Saturday, 10 June 2017

Out For The Count!

Plus ca change? We are back to the days of the Leader of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council threatening The Skidder - though this time with violence which is not something even the late "leader" and cowardly Smethwick Scumbag did (although I did get an awful lot of very aggressive calls from withheld numbers.)

On Thursday night I attended the count (or rather, weighing) of the votes for Sandwell's three Corbyn-hating Labour - aka Liebour - MP's.

Steve Eling, the current leader, and his wife have a big downer on me for disclosing Steve's listing as being resident in bucolic Derbyshire as well as in his Smethwick flat*. They were both verbally aggressive to me outside Sadwell Council House before the mayor-making ceremony but nothing prepared me for what happened on Thursday night.

I was not allowed to film or record within the hall where the count was taking place and so was walking in and out to the foyer to do "Facebook Live" broadcasts. I did one at 23.46 and walked back in whereupon (and remember this was actually INSIDE the count itself) Mrs Eling started having a go at me including threatening to slap me. Cllr Eling - the "Leader" of Sandwell Council started hopping up and down and then said, "watch out of she will punch you on the nose and we'll tell the police you provoked her!" I immediately left the room and broadcast this shocking threat on Facebook. For some reason I cannot load the video onto here but you can check it out on my Facebook timeline - it is the live broadcast dated 08.06.17 at 23.51 (on today's timeline now as well as "live" on 8th June.)

I was clearly concerned that not only might I be assaulted but that the Elings and/or their chums would engineer a situation to have me thrown out of the count and so I immediately informed all the UKIP and Green representatives that I had just been threatened by Cllr Eling.

Mrs Eling also told me to "f*ck off and never speak to her again" and I am more than happy to accede to her request!

To be fair to the "leader" he calmed down after this disgraceful conduct and was perfectly pleasant later in the evening.

Unfortunately, I have faced this sort of thing before. Regulars will recall when Darren Cooper (the aforementioned Smethwick Scumbag) with representatives from the GMB and Unite Unions tried to cause me some grief in the pub one night. Full story:

Anywhere else I would, of course, have reported the incident to the police but as we all know, Sandwell Police are the willing dupes of Sandwell Council and who would have believed my word against that of the esteemed Council Leader and his good lady? Think I am going too far? Well they have history for jumping to orders from their political masters - remember when I was in a police station being interviewed under caution for two hours thanks to a fabricated complaint from the late Scumbag himself? Full story:

Clearly this is another attempt to silence this blog by trying to make it difficult for me to even be in Sandwell. Well game on now Cllr Eling!

One other incident occurred - I was actually standing next to one of the candidates who witnessed this. Sandwell's joke Chief Executive, Jan Britton, was walking passed me and so I asked "Any estimate for times Mr Returning Officer?" He rudely replied, "Nor for YOU!" and walked off. This man, who claims not to have been aware of widespread fraud and corruption during his seven years in charge of the rotten Borough, is a PUBLIC SERVANT. He was being paid by us to do his job and I was an authorised person attending the count. When I told Cllrs Eling and Marshall about this rude behaviour Eling simply said "well I expect you will put a complaint in tomorrow". What's IS the point? Eling hasn't had the balls to sack Britton for mysterious reasons unknown and so the public just have to put up with this sort of nonsense from people paid out of the public purse.

Compare and contrast Britton's aggressive rudeness with the impeccable hard work and diligence of the staff at the count. I even had a short and pleasant chat with Sandy Singh despite having written about him in this blog!

On arrival at the count every Liebour Councillor I met early on all greeted me with a merry cry of "who let you in". I said that if this continued I would charge them all £1 each and donate the cash to charity! Having said that, I had some very pleasant chats with a number of the Councillors there and Cllr Rouf (see many posts passim) even made a quite good joke about me. It may get lost a little in translation but his colleague mentioned a phrase of "being behind someone" and Cllr Mo said, "he (meaning me) is behind me all the time. Every time I turn round he's behind me!" Didn't we laugh!

Most of the Tories ignored me as usual (with a couple of pleasant exceptions) but I had a grand time with the UKIP, Greens and even Labour groups. Thank you all for that.

Turning to the three Labour MP's. I asked all three the same question - "Do you have a greeting for Skidder readers?" Spellar said "no" but Adrian Bailey (aka "The Invisible Man") did say that he was proud to represent the people of West Bromwich West and he was also very grateful for all those that worked on the campaign.

Watson had a tall minder/spin-doctor with him. When I asked the question of Lazy Tom this character physically dived-in between us saying "he's not speaking to anyone".

I asked Spellar where his house in London actually is but he walked away (apparently he recounted the question to someone else at the count using some very robust language about The Skidder!)

As Watson and his minder were walking out I said to the great man, "So that's it then - back to London for another five years?" No comment but I'll tell you - if looks could kill.....

Corbyn is now officially God and he and the Trotsyist infiltrators are planning to change the rules to make it easier to remove those MP's and MEP's who won't suck Jeremy's cock (a diminishing band know they have suddenly realised he isn't the thick, useless, old tosser of yore). Peoples Momentum have these three high on the list for deselection so whilst the morons of Sadwell won't remove these three invisible characters who have done so little for the Borough their own "Party" might! "ROFLMAO!"

There was some sad news from Cllr Ian Jones who told me Olwen was ill and in hospital. Now the two of them have made themselves "targets" of this blog but I don't generally want to hear of any of the Sandwell lot suffering illness (there was one exception to this.....) Accordingly, get well soon Olwen so that we can re-join battle.

But happy news too! It really WAS great to see young Cllr Liam Preece there after his illness. He is a breath of fresh air in the stinking cesspit of Sadwell Labour so stay well and keep going matey!

I am going to say something surprising here as I am always accused of attacking the sleazy "socialists". I was talking to Maria Crompton and a couple of other councillors and I remarked how tired they looked. This was in the early hours and Maria said she and many others had been out and about since 7am the previous day after a full campaign. A number were also working very hard checking the poll itself including (not exclusively) Cllrs Eling, Moore, Allen, Ahmed, Khatun and others. Cllr Dhallu was whizzing around the hall like a man half his age. I do salute all the energy they and, all those from other parties, put into this exercise in democracy.

Finally, another amazing thing happened late on. Who should stroll in but Sandwell royalty, Cllr Mahboob Hussain himself! I even enjoyed some bants with His Majesty!

Now the curious thing is that you have to be on the official guest list to get into the counts these days so who invited Hussain? I am told it was probably the West Bromwich West Labour Party and he certainly went up and stood with Bailey, Jones and Co for the time he was there.

The Bailey Count was physically next to the one for vicious bully Tom Watson. Mahboob is currently under (voluntary) suspension from "The Party" and Sandwell Labour sources tell me that Watson has put in a 72-page "dossier" to the Labour Party in an effort to "finish" Hussain and have him expelled. And so we had the ludicrous situation where the thuggish Watson - who is working to destroy Mahboob - was in the middle of the hall and a few yards away Bailey MP was rimming the Councillor's anus! Only in Sadders, eh readers?

You can come out now Jules - she's gone back to the cottage....

*Whenever I expose some information about the conning comrades some say to me - ah, well that's common knowledge. It may be within Sadwell Liebour but they all keep mum. Thus when I wrote about Eling's country bolt-hole a couple of comrades came forward to say they knew all about it. One ventured to say that Steve's frequent residence "at The Summer Palace" was a standing joke!!!!


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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Letter to West Brom East.

Dear Folk of West Brom East,

I just wonder why you find the behaviour of Tom Watson acceptable? Are there no depths he will not plumb for what he thinks is his own advantage.

A woman called "Jane" approached Watson and claimed she had been raped. Now with an allegation of that nature the victim needs careful interviewing and specialist counselling but Watson immediately saw an opportunity since the alleged rapist was former Tory minister, Leon Brittan. A senior DCI in the Met Police investigated the matter and decided that the allegation was not credible and that any further investigation would be "a baseless witch-hunt". But that wasn't good enough for the London-based resident Watson (who purports to represent WBE from there) and he did a "don't you know how important I am letter" directly to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The letter was leaked and then published by a website with which Watson himself was connected in an attempt to gain yet more publicity to satisfy his giant ego.

On the basis of this Leon Brittan was interviewed whilst suffering from terminal cancer. A new police team was brought in at further expense and the original DCI moved off the case. Again the Police decided there was no credible evidence against the dying Tory but they failed to tell him and his family before Leon died. Tom Watson had hounded the man to his grave.

At no time did Watson apparently consider the appropriateness of his actions and whether his leaks and bungling would compromise any prosecution even if the allegations were true.

Now any right-thinking person may have hung their head in shame when Leon Brittan died but, yet again, Watson saw the opportunity for self-publicity and laid into the reputation of the dead man again saying, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, "he is as close to evil as any human being could get".

This vile piece of work eventually made a half-hearted apology to the media of course, rather than to the family of the man he had traduced. Such is the depravity of the man that a parliamentary committee had to FORCE him to write to Leon Brittan's widow.

Watson has been a useless MP for WBE - in 2010 to 2015 he missed over half the votes making him the joint laziest MP. He now has a coterie of millionaires giving him large sums of money to pursue his pathetic and childish campaigns far away from West Brom.

In his campaign literature Watson bemoaned the pressure being faced by the Police. Perhaps if he didn't waste their time they could get on with the job!

You know what to do tomorrow.



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Labour's Edgbaston Candidate Loses The Plot!

One person's freedom fighter is another person's terrorist. When it comes to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale the vast majority of Sikhs see him as a martyr whilst the Indian Government saw him as an extremist. He was the chap who holed-up in the beautiful Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984 with his very heavily-armed comrades. At a time of sectarian tension between Sikhs and the Delhi government, Indira Gandhi decided to storm the holy temple - a decision that cost her her own life months later when she was murdered by two of her Sikh guards.

Mrs Gandhi asked the British Government for advice on breaking the siege at Amritsar and we sent an SAS officer to India. This was sanctioned by Maggie Thatcher herself. The subsequent conflict was a very bloody affair with atrocities beyond the temple complex and with great loss of life. Many Sikhs describe the operation as "genocide". Bhindranwale was killed and is now revered by some in the Sikh community despite his apparent penchant for violence and armed "revolution".

We have seen in this blog that the Labour candidate for Edgbaston - a Councillor from the fundamentally corrupt Labour Borough of Sandwell - Preet Kaur Gill (PKG) has had some monumental lapses in judgement (eg when she supported the self-proclaimed mentally-ill social media troll, Andrew Hipkiss) but this is a recent gem from her very own Twitter account:

PKG, who is said to mix with young groups within the Sikh community at what might be called the "extreme" end of the spectrum, is deeply ambitious and desperate to win the seat on Thursday but come on? The UK sends an officer to a friendly government and that makes the Tories responsible for genocide? This is just crazy stuff. She is an inexperienced councillor and this sort of nonsense shows why she is not fit to be an MP. Let's just hope she doesn't also stir up community tensions with this sort of guff!

It has become fashionable for Sandwell (aka Sadwell) politicians (including vicious bully Tom Watson) to pay tribute to Bhindranwali and here is PKG recently addressing an audience in front of a banner which I am told is hailing him as "the hero":

Oh and here is John Spellar (who has purported to represent the sh*thole that is Warley for countless years from his agreeable London home) at it too....

Mind you the Labour policy does seem to now be to support terrorism in all its guises. The ludicrous Jeremy Corbyn - #jihadijez - wants us to hug-a-bomber-a-day - though this is inadvisable if they are wearing a suicide vest......


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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Edgbaston Candidate Gets Touchy!

Labour have put up the deeply ambitious Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Councillor Preet Kaur Gill (PKG) as their candidate for MP in Birmingham Edgbaston.

For those that don't know Sandwell is at, or near, the bottom of every deprivation league table going following 40 years of Labour Dictatorship and, as this blog has shown, the Council is a cesspit of fraud, incompetence and cronyism. PKG has been on the disastrous Council since 2012 but has only fairly recently been elevated to the status of Cabinet Member (so no great track record of experience at running anything).

Sandwell is more incestuous that Norfolk. Many Councillors have friends and relatives working for the sleazy Council. In a possibly unique "double", PKG's day job is as a Team Manager in the disastrous Birmingham City Council Children's Services Department and her husband fulfils the same role in the equally-calamitous Department in Sadders! Still with two highly paid jobs and her allowances she is raking in the dosh.

Not once in her time as a Councillor has PKG ever made any public utterance condemning the corruption within her Labour Council. On the contrary, she used social media to attack the writer of this blog by retweeting the various trolling accounts of the notorious Mr Andrew Hipkiss of the Yew Tree Estate - a troll allied to the late "Leader", Darren Cooper, who repeatedly claims to be "mentally-ill". Sound judgement there Preet!

Labour have consistently attacked free schools. PKG has been hammering away about education throughout her campaign. Yesterday, Ian Crow Multimedia asked PKG this question via social media:

Her immediate response was to block Crow on Twitter! Touchy or what?

Why so sensitive? Perhaps because my sources tell me that one or both of her kids attend the Nishkam, er, Free School. Maybe PKG will hasten to tell the voters of Edgbaston if this is correct or not? And if it is true - what IS her policy on Free Schools lol? I think they need to know....


Of course, nepotism is rife in left-wing circles. "The Terrorist's Friend" - the Socialist Saint Corbyn - during his 34 years as an uneducated, done-nothing, nonentity funded by us taxpayers has managed to get his son on the taxpayer payroll. Nice work if you can get it PKG! And if you find yourself in the Capital (or Das Kapital as it will be renamed if the Marxist Corbyn wins) at least you are likely to see a lot more of two of the MP's - Watson and Spellar - who purport to represent sh*thole Sandwell from their agreeable, er, London homes!


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