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Eling Asks Spellar To Suborn CPS!

Yesterday The Times Newspaper reported Steve "Squealing" Eling's crazed campaign to have me arrested for, er, telling the truth about Sandwell Council. The beleagured Labour "Leader" of corrupt Sandwell Council mostly used Sandwell Council staff and systems to run his political and personal  hate campaign with the full knowledge (and, we must assume, connivance) of Jan Britton, the head of the Council's bent paid service.

The Times reported how Eling bombarded a puppet in the local police force, Ch Supt Richard Baker, with hysterical emails screaming for the police to take action against me. Baker did reprimand him but then actions speak louder than words and Baker's team subsequently called me in yet again for the deeply unpleasant experience of interview under caution just for this tweet:

As The Times reported, Baker had written to The Squealer asking him not to keep wasting police time and that West Midlands Police (who enjoy a sinister and corrupt relationship with the Labour Council) would not consider further allegations "unless a criminal threshold was met". So much for words (and to be fair to the Chief Super the desire by WMP to shaft me may go further up the line to higher authority so that he was only "obeying orders") since Baker's team then delegated precious taxpayers' resources to investigate the above tweet! Notwithstanding the clear meaning of the Tweet which  - Eling must have been aware of noting revelations on the splendid Skwawkbox website and elsewhere - ie that the Labour Party were taking an active interest in his venomous antics, Baker assigned a Detective Sergeant to "investigate" this complete bollocks! The squirming Squealer had said that the words "Eling can run but he can't hide" constituted a threat of violence!!!!!!

Instead of laughing in his face, Baker's team hauled me in again for an interview under caution! Not only was this a spectacular waste of police time and resources (tacitly accepted by the DS in private after the interview) us taxpayers also had to pay for me to have a solicitor present! So Mr Baker does not seem to have heeded his own advice.

I am up for trial next Monday at Dudley Magistrates' Court for alleged use of a single swearword at Jan Britton. Please come along at 10am  and watch this charade (and join us for a drink in The Lamp Tavern afterwards!)

I cannot say much about this but since November I have asked the CPS to make disclosure of Eling's emails to Baker and others on the basis that they are likely to show (a) that there has been a concerted campaign by SMBC to criminalise me and (b) that the complaint, Jan Britton, was deeply involved in every aspect of this. (There is further evidence of contact between Britton and WMP but that is sub judice and must wait until after the trial for publication).

The CPS have, to date, failed to make disclosure to me. Happily a West Midlands Police source has provided some of the information and it does indeed show what was suspected. This is clearly material to me getting a fair trial and we shall see what the CPS present this week.

But it gets worse since there is now a question whether the CPS were also directly involved in the conspiracy to criminalise me!

On 26th January, 2018 Squealing Eling appeared on BBC local radio and made allegations that he and his wife (a prominent figure in Sandwell Labour affairs) were being “criminally harassed”. Many people understood him to be referring to me and this blog with this wild and untrue allegation.

I duly wrote this email to the BBC to protect my interests: 

“Date: 27 January 2018 at 12:04:39 GMT To: Cc: Steven Eling <steve_eling@yxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: Urgent Legal Notice

On 26th January, 2018 on the Alex Lester Show you 
broadcast an interview with Cllr Steve Eling in which he referred to unspecified persons being guilty of the criminal harassment of him and his wife via social media etc. 
In the past 24 hours I have had numerous contacts from people who have drawn the inference from those comments that the "guilty" person is me. 
This is libellous and I reserve my position pending further legal advice. 
The BBC is hereby on notice to desist from re-broadcasting the libellous remarks. 
I hope BBCWM will give me a right of reply. 
It has come to my attention that Cllr Eling (who is being copied into this notice) is to appear of the Sunday Politics programme. The BBC is on notice that should he repeat his libellous allegations that legal action will commence against him AND the BBC without further recourse.”

I copied this to Eling's personal email which he had given me when he was trying to use me to shaft  Labour Cllrs Hussain, and Ian Jones plus Adrian Bailey MP and others. Eling immediately forwarded the email to his puppet, Baker, and also to another high-ranking WMP officer, Superintendent Richard Youds (what his involvement is in all this is currently unclear). 

Eling was obviously on pally first-name terms with these senior officers since rather than write to them as "two dicks" he bizarrely addressed them as "Richards" (plural). BUT, and here's the rub, he also tried to involve right-wing Labour MP John Spellar in this conspiracy. He is clearly trying to put pressure on the WMP officers by making sure they knew an MP might come breathing down their necks and his last sentence seems to clearly show he was asking Spellar to suborn the CPS:

"From: Steven Eling <steve_eling@xxxxx

 Sent: 27 January 2018 12:57 To: Richard Baker; Richard Youds; John Spellar 

Cc: Subject: Fwd: Urgent Legal Notice - criminal intimidation by Saunders 

Richards / Rt Hon John Spellar MP 

I have been sent the e-mail below, which I regard as criminal intimidation with a view to pervert the course of justice. It is clearly attempting to prevent me from stating something that is fact. 
I might add that I did not mention his name, only that there has been criminal harassment of my wife and I, which I have reported to police. I cannot be held responsible for other people concluding that it is him, or for him identifying himself as the culprit. 
I need to be able to go about my business without facing this sort of menace. 
Please accept this as a report of a criminal offence of intimidation with a view to perverting the course of justice. 
John, I would hope that the CPS would be inclined to prosecute this as a meter of urgency. 

Sent from my iPad"

[There followed my email to the BBC set out above].

Let's take a look at this:

1 Presumably because I sent this to Eling via his personal email  and he used the "forward" button this is a rare example of him not using his official SMBC account to contact his police puppets although it was sent via his iPad which, unless he has two, means he has used SMBC taxpayer-funded equipment to pursue his politically-motivated vendetta.

2 He copied in Jan Britton. So the complainant in my case on 14th January, 2019 was directly aware on 27th January, 2018 that his political master was trying to exert undue influence not just on WMP but also directly on the CPS to criminalise me. (Note that this email was also two days after SMBC under Britton officially wrote to me saying they were going to shut me up once and for all).

3 This is highly libellous and constitutes harassment OF ME and I am seeking appropriate legal advice.

4  Spellar is referred to by a prosecution witness in my forthcoming trial.


The Police and CPS have deliberately prevented me from seeing that this was copied into Spellar and Jan Britton and that Eling was trying to influence the CPS.

In passing, note that Squealer refers to Spellar as "The Rt Hon" to impress his police chums whereas his wife, Pam Pulsford, slagged Spellar off as a right-winger when also abusing other "comrades" lol:

Even the non-lawyers amongst my dear readers must be wondering how I can possibly get a fair trial now - and certainly not in the West Midlands!

You might imagine that a Labour MP would be concerned about all this shocking stuff (assuming he did not take Eling's bait and be foolish enough to contact the CPS) but I wrote to Spellar via all three of his public email addresses on 3rd January. He hasn't condescended to respond even though I stressed the urgency of the situation noting my pending trial. Here is the email (copied to Ch Super Baker) which he has not yet answered:

"From: Vincent Alexandervich <>
Date: Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 8:33 AM
Subject: Urgent - Crown Prosecution Service
To: <>
Cc: <john.spellar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <>, Richard Baker <xxxxx baker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


It has come to my attention that Cllr Eling of Sandwell Council wrote to you on 27th January, 2017 (copying in Ch Supt Richard Baker and Superintendent Richard Youds of WMP and Jan Britton of SMBC) encouraging you to contact the CPS to encourage them to prosecute me (two days after James Morris's Adjournment debate).

Did you, in fact, contact the CPS about me at this or, indeed, any other time?

I am sending this to the CPS by letter. Given my forthcoming trial on 14/01/18 your immediate response would be appreciated."

So did Spellar (shown below with one of his quotes about Labour lefties) attempt to suborn the CPS? I think we should be told folks - don't you?

(There is more to come folks - hold on to your hats.....)


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