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Andy Street's Nice New Friends

The West Midlands didn't want a Mayor but we got one forced on us anyway. Just 26.68% of the electorate bothered to vote in the ensuing contest when Andy Street defeated Tom Watson's candidate, the hapless Sion Simon.

Our Andy, who somehow forgot to tell the electorate that his main residence if far from the canine sh*t-smeared streets of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") in the charming Northamptonshire village of Flore, has recently been on a trade mission to Canada - no doubt funded by us taxpayers. Mr Paul Faulkner tweeted that there was "huge potential" for West Midlands businesses to make money in the, er, world's 10th largest economy which also shares our language. Now just fancy that.... They are clever these bods aren't they?

The participants haven't been bragging about winning any deals but have allegedly made some "wonderful connections". Sounds like Trump-speak (aka b*llocks) eh readers?

It is not unusual for Tories to promote dodgy businesses and Street was happy to be photographed promoting Gowling WLG - whom regular Skidderati will know better as the authors of the useless and mega-expensive Wragge Report into some of the allegations of corruption at bent Labour Sandwell Council. Jan Britton is trying, as per, to duck the bullet for giving Wragge's very restrictive terms of reference claiming that this was all down to former assistant chief exec "lol" Melanie Dudley. He is also declining to say how much the wretched thing cost. Let us also not forget that the Report - and the equally eye-watering fees then paid to a QC to comment on it - would not have been necessary if Jan Britton had actually been doing his highly-paid job. He claims (though he has seemingly never been interviewed under caution by the police) that he didn't know that the fraud and corruption was going on but as he had his tongue up Cooper's arse for seven years he wouldn't have, would he?

(Britton has still not been dismissed without compensation allegedly because he has "too much" on new Leader [sic] Steve Eling - whatever that means.)

All white on the night!

Hold tight readers and adopt brace position - I am going to say something in support of Mahboob Hussain! After racking up huge legal fees Jan Britton considered pulling the whole thing because of a disgusting comment by the lead Solicitor and Partner from Wragge's - Mark Greenburgh.

Britton didn't trouble to put the contract to write the Report out to tender. Ironically, Greenburgh was a Tory Council Leader back in the day!

This is what Britton wrote to the late Smethwick Scumbag - and this featured as part of the evidence in the recent High Court Case between Hussain and Sadwell:

"You will recall that, at our meeting with Mr Greenburgh on 22nd October 2015, he made a passing quip about the disabilities of Cllr Hussain's daughter and her children being due to inbreeding. While Mr Greenburgh did not explicitly relate this comment to race, religion or ethnicity, it was inappropriate, offensive and entirely unnecessary in the context of our discussion."

Somehow the incompetent Britton, a bourgeois white man, felt able in the end to decide that this astonishingly awful "quip" was not racist. Judge for yourselves readers? The very fact that this shocking statement from a partner in a major law firm was downgraded to the status of being merely a "quip" is, in itself, a pure example of institutional racism. Anyway he decided that mocking a councillor's disabled relatives was apparently ok and let the gravy train roll on....

Leaving aside his professional abilities you have to question the judgement of someone who makes such a remark in ANY context let alone in a business meeting with the head honchos of a council (even if the two in question were jokes themselves).

But Britton and Cooper allowed Wragge's to complete the report and earn shed loads more money on the basis that Britton would then instruct a QC to advise on whether the report might be biased and whether it should be released. This has cost the taxpayer a further king's ransom in fees to Leading Counsel.

I am not sure why this has not been reported to the Law Society and I am now doing so. As Britton and Eling are trying to keep the costs of all this secret I am writing to the Senior Partner of Wragges asking that, if all this is indeed true, the fees and subsequent QC's costs be refunded to the taxpayer. I am sure Mr Greenburgh will also want to make a public apology to Cllr Hussain and his family.

(To be fair to Wragge's, Cooper and Britton didn't want the report to be released and may have been clutching at straws to prevent disclosure. The late woman-bullying thug was also not averse to making things up.)

Despite the pisspoor report Wragge's are doing similar work for other councils up and down the country. Let us hope the taxpayer is not still putting money in Mr Greenburgh's bulging pockets! Still, at least Andy is trying to drum up a bit more business for them. So that's alright.

Melanie Dudley

I mention Melanie Dudley above. In an earlier blog I asked how she was being allowed to shaft us taxpayers royal:


She was on a good screw thanks to Dickhead Daz despite her limitations. But she apparently decided on her own leaving date and the Late Smethwick Scumbag did a secret deal to pay her off (and, no doubt, to keep her mouth shut). But if she was leaving voluntarily why was she entitled to any extra money from the taxpayer at all? Inevitably Steve Eling and Jan Britton are refusing to say but here are the draft accounts for the last financial year:

This appears to show that Steve Eling has forked out over a quarter of a million pounds in severance payments to just five employees and a whopping £82,791 to Mel. The Milkman has some explaining to do here - so come on Eling, spill the beans!

More From The Sandwell Stone Age:

I think some councillors need an LGBT awareness course. Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Richard Marshall were very keen on me discrediting Eling's opponents in the brutal Labour Civil War still raging in Sadders and provided me with sundry information to that end. They were keen for me to establish if it was true that a current councillor has been "doing a Cashmore" (so-called after ex-councillor Lying Lucy Cashmore who gave a false address and, with police assistance, managed to get four years of expenses and allowances from the taxpayer by alleging she lived with her parents - Cllrs Linda and Roger Horton - in Sandwell when, in fact, she was living with her husband (a Sadwell employee) and her kids just down the road from me in South Birmingham).

Eling and Marshall believed that a male councillor was living outside the Borough. Richard Marshall sent me his car make and registration number to assist me in my enquiries which had already established that the Councillor appeared to be in a relationship with a transsexual/transgender person (so what?) Or as Cllr Marshall put it, "do you also know he has a cock in a frock?"


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