Friday, 18 November 2016

Hackett Investigated for Alleged Bullying!

Tom Watson's boy and Sandwell Cabinet flop Simon "Two Homes" Hackett has been subject to an investigation in respect of alleged bullying of Council employees. This on top of other alleged misdemeanours!

We know that Chief Executive [sic] Jan Britton has allowed senior councillors to dominate every aspect of the Council's work. The late Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper roamed the building attempting to exercise his droit du seigneur and even the pathetic Wragge Report referred to alleged bullying by Mahboob Hussain on Britton's watch. It seems that this was also condoned by the trade unions purporting to represent the cowardly staff.

The Skidder understands the bullying allegations do NOT relate to Children's Services but in respect of other Council work and that there have been a number of upset employees at the "receiving end".

As ever under Britton this is being swept under the carpet and as I have stated here previously, new Leader Steve Eling is powerless to act against Hackett given Watson's patronage of his pet poodle.

In the meantime, at least the comrades have provided The Sandwell Slasher with some portable devices to protect his modesty if he needs to take a p*ss in a bus shelter....


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesbury Police/Sandwell Labour In Pictures!

We know that there is a bent copper (or coppers) within the higher echelons of West Midlands Police protecting Sandwell Labour. The local Cowards in Blue have been anxious to protect the late woman-bullying thug Darren Cooper and, of course, Sandwell's "Mr Big", Mahboob Hussain.

But even at lower levels the law enforcers [sic] and local councillors cannot resist extensive mutual masturbation as a small number of many tweets set out below show.

Whilst turning a blind eye to widespread fraud, corruption and dodgy land sales (the former Coroner's Office sold to Hussain's son was just yards from Smethwick nick) they also refused to investigate the sting by Wednesbury Celebrates on Sport England which netted a £105,000 contract for Richard McVittie, boyfriend of Richard Jones who is, of course, the son of Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones and the brother of Cllr Stephen Jones. (Once again, Wednesbury Celebrates were operating just 100 yards from the door of Wednesbury Police Station.....)

I am informed that local residents have also been to Wednesbury Police alleging that large sums of money are, at worst, missing from Wednesbury Celebrates or, at best, not properly accounted for. The following tweets again help to explain why the local plod have pissed over the other complainants too.

For most of the time that there was suspicious activity, Cllrs Olwen Jones and Elaine Costigan were "trustees". Labour Party sources AND at least one trusted local resident assure me that Elaine was an innocent dupe in all this and didn't really appreciate what was going on. I find this rather surprising as she was intimately involved in applications for funding at a time when she was actively trying to get out of paying rent for Wednesbury Town Hall (and, of course, had she and the other "trustees" declared the debt to people like Sport England and the Big Lottery Fund they would have refused to pay grants to a clearly insolvent organisation). Further (and this is STILL a matter which has not been referred to the Standards Committee) Jones and Costigan constituted a Town Forum meeting which awarded their own organisation a grant from Sandwell Council!!!!

But if the police had done their job properly they should, at the very least, have interviewed Elaine Costigan as a witness if not as a suspect. And, of course, if she was genuinely duped there is nothing to stop her attending Wednesbury nick (where she clearly has many friends) and offering a statement about what has been going on. Don't hold your breath folks!

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And finally.....

Whilst on the subject of the Police, our old friend Bas Javid has been promoted! The brother of Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid was, of course, DIRECTLY involved in the bent Public deal as a Governor of sleazy "Sadwell" College. That is NOT to say that he is bent - he may have been mislead about the nature of the stinking deal or he may be a little dim when it comes to unusual transactions of that particular kind. Perhaps he just couldn't be bothered with technical stuff on top of his busy day job and he did miss a couple of the meetings? We do know, however, that he was very happy to go along with his fellow governors in trying to keep the "brilliant" deal, er, secret from the rest of us. Good on ya, Bas!

In the meantime, Mahboob Hussain is still wielding power and influence within local Labour Party politics despite being, er, suspended! He has now managed to get his young relative and protegee, Wasim Ali, an official post in Warley Labour Party. The great man is said to be grooming his boy for any spot on the Council that may arise (let's hope no one "does a Darren" anytime soon although Hussain's chums are also said to be manoeuvering to deselect one or two councillors to "create" a vacancy.) As above, Hussain has been assiduous in maintaining very close relationships with WMP - not for his own personal advantage of course, but for the benefit of the community - particularly in respect of matters relating to terrorism and security "lol"! Thus it will come as no surprise, given the identity of his mentor, who one of the first people to send grovelling congratulations to Bas Javid on his promotion to Chief Superintendent was......


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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Scumbag Dishonours Sandwell War Dead

Shock and horror as alleged provider of "special services" to West Midlands Police and disgraced Councillor Mahboob Hussain played a leading role in Oldbury's Remembrance Sunday commemorations today. Despite Tom Watson MP now actively working to bring him down after years where his tenure as a Labour councillor has seen him and his family enjoy mysterious enrichment he was allowed to officially parade with the comrades from the Oldbury Council House and even, so I am told, lay a wreath.

Unlike the dead and injured of conflicts Hussain is more used to buildings he has been connected to catching fire than being under fire himself. Happily, he enjoys police protection and, even now, some support from a dwindling band of supporters with "Sandwell Labour Group". But people are tiring of his conduct - a local undertaker even campaigning to have a plaque bearing his name removed from the Muslim cemetery. He lost his puppet muppet earlier in the year and his "socialist" fans seem to now consist of old bag-carriers like Stephen Bloxham/Andrews/Kerton/Frear and Carol "the Debtor" Goult (who both had a public love-in with him at today's solemn event) and the lunatic fringe (ok, yes, I accept that this is a fairly broad category within "Sadwell" Labour) like Linda Horton.

Hopefully, his two-fingers to the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for a free and better society will be the final straw. We shall see.....

Oh, and he couldn't be bothered to wear a suit either....


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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Exclusive Breaking Sandwell News - Tricky Dicky!

The Yanks may have elected a clown but in Sandwell, Labour still have the whole bloody circus in control. Two days ago, I blogged about the Private Eye Magazine revelation that a Sandwell Councillor had failed to pay Council Tax and a summons had been issued. Today The Skidder can exclusively reveal that the person involved was Labour Cabinet member Richard Marshall. I understand there were some mitigating circumstances and that the whole bill was swiftly paid after the summons.

The new Leader, Steve Eling, promised a change from the regime of the late Smethwick Scumbag but has not followed through with joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton already blocking FOI replies - eg in respect of Melanie Dudley's payout. Private Eye did a nationwide survey when most councils duly coughed up the information about errant councillors including neighbours Birmingham (Labour's Nawaz Ali) and Wolverhampton (Labour's Rupinderkit Kaur). But not "Sadwell" of course where Britton - presumably with Eling's blessing - fought to keep this secret. This is not an auspicious start to the new regime......

Addendum 10/11/16:

It gets worse! It seems that the late Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper was aware of all this and, no doubt, duly ordered the cover-up. The problem for Jan Britton is that in March, 2016 an Upper Tier Tribunal found that it was NOT appropriate for councils to try and conceal the identity of non-paying councillors using spurious exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act. The case was widely reported in the local government press (link below from Local Government Lawyer magazine) but, of course, we can't expect someone of Britton's abilities to be able to keep up with the law - and, in any event, the Cooper/Britton regime were happy to ignore it anyway if it suited them. Stinking Sandwell was one of just 25 councils out of 377 who failed to properly answer Private Eye Magazine's lawful FOI request. Steve Eling needs to lance this particular boil as soon as possible and I am writing to him appropriately.


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Skidder Shorts #30 - The Joneses

BREAKING NEWS - this blog has previously established that Richard Jones - son of Labour Councillors (the proven liar) Ian Jones and Olwen Jones and the brother of Cllr Stephen Jones - was directly involved in the bent bid to Sport England (supported by Sandwell Council and numerous Labour councillors). A mere £105,000 of the Sport England swag was to provide a job for Richard's boyfriend - £35k for three years. This was not mentioned to Sport England and no-one else was considered for the job. The boyfriend, Richard McVittie, moved from Guildford to take up the post (where he and Richard had been living together). The bid also failed to inform Sport England that Wednesbury Celebrates - the bidder - was heavily in debt and technically insolvent. West Midlands Police are STILL refusing to investigate this (and other allegations).

The Skidder has also shown that Richard Jones advertised his business as operating from Wednesbury Town Hall. He used those publically-owned facilities extensively but, er, neglected to pay us taxpayers any rent.

I am now informed that when the Sport England dosh started coming through a separate bank for "Sport Wednesbury" was set up and guess who one of the signatories was? Yes, step forward Mr Richard Jones! It just gets worse and worse....


Regular readers will know that Cllr Olwen was recently bragging about her new car:

You will all be glad to know that this week she has been boasting that she and her liar husband now also have a new "luxury" chalet in Kinver. Wednesbury does indeed Celebrate!


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Monday, 7 November 2016

Skidder Shorts #29 - Who Is The Mystery Miscreant?

With special thanks to the brilliant Private Eye Magazine who have produced an interactive map concerning those councillors who, in financial year 2015/16, were late in paying their council tax or were even summonsed for non-payment.

Noting that in the Steve Eling leadership debacle, a number of councillors were debarred from voting for non-payment of their dues to the Labour Party it seemed inevitable that the tight wads who lord it over the unfortunate local residents would appear in this Private Eye survey and so it came to pass even though the late Smethwick Scumbag had ensured that almost the entire council received "special responsibility" payments on top of their normal allowances.

Here is the entry for "Sadwell":

And so who is the Councillor who received a Summons for non-payment? I understand that SMBC won't say citing the usual confidentiality b*llocks and so I think a FOI request and appeal to the ICO is in order. Private Eye said the errant Councillor coughed up "after court" and so we shall have to try and find the court records too. Of course, the guilty party could save everyone a lot of bother by just owning up - but you know what this sleazy bunch are like.....

And finally...

Useless Chief Executive "lol" Jan Britton was seen this morning trying to force his gargantuan bulk into his little black sports car parked outside The Kremlin? Does he also have to pay car parking charges now like the rest of the cowards who work there have been forced to? I think we should be told.....


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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cllr Liam Preece

Steve Eling seemed to start so well as the new Leader of Sandwell Council but his promise of "greater transparency" already looks hollow. Whilst he is quite rightly getting rid of the top management structure (with the exception - so far - of two of the worst culprits) who presided over the corruption, incompetence and cronyism of the Cooper/Britton regime this is at huge cost to the taxpayer. And, of course, the leavers are signing confidentiality agreements in return for secret payments of huge sacks of our dosh (more on this shortly).

This blog has shown time and again that a number of councillors have potentially committed a criminal offence by failing to accurately complete the statutory Register of Members' Interests eg Mahboob Hussain, Mohammad Rouf, the liar Lucy Cashmore, Stephen Frear/Andrews/Bloxham, and Tony "Fudgy" Meehan. The most serious cases were referred to Sandwell Labour's friends at West Midlands Police who did precisely nothing even after my complaints were upheld by the Independent Police Complaints Commission!

In the "new spirit of openness" under Steve Eling only the current Register of Members' Interests is available online and SMBC would only disclose earlier entries pursuant to a Freedom of Information Request!!!! How crap is that? (I am building a database of entries for future reference....)

Incidentally, whilst "Hurricane Eling" has been showering cash on the leavers a further problem arises in that most right-thinking Local Government workers do not want to work for such a dysfunctional authority nor under a pathetic, useless (or worse), greaser like Jan Britton. Nor to they want to live in the dog-sh*t smeared streets of the "socialist paradise". Thus the new regime is having to (secretly) pay out what a senior councillor told me is "a fortune" for various people to come in and fill the vacancies on mega-expensive short-term contracts.

One such is the new, temporary, Monitoring Officer appointed by Jan Britton - one Meic Sullivan-Gould. He has come to Sadders from that other bastion of Labour corruption, er, Tower Hamlets. One can guess how much of our money this character is receiving since, despite the costs of travelling and working in London, he was able to shamelessly boast that the taxpayer had funded a little present to himself:

Regular readers will know that Richard Jones - son of Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones and brother of Cllr Stephen Jones - was directly involved (with SMBC) in the bent application by Sport Wednesbury to Sport England which netted his own boyfriend a £35k per annum job for three years (£105K). (Another matter the local "Cowards in Blue" are, so far, refusing to investigate).

Readers will also know that Richard Jones operated his "5 Star Performance Academy" from Wednesbury Town Hall whilst neglecting to pay us taxpayers any rent (there is STILL an outstanding FOI request about this Cllr Eling!)

Now yet another Councillor has been drawn into this scandal (Cllr Peter Hughes also supported the bent Sport England application as did Cllr Paul Moore - though the latter has stated that he had no idea that Richard Jones's boyfriend was the main beneficiary of the deal. Cllr Elaine Costigan was directly involved with Cllr Olwen Jones as "trustees" of Wednesbury Celebrates and there was the mysterious involvement of Murray Hall Community Trust where Cllr Bob Lloyd was Chair of Trustees. Finally, Friar Park Millennium Centre also supported the bent bid where the Chair of Trustees was Cllr Simon Hackett).

Yes, it now transpires that Cllr Liam Preece was actually on the payroll of Richard Jones's Academy as a freelance* Drama Teacher until, at least, August 2014!!!

Sandwell have now finally supplied me with Preece's various Register of Interests entries. Although he was elected in May, 2012 the first is not dated until 5th March, 2013 (?) and he doesn't declare any job with Jones in his handwritten entry. On 17th February, 2014 a typewritten entry and been amended in manuscript to add that he was working for 5 Star and giving Jones's business address as, er, "Wednesbury Town Hall". Whilst Preece has told The Skidder he stopped working for Jones in "August, 2014" he did fill in a typewritten Register entry on 20th August, 2014 stating he was still working for Jones then and also repeating the business address as "Wednesbury Town Hall".

And so at least it seems that Preece has made an effort to comply with the disclosure rules although that should not be surprising really as, in the murky, incestuous, world of Sandwell Labour, he states throughout that he is cohabiting with a "Sadwell" Council employee working in....wait for it... Governance Services!

But the fact is that whilst Richard Jones was shafting us taxpayers for rent, Cllr Liam Preece was prepared to take his shilling. What a guy!

And finally....

Thanks to all collaborators and, of course, readers of The Skidder. I am pleased to announce that we have now exceeded half a million views!

*"Freelance" in the sense of self-employed worker rather than in the Hosellian sense....


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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cockgate - Spot the Difference!

I thought it might be fun to play a little game. Jan Britton and Darren Cooper set up a huge propaganda machine at a cost to taxpayers of over half a million pounds per annum to glorify the late Great Helmsman and Sandwell Labour. The sinister "communications department" is severely over-staffed whilst other "frontline" services are being cut and when not watching their own impressive large screen TV in the office the drones try and fill the day by endlessly tweeting about dog-sh*t. But at least we know from this that SBMC's wardens are out and about doing good works - or do we? Compare and contrast:

Spot the difference when street warden Chris Jones found Cllr Simon Hackett urinating in a bus shelter. Fine - nought, zero, zilch.....

The whole Cockgate saga in a beautiful example of how the sleazy "socialists" in "Sadwell" operate. I cannot speak for my female readers but I am guessing a high percentage of male ones have pointed Percy at the pavement at one time or another. So, Simon "Two Homes" Hackett was totally pissed and felt the need to relieve himself in a public place? Embarrassing yes, but hardly the crime of the century? And I am sure that such indecent behaviour under the corrupt Cooper/Britton regime would not have debarred him from his eventual elevation to be Head of, er, Sandwell's disastrous Children's Services "lol"!

But as this blog has pointed out over and over again, the insidious, dictatorial brand of "socialism" in Sadders and Labour's iron grip on the Council for 40 years of abject failure means that even matters like this have to be covered-up so that there is no embarrassment to "The Party". This attitude led directly to the evil cronyism, incompetence and corruption of the Cooper/Britton regime, helped on by the supine inaction of West Midlands Police.

The Hackett cock-out story has been known to me for some time since a long-standing informant within SMBC was, ahem, "privy" to some of the contemporaneous conversations that went on. The original story was that Hackett was drunk and was with Tom Watson MP at the time. The warden, Chris Jones, did not apparently know who Hackett was and was going to issue a fine there and then but Watson did the "don't you know who I am?" routine and Chris Jones backed off. Alas, as we shall see, it appears that one part of this story cannot be correct.

When Jones reported the incident next day the p*ss hit the fan as other individuals obviously knew who Hackett was. My informant told me that SMBC employee Mr Kevin Dennis became involved and reported the matter up the line - but some unknown person happily decided no further action would be taken against the good councillor. I have tried via the Freedom of Information Act to ascertain who made the decision not to proceed with action but to no avail..... The cover-up continues!

Mr Kevin Dennis has since left the Sadwell cesspool and must be a fine upstanding individual as he is now Chief Executive of the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, no less! I duly wrote to him on 13th September but, alas, he did not feel the need to tell me the truth about this sordid affair:

"Dear Mr Dennis,

I write a blog about Sandwell Council and I understand that you used to be Head of Community Safety there.

I am informed (from a usually very reliable source) that you were aware of a community officer finding Cllr Simon Hackett urinating in a bus shelter and that the officer concerned intended to issue a penalty notice. However, SMBC say no such notice was issued. Were you responsible for blocking the issue of the notice at the time or someone else please?"

Of course, Hackett went on to commit the cardinal sin of opposing the vicious woman-bullying thug, Darren Cooper, and so the Smethwick Scumbag had a couple of his cronies phone me dishing up the story. That was the way he operated. But then a very senior Sandwell Councillor close to Hackett tried to put me off the scent telling me that Simon was "so pissed" he had absolutely no recollection of the incident whatsoever. The implication being that the incident never happened although that would effectively be calling Mr Chris Jones and Kevin Dennis (together with other SMBC employees such as ****** *******  and **** *****) liars which would be a rather serious allegation wouldn't it readers?

We do not know if Hackett's convenient amnesia was another manifestation of that sudden temporary memory loss known in Sadders as "Hussain's Disease" or whether the current Chair of Trustees of the Albion Foundation and Head of Children's Services was so inebriated he genuinely could not remember anything (and he must have been pretty smashed not to remember an encounter with authority).

It is not clear how this information was ascertained but it is now being said that Hackett was alone when the incident occurred and so the "Watson" story doesn't, er, hold water.

So whilst errant dog-owners get fined £75, pisshead councillors who urinate in the street get off scot-free. But there are a number of other serious allegations stacking up against "Two Homes", not least the serious breach of confidence mentioned in a recent post, and the Sandwell Slasher is not out of the place where bears defecate just yet....


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