Friday, 28 April 2017

Tom Watson Scores Again!

I hope the title of this post hasn't excited you to believe that I am about to report that Lazy Tom is shagging again after the demise of his relationship with the fragrant Ms Peacock. Alas, I write with regard to the financial trough ploughed so often by Watson's snout.

Those of you who follow Tom Watson - who hounded a man to his death with untrue allegations of the vilest kind - will know that he is receiving huge sums from millionaires - JK Rowling, Derek Webb, Paramjit Bassi and, most sensationally, Max Mosley who dropped him another half a million quid (yes, that is right) just recently.

Until his recent fall-out with them, hard-working Unite the Union members regularly stumped up for him and, of course, as this blog exclusively revealed, this alleged hard-left socialist politician accepts donations from, of all people, a pawnbroker, Gerry Pountney!

Every June, Watson likes to use social media media to show how "cool" he is by posting images of himself at Glastonbury (a popular music festival m'lud). Now that is an expensive gig but the odious Watson has his MP's salary, colossal expenses and generous donors so can well afford the jaunt.

He likes to brag about how pissed he was - usually and aptly given his own venomousness on "snakebite" - throughout his university career (which probably explains why he didn't manage to get his degree) and he likes to be seen having a drink at Glasto as here:

(Noteworthy that no young cool people are anywhere near this yobbo!)

Unbelievably, in 2016 the phone company EE paid for this grotesque character to attend with his guest at a cost of nearly a grand! here it is the Register of Parliamentary Interests:

Watson was the joint laziest MP in the 2010 - 2015 Parliament but that somehow qualified him to be elected Deputy Leader of the insane and collapsing Labour Party and now for a major phone company to sponsor him. For once, I am lost for words...... or at least ones I can print here!


It will be interesting to see where Watson claims to be living for the forthcoming election. Despite a "residence" requirement for the voters roll he has hitherto claimed to be living at one time or another in both of the properties owned by "The Sandwell Slasher" - Cllr Simon "Two Homes" Hackett. Of course, he now lives in a trendy area of London but doesn't like the moronic voters of West Brom East to know that.

This is also ironic as his puppet Sion Simon (who himself has chosen to move out of the WM area to an agreeable £460,000 "cottage" near Nuneaton) is standing for WM Mayor next Thursday with the feeble and nonsensical slogan that he wants to "bring back powers from London" - yes the same place where his puppet master actually lives! For those unthinking tribal grunts who "will always vote Labour" there is nothing that can be said but more intelligent voters should realise that if you vote Simon you will get Watson!

The puppet takes instructions from the boss!


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Steve Eling - Ay Up Me Duck?

In 2012 "socialist" Steve Eling dreamt up a scheme to shaft the very poorest and most deprived folk of Sandwell. He was a Cabinet member then and the financial maestro [sic] in the deeply corrupt Cooper/Britton era. Of course he is now the Leader in the benighted Borough.

Steve decided to deprive 3,600 (yes, a massive three thousand six hundred) desperately poor people (including women in refuge hostels) of the right to claim a reduction in Council tax. This was all agreed by the comrades at the infamous "Labour Group" meeting the night before the full Council meeting on 4th December, 2012. At the latter meeting the assorted dimwits and allowance-guzzlers waived this through without any discussion whatsoever and got through the full agenda in just 39 minutes. (Incidentally, when I asked Jan Britton if he was at the full Council meeting - as he usually is - when this shocker sailed through he claimed he "couldn't remember"!)

As a well-known and respected commentator on such issues wrote, "just what did Sandwell think they were doing?"

The immediate result of Eling's moment of madness was the instant LOSS to the Borough of £675,000 of central government funding! The allegedly "socialist" Council was then taken to the High Court by, would you believe it, the Child Poverty Action Group. They inevitably won on all counts at more huge cost to us taxpayers. The High Court Judge castigated Sandwell in scathing terms. Eling's crazed scheme was unlawful (ultra vires). That dealt with the case but he also found that the comrades had failed to consult on the scheme, had been guilty of both racial and sexual discrimination, had breached EU and human rights legislation and more. As the aforementioned commentator said, Eling's policy was "just bonkers, absolutely bonkers". This million-pound disaster and shafting of the most vulnerable did not prevent the comrades handing Eling the leadership crown so tarnished by the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper.

Steve himself seems rather keen on money. Over the years he has combined raking in allowances with working for another Labour basket case Council, local er, Rotherham. He has continued with the day job despite becoming "Leader".

I have heard allegations for sometime that although Eling does indeed have a flat in Smethwick he has been a long-time resident in, er, Derbyshire! Some months ago I asked him directly if he owned a house there and he gave a politician's answer - "I only own one property". As far as I know that is true but he might have been a little more forthcoming and mentioned that his wife owns the delightful "Jasmine Cottage" in the Derbyshire village of Fritchley (and has done since 1992). Of course, in the incestuous world of Sandwell Council, his wife was also a long-term employee of the Council and receiving the taxpayers' shilling.

There is something curious about all this in that Pam, Steve's wife, shows up at three addresses. She first appears on the electronic version of the voters roll as follows:

I do not mention this out or prurient interest since look who is shown as an occupant of the property on the same entry:

Of course, in 2003 Steve Eling was a councillor in Sandwell.

Another slightly differing address also pops up and, once again, our man is shown as being resident at the property:

Once again, in 2000 Steve was a Sandwell councillor.

For completeness, Pam Pulsford (now Pam Eling) was a company director from 2004 to 2007 and gave another slightly different address, Jasmine Cottage, The Green, Fritchley DE56 2LP (?)

Cllr Eling claims to be "draining the swamp" of the corruption from the Cooper/Britton years. But here is an exchange of emails from this very morn which, again, is hardly very forthcoming (sorry about the classic typo!)


Clearly this last implies that the good Councillor was resident there earlier (when he was also a Sandwell councillor).

Just as Labour mayoral candidate Sion Simon chooses to live outside our shitty conurbation so it appears that Steve has his little country retreat when he feels he needs to escape the dog-shit smeared streets of Sadders. He never told you that at election times though did he Sandwell voters?

Oh well, Steve and his hard-left [sic] comrades were happy to shaft the very poorest and most vulnerable in the Borough but it looks like he will continue to come up smelling of, er, jasmine.....


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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hackett IS guilty says Information Commissioner!

You probably haven't got time now to put the kettle on and break out the custard creams but when you get a chance please take a look at my post of 17th March, 2017 and the failure of the deeply corrupt Sandwell Labour Council to answer my Freedom of Information Act request concerning the standards investigation into the conduct of "The Sandwell Slasher" Cllr Simon "Two Homes" Hackett:



In short, Hackett was investigated in respect of five principal allegations:

1   That Hackett disclosed confidential information concerning a minor at a political meeting;
2   He was caught urinating in a bus shelter by a Council warden;
3   He interfered in the withdrawal of a parking ticket issued to his wife;
4   He had bullied staff (no less than five staff members gave written statements to this effect); and
5   He interfered in a proposal that SMBC buy his mother's flat off her.

We are only concerned with allegation one here. It should be noted in passing that Jan Britton's bent paid service had a letter hand-delivered to me at home threatening me with an injunction if I wrote about all this.

The "Friar Park Flasher" is, of course, the politician in charge of Sandwell Labour Council's disastrous Children's Services department - which in the corrupt and incompetent Cooper/Britton era slumped down to an Ofsted "inadequate" rating where it remains. Hackett is also the Chair of the (West Bromwich) Albion Foundation (recipient of large sums of moolah from us taxpayers thanks to Sandwell Labour) which has important child safeguarding functions.

In February, 2016 Hackett received, in his official capacity, information which concerned the welfare of a child. He knew the information to be confidential and, indeed, the relevant papers were marked "IL2" - the Council's code meaning that it was "protected" information. So what did Hackett do? He immediately ran and told The Smethwick Scumbag - happily no longer the joke "Leader" of the Council - all about it. The Late Scumbag held a weekly political meeting and it just so happened that there was one due that morning. The thuggish Cooper was chairing the meeting and various other Labour Councillors were in attendance. Worryingly Sandwell's feeble "Chief Executive" Jan Britton also permitted a staff member, Jane Perham, to attend these political shindigs. Even though the other Councillors present had no right whatsoever to know the confidential information the matter was openly discussed. None of the senior Councillors present attempted to stop the discussion and indeed the confidential nature of the subject was tacitly acknowledged by the parties agreeing that the information should not be disclosed "outside this room".

As above, an investigation commenced into various aspects of Hackett's conduct. In respect of this allegation the investigators (Council employees who Jan Britton is refusing to name pursuant to the FOI request) took witness statements from employee Jane Perham and Cllrs Maria Crompton, Yvonne Davies, Paul Moore (who works for the odious Tom Watson) and Derek Rowley (no longer a Councillor and himself facing allegations relating to the sale of council property). They also interviewed Hackett in the presence of his solicitor. (Jan Britton is currently refusing to disclose those statements and the interview record pursuant to the FOI).

In August, 2016 - six months after the political meeting - the investigators produced their "Final Report". It is noteworthy that the "Final Report" report was issued by Pardip Sharma AFTER having heard representations from Hackett/his lawyers AND after taking written advice from an independent barrister. The report concluded that Hackett WAS guilty of breaching the Code of Conduct for elected "members" in respect of this serious breach of confidence. (Jan Britton is currently refusing to disclose this "final report" pursuant to the FOI).

But deeply corrupt Sandwell Labour couldn't let Tom Watson's puppet face the music and so the "independent" investigation was mysteriously re-opened. It must be remembered that The Smethwick Scumbag was now dead and that all that now happened was under new Leader, Steve Eling. New witness statements were taken months after the event - possibly from Eling himself and also, possibly, from Derek Rowley's very close personal friend, Cllr Sayeeda Khatun. Despite his claims that he was going to drain the swamp following the corruption under the Cooper/Britton regime Steve Eling is being coy about whether he gave a statement. He has only said that he gave a statement in respect of one of the allegations against Hackett. I have asked in the FOI for sight of the new statements but Jan Britton has refused this so far. (Of course, if Cllr Eling did give a statement in respect of this matter he could give his consent for its release and I invite him to do so!)

Lo and behold, in December, 2016 a new "final, final report" was issued and, of course, "Two Homes" was exonerated and duly trumpeted this to the local so-called "press". And, of course, Jan Britton is also refusing to disclose the "final, final report". You will see from the FOI response that Britton is working awfully hard NOT to show why Hackett is "innocent"!

As ever, it takes the intervention of an outside agency to shine a light on the murky goings on in the "socialist paradise". Britton's staff may have covered up the Code of Conduct issue but the same set of facts seemed to also constitute a clear breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. Indeed this was recognised by the investigators in the "final report" where they said the evidence DID suggest a data breach and that they had referred this aspect of the matter back to "the relevant Council Department". However, Jan Britton's staff then concluded, despite this finding, that there was NO breach of the Act! However, a complaint was made to the office of the Information Commissioner who has now decided, unsurprisingly, that there WAS a breach and they have written to Jan Britton's bent paid service to ensure that measures are put in place to prevent this happening again (difficult to see what "measures" would prevent Hackett from opening his big gob again if he perceives it is in his warped political interests!)

Hackett has to go. The Children's Services remain with an "inadequate" rating and he did disclose confidential information concerning a child twice - firstly to Dickhead Daz and then by allowing the matter to be discussed at a political meeting. He knew the information was confidential (he admits that himself) and so his position is untenable. Clearly the Albion Foundation will also need to consider his position.

Why did Britton allow a Council employee to attend a weekly political meeting? (The same employee, incidentally, Britton caused or permitted to send out Cooper's notorious letters to my wife's employers trying to get her sacked). Unfortunately Britton seems to have something "on" Steve Eling who will not sack him despite seven years of corruption, cronyism and incompetence whilst he has been at the helm of the good shit (surely "ship"? - Ed) "Sadwell".

Eling appears to be in this up to his neck. Come on Steve - if you are serious about your alleged anti-corruption drive tell Britton to answer the FOI in full and to make complete disclosure of the documents here. Then sack him without a pay-off......


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Friday, 7 April 2017

Andy Street's Big Flore?

At an "Ask Andy" event recently would-be West Midlands Mayor (that's the one we voted to say we didn't actually want) wealthy Andy Street boasted about his Birmingham connections and his residency in his flat in the posh "Cube" building at the back of The Mailbox in Brum.

At the Q&A session for all the candidates (apart from the Commie) this week at Dancexchange in Brum the candidates all expressed their love and "passion" for this City region (even though, for the most part, it is a sh*thole.)

But, happily, neither the Labour nor Liberal Democrat candidates have the "passion" to actually live here. Beverley Nielsen (Lib Dem) lives in a small mansion called Fieldwood House in leafy Leigh, Worcestershire - a far cry from the dog-sh*t smeared streets of Sandwell.

One might imagine that Tom Watson's puppet Labour candidate, the simian Sion Simon, lived up a tree in a jungle somewhere but he is actually another candidate who eschews the charms of the West Midlands he professes to love so much for a £420,000 (2016) "cottage" in Hartshill, Nuneaton.

But what to "Birmingham-lover" extraordinaire posh-boy Andy Street, the Tory candidate. Yes, he does indeed own a pad in The Cube for which he paid a cool £365,000 in 2011. At the time he gave his "real" address as 7, The Green, Flore - a small village many miles from the poverty-stricken West Midlands in, er, rural Northamptonshire:

And a further Land Registry search shows that he bought his home in Northamptonshire way back in 1993 and STILL owns the property. Here is the entry downloaded today:

As he has owned an agreeable little luxury bolt-hole in Birmingham since 2011 he could have registered to vote in the place he loves so much. But he retained a registration to vote in true- Tory -Blue Flore from 1993 to 2016 instead:

Of course, Street was banging on about the homeless problem in the West Midlands the other night. Yet in October, 2016 "Management Today" also reported that he had a flat in London plus a half share in a North Wales holiday cottage with Tory MP Michael Fabricant. Blimey - he's worse that Cllr Simon "Two Homes" Hackett - "The Sandwell Slasher"!



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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Jan Britton P*sses On Us All!

For some 7 years Jan Britton has "run" Sandwell's bent paid service. He claims - although he has yet to be interviewed under caution by West Midlands Police (WMP) - that he was simply unaware of the fraud and corruption during the Darren Cooper years. This fact alone should have led to his instant dismissal but he must have something on the new Leader, Steve Eling, since he inexplicably remains in post.

We have seen in this blog how, time and again, Cooper and Britton showed total disregard for the law in respect of Freedom of Information. Steve Eling has publicly stated on more than one occasion that this would change. Clearly that message has not got through to the useless (or worse) "Chief Executive".

Regular readers will know that Cllr Mahboob Hussain failed to make proper disclosures concerning his and his wife's shareholdings in Five Star Taxis at a time when that Company was undertaking work for and also bidding for a share of a valuable Sandwell Council taxi contract (which they duly won). Jan Britton told the excellent Halesowen News that he had "investigated" this very serious matter and seemed to suggest that Hussain had simply made an error in completing the "complicated" forms. Britton made no comment following his alleged "investigation" as to the reason why Hussain transferred his shareholding to his daughter but then took it back into his own name after the award of the contract. He told the brilliant Private Eye Magazine that the transfer had been a "wedding present" to his daughter which doesn't explain why she kindly returned the shares to him! An alternative version of events was given to WMP well over two years ago and DS Wayne Haynes told the writer that enquiries would be made with a certain third party. I do not believe they ever were as senior WMP officers blocked the enquiries to protect their chums.

So what exactly did Britton's so-called "investigation" consist of? This guy is on nearly £160k a year so one would expect a degree of thoroughness.....

Five Star appear to have started doing taxi work for SMBC in September, 2012 - they certainly started receiving regular payments of taxpayers' money on 1st October, 2012. They then bid for a slice of the "framework" contract which was put out to "e-auction" on 5th October, 2013 with the contract starting on 24th February, 2014.

It is a given that throughout this entire period Hussain failed to declare the shareholding of his wife in Five Star.

What of Hussain's own shareholding? We know that on 23rd April, 2011 he held 10% of the shares and his son, Adnan, held a further 20% shareholding. On 23rd April, 2012 the Company recorded the same information with Companies House.

For reasons that are not clear the Company filed a second annual return in 2012 - on 9th October, 2012. This purported to show that Hussain transferred his 10% shareholding to his daughter, Shasta, on 31st August, 2012 but claims that Adnan had transferred his shareholding to her on 1st September, 2011. Now that cannot be right. I suspect this is a mistake and they meant to say 1st September, 2012. If it was not then the Company made a false declaration in the annual return of 23rd April, 2012 ie that Adnan held 20% of the shares at that point.

The fact is that Five Star had already filed its annual return for that year and there was absolutely no need to file another. It seems crystal clear that someone wanted an "official record" in September, 2013 showing that Shasta had a 30% shareholding in the Company. WMP know the allegation of why this was probably done but have suppressed any investigation. If that allegation is incorrect (and it involves an allegation of criminality) then the only conclusion left is that Hussain deliberately divested himself of his shareholding at precisely the time Five Star were bidding for a valuable contract from his own Council.

Incidentally, the allegation which WMP have refused to investigate came from a member of the Muslim community.

After Five Star won a share of the taxi contract Hussain filed a new Declaration of Interests signed by him on 6th February, 2014. As above, he still made no mention of his wife's shareholding. neither did he mention his own - just that he was engaged by Five Star in unspecified "employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain" and that Five Star had "employed or appointed him".

Unfortunately we don't know the date Shasta was forced to hand back the shares to him and this is important and should have been part of Jan Britton's alleged "investigation". We do know from Companies House that this was sometime between 9th October, 2013 and 22nd July, 2014 since on the latter date the shares were back with Hussain. (If the other allegation is correct WMP should confine their investigations as to what might have been happening in the Hussain family during that period.)

Britton is claiming that following his alleged "investigation" he had concluded that the failure to make a proper declaration had been an "oversight" by Hussain (Wragge Report para 4.4.13). But what did he overlook Jan? Was the oversight that he had failed to declare that his daughter held a large shareholding in a company already working for SMBC and bidding for a valuable contract or, if he had already taken the shareholding back into his own name, that he had failed to declare his own interest? What was his status with Five Star - he was not a director and possibly not a shareholder at the material time? Was he driving taxis or "doing the books". Was he on PAYE then as an employee? Britton surely took detailed notes of his findings?

(In passing we should note that bent WMP let the time period to launch a possible prosecution of Hussain pass claiming this was accidental because they were "unaware of the law"!)

Obviously I had assumed that Mr Greenburgh would do a thorough job investigating this and other matters when compiling the rubbishy "Wragge Report". In the absence of proper detail therein I put in a Freedom of Information request and Britton has caused and/or permitted this p*ss-taking response to be sent to me:

"The Chief Executive of the Council, Jan Britton,  informed The Halesowen
News that he had investigated the non-disclosure by Cllr Mahmood Hussain
of his and his wife's interests in Five Star Taxis at a time when Five
Star were tendering for part of a valuable taxi contract (which they were
subsequently awarded a part of).

The implication from the press reports is that Jan Britton had ascertained
that Cllr Hussain DID have an interest in Five Star Taxis.

1   Please state the exact date the contract was put out to tender and the
exact date it was awarded;

The contract was tendered via e-auction on 5th October 2013 and Five Star
were awarded an element of this contract on 24th October 2013 with a start
date of 24th Feb 2014.  The contract contained multiple elements and Five
Star Taxis did not win them all.

2   Please state precisely the nature of the investigation conducted by Mr
Britton and disclose all correspondence (including emails), notes,
memoranda and all documents of whatsoever nature relating to the said
investigation to also include any investigation into Cllr Hussain's wife's
interest in Five Star Taxis.

The council has no disclosable information on this question.

However, it became apparent that Cllr Hussain had declared his interest,
from approximately 2011, in Five Star Taxis.  He had not however, declared
his interest in a contract between the Council and Five Star until

3   If it be the case as reported in local media that Jan Britton found
that Cllr Hussain did have an interest in Five Star Taxis please state his
findings of fact ie from which date Mr Britton concluded that Cllr Hussain
first had a disclosable interest in Five Star Taxis and whether that
interest was continuous. If it was not continuous please confirm between
which dates Mr Britton concluded that Cllr Hussain had divested himself of
his interest in Five Star Taxis.

See Q2

4   Please state Mr Britton's findings of fact in respect of the
shareholding of Cllr Hussain's wife ie which date did Mr Britton conclude
that Cllr Hussain should have made a declaration in his register of
interests entry confirming that his wife held an interest in Five Star

The council has no disclosable information on this question.

5   Please disclose all correspondence, communications and documentation
of whatsoever nature passing between SMBC and West Midlands Police
relating to Cllr Hussain and his wife's interests in Five Star Taxis and
in respect of the award of a valuable contract to Five Star Taxis.

The council has no disclosable information on this question.

6   Please state who made the decision not to include Cllr Hussain's
failure to declare his and his wife's disclosable interest in Five Star
whilst actively tendering for part of a valuable contract in the terms of
reference submitted to Messrs Wragge and Co as part of Project Osprey
and/or the commissioning of the investigation by Messrs Wragge. Please
disclose all communications and documentation of whatsoever nature arising
in respect of the decision not to include these matters in the terms of
reference for investigation.

The council has no disclosable information on this question.

7   Did Cllr Hussain proffer any other information concerning his
shareholding in Five Star to Mr Britton or others in authority at SMBC?

The council has no disclosable information on this question."
This is appalling conduct and, in my view, merits disciplinary action in its own right. This is as bad, Cllr Eling, as some of the nonsense replies received during the reign of the late Smethwick Scumbag. Needless to say, I have applied for an internal review and I hope Cllr Eling will ensure a proper response since I am sure the Information Commissioner will take a dim view of this shocking abuse of the law.

It is now time for Steve Eling to ensure that a number "17" is added to this board in the Oldbury Council chamber - and soon......


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Saturday, 1 April 2017

#Boggate - Those Sandwell Coincidences Again!

Last Wednesday I was at the Oldbury Council House ("The Heart of Darkness") for the very well attended Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust beano. It was gratifying to see that Sandwell Labour had not done their usual trick and forced one of their own onto the Board of Trustees although there were an alarming number of "the comrades" at the event - the ones I could see were Messrs Eling, Marshall, Sandars, Piper, Gavan and Trow. In my dealings with the Borough I have often found that where there are flies there is sh*t!

The Trust introduced a relatively new Board member, a Mr Afzal Hussain. I am afraid that Sandwell's most celebrated amnesiac, Mahboob of that ilk, has rather diminished the Hussain name in the benighted Borough and so I asked two VERY SENIOR local Labour figures if, by chance, the young man and the friend of the cops were related. Both replies were in the negative and that may indeed be the case.

I don't normally believe in coincidences when it comes to matters "Sadwell" but, hopefully, this odd little situation is one such.....

Regular readers will be very familiar with the #Boggate scandal. I refer here only to the Albert Street bogs in Oldbury which were sold at a gross undervalue to Abdul Naeem Quyam (ANQ) - a relative by marriage of Cllr Mahboob himself. A planning application went in to change the building to a taxi office. The certificate of ownership was signed by someone who was most definitely NOT the legal owner but Nick Bubalo of SMBC (who has been directly involved in all the bent land deals featuring in this blog) said it didn't matter!

What I had missed (despite a local informant tipping me off) is that a later planning application went in to amend the application. This time the true owner - ANQ - did sign the Certificate of Ownership although the applicant was a Mr Amer Khan of Tividale Road, Oldbury. Planning permission was granted and this is how the bogs look now:

And a Land Registry search tonight shows that the bogs are still owned my Mahboob's family member (by marriage).

So who is running the "information hub" in the former sh*tters? A Company called "The Healthy Employment Hub CIC". Two of the three directors are the aforementioned Amer Khan (who was permitted to lead the planning application on behalf of ANQ) and one Soubia Shabir Hussain, She gave the address for the bogs - now cheekily called Chaudry House (!) which has upset a number of local members of the Muslim community - to Companies House. But she also runs another company called Catalyst Programme Management Limited giving Companies House her home address which is 2xx Montague Road, Smethwick.

Which just so happens to be the same address as Mr Afzal Hussain of the Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust and a director of other companies too (some dissolved).

By heck it's a small world in Sadders!

NB - there are just a couple of places left on the UK's first "Corruptour" on Sunday 2nd April at 10.30am. The tour starts at Oldbury Council House at 10.30 so if you just rock up you may get on (first come, first served). The tour will visit the Sandwell Council hotspots of fraud, cronyism and incompetence in the southern part of the Borough for around two and a half hours (with a short break). Ironically the tour is due to finish at the Albert Street bogs! Only £3 per head so come on down....


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