Saturday, 5 August 2017

The BBC & Richard Marshall

We have seen so many times how The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers - aka The Express and Star - have been happy to act as a propaganda sheet for the bent Labour Council in Sandwell but, with a couple of notable exceptions, the lefties at the local BBC have also kept their heads well below the parapet in respect of the fraud and corruption during the seven-year long Cooper/Britton era. Indeed, BBC Midlands Today even blocked a Twitter account tangentially connected to The Skidder on behalf of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper:

On 7th November, 2016 I did a short blog following a piece in the ever-brilliant Private Eye Magazine where they fingered a number of councillors up and down the country who had failed to pay their, er, Council Tax. Many councils had replied under the Freedom of Information Act to Private Eye but Steve Eling and Jan Britton showed the usual contempt for the FOI Act and declined to name and shame a councillor who had been summonsed to attend court for non-payment.

I put up a short blog asking for information. My guess was that it was a certain high-ranking councillor who is often financially-challenged and I asked Cllr Richard Marshall if it was Cllr "X"? Richard went all coy. In the meantime, it seems a local BBC "journalist" had also picked up on the story.

I then had two calls from Richard Marshall. In the first he fessed up to the fact that he was the miscreant and begged me not to run the story because of distress it would cause to his wife. I mentioned to him that I understood the BBC were also sniffing round the story.

Cabinet member and Eling's right-hand man Marshall gave me a massive sob story relating to the death of his wife's mother which, at the time, I took to possibly be true. I told him I was running with the story and he begged me "just please don't mention my wife". I agreed to this as I understood the summons to have been in his sole name anyway and ran the blog post exposing what new leader Steve "Drain The Swamp" Eling and Britton had tried hard to hush-up.

Of course, we now know some of the real reasons for Marshall's non-payment:

But the high-powered Councillor also wrote this to me (my emphasis) about the non-payment:

"I spoke to [named BBC journalist] and explained to him and he was sympathetic and said if he was made to run with it he'd say it was a genuine oversight due to postal issues."

So this is what you pay your licence fee for folks if Marshall is telling the truth (!). The local BBC News team will invent stories to protect Sandwell Labour Councillors! Thank heavens you have Private Eye and The Skidder giving you the real stories, eh readers?

Incidentally, the actual court summons was issued when the woman-bullying thug Cooper was still alive and some councillors are under the impression that he lent Marshall the money to pay the arrears. Marshall denies this but you can put as much weight on his utterances as you like following his disastrous court case. As before, we know the Scumbag never did anything altruistically and so we can only guess what "services" Tricky Dicky was expected to perform in return.

Today, I also received some information from inside the Labour Party. This is from Marshall "groupie" Cllr Bob Piper plus my question to him and I wonder what else Labour doesn't want to tell Sandwell voters?

Incidentally, I am always happy to set the record straight. Comrade Piper recently took grave exception to me calling him a "crypto-communist" and so happy to simply amend that to "communist".

And finally, a Sandwell Employee called Tara Malik has allegedly been taking a great interest in my doings. All info on this welcome. Also would the three people who called the Skidder and left messages recently please call back as the voicemail messages are unclear.


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