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Wednesbury BID

Nothing is apolitical in the Socialist Soviet of Sandwell. Ok, forty years of Labour dictatorship has still left Sadders as one of the biggest sh*tholes in the land but at least the populace is happy because it keeps voting for more of the same.

Many Labour Sandwell Councillors appreciate how fair The Skidder is. Credit where credit is due, for 40 years these greasers have taken the art of scrounging to a whole new level. If there is a pot of money somewhere the comrades are after it although, alas, if they get their grubby mitts on some dosh they usually (metaphorically) p*ss the proceeds up the wall (eg. the bent deal on the "Three Degrees" statue.)

The latest wheeze is to set up pathetic "Business Improvement Districts" around Sadders. The idea of these "BID's" is that local businesses in a defined area vote to pay some more tax (although it is called a "levy") and use it to, er, "improve" business. Thus many of these hopeless organisations hire bearded jazz musicians to toot out a few tunes now and again and occasionally put up some bunting in a facetious attempt to show how dynamic and cohesive local business folk are. There is a proper lawful process to be followed here as, if there is the requisite majority in favour, the extra tax is payable by the objectors too. The process is supposed to be non-party political as is the operation of the BID if it comes into being. Fat chance of that in the Socialist Paradise!

Here is a pic from the, er, vibrant West Brom BID area:

But hang on a mo, I hear you say. Labour Sandwell Councillors hate business and wealth creation and so they can't be involved in somehow trying to influence the votes on these wretched things can they? Well they can in Wednesbury.....

The Skidder is already hearing about lack of consultation in respect of a proposed BID for the ghastly cesspool that is Wednesbury Town Centre. Judging by the truly pathetic retail and business offering there one imagines that the last thing local traders want to do is pay more tax but the usual suspects within the local Soviet see this as another trough to stick their snouts into.

But this is what three local councillors - Costigan, Peter Hughes and Tony "Fudgy" Meehan - reported to the Wednesbury North Labour Party:

"(a) Wednesbury Business Improvement District (BID) – details were given about this; what it might bring to Wednesbury, in terms of likely additional funding from Heritage Lottery/LEP; the progress so far; and the likely timeline for the ballot. It was explained that branch members could play a role in supporting the BID, particularly by promoting it to retailers when going into the shops, and by talking to other members of the community about it. There was also likely to be some BID campaign promotion days, where members could be involved, though it had to be seen as a totally non-political issue. PA* said that regardless of this it would reflect well on the party, and would increase trade in Wednesbury. Members indicated that they would be in favour of working alongside the councillors on this."

*Cllr Peter Allen? Addendum: apparently not - but Paul Agg of Unite the Unite and Momentum!!!!

And so now we have it. Not only do the sleazy "socialists" envisage somehow getting their hands on the extra tax (probably by having cronies running the BID) but they also see it as a springboard to get the begging bowl out to the Lottery and the Local Enterprise Partnership (where they already have allies like the ludicrous and perpetually dinner-jacketed Ninder Johal - a*se-licker extraordinaire of the late demented Darren Cooper.)

And even though this is all supposed to be apolitical and the Councillors can't be seen to be getting involved, Labour "members" have agreed to send out propaganda sleeper cells to infiltrate the premises of unfortunate local shopkeepers and the like, as forcing them to cough up yet more tax "would reflect well on the Party"!

No wonder I have consistently stated that Sandwell is twinned with Pyongyang! At least you can now go into this process with your eyes open you traders of Wednesbury but no thanks to your local elected representatives!


On a somewhat related issue The Skidder was surprised to recently receive a communication from someone who has not been a natural ally in the past. 

Apparently for very many years the comrades let the Wednesbury Rotary Club hold an annual carnival, free of charge, in Brunswick Park to raise money for their charitable work. This year Jan Britton's bent Council levied a charge of £200. It gets worse. Without offering payment Wednesbury Labour Councillors put up a stall and offered "consultations" to unfortunate local pleasure-seekers. The event has always been apolitical and The Skidder understands that the  cheeky comrades were politely asked to do one!



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