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Hussain - More WM Police Corruption?

This blog has pointed out time and time again that West Midlands Police have been corruptly protecting Labour Sandwell Council in general and Cllr Mahboob Hussain in particular (who enjoys "special protection" for allegedly rendering certain "services" to the local Cowards in Blue). Now more disturbing stories have come to light.

Just before I deal with Hussain, I received a phone call recently from someone who has long been involved with Sandwell politics with regard to the Lying Lucy Cashmore saga (see posts passim). This person says that he was personally told by a named senior local police officer, Inspector **** *******, that even though a very prompt complaint had been made following the election that she had provided a false address WMP had deliberately colluded with persons at Sandwell Council to ensure that investigations were sufficiently delayed to prevent the timely submission of a petition to challenge her fiddled candidature (normally such petitions have to be initiated very quickly within 21 calendar days).

Whilst making no inference of wrongdoing whatsoever concerning this serious allegation it should be remembered that the Returning Officer for the relevant election was the head of Sandwell's bent paid service, Jan Britton who is not responsible for presenting a petition but is on record volunteering that he was entirely happy with Cashmore's candidature! (On an unrelated issue, it seems WMP have still failed to interview the highly-paid Jan Britton at a police station under caution concerning his - alleged - complete lack of knowledge of the widespread fraud, corruption and bullying at SMBC that he apparently claims he was completely unaware of!)

I have not related the above Cashmore story to you hitherto as it is based on hearsay evidence (at the moment, at least) but then something else has popped up with a strangely similar ring to it....

Regulars will know that way back in 2014 I reported a number of councillors to WMP in respect of false declarations in the statutory register of interests. This included, inter alia, allegations that Mahboob Hussain had failed to register his and his wife's interests in Five Star Taxis at the time that company was (successfully) tendering for valuable taxi work from Jan Britton's bent Council. (Hussain may have also failed to make further declarations in respect of land sales to family and associates and other matters).

I was completely blanked by WMP and eventually complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) who upheld my complaints and confirmed to me in writing that WMP had deliberately taken NO ACTION WHATSOEVER in respect of the important issues I had raised. It is important to note here, that when I attended West Bromwich Police Station to initiate the formal complaints I specifically handed officers a photocopy of the relevant statutory provision which was also set out in covering (and other) correspondence with WMP.

But it seems that the IPCC may have been lying or, much more probably, WMP were also lying to them since a VERY SENIOR Sandwell Council person has privately written to me as follows (my emphasis):

"In the Hussain case, the failures to declare interests were part of the investigations undertaken by the police. However, unlike other criminal matters, there are time limits to bringing proceedings. These are both in relation to when the alleged offences occurred and then in relation to time after the alleged offences were reported. The latter requires that charges must be brought within a year of the allegations being reported. In this case, the alleged offences were reported within the required time period, but the police appear not to have understood that there was the one year limit to bring charges after the report to them. They failed to bring any charges within the time limit and consequently the allegations fell..

The idiots!"

Whilst I had started this particular process in respect of The Liar Cashmore, my specific complaints about Hussain were sent  by recorded delivery mail on 19th September, 2014 to Inspector Pete Rowe at West Bromwich nick (and received) who had been delegated to deal with this by Chief Inspector Sean Phillips. Apart from a phone call I heard nothing whatsoever from Inspector Rowe.

As above, on the one hand the IPCC are saying categorically that Rowe and/or his colleagues (seemingly deliberately) did absolutely nothing whereas someone very high up within SMBC states that, at least in respect of Hussain, they DID investigate but conveniently allowed the time limit for any possible prosecution to expire (and I should say here in the interests of fairness that I am confident Hussain denies all/any wrongdoing). This shocking "failure" was allegedly due to WMP being ignorant of the law (although that seems improbable it does also suggest they sat on the information and didn't refer it to the CPS). Once again folks we can smell that someone has farted, but we don't know who.

With more and more allegations coming out and the obvious intervention by one or more bent WMP senior officers to stymie the initial fraud investigation (and other investigations) it is time for someone in the corridors of power to take everything out of the hands of WMP to let a different and independent force begin a proper investigation.

Meanwhile, I specifically reported the Wednesbury Celebrates scandal to WMP (as did some local residents). WMP have flatly refused to investigate. I recently made a standards complaint to SMBC relating to the involvement of Cllrs Olwen Jones and Elaine Costigan in a grant application and the new Monitoring Officer has confirmed - and this is strictly subject to investigation - that if proven the information is likely to also constitute a criminal offence. Once again, I am sure Cllrs Olwen Jones and Costigan totally deny any wrongdoing. I have shown in previous posts how strangely keen WMP officers are to have themselves photographed with Labour Councillors but this oddly inappropriate behaviour has not been stopped in any way by senior officers. Here are Councillors including Costigan herself (top of head only shown) recently grovelling to Labour's uniformed chums yet again (and I am assuming the officer is "no relation" to the ghastly Councillors of the same name):

(On an unrelated matter I wrote to Cllr Tranter asking if he had any close relatives within WMP but he has declined to respond).


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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"Lol" - Cooper Lied to the C*ck-Suckers!

Over at the Joseph Goebbels Institute in Wolverhampton (aka The Express and Star) the editor, Harrison, and some of his staff spent years with their tongues metaphorically rimming the anus of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Cllr "lol" Darren Cooper. Of course, with Dickhead Daz what came out of his mouth had the same evidential value as the outpourings from that lower orifice but "The Star", er, lapped it up and cast his porkies in print, if not in stone. Even when Cooper was caught out - as with his direct use of taxpayers' funds to bung a few thousand quid to (former) Birmingham Labour Councillor Steve Bedser - "The Star" could be relied on to leap to the defence of their man - witness, for example, the appalling arslikhan pieces of so-called "journalist", "Dalek Dan" Wainwright (who moved on to work for those other Cooper groupies, the local BBC!)

Harrison and his staff tried to put the boot in on me on a couple of occasions and infamously printed a pack of porkies about former councillor "Lying Lucy" Cashmore whilst forgetting to mention that she was then working for a company within the Express and Star Group!

But these tough guys were never man enough to apologise when they had mislead their readers. Au contraire, even when confronted with legal documents proving otherwise they CONTINUED to republish the same old fibs on behalf of their hero - the worst example being the Cooper lie that Sandwell College are paying "rent" for the former Public in West Bromwich whereas the actual lease filed at HM Land Registry shows that they are not!

Regular readers will know that the woman-bullying thug, Darren Cooper, was most anxious to have an ice-rink in West Bromwich. Right from the early days of this blog inside informants advised The Skidder that the greedy little scrote was hoping to secure financial advantage from this "deal". I recently revealed the allegation that the ice rink operator, Mike Petrouis, was personally introduced to Cooper and Co by former West Bromwich MP, "Lord" Peter Snape. Petrouis used to place advertising in the Shropshire Star and so, with Cooper feeding them guff as well, the Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers were immediate cheerleaders for this deeply flawed project.

Now here's a curious thing - following a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request SMBC claim to have no recollection or record of how the proposal came about. They can only say what was already in Council documents ie that the Council was approached by Petrouis. Mysteriously, since current Leader Steve Eling eventually saw the light and pulled the plug on this bent deal, Jan Britton's (Chief Executive [sic]) bent paid service have allegedly got rid of all the early documentation - yet another dramatic failure of governance in his shambolic authority! They even claim they haven't even got a record of the initial meeting! No mention of Snape appears anywhere, natch.

We do know that us taxpayers then paid for SMBC to make "extensive" efforts to find a site for Petrouis before they alighted on the huge multi-storey next to Tesco in West Brom. Documents now released show how ill-thought out this whole thing was and seem to contradict official records anyway. They suggest that, contrary to the official record, Petrouis was to pay for the demolition of the car park. He was also to pay for the ice rink. In return SMBC would charge him £1 a year (yes, you read that right, one pound per annum) for a 150 year lease. Even though the taxpayer would be losing car park of £189,000 per annum less increased rates of £7,350 (a net annual loss £181,650) the comrades were going to bung Petrouis £300,000 (yes, three hundred thousand pounds!)

Right from the off Jan Britton's bent paid service realised that this would be illegal under EU state aid rules*. The law said that, at the material time, a local authority could not grant more than approximately £176,000 to a private company without specific EU approval. Accordingly certain, as yet, unnamed members of "Strategic Finance" recommended that the Council give Petrouis £176,000 cash and the remaining £124,000 be "invested by the Council in environmental improvements in the form of new lighting, pavements, etc". From the very beginning Britton's bent staff recommended flouting the law. (I recently questioned the fitness of the new S.151 Finance Officer to be making decisions on possible fraud and corruption which he had apparently failed to notice it on his watch as a senior accountant at SMBC. Let's hope he wasn't involved in this scam since that calls into question not just his fitness for that purpose but also for his current position even if he is "innocent" of wrongdoing or relies on the Jan Britton "defence" ie "I am very highly paid to do a job which I didn't do. I'm really sorry that I didn't notice the fraud, corruption and bullying going on all around me! Can we just keep on as if nothing has happened please?"

Even though the scheme was deemed to be hopeless under the Council's own scoring system the Labour Party tried to force it through save that they resolved to scrap the lease idea and sell the land cheap to Petrouis instead!

I make no insinuation of any wrongdoing by Petrouis as I currently have no evidence of any but he must have thought all his Christmases has come at once dealing with these "socialist" twisters (who were uncontrolled in any way by the grovelling Britton and other top officers of the authority). Milord Snape is refusing to comment on his alleged involvement in all this.

The FOI reply also confirms what I have claimed all along. The Council made NO options appraisal for the cleared car park site so as to give Petrouis a clear run! If this was not outright corruption then it was negligence by Jan Britton and his staff of the highest order. But then, under Britton, contacts, deals and housing allocations to "friends of the comrades" - to the exclusion of all others - were de rigeur. When is this joker going to be sacked, Cllr Eling?

Back to bully-boy Cooper. I started blogging that this was a bent deal early on - from as long ago as 15th January, 2014 - and pointed out at an early stage that The Wolverhampton C*ck Suckers were quoting Cooper as saying that he dreamt up the idea and that HE had approached ice rink companies! I dealt with the sheer improbability of this recently thus:

"The late woman-bullying thug improbably claimed to the Josef Goebbels Institute in Queen Street, Wolverhampton (aka "The Express and Star") that he had initiated the whole concept and even floated the idea with a "couple" of ice rink companies. They duly printed this tosh in the full knowledge that a retard like Cooper was incapable of working out which hand to wipe his arse with let alone setting-up large business deals!"

How could serious journalists - knowing that "Darren" was an inveterate liar - print this pure propaganda? And yes folks, the truth is out at last in the FOI reply and SMBC have now admitted that it was indeed all untrue and, in fact, Petrouis was the only ice rink operator "Sadwell" had dealings with and they deliberately excluded everyone else from the bent deal. Now there's a surprise......


* If you are wondering why this did not apply in the case of the bent Public deal when SMBC and the College (including Governor WMP Superintendent Bas Javid, brother of Tory Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid) were able to gift a nearly £6 MILLION pound contract to Interserve without competition it is because they resurrected the procurement provisions of the already defunct Building Schools for the Future scheme).


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