Friday, 26 May 2017

Sandwell MP's say "Peace Off Jeremy"!

The dreary bore and long-standing friend of terrorists "Jeremy" Corbyn is doing his "man of peace" shtick today. In his 34 years as a done-nothing parliamentary non-entity he has given succour to a host of terrorist organisations including the IRA, the Provisional IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah.

He is ranting again about Syria whilst neglecting to mention that the people he calls his "friends" in Hezbollah are very much involved in the fighting.

Corbyn has never run a tap. He could not even complete his dead-simple tax return on time. He is notoriously lazy. He initially refused to do live interviews in the BBC Today programme because he didn't like getting up early. If he works at weekends he has to have time off in lieu in the week. Even though he has a private prep school education and went to a good grammar he could only muster two grade e "A-levels". Yes - a handy man to have around in a crisis - if you can wake him!

If I had to have a brain operation I would only submit to the care of a suitably-qualified surgeon not the ranting bloke who has been mopping the hospital corridors for over three decades and yet some people I thought had more sense are seriously considering voting for the thick nasty buffoon and putting him (or rather Len McCluskey of Unite the Union) in charge of the nation's security!

But Jeremy's fake pacifism shouldn't bother the morons who vote Labour in Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") too much since the three Labour MP's who have done such a disastrous job for the benighted Borough are all warmongers.

It has come to a shock to many residents of West Brom West that the useless and invisible Adrian Bailey is actually still alive but despite 40 years of dismal Labour failure in the local "Socialist Paradise" they are invited to put him back on the gravy train for another five years. Bailey,who does his bit for the major homelessness problem in Cornwall by owning (with his wife) two, er, holiday homes there, was all for the Iraq War and then not having an inquiry about the fake information relied upon to start it!

This from the "They Work For You" website:

You will also see that whilst Jeremy wants to get rid of our nuclear subs (at least when Len McCluskey of Unite the Union isn't gagging him) Bailey is all for them.

(Bailey is such a pathetic figure he has hardly been mentioned in this blog. One of the rare appearances was when he wrote a letter of support for the bent Sport England bid in which his Labour Councillor friends in Wednesbury were heavily involved and which led to the payment of over 100 grand to the lover of a son of Bailey's big pals, Labour Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones).

Why would a sitting MP want to live in a shit-hole like Sadders? London-resident John Spellar doesn't want to mix with the Warley riff-raff. As someone who enjoys frequent foreign beanos through his "Friends of Israel" work one imagines that he is not quite on such pally terms with Hamas and Hezbollah as cuddly "Jeremy". Of course, Palestinians who are deemed to be "collaborators" with Israel face kangaroo courts and summary execution by lovely Hamas. Jeremy's big friends publicly hanged three such just last month.

Spellar also enjoys foreign jaunts specifically on "defence" issues often funded by the likes of the "UK Defence Forum" or by giant capitalist corporations like the ones the hypocritical wealthy John professes to despise. Clearly all this "experience" is of no interest to his out of control party "leader".

And so here we have it again - a record of warmongering and support for a nuclear deterrence despite the views of the ludicrous Corbyn:

The education available for Sandwell kids in generally sh*t after 40 years of Labour but the muppets who voted for him will be pleased to note that Spellar did manage to find the time from his busy schedule to go on an all-expenses paid jolly to Egypt promoting, er, Malvern College - a public school (though not the same one where he was privately-educated!)

Then we come to the vilest of the ghastly trio, Tom Watson. When he is not hounding innocent men to the grave with untrue allegations he too votes contrary to the views of the crazed Corbynistas. At least he has now given up any pretence of his farcical claim to be living amongst the scum in West Brom East. He is still refusing to tell Skidder readers how much he made on the sale of his taxpayer-funded flat in Westminster and whether he declared the profit he pocketed for Capital Gains Tax purposes. No-one I have met in the years of writing this blog has ever told me a single good thing that Watson has EVER done for the constituency he purports to represent from his posh London home!!!!

Incidentally, it looks like Watters may have moved addresses in London. He was living recently in the  trendy Bermondsey/Southwark area. It is said that he was renting two rooms in a very agreeable house owned by an officer of Unite the Union (of course the rent was claimed back from us taxpayers so a nice little earner for the Unite man). If the two rooms bit is right then there is a mystery which I have alluded to before in this blog. He claimed an "uplift" in his parliamentary expenses for "two dependants". I am told that his two children reside with their Mother so what is that all about? If the kids were with him in the two-roomed squat it must have been pretty cramped noting wealthy Watson's gargantuan bulk! (Any info on this mystery and on the Westminster flat sale gratefully received!)

But Watson now claims to be living "in the Vauxhall area" of London rather than pretending to reside in the dog-sh*t smeared streets of West Brom. The taxpayer - you and I - is paying a very reasonable £1,560 a month for his rent.

Of course, Labour is always castigating private Landlords (like, er, Sandwell Labour Councillors Ahmed, Edwards, Rouf etc) and complaining about fees and deposits but at least the deposit Watters had to pay could be reimbursed from us again. This from his Parliamentary expenses claim:

Of course, Watson is a notorious and cowardly "knife-in-the-back" merchant. (At the moment he has collated a secret dossier with the help of some of the Sandwell comrades to shaft Cllr Hussain and get him out of the Labour Party - no bad thing but another example of his lily-livered tactics). Lazy Tom - as the local Unite the Union Regional Organiser Brian Rickers dubbed him - has been trying to get rid of his 68 year-old done-nothing "leader" - who you are now expected to vote for - for ages! Most of the Labour MP's can't stand Corbyn but are canvassing for Labour out of a blind and perverted loyalty to something called "the party".

Greedy Watters did, of course, feature in the Parliamentary expenses scandal but is now rolling in money from millionaire backers like J.K.Rowling, Derek Webb, Paul Bassi and Max Mosley. The great "socialist" is also scoring cash from a PAWNBROKER FFS - Gerald Pountney. Despite rolling in it he didn't even have to pay for his Glastonbury tickets this year - his annual kidulting jaunt was paid for by phone company EE (a good reason to cancel your contract with them if you use their service!)

So those unthinking dimwits in WBE who "always vote Labour" because their dad did or the cat did or they are too thick to think for themselves just try and ask yourselves how you can square Corbyn's inane witterings with Watson's own voting record:

Ask not what you can do for Watson but what Watson has ever done for you?

Incidentally, Tommy was working so hard for West Bromwich East he actually missed just over half the votes in the years 2010 to 2015 and was the joint laziest MP for those years! You will note some of his absences from the above. If you feel you want an MP who can't be bothered to turn up to vote on your behalf half the time then, morons, Lazy Tom's yer man!

The lunatic bolt-eyed Brexiteers among you will no doubt have also noticed that whilst "Jeremy" was secretly one of you (though he was too weak to admit it), the three local Labour MP's were merrily voting against what Sandwell voters wanted and in favour of closer European integration! Can you rely on them to hold your hand when we all jump off the cliff....?

Anyway if you wake up on June 9th with these three greasers back in Westminster you only have yourselves to blame!


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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Au Revoir Big Dog....

A belated - and I hope temporary - farewell to local newshound Adam Smith - formerly of The Halesowen News. This is sad news for those who want to hold the deeply corrupt Labour Sandwell Council to account and scrutinise their 40-year record of dismal failure for local folk.

There are have only been three media people who have made any attempt at proper journalism investigating the fraud, incompetence and cronyism of "Sadwell" Labour. Firstly, the Editor of the "Rotten Boroughs" column in the brilliant Private Eye Magazine. Secondly - and intermittently - Adrian Goldberg - a very fine and incredibly hard-working journalist with the BBC. The problem with Adrian is that he has a complete blind spot concerning his personal friend, the Late Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper. Nevertheless, he has occasionally tipped his toe into the fetid water most notably concerning the Bog-gate and Wednesbury Celebrates [sic] corruption scandals (see blogs passim).  Happily for Adrian, if not for us, he has deservedly "gone national" and is working extensively of Radio 5 Live so that even his limited local input is severely diminished. And finally, there is Adam, seen here in conversation with dynamic Sandwell Leader Cllr Steve Eling....

It is particularly important that such lone voices in the wilderness cry out since there is a propaganda machine behind Sadwell Labour that is second to none. Firstly, Steve Eling authorises payments of over half a million pounds of taxpayers' money per annum for the Council's own banal press office - mostly for a large number of  deadbeats to be employed in the vital "frontline" service of watching the news on the office big-screen tv and sending out constant tweets about dog-sh*t.

Secondly, there is the Josef Goebbels Institute in Queen Street, Wolverhampton aka "The Express and Star" aka "The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers". Under the leadership [sic] of their ludicrous editor [sic] Harrison the c*ck-suckers emit a constant pulse of pro-Sandwell Labour propaganda. No press release is questioned but re-printed as gospel truth. Cooper fed Harrison and his companions a constant stream of what is known in the trade as "b*llocks" which went straight in the paper without critical comment. Even when it is pointed out to Harrison and Co that stories are blatantly untrue they are not retracted and no corrections are ever made - see posts in this blog ad nauseum. Perhaps the most egregious example if the oft-repeated mantra from the c*ck-suckers that Sandwell College are paying "rent" for The Public building. Despite my oft-repeated evidence that this is not true - including putting the exact clause from the lease in this blog - Harrison (who fantasises that he is a "proper" journalist and whom witnesses say was "lachrymose" at the memorial event for the woman-bullying thug who he classed as his friend) has deliberately left the lies "on the record".

Finally - and as we have seen again many times in this blog - there is the BBC (excluding Mr Goldberg). Unfortunately they signed up to the Cult of Cooper hook, line and sinker and supported every utterance from the former wife-beater and troll. Even when things were as bad as they could get, they got even worse when they took on two of the worst Sandwell Labour grovellers from, of all places, the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers, Messrs Homer and Wainwright! A new chap has come on the scene who has been taking an interest in the corruption but unless he has the heft of a Goldberg Labour's friends in the Beeb will ensure that there will be no further accurate reportage of the sleazy "socialists" from him.

Just before we move on, I must remind readers that the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers set up their own employment agency and promptly employed disgraced Sandwell Labour councillor - Lying Lucy Cashmore (daughter of ghastly Sandwell Cllrs "Linda & Rog"). They also employed The Liar's sister.

Cashmore - who lied about her address to become a Sandwell Councillor and claimed thousands and thousands of pounds from the taxpayer via allowances - is second from left. Harrison has allowed The Liar on two occasions to claim via The Express and Star that she had to had to give up being a councillor because of social media harassment rather than because she had been caught out lying about her address (she actually lives just down the road from me in South Birmingham) and also failing to say that West Midlands Police tried to cover it up! Come of Keith - grow a pair FFS!

Happily, Adam Smith has tried to wield the sword of truth. He is an "old-school" hack - scruffy, drinks and smokes too much etc etc. But he has been doughty in seeking out the truth about the Cooper/Britton circus. This naturally led to bullying and abuse from Darren Cooper and his sidekicks, Unite the Union's Brian Rickers and the self-proclaimed "mentally-ill" Andrew Hipkiss from the Yew Tree Estate. Of course, Cooper and Co did the conventional stuff, trying to nobble Adam via his editor (which worked so well with the pusillanimous BBC) and with threats of legal action. Cooper's troll network attacked him and Unite Regional Organiser Rickers even put up weird pictures claiming to be watching for him outside his local pub! See for example my post:

But to his credit, Adam refused to be intimidated and published story after story about the bent land deals and so on. Happily his contribution was recognised within the local industry with him winning a couple of important press awards.

We need proper journalists to fill the void left by Adam. I can only do so much. It is also much easier for both the Labour Party and Jan Britton's bent paid service to attempt to bully and intimidate me. (I have to mention here that I am incredibly grateful to Private Eye Magazine for advice and support when I have faced legal and other threats - good on ya!) I do not have any protection from the Police - indeed they used duress to try and close this blog down.

Let us just take a look at what has gone on last night and this morning as an example of what I have to contend with to bring this blog to you. Much of my information comes from brave whistleblowers and others who stick their necks out to pass information to me. I do not have resources nor an organisation behind me like "proper" journalists (though I have some incredibly supportive helpers) and have to try and verify information as best I can. Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with someone who passed me a lot of information (some of which also happens to show up another story from Harrison's c*ck-suckers in a bad light).

Now I don't know most of my informants and, indeed, some wish to remain anonymous. I have to be careful as the late Smethwick Scumbag and others have, from time to time, fed me deliberately false information in the hope I would publish it. I also cannot know the motivation for some who pass me information. But I was very happy with the bona fides of the person I spoke to yesterday and last night I was able to independently verify some of the information received. An encouraging sign and I am ploughing on with further enquiries.

One allegation was that two very Senior Sandwell Labour Councillors paid a named person "cash in hand" for building work. For various reasons - which may or may not become apparent in time - there are matters that arise from this that are in the public interest and so I wrote to the two councillors concerned. Only one of these senior figures has responded to date but take a look at the threatening nature of the (redacted) response - and, in particular, the part I have highlighted in bold:

Me to Two Senior Councillors:


An allegation has been made that Cllrs xx & xx paid xxxx "cash in hand" for building work. Any comment gents?

Senior Councillor:

This is not the first time you have presented me with malicious rubbish. Why is that? Is it from the same person as before? Maybe you could confirm so that appropriate legal action can be considered. You could even name then on your twitter or blog, branding them as a liar!


It's called "journalism". A credible person whom I have had no contact with before yesterday made this (and other allegations). As you know, I have been scrupulous in checking facts before publishing the blog. Accordingly I am putting the allegation to you [xx] for comment. What's wrong with that?

Senior Councillor:

I only have your word for that and it is not the first time you have put malicious allegations to me. Tell me who it is.


A journalist is not going to reveal sources. I have to check stories out (unlike your pal Tom Watson). It may well be that my informant is acting maliciously (though passed on some other stuff about one of your comrades which I checked yesterday and which IS true). That is why I am putting the allegation to you. I take your rather hysterical responses as a denial!

Senior Councillor:

That is just drivel. Journalists nearly always have to identify sources in order to get an answer. I don't respond to anything like this with mainstream media without them saying where it has come from. So come on, name who it is, otherwise we will have the right to consider it is you that has made it up.


Made it up? FFS [name]?

Senior Councillor:

Someone has made it up. If you won't say who it is, the only name we have associated with this malicious allegation is yours! So come on, name them.


No and stop trying to bully me!

Senior Councillor:

"Bullying", I should remind you its you peddling the malicious allegations. Come on, tell us who it is, or we will know it is you. 

So this is what it is like with the cuddly comrades folks! But note in particular the bit about never speaking with the mainstream media unless they grass-up their sources! Is that what you do Keith Harrison? Is that your game too BBC? You look down your noses at me but do you have a shred of integrity? Is this all the "independent" scrutiny the shat-upon people of the Borough have left?

So Adam, you will be sorely missed and Sandwell folk should be thankful for all your efforts. Good luck, matey. If you ever want to do a guest blog.... I finish with a photo of you in splendid recent action (no, not covertly obtained as per Cooper) and hope to see you you for a beer or two soon. And no, sorry, I can't lend you £20!


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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Don't F*ck With Helen Williams!

This is Part One of an extraordinary tale. Unfortunately I cannot give you Part Two yet nor identify the victim of all this as certain matters are currently with the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration…...

Let me take you back to Spring, 2015. The vicious bully Darren Cooper was the laughable “leader” of Sandwell Council perpetuating 40 years of Labour failure and making the benighted Borough infamous for fraud, cronyism and incompetence. Jan Britton was the head of the bent paid-service which had gone feral and was happy to break rules and laws at will for its political masters. Disgraced Solicitor Neeraj Sharma was running [sic] the “legal” department and signing off the bent property deals etc to friends and associates of certain councillors. Any staff who didn’t play the game were bullied by councillors and Britton’s senior management and this behavior was inexplicably tolerated by the supine trade unions. Cooper, Britton and Sharma knew that they also had the unstinting support of corrupt officers within West Midlands Police if they needed a bit of outside help.

Now let us consider the story of “Mr X” -  a hard-working, family man of the Borough. It is important to understand that Mr X is NOT a tenant of Sandwell Council but owns his own property - a semi. Unfortunately for him, the adjacent semi IS a SMBC property and Mr X has suffered significant problems over the years from various unsuitable tenants plonked next to him, his wife and children. Mr X made numerous complaints to the Council (without appropriate action being taken) and so someone in Britton’s bullying outfit decided to “sort him out” once and for all.

Soon Mr X found himself on the receiving end of “without notice” injunction proceedings issued in Walsall County Court! But under Cooper, merely shafting someone was not enough - they had to be utterly destroyed - and so not only did Neeraj Sharma’s rotten legal department seek an injunction they also tried to deprive him of his liberty. Yes - they actually sought a further order to commit the man to prison! I don’t suppose for one minute that the decision to destroy him was taken by Ms Helen Williams of Sandwell Council - it was probably authorised higher up the food chain - but that vicious toady actually wrote this IN A WRITTEN STATEMENT TO THE COURT:

“I rang the Community Health Team at Hallam Street West Bromwich B71 4NH Tel 0121-612-8628 to check if Mr X is known to them as a patient. I was told by the Administrator that they have no record of Mr X of [address].”

I have written to the new Leader, Cllr Steve Eling, and to Jan Britton asking them to confirm to me what legal power Sandwell Council had used to phone an NHS organisation about a private individual's confidential medical records (remember he is NOT a tenant of the corrupt Council) and ask questions about his mental health. This was passed to an employee called Stuart Taylor who claimed there was a “protocol” for this type of thing. I asked him for a copy of the relevant part of the protocol that SMBC relied on and which was in force at the material date (early 2015). Answer came there none, but Mr Taylor spoke to me on an occasion when I visited the Oldbury Kremlin and he claimed he “didn’t understand” my query. I explained it as above - I want a copy of the protocol in place at the relevant date and to be pointed to the exact legal provision Jan Britton’s bent paid service were relying on to try and obtain access to someone’s confidential medical records. Several weeks on Taylor has yet to respond.

Just remember that Williams and her chums were actually trying to get a working family man thrown into prison! Having attempted to delve into his medical records and finding nothing someone in Sharma’s Legal Department [sic] still decided to leave the awful detrimental comment from Williams in the formal witness statement to stitch Mr X up. The obvious inference they were trying to get the court to make was that Williams (and others) thought Mr X was a nutter. How professional lawyers could leave such an obviously partial, irrelevant and prejudicial statement in a Court document beggars belief but that was Sandwell Council for you under Cooper, Britton and Sharma.

Has the Council changed? Steve Eling claims to be trying to “drain the swamp” but Britton remains in post and there is very little evidence of the Leader making any real progress to clear out the sh*t. Let’s hope when he reads this he will order a full enquiry into what these bastards tried to do to this man and have his useless “Chief Executive” kick Taylor up the arse to answer the query put to him (supported with written consent from Mr X to disclose information to me.)

As above, if you think this is bad you ain’t seen nothing yet! Part Two of this tale will blow your mind and disgust you…... Oh, and by the way, you will see in due course course that the appalling conduct of Britton's staff has cost us taxpayers several grand!


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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Help Please - Urdu Translation Required!

It is a whole year since I publicly demonstrated outside Sandwell Council House demanding an enquiry into the cheap deal whereby Cllr Mohammad Rouf and his family secured the building plot on Florence Road at Cape Hill and built their seven-bedroom mansion. Nothing has been done. The deeply corrupt Labour Council and their friends at bent West Midlands Police continue to sit on their hands.

You will remember that the head of Sandwell's deeply corrupt paid service, Chief Executive ("lol") Jan Britton, also made sure that the mega-expensive "Wragge Report" did not investigate the Rouf House deal on the urgings of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper.

I will be handing out the enclosed leaflet in various parts of Sandwell today and over the next few days but wonder if there is a kind soul who can supply me with an accurate Urdu translation which I can hand out around Cape Hill? (Of course, if anyone has any further suggested questions or can answer any of the questions below please contact The Skidder!)



1   Do you know how Cllr Rouf managed to get the council house at 33 Trafalgar Road, Smethwick after he sold his unmortgaged house at 23 Wellington Road for £125,000?

2   Have any of Cllr Rouf’s immediate family been living in council housing in the Sandwell area?

3   How did Mohammad Shauib get the money to built the huge seven bedroom mansion on Florence Road?

4   What interest does Cllr Rouf really have in the property at 88 Shireland Road?

5   Do you know if Cllr Rouf has interests in any other properties locally?

6   Do you know when Cllr Rouf stopped being a taxi driver?

7   Do you know anyone who tried to buy the Florence Road property before it was sold cheaply by Labour Sandwell Council to Cllr Rouf’s son?

8   Do you know of any reason why West Midlands Police are refusing to investigate the bent Florence Road deal etc?

Please reply in confidence to:



Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Comrades At War - Now The MP's Join In!

Whilst Corbyn destroys the Labour Party nationally, the comrades are still having a good go and bringing the local "group" into yet further disrepute - although it seems the rebel army is shrinking and making a last stand around the flag of useless and invisible local MP Adrian Bailey - yes, he is still alive!

Mouthy Cllr Yvonne Davies still feels cheated out of the leadership of the local sheep. She (and others of the rebel coterie) have publicly denigrated new Leader, Steve "Summer Palace" Eling in open meetings. It is reported that the Langley Lip's hysterical ranting reached an apogee at a recent Labour Group meeting which was too much even for the Group that has supinely overseen years of corruption, cronyism and incompetence. A vote was taken and she was obliged to leave the room. A social media commentator sitting in the waiting area of The Oldbury Kremlin reported that she could hear Davies shouting and screaming from there (through two sets of double doors)!

Davies - who had an interesting history at Birmingham CAB - is like a moth to the flame. And so last night she stood against Eling at the Labour Group AGM. I am informed that it was a secret ballot but that the Leader secured "over 50" of the votes (from a potential 70 if everyone was there). One can imagine the ghastly Jones family (three votes) were in the vanguard of the attack on the new regime but who else? I can't imagine these lily-livered greasers will come forward but I invite them to contact The Skidder and "out" themselves.

In the meantime, the Hussain saga rumbles on. It is said, of course, that the London-resident West Brom East MP, vicious bully and backstabber Tom Watson, has filed one of his famous "dossiers" with the Labour Party - said to weigh-in at over 70 pages - in a bid to shaft Cllr Hussain "once and for all". But, Bailey has taken exception to this and is now said to be supporting Hussain in at least one of his High Court actions (he apparently is suing SMBC and The Labour Party). He has allegedly attacked The Sandwell Slasher, our old friend the incontinent Simon Hackett, as being a mouthpiece for Watson and for speaking to the press. Of course, Hackett is a Watson puppet but, interestingly, Bailey has also apparently accused another London-resident local MP, John Spellar, of being involved in the move to rid Sadwell of Hussain - whose family, friends and associates have done so well during his tenure as a Labour Councillor.

One of Hussain's cases was in the High Court Lists last week but I understand that judgment has not been handed down as yet:

And so even the absentee MP's are at odds with each other! When is this nonsense going to end? One would hope that all three of these grotesques would be swept away on June 8th but, alas, the moronic electorate of Sadders seems to get a kick of being shat upon.....

Interestingly, and after years of prompting by The Skidder, the Council has tried to involve bent West Midlands Police in an investigation concerning the "unusual" financial compensation arrangements which appear to have favoured Cllrs Hussain and Bawa following the compulsory purchase of West Bromwich Street properties in Oldbury. The person who was chair of the committee which approved the deal was one (then) Cllr Adrian Bailey. Wonder if he put that in his High Court Statement - I am guessing not....?

The invisible Bailey is, of course, very close to the Joneses who have featured so regularly in this blog. He did not respond when I wrote to him asking why he had written a letter of support for the bent Wednesbury Celebrates bid to Sport England which resulted in payments of £105,000 to the lover of one of  Cllr Jones's sons (see posts passim).

Incidentally this was another matter that the local Cowards in Blue have failed to investigate adequately or at all. We know Hussain is allowed "special treatment" by WMP but why they will not deal with many other matters arising from this stinking cesspit remains a mystery. Not only are they failing to do the job they are paid for but their deliberate inactivity is now being used by the likes of Hussain in civil court proceedings! In effect I understand that Hussain is now claiming in court that as there was no police action he is "innocent" and that is being put to judges hearing his civil cases! There was no police action because of their deliberate failure to investigate properly FFS!

Of course, if the Bailey-supported side "win" the civil cases then the activities of Watson and Spellar will require careful consideration as this is all likely to lead to huge legal costs to both the taxpayer - us - and to The Labour Party (although at least with the latter there is every chance Corbyn will lead them into bankruptcy).

Addendum - 10/05/17 - I am informed that a number of the comrades refused to sign Bailey's nomination papers in protest at his support for Mahboob!


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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sion Simon Expenses Scandal!

If you are considering voting for Tom Watson's puppet, Sion Simon, tomorrow (for the mayor we voted to say we didn't want) then may I just remind you of the incident when he got caught out over-claiming expenses and was forced to pay a substantial sum of the loot back?

Simon was an MP for Erdington (for the benefit of my more parochial Sandwell readers - or those that have to have this blog read to them - that is an area of Birmingham.)

Like his master, Watson, he used a local address for voters roll purposes but actually lived in London - in Camden according to the Daily Telegraph. Also like his "boss" he buggered off and left his wife and children.Simon moved into a swank flat in posh Regents Park owned by his sister - who lived with her husband in Hampshire. At that time - unbelievably - it was "legal" for MP's to claim expenses for rent paid to a close relative (of course, some may find that morally repugnant even if within the rules) and so we as taxpayers started paying his sister a grand a month (remember we are talking around 2004 to 2008 when rents were considerably lower in London than they are now). The great socialist also got us taxpayers to shell out £150 a month for a cleaner, £100 a month for Council Tax, £50 a month for the telephone, up to £250 a month for other utility bills and the maximum figure then allowed of £400 a month for groceries (one hundred quid a week in food for a single bloke when in 2006 the Jobseekers' Allowance for a single adult was £57.45 a week - not bad eh readers?)

Unfortunately for our man (and his sister) the rules changed in 2006 to stop this racket of paying close relatives. Simon who, laughably and incredibly, was a Government Minister and who you would think had some discipline and intellectual rigour about them later claimed he did not know about the rule changes! In fact he went further in true politician-style and blamed the parliamentary workers for failing to notify him (quite how they were supposed to know that his "Landlord" Ceri Erskine was actually his sister is not explained!)

Incidentally, I was at two public meetings recently where this puffed-up braggart boasted twice that he had been "the most-read person I knew" when he was at Oxford University. Clearly he lost the habit in later life or reading the parliamentary expenses rules was not intellectually challenging enough for our simian savant! (Of course, this is one example where he has one-up on his boss since he did leave Oxford with a degree - something which Lazy Tom couldn't manage after four years at Hull.)

Simon was forced to repay us victims over £21,000! That is the scale of  his rip-off....

He apologised "unreservedly" after being caught out and once the gravy train had hit the buffers he swiftly moved out of his sister's flat and bought a £325k flat in Camden (London) which he now designated as his "second home" so that he was then able to have the taxpayer pay his stamp duty bill of £5,400. The Daily Telegraph pointed out that he then claimed "thousands of pounds" from us ordinary folk to renovate and furnish the property.

Such is the conceit of this strutting buffoon that he also claimed - and this is the price from several years ago remember - £280 for just 250 business cards from super-posh Bond Street stationers Smythsons (of which Samatha Cameron was a director).

In 2009 he also attempted to claim a £25-a-night subsistence allowance 16 times for a 13 night period. Is this really the man you want nominally running the West Midlands (on behalf of Watson).

Of course, Watson himself was deeply embroiled in the MP's expenses scandal. At the present time he is still refusing to tell Skidder readers what profit he made when he left his luxurious taxpayer-funded Westminster flat and whether he declared the profit to the tax authorities for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

Watson was the joint laziest MP 2010 to 2015 and even Unite the Union's local Regional Organiser calls him "Lazy Tom". West Bromwich languishes near the bottom of every deprivation league table going despite being under Labour control for decades and, of course, he is rarely in the area as he lives in trendy Bermondsey/Southwark in London. He was recently shown in Facebook wearing a WBA shirt but, as ever with this vicious man, this is not all as it seems and his footballing interest seem to now really lie "sarf" of the River Thames:

Many readers will wish he was so diligent concerning Sandwell matters....

On the subject of footie Simon also tried to show that he is a "man of the people" by being photographed outside The Hawthorns. Unfortunately the bloody fool has pissed-off most of Wolvo by putting it on the "Wolverhampton Edition" of his campaign leaflet - you couldn't make it up!!!!

"Wot A Moron!"
Another question retarded people in the West Midlands who are thinking about voting Labour should consider is which "Labour Party" they are voting for - the Corbyn cell or the Watson wing. Even our hero seems to have struggled with this irreconcilable dilemna. First he was showing off with the dreary Islington thicko:

But then - presumably on stab-in-the-back specialist Watson's orders - the turncoat er, turned his coat on the Bearded Wonder as recently as 27th April!

So what are potential Labour voters voting for? If they vote for this clown they are not voting for Comrade Corbyn's Communistic Credo but for the the thuggish old Labour machine politics of Treacherous Tom! Do voters really want a vile piece of work like Watson pulling the strings to run our great City region? Don't say you haven't been warned!

You will see from the above that whilst Simon owned a grotty terraced house in Erdington for form's sake he was living with his wife and kids in Camden and then at his lucky sister's house in Regents Park. He then moved back to Camden. Notwithstanding all this he repeatedly claims to be "passionate" about the West Midlands. So "passionate" in fact that when he bought a new property with his latest squeeze he consciously chose not to live in the mayoral region. Not the dog-sh*t smeared streets of our mighty conurbation for this "sensitive" man (as he claims to be) oh no! Why would he want to live amongst the scum he wants to vote for him? As recently as November, 2015 he and his partner bought themselves an agreeable £420,000 "cottage" in the countryside near Nuneaton. Draw your own conclusions from that if you have half a brain!


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