Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Peter Farrow and Me....

I received an insulting and patronising email today from one Peter Farrow who styles himself as the "Audit Services and Risk Management Manager" "lol" of corrupt Labour Sandwell (aka "Sadwell) Council". He wrote:

"I am aware that you have raised, and continue to raise a number of concerns both directly with the council and through social media, a number of which appear to be based upon a limited amount of information (the accuracy and source of which is not always clear) and what appears to be a mix of your own interpretation of events, rumour and speculation. This does make it difficult to both understand and address real issues that may exist."

I wrote back explaining that I did a considerable amount of research but was hampered by the fact that Jan Britton's bent paid service routinely conceal evidence from the public (and possibly even from the police.)

I have looked at Farrow's LinkedIn profile and he seems to wear many hats which might explain -before he starts lecturing people - how he has seemingly managed to miss all the fraud and corruption of recent years. (I am assuming he has not been an active participant in the wrongdoing at this stage.)

And so Farrow and his team missed all the matters subject to the Wragge Report so that the legal costs associated just with the publication of that has cost us taxpayers around quarter of a million pounds.

His team missed the fiddle involving the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, and Mohammed Rouf whereby Cooper ordered the plot of at Florence Road, Smethwick to be removed from auction and sold to one of Rouf's sons. It was then subjected to bids and sold, amazingly, to another of Rouf's sons.

He missed huge problems with commercial leases. His office is in Providence Place, West Bromwich which was another Labour disaster whilst he has been in post which has cost local people dear [see posts passim].

He has missed other matters not included in the Wragge Report eg long-standing alleged fraud in the Parks Department (over-ordering of stock then sold off by employees) culminating in the Rowley debacle.

Incredibly, there was a £15m (yes that is fifteen million pounds) "hole" in the bent Council's published audited accounts over SEVERAL YEARS! Farrow's team allegedly didn't notice!!!!!

Labour entered into the disastrous BT contract during his tenure - again costing the poor people of the benighted Borough many millions.

Farrow has been in situ during the Lion Farm "deal". The list just goes on and on but this joker has the brass neck to write emails like that above.

Anyway, here is an open letter to him to give him something more substantial to do with his time tomorrow morning....

Dear Mr Farrow,

I cannot send you copies of emails relating to this matter as I do not physically have them but I have seen some with my own eyes and they cause very considerable concern.

May I respectfully suggest that you and your team take a look at email traffic between Cllr Richard Marshall, Max Cookson, Ajman Ali and Tony Potter with regard to the award of certain SMBC contracts to a third party who has suddenly found favour with Labour SMBC.

If you take a look at Cllr Richard Marshall's current list of Facebook friends the penny should drop though I am sure that, as ever, with SMBC during your tenure all is totally above board ("lol").

I should just say that I wrote to SMBC employee xxxxxxx regarding this matter. I feel sure that he will not have tampered with the records in anyway but that if anything is amiss the "Complex Crime Unit" of West Midlands Police will, no doubt, be only happy to look into the matter.

Yours faithfully,

Julian Saunders


07930 361831

Facebook:  Julian Saunders             Email:  thesandwellskidder@gmail.com


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