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Mrs Hackett's Parking Ticket

Unlike the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, it is not usually my style to refer to the family of councillors and bent staff in the Sandwell Council cesspit but it is necessary here as Tom Watson's poodle, Cllr Simon Hackett, does feature in this tale......

When West Midlands Police briefly involved themselves in "Sadwell" matters they were given information about Jan Britton's bent paid service allegedly cancelling numerous parking tickets to Councillors, their family members and sundry visitors to local mosques. I personally supplied information directly to them and I am aware that at least two other people also did so. The interviewing police officers were specifically informed where they might find a cache of evidence. Alas, we now know that at least one corrupt officer within WMP prevented any serious and proper investigation and that they were quick to drop the enquiry as soon as Cooper and Britton set up the farcical and very limited "Wragge" review.

Insofar as Wragge's looked at the parking tickets issue they seem to have only done so in respect of Oldbury's most celebrated amnesiac, Cllr Mahboob Hussain. But this is what they said about general conduct apparently authorised by useless "Chief Executive" Jan Britton:

"[The Principal Officer in the Parking Team] stated she has a lot of interaction with councillors, generally regarding parking issues they or their business contacts have. She has been asked to bend the rules and it is usual practice to be asked to do so.... She told us that Cllr Hussain was part of the electoral Members' group who decided the budget for each service, and she had been told "off the record" that if they do not keep the Councillor happy, the budget would not be approved."

Once again, West Midlands Police chose to ignore all this.

When you get a few minutes take a look at my old post of 17th October, 2014 which contains an hilarious video showing how Sandwell Council have doctored the double yellow lines outside Hussain's house to provide him with another parking spot:

Notwithstanding this and the fairly large parking area outside his mansion, Hussain told Wragges that his family - who claim to "run" Oldbury - had racked up "30 to 40" parking tickets!!!! Bearing in mind the house is right on a busy junction this is surely scumbag behaviour of the first order and a considerable nuisance to other residents but, as this blog has previously reported, they are "too scared" to speak out.

Wragges said some of these tickets had not been paid in full and went on to find in respect of two tickets to family members:

"The evidence suggests that Cllr Hussain interfered in due process of parking tickets issued to his wife and son. He did so by contacting directly the officer concerned and asking (!), in effect, for them to be cancelled".

Besides the apparent illegality of this under Jan Britton, the conduct also led to small loss of revenue to the taxpayer. At present, Hussain has got off scot free for this and for other dubious activities.

Returning to Hackett his then partner (now wife) parked on double yellow lines in Crankhall Lane in August, 2012 and got a ticket. She appealed saying that she was moving house that day.

We have seen that the lickspittle Britton allowed senior Councillors the right to roam freely around the Council offices. On his partner's behalf, Cllr Simon bravely volunteered to take in some evidence on his partner's behalf that she was unloading whilst "moving house" and, without using his influence in any way of course, he was able to hand this directly to employee Irfan Choudry. (Happily, when Hackett came to be investigated in respect of this, Irfan Choudry could not be located to give a statement to the investigators). So all The Sandwell Slasher did was hand over an envelope.

Sandwell Council say there IS an exemption from parking fines where appropriate evidence is supplied and it would be very interesting to see what was actually supplied by La Hackett.

It is a very stressful business indeed moving house - rushing back and forth with stuff before the new folks move in and it all has to be done quickly before one has to hand over the keys - often on a Friday. How nice of Britton's bent paid service to show humanity and take all this into account.

But hang on a minute..... Most people have to rush to move on the day of completion. The parking ticket was issued on Monday 27th August, 2012 whereas Land Registry documents show that the Hacketts actually completed the purchase of their Crankhall Lane property on Friday, 24th August, 2012. Thus they had all weekend to move stuff in. The truth of the matter, of course, is that the Hackett's were not moving from a sold property to a purchased one in a rush but gently from the flat on Brookside they have owned since 2010 to their second Sandwell property. Not for nothing did this blog christen the former worker for the homeless as Simon "Two Homes" Hackett!

But, Jan Britton's bent service were satisfied on the evidence Hackett delivered that it was necessary for Mrs H to park on double yellow because she was "moving house". Remember this ruse dear readers when you are hoovering up multiple properties in the "socialist" paradise and need to illegally park!

Hackett may have a reputation for p*ssing in bus shelters but now Britton and Co are p*ssing all over us too!


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Darren Cooper - Greedy Scrote: Part One

I have to start this post with a caveat that some of the content may not be true! Regulars will know that there have been attempts by the comrades to pass me false information in the hope that I will then blog it and they can discredit me - a tactic that has failed to date. Are they at it again?

My problem is that the new information here - which has come from a very senior Labour Party figure - was "volunteered" to me and I have not yet been able to independently corroborate same. Having said that, the senior source was speaking with me concerning other matters and some of the other information supplied is undoubtedly true......

Darren Cooper was no socialist. Remember his pathetic, illiterate, Twitter account? He was an insecure little greaser driven by malice and envy and never missed an opportunity to slag off business and the wealthy. But then he wanted a slice of the action too when he realised Jan Britton's bent paid service was enriching employees and colleagues all around him.

Cooper saw the "Tipton Mafia" doing well under his leadership [sic]. The Joneses and hangers-on were doing well in Wednesbury and Jan Britton's bent paid service and various councillors provided massive assistance to Cllr Olwen Jones to secure a contract worth £105,000 for her son's partner. The late Smethwick Scumbag saw Jan Britton, Neeraj Sharma and Nick Bubalo act to enrich the family of Cllr Mohammad Rouf with the bent Florence Road deal. And then, of course, we come to the main man, Hussain, where the same triumvirate of Britton, Sharma, and Bubalo worked so assiduously to enhance the fortunes of dear old Mahboob's family.

At the same time, Jan Britton was buying the silence of departing employees with eye-wateringly huge wads of OUR dosh.

But what was in it for Dazza? As regulars will know - he openly boasted that the money for his house extension in Londonderry Road came from Hussain which is an odd-thing to brag about if it didn't (and this is yet another thing the police apparently did not bother to investigate).

And so we come back to the ice rink..... Early on in the history of my authorship of this blog I was alerted by a usually reliable source that the ice rink was to be "Darren's payday". This was going to be a nice little earner for him personally. Thus, as we have seen, he was pushing it for all it was worth - excitedly mentioning a "big new development" at the opening of the New Square, Tesco and, unbelievably, even promoting it through one of his Twitter troll accounts whilst attacking me (and my wife)!

The late woman-bullying thug improbably claimed to the Josef Goebbels Institute in Queen Street, Wolverhampton (aka "The Express and Star") that he had initiated the whole concept and even floated the idea with a "couple" of ice rink companies. They duly printed this tosh in the full knowledge that a retard like Cooper was incapable of working out which hand to wipe his arse with let alone setting-up large business deals!

Jan Britton's bent paid service then used taxpayers money for staff to scurry around trying to find a suitable site but when they came to score the viability of the stinking deal it still only came out at 54% - way below what would normally be allowed, even under Jan Britton's regime. Nevertheless, the Asset Management & Land Disposal Committee gave the deal the go-ahead!

Now the mystery here is how Cooper expected to enrich himself? Contrary to his lies there was only ever one party involved in this potential deal - Mr Mike Petrouis. Now I need to make it absolutely crystal clear here that I do NOT insinuate or imply any wrongdoing of whatever nature on the part of Petrouis. He has a very controversial reputation in the ice rink world but there is no evidence whatsoever that he has ever acted corruptly or illegally. He has a mysterious business set-up involving dozens and dozens of active and dissolved companies but all fully audited etc. He has been involved in some very controversial projects with local councils, notably in Cardiff and the Isle of Wight. It is inconceivable, however, that he would do anything to corruptly enrich a nonentity like Cooper given his wider business interests and no such suggestion is made or implied here. (One suspects that he acted throughout here as a tough business negotiator who couldn't believe his luck to be dealing with a bunch of total tossers - as shown by the comrades switching the original plan to lease the site - owned by us taxpayers - to him for nothing to actually planning to GIVE it to him for free!) And so, alas, it remains a mystery for the time being how Dickhead Darren thought he was going to financially benefit from all this.....

(BTW - Petrouis used to advertise in the sister paper of the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers, the Shropshire Star, but this obviously had no bearing on their enthusiastic support for this clearly bent deal).

I have pointed out in this blog many times that, notwithstanding the possible illegality of Jan Britton's Council repeatedly arranging contracts with single parties to the exclusion of all others, this is a most undesirable way of carrying on and a recipe for disaster.

You are probably wondering where all this is going..... This blog has shown that Cooper lied about the genesis of this deal but Britton's paid service have, hitherto, declined to answer a Freedom of Information Act about the true circumstances. I have also shown that, because Jan Britton is so pathetic, there is evidence that persons wishing to do business with "Sadwell" do NOT use the proper channels but make contacts with Councillors direct - another highly dubious and improper way of running a major local authority. (Just by way of example, we saw in the bog-gate scandal that when a relative - by marriage -  of Cllr Mahboob Hussain suddenly wanted to do a bent deal on some former public conveniences he initially made written contact about this with, er, proven liar Cllr Ian Jones rather than go through Britton's paid service!)

What is new - from the very senior Labour source - is that he says that the whole thing was actually set up by the former MP for West Bromwich East and now unelected legislator, "Lord" Peter Charles Snape! He allegedly introduced Petrouis to Sandwell. Now Snape makes no record of any interest in the Petrouis empire within his House of Lords Register of Interests and, even though he now lives in Birmingham, one can only assume that, if this is true, he was acting altruistically in suggesting such a facility for the benefit of his cherished former constituents. Whatever other reason could there be for his mysterious initiation of this deal?

I duly wrote to the noble "Lord" for his comments but he has declined to respond:

Dear “Lord” Snape,


An allegation has been made by ***************************** that you personally introduced Mike Petrouis, the ice-rink operator, to Darren Cooper and/or Sandwell Council with a view to a new rink being built in West Bromwich.

Would you care to comment on this allegation please?

I did also try and corroborate this via a different very senior Labour source. When I asked him if Snape had initiated the deal he would only, cryptically, reply: "I wouldn't be surprised"!!!!

And so the plot thickens although at least we can say here that there is some good news as new Leader Cllr Steve Eling finally saw sense and scrapped the whole wretched project.


Not only did bully-boy Cooper harass my wife and I with his nasty trolling campaign but he also used his own account to encourage all sorts of other people to have a go at me. Thus some hard-faced harridan on Twitter purporting to be "Lynda Waltho" started to put the boot in. Now I try and keep up with politics but had never heard of this person who was, apparently, the Labour MP for Stourbridge 2005-2010. Curiously, a "Lynda Waltho" shares the same Hall Green love-nest as one "Lord" Peter Charles Snape. Small world eh readers?

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