Cabinet in November last - Agenda Item 14 - prepared by Dr Alison Knight and presented by Cllr Paul Moore.

The Report as presented was grossly misleading in that it totally failed to even mention highly material facts since the original secret deal in 2012/13 ie the grant of planning permission in May, 2016 to Hammerson plc to develop their own retail/leisure centre close to Lion Farm at The Junction site in Oldbury - to be provisionally known as Fountain Retail Park.

This is an an obvious gamechanger. In 2012 SMBC made the ludicrous claim that Lion Farm would attract £200m of investment and create 2000 jobs. That nonsense is repeated at Para 3.2 of Dr Knight's report as historical detail but then represented as fact at paragraph 6.2.

At paragraph 4.2 Dr Knight states that the plans for Lion Farm will show "the differentiated nature of the offer from local centres such as West Bromwich" whilst totally ignoring the Hammerson planning permission.

Was Dr Knight's omission of highly material information deliberate? If so, why? Alternatively, was the egregious omission the result of gross incompetence?

Were all cabinet members who voted to extend the option in November aware of Hammerson's planning permission.? If so, how were they made aware of it and why is there no mention of it in the minutes of their decision?

The Cabinet decision was put to the full Council in January. How many of the Councillors were aware that the Cabinet had not been fully aware of key facts when making their odd and controversial decision? 

I am sending a copy of this mail to Hammerson. 

Julian Saunders"

At the time of writing Mahboob Hussain was still a Councillor.

This is the shocking and facetious reply from Britton*:

"From: Jan Britton <>
Date: Tue, May 8, 2018 at 2:14 PM
Subject: RE: Lion Farm - serious omission from Cabinet Report
To: Vincent Alexandervich <>

I have considered your email below and I do not agree with your assertion that highly material facts were omitted from the report presented to Cabinet in November last year. 

Jan Britton
Chief Executive"

You will see the list of Councillors I sent this to (I accidentally omitted Cllr Bob Price who has hitherto supported the campaign to save Lion Farm Fields) and I have to say, knowing some of them, that I was surprised they were happy for Britton to write in this way given the facts. I will now be sending a questionnaire to all Councillors who were at the January meeting of the Council and waved Paul Moore's destructive plan through whether THEY were aware of the true facts.

The Skidder's Freedom of Information Request

Regular readers and folks who attended the Lion Farm public meeting will know that a Freedom of Information (FOI) request was submitted which Jan Britton arranged to be only partially answered. When I queried this his staff - presumably acting on his instructions - attempted to "split" the FOI so that part of my queores became a "new request" and the other part went for internal review.

Jan Britton seems wholly incapable of applying the law of the land to FOI requests and this was no exception with SMBC failing to then answer either part of the self-imposed "split" request. I duly appealed to the Information Commissioner and his office have now written to bent Sandwell asking them to answer the request. Watch this space! (So much for Herr Eling's false promises of transparency, eh readers?)

Lion Farm Email

Many of you will now that a public meeting was recently held on Lion Farm. Before the meeting the Lion Farm campaigners asked politely for the documents referred to in the Land Registry search that are not available electronically via the website. Again, in Herr Eling's new "open" "lol" Council you would have thought that these documents might be forthcoming. But even though this was a polite enquiry Jan Britton turned it into a Freedom of Information request. He has refused to supply the documents forcing the Lion Farm folk to spend money on further Land Registry applications and is refusing to say what the secret deal is with Jeremy Knight Adams on the ground of  "commercial confidentiality" which is a bit rich when Knight-Adams was introduced to the Council by Hussain, no minutes of secret meetings were made and then he was given an option at a meeting where the public were barred from seeing documents and were not permitted to attend! All other parties including big companies like Hammerson and INTU (the Merry Hill people) were equally kept in the dark and all competitors locked out. This is NOT a confidential deal it is just a SECRET deal! The Lion Farm folk have applied for an internal review!

This from the Lion Farm Campaign:

"Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Lion Farm
Cc:,,, Yvonne Davies <>,, Robert Price <>,,

Dear Sir, 

We wrote to you on 29th January, 2018 asking you to keep us appraised of any developments with regard to Lion Farm. We did not get the courtesy of a reply.

We have done a revised property search at HM Land Registry on the relevant title - WM951363. For some reason the plans referred to on the title are not available online. 

We have a public meeting about the Playing Fields on Sunday. Can you please have your legal department supply the following as a matter of urgency:

1   The deed of 8th May, 2012 made between the Council and The National Playing Fields Association (now Fields in Trust) plus the plan dated 8th May, 2012;

2   The Agreement and plan dated 21st May, 2013 between SMBC and Jeremy Knight Adams.

Due to the constraints of time we are happy to collect the documents from OCH (either Mr Durnell or a nominated representative) and we will meet your reasonable copying charges."

And this the so-called "Freedom of Information" Reply:

"Information Request - FS-Case-73371676

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. In response to your request I can confirm the following:

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request as per the following details. Please see below also the Council's response. Dear Sir, We wrote to you on 29th January, 2018 asking you to keep us appraised of any developments with regard to Lion Farm. We did not get the courtesy of a reply. We have done a revised property search at HM Land Registry on the relevant title - WM951363. For some reason the plans referred to on the title are not available online. We have a public meeting about the Playing Fields on Sunday. Can you please have your legal department supply the following as a matter of urgency: 1 The deed of 8th May, 2012 made between the Council and The National Playing Fields Association (now Fields in Trust) plus the plan dated 8th May, 2012; 2 The Agreement and plan dated 21st May, 2013 between SMBC and Jeremy Knight Adams. Due to the constraints of time we are happy to collect the documents from OCH (either Mr Durnell or a nominated representative) and we will meet your reasonable copying charges. -- Pete Green (Admin) Save Lion Farm Fields Campaign Acting Chair - Pete Durnell Dear Mr Durrell, Many thanks for your recent email concerning Lion Farm Playing Fields. You raise two specific points and I am able to advise you of the following information: • Firstly, you ask for a copy of the deed of 8th May 2012 made between the Council and the National Playing Fields Association. This document is available at the Land Registry online at, at a cost which can be confirmed by the Land Registry. The Council does not usually provide copies of publicly available documents. • Secondly you ask for a copy of the agreement between the Council and Jeremy Knight Adams dated 21st May 2013 . This document is Commercially Confidential Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Council has the obligation to confirm or deny whether it holds the information requested and to disclose it, unless an exemption applies. Section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act states that information is exempt from disclosure if it would or would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of any person (including the public authority holding it). In this case, the Council believes that disclosing the information you requested would prejudice the Council's commercial interest. This is because the information being requested is in the process of being negotiated or re-negotiated and the disclosure of the agreements during this process would have a prejudicial effect on those commercial negotiations. Section 43(2) being a qualified exemption, its application must then be balanced out with the public interest. In this case, the Council is satisfied that the public interest in withholding the information is greater than that in disclosing it. This is because the Council believes that during negotiations/re-negotiations the early disclosure into the public domain of the requested information would not be in the best interests of all the parties, especially the Local Authority who will be endeavoring to ensure monies from or to the public purse are as advantageous as possible. As a result, the Council believes it is entitled not to disclose the requested information to you. If you wish to receive further information in regards to this request or wish to submit a Freedom of Information Request please forward your request to or Information Management Unit, Sandwell Council House, Freeth Street, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 3DE"

Once again certain councillors including Gavan were copied in on this and are seemingly happy with this awful response. (Gavan said before the election he was going to fight to save the Fields which is a bit odd as he is another of Watson's boys thus pitching him against another Tommy puppet, Moore (see above)! Gavan made very aggressive claims that he would attend the public meeting but chickened-out. He has been re-elected and so we shall see what he does next...... Bearing in mind he claims to support the Save Lion Farm Fields he used a tirade of four-letter words telling them never to communicate with him again. What a f*cking joke!)


The Lion Farm folk wrote to Spellar but still await a response. As Watson is involved and is allegedly trying to save Spellar's arse from unpleasant allegations within the Labour Party it seems unlikely that Brave John will step up to the plate!

*For newcomers to this blog through the Lion Farm campaign Jan Britton had a very thin CV and was promoted to "Chief Executive" above his pay grade and abilities by the late Darren Cooper, current "leader" Steve Eling and now-disgraced ex-councillor Hussain. He agreed a policy where professional staff would kowtow to these three and other councillors and despite a very high salary he totally failed to notice ANY of the fraudulent/corrupt episodes referred to in this blog (or at least that is what he says and he has apparently never been interviewed under police caution.) Some might think that if he IS telling the truth he is guilty of gross incompetence for his failure to see what was happening and should be fired immediately without compensation but I couldn't possibly comment... Oh, and by the way, this arse-licker extraordinaire presided over the implosion of the bent Council's Children's Services Department so that the Government had to intervene and take it over!


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Here is the link to the Cabinet Report: