Wednesday, 12 September 2018

C*cksuckers Put Boot In!

I am naturally rather circumspect in the current climate of using my usual nomenclature for The Express and Star "newspaper" but hey ho....

The Wolverhampton C*cksuckers have done a piece on my trial but linked it to a report of a Twitter spat with the late Darren "Dickhead Daz" Cooper from 2015!

Here is my email to the Editor tonight:

"I have seen your article tonight entitled "Sandwell Blogger to stand trial for 'harassing' council boss."

I appreciate that you are a propaganda machine for Sandwell Council and hate my guts by your piece is low even by your "standards" and intended to blacken my character and prejudice my trial. I would respectfully remind you that I am sixty year old and have never even had a parking ticket.

In the opening paragraph you state that I allegedly used "insulting words" whereas the prosecution has been brought solely in relation to one word.

You then drag up an allegation of harassment via Twitter from 2015 involving Sandwell super-liar, Darren Cooper deceased. This is a deliberate attempt to smear me. You have failed to mention that Cooper's own account Twitter account was suspended even though you reported on it yourselves! You failed to mention that Sandwell Council staff were permitted to help Cooper send two letters to my wife's then employers seeking to have her sacked. You failed to mention that Cooper had me covertly photographed on two occasions and used the products to harass me on social media. You failed to mention that Cooper was at the heart of a trolling campaign assisted by Andrew Hipkiss and others harassing me and my wife for many months. Twitter closed down some 16 (sixteen) trolling accounts operated by Cooper and Co. (Incidentally, pop along to my trial for some more on this). You can see some of this on the blog "Darren Cooper's Troll Legacy" - a work in progress at Happily the trolling stopped the night Cooper died in what many Labour councillors in Sandwell say was a drink and drug-fuelled binge.

You failed to mention that Cooper was interviewed at Steelhouse Lane Police Station in Birmingham in respect of harassment or that Jan Britton used taxpayers' money to have him ferried there and back in the Mayor's chauffeur-driven limousine and provided a Sandwell Council Solicitor to represent him. I could go on and on and on and on.....

My present case has nothing to do with Cooper or Twitter so your article is intended to prejudice my trial. I am sending a copy of this email to West Midlands Police.

Incidentally, you too had me covertly photographed yesterday by a cameraman using a long lens from across the street. If you want a photo simply ask or I can supply one for you.

I note that you have not said anything in the report of the District Judge's comments yesterday on the nature of the prosecution.

Julian Saunders"

Strangely I have been on the receiving end of other vile calumny this week but from an unexpected source! The left-wing Skwawkbox has been doing an excellent job in skewering the lies of bent Sandwell's Labour Leader [sic] Steve "E-lying" Eling - yes, The Milkman himself! Once again bloggers are leading the way in exposing Sandwell whereas the Wolvo C*cksuckers and their ilk do nowt.

I would urge you to read the two pieces on Eling so far this week (and the links are below) but in the first they accused me of being right-wing and, even worse, a supporter of UKIP! Following complaint they have edited the piece! (Here is a picture of my house which gives a visual clue that I might not be a Kipper "lol"!)

Thanks so much for the donations today - one particularly generous one! Here are the Skwawkbox links about Cllr E-lying:


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