Friday, 26 August 2016

Skidder Shorts #27 - BBC Midlands Today

Thanks to a correspondent who has solved another little mystery......

Like most of the local media organisations - the excellent Halesowen News/Adam Smith excepted - the BBC have been very reluctant to report the corruption, incompetence and cronyism at Labour Sandwell Council during the Cooper/Britton regime. People like Patrick Burns didn't want to know the truth about Cooper and closed his ears. The Smethwick Scumbag was also unlikely to get much of a grilling from the likes of ex-Express and Star Cooper fans like "journalists" Alex Homer and groveller Dan Wainwright.

Cooper arse-licker Adrian Goldberg was conflicted as, despite his blind-spot in respect of dimwitted Darren, he seems to actually be a very good journalist. He has had the balls to do some Sandwell corruption stories although has generally steered clear of direct attacks on his old mate.

Some of these pusillanimous "professionals" probably knew what would happen if they crossed Cooper and with good reason as he very quickly unleashed his troll network on Adam Smith and the Halesowen News when Adam started to do his, er, job and report what was actually going on. And of course, Cooper and his troll associates, like Unite the Union's Brian Rickers, unmercifully trolled me and, when that didn't work, started on my wife.

Happily, the BBC seem to be growing a pair. A chap called Rob Major has come on the scene and seems to be a breath of fresh air (although the BBC are obsessively risk-averse when it comes to investigative work). And a journo called Kathryn Stanczyszyn has also come onto the "Sadwell" scene. Yesterday and today this pair picked up the story first mentioned by local news service Ian Crow Multimedia on 15th August about Sport Wednesbury being barred from running sports activities in a Wednesbury Park:

(See blogposts passim about the Wednesbury Celebrates/Sport Wednesbury scandal involving Wednesbury and other local Labour councillors).

The latest aspect of this scandal was reported by them on the local BBC News website, on BBC Radio WM and via social media:

We can only hope that the BBC will finally do what us licence-payers pay it for but there will, no doubt, be some way to go yet with the Corporation's greatest Cooper c*ck-sukers - Midlands Today - who seldom missed the opportunity to promote the woman-bullying thug.

Back to the mystery - last year and without any comment or warning Midlands Today suddenly blocked my Twitter account. I duly wrote to them about this on 13th October, 2015 and received a reply from their "Social Media Editor", one John Bray.

Bray responded claiming that he had no idea why my account had been suspended and that he would reinstate it - which he actually did. But perhaps the following tweet which has now been sent to me explains it all.....


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