Sunday, 11 March 2018

Councillor E - False Statement!

Regular readers will know all about the police debacle. It is bad enough to have to face hours of interrogation due to politically-motivated, vindictive and spurious allegations by Sandwell Labour Councillors (accepted as gospel by their friends in WMP) but things get really problematic when this lot simply make stuff up.

Back in October, 2017 I prepared a leaflet following revelations about the huge number of child abuse complaints in Sandwell (at a time when Labour's Children's Services were failing and repeatedly being rated "inadequate" by Ofsted). A small demo was planned outside Oldbury Council House before the full Council Meeting on 17th October, 2017.

I went to Wednesbury on 14th October, 2017 to hand some leaflets out and was assisted by local activist Darryl Magher. We only had 95 leaflets but local folk were very receptive and we got rid of the lot in 17 minutes. Sick, paranoid, Labour knew this session was to take place and Darryl and I were observed throughout the exercise by no less than SIX street wardens at taxpayers' expense. Wednesbury's answer to Ernest Saunders, Maggie Dorsett, came to watch on behalf of the sinister "Party".

All this was contemporaneously recorded on the @CrowMultimedia Twitter account:

This is the one and only time that I have distributed leaflets in Wednesbury (though it now certainly won't be the last - watch this space.....)

Yet when undergoing police interrogation I was handed a wholly different leaflet about a completely different subject and told that Councillor E says that I was in Wednesbury on an unspecified date handing it out to folk and that it was defamatory of him/her. (Not that he/she ever contacted me about this - perhaps because it wasn't, er, true!) No doubt the WMP "complex crime unit" can get their star witness - who is very closely connected to them - to narrow down the alleged date of all this and check the town's CCTV which will show this is all, er, completely untrue.

There are reasons why Councillor E wishes me harm but providing blatantly false statements to the rozzers is a new low. Malicious prosecution anyone?


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