Thursday, 12 October 2017

Was It Something I Said?

Toys out of the pram big-style from the Sandwell ("aka" Sadwell) Labour Whips Office!

I heard on the grapevine that these clowns are STILL trying to take action against Cllr Yvonne Davies for trying to tell "the comrades" the truth about the recent activities and bankruptcy of Cllr Richard Marshall! It seems that the sheep are being corralled into attacking one of their own for telling THE TRUTH - a new low even by Sadwell Labour standards.

I duly wrote to "the whips":


I am told you are still hounding Cllr Yvonne Davies in respect of her efforts to alert comrades about the TRUE facts concerning the behaviour of Cllr Marshall.

Can you let me know the current state of play for Skidder readers please?

I currently hold various documents about Cllr Marshall and will be happy to help you in investigating all this if so required."

Oh dear - someone got out of the bed the wrong side this morning. Here is the reply!

"Your message will be placed in trash and subsequently deleted.
You are now muted.
This is the only communication you will receive."

I hope I am not going to be muted like the Canada Geese - honk, honk!


1   There will be a demo outside Oldbury Council House on Tuesday night next week between 5pm and 5.50pm to show solidarity for the 6,226 kids reported to have been abused in Sadwell in the last 5 years. This is immediately before the full Council meeting which starts at 6. Please come along since this disastrous situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

2   You have to hand it to this shower but they do have some brass neck. This blog has repeatedly questioned how the joke "Chief Executive", Jan Britton, has been in post for 7 years and somehow managed not to notice the fraud and corruption within his Council. Of course, the boastful Britton tweeted this in 2014 to the man whose arse he was rimming on a daily basis:

Note the bit about the "sound budget"? As my last post showed it has now been revealed that since 2011/12 (when Britton was in post) there has been a £15.77 MILLION black-hole in the accounts! Britton has yet to be interviewed under caution by the police as to his self-confessed failures to see what was really going on and despite Eling sacking everyone around him he remains in post! But guess what - after 7 years of inglorious failure - Eling has permitted Britton to bring his son in to do "work experience" at the Council FFS! You really couldn't make it up!

3   Now here's a funny thing. Senior Labour Party figures in Sadders are making the allegation (which may or may not be true) that far from being the man who was going to "save" The Public ("lol") vicious bully Tom Watson MP was actually one of the instigators of the scheme to pass it rent-free to the grasping College and had meetings with then Principal, Val Bailey, about all this. I have done a Freedom of Information request to the College who claim they have not kept any records of these alleged meetings (which is different to saying they didn't occur!) Certainly Bailey was obviously in communication with the Council - seemingly without the authority or knowledge of her own Trustees since this is an email of 23rd January, 2013 from Jan Britton trying to hush things up:

"Just so you are aware, Val Bailey of Sandwell College has asked me not to raise The Public at this afternoon’s meeting - because she hasn’t yet discussed it with her Governing Body, who will be present at the meeting."

This is also the subject of the FOI request but it seems clear from this that Britton, the head of the bent paid service, was happy to be complicit in trying to keep matters secret from the College's Board of Governors. Of course, as part of the bent deal the College were forced to take him onto their, er, Board of Governors!!!!! Only in Sadders eh readers?

I have also written to Watson for his comments and will keep you informed of his reply. Don't hold your breath!

4   The Skidder will be in Wednesbury centre at 11am Saturday protesting about the child abuse situation - come and have a chat/join in!

5   This blog passed another milestone the other day - over three-quarters of a million views! Thanks, y'all!


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