Wednesday, 11 April 2018

More B*llocks From Bob Piper!

It is that time of year again when the moronic prats who live in Abbey Ward elect a Labour Councillor again. They already have the anonymous Ann Jaron "representing" "lol" them and, of course, the ridiculous "leader" of the corrupt Labour Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling. Eling has now sold his bosom buddy "Cllr" Richard Marshall down the river in an effort to save his own skin and is hoping that another Labour clean sweep in Sadders will save his leadership [sic] following his involvement in the Sp*nkgate affair and his abject failure to spot any of the fraud within SMBC despite his many years in the joke Cabinet and as Deputy Leader.

And then, of course, there is class comedian [sic] Bob Piper. He is a curious man. Wealthy and quite intelligent he is a strangely needy individual. He purports to be of independent mien but then clings to deadbeats like Eling and Marshall as a small child clings to a comfort blanket. Similarly he now metaphorically ejaculates at the mere mention of the words "Jeremy Corbyn" and slavishly supports every utterance of that economic imbecile and friend of terrorism.

(Not so long ago the fanatically anti-Zionist Piper - which must be interesting when he meets Spellar - took to social media to demand that Israel give up the Golan Heights but, for once, he fell strangely silent when I asked him who he wanted to return them to?! Presumably Jezza's mate, and all-round nice guy, President Assad of Syria (see pic) whose regime is still being propped up my Corbyn's other friends, the terrorist group Hezbollah "lol"! Labour - #forthemanybutnotthejew.)

We have seen how the pathetic also-rans of Sandwell Labour Group have closed their eyes to corruption insisting that they know nothing of what has been going on and only deal with their own wards. Thus as the Lion Farm scandal has come to the fore many of the comrades have simply shrugged their shoulders and said - to my face - that they don't care if there has been fraud as long as it hasn't been on their patch. An extraordinary state of affairs which local voters should heed (but won't.)

Many of these clowns just hoover up their allowances and remain invisible until they timidly come out of their burrows at election time. And Bob has even ventured outside his ward to make comments on "The Oldbury Page" Facebook Group about Lion Farm:

Piper claiming innocence and that "no decision has been made" is total bullsh*t and he knows it as he has been a part of the decision-making process!

We saw in other posts that Cllrs Hussain and Hackett approved the scandalous deal for an option to be given to Hussain's property developer friend in approximately 53 SECONDS back in 2012 and then the Cabinet approved this a couple of minutes in 2013. This whole bent deal is being hidden under the b*llocks title of "Junction 2 Regeneration." The Hussain/Hackett minutes came before the full Council in item 9 of the agenda on 8th January, 2013 and one Cllr Bob Piper was present and waived it through without objection. The Cabinet minutes then came to the next Council meeting on 5th March, 2013 when a certain Cllr Bob Piper again waived the deal through without comment or objection. And so he was fully au fait with the option being granted and cannot possibly - truthfully- say that "no decision has been made" when he approved the, er, decision......

We have seen that one of Tom Watson's puppets in the venal Council's Labour Cabinet, Cllr Paul Moore, is now trying to push the destruction of Lion Farm Fields through again. Last November Cabinet approved an extension of the option to the same developer - again deliberately locking out any competition. To be fair to Piper, he missed the full Council meeting when the sleazy socialists nodded the Cabinet decision through (even though I had warned a large number to Councillors that this was a bent deal before the actual meeting and, as above, many said they simply didn't care). But the truth is that a "decision" was most definitely made by the Cabinet in November and confirmed by the full Council in January so Piper is misleading folk once again, either deliberately of through ineptitude.

(What are the terms of the option Piper and why won't Britton's bent paid service answer the outstanding FOI?)

In the last Council year Piper - who is not short of dosh anyway - only picked up allowances of £15,876 (£305.31 a week) from us taxpayers and so on that sort of sh*t money I suppose we cannot realistically expect him to read the Council papers for a meeting he inexplicably couldn't attend can we eh readers?

Piper is supposed to be on the Audit Committee which has singularly failed to shine a light on much of Hussain's dealings, the Rouf Scandal, Bawa's involvement in a suspicious CPO deal and Rowley's involvement in the sale of Council (ie our) property. Such has been the failure to act that Rouf and Bawa are candidates for Labour in the May election! This is Eling and Co putting two fingers up to Sandwell Folk and adding insult to injury.

More on Moore!

Watson's glove puppet, Moore is, as above, leading the bid to shaft Lion Farm folk and local sports teams. He is up for election himself in May and the Council is supposed to be in "purdah" pending the election but, bizarrely, two Council officers were buying him lunch in Wetherspoons, Oldbury yesterday lunchtime! We have seen the unhealthy relationship between Councillors and staff on numerous occasions but this takes the Wetherspoons cream cheese-filled bagel!

I wrote to Moore and the Council's pathetic "Chief Executive" Jan Britton yesterday. Here is the email but I have had no reply as yet:

"Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018, 13:51
Subject: Lunch today
To: Paul Moore <>
Cc: Jan Britton <>

Dear Cllr Moore,


You had lunch today at The Court of Requests paid for by an employee of SMBC. Another employee was present.

What was the purpose of the lunch during Purdah and when you are standing for election."


An interesting story that a WM Police Inspector who has featured in this blog enjoys drinking with one of the pawnbroker family who have donated money to vicious bully Tom Watson MP. It's an incestuous world up Sandwell way....


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