Thursday, 25 January 2018

An Exchange of Correspondence with Surjit Tour!

At PRECISELY the same time that Sandwell Council was being hammered in the House of Commons I received this letter from the controversial new Monitoring Officer (see my blog earlier today as to how his secret and highly-irregular "briefing" meeting with members of the Standards Committee has sparked uproar today and the suspension of seven members of staff.)

Incidentally - when did the Council ever engage in any sort of "dialogue" with me? Perhaps they mean when they threatened to sue me!

I love the "yours sincerely" "lol"!

I also enclose my reply.


Mr J Saunders

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25 January 2018
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Dear Mr Saunders

Sandwell Skidder (“the Blog”)
Allegation of Harassment

I am writing to you on behalf of the Council.

The Council considers that your behaviour and conduct over the past few years cannot be left unchallenged any longer. Whilst it had hoped that your activities would die down over time it is clear that that has not happened and instead they have only increased. In addition to using your blog to attack Councillors and employees you are targeting the same individuals on Twitter and other social media sites. You are regularly seen outside of the Council offices seeking to obtain information.

The Council fully accepts that, as a body, it must be subject to criticism but as an employer it has a duty to its staff to ensure that they can work in peace and are not harassed and targeted, and a duty to Council tax-payers to ensure that their needs are not neglected whilst having to expend considerable time and effort trying to dealing with a persistent and vexatious individual such as yourself.

Whilst the Council has carefully considered whether there would be any merit in trying to engage in dialogue with you again unfortunately it does not seem to be possible or be likely to achieve any measure of success. Only today, 25th January 2018, you have posted a witness statement in a


 - 2 –

blog entitled “The Statement Sandwell don’t want you to see!” that was produced for a quasi-judicial standards hearing that was held on 24th January 2018. You were put on notice that the Council objected to the content of this statement yesterday. You have nonetheless gone ahead and not only published your statement but presented a skewed account of what took place.

The excitable language you use on your website is indicative of a motive to do damage. Unlike newspapers or news websites you fling out with abandon accusations of corruption and criminality against individuals. Nor do you appear to verify your accusations. Your persistent publication of a photograph of the Council leader with the captions on it, is designed to harass him. That is why you are doing it.

We would ask you to go through your blog and consider carefully the appropriateness of the accusations you are making and the language you are using.  The council requests that you remove all unfounded abusive/offensive remarks and images immediately.

We consider that when you do you should recognise that the language is excessive and much of the content inappropriate and together it is harassing of individuals and is unacceptable.

To that end, we are engaging specialist Counsel to assist us with this matter but would hope that you will take steps to ensure that no further action is in fact necessary.

For the avoidance of doubt, if action is taken by the Council, we will comply with the relevant pre-action protocols. At this stage, we hope you will act to ensure that there is no need to proceed any further.

If necessary, we reserve the right to show this letter to the court.

Yours sincerely


To: Surjit Tour <>


My reply is - you are well out of order and can fuck off.

I am already taking legal advice concerning your Council's harassment of me especially your illegal refusal to allow me into last week's Council meeting. I will also be sending an appropriate letter to the Member who made false allegations against me and rest assured - when I find out who it is - I WILL be taking legal action against them.

As far as the photo is concerned the words reflect what Cllrs Eling and Marshall said in respect of fellow members. There are current Standards Complaints outstanding against both Councillors and a purported investigation by the Labour Party. The words used are completely accurate as you will note from the WhatsApp feed and it is important for everyone, and particularly women, to be constantly reminded of the vile and perverted views towards them of this pair. If Eling doesn't like it - tough - he should never, with Marshall, have denigrated women is that foul manner. It is noteworthy that Eling and Marshall's immediate reaction was to lie about the authenticity of the WhatsApp feed and that they were duly exposed. They have not expressed a scintilla of remorse to the victims of their hate campaign nor made any sort of apology. That is a very good reason to continue to remind the public of the sort of men they are.

Stop trying to bully me and to censor free speech and do your highly-paid job.

Julian Saunders



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