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The Cooper/Britton years were notorious for poor governance (and worse) and one of the hallmarks was no or no adequate consultation on important issues - often, under Britton's administrative "leadership" "lol", also illegally - see, for example, the judgment of Mr Justice Hickinbottom in his damning demolition of the Cooper/Britton fiasco in the CTB disaster (posts passim).

I have recently discerned a small bats squeak of sanity finally returning under the new leader, Steve Eling, and so it is very disappointing to note that Britton and Co are back to their old tricks. Sadwell's enormously over-staffed and costly (over half a million quid a year to tweet incessantly about dog sh*t) "Communications Department" sent out a notice about a very important consultation event AT The Kremlin TOMORROW on a matter of considerable importance but only on 25th July so that you might have missed it. I have been asked by local residents to publicise this and am happy to do so. Please use social media etc to get the message out.

Eling hasn't got the balls (yet) to deliver the coup de grace to the dismal "Chief Executive" but he also needs to consider cutting Cooper's ridiculously bloated propaganda department and using some of the cash to help these unfortunate people. That's what Labour is supposed to be about isn't it? Councillor - you also need to ensure that Britton and Co do not treat people with such vile contempt with ridiculously short notice for a matter of major concern to a number of vulnerable individuals and their families!

News Release

PR 13484
25 July 2016


Sandwell people are being asked for their views on proposals for the future of Fountain Court, a Smethwick care home which supports 16 people with dementia.
A report to the council’s cabinet says that there are three options for the home – keep the unit  operating as it is now, relocate the service to another provider or to relocate residents to other homes.
People have until Tuesday 16 August to give their views under the consultation which will also include discussions with staff, residents and families.

Anyone wanting to make their views known about Fountain Court, can:
* complete the on-line survey at by Tuesday 16 August.

* email:

* attend a consultation event on Monday 1 August at Sandwell Council Chamber, Sandwell Council House, Oldbury from 10am-12noon.

The council is also asking residents for their views on alternative options for the future delivery of day services for older people at two of the council's extra-care-sheltered housing schemes - Holly Grange in Smethwick and Manifoldia Grange in West Bromwich.

The schemes provide a planned programme of activities and social interaction designed to promote well-being for people aged 55 and over.

The options are for the service to remain the same or to be transferred to another provider.

Anyone wanting to make their views known about delivering the day services, can:
* complete the on-line survey at by Tuesday 16 August.

* email:

* attend a consultation event on Monday 1 August at Sandwell Council Chamber, Sandwell Council House, Oldbury from 10am-12noon.

Anyone who wants to give their views but is unable to attend the consultation event can call 0121 569 5737.


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Friday, 29 July 2016

LOOK at Labour's Money-Wasting Mayoral W*nkers

I have commented before on allegedly cash-strapped Sandwell Labour Council running two chauffeur-driven limos - mostly about the egomaniacal former "leader's" use of them. Remember when he had to visit a police station in Birmingham to be interviewed on a personal matter folks and Jan Britton laid on the a limo for him at our expense?!

At the last Council meeting both limos were parked up with chauffeurs at 5.30pm and one of the drivers explained that they were waiting to take the Mayor and Deputy Mayor home "as was usual on these occasions".

Unusually the meeting was a long one not finishing until nearly 7.30 so that the two chauffeurs were standing-by for two hours at our expense.

(Of course, the office of Mayor of Sandwell has been smeared with excrement enough in recent times by the likes of Rowley (who threatened to kick me "in the bollocks" that evening - caught on film) and Linda Horton - forever tainted by the Cashmore scandal.)

I was attempting to get some live reaction from the drones as they filed out via a first attempt at "Periscope" with mixed results but if you ARE able to open the following link you will see that The Mayor and Deputy came out but eschewed one of the vehicles to travel off together (let's just hope they weren't off to Darlaston eh, Cllr D. Hosell?). And so dear taxpayers we paid for one car and driver to park outside the Oldbury Kremlin only to drive off without anyone on board. Yet more Sandwell "Socialism" from the w*nkers!

(I haven't quite got to grips with Periscope yet but if you look up VincentAlexandervich on there you should also be able to see some of the other rather jumpy films from the night and if you listen carefully you will hear the Rowley threat!)


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Melanie Dudley's Bonanza via Late Stiff!

If you think things cannot become anymore bizarre in Jan Britton's Sandwell Circus prepare yourself to be amazed.....

Some background for the benefit of newer readers:

1.  The corrupt Labour regime in "Sadwell" have been assiduous in appointing people of low talent/cronies/Labour supporters/those prepared to look away etc so as to ensure a "no questions asked" policy from staff. Talent has been got rid of in mass redundancies.

2.  Hussain and Cooper deliberately hired low calibre people for the top jobs at Sandwell so as to accrue greater power to themselves (see many past posts). The recent "top team" of Britton, Dudley, and Sharma (plus Bubalo and the likes of Scarrott) have presided over one disaster after another (BT/Providence Place. Children's Services, allegations of bullying) plus widespread corruption in respect of council house allocations, land sales etc etc ad nauseum..... These people have been very highly-paid to exercise this level of incompetence and to either turn the Nelsonian blind eye or to do as they are told - as with The Public. Perhaps they are also genuinely too incompetent themselves to actually DO what they are paid for?

3.  A number of senior staff have been "let go" with huge payments of our, taxpayers', money having also signed confidentiality agreements to prevent them whistleblowing. These deals are kept secret and are immune in individual cases from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. All very cosy! There have been a number of these very expensive deals agreed under the Jan Britton - the joke "Chief Executive's" - regime and we need to know why and how much has been spent? Of course, the top management approve these shoddy transactions in the hope that they will also receive favourable deals above and beyond their contractual rights when they themselves depart....

Let us look generally at point 3 above. I am not au fait with the details of local government contracts but I am sure there must be a clause therein insisting on confidentiality in any event. There is always a degree of uncertainty with such clauses as to what happens when someone leaves. If this cannot be dealt with by current local government legislation and/or better drawing-up of contractual terms then the law needs to be changed (and, incidentally, I am sending a copy of this post to the new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government in the hope that he will intervene in the bent deal set out below as well as looking at the wider payments by Sandwell).

If any of us get a job there are generally only a limited number of ways we can leave it. We might be dismissed which, if done fairly, leads to almost no compensation. We might leave of our own accord -  perhaps to a new job - again without compensation. If we have been in the job for sometime we might be made redundant. This is slightly more complicated since redundancy should not be used as an "excuse" to get rid of someone but is used to remove an actual job or post eg when a firm closes down or a council sheds costs due to restructuring. Finally there is retirement.

Generally speaking, council workers have much better contractual rights in a redundancy situation than other mere mortals and sometimes enjoy enhanced payments through voluntary redundancy schemes, early retirement etc. It is difficult, therefore, to see why it is in the public interest for us taxpayers to fork out yet further sums on top (which are then kept secret from us) and, again, I am asking the Secretary of State to look at this.

The pathetic Britton is supposed to be running the Council and only receives a package of £157k a year to do this. As the recent limited Wragge Report pointed out (after The Skidder had been banging on about it incessantly for two years) he has failed to do so as the top political leadership [sic] tried to run the show. Now this might just about be alright in a democracy with a leader such as a (wartime) Churchill or a Clement Attlee but when the leader is a yampy thick little c*nt like Cooper (on Hussain's strings) then things can only go downhill. Wragges reported that the politicians [sic] had taken power and clearly Britton was happy to permit this (we have seen previously how he has permitted lies in Council minutes, documents and FOI's to remain unamended, gave Hussain and Cooper "access all areas" security passes so that they could interfere with employees on a daily basis and permitted them to try and negotiate contracts and bent deals eg the ice rink). We saw in this blog how Hussain saw fit to offer inducements to my own wife from taxpayers money without recourse to top management.

There is also the question of who approves the deal if the political masters decide upon it and even if proper procedure has been ignored? We have seen how Dudley, Sharma and Bubalo nodded the bent Public deal through by signing documents which it seems incredible they did not know to be false or, in a more charitable view, simply failed and were reckless in checking whether the statements were true or not. Hardly a ringing endorsement of their competence at best!

But surely Britton must at least have been involved in contracts involving his own staff? Mustn't he......???????

Let me take you back, if  I may, to November 2014. Dickhead Darren Cooper wanted to get rid of Britton's then second in command, John Garrett but being the bullying coward he was he couldn't take John on head to head. Thus a plan was formed for the top five management posts to be reduced from five to four. This is all for public view in the Cabinet minutes. The "interviews" were set for 3rd December, 2014 but a senior source confirmed that Garrett was a goner and it was well known that Melanie Dudley was, for some inexplicable reason given her track record, to be promoted and given extra responsibilities at a time when, so it was alleged, Sandwell faced an existential threat from "Tory cuts" (but whilst Labour continued to borrow and spend like drunken sailors). I was able to put this on social media two weeks before the interviews on 17th November, 2014.

I also posted here on 1st December, 2014 how one particular female candidate and groveller was so well-suited for promotion:

Whether all this prompted the deranged Darren to play the big man or not I cannot say but, as with everything "Sadim" Cooper touched, it went horribly wrong. Long-term Finance Officer Stuart Kellas, who was meant to be staying on, was also axed amid recriminations. Garrett went too. It is said that cash deals were done although one of them is said not to have signed the usual confidentiality agreements.

Thus Britton with his thin CV and poor track record kept the top job, Melanie Dudley was appointed to number two and the abysmal Sharma became number three (she, of course, had a dire record with Walsall Council but was taken on and highly paid by Sandwell Labour until she was once again exposed and hammered in an official report). She has finally been axed. I hear rumours that this is said to be "retirement" but, despite that and her appalling incompetence, she too has allegedly run-off with a large bag of our cash to help her along the way!

No doubt I will be accused of sexism if I say anything about Mel but here goes. SMBC's answer to Imelda Marcos is apparently attractive to some men and on the few occasions I have met her she has been all coyly "girly" and charming. She does get this "way" spectacularly wrong though as she once spent 15 minutes at the Kremlin cooing and fluttering her eyelashes at my old friend Bob Woods whilst seemingly unaware that he is a gay as a Mexican tablecloth! More importantly, however, is that she has also been involved in all the spectacular mismanagement during the crazed Cooper era and is unpopular with the staff if those I speak to are to be believed. She also told myself and Bob a couple a years ago that she was moving from her posh Sutton Coldfield address to live nearer the Great Helmsman in the socialist paradise of Sadwell but I have yet to trace any evidence of her doing so.....

The very highly-paid Dudley will be 55 in May, 2017 and may be able to claim her substantial Council pension at that date. But she only got the latest job in December, 2014 and the useless Britton can't last much longer under the new regime.... But yes, leaked documents show that she has chosen to leave of her own accord in early 2017 BUT DESPITE THIS ARRANGED A MASSIVE PAY-OFF WITH COOPER BEFORE HE DIED!!!! So just over 12 months after getting the job Mel can do a bit of eyelash fluttering at the libidinous Cooper and agree to bugger off nearly a year later with a shed load of our hard-earned! NO WAY BRITTON!

A leaked Council document reads:

"The Assistant Chief Executive, Melanie Dudley, has also made a mutual agreement to leave the council's employment in February next year. This was agreed by the previous Leader of the Council, Cllr Darren Cooper."

Cooper died in March. What legal power did he have to make legally-binding agreements with anyone anyway? That is for the Borough of Sandwell not the imbecilic former "leader". This is now being put out as a done deal by Britton so where has this nonsense been "agreed"? Show us the documents which were presumably in existence before Cooper croaked? This deal is "ultra vires" the power of even the Great Helmsman and must be rescinded forthwith. As above, I am asking the Secretary of State to intervene here if the new, "apparently" more sensible, regime under Steve Eling won't.

I wrote to Melanie Dudley about this on Monday. Here is the email (copied in to Britton) but I have had no response to date:

Hi Melanie,


Can you please tell Skidder readers about the termination agreement you allegedly cooked up with Cooper. What legal authority did Cooper have to make such an offer? Does your contract of employment allow for additional payments of taxpayers' money to you? Is a confidentiality clause involved? Was Britton involved in any of this.

You should know I will be writing to the Secretary of State about this shocking "deal" in the hope he will intervene to block it.

Best wishes,

AND FINALLY - the Wragge Report singled out Cooper and Hussain's big mate, Dave Willetts, for mention when considering whether Sandwell could recover any monies lost through the bent land deals. (Britton was aware a very long time ago that Willetts lied to me in an FOI reply about the bogs but took no disciplinary action against him at that stage - nor of course, against Hussain's son). Of course, the disastrously inept/deliberately corrupt police enquiry has not helped here either since if there had been successful prosecutions then confiscatory/compensation orders could have been made. Further, the police had the power to crack open the confidentiality agreements Britton permits to protect his shambolic outfit so often as they only apply in civil law. Who knows what information would have come tumbling out if the police had interviewed key witnesses but, of course, the cowards in blue wanted to protect their mates so didn't bother.

We still do not know the circumstances of Willetts' departure from the Council and his statements to Wragge's (with his solicitor present) are confusing and do not appear to be wholly correct as recorded by Wragges. We do not yet know whether HE received a pay-off from SMBC though they have scapegoated him (excluding the really guilty parties higher up) and even suggested to the Express and Star that they might attempt to get some money back from his pension payments (highly unlikely in the legal circumstances)! Did they pay him off? Or did someone else? There are people around Oldbury who have done very well out of the Cooper/Britton regime at the expense of the taxpayer and who might be very pleased to protect their interests by buying silence. Come on Willetts we know you were only doing what you were told to do - man up and tell us what you really know!

(Of course, jailed Labour Sandwell Councillor Niwaz was widely rumoured not to but to have acted alone with his fraudulent activity so there is a precedent here for others in Sandwell "carrying the can".)

This blog has, for over two years disclosed much wrongdoing and corruption on Britton's watch. There were at least four very highly-paid people at the top who simply let all this happen and are culpable. Steve Eling, the new leader, should have sacked them on day one without anything other than their contractual entitlements. Indeed, lawyers and accountants should then have been brought in to investigate compensation claims against the wealthy four - not against minor people like Willetts. Any court cases for unfair dismissal should have been vigorously contested and the truth exposed. Yes this would have involved public money but the vile cancer of the Cooper/Britton regime has to be cut-out once and for all.


Sharma has already been paid off and Dudley appears next in line. Steve Eling and Secretary of State - this just HAS TO STOP.


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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Britton F*cks-up Again! Parks Latest!

A curious bout of trade union-advised "sickness" has broken out in the Parks Department of Jan Britton's dismal "Sadwell" Council as yet another scandal breaks under his alleged "leadership".

Regular readers will know that this blog raised an enquiry why a Tipton resident, Tom Arnold, was offering SMBC-owned buildings for sale via his facebook page:

Then allegations were received that persons unknown connected with the Parks Department and the Council had also been involved in selling off what was said to be scrap metal (including, allegedly, even such things as old rugby posts etc). More evidence appeared relating to the sale of four shipping containers owned by us taxpayers:

A poor quality picture shows an obese male by one of them:

West Midlands Police were informed but, as we know, corrupt elements therein turn a Nelsonian blind eye to matters connected to "Sadwell" Labour:

However, I am delighted to say that some sort of investigation is now under way (although this might be Council only) involving a number of individuals and more allegations are following thick and fast including that person or persons unknown have used taxpayers' money to vastly over-order supplies, including plants, for Parks and privately flogged off the surplus to line their pockets for a significant period of time.

We are now finding out that Labour's Hussain and/or his cronies employed low quality staff at high pay who would be likely to do their bidding without too many awkward questions. Thus Neeraj Sharma was employed despite being slated in a report about her pathetic "performance" at Walsall Council and Jan Britton was promoted to the top job of a significantly-sized authority despite having a very thin CV and no obvious talent:

Sharma is now toast following the Wragge Report but, in true Sadwell fashion, she is going with a large pay-off of our money to buy her silence. This has got to stop!

Britton has presided over widespread cock-up and corruption but new Leader, Steve Eling, has yet to sack him (only a matter of time.....). 

Another factor at play here is the whole way this deeply dysfunctional Council has been run under Cooper and the pusillanimous Britton. In so far as thick scum Cooper had a "doctrine" it was that each of the six towns of Sadders should be treated more or less the same. To that end he let local councillors run the show in their areas - Hussain in Oldbury, the Jones's & associates in Wednesbury etc.  His crazed policy was that each town should have the same benefits whether economically viable or not - hence, for example the colossal expenditure on brand new sports centres despite cuts elsewhere.

The women-bullying thug also bragged (surely not? Ed) that each town had a "green flag park" and to that end he and his Labour comrades ordered the massacre of geese in those parks because Dickhead Daz didn't like them sh*tting about the place. All this has been brilliantly exposed by Ian Carroll who continues to battle to save the geese from further socialist slaughter.

The stories about the Parks Department being run as a personal fiefdom have circulated for years. But individuals therein were personally close to Cooper and so it was no business of Britton to poke his nose in. He has f"cked-up in so many areas but, as you will see above, he claims to have had Parks experience in his low-grade career! But as ever, this lily-livered creep couldn't see what was going on there (and that is the most charitable view) or did as Daz told him and simply abdicated all responsibility despite his substantial pay from the public purse to do a job of work!

Of course, Parks themselves then let the fireworks accident unfold at Brunswick Park and now evidence of widespread fraud is emerging. 

I am making no allegation about any individual but after time off for "stress" since my initial allegations Mr John Satchwell Senior has left SMBC.! We need to know from Britton why and whether he too has had a pay-off although it is clear that Britton must - if not sacked soon anyway - be kept away from any further investigations which must be independent. I am also sending this to WMP since they need to be in on this if not so, already..... We need to establish whether Satchwell is involved or not and, if not, whether he is carrying the can for more senior staff (cf Dave Willetts re Wragge Report).

(John Satchwell WAS known to be very close to another senior Labour Councillor.....)

Steve Eling - you know what to do......

STOP PRESS - can any of my Smethwick friends tell me what is going on with Rouf's (!) Midnight Pharmacy in Shireland Road?


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Friday, 1 July 2016

WMCA - The White Man's Burden!

The local spin doctors and bullsh*tters are always banging on about what a great multi-cultural, young and vibrant city Birmingham is and it seems to me to that the great ethnic diversity and youth of the wider city region (Greater Birmingham or what you will) is a strength and a cause for celebration. Unhappily, the recent Brexit referendum shows that there are a substantial number of racists, bigots and xenophobes in our midst but at least that unpleasant grouping will also find cheer in the turnout for the first meetings of the new supra-council talkshop, the West Midlands Combined Authority tra la! Yes folks, it will be all white on the night!

A couple of weeks ago the WMCA were due to hold their inaugural public meeting (and an ancillary meeting). Despite having large council chambers and the like dotted around the area this was not good good enough for the b*llshitters who needed to make a big splash commensurate with their perceived self-importance. We, the public, had this self-appointed body thrust upon us as our civic leaders rushed to suck the cock of Mr George Osborne who has done such a magnificent job for us all of late. One flash of the public cheque book (or, more accurately, maxed-out credit card) and they swooned at his feet. No referendum or other vote on this for the people, oh no. But then these clowns still have to try and sell us "the idea" and so the propaganda machine whirrs into action with the magical four-letter word beloved of these snake-oil salesmen (and it is mostly men), JOBS. We are then told that the huge costs of having yet another tier of government on top of our bloated councils (the sh*t-hole that is SANDWELL has SEVENTY TWO councillors already - many of whom are thick, unemployed, couldn't run a tap and regularly cock things up royal) together with yet another bureaucracy will, in fact, actually save us money and "be good for the local economy". And so this shower started exactly as they mean to go and hired not one but TWO halls at the mega-expensive ICC for their first beano (which, of course, used to be owned by US - the people - until it was flogged off into the hands of privateers).

The Skidder turned up to hand out some leaflets exhorting this august body to refuse accession to the "treaty" for the corrupt Labour dictatorship of Sandwell and also to desist from appointing its joke "Chief Executive", Jan Britton, as Chief Operating Officer (the leaflet I distributed is shown below the subscription to this post). I took the opportunity to publicly-ask the bizarrely-named new Duce of the WMCA, Bob "downhill all the way" Sleigh how much the shindig was costing but he replied that he didn't have that information! I feel a freedom of information request coming on, don't you readers?

If all the above is not bad enough I was genuinely shocked to discover just how overwhelmingly stuffed with white, middle-aged, bourgeois males* these meetings were. Take a look at my snaps. Yes there are a few women dotted about but a lot of them were underlings of their alpha male "superiors" and, I kid you not, were actually trailing behind them clutching files etc. Otherwise, many of the women were in fluffy PR-type roles and the like but you won't see many of them actually sitting around the top table! Oh and by the way, the vast majority of females were white too.

The meeting was so dazzlingly white I checked to see whether there was a "no blacks, no irish, no dogs" sign on the door. Yes there was a tiny sprinkling of non-whites (you might just spot the cipher Ninder Johal in one shot) but this is Birmingham/The West Midlands FFS! How on earth is this bunch in any way representative of our great diverse City region? This is an appalling state of affairs and must be rectified NOW if this already tarnished body is to have any credibility at all. As above, with the Brexit vote, we are sending out a clear message to the world - "p*ss off foreigners and non-whites. Welcome to Little Britain."

Incidentally, the whole meeting was a fiasco in any event. This was meant to be "the grand opening". I have repeatedly warned other councils in the region to beware of "Sadwell" and, of course, it was Sandwell MP, "leftie"-public school-educated John Spellar who left a turd on the luxurious carpet. He raised a last minute challenge to the new authority in Parliament and so the whole expensive Durbar went ahead without any legal standing whatsoever with all "decisions" to be ratified at yet another meeting! Our leaders still had to refer to it as "a shadow meeting" "lol". I did warn you, West Midlands!

But the bouncers are letting "Sadwell" in to drink all the booze and throw-up in the bogs and they are appointing the pathetic Britton as the new "COO". Within minutes of the meeting starting (late) our obese friend already appeared bored and started playing with his phone (he cannot usually manage one task at a time and so I doubt he was "multi-tasking"). He was then asked a question by Sleigh and couldn't answer waffling about, "to the best of my knowledge [sic]" and, "as far as I am aware [sic]" etc.

In the words of Catherine Tate's foul-mouthed Nan: "Whaaaaat a load of f*cking sh*t!"

And all together now - Sing-a-long a Skidder - "Bob Sleigh. Has only got two halls".... etc

*Declaration of interest - I too am a white, late middle-aged, bourgeois male.



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