Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tom Watson MP & Glastonbury

Many readers will know that Tom Watson MP (the London-resident who purports to represent dirt-poor West Bromwich East) loves to parade his trendiness [sic] by frequently tweeting and blogging about bands and his trips to elitist Glastonbury (for the rich few, not the many).

Seemingly this grotesque character used to pay for himself but, as I posted in April, the phone company EE paid out £956 for two tickets and accommodation for him and a guest to attend the 2016 event. (Why FFS?)

In March this year, the House of Commons debated ticket-touting and the some MP's also referred to the astronomical prices sought for some tickets by large companies like Ticketmaster. That company operates in the so-called primary market but also owns "secondary" sites like GetMeIn and Seatwave. The lead Tory MP trying to change the law - and in particular to ban "bots" (software used by touts to hoover up tickets ahead of the general public) - Nigel Adams - called for companies like GetMeIn and Seatwave to become "open and transparent". Labour's Sharon Hodgson MP described the market as "broken and parasitical".

Tom Watson was the joint laziest MP in the 2010-2015 parliament but managed to heave his vast bulk into the chamber to comment on this issue:

"Banning bots is a welcome announcement that is long overdue, but a single fix won't solve the problems of the broken ticket market. The package of measures needs to focus on tougher enforcement of existing regulations to stop big ticketing companies flouting the rules without suffering any consequences.This is a significant development in the long running battle to ensure fairness for fans but we'll keep campaigning for the comprehensive set of measures needed to finally end the big ticket rip-off."

Blimey - that sounds like Lazy Tom actually standing on a point of principle for once and he certainly gave it to the big ticket companies hard! But that was March. Fast forward just three months to June, 2017 and Greedy Tom accepted no less that five tickets from a donor to attend Glastonbury and also enjoy "hospitality". He valued the package at a mere £2,445 (equivalent to nearly 34 weeks JSA for an over 25 in West Brom).

Who was the donor? Live Nation - owners of, er, Ticketmaster, owners of, er, GetMeIn and Seatwave.... Let's hope Tommy will be as tough with them next time this scandalous issue comes before the House.....


Four days ago "The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star) reported that 14 mostly Romanian families were forced out of their homes in Metro Court,West Bromwich due to serious fire safety concerns. One of the directors of the company that owns Metro Court is our old friend, multi-millionaire "Paul" Bassi - quondam donor to Tom Watson MP.

By the way: special thanks to all Skidder readers, helpers and informants as we hit 700,000 views!


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cllrs Costigan & Hughes Slam The Hobbit!

There is nothing the greasers who constitute the Labour councillors in the socialist sh*thole that is Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") like more than left-wing posturing. Witness their inane, showboating, "motions" at the full Council meetings. Lately, many have been falling over themselves to out-Corbyn the "economic imbecile" and done-nothing "leader" of what is left of the Labour Party and crypto-communists like Cllr Bob Piper and "socialist private landlord" John "Jedward" Edwards positively foam at the mouth with joy at the mere mention of Trotsyist entryists "Momentum".

So what happens when a councillor tries to do his/her job in raising issues of concern to locals but this collides with the forces of Mammon. I suspect regular readers can guess.....

I wrote to multi-millionaire property developer Tony Gallagher at the weekend asking him about financial support he is alleged to have provided to Elaine Costigan (recently promoted to the joke Council "cabinet" - aka the "commode" - in return for her support of "The Milkman".) Alas, no reply has been forthcoming yet.

WMP local "commander" meets Sir Les Patterson

Mr Gallagher is, of course, the man behind Wednesbury's sprawling "Gallagher Retail Park". This is run by a management company called Quadrant. A cursory glance at the planning applications reveal applying companies based in tax-havens like Luxembourg. But when Cllr Bob Lloyd - another recent victim of Steve Eling's lynch-mob and mysteriously known as "The Hobbit" up grim north Sadders - raised an issue about parking at a Wednesbury North Labour Party meeting he was soon slapped down by Elaine Costigan and Cllr Pete Hughes who expressed nothing short of "disgust" at his temerity for raising voters' concerns:

"Gallagher Retail Park – details were given of the proposed improvements that were going through on this retail park and increase in jobs, in addition to those at Lidl. EC/PH pointed out that they had built up a particularly positive relationship with the representative of the Management Company, Quadrant. They also expressed their extreme disappointment and disgust at the intervention of the CLP Chair, and Wednesbury South Councillor, Bob Lloyd, in criticising (in articles in the Express & Star and Sandwell Chronicle) the Management Company with regard to the car park works being carried out over the last few months of 2016."

As ever in Sadders, councillors are prepared to sell their souls for thirty pieces of silver. The same Labour Minute reads:

"This could have resulted in damage to the relationship that had been built up with the company, which had sponsored the artificial skating rink at the Christmas Lights switch-on. They both said that they may raise this further." 

Bravo Costigan and Hughes! People's Momentum indeed.....

By the way, here is a picture of posh Quadrant's, er, multi-ethnic team. Still I bet they are all rabid Corbynistas eh Comrade Piper (especially Tristram.)

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Which Sadders Councillor wrote this (and not in a Mills and Boon novella)?

"She asked me to go in and help her find her keys. She said that her husband would not be back for a while, grabbed me and started groping me. I am ashamed to say that I responded."


There have been a couple of cracking blogs recently from, and I kid ye not, Sandwell Tories. Check them out....



What upset Cllr Paul Moore so much at last night's Labour Group meeting???


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Monday, 17 July 2017

Wednesbury BID

Nothing is apolitical in the Socialist Soviet of Sandwell. Ok, forty years of Labour dictatorship has still left Sadders as one of the biggest sh*tholes in the land but at least the populace is happy because it keeps voting for more of the same.

Many Labour Sandwell Councillors appreciate how fair The Skidder is. Credit where credit is due, for 40 years these greasers have taken the art of scrounging to a whole new level. If there is a pot of money somewhere the comrades are after it although, alas, if they get their grubby mitts on some dosh they usually (metaphorically) p*ss the proceeds up the wall (eg. the bent deal on the "Three Degrees" statue.)

The latest wheeze is to set up pathetic "Business Improvement Districts" around Sadders. The idea of these "BID's" is that local businesses in a defined area vote to pay some more tax (although it is called a "levy") and use it to, er, "improve" business. Thus many of these hopeless organisations hire bearded jazz musicians to toot out a few tunes now and again and occasionally put up some bunting in a facetious attempt to show how dynamic and cohesive local business folk are. There is a proper lawful process to be followed here as, if there is the requisite majority in favour, the extra tax is payable by the objectors too. The process is supposed to be non-party political as is the operation of the BID if it comes into being. Fat chance of that in the Socialist Paradise!

Here is a pic from the, er, vibrant West Brom BID area:

But hang on a mo, I hear you say. Labour Sandwell Councillors hate business and wealth creation and so they can't be involved in somehow trying to influence the votes on these wretched things can they? Well they can in Wednesbury.....

The Skidder is already hearing about lack of consultation in respect of a proposed BID for the ghastly cesspool that is Wednesbury Town Centre. Judging by the truly pathetic retail and business offering there one imagines that the last thing local traders want to do is pay more tax but the usual suspects within the local Soviet see this as another trough to stick their snouts into.

But this is what three local councillors - Costigan, Peter Hughes and Tony "Fudgy" Meehan - reported to the Wednesbury North Labour Party:

"(a) Wednesbury Business Improvement District (BID) – details were given about this; what it might bring to Wednesbury, in terms of likely additional funding from Heritage Lottery/LEP; the progress so far; and the likely timeline for the ballot. It was explained that branch members could play a role in supporting the BID, particularly by promoting it to retailers when going into the shops, and by talking to other members of the community about it. There was also likely to be some BID campaign promotion days, where members could be involved, though it had to be seen as a totally non-political issue. PA* said that regardless of this it would reflect well on the party, and would increase trade in Wednesbury. Members indicated that they would be in favour of working alongside the councillors on this."

*Cllr Peter Allen? Addendum: apparently not - but Paul Agg of Unite the Unite and Momentum!!!!

And so now we have it. Not only do the sleazy "socialists" envisage somehow getting their hands on the extra tax (probably by having cronies running the BID) but they also see it as a springboard to get the begging bowl out to the Lottery and the Local Enterprise Partnership (where they already have allies like the ludicrous and perpetually dinner-jacketed Ninder Johal - a*se-licker extraordinaire of the late demented Darren Cooper.)

And even though this is all supposed to be apolitical and the Councillors can't be seen to be getting involved, Labour "members" have agreed to send out propaganda sleeper cells to infiltrate the premises of unfortunate local shopkeepers and the like, as forcing them to cough up yet more tax "would reflect well on the Party"!

No wonder I have consistently stated that Sandwell is twinned with Pyongyang! At least you can now go into this process with your eyes open you traders of Wednesbury but no thanks to your local elected representatives!


On a somewhat related issue The Skidder was surprised to recently receive a communication from someone who has not been a natural ally in the past. 

Apparently for very many years the comrades let the Wednesbury Rotary Club hold an annual carnival, free of charge, in Brunswick Park to raise money for their charitable work. This year Jan Britton's bent Council levied a charge of £200. It gets worse. Without offering payment Wednesbury Labour Councillors put up a stall and offered "consultations" to unfortunate local pleasure-seekers. The event has always been apolitical and The Skidder understands that the  cheeky comrades were politely asked to do one!



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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Elaine Costigan - The Rozzers' Friend

The local "Cowards in Blue" in Wednesbury presumably do not need senior officers to direct their doings since, if their Twitter account is anything to go by, they defer to Labour Councillor (though ex-Tory) Elaine Costigan for operational decisions. See:


It is interesting that the Wednesbury cops also like to take the p*ss out of local people. On Wednesday I put up an important blog showing how Jan Britton's Council worked with West Midlands Police to try and fit-up a local man and have him sent to prison. The very next morning the joker in charge of their Twitter account could not resist putting up yet another tweet featuring La Costigan and two fingers to us all:

Now here's a funny thing. In early 2015 local residents were alarmed to see two huge silos appear (without planning permission) on a site operated by KTC Edibles in Moorcroft Road, Wednesbury. Look at the size of them (oooh, er, matron) in this article from the Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers:


Even bent "Sadwell" Council could not ignore that one but indicated to the firm that if they moved the silos to another part of the site planning permission was likely to be granted. KTC submitted the appropriate planning application on 6th May, 2015 (the dates are important here). On 1st July, 2015 (ie VERY shortly afterwards) the matter came before the corrupt Council's Planning Committee. The records show that Cllr Elaine Costigan attended the meeting and there is no record of her declaring any interest when this matter was dealt with. The next day, the planning consent was signed by our old friend, Nick Bubalo (who has, apparently, still not been interviewed by WMP under caution in respect of numerous matters referred to in this blog).

Regular readers will be very aware of Cllr Costigan's involvement with the corrupt organisation known as "Wednesbury Celebrates". On 9th July, 2015 (just one week after the planning consent was granted) "The Three Degrees" (a popular music combo m'lud, popular back in the day) were performing at Wednesbury Town Hall. Costigan solicited a "donation" from, inter alia, KTC Edibles. And guess what? Mr Paresh Mehta of KTC duly coughed-up £1,000 (one thousand pounds!)

Now it would be interesting to know when Elaine pitched for this cash wouldn't it West Midlands Police? This stinks anyway but if the money was solicited before the planning meeting that would be very bad indeed wouldn't it Wednesbury Cops? I think you ought to be having a word with "Gold Commander Costigan" don't you?

Council Leader [sic] Steve Eling has worked tirelessly to get Costigan on his "side" in the ongoing Sandwell Labour Civil War. Let's also see what action he takes (if he is not in Rotherham or Derbyshire) in respect of all this.



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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Cllr Marshall's Debt Mountain!

How many times have we seen the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers (aka The Express and Star) spin stories on behalf of Labour Sandwell Council? They regularly act as an adjunct to the useless half a million pound a year "press office" at the Oldbury Kremlin (apparently a vital "frontline" service in Steve Eling's Rotten Borough).

May I please ask you to open this link and read their story about "Leader" Eling's right-hand man, Cllr Richard Marshall, before you read on.....


You might think from this excellent journalism [sic] that Tricky Dicky was, somehow, the victim in all this. He was still claiming to the C*ck-Suckers that the £30,000 had been a "gift" to him and his wife! And they swallowed rather than spitting!

Of course, promiscuity is rampant amongst a number of the Sandwell Labour Councillors (excluding Cllr "One Love" Sandars lol) and Richard is alleged to be a fully paid-up member of the Sandwell Shaggers. Indeed, he himself claims to have had a "sex-only affair for 12 months" with a "lucky" lady. What a gent!

The fact is that in early 2009 Richard and his wife were deeply in debt and sought advice. But Tricky Dicky saw an opportunity to bolster his finances with a property deal at a place called T*** Farm. The vulnerable woman referred to in the Star article lent Marshall and his wife money connected with this deal including the sum of £30k on 31st May, 2009. (Remember that the Marshalls were deeply in debt at this stage). By July, 2009 the property deal was already dead in the water but it seems that Mr & Mrs Marshall just blew the £30k anyway as they were soon back in debt.

The victim saw the people who owned the farm and realised that the property deal was never really a serious proposition. The Marshalls would not repay her and she started Court proceedings.

It should be remembered too that at this stage Marshall had come under the patronage of the former Labour Leader, the late Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper. He seems to have shared Cooper's penchant for bullshit and fighting everything until the bitter end. He claimed in the High Court that the £30k was a "gift" and he and his wife made a whole series of scurrilous and vicious allegations about their victim. But what The Star failed to mention is that, having fought all the way, the Marshalls caved in at the 11th hour and accepted a consent order for repayment of the £30k plus interest and substantial costs. It lies ill in his mouth, therefore, to brag to The C*ck-Suckers about his version of events when he had capitulated totally rather than face examination in Court! One has to question the gutter journalism of Cooper arse-licker Keith Harrison's so-called "journalists" who did not see fit to report the other side of the story.

Marshall was a jobbing builder before becoming a Councillor. Everything was "cash in hand" or as Tricky Dicky put it, "it was not my practice to give written invoices to clients"! Despite his debts he could afford to keep a horse!

Many building supply firms apparently refused him credit and Travis Perkins obtained a County Court Judgment against him. Whilst farcically fighting the court case over the debt he couldn't even afford to pay his own solicitors who apparently took a charge on his house! In 2016 he was overdrawn at the bank and had substantial credit card debts. Even before his bankruptcy he was, curiously, having his generous allowance from Sandwell Council paid into his wife's account although she too has three recent CCJ's against her name (I mention this as she was specifically a defendant in the High Court case and totally supported Richard's allegations.)

Regular readers will recall that following the Private Eye expose that a Sandwell Councillor had been taken to Court for non-payment of, er, Council Tax, Tricky Dicky initially denied to The Skidder that it was him but we were able to exclusively reveal that it was indeed he. Mysteriously, a number of councillors allege that Darren Cooper lent him the money to repay the tax. The late Scumbag was not known for his altruism and, if this is true, one can only imagine what quid pro quo Dazza demanded!

Of course, Marshall is now a bankrupt. He claims that he offered his resignation from "the Cabinet" but that the comrades wouldn't hear of it. Maybe they ought to take a look at the High Court papers and review that decision......

Some Labour supporters attacked me for disclosing Richard's bankruptcy and claim that it has no bearing on his position as a Cabinet member. The truth is that has been unable to manage his financial affairs properly since, at least, 2009 and yet he has influence over multi-million pound budgets. Is that a good thing, I wonder - especially in a Council under Jan Britton that has been mired in corruption and is totally dysfunctional? With his background as a jobbing builder he seems to have also become the Council "expert" on renovation projects. He was deeply involved in the contracts surrounding Lightwoods Park and is now heavily engaged in the Chance Glass project - and The Skidder is hearing all sorts of very "odd" things about that huge property deal. There is no allegation of impropriety concerning Marshall's involvement in these projects but is he really the right man to be engaging with large scale property developments?

So what do you get for ripping off a widow, attempting to trash her reputation, running up large debts, becoming subject to County Court judgments, failing - as a Council Cabinet member - to pay one's Council tax and then becoming bankrupt? You get invited to tea with our ludicrous f*cking "royals"! Trebles all round!



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The Vicious Bullying of Mr Lee Garmston

This blog has repeatedly highlighted the shocking bullying of the Darren Cooper / Jan Britton regime at Labour Sandwell Council but this story is eye-watering even by the gutter-level standards of "The Comrades". Further, we have constantly highlighted the fact that at least one corrupt senior officer at
West Midlands Police is providing "protection" to Britton's bent Council and that the local "Cowards in Blue" are only too happy to help Labour Councillors exercise their dictatorial control over the benighted Borough and its unfortunate populace. But here, the Council and their pals at WMP actually tried to have a man committed to prison for daring to oppose the regime!

Regular readers will know that I have previously blogged about an anonymous individual who had the misfortune to come into contact with Jan Britton's colleague, Helen Williams:


Sandwell Council say that they used their alleged powers under the "Safer Sandwell Partnership" to try and discover if their victim had mental health problems. When they established that he didn't, Helen Williams still referred to this is a court statement in a pathetic attempt to denigrate him.

I can now name the victim of the bullying as Mr Lee Garmston of Wednesbury. Lee is a working man with a wife and three young children - just the sort of person the Comrades purport to represent (at least in pre-Corbyn days.) Lee does not profess to be some sort of saint and he has been vociferous in complaints to the bent Council. He has fought his corner aggressively as is his legal right.

Let's go back to the beginning. Mr Garmston bought his own house but the next-door property is a council house belonging to "Sadwell" Council. For around 10 years Mr Garmston says that his neighbour was an habitual drug-user and there was some conflict. (Incidentally, this was a single person living in a three-bedroom Council house! Maybe he was another "friend" of the Comrades?)

The addict moved out and Lee pleaded with Sadwell to put in a family and not another drug-user. But then Sadders put in another single person (into a three-bedroom house) - a woman who was known to them as having a poor tenancy record. Indeed, I have the evidence of Helen Williams confirming to Lee that the new tenant had been issued a formal warning by SMBC BEFORE she was moved in next-door! Lee says that there was trouble right from the off and on one occasion his wife called the police who attended the properties. But the drug-using tenant then made a complaint to the Council about LEE and someone in Britton's bent empire seems to have viewed this as a great opportunity to shaft the loud complainant Mr Garmston once and for all!

A meeting was arranged for Lee to attend to see Helen Williams at the council offices in Wednesbury. It seems that SMBC had already decided to issue him with a "warning" despite all his complaints and based solely on the word of a tenant they already knew to be problematic. But at the meeting Helen Williams inexplicably had a West Midlands Police officer in tow - WPC Charlene Tranter!

(There is, of course, a Labour Councillor by the name of Tranter. I wrote to him asking if he is related to Charlene but he has declined to respond!)

Lee immediately objected to a police officer being present at the meeting but it went ahead anyway. Remember that Lee is NOT a council tenant but as the meeting got heated WPC Tranter "joined in" with support for Williams and was shouting at Mr Garmston.

The meeting ended acrimoniously with Lee shouting that he would not accept service of a warning letter from the Council. Lee was shouting that the Council was "useless" right at the end when Tranter did the age-old Copper's trick of "hearing" something that wasn't said. She asked "was that a threat?" when no threat had been made.

Britton's staff - including their legal staff - then decided to "get" Mr Garmston and they served a without notice injunction upon him issued in Walsall County Court under Case Number B00WJ456 and an Interim Injunction was issued on 13th May, 2015. But Sandwell Council are not used to people fighting back against their bullying and Lee instructed solicitors and fought the case all the way - risking several thousand pounds of his own money.

Now it gets interesting because Helen Williams and WPC Charlene Tranter seemingly collaborated and supplied written statements to Walsall County Court implying that Mr Garmston was a violent man. To put the icing on the cake, Britton's corrupt staff then applied to the Court to have Lee committed to prison on the basis that, at the meeting referred to above, Mr Garmston had physically threatened both of THEM. They both gave statements remembering exactly that at the meeting Lee told them to "watch their backs".

Let us just pause a moment and imagine the predicament Lee found himself in. A senior Council employee and a serving police officer were telling a Court that Mr Garston was violent. Two people were backing themselves up against one to say that he had actually also threatened THEM. They tried to smear Lee with a suggestion that they had legitimate concerns about his mental health. Sandwell had a bottomless pit of money to continue with the case and crush their victim. Lee was already forking out thousands of pounds to try and defend himself. A hearing was listed for 21st August, 2015 to deprive this husband, working-man and father of three of his liberty! Many lesser people would have crumpled under the pressure and Lee's situation was very bleak indeed. But for one thing.....

Lee had secretly recorded the meeting with Williams and Tranter on his phone. The recording on CD (a copy of which is held by the Skidder and which is available to interested parties) contains no threat and Williams and the Copper were not telling the truth in their COURT STATEMENTS. It is very important to note here that WMP have subsequently had the tape forensically tested and THEY confirm that it has NOT been tampered with in any way.

Suddenly Williams and Tranter became unavailable to attend court due to "ill-health". Ms Helen Williams was said to be off work due to "stress and anxiety". When a lawyer for SMBC told that to the Judge at Walsall County Court Lee checked WPC Tranter's Facebook pages (now closed) and found these (then recent) entries:

There is clearly a question whether the police officer was doing "an Hipkiss"* and that needs further enquiry by WMP Professional Standards and others. Why wasn't she available to attend Walsall County Court?

Eventually on 19th November, 2015 - after Britton's bullies had put a man under massive "stress and anxiety" - they threw in the towel and the actions of Helen Williams and her supporters within the Council cost the taxpayer £8,000 in legal costs payable to Lee (but, because of the way civil costs are calculated, he is still out of pocket). The injunction was lifted and the threat of imprisonment removed.

I have to say it is unclear to me why Lee's legal advisors did not apply to the Judge for possible contempt of court proceedings against Williams and Tranter. My understanding is that their untrue statements (to attempt to have a man imprisoned) were supported by "Statements of Truth" in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and this is what the rules say:

17.6 - False Statements

(1) Proceedings for contempt of court maybe brought against a person who makes, or causes to be made a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.

(2) Proceedings under this rule may be brought only-

(a) by the Attorney General; or

(b) with the permission of the court.

It seems to me that the lawyers should have made a suitable application to the Judge. Then the two women could have stated on oath how exactly they formed an "honest belief" that their statements were true!

But Lee did report all this to the Police and the matter was eventually referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. Let us pause again. The evidence against Williams and Tranter is contained in the tape and in the two statements from Williams and Tranter WHICH WERE SUBMITTED TO A COURT OF LAW. Nevertheless, this perfectly straightforward matter was inexplicably referred to the "CPS West Midlands' Complex Casework Unit"!

As shown above the Attorney General can consider contempt of court proceedings but the CPS have apparently not considered this but possible offences of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office instead. They claim "perjury is not an available offence as the suspects did not give sworn evidence."

I had to maintain Lee's anonymity in the earlier blog because the CPS were still considering prosecution. This is what the District Prosecutor wrote to Lee:

"There can be little doubt that the content of the witness statements that Helen Williams and Charlene Tranter made about what was said in the course of the meeting at Sandwell Council House [sic] on 12th March, 2015 was wrong, in so far as they claimed that you had told them to watch their backs. It is clear from the recording that you made that no such words were used."

Game, set and match? Alas no. The CPS concluded that even though the "wrong" statements had actually been submitted to a Court of Law there was insufficient evidence to prosecute FFS! The CPS appear to be implying that two people "remembering" exact words which were never uttered might have been "a mistake"!

Mr Garmston also made a formal complaint to Sadwell Council. We know that Cooper and Britton attempted to crush all opposition whilst fraud and corruption was taking place over a prolonged period of time but you might have thought that having cost taxpayers thousands and inflicted astonishing suffering on an individual they might have shown a little humility. Not a bit of it. No apology from the ludicrous Britton and no offer to compensate Lee. This could have been funded by the immediate uncompensated dismissal of Helen Williams (followed closely by the departure of the disastrous Britton himself). So what action did Britton take?

We have mocked the desire for secrecy from the crazed Comrades but this is what Britton's staff shockingly wrote to Lee:

"I can confirm that the Council have now completed their investigation. Unfortunately I am unable to disclose further information in relation to the outcome however I would advise that the matter has now been resolved".

The authors of this Kafka-esque b*llocks also require immediate disciplinary action for the utter contempt they have shown to this man by writing in this way. I believe that they are Mark Periket and/or Norman Fletcher (who has, of course, appeared in this blog before concerning the disgraced Adrian Scarrott.)

Lee had to object again but got little more joy from Mr Stuart Taylor:

Thank you for your correspondence dated 12/06/2017 regarding the outcome of the complaint you submitted to the Council.  I can confirm that your complaint has been upheld in that the actions you raised have been substantiated and that your complaint has now been dealt with.  Following your complaint I can confirm that internal action has been taken in accordance with the Council’s policies and procedures.  The Council is beholden under the Data Protection Act not to disclose third party information to people that do not have a right of access to it, further the Freedom of Information Act Section 40 makes it clear that the Council cannot disclose third party information without clear legal reason.

Therefore the Council can confirm that internal action has been taken following an investigation of your complaint but cannot confirm any further details without it breaching the duties placed upon it by the Data Protection Act.

Clearly, it would be grossly inequitable if Helen Williams is still drawing a salary and generous pension contributions from the taxpayer after this but we will have to fight on to ensure her dismissal has taken place or will be happening shortly.

We are now approaching the first anniversary of WPC Tranter making a false statement in a court of law but as far as Lee and I know she remains an officer within bent WMP. Professional Standards have not confirmed whether any action has been taken against her and we now call for the Chief Constable to intervene here (although he was a massive fan of the late Smethwick Scumbag so don't hold your breath.)

At least four Labour Councillors have told me that Eling cannot sack Britton because the latter has "too much on him" (whatever that means) but some of the senior councillors need to get a grip here. Cllr Piper may like to play the class clown but he is an intelligent man and surely he and some of the saner members can get together to ensure the departures of Britton and Williams? Perhaps they could encourage Eling (if he is not away in Rotherham or Derbyshire) to make a public apology to Lee at the next Council meeting and consider what compensation he can be offered?

If there are also any lawyers out there who can suggest appropriate action please get in touch.


Many of you dear readers have been in touch asking why I did not report the threatening behaviour of Mr and Mrs Eling at the election count to WMP. Read the above for your answer!

* Andrew Hipkiss of the Yew Tree Estate is a notorious social media troll used by the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, in his attacks on myself and my wife (this being well-known to bent WMP). Hipkiss gets state benefits as he is allegedly "too ill to leave his house" yet managed to board a plane for a trip to Disneyland in Florida! He claims the Department of Work and Pensions authorised this excursion!


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Monday, 3 July 2017

Eling - The Cover-Up Kid!

When our friend, the quondam Derbyshire resident and Rotherham Council "political officer", Steve Eling became the new "Leader" of disastrous Labour Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council he made great pronouncements about how he was going to "drain the swamp" following the corruption of the Cooper/Britton years (although he has yet to sack Britton allegedly because the joke "Chief Exec" has "too much" on Eling's own record for him to wield the axe). He specifically said that he would address the problems arising from Cooper and Britton's "flexible" attitude to complying with the law of the land and, in particular, the Freedom Of Information Act.

Regulars readers may remember that The Skidder organised the UK's first ever "Corruptour" not so long ago (this idea emanated from Mexico City and involves people actually seeing with their own eyes some of the places where fraud and corruption has occurred). Some folk actually thought this was a joke and that there was not an actual trip but the event did go ahead - and a photomontage will appear on here in due course!

I did a short blog on 31st March, 2017 stating how Labour Councillors had used a neighbourhood meeting to complain about this event to their friends at bent West Midlands Police (I am not suggesting any wrongdoing by the individual officer but we do know that a senior officer of officers have been deliberately blocking police investigations into Sandwell Council corruption).


Unbelievably, although bent WMP will not investigate their corrupt pals they apparently have so little to do that when a Councillor complains to them on such a nonsensical issue they spend further time taking action on the complaint. Thus the Sgt telephoned me demanding information about the Corruptour!

It then became apparent that the matter had been raised at the official meeting by Cllr Linda Horton (mother of the Liar Lucy Cashmore) and so I put in a Freedom of Information request for the minutes (Steve Eling's campaign of openness does not extend to these minutes being automatically available to taxpayers and voters "lol").

After considerable delay on a very simple request Britton's staff have now replied sending the minutes but, lo and behold, there is no record whatsoever of the disgraced former Mayor's complaint! Either the comrades with the connivance of WMP and the Fire Service who were also present agreed not to minute the issue or it was later expunged from the official record! FFS what is going on here?

Now I have been forced to make a new FOI to WMP itself:


Of course, it is interesting to note that an MP at the time plus a new MP were at the meeting. See if you can spot the name of an alleged anti-corruption campaigner there too!

Councillor Richard Marshall (Chair)
Councillor Babu S Bawa OBE      
Councillor Steve Eling
Councillor Mohammad Rouf
Councillor Linda Horton
Councillor Roger Horton
Councillor Keith Davies
Councillor Zahoor Ahmed
Councillor Preet Gill
Rt. Hon.John Spellar MP



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