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Technical Blog - Standards Complaint - Cllrs Eling and Marshall

Here is the main part of the Standards Complaint about Cllrs Eling and Marshall that I am hand-delivering to Oldbury Council House tomorrow morning when I attend to see the charade of probably the most ridiculous Standards case in the history of local government - another nadir for Sandwell.


1   With regard to Cllr Eling alone - on the night of the election (8th June, 2017) I was a lawful guest at the count at Tipton when I was subjected to a tirade of verbal abuse by Cllr Eling’s wife. Cllr Eling then joined in saying “watch out of she will punch you on the nose and WE will tell the police you provoked her.” I took this to be a direct physical threat and also a threat to make a false allegation to the police to cause trouble for me and I left the main room (where I was legally entitled to be) for a period of time. This was wholly unacceptable conduct and it should be noted that Cllr Eling seemed oblivious to the fact that a number of SMBC employees were present working on the count.

2   With regard to both Cllrs Eling and Marshall, on 29th June, 2016 the two Councillors met me in The Windsor Pub Birmingham where they asked me to use my blog and social media to attack other Councillors - particularly Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones. Whilst the discussion was primarily of a party political nature (although I am not, of course, a member of The Labour Party) Cllr Eling also disclosed confidential (and possibly commercially sensitive)  information concerning the Council’s affairs eg Cllr Eling assured me that the planned ice rink in West Bromwich would not be going ahead although it was sometime before any official announcement was made of this.

3  Following the pub meeting, Cllrs Eling and Marshall sent me a considerable amount of information via a Whats App account in the name of Richard Marshall and via Cllr Eling’s personal email account. Again, this had a party political element but also included derogatory comments about SMBC employees, the disclosure of confidential information about employees eg that Assistant Melanie Dudley faced disciplinary action BEFORE a formal meeting with her, derogatory comments concerning travellers, libellous and obscene comments about fellow councillors (in their own parties), wild allegations about certain members of the public and information that they were arranging to sack numerous employees on the basis of their alleged allegiances rather than in accordance with any failures in performance.

A non-exclusive list of communications follows:

18/08/16  The two Councillors invite me to give Assistant Chief Executive Melanie Dudley “a kicking” via my blog and social media. This is highly unusual when two top councillors are inviting a third party to attack and harass a senior employee in their own Council. The Code of Conduct specifically forbids bullying and here we have a particularly egregious example (and see further below.)

21/08/16 - disclosure that land at the rear of Lodge St being considered for a transient site (they later made a joke about travellers shitting in the gardens there - 13/09/16.) They encouraged me to disclose this on social media and then joked that this caused disquiet to the Chief Executive and extra work for the press office who were ordered to prepare a rebuttal.

01/09/16 - I was encouraged to put in a Freedom of Information request to their own Council to embarrass a fellow (Labour) Councillor even though this would have obviously meant the cost of officers in replying to same.

03/09/16  Cllrs Eling and Marshall encouraged me to attack an employee via social media: “Want to poke MD [Melanie Dudley] with a sharp stick again?” before providing information about her which was not directly relevant to her employment.

On the same date they stated that Ms Dudley was likely to be placed on gardening leave BEFORE a formal meeting was held with her.

06/09/16  They informed me that Ms Dudley had been sent home to consider her position, that she was considering her options and may not return. This was disclosure of highly confidential information about a senior employee.

07/09/16  The two Councillors asked me to attack Ms Dudley, a senior employee, via social media. They did this again on 08/09/16.

13/09/16  Eling and Marshall were anxious that I used social media to say that a meeting had been cancelled by Cllr Eling and to spread rumours why this was.

Later they said that Ms Dudley was responsible for a whitewash report - “It was Imelda that did the report” and that this was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” which led to Cllr Eling deciding to dismiss her. Again this was highly confidential information disclosed before matters were finalised. Had I chosen to put this information in the public domain at that stage it could have had serious legal consequences for the Council.

13/09/16  The two Councillors disclosed that they were sacking employees and did so in derogatory terms - “we’ve just got to throw the shit overboard.”

22/09/16  Cllrs Eling and Marshall engaged in a long-running campaign against Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and others encouraging me to attack them via The Sandwell Skidder blog and social media. It is clear from their written comments that they also used Council officers to attempt - seemingly unsuccessfully, to pursue their vendetta eg:

Cllr Marshall told me on 22/09/16 “I spent an hour with the temp Monitoring Officer yesterday going through the Jones web of corruption, the blood drained from his face with every new revelation. He says he has 2 rottweilers in his fraud team and is going to release them. Hopefully they will find evidence of what I’ve passed to him.”

27/09/16  An allegation is made by the two councillors that a Councillor has been in a long term relationship with a very senior employee (both parties vehemently deny this. Whilst this was partly a party political smear it also (falsely) impugned the reputation of a very senior employee.

28/09/16  The two Councillors are seemingly attempting to dismiss staff solely on the basis of being related to Cllr Husssain: “we think he may have up to five members of his family in Council we are trying to weed them out.” One aspect of the code of conduct is not acting in a manner that causes disadvantage to others but here Cllrs Eling and Marshall are apparently seeking to remove the livelihoods of people without evidence of wrongdoing and due process. Presumably they are using Jan Britton’s services to do the culling ie taxpayer-funded employees to pursue their vendetta. (Ironically, Cllr Marshall’s own niece works for SMBC.)

01/10/16  I was informed that senior employee Adrian Scarrott was to be dismissed prior to any public announcement.

08/10/16  This is the date of the notorious and obscene attack on Cllrs Ian Jones, Olwen Jones and Maria Crompton. Whilst much of the abusive conduct of Cllrs Eling and Marshall was for party political purpose their behaviour here was sexist, libellous and so gross that it has brought the reputation of the Council into even further disrepute. They believed that four Councillors were on holiday together when this was not, in fact, correct - the two couples were both in Tenerife but at different resorts. Cllrs Eling and Marshall envisaged Cllr Crompton in a bikini and that Cllr Jones would “spunk” over her as that would be preferable to having sexual intercourse with his own wife, Cllr Olwen Jones. They then encouraged me to publicly attack the four councillors concerned - or “them twats” as they called them - via social media.

18/10/16  Cllrs Eling and Marshall again disclose confidential information suggesting an unnamed manager had put his career at risk by giving evidence on behalf of Cllr Hussain’s son who was employed by SMBC. If action was taken against the employee this sounds like a breach of the requirement to respect the impartiality and integrity of employees.

26/10/16  The Cllrs state that Cllr Lloyd is “under scrutiny” and this has caused him to be removed from the Chair at Murray Hall Community Trust.

28/10/16  I assume that the code of conduct reference to treating people with respect also applies to other councillors? On this date Eling and Marshall referred to Cllr Frear as a “tossa” [sic] and encouraged me to attack him via the blog and social media: “Any shite you wish to sling at Frear, now would be a good time, he’s feeling v v vulnerable.”

28/10/16  They fed me information concerning alleged criminal activity by a Councillor (further information available by private communication.)

28/10/16  Cllrs Eling and Marshall informed me that Cllr Frear was to lose his job as Chair of Planning.

02/11/16  The two Cllrs used SMBC staff to contact their counterparts in Birmingham in an effort to find certain specified information concerning Cllr Zahoor Ahmed (presumably with the connivance of Mr Jan Britton). In other words, they sought to use taxpayer-funded staff to further their ends in a party political matter. (Birmingham City Council seem to be better run and refused to supply the information sought.)

10/11/16  An allegation was made that Pat Collins Funfair were engaged with others in a social media campaign against the Council. I understand that Cllr Marshall has been very heavily involved (being copied in on staff emails etc) in the award of contracts for funfairs but this comment suggests he and Eling were biased against one operator.

18/11/16  Cllrs Eling and Marshall claim that they have somehow got private and confidential information from within the DWP that a named councillor was being investigated for benefit fraud. This may constitute illegal activity. It is not clear whether they obtained this highly confidential information directly or whether Mr Jan Britton had his staff help them again.

06/12/16  Eling and Marshall state explicitly that a land sale via sealed bids to Cllr Hussain’s son was rigged in that three underbids were all from members of the Hussain family. I am encouraged to attack Cllr Hussain via the blog and social media. To date, no corroborative information has been put in the public domain by SMBC with regard to this. If it is not true then the allegation is malicious and intended to cause harm.

12/01/17  I am sent the car registration number of a Councillor whom Cllrs Eling and Marshall believe is living outside the Borough (somewhat ironic noting Cllr Eling’s personal circumstances.) They want me to try and locate an address.

12/01/17  Cllr Marshall makes a disgusting remark about an allegedly transgender partner of a Councillor: “Do you know he’s got a cock in a frock”. This is discriminatory conduct relating to a person’s gender.

12/01/17  Cllrs Eling and Marshall attack the sister of Cllr Jones - making derogatory remarks about her appearance and twice calling her “vile”. More gross disrespect of a member of the public.

14/01/17  Yet another breach of confidentiality in that Eling and Marshall state that: “Officers [dealing with taxi matters] will only just be being hauled over the coals on Monday morning.”

14/01/17   The two Cllrs confirm a story that a female employee was promoted beyond her abilities by having sexual intercourse with a senior employee (names can be supplied by private communication.) Marshall further stated “they were both on my to go list from the off” suggesting he and Eling, rather than the Chief Executive, were driving recruitment and disciplinary policy within the Council and that they were acting in a biased manner rather than an objective one to the obvious detriment of employees. I understand both employees have, indeed, now left the Council’s employment.

18/01/17  Eling and Marshall state “we have had to force the release of this [the Wragge Report]. This accords with what Cllr Marshall told me verbally in telephone conversations that he and Eling were desperate to have the report released in an effort to “finish off” Cllr Hussain.

19/01/17  The two Councillors exhorted be to attack Adrian Bailey MP and Cllr Bawa via social media and my blog concerning their involvement in a CPO.

20/01/17  Eling and Marshall claim that they have uncovered various dodgy house deals concerning Cllr Rouf’s family. On the same date they supply an address possibly linked to Cllr Hussain.

26/01/17  Cllrs Eling and Marshall attack SMBC staff again stating “as its now been proven that officers grossly undervalued other sites….” This information is presumably confidential as I am not aware of SMBC putting it in the public domain.

28/03/17  The two councillors encourage me to attack a Councillor by writing about an alleged affair with a very senior employee. A scurrilous attack on both.

29/03/17  A wild allegation is made that a Mr Afzal Hussain has been buying into leases on the Chance Glass site and another claim that he was connected with a another site. No information has been forthcoming to support these threats. The two councillors were anxious to find links between this Mr Hussain and Councillor Hussain.

01/04/17  Cllrs Eling and Marshall inform me that Cllr Linda Horton reported my forthcoming “Corruptour” with the police at a town meeting.

05/04/17  The two councillors again encourage me to put in a Freedom of Information request to their own Council in an effort to harm Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones concerning Wednesbury Celebrates.

06/05/17  Cllrs Eling and Marshall forward to me the statement given by Adrian Bailey MP in the High Court action between Cllr Hussain and SMBC BEFORE the case has been decided. Another gross breach of confidence.



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New MO - Same MO!

The bent Labour Council in Sandwell (aka Sadwell) have, as we have seen many times, appointed weak and feeble characters to the top echelons of the paid service in the benighted Borough. Head honcho, the pathetic Jan Britton, had a very thin CV but was appointed as Chief Executive. A selection of weirdos formed the second tier - like now-disgraced "Head of Legal" Neeraj Sharma who already had a record of  dismal failure at Walsall Council.

Some cynics have suggested that Cllrs Cooper, Eling and Hussain deliberately picked flawed candidates so as to ensure that they did their bidding. They were very highly paid and could be expected to turn a blind eye to corruption, cronyism and incompetence by the "comrades". If they "failed" to do the bidding of their sleazy "socialist" masters they were paid off with huge sums of OUR money and gagged from saying anything with confidentiality clauses. This may or may not be the case but even the undoubting amongst us will have noted that the mostly useless bunch - with the exception of the laughable Britton - have been shipped out - Garratt, Kellas, Sharma, Bubalo, Scarrott, Dudley etc etc. And yes, they all got a nice bag of swag to help them on their way.

And now - "Leader" Eling and his friends have appointed a whole NEW tier of management prepared to risk their careers working with the tainted Britton and the stinking Labour authority! One such is the new "Monitoring Officer", Mr Surjit Tour - head of legal [sic] and the laughably-named "democratic services" at the Oldbury Kremlin.

One obviously malicious soul claimed that Mr Tour actually worked at Sadders years ago when he often provided a lively afternoon "cabaret" in the Wagon & Horses pub in Oldbury but this cannot be true. Mr Tour only mentions working at Cannock Chase and Wirral Councils on his LinkedIn profile today where he also fails to mention his new job. Surely he cannot be embarrassed that his career has sunk so low that he has ended up at Sadders?

Incidentally, his departure from the Wirral was unlamented as recorded in the excellent Wirralleaks blog:

After the disastrous Neeraj Sharma and the subsequent hiatus following her departure surely the two people in control [sic] of Sadders (excluding, for present purposes, Watson and Spellar) the Sp*nk Brothers, Cllrs Eling and Marshall, appointed a real tough guy to do what Steve "The Milkman" Eling has been promising - the "draining of the swamp" (which he himself was heavily involved in creating)? After all the public pronouncements could we really expect a new brush sweeping Britton's disreputable empire clean? Well, readers, the omens are not good.....

Regular readers may remember one of my posts about Cllr Elaine Costigan who had solicited money for her pet project, the scandal-riddled "Wednesbury Celebrates", from a company called KDC Edibles at a time when they were in breach of planning regulations. Costigan's pals had erected two huge silos at their factory without permission. They were "encouraged" by SMBC to move them to a different part of the site and retrospective planning permission was waved through by the comrades in record time with Costigan being on the Planning Committee that gave the approval. She said nowt and did not declare any interest even though KDC had, by then, coughed up a grand for her pet project. The full story so far, and details of West Midland Police's very unhealthy relationship with her, can be found at:

In the absence of any action being taken by Sadwell Council about this I made a formal Standards Committee complaint - also mentioning a document which referred to Costigan and the pathetic Peter "Zorro" Hughes actively courting the management of what was named the "Gallagher Retail Park" which is a frequent source of planning applications. Costigan is said to be close friends with Tony Gallagher (and I mean that purely in the literal sense).

My complaint was dealt with unusually quickly and here is the full response from our Mr Tour de Force:

Let's leave the Gallagher stuff on one side here though you can see what the comrades were/are up to via an earlier blog linked below. You should also note that I supplied the new "Monitoring Officer" with two specific dates when Costigan met with the management of the Retail Park ie 25th March, 2014 when she met a Mr Mark Edwards and 27th October, 2014 when she met a Mr Chris Daniels at Starbucks. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, unless she fails to mention it at relevant SMBC meetings. Why did she meet them and what was the outcome? You will see from the link below that she and Hughes slagged off a fellow Labour Councillor who dared to complain about parking issues around the retail park as they had such a "good relationship" with the management company! (Don't forget that Costigan is, unbelievably, in the joke Cabinet now as reward for switching sides in the Milkman's dodgy leadership election!)

Costigan's "defence" is, firstly, that she acted in good faith as she raised the planning matter with the Council. With no due respect she could hardly do otherwise as the whole street next to the silos were up in arms and local UKIP members and Labour comrades were already "on the case" (and see further below.)

Secondly, Costigan says she took advice about declaring the interest from a male SMBC employee (which means that she must of been aware of an interest at the material time!) She alleges that whoever was the "Head of Development and Regulatory Services" at the time told her she didn't have to declare the interest! Happily this male employee is still around but "couldn't remember" Costigan making this request but did tell Tour that Costigan is a good egg anyway! (Answers on a postcard please as to who this joker is and what the proper procedure should be here. Is it enough for a Councillor to ask any useless time server in the bent paid service whether she should declare an interest? Surely it should be for the Monitoring Officer to decide and the advice recorded and/or to ask the Chair of the Committee at the meeting?)

Thirdly, this liar (and we have seen how she was caught out fibbing in the Lorraine Binsley affair) says that even though she could remember enough to question an employee whether she should declare an interest the original email asking for cash may have been written by someone else using her name!!!!! Ok - she ran the "association" as a personal fifedom and used the box office and other parts of the Town Hall very frequently (whilst the association was failing to pay rent to, er, her own Council) but let's just have a look at the full email record:

1   This is the original begging letter for the attention of Jindy Khera of KDC Edibles which follows certain "conversations". Even though the Wednesbury Celebrates organisation was supposed to be nothing to do with the Council (although Jan Britton has still got a lot of questions to answer on why he seconded staff to them) you will see that Costigan's name is on the letter and specifically refers to her status as a Councillor!

2   KDC replied offering £1,000 - hardly likely if just on the basis of the letter and probably indicative of other contact too. But note especially - this is also 4th March, 2015 and the email in reply is specifically copied in to Costigan on her Council email account. You will see from 1 above that this was NOT on the original email and so they had clearly obtained Costigan's email from somewhere!!!! And besides spinning the new Monitoring Officer the yarn that she may not have known about the original email (in her name) she was copied in to the reply on the very same day. I don't know about you readers but if I was copied into an email offering £1k for a small organisation I was running I would want to know what was going on! The truth is Mr Tour, Elaine's pissed down your leg and told you it was raining!

3  If there was any doubt about Costigan not signing the original begging letter but allowing her name to be used how about this one from the very next day? It is sent from an iPad (her Council-owned one presumably), she uses her private email address, refers to having had a discussion with Jindy, makes an electoral pitch and then seals it all with a kiss! How nice. There can be absolutely no doubt that Costigan is fully involved in this now. She promises to send an invoice which is duly sent by Wednesbury Celebrates on 9th March, 2015 signed "Elaine, Wednesbury Celebrates" (oh, if only she had been so quick paying the huge sums of rent payable to the taxpayer.....)

4   April, 2015 - the sh*t hits the fan when the silos go up without planning permission and they are BIG! Local residents go barmy and Ukip are on the case. Our new investigative hero, Mr Tour, tells us that on 21st April, 2015 Costigan emailed the employee though he makes NO reference to Costigan declaring an interest at this point (in other words she didn't.) Remember, at this point her friends are breaking the law. By 25th April, 2015 even "The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers" had caught up:

5   KDC are rather tardy paying the invoice. Conspiracy theorists may wonder whether they were checking the planning went through OK before parting with the dosh but they seem like nice people (unless you live next to the factory) and, in any event, they had no fear since our old friend Nick Bubalo was "on the case". Despite KDC being the ones who have broken the law, Bubalo was now bending over backwards to help them. It seems there is no mention anywhere of any any action eg fines against KDC and the whole thing is rushed through for the Planning Committee of 1st July. As above, Costigan allegedly asks the mystery employee if she should make a declaration (having seemingly remembered that she MAY have an interest to declare). We must assume this was a verbal enquiry as our gumshoe MO has found no emails confirming this. As above, the joke employee cannot remember but thinks Costigan is great anyway! Clearly we need to investigate whether he had the authority to tell a Councillor not to make a declaration and disciplinary action must now swiftly follow if he did not. Costigan attended the meeting, sought no guidance from the MO or the Chair and failed to declare any sort of interest - not even that she clearly knew the directors of the Company! (Remember folks, she is now a Cabinet member!!!)
And so - a new MO but same old modus operandi. The "investigation" here has been a sick joke and has apparently been waived through by an anonymous "independent person" [sic]. There is NO appeal says Tour.

I have referred the whole fraudulent conduct of SMBC/Wednesbury Celebrates to corrupt West Midlands Police before but will be sending this all to the Chief Constable tomorrow as there are alleged to be other investigations still "ongoing" "lol". WMP have ducked out of doing their job before alleging that SMBC have investigated certain matters but when their formal investigations are as laughable as this, something is seriously wrong - as we have been saying for just FOUR YEARS now!!!!


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Steve Eling - You Are A F*cking Liar!

New Sandwell Council Labour Leader Steve "The Milkman" Eling is showing himself to be a lying c*nt like his wife-beating predecessor, Darren Cooper.

Some of the information in the Whatsapp feed set out below has already been put on this blog as the "Eling/Marshall files". But I am now putting up the entire feed (alas, with some redactions - see below) as Eling is disputing its authenticity. Unlike Eling, I do not treat readers as morons and, folk, you can make your own minds up as to who the liar is here. I should also say that I have given a statement to one set of solicitors confirming the authenticity of the feed and am prepared to attend court to verify that. I also challenge Eling to say publicly what he is saying to people (and, presumably, to the ineffectual Labour Party) privately that I have made all this up so that I can also then commence legal action against him (there is no point pursuing Marshall as he is a bankrupt - financially and morally - but Eling is absolutely loaded.)

Before we move on I need to provide a little bit of background on something. This blog started as a reaction to the lies and corruption surrounding Labour's closure of The Public. Whether or not that was the right thing to do, the Labour Council went about things in their usual dictatorial way with no regard to the law of the land. Of course, we have come to see that this behaviour (and worse, including fraud) was the norm rather then the exception.

A third party who is a VERY close personal friend of Sandwell Labour's class buffoon, Cllr Bob Piper, started feeding me anti- Cllr Mahboob Hussain material. Along with former Cllr John Tipper he was also feeding stuff to journalist Adam Smith who used to be at The Halesowen News. How Cllr Piper's bezzie mate "Mr X" came by this insider information remains a mystery. Obviously not from allegedly vegetarian Piper, the "pea-green incorruptible". Incidentally, it was "Mr X" who brokered - and attended - the infamous pub meeting in 2016 when Eling and Marshall asked me to use this blog and social media to continue to attack Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and any other Cllrs perceived to be opposed to The Milkman (eg Frear and others.)

No doubt Cllr Piper will satisfy the increasing number of lawyers who are crawling over all this that he was not the source of the leak noting that he has been sitting on the Audit Committee that has been raising issues against both, er, Hussain and Ian Jones.

Piper has an interesting record of abusive behaviour on social media and since the Eling/Marshall files became public he has failed to condemn the gross breaches of Labour Party rules (and possibly the criminal law) and the astoundingly obscene abuse of two of his female Cllr "comrades". Yet he has found time to rant that I am a "liar" (interesting from a man who was forced to apologise to, and make a settlement with, Annie Sheppard the former Chief Exec of Walsall Council to avoid a libel action), "a pathetic old drunk" (less of the "old" please comrade "lol") and a "pisshead"! He obviously hasn't seen the imbecilic Corbyn's diktat against "abuse" yet....

Unfortunately, the Sp*nkgate scandal - appalling as it is -  has taken over coverage of this saga but the Labour Party and others need to also address the leaking of information to a blogger and the deliberate campaign - with MP's Spellar and Watson - to destroy two Councillors. There are questions how these two obtained confidential information and serious attackers on others eg Cllr Frear and Adrian Bailey MP. There was also the encouragement for me to investigate certain matters to the detriment of certain councillors.

The general reader will not wish to plough through the entire feed (described by Cllr Ian Jones as a hate campaign on "an industrial scale") below but it will help the various interested parties and their lawyers. I have also set out below some of the "lowlights" of Eling and Marshall's hate campaign for the casual observer with the respective dates. But do "dip" in here and there to determine the authenticity of the feed.

Some of what follows is embarrassing to me (not least the "Tom Knight" saga) but I have left much of that in so that everyone has as complete a picture as possible. In my own defence I do make some mistakes recorded here but mostly in the light of misinformation I have been deliberately fed by certain parties. I have contemporaneous email proof from just after the infamous pub meeting that I was concerned that I was being sold a pup by Eling and Marshall. Looking back at the feed it is obvious that they were ducking all questions in which their "side" were possibly implicated whilst continuing to attack their opponents. The hardcore reader will note how vicious they were when I got close to the facts eg the cover-up of the misdemeanours of "The Sandwell Slasher", Cllr Simon Hackett - even suggesting I would face legal action. It became increasingly obvious that I was being "played" and when The Milkman and his screaming wife launched their attack on me INSIDE the general election count I finally saw the light. See:

I have had to make some redactions to protect myself where I have inadvertently (on my state of knowledge at the time) made potentially libellous comments. But I have left in as much as possible. Now what Eling and Marshall were saying is potentially libellous to a number of individuals, especially the Jones family. I include a number of those comments for the simple reason that I am simply recording what Eling and Marshall said. I specifically do NOT say that the allegations are true and point out that neither of them has yet to produce a scintilla of evidence against the persons named. It is a matter of significant public interest that two high-ranking councillors have asked a blogger to spread lies about and otherwise attack a number of individuals.

It should be remembered that Eling was right at the very heart of bent Sandwell Council during the years of fraud, incompetence and corruption - particularly during the Cooper/Britton regime. This blog has already shown that he lied about the casino costs debacle and that he led the comrades into the discriminatory Council Tax Rebate disaster which caused terrible hardship locally to the desperately poor (predominantly women) in true Sandwell "socialist"-style! Alas, this coward cannot even take responsibility for that but is laying the blame at the feet of disgraced former finance officer, Stuart Kellas.

Marshall (and his wife), of course, conned a widow out of over £30,000 for a mythical property development and blew the dosh. In the subsequent court action Marshall and his wife claimed the money was "a gift". They caved in just before trial as their case was patently ludicrous but not before Marshall had tried to destroy the woman and, in particular, told the court she led HIM on so that the poor mite succumbed to having sexual intercourse with her which he gallantly says he continued to do for a further 12 months thereafter! What a gent! See:

(Incidentally the widow wrote direct to Jeremy Corbyn about Marshall a few weeks ago but has heard nothing.)

We must also remember that Cllr Yvonne Davies is currently suspended from The Labour Party (though she is appealing) for trying to tell the comrades the truth about Marshall whereas neither he nor The Milkman have YET to be suspended for this shocking catalogue of horrors. And the Party were made aware of the history of the private meeting in the pub and a lot of the Whatsapp feed as long as as 23rd August, 2016!!!

Please also note that there were also phone calls - usually when they were desperate about something. I have handwritten notes concerning some of them.

The reason it is so important to put up the whole feed is that these two scumbags are not only refusing to resign but are trying to brazen it out!!!! 

As far as the Sp*nkgate part of this whole scandal is concerned Eling and Marshall found out that Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones (who are married) had gone to Tenerife. They got it wrong because they thought Cllr Maria Crompton and her partner Cllr Pete Allen were joining them there (in fact it was coincidental and the couples were going to completely different resorts). Eling and Marshall suggested that Ian Jones would sp*nk over Maria "in her bikini" and this would "just" be better than him "doing his wife". They exhorted me to attack these councillors as I "terrified them".

When Cllr Crompton complained about this she was offered a meeting with Eling himself. Clearly as he and Marshall were co-conspirators this was wholly inappropriate. The Milkman should have recused himself from any enquiry and, given Cllr Crompton's obvious distress over all this, offered her an independent person to talk to her. The Party was already well aware, thanks to my letter to Secretary Iain McNicol in August, of what they had been up to. Having inappropriately decided to see Cllr Crompton you might think that a decent man would apologise and to ensure Cllr Crompton's well being eg offering counselling or whatever. But instead Eling told this victim of his vicious campaign that it was all lies! He explained that I often "talk to myself" using multiple social media accounts and that I had made it all up. So a pathetic coward as well as a liar. Once again - repeat this in public Eling and let's take it from there!

He has now changed his tune. He is telling people that (a) there is no link between the Whatsapp account and Marshall; (b) that I do not have dates and times and can prove nothing; and (c) that an unknown person or persons have impersonated Marshall and engaged in a fictitious conversation with me! This is ludicrous:

(a) here is Cllr Marshall's info page on the Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council website. Please note the mobile number: 

And here is the Whatsapp account contact details in the name of one "Richard Marshall". Please note the phone number!

(b)  Check the feed below for the complete details of dates and times;

(c)  Again, read the feed below. Does it read like someone impersonating him? How has the impersonator obtained inside information? This is total bollocks from the two cowards.

Surely The Labour Party needs to take into account this history of lying - including to their victims - when disciplining them?

Incidentally, we have seen before how the local lefties at the BBC have bent over backwards to big-up the sh*thole, sorry "socialist paradise", of Sandwell eg: a leading journalist leading the eulogies at the celebration of the death (surely "celebration of the life" - Ed) of the late Smethwick Scumbag and wife-beater; eg:

This feed was offered to the BBC to show that Eling and Marshall were lying that it is a fake but the offer was not taken up. Could this be because of the role of their "journalist" Alex Homer in this sordid story - 09/11/16?


Eagle-eyed readers will not a couple of curious references to my wife, Linda. She was subjected to appalling harassment by the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, which was condoned (and in some cases actively encouraged) by most of the Labour Sandwell Councillors including many female ones. She made direct complaint at the time to Ed Miliband and prominent members of the Labour shadow cabinet but didn't even get a reply. If Jan Britton was not directly involved in the attacks he caused and/or permitted members of his staff to participate. The Police and the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel also protected their mate, the woman-bullying thug.

Hardly anyone knows this but Marshall invited Linda to Oldbury Council House twice to seek advice on local arts provision. It says a lot about her courage and decency that she attended (Cllr Trow was also at the first meeting.) She recommended that SMBC looked to build on what was left after Cooper's nasty and destructive policies including supporting Multistory and Black Country Touring. Some of the long-suffering arts folk in Sadders owe her the proverbial pint of Bathams down The Wheatsheaf sometime!!!!

Some Lowlights

MP's Watson and Spellar Eling and Marshall claim that this pair of London residents who purport to represent Sadwell constituencies were very directly involved in the secret campaign to destroy Cllr Mahboob Hussain. See entries 26/09/16 x 2 and 5th October, 2016.

Sp*nkgate features in entries between 07/10/16 and 08/10/16.

DWP Eling and Marshall claimed on 16/11/16 they illicitly obtained information from the DWP about Cllr Hussain (I have written to the Department and still await a response.)

Adrian Bailey MP Eling and Marshall attack a Labour MP: 03/10/16; 19/01/17; 22/01/17; 06/05/17 and 09/05/17.

LGBT insult On 12/01/17 Eling and Marshall made the infamous "cock in a frock" comment.

Mrs Steve Eling It is difficult to find anyone in Sandwell who has a good thing to say about Pam Pulsford/Eling. See entries on 28/04/17 where it is confirmed that she lives near Belper in Derbyshire which makes it all the more surprising that she is being considered as a potential Labour Councillor in the benighted Borough of Sandwell!!! 

On the subject of this woman both Cllrs Hussain and Eling gave evidence to the High Court that SHE (not The Milkman) phoned Hussain and said that unless Ian Jones stepped down from challenging her liar husband by 6pm on 29th April, 2016 "they" would "destroy" Jones and his family. Given her screaming fit at the count (see above) she would appear to be an excellent prospective candidate!

So here we go - the actual feed complete with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. Remember that to date, Eling and Marshall have not produced ANY evidence in support of their wild and libellous allegations.....

09/08/2016, 09:06 - Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.
09/08/2016, 09:08 - Richard Marshall: Welcome to the safe and secure world of whatsapp!
09/08/2016, 09:08 - Jules: Not sure how it works yet!!!
09/08/2016, 09:09 - Richard Marshall: In brief . You can text and phone anyone in secret . Nothing shows on any bill
09/08/2016, 09:09 - Richard Marshall: Anyone on your contacts with the app will now show up
09/08/2016, 09:10 - Richard Marshall: One grey tick shows message sent
09/08/2016, 09:10 - Richard Marshall: 2 ticks shows its received
09/08/2016, 09:10 - Richard Marshall: When they go blue the recipient has read it
09/08/2016, 09:10 - Jules: Just going out so will have a play later!
09/08/2016, 11:27 - Jules: At Weds TH. When I said I was Skidder woman walked out of back of office. Can't swear but think it was Costigan.
09/08/2016, 11:28 - Richard Marshall: Blonde hair?
09/08/2016, 11:28 - Jules: Yep.
09/08/2016, 11:29 - Richard Marshall: Probably.  Shes on our side but the Joneses don't know it
09/08/2016, 11:29 - Jules: Will go back in 30 mins
09/08/2016, 11:30 - Richard Marshall: Might want to say that you heard there was a ruckus a wk or so ago after a show
09/08/2016, 11:32 - Richard Marshall: In the box office in full view of the public , some Cllrs getting quite irate
09/08/2016, 12:21 - Jules: Put some tweets up. Big fat bloke came out & non-aggressively confronted me but when asked said he was nothing to do with WC or SMBC!!!
09/08/2016, 12:33 - Richard Marshall: No idea
09/08/2016, 15:28 - Richard Marshall: Trouble in Blakenall community organisation in Walsall. They cannot find out what happened to the money they got in grants from bids or get hold of accounts for it from Ian Jones. Local Councillor has raised the issue with regional office.
09/08/2016, 15:45 - Jules: Interesting!
09/08/2016, 15:49 - Richard Marshall: The hits just keep on coming
10/08/2016, 11:45 - Richard Marshall: I know have a full report on the train   and will pass it onto you once I have read and digested the whole thing
10/08/2016, 11:47 - Jules: Great. I am out rest of day so no rush. That was very quick anyway!!!
10/08/2016, 11:49 - Richard Marshall: As I expect
11/08/2016, 15:56 - Richard Marshall: Sent train reply
11/08/2016, 19:35 - Jules: Blog up. Many thanks Richard!
11/08/2016, 20:22 - Richard Marshall: See you near the phone box
11/08/2016, 20:32 - Jules: Grand!
11/08/2016, 20:35 - Richard Marshall: Hope you've been nice to me
11/08/2016, 20:35 - Jules: Sort of!!!
12/08/2016, 09:14 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted>
12/08/2016, 09:28 - Richard Marshall: Thanks
12/08/2016, 11:55 - Jules: Will Cllr Eling be appearing at the Arts Festival?
12/08/2016, 12:18 - Richard Marshall: Possibly but not in your phone box! I have numerous visits over the weekend to do so you will not doubt see me at some point. I'm glad that  you've described me as a 'chink of light' in your other post
12/08/2016, 13:20 - Jules: πŸ˜€
12/08/2016, 21:30 - Richard Marshall: [Image of travellers]
12/08/2016, 21:31 - Richard Marshall: This is only a temp emergency measure as this group cut the wooden bollards off at ground level last time and drove on
12/08/2016, 21:36 - Jules: Wrong person?
12/08/2016, 21:39 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted>
13/08/2016, 09:40 - Jules: We have been moved to outside one of the Poundlands - the one in the High St. We are in the market! 12.30 & 2
13/08/2016, 09:43 - Richard Marshall: I'm aiming for the 1230 I'm giving mountain bikes away at 11
15/08/2016, 11:14 - Richard Marshall: Be worth asking your followers if they've heard of any child safe guarding issues at a Wednesbury Park
15/08/2016, 11:15 - Jules: Interesting!
15/08/2016, 11:16 - Richard Marshall: I try
18/08/2016, 17:40 - Richard Marshall: Seems like Sports Wednesbury aren't delivering the Summer Parks Programme in Brunswick Park anymore wonder why?!
18/08/2016, 17:41 - Jules: Can I use that?
18/08/2016, 17:43 - Richard Marshall: You could ask if anyone knows why Council staff are suddenly delivering the programme
18/08/2016, 17:46 - Richard Marshall: Especially considering the child safeguarding issue you asked about the other day
18/08/2016, 17:51 - Jules: Ah! Difficult for me to be too explicit. Out at mo but will get stuckin tomorrow.
18/08/2016, 17:54 - Richard Marshall: No that's fine, there's going to be more leaks than Wales . Have you seen Halesowen News re Jones not being invited in, you can give Melanie a kicking for that if you wish

[Editorial note - it must me unusual for a Council leader and a Cabinet Member to invite a blogger to attack the Council's Assistant Chief Executive!]
18/08/2016, 17:55 - Jules: Will look - happy to oblige!
18/08/2016, 17:55 - Richard Marshall: Good. More dodgy fucking officers in Democratic services
18/08/2016, 17:56 - Jules: You surprise me "lol"
18/08/2016, 17:56 - Richard Marshall: I just hope we can out the all
18/08/2016, 18:00 - Jules: Indeed!
18/08/2016, 18:04 - Richard Marshall: We will give it best shot, that's if Rouf and the Hortons don't get me first
18/08/2016, 18:05 - Jules: We shall overcome comrade!
18/08/2016, 18:06 - Richard Marshall: Rouf has been visiting members in my Ward trying to get them to sign friends up to deselect me
18/08/2016, 18:07 - Jules: Right. I will go on offensive. But you are ok for 2 years aren't you?
18/08/2016, 18:10 - Richard Marshall: I have 2 yrs as cllr but they can try alsorts of dirty tricks between now and then . I'm told Roj and Lin have already picked my replacement
18/08/2016, 18:10 - Jules: Ok. Battle joined!
18/08/2016, 18:11 - Richard Marshall: If only my mentor was still around!!!!
[Editorial Note - this is an unbelievable reference to the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper]
18/08/2016, 18:11 - Jules: FFS!!!!
18/08/2016, 18:12 - Richard Marshall: Double edged sword I know.
18/08/2016, 18:15 - Jules: Keep the faith. Just meeting missus so over & out. Have a good evening. On case tomorrow!!!!
18/08/2016, 18:16 - Richard Marshall: Say hello to her from me and will be in touch soon
18/08/2016, 18:17 - Jules: πŸ˜€
21/08/2016, 20:42 - Richard Marshall: Would you be interested in knowing that the council are looking at a transient  site?
21/08/2016, 20:43 - Richard Marshall: And that land at the back of Lodge St is being considered?
21/08/2016, 22:28 - Jules: Really? That would be good for house sales!
21/08/2016, 22:48 - Richard Marshall: It really wouldnt would it!!
24/08/2016, 07:45 - Jules: Redacted - comments by me about Paul Slater, then the head of Sandwell Leisure Trust.
24/08/2016, 07:54 - Richard Marshall: Really?  Redacted re Paul Slater
24/08/2016, 07:58 - Jules: Redacted re Paul Slater. Hearing SLT being "audited".
24/08/2016, 07:59 - Richard Marshall: You are not alone on that one
24/08/2016, 08:02 - Richard Marshall: You seem to have it in for AS have you anything on him i need to know or is it just him being linked to Manboobs?
24/08/2016, 08:04 - Jules: Mostly that he is said to be Hussain's man at S Homes and also involved with Jones eg Wednesbury Celebrates.
24/08/2016, 08:08 - Richard Marshall: Ok. We are all over that stuff at the moment but this lot haven't let many fingers prints
24/08/2016, 08:13 - Jules: Is there anything in the public domain yet about transient site nr Lodge St?
24/08/2016, 08:22 - Richard Marshall: Let you know during the course of the day
24/08/2016, 16:01 - Jules: Redacted comment about a councillor.
24/08/2016, 16:06 - Richard Marshall: Redacted comment about a councillor.
25/08/2016, 18:30 - Richard Marshall: Check out Rob Mayor tweets about Sport Wednesbury
25/08/2016, 18:50 - Jules: Yes have RT'd!
25/08/2016, 18:52 - Richard Marshall: Mcvitie is at best delusional!
25/08/2016, 18:53 - Jules: Indeed!
25/08/2016, 18:56 - Richard Marshall: " is unclear if any staff without a check carried out an activity requiring one" EVERY activity with kids requires one !!
25/08/2016, 18:57 - Jules: Quite!
25/08/2016, 18:59 - Richard Marshall: Weasels. I've called Sports England in to see me re this group btw
25/08/2016, 20:16 - Jules: Oh good!!!
25/08/2016, 20:18 - Richard Marshall: I'm going to do my best to get that tap turned off too
25/08/2016, 20:19 - Jules: πŸ˜€
25/08/2016, 20:21 - Richard Marshall: The Joneses have now been kicked lock stock and barrel out of the Town Hall and out of Wednesbury Celebrates and have moved onto Hill Top Community Centre and joined forces with a BCC Cllr and her Cllr hubby that run it. Looks like they are starting another 'community organisation' there to
25/08/2016, 20:22 - Jules: Oh right. I will take a look!
25/08/2016, 20:23 - Richard Marshall: They've already started door knocking around there and are discussing funding
25/08/2016, 20:26 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted> [Image of a notepad with Richard Jones's name on it]
25/08/2016, 20:26 - Jules: !!!
25/08/2016, 20:28 - Richard Marshall: They actually had a printing press in a locked upstairs room making these. Goodness knows how many business they have
25/08/2016, 20:32 - Jules: He is advertising doing videos for councils!!!!
25/08/2016, 20:34 - Richard Marshall: They have no shame
25/08/2016, 20:35 - Richard Marshall: Costigan isn't one of them , she was fooled totally by they're bs. They are very good at it
25/08/2016, 20:36 - Richard Marshall: Their
26/08/2016, 09:06 - Jules: Good piece on WM - will be onto SE &.Heritage lottery in a bit. [SE here refers to Sport England not Steve Eling]
26/08/2016, 09:10 - Richard Marshall: RM knows full well the hours done by none registered staff as they had to complete a monitoring form for us at the end of every wk. WM asked us a series of 10 questions, we didn't answer any , and they didn't come back and probe further. Maybe it's me being paranoid but could it be that the CEO is on holiday and his deputy is in charge?!
26/08/2016, 09:14 - Jules: The BBC are very very risk averse & will only do so much. Adrian himself has a good researcher.....
26/08/2016, 09:16 - Jules: I will copy them in later on stuff I send to SE. What happened to HLF money for coffee mornings etc (just popping out for an hour or so).
26/08/2016, 09:18 - Richard Marshall: Well maybe that researcher needs to have a walk around BP and meet up with a guy that's trying to get hold of Mcvitie and Jones who owe him £600 'cash in hand' they promised him when they met him 'in a pub' for the first time ever and then txt him the next day to do a wk whilst they went on holiday. They're now not taking his calls
26/08/2016, 15:43 - Richard Marshall: MH is racking up the Council's legal cost with solicitors letters coming in week after week and repeat challenges to the Court. As far as I know, the Council has not yet been awarded any costs even though MH has so far got nowhere. MH must be spending hundreds of thousands.
26/08/2016, 16:07 - Jules: Not sure why top QC needed for donkey work. In a civil case he will have to give evidence & be cross-examined. [Redacted comment about legal issue]
26/08/2016, 16:22 - Richard Marshall: How so??
26/08/2016, 18:10 - Jules: Well I am not sure what his claim is. He has sought injunctions etc so is resumably giving affidavit evidence at the minute. But if he is seeking damages as well then he will - one day - have to give oral evidence. [Redacted comment on legal issue]
26/08/2016, 18:17 - Richard Marshall: Thanks, you'll have to forgive my mere working class builder brain
26/08/2016, 18:19 - Jules: Not at all. It is complicated. [Redacted comment on legal issue]
26/08/2016, 18:20 - Jules: BTW - I can't knock a nail into a wall straight so horses for courses!!!
26/08/2016, 18:22 - Richard Marshall: It is complicated and I can't trust hardly anyone that we employ to be telling the truth , and I pretty much think they're just seeing him as a cheque book Charlie. Things are going to start cranking up the next few wks
26/08/2016, 18:44 - Jules: Difficult for me to advise without seeing the nature of the case. But someone needs to get a grip. Assume in-house legal team doing the general work on it?
26/08/2016, 18:49 - Richard Marshall: Yes, we will get there, we have a growing hit list of deadwood and poisonous fruit to get rid of.
31/08/2016, 20:23 - Richard Marshall: Evening, got anywhere with the AS police inspector thing? [Reference to Adrian Scarrott allegedly enjoying sexual relationships with a senior officer of the force that is protecting Sandwell Labour]
31/08/2016, 20:54 - Jules: Not yet!
31/08/2016, 20:55 - Jules: Drink in pub in Sutton Coldfield
31/08/2016, 20:56 - Richard Marshall: Favour for a favour?
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Jules: Can't identify her yet but told she is 42 yo blonde inspector...
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Jules: Plays golf!!!
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Richard Marshall: Look toward [Redacted - Eling and Marshall direct me to the person's place of work]
31/08/2016, 21:00 - Jules: Ok!
31/08/2016, 21:01 - Richard Marshall: In return....
31/08/2016, 21:02 - Richard Marshall: Happy  for you to break the story re the temp traveller camp behind our mates housing development
31/08/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: But it'd be nice if you insinuated that you'd found out via WMP source
31/08/2016, 21:05 - Richard Marshall: Via tweets that is
31/08/2016, 21:12 - Richard Marshall: I also have had a call tonight about the IJ stuff and Blakenhall, not sure if you got anywhere but it revolves around a lottery bid at Ryecroft
01/09/2016, 07:13 - Jules: You have lost me on last one - I thought he was muscling in on Hilltop Community Centre?
01/09/2016, 07:33 - Richard Marshall: He is. This one involves the complaint I told you about that has been put into the Labour Party from a Walsall cllr that funding has gone unaccounted for
01/09/2016, 07:34 - Jules: Ah right - got it!
01/09/2016, 07:40 - Richard Marshall: It seems that he started doing all this stuff back in the 90s when he was a council officer over there and realised that he could funding for it has continued in the same vein doing carbon copy applications using different groups , almost like a serial murderer ! I'm told the first one was a lottery bid to turn a wardens house linked to a school to turn it into a community centre
01/09/2016, 07:48 - Jules: Ok will take a look!
01/09/2016, 08:15 - Richard Marshall: Thanks for the tweet. It's put Jan in a spin
01/09/2016, 08:16 - Jules: Lol!!!
01/09/2016, 08:17 - Richard Marshall: Hes pirouetting toward the Press Office as we speak!
01/09/2016, 08:17 - Jules: Splendid!!!
01/09/2016, 09:16 - Richard Marshall: A press statement is being prepared to rebuff your tweet! Would you mind getting a link to the Telford transient site and saying something like 'coming to underneath a motorway near you #oldbury " or something similar
01/09/2016, 09:22 - Jules: Done!
01/09/2016, 13:36 - Jules: Is the guy who opened the trampolining centre in Oldbury related to Mahboob....
01/09/2016, 13:36 - Richard Marshall: I really don't know
01/09/2016, 13:37 - Richard Marshall: Please don't tell me they are connected to that place
01/09/2016, 13:38 - Jules: Not sure but not 100% truthful in planning application. I will try and find my notes on this....
01/09/2016, 13:40 - Richard Marshall: We had to vote at full council to deviate from policy on this one and we were all told it would be a great addition to the area
01/09/2016, 13:41 - Jules: Yes. Applicant made great play of wanting to start a business in Sandwell but already runs one in West Brom!
01/09/2016, 13:44 - Richard Marshall: We are given so little time and info to make decisions, you have to go off officers advice and if they are in the pocket of individuals it just makes us look bad
01/09/2016, 18:45 - Richard Marshall: Have you ever put in an FOI to Council and/or CCG re what contracts have been awarded to Murray Hall and details of procurement??
01/09/2016, 18:46 - Jules: No. Lloyd is involved with them isn't he?
01/09/2016, 18:46 - Richard Marshall: And Jones
01/09/2016, 18:47 - Jules: Can you be anymore specific?
01/09/2016, 18:47 - Richard Marshall: We are starting to look at what contracts have been awarded and why
01/09/2016, 18:47 - Jules: Interesting!
01/09/2016, 18:50 - Richard Marshall: Sport England are coming into see me re Sport Wednesbury on Wednesday going to do my best to pull the plug on what's left of that contract and get them to take a fresh look at how it was awarded
01/09/2016, 18:52 - Jules: Great. One thing I was mystified about was the business of them being awarded contracts to run activities in Brunswick Park by SMBC? Were they and were these the only contracts?
01/09/2016, 18:55 - Richard Marshall: No they were given 2 contracts seperate to the sport activator programme by SE I've had them both fully audited and stopped the one you broke the story of
01/09/2016, 18:56 - Jules: Oh! Off air for an hour....
02/09/2016, 09:13 - Richard Marshall: 

02/09/2016, 09:13 - Richard Marshall: Caption Competition??!!
02/09/2016, 10:13 - Jules: Have they just bought this?
02/09/2016, 10:13 - Richard Marshall: Picked it up yesterday!
02/09/2016, 10:13 - Richard Marshall: That's a rubbish caption btw
02/09/2016, 10:13 - Jules: πŸ˜€
02/09/2016, 10:14 - Richard Marshall: It would piss them off greatly if you tweeted it
02/09/2016, 10:15 - Richard Marshall: Think we've found an anomaly in the Murry Hall accounts , let you know if it comes to anything
02/09/2016, 10:19 - Jules: Tweeted & will do a Skidder caption competition though tied up til Monday. Do we know the name of the Walsall Cllr who has been enquiring about the grants?
02/09/2016, 10:20 - Richard Marshall: I will get a name for you
02/09/2016, 10:20 - Jules: Ta
02/09/2016, 10:40 - Richard Marshall: Cllr Ann Young she works for David Winnick MP
02/09/2016, 10:50 - Jules: Ta
03/09/2016, 07:45 - Richard Marshall: Want to poke MD with a sharp stick again?
03/09/2016, 08:32 - Jules: Anything particular? (I will be on and off this weekend as working)
03/09/2016, 08:33 - Richard Marshall: I'll send you a couple of pics, I'm sure you'll join the dots....
03/09/2016, 08:33 - Richard Marshall: 

03/09/2016, 08:34 - Richard Marshall: 
03/09/2016, 08:34 - Richard Marshall: Check the 'liker'
03/09/2016, 08:35 - Jules: I am putting Hadley under a bit of pressure and she has said she wants to meet me though has a broken arm!
03/09/2016, 08:35 - Richard Marshall: Considering everything that has gone on and her role as monitoring officer
03/09/2016, 08:51 - Richard Marshall: Well be careful she told me she has a group of people 'willing to do you over'
03/09/2016, 10:01 - Jules: Redacted....involve me in an orgy with Hosell!!
03/09/2016, 10:06 - Richard Marshall: Easy tiger!!
03/09/2016, 10:07 - Jules: πŸ˜€
03/09/2016, 10:08 - Richard Marshall: Can't believe MD 'liked' that pic with everything that's going on
03/09/2016, 17:50 - Jules: I am blocked by Olwen and can't pick up the MD like.
03/09/2016, 17:52 - Richard Marshall: It's at the top of the 'comments' screen shot I sent you, you can see her name quite clearly
03/09/2016, 17:54 - Richard Marshall: It's says Melanie Dudley and 15 others
03/09/2016, 17:54 - Jules: I can't seem to get it. Can you screenshot?
03/09/2016, 17:56 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted> [Screenshot of Twitter where Melanie Dudley "liked" a tweet of Olwen Jones shown above)
03/09/2016, 17:57 - Jules: πŸ˜€
03/09/2016, 17:58 - Richard Marshall: Got it???
03/09/2016, 17:58 - Jules: Yep!
03/09/2016, 17:58 - Richard Marshall: Hope she has a garden that needs working on
04/09/2016, 11:16 - Richard Marshall: You wouldnt happen to have a transcript of your interview with IJ on Goldberg would you??
04/09/2016, 11:33 - Jules: No and they don't have one either unfortunately.
04/09/2016, 11:33 - Richard Marshall: Did you record it?
04/09/2016, 11:35 - Jules: No. Adrian remembers it and a number of people I know heard it. I think I blogged about it the next day. When I challenged him about it to his face he lied again - blaming staff for giving him an "incorrect briefing paper".
[Editorial Note - regular readers will know that I was wrong about this. I have posted the full text of the briefing paper which was, indeed, incorrect.]
04/09/2016, 11:36 - Richard Marshall: Yes I heard it too. Pity , I will try another route
04/09/2016, 11:37 - Richard Marshall: Thanks anyway
04/09/2016, 11:38 - Jules: I have called him "the proven liar" ever since & he has never threatened me with legal action!!!!
04/09/2016, 11:39 - Jules: Has MH's appearance before Standards been delayed by his legal stuff?
04/09/2016, 11:44 - Richard Marshall: Yes, we are getting legal letters weekly off that firm of solicitors I told you about
04/09/2016, 11:44 - Jules: Stand firm!!!!
04/09/2016, 11:45 - Richard Marshall: We are! We are hoping that the party will kick him out this month
04/09/2016, 11:47 - Jules: Be interested to know what his case actually is.... If you are in Brum anytime let me know....
04/09/2016, 11:49 - Richard Marshall: Will do
05/09/2016, 21:34 - Jules: Told Mayor & 2 chauffeur limos at Little Bangla (?) Restaurant in Langley tonight.....
05/09/2016, 21:58 - Richard Marshall: Not for me #working
06/09/2016, 18:56 - Richard Marshall: You may want to circle today's date in your diary....
06/09/2016, 18:59 - Jules: Oh?
06/09/2016, 18:59 - Richard Marshall: Yes
06/09/2016, 19:00 - Jules: Any clue???
06/09/2016, 19:01 - Richard Marshall: More tomorrow but you will be raising a glass to it
06/09/2016, 19:03 - Jules: Grand!!!
06/09/2016, 19:12 - Richard Marshall: And I've got Sport England in tomorrow!!
06/09/2016, 21:14 - Richard Marshall: Can I trust you to leave something till tomorrow??
06/09/2016, 21:16 - Jules: Of course - ex solicitor!!!!
06/09/2016, 21:17 - Richard Marshall: You took a while to reply after reading!!....
06/09/2016, 21:17 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted>
06/09/2016, 21:18 - Jules: Interesting!!!
06/09/2016, 21:19 - Richard Marshall: More than interesting she was sent home today to consider her position
06/09/2016, 21:19 - Richard Marshall: That's me talking to my solicitor btw
06/09/2016, 21:26 - Jules: Of course. Lips sealed til u say otherwise. Interesting though!!!!
06/09/2016, 21:30 - Richard Marshall: Another one of your scalps
06/09/2016, 21:31 - Jules: I hope so....
06/09/2016, 21:39 - Richard Marshall: Can you even believe she is calling us 'bullies'
06/09/2016, 21:41 - Jules: Yes that is taking the piss! Is she going to mount a legal challenge????
06/09/2016, 21:58 - Richard Marshall: She has gone away to think of her options. She may not return
06/09/2016, 21:58 - Jules: Here's hoping!!!!
06/09/2016, 21:59 - Richard Marshall: Hopefully we are on a role and tomorrow is another big day !!
06/09/2016, 21:59 - Jules: πŸ˜€
06/09/2016, 22:00 - Richard Marshall: πŸ‘Š πŸ‘Š πŸ‘Š
06/09/2016, 22:01 - Jules: I take it nothing on the Yvonne Davies "legal challenge"?
06/09/2016, 22:02 - Richard Marshall: Nope. Did you see last cabinet on tinternet. She spoke and said 'thank you leader" !!! Bless
06/09/2016, 22:02 - Jules: πŸ˜‚
07/09/2016, 08:47 - Jules: 1. Re Sport E - have your team ever interviewed SMBC employee Gemma Ryan who wrote the bid? She was clearly on first name terms with Richard Jones?
07/09/2016, 08:49 - Jules: 2 Re Sport E - a key question is who interviewed McVittie for job? (Answer no-one). But WC told BBC it was Murray Hall but they refused to speak to me or Goldberg to confirm or deny!
07/09/2016, 08:50 - Richard Marshall: Yes , I've read all your stuff on it, the ones coming in today will hopefully shed a load of light on what happened. Then I'll take it from there
07/09/2016, 08:51 - Jules: 😊
07/09/2016, 21:24 - Richard Marshall: You may want to ask your followers if anyone knows 'where's Melly' she left the council house early pm yesterday in a strop and hasn't come back since
07/09/2016, 21:32 - Jules: Ok!
08/09/2016, 11:55 - Richard Marshall: YD has written to the LP formally dropping her law suit
08/09/2016, 12:40 - Richard Marshall: 'Davies legal challenge collapses"
08/09/2016, 13:17 - Jules: Can I use that?
08/09/2016, 13:26 - Richard Marshall: Yes you can
08/09/2016, 15:20 - Jules: Any sign of Sandwell's answer to Imelda Marcos?
08/09/2016, 15:33 - Richard Marshall: Think she's buying some new wellies for her garden
08/09/2016, 15:52 - Jules: πŸ˜€
08/09/2016, 17:21 - Richard Marshall: I dont like to put words in your mouth but if you tweeted  "staff told MD on gardening leave and not coming back" will piss off one person more than you could ever imagine and may lead to another scalp
08/09/2016, 17:23 - Jules: I need to be careful for libel reasons but will see what I can do....
08/09/2016, 17:25 - Richard Marshall: 😜
09/09/2016, 07:14 - Jules: Not specifically Sandwell but told JB has been missing some WMCA meetings. Also - I have myself seen him getting out of Council range rover. Has he been using official cars?
09/09/2016, 07:20 - Richard Marshall: JB?
09/09/2016, 07:20 - Jules: Big fat Jan
09/09/2016, 07:24 - Richard Marshall: Oooh. That I do not know. We have been putting him under lots of pressure to get us results and to be fair to him he is starting to deliver
09/09/2016, 18:03 - Jules: Melanie?
09/09/2016, 18:07 - Richard Marshall: No, it's Richard 😜
09/09/2016, 18:08 - Jules: "Lol".  Has she gone?
09/09/2016, 18:10 - Richard Marshall: There will be an official announcement next week, but id be suprised if she returns
09/09/2016, 18:15 - Jules: πŸ˜€
09/09/2016, 18:16 - Richard Marshall: We are going down the list. Keep it on the qt for now though please
09/09/2016, 18:18 - Jules: I have mentioned rumours but will shut up. Bizarrely Solihull Council contacts talking about it!!!
09/09/2016, 18:19 - Richard Marshall: Really??
09/09/2016, 18:19 - Richard Marshall: Didn't she work over that way at some point?
09/09/2016, 18:21 - Jules: Not that I know but [Redacted derogatory remark]
09/09/2016, 18:21 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted> [Image of twitter feed and message asking me if I knew the identities of tweeters]
09/09/2016, 18:24 - Jules: [Redacted entries concerning the identity of certain people on Twitter]
09/09/2016, 18:29 - Richard Marshall: No that's fine I wouldn't expect you too nor would I ask. I'm just trying to stay under the radar in my role of taking out the trash that's all
09/09/2016, 18:31 - Richard Marshall: And the rumour mill is already rife how I've progressed so quickly
09/09/2016, 18:31 - Jules: Talent will out!!!
09/09/2016, 18:32 - Jules: My phone has about 5 mins charge so may black out soon for a it....
09/09/2016, 18:35 - Richard Marshall: YD has her stooges putting it around I spent 2 wks badgering her to be on her Cabinet....and that  myself and PM have planned to back SE for 12months for me to contest him as leader and PM my deputy. Total idiots, I hate politics
09/09/2016, 18:37 - Jules: Well you have a head on your shoulders and a pair of balls so hang on in there! You know you need to be careful but watch your back with these bastards - they hunt in packs....
09/09/2016, 18:42 - Richard Marshall: Well i only got in it to clean out the crap so if nothing else I've achieved that for the borough. I need to meet with your lovely Linda soon as ive called the Arts Council in to see me . I'll drop her an email
09/09/2016, 18:42 - Jules: Ok!
09/09/2016, 18:50 - Jules: What happened re Sport E?
09/09/2016, 18:54 - Richard Marshall: They had a speed wobble! I forsee you breaking more news shortly
09/09/2016, 18:54 - Jules: πŸ˜€
09/09/2016, 18:55 - Jules: Phone now critically low so over & out till I can find a plug!!
09/09/2016, 18:56 - Richard Marshall: πŸ‘πŸ»
11/09/2016, 09:16 - Jules: Mel seems to have blocked me on social media. Someone has texted to say she is boasting on social media about her severance package. Have you seen anything?
11/09/2016, 09:18 - Richard Marshall: If you can get me that I can use it against her. Steve has told Jan he is not to go above and beyond with this. Shes blocked all Council links too. I'll try to look other ways
11/09/2016, 09:18 - Jules: Me too
11/09/2016, 10:46 - Richard Marshall: Found anything?? Can't the person who told you send you anything
11/09/2016, 10:47 - Jules: I have asked but no reply as yet....
11/09/2016, 10:49 - Richard Marshall: Her name is [Redacted name] Melanie Dudley but not many know so careful how you share
11/09/2016, 10:52 - Jules: Yep.
11/09/2016, 10:53 - Jules: Just on way to heart of darkness itself - Oldbury!
11/09/2016, 10:53 - Richard Marshall: The darkness is slowly lifting
11/09/2016, 10:54 - Jules: [smiley emoji]
11/09/2016, 10:54 - Richard Marshall: Also don't say yet as the Joneses aren't aware but police have been called in by the new WC
11/09/2016, 10:55 - Jules: "The new WC"????
11/09/2016, 10:55 - Richard Marshall: Wednesbury Celebrates
11/09/2016, 10:55 - Jules: Who is running that?
11/09/2016, 10:56 - Richard Marshall: Volunteers that were involved but hated the Joneses.  They are being assisted by people we've sent in
11/09/2016, 10:56 - Jules: Great!
11/09/2016, 10:57 - Richard Marshall: Only trouble is that they've been locked out of computer system remotely by RJ
11/09/2016, 10:58 - Jules: Well the police can soon sort that if they bother to get off their arses....
11/09/2016, 10:59 - Richard Marshall: They will this time. The chatter at Wednesbury nick just from the bits they know about is that someone is going down for this
11/09/2016, 11:00 - Jules: Fingers crossed....
11/09/2016, 11:01 - Richard Marshall: Sport England are going in to see the new people in the wk
11/09/2016, 11:01 - Jules: It gets better....
11/09/2016, 11:01 - Richard Marshall: And im finding funding pots by the day that the Joneses have been dipping into
11/09/2016, 11:03 - Richard Marshall: And eventually found one with IJ and RJ s finger prints all over it with 26k with no audit trail
11/09/2016, 11:03 - Richard Marshall: Hopefully soon I'll be able to spend some time on my portfolio
11/09/2016, 11:05 - Jules: Strewth...
11/09/2016, 11:06 - Richard Marshall: We think they may need to open a family unit at Winson Green
11/09/2016, 11:07 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒ
11/09/2016, 11:07 - Richard Marshall: We will get there
11/09/2016, 11:09 - Jules: Hopefully. I am pushing with some FOI's & bits & pieces.
11/09/2016, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: Great stuff. We have blocked them out so much that they are having to meet in a cafe in Wednesbury now, every day . Owner is getting pissed off cos they just sit there drinking tea
11/09/2016, 11:11 - Jules: Ha ha! Priceless!
11/09/2016, 11:11 - Richard Marshall: How the mighty have fallen .
11/09/2016, 15:40 - Richard Marshall: Any news??
11/09/2016, 15:51 - Jules: Alas not....
11/09/2016, 15:54 - Richard Marshall: Bugger
12/09/2016, 10:23 - Richard Marshall: Morning, there was a Chief Officers T&C Committee meeting scheduled for all of Wednesday am it has now been cancelled by SE
12/09/2016, 10:23 - Jules: Meaning....
12/09/2016, 10:24 - Richard Marshall: The rumour is its been cancelled because the report dealing the referral of officers in the Wragge report has been described as a "whitewash" by SE. Its being said that  he has ordered it to be re-written to then come at the end of the month.
12/09/2016, 10:24 - Jules: Interesting!
12/09/2016, 10:24 - Richard Marshall: Yes
12/09/2016, 10:25 - Richard Marshall: Only it's not a rumour as I'm on that committee
12/09/2016, 10:41 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted> [Copy of Twitter Feed]
12/09/2016, 10:42 - Jules: I am assuming it is one of the [Redacted reference to named SMBC employees in Parks Department]
12/09/2016, 10:42 - Richard Marshall: If you have anymore information id be interested
12/09/2016, 10:43 - Jules: Ok - will go back to contact..
12/09/2016, 10:45 - Richard Marshall: There is one person who is on my hit list and if I find out there was no interview after I was told there was one they'll be hell to pay
12/09/2016, 11:48 - Jules: Have contacted person re Parks but having checked records the allegation is that it is [Redacted name of employee].
12/09/2016, 11:48 - Richard Marshall: Ok . Leave that with me
12/09/2016, 20:06 - Jules: Redacted entry re Parks Department employee]
12/09/2016, 20:06 - Jules: Should read He was
12/09/2016, 20:32 - Richard Marshall: Thanks
12/09/2016, 21:11 - Richard Marshall: That info I gave you re meeting being cancelled? It is for sharing!
12/09/2016, 21:14 - Jules: Ok
12/09/2016, 21:15 - Richard Marshall: My own fault I shouldve said
12/09/2016, 21:19 - Jules: Done!
12/09/2016, 21:34 - Richard Marshall: 🌟
13/09/2016, 08:42 - Richard Marshall: Morning! I'm being asked if you can tweet that the meet was cancelled tomorrow by Steve E because the report he was given about officers involvement re Wragge was a 'whitewash  which he literally threw out'
13/09/2016, 08:45 - Jules: Report from Britton's staff?
13/09/2016, 08:47 - Richard Marshall: Yes
13/09/2016, 08:48 - Richard Marshall: Can't name names but 2 on 'your list'
13/09/2016, 08:53 - Jules: My list is very long..... (You are not on it "lol")!
13/09/2016, 08:54 - Richard Marshall: This is your elite list
For now , no doubt my time will come, politics is a high wire act
13/09/2016, 09:01 - Jules: We all make mistakes. Corruption a different matter....
13/09/2016, 09:05 - Richard Marshall: Agreed
13/09/2016, 09:13 - Richard Marshall: Thankfully it looks like a very small group of Cllrs leading a small group of officers astray
13/09/2016, 10:05 - Jules: 

13/09/2016, 10:07 - Richard Marshall: Hilltop CC?
13/09/2016, 11:15 - Jules: Yep
13/09/2016, 12:12 - Jules: Is this B'ham Labour Cllr Carole Griffiths?
13/09/2016, 12:13 - Richard Marshall: Shes being a little coy , Elaine and Pam have been in and warned them about the Joneses who had all but set up  camp there after we kicked them out the town hall , they kicked them out there to and they are now trying to find a new camp
13/09/2016, 17:31 - Richard Marshall: It's was Imelda that did the report
13/09/2016, 17:32 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
13/09/2016, 17:53 - Richard Marshall: If you wish to share.. .
13/09/2016, 17:53 - Richard Marshall: 😜
13/09/2016, 19:43 - Richard Marshall: It actually was MD!
13/09/2016, 19:43 - Richard Marshall: Straw that broke the camels back
13/09/2016, 20:17 - Jules: What did people see in her or was she just a yes-woman for the powers that be....
13/09/2016, 20:35 - Richard Marshall: I met her when I was a parent governor and always found her easy to get on with , it was actually her that first suggested I should become a cllr, saying 'we need good people at the top' and pushed me forward at every chance. Obviously like with DC I only got to see one side, I still find it difficult to believe the people I got to know were doing what they were doing. I have so many questions I need answers to
13/09/2016, 20:36 - Jules: We battle on comrade....
13/09/2016, 20:40 - Richard Marshall: It's tough, I know you see it from the outside but getting to know the personalities then unearthing stuff that's been going on....anyway still at the tip of the iceberg I think. I've had another warning off one of Manboobs henchmen today so I know I'm on the right track, bless them
13/09/2016, 20:41 - Jules: Bastards....
13/09/2016, 20:41 - Richard Marshall: Take alot more to worry me
13/09/2016, 20:45 - Jules: Well I have had death threats & threats of extreme violence but we have to keep going!!!
13/09/2016, 20:46 - Richard Marshall: We do, and when all this is over we will have to have a proper pint and laugh about it
13/09/2016, 20:48 - Jules: Certainly hope so. But you are right - they wouldn't attack if we weren't getting close....
13/09/2016, 20:52 - Richard Marshall: Yes. And people that threaten never do. Manboobs is being interviewed by Audit officers tom btw.
13/09/2016, 20:53 - Jules: Oh good - [Redacted comment]
13/09/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz. I saw your tweet about the air quality at his houses by the motorway and I thought, air quality will be last on their minds when travellers are shitting in the back gardens!!
13/09/2016, 20:56 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
13/09/2016, 21:02 - Richard Marshall: We're doing well though, loads of officers saying you can 'feel the difference ' within the council house . We've just got to throw the shit overboard but the Titanic is turning!
13/09/2016, 21:03 - Jules: Not sure Titanic best choice of ship metaphor "lol"!
13/09/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: It wouldn't of sank on my watch
13/09/2016, 21:03 - Jules: πŸ˜€
14/09/2016, 18:04 - Richard Marshall: Nice piece!! πŸ‘πŸ»
14/09/2016, 18:05 - Jules: Ta. Need to keep the pressure on....
14/09/2016, 18:19 - Richard Marshall: Oh yes
14/09/2016, 19:15 - Richard Marshall: We made a conscious decision to hit them with something new each week which we've achieved, some of that has been with your help so I thank you good sir.
14/09/2016, 19:15 - Jules: My pleasure I can assure you....
14/09/2016, 19:19 - Richard Marshall: Btw re your not being able to get to Audit. The committee have insisted it is in the main chambers and Web cast live
14/09/2016, 19:22 - Jules: Interesting. I am working away but will try and catch it on the evening.
14/09/2016, 19:22 - Richard Marshall: #evolution
14/09/2016, 19:23 - Richard Marshall: On that note , would you be happy to bump into us in a pub again at some point
14/09/2016, 19:24 - Jules: Of course!
14/09/2016, 19:24 - Richard Marshall: Share notes, have a catch up. Leaders request
14/09/2016, 19:26 - Jules: Good. Pretty busy at mo but sure we can fit something in but let's go to a decent pub this time!!!!
14/09/2016, 19:27 - Richard Marshall: Definitely. I wont have to arrange through a go between this time! Going to be a few weeks , I'd like to be able to have us all something to properly  celebrate by then
15/09/2016, 09:59 - Richard Marshall: 

15/09/2016, 10:00 - Jules: I will have to drop in though!!!
15/09/2016, 10:04 - Richard Marshall: Yes!! Btw the next monitoring officer will be an external appointment, there are calls in some quarters for it to be gifted to.....YOU!!
15/09/2016, 10:13 - Jules: "LOL"!
15/09/2016, 10:18 - Jules: Looking at Google maps maybe they would be better off at Porkys down the road!!!
15/09/2016, 10:18 - Jules: <Media omitted>
15/09/2016, 10:34 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz!! And the live in 'Pound End'!!
15/09/2016, 10:35 - Jules: With Hosell "lol"?
15/09/2016, 10:36 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz, he has his slogan up on the wall of Wednesbury Leisure Centre..
15/09/2016, 10:37 - Richard Marshall: 
15/09/2016, 10:37 - Jules: Ha ha ha - love it!!!!
15/09/2016, 10:37 - Richard Marshall: I try
15/09/2016, 10:55 - Jules: Just had Adam on phone from Halesowen News. He keeps asking Press Office re Hussain appearance before Standards. I said I thought it might be off due to ongoing legal issues. He says if that ir right he would like to do story on it.
15/09/2016, 11:44 - Richard Marshall: It would be well by you and HNA asking the press office if MH turned up for his interview by Audit officers yesterday....
16/09/2016, 11:21 - Richard Marshall: Good morning!
16/09/2016, 11:21 - Jules: Hi. Hearing Mel official leaving date Oct 3rd????
16/09/2016, 11:22 - Richard Marshall: Haha , is nothing a secret these days!!!
16/09/2016, 11:23 - Jules: Hopefully not!
16/09/2016, 11:23 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz! It's correct feel free to play it as you wish.
16/09/2016, 11:24 - Richard Marshall: Oh and btw I'm hoping to have some real gems for you next wk
16/09/2016, 11:24 - Jules: Oh good!!!!
16/09/2016, 11:26 - Richard Marshall: Yes, should be an interesting week I feel
16/09/2016, 11:26 - Jules: Oh you tease....
16/09/2016, 11:27 - Richard Marshall: 😜😜😜😜
16/09/2016, 11:30 - Jules: I am working this weekend so will be off air a bit but have a quiet week next week. I have been trying to link Mohamed Ashref to MH without success. He is building 5 bed house on Basons Lane bought off SMBC. All the usual signs there but can't make a link. Ring any bells with you?
16/09/2016, 11:31 - Richard Marshall: No but I can get it checked out. We are wearing auditors out daily
16/09/2016, 11:32 - Richard Marshall: Was it our house or our land? Is it on my side or St Paul's Ward??
16/09/2016, 11:34 - Jules: Just hold fire for day or two as waiting to hear back from someone who is on hol. It is the old pavilion land leading into the playing fields. Sources say it was never advertised. (Also be a bit careful. Not sure about man himself but alleged connections with [redacted]
16/09/2016, 11:35 - Jules: Adam is planning to do something on Mel so will hold fire re leaving date....
16/09/2016, 11:38 - Richard Marshall: Yes I know it , it's in St Paul's Ward. Thanks for the heads up, already had my brake pipes cut on my car by drug dealing scum
16/09/2016, 11:39 - Jules: Bloody hell. That is why I never bring my van to Sandwell....
16/09/2016, 11:42 - Richard Marshall: It's the price we pay I'm afraid, then we get slaughtered by the electorate when the likes of MH and the Joneses do what they do and we all get tarred with the same brush
16/09/2016, 11:43 - Jules: Yes understood.
19/09/2016, 12:16 - Richard Marshall: 

19/09/2016, 12:17 - Richard Marshall: What a difference Sport England funding makes!! Nice gnashers for instance
19/09/2016, 12:26 - Jules: πŸ˜€
19/09/2016, 12:29 - Richard Marshall: I was told he spent 5k of the funding on them
20/09/2016, 16:58 - Jules: Let's hope there will be some wailing & gnashing of expensive teeth soon.... (At theatre later so off air 7.30 to 10).
20/09/2016, 17:04 - Richard Marshall: Oooh it's begun
20/09/2016, 17:05 - Jules: πŸ˜€
21/09/2016, 21:11 - Richard Marshall: I'd hang fire on your AS expose if I were you
21/09/2016, 21:12 - Jules: Will do!!!
21/09/2016, 21:14 - Richard Marshall: More to follow but you might want to have a  🍺or🍻
21/09/2016, 21:14 - Jules: πŸ˜€
22/09/2016, 08:32 - Jules: Adam at HN says he has redundancy consultation meeting tomorrow.... He doesn't appear to have done anything re  Mel nor MH. Is Oct 3rd defo if I run it re Mel's last day?
22/09/2016, 08:33 - Richard Marshall: HNA is being made redundant?? Yes it defo is
22/09/2016, 08:35 - Jules: Not defo. Has "redundancy consultation" meeting tomorrow.
22/09/2016, 08:36 - Richard Marshall: It's early I'm confused
22/09/2016, 08:36 - Richard Marshall: Is HNA being made redundant??
22/09/2016, 08:36 - Richard Marshall: Yes 3rd is Mels end date
22/09/2016, 08:36 - Richard Marshall: But she has already gone for all intents and purposes
22/09/2016, 08:38 - Jules: Well as I understand it they are making cuts and want to interview possible candidates so he may survive. [Redacted]
22/09/2016, 08:38 - Jules: I will run Mel in a couple of hours....
22/09/2016, 08:40 - Richard Marshall: Ok ,Builders Oath. Great stuff
22/09/2016, 08:47 - Jules: Is the builder's oath the one that goes "yes, I will definitely be with you at 9am". πŸ˜€
22/09/2016, 08:50 - Richard Marshall: That's the one!!!
22/09/2016, 09:21 - Jules: I would love to know the Kellas story one day.....
22/09/2016, 09:23 - Richard Marshall: So many stories so little time
22/09/2016, 09:27 - Jules: πŸ˜€
22/09/2016, 09:33 - Richard Marshall: Here's one for you though....
22/09/2016, 09:33 - Richard Marshall: MH's trampoline centre throws out young amputee, says Express and Star (Sept 21, page 4)
22/09/2016, 09:34 - Jules: Ta!
22/09/2016, 09:34 - Richard Marshall: Welcome
22/09/2016, 09:36 - Richard Marshall: I spent an hour with the temp monitoring officer yesterday going through the Jones Web of corruption, the blood drained from his face a little more at each new revelation
22/09/2016, 09:42 - Jules: πŸ˜€
22/09/2016, 09:44 - Richard Marshall: He says he has 2 rottweilers in his fraud team and is going to release them
22/09/2016, 09:44 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
22/09/2016, 09:45 - Richard Marshall: Hopefully they will find evidence of what I've passed to him
22/09/2016, 09:46 - Richard Marshall: More news to follow later re Sport Wednesbury
22/09/2016, 10:49 - Richard Marshall: Try again
22/09/2016, 10:53 - Richard Marshall: Izzie 'In sain'??
22/09/2016, 12:55 - Jules: Bham Taxi Licensing investigating whether [redacted name] disclosed conviction.
22/09/2016, 13:03 - Richard Marshall: Fantastic
22/09/2016, 14:32 - Jules: Did you know Wed Celeb & 5 Star have had over £50k from health lottery?
22/09/2016, 14:39 - Richard Marshall: I only knew of 8k . Any  info greatly received
22/09/2016, 15:38 - Jules: See new blog just gone up.
22/09/2016, 15:39 - Richard Marshall: [thumbs up emoji]
23/09/2016, 10:30 - Jules: Did you build Cooper's extension?
23/09/2016, 10:32 - Richard Marshall: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
23/09/2016, 10:36 - Richard Marshall: And having seen the state of it you'll be getting a letter off my solicitor young man !!!!!
23/09/2016, 10:56 - Jules: Do you know who did? I was told you did but obviously someone trying to put poison down. What do you know about Cooper's death?
23/09/2016, 11:00 - Richard Marshall: Cheeky bastards!! I've only really known DC for about 3 yrs . In what respect?
23/09/2016, 11:01 - Jules: What was cause of death & circumstances????
23/09/2016, 11:05 - Richard Marshall: I only know what I've been told but I find it hard to believe
23/09/2016, 12:28 - Jules: Is Frear son of ex-Cllr Bob Andrews? Was his step-father Colin Kerton also a Cllr?
23/09/2016, 12:29 - Jules: Are you not going to tell me what you have been told re Cooper's death.
23/09/2016, 12:30 - Richard Marshall: Yes I believe so about Frear. Who is the Cllr you've reported to police??
23/09/2016, 12:32 - Jules: Can I hang fire on latter please. It isn't you!!!!
23/09/2016, 12:34 - Richard Marshall: Good. Steve is asking me
23/09/2016, 12:34 - Jules: It isn't him either!!!
23/09/2016, 12:34 - Richard Marshall: Who then??
23/09/2016, 12:35 - Jules: I would not like to say just yet. Shall we just say a good friend of MH.....
23/09/2016, 12:38 - Richard Marshall: Tell you tease!!!
23/09/2016, 12:38 - Jules: Lips are sealed I'm afraid.
23/09/2016, 12:40 - Richard Marshall: Ok
23/09/2016, 12:49 - Richard Marshall: I'm guessing [redacted name]
23/09/2016, 12:55 - Jules: Not going to fall for that one!!!
23/09/2016, 12:56 - Richard Marshall: Not trying to get you too!!
23/09/2016, 12:57 - Jules: BTW - changing subject - hope you liked pic of phonebox as venue for Mel's birthday party.
23/09/2016, 13:01 - Richard Marshall: Loved it ! We all love your work
23/09/2016, 13:03 - Jules: It has been an amazing morning - I desperately need to work but phone red hot. I am just checking some stuff out and will keep you in loop.
23/09/2016, 13:04 - Jules: Still interested in DC's death....
23/09/2016, 13:04 - Jules: Do drugs feature at all?
23/09/2016, 13:06 - Richard Marshall: Mines worse I'm entangled with a national fraudster that's been on crime watch twice and 10 police forces are after him
23/09/2016, 13:06 - Richard Marshall: And he's not from Sadwell  (sic)
23/09/2016, 13:08 - Jules: Have I missed something there? Not sure I understand....
23/09/2016, 13:10 - Richard Marshall: A fraudster not from the bourough
23/09/2016, 13:11 - Jules: Sorry but you have completely lost me. Is this to do with you or DC?
23/09/2016, 13:12 - Richard Marshall: No  . Something else I'm dealing with
23/09/2016, 13:13 - Jules: Interesting! Be careful!
23/09/2016, 13:15 - Richard Marshall: [redacted - non-Sandwell matter]
23/09/2016, 13:15 - Richard Marshall: [ditto]
23/09/2016, 17:04 - Jules: Which company got the contract for the advertising boards at Ray Hall Lane?
23/09/2016, 17:08 - Richard Marshall: Not sure but I'll find out.  Still trying to figure out why you won't tell me who you've reported to the police.
23/09/2016, 17:53 - Jules: The officer I have reported it to is on hols. I don't think for one minute they will do anything but want to give them fair crack of the whip first.
23/09/2016, 18:01 - Richard Marshall: Talking of whips I take it will be a party issue too?
23/09/2016, 18:07 - Jules: Well if proven it is a criminal offence. What is interesting is how it sits with info given to the police nearly 3 years ago.
23/09/2016, 18:08 - Richard Marshall: That's a Yes then. Times they are a changin🎀
23/09/2016, 18:09 - Jules: Bringing it all back home....
23/09/2016, 18:09 - Richard Marshall: Before my time
23/09/2016, 18:19 - Jules: Third night at theatre this week so off air 6.45 to 9.30
23/09/2016, 18:20 - Richard Marshall: Ok. Break a leg!
26/09/2016, 08:43 - Jules: Will be off air most of this week due to work. If I can do anything on Jones I will do so.
26/09/2016, 08:49 - Richard Marshall: Thanks. All sports provision by SW will be pulled this wk by the new WC  and SportE...not public yet tho
26/09/2016, 08:49 - Jules: Oh!
26/09/2016, 08:52 - Richard Marshall: I know, great eh!!
26/09/2016, 08:53 - Jules: Indeed!!!
26/09/2016, 08:54 - Richard Marshall: That won't be the weeks big news tho....
26/09/2016, 08:59 - Jules: Oh!!!!
26/09/2016, 08:59 - Richard Marshall: Yes. If only I could say
26/09/2016, 09:00 - Jules: I wait with baited breath. Hope it comes out before Wed night as won't be able to blog 4 rest of week.
26/09/2016, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: Maybe. I'm waiting for the next story off you  that's fed from MH and clan Jones
26/09/2016, 09:02 - Jules: Eh?
26/09/2016, 09:06 - Jules: Someone was clearly trying to stitch you up re the Cooper extension.....
26/09/2016, 09:49 - Richard Marshall: Without doubt. Also your story on Tom , that info is very limited, although you don't like Tom he is our biggest allie when it comes to getting rid of MH especially, he has compiled a 72 page document against MH and any story against Tom , MH lawyers will use to rubbish it
26/09/2016, 09:51 - Jules: Well the donation came from Labour Group?
26/09/2016, 09:51 - Richard Marshall: It did , yes
26/09/2016, 11:48 - Richard Marshall: Careful how? Ray Hall contract??
26/09/2016, 11:48 - Richard Marshall: For the media boards??
26/09/2016, 11:49 - Jules: Yes - it is [redacted identifiable person] in on deal.
26/09/2016, 11:50 - Richard Marshall: Blimey
26/09/2016, 12:08 - Richard Marshall: More info from the dark side I take it
26/09/2016, 12:09 - Jules: Actually I had worked it out for myself (through a pure fluke) but then "the dark side" pitched in.
26/09/2016, 12:11 - Richard Marshall: Happy to route out corruption but careful how they are using you for their own means
26/09/2016, 12:13 - Jules: As I said - I was suspicious how it was all rushed through in Sandwell Labour style. I started digging.....
26/09/2016, 12:21 - Jules: There is a national newspaper aware & "waiting in the wings" on this one!
26/09/2016, 12:22 - Richard Marshall: Ok thanks
26/09/2016, 12:24 - Richard Marshall: On a nicer note I've just got back from a meeting with Historic England. We are working to get the Chances site in Smethwick designated 1 of 9 Heritage Action Zones across the country
26/09/2016, 12:40 - Jules: Interesting. I may want to talk to you about a couple of small heritage projects in due course - all legit....
26/09/2016, 12:58 - Richard Marshall: Of course, I only do legit
26/09/2016, 12:58 - Jules: Me too!
26/09/2016, 13:02 - Richard Marshall: Good, trust me on this one tho whatever your personal thoughts are on Spellar and Watson without their personal support and interventions on this we ain't going to beat MH or the Joneses . They have some big name backers behind the scenes that are assisting them , The Invisible Man is there only public backer
26/09/2016, 13:52 - Jules: Don't get who invisible man is! Slow today.
26/09/2016, 13:53 - Jules: There has been rumour flowing round all weekend that Cooper had visit from police 3 or 4 days before he died...... Anything on that?
26/09/2016, 14:11 - Richard Marshall: You call Adrian Bailey it!! No don't know about that.
26/09/2016, 14:12 - Jules: Lol!
26/09/2016, 14:13 - Richard Marshall: Dark side on the DC  thing again??
26/09/2016, 14:14 - Richard Marshall: Re the Ray Hall contract , define 'contract'?
27/09/2016, 09:35 - Richard Marshall: Re #sandwell it's #feckingpolice !! They were told he was in the Windsor and failed to show to arrest.  He's wanted by 10 police forces and has featured on crime watch
27/09/2016, 09:35 - Jules: Oh its him is it!
27/09/2016, 09:36 - Jules: 
27/09/2016, 09:37 - Richard Marshall: Depends who 'him' is , we can't publicly say his name due to on going police investigation  (what a joke)
27/09/2016, 09:37 - Jules: Terrible photo but is that Maria Price from Legal Dep't do you know?
27/09/2016, 09:39 - Richard Marshall: Blimey it is terrible! I really can't say I've only seen her twice and her hair was up both times
27/09/2016, 09:41 - Richard Marshall: Still waiting to hear what you mean re Ray Hall contract
27/09/2016, 09:46 - Jules: Labour councillor says [redacted]
27/09/2016, 10:15 - Richard Marshall: Well that never came through to anyone I've spoken to, what ever you think or hear we get a free choice and are guided by officers recommendations .
27/09/2016, 10:16 - Richard Marshall: I dug into this yesterday as at I was at OCH , Steve will no doubt tell you more as you've asked him direct but no one tendered for the signs
27/09/2016, 10:16 - Jules: Oh come on Richard? What's the Labour Group meeting for the night before council meetings?
27/09/2016, 10:18 - Richard Marshall: It's just a group meeting , to discuss and iron out any issues rather than do it in public, I really don't see the issue with a group meeting up to discuss things privately before publicly
27/09/2016, 10:21 - Richard Marshall: Like I said nobody tendered so I'm not sure why you are being told what you're being told
27/09/2016, 10:22 - Richard Marshall: If you have more on it, as ever I will happily look into it
27/09/2016, 10:23 - Jules: Ok. Are they going to be re-tendered?
27/09/2016, 10:25 - Richard Marshall: They are, I've passed all info back to Steve and he's going to reply I belive so I don't want to steal his thunder if that's OK? The dark side are already trying to say I'm the new puppet master , God forbid
27/09/2016, 10:25 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒ
27/09/2016, 10:27 - Richard Marshall: It's really not, I'm being set up for a fall i can feel it, it's the way these bastards work
27/09/2016, 10:28 - Jules: I shall attempt to protect your, er, rear!!!!
27/09/2016, 10:29 - Richard Marshall: I appreciate that, and for my part I will continue to dismantle as much of the old empire whilst I can
27/09/2016, 10:34 - Jules: πŸ˜€
27/09/2016, 10:43 - Richard Marshall: Another 2 walls coming down this wk....
27/09/2016, 10:43 - Jules: Can't wait!
27/09/2016, 10:47 - Richard Marshall: Jericho is having a refurb by the builder from Bearwood
27/09/2016, 10:49 - Jules: Toot toot! (Of air for a few hours now...)
27/09/2016, 19:37 - Jules: Blog up.
27/09/2016, 19:37 - Richard Marshall: πŸ‘€
27/09/2016, 20:24 - Richard Marshall: That pic, I won't lower myself in being refused an answer by asking who took it, but can you give me a general direction of where it mayve come from?
27/09/2016, 20:34 - Jules: A friend of mine....
27/09/2016, 20:39 - Richard Marshall: My concerns are.... 1.that who ever took it is either the worst photographer ever or the have deliberately spoiled it
2. Either they are there by chance (police etc) and recognised car and took pic on phone
3. someone knew about meet and set up sting photo for whatever reason
I hope it's not number 3
27/09/2016, 20:44 - Jules: I don't get why the photo important? SMBC have already admitted in FOI that Britton authorised use of car for private purpose. The question now is whether he also used a SMBC solicitor for private purposes (and apparently tried to cover that up).
27/09/2016, 21:00 - Richard Marshall: So you think someone was just sat there and thought 'ooh DC I'll take a pic" . It matters to me as all this stuff( and I'm getting handfuls a day) are pieces of a jigsaw , I just need to know what picture they fit into
27/09/2016, 21:07 - Jules: The info on the photo is that it was taken from some distance by a person standing by the entrance of the Children's Hospital. It was a poor photo anyway & what I published was a cropped version. I never used it before as I seem to get it into my head that the woman was DC's wife. Unlike Cooper himself - I didn't want to drag in family members.....
27/09/2016, 21:08 - Richard Marshall: Anyone can take a picture surely the question is why
27/09/2016, 21:10 - Jules: I think the person was very surprised to see the posh limo with Sandwell crests in that location. Quite rightly as it turned out.
27/09/2016, 21:12 - Richard Marshall: Ok , thanks , I know you'd tell me if it helped in what we are doing I won't press anymore
27/09/2016, 21:15 - Richard Marshall: MH appeared before Audit officers yesterday, not for public consumption but may explain your flurry of phone calls
27/09/2016, 21:18 - Jules: Ta.
27/09/2016, 21:20 - Richard Marshall: The lead officer was your lady from car
27/09/2016, 21:21 - Jules: Lol!
27/09/2016, 21:25 - Richard Marshall: What that means with the info that's come in since you blogged I'm yet to find out
27/09/2016, 21:26 - Jules: Interesting!
27/09/2016, 21:26 - Richard Marshall: Newton thought so
27/09/2016, 21:27 - Jules: ?
27/09/2016, 21:27 - Richard Marshall: Physics my good man
27/09/2016, 21:27 - Jules: Ah!
27/09/2016, 21:27 - Richard Marshall: 😜
27/09/2016, 21:28 - Richard Marshall: I might be just a builder and a cllr but my mother made me study
27/09/2016, 21:30 - Jules: Just? Honorable professions  in my book! As someone who can't knock a nail into a wall straight I am in awe of builders etc....
27/09/2016, 21:32 - Jules: Newton had connections with Grantham - as, of course, did one of your other favourite people....
27/09/2016, 21:33 - Richard Marshall: I only have 2 favourites in my life , one is my mom the other is my wife
27/09/2016, 21:34 - Jules: Surely you must add SE to the list "lol"!
27/09/2016, 21:37 - Richard Marshall: [Redacted]
27/09/2016, 21:38 - Richard Marshall: Considering Allardyce has just fell on his sword
27/09/2016, 21:43 - Jules: [Redacted]
27/09/2016, 21:43 - Jules: Know the rules! It's getting late!
27/09/2016, 21:45 - Richard Marshall: I know, I feel we are on the cusp, your flurry of calls and other stuff is proof that something is stirring.
27/09/2016, 21:46 - Richard Marshall: 2 things in since you blogged
27/09/2016, 21:47 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒ
27/09/2016, 21:48 - Richard Marshall: ..... [redacted - allegation leading Cllr and high-ranking female employee had a sexual relationship going back 10 years] Whilst she was wearing see thro skirts and gstrings
27/09/2016, 21:49 - Richard Marshall: Secondly
27/09/2016, 21:49 - Jules: Good God!
27/09/2016, 21:50 - Richard Marshall: DC and MH had fell out
27/09/2016, 21:51 - Jules: Well not surprised as that. Cooper was out for self-preservation....
27/09/2016, 21:52 - Richard Marshall: I am, his loyalty to Manboobs was unsurpassed
27/09/2016, 21:52 - Jules: Lol!
28/09/2016, 09:38 - Jules: BBC say they had heard Police saw DC v shortly before his death.
28/09/2016, 19:40 - Richard Marshall: Your pic of the car has come via MH
28/09/2016, 20:25 - Jules: No. I know where it came from. I know the person.
28/09/2016, 20:29 - Richard Marshall: MH was one of the only ones that knew of the appointment, he even raised it against MP in his interview on Monday
28/09/2016, 20:30 - Jules: Oh. But didn't he used to have family in the legal dep't?
28/09/2016, 20:32 - Richard Marshall: Not sure on that, we think he may have up to 5 members of his family in Council we are trying to weed them out
28/09/2016, 20:33 - Jules: I thought there were 2 young women. Think have names somewhere but no chance of me finding them for a few days....
28/09/2016, 20:35 - Richard Marshall: Let me know when you can then thanks . Btw your wife is delightful
28/09/2016, 20:35 - Jules: πŸ˜€
28/09/2016, 20:36 - Richard Marshall: [Document concerning Wednesbury Celebrates]
28/09/2016, 20:36 - Richard Marshall: This will be going out to press tom . Don't release just yet
28/09/2016, 20:37 - Jules: Ok. I am working away for 3 days so pushed for time anyway!
28/09/2016, 20:41 - Jules: Have asked someone if they can remember names in legal as not sure where my notes are but surely Sharma was keeping him infomed anyway?
28/09/2016, 20:41 - Jules: Informed...
28/09/2016, 20:41 - Richard Marshall: Who informed??
28/09/2016, 20:42 - Jules: Sharma keeping MH informed....
28/09/2016, 20:42 - Richard Marshall: Why would you think that??
28/09/2016, 20:43 - Jules: Well I think she and Bubalo were on the MH [redacted]. Even she couldn't have been as bad a lawyer as she seemed!
28/09/2016, 20:46 - Jules: Is Pardip Sharma Neeraj's daughter?
28/09/2016, 20:47 - Richard Marshall: I would be suprised they are about the same age
28/09/2016, 20:48 - Jules: Never met her - Pardip that is.
28/09/2016, 20:50 - Richard Marshall: Petite and fairly pretty
28/09/2016, 20:50 - Richard Marshall: So she maybe adopted!😜
28/09/2016, 20:50 - Jules: Can't be related to Neeraj then "lol"!
28/09/2016, 20:51 - Jules: πŸ˜€
28/09/2016, 21:00 - Jules: I think I misread message from someone - think it means Pardip's daughter worked there. Not sure if she still does....
28/09/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: ALL family links are being looked at presently
28/09/2016, 21:04 - Jules: Quite right too....
28/09/2016, 21:04 - Richard Marshall: Yes
28/09/2016, 21:05 - Richard Marshall: And anyone called Jones is being DNA tested!!!!
28/09/2016, 21:05 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
29/09/2016, 11:21 - Richard Marshall: Fancy a bit of stirring??
29/09/2016, 11:23 - Jules: I am sitting on M6 due to big acc. [PC Plod - engine off] Left home 2 hours ago & still not in Cov so no just at the minute!!! Interested though!
29/09/2016, 11:29 - Richard Marshall: Jones is supposed to appear at Audit Cmmee this pm at 4 .....will he won't he??
29/09/2016, 11:30 - Jules: And will they question him properly?
29/09/2016, 11:39 - Richard Marshall: We have been working on questions for weeks
29/09/2016, 11:40 - Jules: Put a couple of things on Twitter
29/09/2016, 11:41 - Richard Marshall: [thumbs up emoji]
29/09/2016, 15:28 - Jules: So Jones bailing out again?
29/09/2016, 15:29 - Jules: Has the Wed Celebrates thing been released - can I refer to it?
29/09/2016, 15:32 - Richard Marshall: Yes the bastard has , the committee are fuming Yes to WC
29/09/2016, 18:47 - Jules: What does "the Party" say about all this?
29/09/2016, 18:56 - Richard Marshall: Not heard officially yet but everyone is pissed off he's not shown and the reasons. We are going to push through changes at next months meet to force Cllrs to attend
29/09/2016, 19:27 - Jules: Good!
29/09/2016, 19:29 - Richard Marshall: I probably know the answer to this before I ask but ask I will....
29/09/2016, 19:31 - Jules: Go ahead...
29/09/2016, 19:31 - Richard Marshall: ......would you be willing to meet the new Wednesbury Celebrates to talk about the bad old days ?
29/09/2016, 19:32 - Jules: Of course. But I think these organisations need to be open. Why not unless they have something to hide...
29/09/2016, 19:33 - Jules: I would like to try and build the future though.
29/09/2016, 19:55 - Richard Marshall: I thought you would, there is only one reason they haven't been open . The reality is this group do great work some days they have 200 pensioners there having fish and chips and a show at cost served solely by volunteers. The concept is good but some bad people are attracted to public funding that has little policing. Fact is tho this new group have spotted the corruption and told us everything despite huge pressure and threats from the Joneses
29/09/2016, 20:01 - Jules: My concern is that everything is kept secret in the new organistion history may repeat itself...
29/09/2016, 20:04 - Richard Marshall: These are all little old ladies
29/09/2016, 20:04 - Richard Marshall: And one of the first things they've done is release a press statement
29/09/2016, 20:05 - Jules: Who is funding Costigan's new youth club?
29/09/2016, 20:09 - Richard Marshall: Not sure, I'll ask. Elaine is one of the good guys tho, the Joneses have used her good nature relentlessly
29/09/2016, 20:11 - Jules: I will have to take your word for that. Still watch your back where she is concerned....
29/09/2016, 20:36 - Richard Marshall: I dont trust anyone, but my wife and mom, remember ?
29/09/2016, 20:36 - Jules: πŸ˜€
30/09/2016, 20:42 - Richard Marshall: You go on about Council officers but police are worse by far !
30/09/2016, 20:44 - Jules: Well I haven't been shy in trying to expose their shortcomings!!
30/09/2016, 20:46 - Richard Marshall: Have you seen that they got the riot police out to move travellers out of Solihull yesterday?
30/09/2016, 20:47 - Jules: No!
30/09/2016, 20:49 - Richard Marshall: Yet a 67 yr old bloke gets run over  trying to stop them getting on his local park last night in Sandwell and bugger all. Ok to get your working class leg broke in 4 places and your head dented but stay out the posh parts
30/09/2016, 20:55 - Jules: Twas ever thus....
30/09/2016, 20:56 - Richard Marshall: Not on my watch
30/09/2016, 20:58 - Jules: One side of my family has traveller heritage so I don't quite know what to make of it all. I would be interested to have a chat one day about the problems for a loc authority
30/09/2016, 21:04 - Richard Marshall: One family last year alone cost us 130k , I am really laid back happy to live and let live , cant say publicy as id get shot but we give out rubbish bags abd ask them to put in a pile and we collect daily but lately things have got real nasty .
30/09/2016, 21:10 - Jules: Yes - I am not naive to all this. Is there any sort of dialogue?
30/09/2016, 21:13 - Richard Marshall: We try , but the group we have lately must be tories. They even tried to run me over
30/09/2016, 21:16 - Jules: Sure it wasn't MH lol!
30/09/2016, 21:16 - Richard Marshall: Lol
30/09/2016, 21:17 - Richard Marshall: Luckily a warden dragged me out the way
01/10/2016, 12:34 - Jules: Did you see this in HN comments section?
01/10/2016, 12:34 - Jules: 

01/10/2016, 13:00 - Richard Marshall: Lost money on Lightwoods and dodgy builders??!!
01/10/2016, 13:00 - Richard Marshall: No is the answer is didn't see it
01/10/2016, 13:05 - Jules: Clearly the dark forces at work....
01/10/2016, 13:07 - Richard Marshall: Def. I'm the chair of the friends group at Lightwoods and the builders are exemplary id be the first to complain if they weren't
01/10/2016, 13:10 - Richard Marshall: Although I will be resigning from that position shortly. Whoever Hugo is obviously doesn't know I'm the chair obviously
01/10/2016, 13:58 - Richard Marshall: Looks thick enough to have been written by Hadley
01/10/2016, 13:59 - Richard Marshall: Anyway I said I'd share some big news with you this week and I didn't did i?
01/10/2016, 14:00 - Richard Marshall: But I need your scouts honour not to tell on this one as your other leaks won't know till monday
01/10/2016, 14:02 - Jules: No probs. Working till late tonight and early tomorrow so will then flake out so no problem pre-Monday!!!
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: Another head hAS rolled
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Jules: Scarrott?
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: Yes
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
01/10/2016, 14:04 - Richard Marshall: That will shake the council house to its core on Monday
01/10/2016, 14:05 - Richard Marshall: I daresay releasing some more rotten apples
01/10/2016, 14:12 - Jules: Good! Wonder what MH thinks!!!
01/10/2016, 14:20 - Jules: Please let me know when I can comment on it!!!
01/10/2016, 14:37 - Richard Marshall: He is furious by all accounts. I'm being touted by officers in Neighbourhoods as 'the hatchet man' so my cover is blown
01/10/2016, 14:38 - Jules: Lol!
01/10/2016, 14:39 - Richard Marshall: And that I've 'been tasked with burying the Joneses '
01/10/2016, 14:39 - Richard Marshall: Bless them
02/10/2016, 22:52 - Jules: What do you know about Lord Peter Snape & the ice rink?
03/10/2016, 06:15 - Richard Marshall: Absolutely nothing , other than we looked at the deal as soon as we took over , said it was rubbish and kicked it into touch. Never heard snapes named mentioned till you have. Why what do you know??
03/10/2016, 06:23 - Jules: It is alleged that he personally introduced Mike Petrouis to Cooper & Co...
03/10/2016, 06:28 - Richard Marshall: That wouldn't suprise me , from what I've seen that guy had businesses across the country and they always tag onto MPS etc as they are easy ways into an area
03/10/2016, 07:29 - Richard Marshall: Let me know as soon as you hear about AS today , I'm guessing people will be falling over themselves to tel
03/10/2016, 07:48 - Richard Marshall: If you have anything on Adrian Bailey we'd be happy to hear it
03/10/2016, 08:20 - Jules: Alas not - the invisible man....
03/10/2016, 08:24 - Richard Marshall: He is definitely behind the Dark Side
03/10/2016, 15:08 - Jules: Strangely quiet. I have emailed Scarrott but it has bounced back....
03/10/2016, 15:13 - Jules: Just had message he is going in December....
03/10/2016, 15:36 - Richard Marshall: Bless
04/10/2016, 07:24 - Jules: Did SMBC ever [redacted]?
04/10/2016, 07:25 - Richard Marshall: I have heard the story that they [redacted] but I don't know how/who financed or the reasons why they went
04/10/2016, 08:45 - Richard Marshall: Think someone is seriously tugging your chain re your momentum tweet, they are the ultimate MH haters
04/10/2016, 08:49 - Jules: πŸ˜€
04/10/2016, 09:20 - Jules: How involved was SE in setting up Hussain's meeting with College re The Public?
04/10/2016, 09:25 - Richard Marshall: Steve??
04/10/2016, 09:26 - Jules: Yep
04/10/2016, 09:26 - Richard Marshall: I've not a clue
04/10/2016, 09:27 - Richard Marshall: Though I'd imagine someone is saying he was intregal to the deal!!
04/10/2016, 09:27 - Jules: Indeed.
04/10/2016, 09:29 - Richard Marshall: I obviously wasn't around then and don't believe an ounce of what I'm told but from what I've gleaned 3 people ran the council and SE wasn't one of them
04/10/2016, 09:51 - Jules: Was Cooper also shagging [named SMBC employee involved in wrongful conduct]?
04/10/2016, 10:06 - Richard Marshall: Again, I wasn't around. They are busy today aren't they !!
04/10/2016, 10:42 - Jules: Told Mel was being lined up to take over Murray Hall Trust.
04/10/2016, 10:43 - Jules: Allegation Cooper's wife called Hussain to go round before she called ambulance.
04/10/2016, 12:30 - Richard Marshall: Yes too Mel , don't know re other
04/10/2016, 12:35 - Jules: So how come Mel gets pay-off if he was going to another job?
04/10/2016, 12:36 - Jules: Why was McVittie taking cash payments without receipts for use of Weds Town Hall last week?
04/10/2016, 12:43 - Richard Marshall: It's something i found out by accident the wk we shipped her out, not even sure DC see knew when he did the deal , something kept very hushed up with IJ and MD and Murray Hall
04/10/2016, 12:43 - Richard Marshall: I trying to find out the same but he has been stopped now
04/10/2016, 12:43 - Jules: I have written to Murray Hall.
04/10/2016, 12:44 - Richard Marshall: Good luck with that!
04/10/2016, 12:45 - Richard Marshall: The CEO is a bigger bully than IJ or MH , hes even threatened officers with violence I've been told today
04/10/2016, 12:45 - Jules: Is that "Mike Bailey"?
04/10/2016, 12:46 - Richard Marshall: Malcolm. He's been in and threatened the ladies at WC
04/10/2016, 12:47 - Jules: Oh good. I will take him on then!!!
04/10/2016, 12:55 - Richard Marshall: Great. I am too, I'm having all his contracts audited
05/10/2016, 07:37 - Richard Marshall: Morning, back to your pic , I've had a little dig and there were only 4 people that knew about that appointment and 2 of them were in the car so whoever took the pic that you say you know mustve received the info directly or indirectly off one of the other 2
05/10/2016, 07:41 - Jules: You are barking up wrong tree here Richard.
05/10/2016, 07:42 - Jules: Cooper, Price, Britton. Who was no 4?
05/10/2016, 07:43 - Richard Marshall: Unless it was a police contact . Manboobs
05/10/2016, 07:47 - Richard Marshall: I'm just concerned between you and me I shared some very detailed information on the Joneses and other thongs with a very senior officer 2 weeks ago today and within 2 days you said to me your phone wouldn't stop ringing then comments from lower ranking officers started coming back about me. We have officers linked to the Dark Side that we are unaware of and unless I can identify them they will remain in the organisation
05/10/2016, 07:48 - Richard Marshall: Things not thongs
05/10/2016, 07:50 - Jules: Yes that is a problem. The corruption runs deep.
05/10/2016, 07:54 - Richard Marshall: It does, our plan has been as much as possible to follow the first rule of assassination, but we are going to miss some key individuals.  Any help you can give identifying them would be much appreciated, I know you don't like naming names but even a direction would help
05/10/2016, 08:05 - Jules: To be fair most insiders are remaining anonymous or using false names. I am sure for example that SMBC don't really employ William Jefferson Clinton!
05/10/2016, 08:06 - Richard Marshall: Yes , he works in housing!!😜
05/10/2016, 08:07 - Jules: Perhaps you should set up a Truth & Reconciliation commission - amnesty for lower ranks if they spill beans now!
05/10/2016, 08:09 - Richard Marshall: We have been discussing that very thing , the one thing we have to do is bury Manboobs first the amount of staff that still believe he is coming back is untrue he's like bloody Voldermort
05/10/2016, 08:10 - Jules: Crikey!
05/10/2016, 08:12 - Richard Marshall: Even senior managers believe
05/10/2016, 08:12 - Richard Marshall: And I ain't no Harry Potter
05/10/2016, 08:12 - Jules: Someone has put in a FOI to Arts Council re L's place. Suspect the dark forces at work there...
05/10/2016, 08:14 - Richard Marshall: Dance Academy?? SE was venting his spleen to me about what DC had done to Linda yesterday
05/10/2016, 08:14 - Jules: Dancexchange.
05/10/2016, 08:15 - Richard Marshall: That's the one , my brain has been Wednesburyfried
05/10/2016, 08:16 - Jules: They will serve it at the Bostin Caff!
05/10/2016, 08:16 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz
05/10/2016, 08:16 - Jules: Is MH still facing problems with the Party?
05/10/2016, 08:17 - Richard Marshall: Again between me and you , had a meet with Sport England yesterday , the fog seems to have finally lifted
05/10/2016, 08:17 - Jules: Oh good.
05/10/2016, 08:18 - Richard Marshall: There are still people in the party actively blocking , without Watson and Spellar on our team we'd have no chance
05/10/2016, 08:34 - Richard Marshall: We are interviewing for interim director tomorrow. Main quality I'm looking for is 'bastard'
05/10/2016, 09:14 - Jules: πŸ˜€
05/10/2016, 09:18 - Richard Marshall: Have you ever heard any rumours re MH being reported to police about wrongdoing as far back as 2005?
05/10/2016, 09:31 - Jules: No. The first time he comes on radar is [redacted] his shop in Bearwood. The [redacted] really seems to have started with the CPO on West Brom St (with Bawa).
05/10/2016, 09:34 - Jules: Actually hang on. There was a woman contacted me whose husband was a copper. She said he started to nose around a few years back but was then ordered to drop it.
05/10/2016, 09:43 - Richard Marshall: Can you remember what for? Someone has come forward saying that he was reported by the person Neeraj replaced whose was then marched off the premises 3 wks after reporting him. We can't find a trace of it anywhere
05/10/2016, 09:48 - Jules: Alas not. The woman was going to try & get copper to speak to me  but he wouldn't. Does the person Neeraj replaced remember?
05/10/2016, 09:53 - Richard Marshall: We are trying to track him down
05/10/2016, 10:07 - Jules: What was his name - confidentially - I may be able to help.
05/10/2016, 10:09 - Richard Marshall: Cork
05/10/2016, 10:17 - Jules: Try [redacted address]. Was married - and seems to still be - to Karen who was also  sol at SMBC
05/10/2016, 10:19 - Richard Marshall: Thank you
05/10/2016, 19:11 - Richard Marshall: New Monitoring Officer read the Sandwell Skidder to prepare for his interview!
05/10/2016, 19:11 - Jules: πŸ˜€
05/10/2016, 19:12 - Richard Marshall: Hopefully he will be remembered for his work in Tower Hamlets not Sandwell
05/10/2016, 19:12 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
05/10/2016, 19:14 - Richard Marshall: Another one has bit the dust but I can't tell you till next wk
05/10/2016, 19:14 - Jules: Oh!
05/10/2016, 19:15 - Richard Marshall: Hurricane Eling is rattling through Sandwell
05/10/2016, 19:15 - Jules: Great. You are going to be busy with recruitment!!!
05/10/2016, 21:53 - Richard Marshall: 😜😜
06/10/2016, 08:52 - Jules: Norman & Maureen Fletcher are the Husband & Wife team in the Wragge report aren't they.
06/10/2016, 08:54 - Richard Marshall: Michelle
06/10/2016, 08:54 - Jules: Sorry. Michelle.
06/10/2016, 08:55 - Richard Marshall: Yes
06/10/2016, 09:27 - Richard Marshall: MH has written to the party saying he isn't getting a fair hearing and he wants the process kicked out and is citing your Maria Price story as evidence
06/10/2016, 09:29 - Jules: As evidence of what????
06/10/2016, 09:35 - Richard Marshall: That he is not getting a fair hearing as the head solicitor visited police station with DC and that is now out in the public domain
06/10/2016, 09:35 - Jules: So what?
06/10/2016, 09:37 - Richard Marshall: Hes saying that she is biased as him and DC had fell out. You know what's he's like
06/10/2016, 09:48 - Jules: Ridiculous
06/10/2016, 09:56 - Richard Marshall: Yes, hes been using delaying tactics since the start
06/10/2016, 11:17 - Jules: Blog up
06/10/2016, 11:39 - Richard Marshall:[thumbs up emoji]
06/10/2016, 11:54 - Jules: What is coonection of [redacted names of two individulas] to Sandwell Labour?
06/10/2016, 11:54 - Jules: Connection!!
06/10/2016, 11:54 - Richard Marshall: Don't know , who are they and I'll ask
06/10/2016, 11:55 - Jules: Not sure myself. Run business in Tat Bank Rd?
06/10/2016, 12:42 - Richard Marshall: Which business??
06/10/2016, 12:53 - Jules: [redacted company name] It is just that Wragge Report refers to 38 Marshall St Smethwick but I don't understand why...
06/10/2016, 12:53 - Richard Marshall: Ok ill dig a little and come back to you
06/10/2016, 12:53 - Jules: Just had message "bubalo going"
06/10/2016, 12:54 - Richard Marshall: Really
06/10/2016, 12:54 - Jules: Yes!
06/10/2016, 13:02 - Jules: Not pulling your chain - could be wind-up though
06/10/2016, 13:02 - Jules: <Media omitted>
06/10/2016, 13:11 - Richard Marshall: I'm sure you aren't
06/10/2016, 17:33 - Jules: Surely the CS thing is the end of Britton????
06/10/2016, 17:58 - Richard Marshall: No quite explain later
06/10/2016, 18:22 - Jules: I am at concert tonight til about 9.30.
06/10/2016, 18:30 - Richard Marshall: Ok chat tomorrow
06/10/2016, 18:41 - Jules: Last tweet - allegation Britton had to apologise 4 failure to file DOI when he became Governor at College??
06/10/2016, 18:44 - Richard Marshall: I ll ask
06/10/2016, 18:45 - Jules: πŸ˜€
06/10/2016, 18:46 - Richard Marshall: Enjoy your night , I caught up with a Black Country Touring show last night, your wife was right , they are good
06/10/2016, 18:47 - Jules: Indeed they are and a safe pair of hands....
06/10/2016, 21:28 - Richard Marshall: Youve made MF cry today
06/10/2016, 21:48 - Jules: Oh dear.... my heart bleeds...
06/10/2016, 21:52 - Richard Marshall: Yes, I now know they are feeding out stories to see who's leaking info
06/10/2016, 21:53 - Jules: Do you mean Bubalo story?
06/10/2016, 21:54 - Richard Marshall: They are giving misinformation to individuals to see where it comes out
06/10/2016, 21:56 - Jules: 2 can play at that game....
07/10/2016, 17:47 - Richard Marshall: Thanks for highlighting the new Monitoring Officer tweet wtf is wrong with these people?? They are supposed to be highly educated proffesionals
07/10/2016, 17:50 - Jules: This is not good. Get some professionals in!
07/10/2016, 17:50 - Richard Marshall: We were led to believe he is
07/10/2016, 17:51 - Richard Marshall: I personally wanted you
07/10/2016, 17:52 - Jules: I mean to check these people out. I am sorry Richard but Sandwell is a hard sell but ask again - what really professional person would work under Britton????
07/10/2016, 17:56 - Richard Marshall: I know what you're saying. Issue we have is that if we ditch him now irrelevant of the Secretary of State problems all the dead bodies just disappear. We are eeking out more issues whilst we have him in in post than if we got rid. Do you want to let any of this lot off the hook?
07/10/2016, 18:00 - Jules: I have to fundamentally disagree on this. I am not sure he is not [redacted] - quick to try & hobble police investigations. He is utterly useless & can't believe he will suddenly come good. Crush the snake's head & worry about body later.
07/10/2016, 18:04 - Richard Marshall: Not expecting him to come good . See first rule of assassination
07/10/2016, 18:06 - Jules: I know you have a mountain to climb but this guy's record speaks for itself!!!
07/10/2016, 18:11 - Richard Marshall: It does, but you reap what you sow
07/10/2016, 18:11 - Richard Marshall: His time will come
07/10/2016, 18:12 - Jules: And WTF is position re Hackett. You probably know what I think I do so he is dead meat!
07/10/2016, 18:16 - Richard Marshall: I hope youll give me a little leeway on this as im busy in other areas but my understanding is Ofsted have said  we are making progress with reforms they have asked us too. SE went to see the Minister 2 wks ago and they are minded to switch children's services across the country into trusts
07/10/2016, 18:20 - Jules: I am working on Hackett story. If what SMBC staff person telling me is true he is in deep doo doo....
07/10/2016, 18:25 - Richard Marshall: Can you let me in on it first please as your story on AS son and the Fletchers whilst we belive to be true we can't prove as there is no evidence anymore and as they all read it on your media seemed to have collaborated a story. I know before you were poking DC and SMBC with a stick but your now an ally of ours and we really need to work together to get best results. BUT I completely understand if you don't want to and appreciate your position
07/10/2016, 18:32 - Jules: You know I am on your side but it is just incomprehensible to me Britton can stay on. I have said we all make mistakes & I think SE has made some howlers but I don't think for one minute he is corrupt. On Hackett etc sometimes people just cross the Rubicon. They have  (knowingly) done something so wrong they cannot come back...... I am following up leads but everything stacking up. If he has leaked CS info I will go to police first before anyone else...
07/10/2016, 18:33 - Richard Marshall: I know you are of that I have no doubt but this misinformation line worries me
07/10/2016, 18:34 - Jules: I think SE should be having a word. If what I hear is TRUE then SE already knows and could be said to be criminally complicit....
07/10/2016, 18:35 - Richard Marshall: Yesterday we had real evidence of NF trying to finger SE himself then at the last second before we act I find out info was a plant
07/10/2016, 18:36 - Jules: NF can sue me if he wants but that info came from a good source....
07/10/2016, 18:37 - Richard Marshall: Not what you blogged other stuff
07/10/2016, 18:37 - Jules: This may seem minor in the scheme of things but did Britton fiddle Maria Price's holiday record????
07/10/2016, 18:38 - Richard Marshall: MH was strutting round OCH like he owned it last night telling SE he was his best friend
07/10/2016, 18:38 - Richard Marshall: Fiddle how??
07/10/2016, 18:38 - Jules: With friends like that "lol"!!
07/10/2016, 18:39 - Richard Marshall: I'm told that MP had legitimately booked the day as leave in advance . I know SE is asking questions about this
07/10/2016, 18:40 - Jules: Jan told her to take day's holiday. Sure she did not give that up voluntarily so either she was paid in lieu or Britton gave her an extra day. There must be a paper trail on that!
07/10/2016, 18:40 - Richard Marshall: Re this Simon story and the house lettings etc do you want to meet up again and discuss properly? We all have same aims
07/10/2016, 18:42 - Richard Marshall: I really feel we are at the cusp and don't want to lose it
07/10/2016, 18:52 - Richard Marshall: I know this is probably different/difficult  for you than me as Linda and yourself have been under attack for years by 'my ' organisation and now a change has come in our side  and there is a complete change of tact you were once an 'enemy ' but now an 'ally' i get that but we are going to be most effective together, this thing stretched out way by more than 3 Cllrs
07/10/2016, 18:54 - Jules: I wrote to SE yesterday. I want to bow out but only when certain matters finished. But then you get something like Liam Preece -  who I thought was a good guy - in with Joneses. WTF is the matter with you lot?
07/10/2016, 18:57 - Richard Marshall: Liam hates the Joneses?????
07/10/2016, 18:57 - Jules: So much so he was working for them!
07/10/2016, 18:57 - Richard Marshall: When???
07/10/2016, 18:58 - Jules: This is why get angry!!
07/10/2016, 18:59 - Richard Marshall: The one thing I will say is that the Joneses are v v good at what they do, I'm very cynical and they almost sucked me in
07/10/2016, 19:00 - Richard Marshall: But was warned off by my wife (who youd like as she hates all of them)
07/10/2016, 19:13 - Richard Marshall: That's Cllrs not just Joneses
07/10/2016, 19:14 - Jules: Well Liam has lied on Reg of Interests...
07/10/2016, 19:17 - Richard Marshall: Not saying??
07/10/2016, 19:37 - Jules: Indeed. Just when SMBC writing the bent bid. SE must be careful re this Hackett business.....
07/10/2016, 20:16 - Richard Marshall: Just be careful what you being fed Jules
07/10/2016, 20:17 - Jules: Yes I have qualms but there does seem to be a problem for SH here....
07/10/2016, 20:18 - Jules: BTW - in a rare admission of guilt Liam emailed me direct....
07/10/2016, 20:22 - Richard Marshall: Like I said, let's work together and fuck these off. Btw have you seen that MC , and the Joneses are in tenerife together for IJS birthday ??
07/10/2016, 20:27 - Jules: Is this on FB? I am blocked on some channels...
07/10/2016, 20:28 - Richard Marshall: You!!...never!!!
07/10/2016, 20:28 - Jules: πŸ˜€
07/10/2016, 20:34 - Richard Marshall: 

07/10/2016, 20:37 - Jules: Strewth...
07/10/2016, 20:39 - Richard Marshall: Lying bastards have been telling  us for weeks that they are 'collateral damage ' and never speak to the Joneses again
07/10/2016, 20:39 - Jules: Well - card marked!
07/10/2016, 20:40 - Richard Marshall: Yup
07/10/2016, 20:44 - Richard Marshall: Btw Liam is despised by the Dark Side he gives them no quater
07/10/2016, 20:48 - Jules: You tell me that but he takes their cash!!!
07/10/2016, 20:49 - Richard Marshall: I dont know as you haven't told me!
07/10/2016, 20:49 - Jules: Sorry I thought you also saw Twitter feed.
07/10/2016, 20:53 - Richard Marshall: No I m sorry , I'm being thrown so much info at mo I'm struggling to find time to read , which I think is intended. I struggle with detail
07/10/2016, 20:54 - Jules: Liam failed to declare Jones job at time SMBC helping Jones's make Sport England bid....
07/10/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: Show me
07/10/2016, 20:56 - Jules: What? He has admitted in email working for RJ til 2014
07/10/2016, 20:59 - Richard Marshall: Well if he's said it what's the issue other than he has been taken in by these confidence tricksters
07/10/2016, 21:00 - Richard Marshall: The name actually belittes what they've done but that's what they are
08/10/2016, 09:30 - Jules: What actually happened to Brian Rickers?
08/10/2016, 09:33 - Richard Marshall: In what way??
08/10/2016, 09:35 - Jules: Did he leave Unite? If so, do you know what he is doing now....
08/10/2016, 09:36 - Richard Marshall: I'll ask . Never met the bloke
08/10/2016, 09:37 - Jules: BTW - had someone begging me last night to accept a dossier re B'ham City Council. You may be saddened to note that I politely declined as I said I would stick to Sandwell for the time being!!!
08/10/2016, 09:37 - Jules: Rickers shooting mouth off about SMBC corruption....
08/10/2016, 09:38 - Richard Marshall: Bless, you'd have to change your name! Not saddened at all, really glad of your help
08/10/2016, 09:38 - Richard Marshall: Where is he doing that ?
08/10/2016, 09:40 - Jules: As before, I would like to hang up the keyboard but still some unfinished business but at least you guy are on the right track...
08/10/2016, 09:42 - Richard Marshall: We were talking about you in a meeting with some colleagues from the LGA on Wednesday.
08/10/2016, 09:42 - Jules: Thought ears burning....
08/10/2016, 09:43 - Richard Marshall: They were from Bristol and they have a blogger called the Bristolian, he hasn't got your 'tact'
08/10/2016, 09:44 - Jules: I am actually on train to Bristol now. Wonder if I can look him up!!!
08/10/2016, 09:47 - Richard Marshall: Well don't get any ideas off him re his nicknames for people! He calls one of them "spunkface"
08/10/2016, 09:48 - Jules: Not bad for Jones?
08/10/2016, 09:49 - Richard Marshall: Like I say hasn't got your tact! He'll be doing that over MC in her bikini tho!!
08/10/2016, 09:51 - Jules: Steady. I have only just had breakfast!
08/10/2016, 09:52 - Richard Marshall: Well it'd be better than doing Olwen. Just
08/10/2016, 09:56 - Jules: πŸ˜€
08/10/2016, 09:57 - Richard Marshall: 😀😀😀😱😱😱
08/10/2016, 10:28 - Jules: SE knows my mate Andy Maxam. Here is something he put on FB...
08/10/2016, 10:28 - Jules: 

08/10/2016, 10:28 - Jules: And here is my comment...
08/10/2016, 10:29 - Jules: 

08/10/2016, 10:33 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz
08/10/2016, 10:35 - Richard Marshall: The stories I could tell you
08/10/2016, 10:46 - Richard Marshall: Don't forget to tweet about them twats on holiday, you terrify them
08/10/2016, 12:35 - Jules: [redacted]
08/10/2016, 12:35 - Jules: Will that do?
08/10/2016, 12:36 - Richard Marshall: 🌟
08/10/2016, 12:36 - Richard Marshall: Brilliant
08/10/2016, 16:29 - Jules: Hackett is dead. Have file sent to me. This is not good. SE should distance himself asap...
08/10/2016, 16:38 - Richard Marshall: About what?
08/10/2016, 16:39 - Jules: Passing CS private info. Whistleblower has just sent me proof.
08/10/2016, 16:40 - Richard Marshall: CS?
08/10/2016, 16:40 - Jules: Kids services
08/10/2016, 16:41 - Richard Marshall: Sorry im a bit punchy today, So he's been sending private info onto a 3rd party?
08/10/2016, 16:43 - Jules: Cooper for one. Possibly SE. Just trying to follow trail...
08/10/2016, 16:44 - Richard Marshall: Ok
08/10/2016, 16:50 - Richard Marshall: What would be the purpose of him passing on info??
08/10/2016, 16:52 - Jules: You tell me! But that is not on and he KNOWS it is against rules. BTW - phone power v low so may go off fora bit. You need to get SE out of this...
08/10/2016, 16:52 - Richard Marshall: Is he in it too??
08/10/2016, 16:54 - Jules: I can't tell yet. Supposed to be on holiday but whole load of docs received. Whistleblower says yes.
08/10/2016, 16:54 - Richard Marshall: Bollocks
08/10/2016, 16:55 - Jules: In what way?
08/10/2016, 16:59 - Richard Marshall: That  your saying SEinvolved
08/10/2016, 17:00 - Jules: I am saying he may have known!!
08/10/2016, 17:01 - Richard Marshall: Ok , thanks. Will you tell me what you've find?
08/10/2016, 17:01 - Jules: I am out on lash so maybe tomorrow....
08/10/2016, 17:02 - Richard Marshall: Thanks. Enjoy
10/10/2016, 19:52 - Jules: Is this right Scarrott sister & daughter were on payroll
10/10/2016, 19:54 - Richard Marshall: So you've tweeted with knowing if it's true??
11/10/2016, 11:24 - Jules: Daughter worked there. Sister works for welfare & benefits - or did. Just not sure if she is still there? Ex-wife works (or did) for SLT - again not sure if she is still there....
11/10/2016, 12:36 - Richard Marshall: His daughter was there temp in the summer along along with 20 other temp workers, his sister was working at the Council years before he got promoted up the chain and his ex is still at SLT but this isn't unusual , the only issue is when it becomes jobs for the boys so to speak
11/10/2016, 14:15 - Richard Marshall: The other wk you said you were giving Hadley a hard time , what about??
11/10/2016, 14:25 - Jules: Trolling mostly. I hoped she might give some info about Cooper's behavior but, perhaps unsuprisigly, she won't speak to me.
11/10/2016, 14:32 - Richard Marshall: Anything we could use against her party wise??
11/10/2016, 14:34 - Jules: Not yet. She has hinted she has a story she might tell me one day but not yet?
12/10/2016, 16:43 - Jules: So Mel not booted out but left under SMBC "planned leavers scheme". I appear to have been led up garden path. It just seems Team Eling expedited process.
12/10/2016, 17:34 - Richard Marshall: Led up the garden path?
12/10/2016, 19:00 - Jules: Pardip Sharma???
12/10/2016, 19:31 - Richard Marshall: Sorry it's been a really long day , lay that one on me again
13/10/2016, 08:17 - Richard Marshall: Here's one you might like...Hadley is now being investigated by police for malicious communications
13/10/2016, 08:49 - Jules: Wow - on what? Do we know?
13/10/2016, 08:52 - Richard Marshall: Against Simon Hackett, police have interviewed him and are going to run with it
13/10/2016, 08:53 - Jules: Is this the public urination?
13/10/2016, 08:53 - Jules: Ps why on earth is it a police matter?
13/10/2016, 08:56 - Richard Marshall: And other stuff. Malicious Communication is against the law
13/10/2016, 08:58 - Jules: This will look bad on party and police. It has to be pretty bad to be "malicious".
13/10/2016, 08:59 - Richard Marshall: I dont think the party or the police have any reputation left to salvage do they?
13/10/2016, 08:59 - Jules: πŸ˜€
13/10/2016, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: Then she'll be  hauled in front of the whips
13/10/2016, 09:24 - Richard Marshall: What did you want to know on sharma?
13/10/2016, 09:28 - Jules: Had a text saying Pardip gone but they may have got mixed up with Neeraj....
13/10/2016, 09:29 - Jules: Is Meic now in situ?
13/10/2016, 09:30 - Richard Marshall: Oh ok. She is going. Yes he started Monday met him yesterday
13/10/2016, 09:30 - Jules: Is that official re Pardip
13/10/2016, 09:31 - Richard Marshall: I believe she is due to retire
13/10/2016, 09:32 - Jules: Can I say she is going is what I mean....
13/10/2016, 09:33 - Richard Marshall: Well she is so I can't see why you can't
13/10/2016, 13:33 - Richard Marshall: No tweets about The Gob?
13/10/2016, 13:34 - Jules: How do you mean? About what?
13/10/2016, 13:34 - Richard Marshall: About the police
13/10/2016, 13:37 - Jules: Well I have no info on that & I don't want to compromise any investigation. I have some info on SH as I said the other day. It is not good. Is Watson behind this police stuff?
13/10/2016, 13:38 - Richard Marshall: The police stuff with Hadley?
13/10/2016, 13:39 - Jules: Yes.
13/10/2016, 13:40 - Richard Marshall: No, Simon has gone to police on advice of his lawyer and police are treating it seriously
13/10/2016, 13:46 - Jules: Well I don't know what I can say? I don't know facts. I am beginning to put 2 + 2 together but can't go on that.    I am surprised a lawyer would recommend that course of action anyway. SH is in glass house so unwise to throw stones....
13/10/2016, 13:50 - Richard Marshall: Not where JH is concerned
13/10/2016, 13:50 - Richard Marshall: But understand your reluctance
13/10/2016, 13:50 - Richard Marshall: Catch you later
13/10/2016, 13:52 - Jules: As above - I don't know facts. [redacted].... Yes I am just off to meet someone. Do let me know if there is anything I can use!!!!
14/10/2016, 20:51 - Richard Marshall: Julian, the information you have been fed by Joanne Hadley is factually incorrect and is designed by MH and Her to have you silenced by us feel free to ignore me at your peril
14/10/2016, 20:53 - Jules: I am having info from a variety of sources. So you are saying SH never disclosed conf info to Cooper & Co?
14/10/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: I am telling you as a mate you are being taken for a pratt. You are far cleverer than me , you decide who to trust
14/10/2016, 20:57 - Jules: I will be happy to delete blog etc and publish a correction if SH did not disclose conf info.
14/10/2016, 21:00 - Richard Marshall: I do not know what SH did or didn't do, I'm more concerned at this point about you, if I'm wrong re publish. MH and IJ want you gone Hadley has been feeding you crap for ages in the hope they'd get to a point wed shut you down. You decide
14/10/2016, 21:01 - Jules: When you say "we" who do you mean exactly?
14/10/2016, 21:02 - Richard Marshall: The Light Side.
14/10/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: Look I don't really care what you do or don't go with, if we are doing things wrong it needs highlighting
14/10/2016, 21:05 - Richard Marshall: All I'm saying is please by careful printing what she is telling you
14/10/2016, 21:05 - Jules: Unless it is Watson's boys? The SH thing - if true - is really serious. I know you want me to hit MH & IJ but if one of your side acts really badly you want me to keep mouth shut?
14/10/2016, 21:06 - Jules: Don't assume info coming from Hadley. I have a variety of sources.
14/10/2016, 21:08 - Richard Marshall: She wants you gone, she's in MH and IJ camp completely. And I'm not assuming I know. Any other source WILL be linked. You are an ally I don't want to lose but they are feeding you to the lions
14/10/2016, 21:09 - Richard Marshall: No, if there there are people you think are on our side doing wrong tell me, have you any reason to distrust me?
14/10/2016, 21:12 - Jules: No but I am not sure it is healthy if the light side starts behaving like the dark side did. Wrong is wrong!
14/10/2016, 21:13 - Jules: BTW if SMBC commence legal action I will contest it!!!
14/10/2016, 21:13 - Richard Marshall: I 100% agree and have said that to others this week. All I'm saying is lets start at the worst and move forward
14/10/2016, 21:14 - Richard Marshall: I'm sure you will but let's work together
14/10/2016, 21:14 - Jules: Happy to do that!
14/10/2016, 21:18 - Richard Marshall: Stop doing the Dark Side dirty work then!! I know what drives you but surely you can see what shes feeding you is crap
14/10/2016, 21:24 - Richard Marshall: Julian , you are a clever bloke , in the time we spent together I liked you since then I've got to like you more , we are both after the same thing. You decide whos motives align themselves most with yours me or hers. That's the last I'll say of this it's up to you decide
14/10/2016, 21:27 - Jules: I will. BTW someone saying Britton reducing WMCA commitment from 2 days to one? If true not sure if that is good for Sandwell "lol"!
14/10/2016, 21:29 - Richard Marshall: There was only one reason that he was at the CA, that's gone. SMBC need a CEO that's 100% behind SMBC
14/10/2016, 21:30 - Jules: πŸ˜€
15/10/2016, 11:19 - Jules: See your lawyers have been on again. I hope they understand the full ramifications of what they are doing.
15/10/2016, 11:20 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz, they aren't my lawyers
15/10/2016, 11:25 - Richard Marshall: I can only reiterate what I said last night. You have been fed false information again for a reason. This is not like the old days when our people were probably instructed to go ahead with legal action to get at you personally
15/10/2016, 11:27 - Jules: Are you SURE this particular allegation is untrue????
15/10/2016, 11:29 - Richard Marshall: I do not know what the allegation is. I do know that the information you have is incorrect and is heading you in the direction of a libel case
15/10/2016, 11:30 - Richard Marshall: I hope that I have always shown you that my intentions are true
15/10/2016, 11:30 - Richard Marshall: I have no agenda other than to clean up this cesspit that I've inadvertently found myself in
15/10/2016, 11:31 - Richard Marshall: But the world isn't black and white there's a million shades of grey
15/10/2016, 11:33 - Richard Marshall: I know that I'm surrounded by 'baddies' each giving their own version of reality and you can't concentrate your fire on all of them at once or you achieve nothing and they'll get away
15/10/2016, 11:34 - Richard Marshall: Like I said last night you're much cleverer than I'll ever be it's down to you to decide what to do
15/10/2016, 11:53 - Jules: Well I reluctantly redacted the blog so we shall see...
17/10/2016, 16:48 - Jules: So what's going down at Labour Group tonight?
17/10/2016, 17:06 - Richard Marshall: Grilling for Jones
18/10/2016, 08:51 - Jules: Was he grilled?
18/10/2016, 14:49 - Jules: You need to watch your back as staff are accusing you of "bullying". Only natural given circs but mud sticks even where it shouldn't.
18/10/2016, 15:15 - Richard Marshall: Staff are saying I'm bullying ??? I don't deal with any!!
18/10/2016, 15:18 - Jules: Well they must perceive you as being behind changes. You told me to trust you the other day - I am only saying what is going arond (I have been in Oldbury today).
18/10/2016, 15:20 - Richard Marshall: Well i might be behind changes but bully is the furthest thing away from describing me you could ever imagine
18/10/2016, 15:22 - Jules: It is par for the course in this situation. I am just saying be careful & watch your back. SE too needs to be beyond reproach.
18/10/2016, 15:28 - Richard Marshall: It's not mud it's shit ! I've never bullied a sole in my life
18/10/2016, 15:41 - Jules: Maybe people are looking at you & SE as "good cop/bad cop"? I am NOT saying there is anything in it. Just be careful perception doesn't take hold...
18/10/2016, 15:43 - Richard Marshall: I dont even know where that would come from, I don't have any interaction with staff
18/10/2016, 15:45 - Jules: Well it doesn't seem to be from the dark side....
18/10/2016, 15:49 - Richard Marshall: I'm really shocked if it isnt
18/10/2016, 15:55 - Richard Marshall: Has someone told you directly about an issue between me and them or have they told you heresay ?
18/10/2016, 16:29 - Jules: Hearsay but these things spread.
18/10/2016, 16:31 - Richard Marshall: Just shows what gossips are like eh. I'll admit I give Directors and Service Managers a hard time but they are paid to answer tough questions, but I'd be mortified if anyone classed it as bullying
18/10/2016, 16:35 - Jules: I was told verbally & someone handed me a letter about you & another councillor
18/10/2016, 16:35 - Jules: <Media omitted>
18/10/2016, 16:36 - Jules: Someone also
18/10/2016, 16:37 - Richard Marshall: Wow!! It has to be a smear, other than in Neighbourhoods where we have identified the corruption all the comments we are getting back is how much more relaxed and happy everyone is.
18/10/2016, 16:38 - Richard Marshall: Hence the DC link so you snap it up
18/10/2016, 16:39 - Jules: Eh?
18/10/2016, 16:39 - Richard Marshall: On the pic you sent me. DC protegee
18/10/2016, 16:40 - Jules: I am not attacking you!!!
18/10/2016, 16:41 - Richard Marshall: No I know you're not
18/10/2016, 16:41 - Richard Marshall: I'm saying someone is obviously trying to smear me
18/10/2016, 16:42 - Richard Marshall: And by linking me to DC they'll hope you'll take the bait
18/10/2016, 16:42 - Jules: Welcome to Sandwell!!!
18/10/2016, 16:43 - Jules: Well TBF there is some good stuff in that letter but you will be happy to note not about you!
18/10/2016, 16:43 - Richard Marshall: Loving it! I'm the most unassuming cllr as a member of staff you could hope to meet. If they haven't met me before they don't even know I am, it's ridiculous beyond belief
18/10/2016, 16:44 - Richard Marshall: Btw could you let Linda know I've had a great meeting with Arts Connect this afternoon so thanks for that intro
18/10/2016, 16:45 - Jules: People don't like change. They want a scapegoat & you appear to fit the bill!!! Yes will tell L - good! Sandwell on the up.
18/10/2016, 16:48 - Richard Marshall: I dont mind i suppose it gives Simon, Manboob and ALL the Joneses a break !! It is, they agreed to be part of an 'arts project board' along with other npos and other interested individuals
18/10/2016, 16:49 - Jules: πŸ˜€
18/10/2016, 20:27 - Richard Marshall: Thanks for the tip off earlier btw
18/10/2016, 20:36 - Jules: πŸ˜€
18/10/2016, 20:38 - Richard Marshall: Makes you wonder how far their tentacles spread with officers. Did I tell you about MH sons appeal against his sacking?
18/10/2016, 20:39 - Jules: You are kidding me. Please tell me you are kidding me...
18/10/2016, 20:41 - Richard Marshal
18/10/2016, 20:42 - Jules: Presume I can't use that?
18/10/2016, 20:44 - Richard Marshall: He appealed....the night before his appeal his manager emailed saying 'it's all my fault, I told him not to keep records'  etc etc
18/10/2016, 20:44 - Richard Marshall: What does he have on these people it's frightening
18/10/2016, 20:45 - Jules: When is appeal to be heard and by whom?
18/10/2016, 20:46 - Richard Marshall: It was heard, 2 wks ago . Be a different Director
18/10/2016, 20:47 - Jules: And...
18/10/2016, 20:55 - Richard Marshall: Nothings changed.....but why would anyone throw thier career away for someone else's son?
18/10/2016, 20:55 - Jules: I assume he hasn't won?
18/10/2016, 20:56 - Richard Marshall: Nope
19/10/2016, 08:22 - Richard Marshall: So who was the other cllr?
19/10/2016, 09:06 - Jules: I would prefer not to say yet. Someone who I tried to investigate a while ago re allegations but didn't get anywhere. Now have an ex-cop on the job so we shall see....
19/10/2016, 10:37 - Richard Marshall: Oh you tease!
19/10/2016, 10:58 - Jules: Well just done some research and we are defo onto something! But yes, you will need to wait till we have checked it out thoroughly.
19/10/2016, 10:59 - Richard Marshall: Ok
21/10/2016, 17:57 - Jules: So Hussain & 34 Marshall St???
21/10/2016, 17:57 - Richard Marshall: Pray tell
21/10/2016, 17:59 - Jules: Well it is in Wragge report that MH emailing Fletcher about it but FOI refused re "ongoing investigations" - after SIX years?
21/10/2016, 18:00 - Richard Marshall: Not heard about it, tell me more and I'll dig into it
21/10/2016, 18:02 - Jules: I am out at minute. From memory occupier at 118 Devonshire Rd but then moves. Mrs Fletcher knew something wrong but was too scared to say
21/10/2016, 18:03 - Jules: Paragraph 4.7.7 Wragge Report
21/10/2016, 18:05 - Richard Marshall: And we are refusing to tell you?
21/10/2016, 18:06 - Jules: Yes - ongoing investigations....
21/10/2016, 18:07 - Richard Marshall: Ok, see what I can do
26/10/2016, 15:33 - Jules: Do we know why The Hobbit is no longer chair of Murray Hall?
26/10/2016, 15:36 - Richard Marshall: Yes Lollzzz
26/10/2016, 15:36 - Jules: And....
26/10/2016, 16:22 - Richard Marshall: I'm led to believe that the Trustees at Murray Hall felt that the obvious link between Cllrs under scrutiny and question was maybe starting to have a negative effect on their relationship with Council and may ultimately effect contracts they may or may not get awarded
26/10/2016, 16:22 - Richard Marshall: Good afternoon to you too!
28/10/2016, 09:00 - Richard Marshall: Warley CLP had its long delayed AGM last night
28/10/2016, 09:01 - Jules: Oh. Anything of note?
28/10/2016, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: The eternal tossa frear got done over as Secretary by Spellars bag man Vic Silvester
28/10/2016, 09:02 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒ
28/10/2016, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: MH is still firmly in control of everything there though
28/10/2016, 09:03 - Jules: Oh
28/10/2016, 09:03 - Richard Marshall: He even managed to get his nephew Wasim Ali a job
28/10/2016, 09:03 - Richard Marshall: Hes the one the Dark Side have lined up as my replacement
28/10/2016, 09:04 - Jules: How could he be there - isn't he still suspended?
28/10/2016, 09:05 - Richard Marshall: He doesn't need to be there to control it does he!! Voldermort wasn't seen till the 3rd Harry Potter film was he!!
28/10/2016, 09:05 - Jules: πŸ˜€
28/10/2016, 09:08 - Richard Marshall: Any shite you want to sling at frear now would be a good time, he's feeling v v vulnerable
28/10/2016, 09:09 - Jules: Is VS the new sec?
28/10/2016, 09:11 - Richard Marshall: Yes
28/10/2016, 09:11 - Richard Marshall: Horton retained chair
28/10/2016, 09:36 - Jules: What do you know about [redacted]?
28/10/2016, 09:38 - Richard Marshall: It's widely discussed that he ❤s Charlie
28/10/2016, 09:39 - Jules: [redacted]?
28/10/2016, 09:41 - Richard Marshall: [redacted] . I've distanced myself since SEs election as they are snakes that sided with the darkness
28/10/2016, 09:42 - Richard Marshall: His planning job is the next to go
28/10/2016, 09:43 - Jules: Good. Why has MH dropped him? Strange question but is Wasim Ali [redacted]?
28/10/2016, 09:45 - Richard Marshall: MH hasn't, he lost by 1 vote! I've never met him so wouldn't know
28/10/2016, 09:46 - Richard Marshall: [redacted] so I'll let you know
28/10/2016, 15:20 - Jules: Wasim Ali denies he is MH nephew...
28/10/2016, 15:27 - Richard Marshall: Is that right
28/10/2016, 15:29 - Jules: I have asked him. There is defo a family link. MH threw big party for him when he passed law exams.
28/10/2016, 15:31 - Richard Marshall: I'm told on good authority he is and  everyone that has spoke to me about him in the past 12 months says "mahboobs nephew" in the same sentence
28/10/2016, 15:33 - Jules: Well it could be the Asian "Uncle" thing? He IS connected. See last.
28/10/2016, 15:43 - Jules: Is it true SMBC wrote of 50k from YMCA?
28/10/2016, 15:52 - Richard Marshall: I've not a clue! When would this have been??
28/10/2016, 15:53 - Jules: Not sure.....
28/10/2016, 15:56 - Richard Marshall: I'll add it to the list
28/10/2016, 15:57 - Jules: Britton's missus was volunteer there....
28/10/2016, 16:01 - Richard Marshall: Ok
29/10/2016, 10:00 - Richard Marshall: I am looking at taxi driver issues currently btw , so if there's anything you wish to feed me , feel free
29/10/2016, 10:39 - Jules: I have already complained to Bham re [redacted] and they claim to be investigating.
29/10/2016, 10:41 - Richard Marshall: I didn't know till I was called in to start poking around on monday that you can do drive any vehicle with 9 seats or more and not have to have DBS or criminal record checks done
29/10/2016, 10:41 - Richard Marshall: Maybe that's why [redacted]
29/10/2016, 11:58 - Jules: But he has a private hire licence so should [redacted]
31/10/2016, 12:14 - Jules: Anon caller - presumably from dark side saying - Darren arranged for money to be paid to you cos of arrears of business rates...
31/10/2016, 12:23 - Richard Marshall: It gets better, Ive never has  premises!! I suppose now it's out that I'm looking at taxi issues I'm going to cop for loads.   WA def is related to MH by the way
31/10/2016, 12:27 - Jules: Ha ha!! The knives are out! Do we know exact relationship? Have you picked up anything about Rouf's son - the one who is a chemist - [redacted]?
31/10/2016, 12:30 - Richard Marshall: I'm told that hes his nephews nephew, but that's only been told to me this morning so careful with that , also that hes got the back of 3 Muslim MPS. Recently??
31/10/2016, 12:43 - Jules: Not sure with Rouf - very strange call from Asian female
31/10/2016, 12:44 - Richard Marshall: About Rouf son? Have BCC given you  anything re [redacted]?
31/10/2016, 12:44 - Jules: No - chasing
31/10/2016, 12:45 - Richard Marshall: I think we might request it via our counterparts
31/10/2016, 12:45 - Jules: Woman also says Rouf gets [redacted]
31/10/2016, 12:46 - Richard Marshall: No suprise there then
31/10/2016, 12:47 - Jules: She was a bit coy - sounded like family member with grudge so hope she will get back in touch.
31/10/2016, 12:49 - Richard Marshall: Horton is blocking my party complaint against Rouf and others complaints about anyone on the Dark side , middle of a nest of vipers
01/11/2016, 09:20 - Richard Marshall: Not sure if you know any tories but it's being suggested that WA as well as canvassing for them is also a member of both parties
01/11/2016, 09:21 - Jules: Oh! I do know someone....
01/11/2016, 09:22 - Richard Marshall: Seems like your suggestion that he might [redacted]  may be right too
01/11/2016, 18:20 - Jules: Is it right Bubalo off sick?
01/11/2016, 18:59 - Richard Marshall: It is, got rushed in last wk , got to have a major bypass
02/11/2016, 20:45 - Richard Marshall: I've had the question asked re [redacted] off our Birmingham counterparts, they won't give and off the record answer due to data protection, however they did say that each driver has to complete a declaration of interest which has a copy filed at companies house. If that's any help
03/11/2016, 18:42 - Jules: Someone says Ian Jones's water polo club were always being chased for rent by Leisure Trust but coughed up about the same time as Wed Cel started getting grant money....
03/11/2016, 18:45 - Richard Marshall: Would not suprise me at all
04/11/2016, 16:24 - Richard Marshall: [Pictures of the Jones's chalet at a caravan park]
04/11/2016, 16:24 - Richard Marshall: Ditto
04/11/2016, 16:24 - Richard Marshall: Ditto
04/11/2016, 16:25 - Richard Marshall: Another Luxury purchase for the Joneses in Kinver this time
04/11/2016, 16:25 - Jules: !!!
04/11/2016, 16:27 - Richard Marshall: More caravan park pictures
04/11/2016, 16:27 - Richard Marshall: ditto
04/11/2016, 17:43 - Richard Marshall: Just saw your blog about Liam, bit harsh. I don't know him that well but most say at the start he was one of the only ones that stood up to expose Manboobs. At the time he'd worked for Jones everyone thought what they were up to was legit
08/11/2016, 14:21 - Jules: So who is the non-paying Cllr? Frear?
08/11/2016, 14:22 - Richard Marshall: Non paying?
08/11/2016, 14:22 - Jules: Council tax - as per Private Eye & my blog yesterday?

Marshall phoned me pleading that I did not expose him as the non-paying Councillor who was taken to court for non-payment of Council Tax. He told me a cock and bull story centred around a family bereavement.
09/11/2016, 06:46 - Jules: Having slept on it I can't not do the story but will try & give it a sympathetic twist. It  will come out cos of the summons and today is best possible day to bury bad news.
09/11/2016, 06:57 - Richard Marshall: Like I said I'm not going to ask you not to , just please don't mention my wife
09/11/2016, 06:58 - Jules: Sure
09/11/2016, 07:01 - Richard Marshall: I spoke to AH and explained it to him and he was sympathetic and said if he was made to run with it he'd say it was a genuine oversight due to postal issues. I would never admit openly the real reason id rather tell a lie and make myself look stupid rather than blame anyone else

[The real reason of course is that he and his wife were mired in debt despite conning the widow out of over £30k]
09/11/2016, 07:29 - Richard Marshall: The reality of it is also I didn't ask anyone to bend the rules or do any favours for me which I couldve done
09/11/2016, 08:06 - Richard Marshall: That's not a fair comment about Steve , he wasn't aware, I did obviously speak to DC about and Steve has already said im in for a serious bollocking off him when he gets back off holiday for not making him aware when he took over
09/11/2016, 08:07 - Jules: Well who blocked the Private Eye FOI?
09/11/2016, 08:09 - Richard Marshall: I'm not pointing any fingers but we are not being made aware of all foi coming in, you said a few wks ago about one being blocked and Steve has had words with Jan about it and said he will be taking issue with fois when he gets back off holiday
09/11/2016, 08:10 - Jules: But Jan is still up to it!
09/11/2016, 08:12 - Richard Marshall: I dont know the process so not sure if he is made aware of each and everyone
09/11/2016, 08:12 - Richard Marshall: Like I said it's not my style to hide away
09/11/2016, 08:13 - Jules: Well for the last 4 years someone has been blocking them and being deliberately obstructive....
09/11/2016, 08:14 - Richard Marshall: I completely agree,  but we've got major internal battles going on all over and we are having to concentrate our fire on the main issues to resolve them else we will loose
09/11/2016, 08:17 - Jules: I am not completely convinced that change is under way & there won't be a return to the bad old days.
09/11/2016, 08:20 - Richard Marshall: Neither am i , the dark side have spent years "digging in" they aren't going to give up lightly I'm afraid , there are senior people both in the council and party actively blocking change, and I'm afraid stories like this one will just be used by them to beat us with
09/11/2016, 19:38 - Jules: Were you implying the hand of the Satchwell clan in social media complaints re Dartmouth Park?
09/11/2016, 19:40 - Richard Marshall: Satchwell, Bailey, Jones, Tipton tories that MH has now signed up to the Labour Party and Pat Collins funfair
10/11/2016, 19:56 - Richard Marshall: Hey thanks for that "today is the best day to bury bad news line" then go on to keep tweeting about it
10/11/2016, 20:27 - Richard Marshall: Sorry Julian but I've got to say you've gone down in my estimation, I always had you down as man of principle that had been wronged and was trying to right that wrong but comments like 'exclusively revealed ' are exactly the same shit used by this lot ,it's the 'all about me ' attitude that they use to justify the way they are, I really thought we had some common ground
10/11/2016, 20:27 - Richard Marshall: Sorry Julian but I've got to say you've gone down in my estimation, I always had you down as man of principle that had been wronged and was trying to right that wrong but comments like 'exclusively revealed ' are exactly the same shit used by this lot ,it's the 'all about me ' attitude that they use to justify the way they are, I really thought we had some common ground
10/11/2016, 22:12 - Jules: Partly fair. You know I have a blindspot when it comes to E&S's love-in with your lot. On the other point Alex Homer didn't run it & so I did.   Believe me I have ambitions to hang up my keyboard & move on if your side can turn the tide but still some unfinished business...
10/11/2016, 22:22 - Richard Marshall: Julian ''they"  'aren't  my side' speak to Mick and your 'ex copper Bob' about a convo we had years ago at Warley Rugby Club. Reality of it is that the only person that you have come across with the balls to change things, you personally have have allowed to be kicked in the balls
10/11/2016, 22:35 - Richard Marshall: So now today I've had to have time out of my 'paid proper job" that you insist Cllrs should have to photos took to promote public health and other stuff find that your still having a pop .... "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man"
10/11/2016, 22:41 - Jules: TBF I did put to you an allegation that you had been taken to court 4 non-payment of business rates. You pooh-poohed that whilst  not exactly being straight with me. That's why I was reckoning it was someone like Frear when the Private Eye thing came up.
10/11/2016, 22:43 - Richard Marshall: How can I be libel for business rates when I dont have premises/ does frear for that matter
10/11/2016, 22:46 - Richard Marshall: Julian , from this side I've always had sympathy with you and even more so having met Linda who I truly think is wonderful but I believe that you've spent far to much time delving in the dark side and it's started to affect you
10/11/2016, 23:13 - Richard Marshall: SMBC has moved on and you haven't you  are still battering the past but killing the future
13/11/2016, 14:02 - Jules: Told MH not looking great at Remebrance
13/11/2016, 14:05 - Richard Marshall: Was at Smethwick not Oldbury
13/11/2016, 18:35 - Richard Marshall: [Image of MH at Remembrance Ceremony]
13/11/2016, 19:16 - Jules: Short blog up
13/11/2016, 19:18 - Richard Marshall: [applauding hands emoji]
16/11/2016, 12:13 - Richard Marshall: Have you heard anything about a DWP investigation into MH?
16/11/2016, 12:13 - Jules: No!!!
16/11/2016, 12:16 - Richard Marshall: Would you like to?
16/11/2016, 20:24 - Richard Marshall: Great blog!
18/11/2016, 14:56 - Richard Marshall: Do you use an Ian Jones to ask your fois?
18/11/2016, 15:07 - Jules: No - all in my name.
18/11/2016, 15:08 - Richard Marshall: Ok thanks
18/11/2016, 15:09 - Richard Marshall: Btw MH is under investigation by the DWP for Benefit fraud
18/11/2016, 15:10 - Jules: How do we know? What is the foi thing?
18/11/2016, 15:15 - Richard Marshall: A letter has been written in to Steve, and the three MPs complaining about him being an embarrassment to the party and office of a Cllr saying that hes under investigation and is it not about time they did something about it
18/11/2016, 15:32 - Jules: But how do we know its kosher - or rather halal?
18/11/2016, 15:35 - Richard Marshall: It's been confirmed
18/11/2016, 15:35 - Jules: But DWP won't usually say. I don't get it....
18/11/2016, 15:37 - Richard Marshall: From within
06/12/2016, 10:28 - Richard Marshall: Morning, you still interested in any info?
06/12/2016, 10:50 - Jules: I certainly am (have been ill so off radar...)
06/12/2016, 10:58 - Richard Marshall: Nothing serious I hope?
06/12/2016, 10:59 - Jules: Old age lol! On the mend...
06/12/2016, 11:01 - Richard Marshall: I know the feeling, I've aged 20 years in the last 6 months!! Anyway to business MH 'house/land' tender was rigged
06/12/2016, 11:02 - Richard Marshall: Council received 4 bids, his was indeed the highest but the of 3 were it has become apparent off his family members
06/12/2016, 11:03 - Richard Marshall: Roufs is now also being looked it and is also looking fishy
06/12/2016, 11:06 - Jules: Oh good...
06/12/2016, 11:06 - Richard Marshall: Forgive the grammar, builders fingers and predictive txt
06/12/2016, 11:30 - Jules: Can I say anything on this eg     "land sales investigations re-opened following concern over sealed bids"?????
06/12/2016, 11:35 - Richard Marshall: Yes that would do it cos it is
08/12/2016, 14:26 - Richard Marshall: Can I ask a favour?
08/12/2016, 15:43 - Jules: Try me....
08/12/2016, 15:49 - Richard Marshall: Steve Jones made a complete dick of himself in Cabinet yesterday which is now on the Web, asking questions outside his remit and about things he's already agreed to in Council, hes been reported to the whips in a complaint but if you tweeted about it we could have him for bringing the party into disrepute too , it's from about 31 mins in. Also about 1hr in Zahoor Ahmed is told to leave the chambers for not declaring a pecuniary interest
08/12/2016, 16:13 - Jules: Ok will take a look but won't be for a couple of hours.
08/12/2016, 16:15 - Richard Marshall: No problems. I have stuff on taxis  coming up that will make  you think it's Christmas every day
08/12/2016, 16:16 - Jules: πŸ˜€
08/12/2016, 16:16 - Richard Marshall: Like Jericho....
08/12/2016, 17:59 - Jules: What was Jones doing at cabinet? Is it just the green bin thing?
08/12/2016, 18:05 - Richard Marshall: Hes a scrutiny chair. Green bins, parking charges, decrying the council service etc,  all these things he himself has previously signed up to
08/12/2016, 18:27 - Jules: Have done something on FB & a couple of tweets....
08/12/2016, 18:27 - Richard Marshall: Thanks
08/12/2016, 18:29 - Richard Marshall: Loving the 'idiot boy' tag
08/12/2016, 18:30 - Jules: πŸ˜€
09/12/2016, 22:41 - Jules: Trust you saw Halesowen News covered Cabinet rows....
09/12/2016, 23:11 - Richard Marshall: Yes , great stuff
12/12/2016, 07:48 - Richard Marshall: Morning, have you heard of a Samia Akhtar on your travels?
12/12/2016, 07:51 - Jules: I'm not sure. Any clue?
12/12/2016, 07:51 - Richard Marshall: Linked to Ahmed or Rouf and Manboobs
12/12/2016, 07:52 - Jules: Don't recall but he may be in my notes somewhere....
12/12/2016, 07:53 - Richard Marshall: May not be full or correct spelling
15/12/2016, 16:06 - Richard Marshall: Are you watching Jones??
15/12/2016, 17:58 - Jules: No - what happened?
15/12/2016, 17:58 - Richard Marshall: It's not his fault!
15/12/2016, 17:59 - Jules: πŸ˜€  Will watch it tomorrow.
15/12/2016, 18:00 - Richard Marshall: The man is  a buffoon and he proved it. His in with the whips now getting torn off a strip by him
15/12/2016, 18:00 - Richard Marshall: #them
15/12/2016, 18:00 - Jules: πŸ˜€
25/12/2016, 07:56 - Jules: Happy Xmas Richard to you and yours!
25/12/2016, 07:59 - Richard Marshall: Same to you Julian, please pass on all my best to Linda too. I've been meaning to drop you a line saying that this week but I've picked up a chest infection and my energy levels are near zero
25/12/2016, 08:00 - Jules: Get well soon. I have been unwell too hence no blogging....
25/12/2016, 08:02 - Richard Marshall: Doing my best, and you. Have some big stuff to share in the new year so we both need to be fully fit
25/12/2016, 08:02 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
03/01/2017, 18:30 - Jules: Not sure if you will be too keen on new blog (and a couple of others to come). Happy New Year all the same!
03/01/2017, 18:32 - Richard Marshall: I'm sure. Same to you. How your feeling better
03/01/2017, 18:32 - Richard Marshall: #hope
03/01/2017, 18:34 - Jules: You too!
03/01/2017, 18:34 - Richard Marshall: Nope , on steroids now
03/01/2017, 18:35 - Jules: Snap
03/01/2017, 18:35 - Richard Marshall: Need to get well it's a big month in the fight against the bastards
03/01/2017, 18:36 - Jules: Indeed!
03/01/2017, 18:36 - Richard Marshall: I'm told your 350 claim is way off the mark btw
03/01/2017, 18:37 - Jules: Including pension?
03/01/2017, 18:37 - Richard Marshall: You mean future pension?
03/01/2017, 18:38 - Jules: Why is SMBC not putting these deals to council?
03/01/2017, 18:40 - Jules: BTW - a person who shall remain nameless has been stirring. Send me something today but forgot to crop originating email which was from the man up the ladder in the shorts.....
03/01/2017, 18:43 - Richard Marshall: They'll be alot of that we have them on the back foot, almost ready to call the police in. After the last time the relationship with 'us'and the police is at all time low and they almost are refusing to act without prima facie proof
03/01/2017, 18:47 - Richard Marshall: The Jones and Manboobs have it in for me big style they've sussed on what I'm upto. They have high ranking officers still in their pockets
03/01/2017, 19:05 - Richard Marshall: Would you send me a redacted copy of what's been sent you from the man in shorts not your source?
03/01/2017, 19:10 - Jules: It is actually something very minor concerning Rowley... I was just a bit suprised his name was on it.
03/01/2017, 19:12 - Richard Marshall: The fact that his name is on it would get him in serious trouble with the party and quite possibly mean he is kicked out
03/01/2017, 20:14 - Richard Marshall: Shocked that you are suprised, suprises me. They've been feeding you stuff for months
03/01/2017, 22:22 - Jules: No I didn't mean that. I mean I was suprised that even Jones could be so trivial.
03/01/2017, 22:32 - Richard Marshall: All part of a jigsaw , and perhaps clutching at straws? Also dare I say an insight into what they think of you
03/01/2017, 22:33 - Jules: Not sure how to take that lol! Over & out for tonight. Cream cackered....
03/01/2017, 22:33 - Jules: Or crackered!!!
04/01/2017, 08:07 - Richard Marshall: You are seen by some as a hate filled figure that just prints anything bad about Sandwell whether it's fact based or not. That's why the likes of Jones and Manboobs feel they can get their minions to feed you anything
04/01/2017, 08:08 - Jules: But no-one has ever challenged the facts.....
04/01/2017, 08:11 - Richard Marshall: My personal thoughts on that is that they saw the disastrous way DC engaged with you and decided it's not for them
04/01/2017, 08:15 - Richard Marshall: I think the new Wednesbury Celebrates would like to meet up with you at some point soon, they are getting frustrated with the time the system is taking to deal their issues if you're up for it?
04/01/2017, 08:15 - Jules: Certainly
04/01/2017, 08:16 - Richard Marshall: Ok ill pass on your details if that's OK?
04/01/2017, 08:17 - Jules: No probs but not contactable this Friday & Saturday
04/01/2017, 08:17 - Richard Marshall: Ok warning though you will need to go to the pub after
04/01/2017, 08:18 - Jules: Can manage that....
04/01/2017, 08:18 - Richard Marshall: Your ears will be buzzing for hours. They literally tell you EVERYTHING  at once
04/01/2017, 08:19 - Jules: πŸ˜€
04/01/2017, 08:20 - Richard Marshall: They struggle with order of importance and to stick to one point
04/01/2017, 08:20 - Jules: Well I have time....
04/01/2017, 08:21 - Richard Marshall: You'll need it. They have years of information and no filters fitted to their mouths
04/01/2017, 11:00 - Richard Marshall: You might want to tweet something about Meich the monitoring officer was seen shaking hands and being pally pally with IJ and his solicitor in the public gallery after audit in December, starting to ruffle a few feathers
05/01/2017, 20:49 - Richard Marshall: Julian, re your parks dept blog you're about to do, as always I won't try to persuade you either way to write whatever you are going to write but just to make you aware [redacted personal disclosure of medical information about a named SMBC employee that could have only been leaked from Jan Britton or his out of control staff]
05/01/2017, 20:51 - Jules: So he gets a pay-off too???
05/01/2017, 20:51 - Richard Marshall: No he's back at work I'm just making you aware
05/01/2017, 20:58 - Jules: So he is fair game as far as I am concerned. Why the hell is he still there???
05/01/2017, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: Like I said , I won't try to sway you in whatever you want to do that's not my place or my way I just wanted to make you aware of his mental state, an investigation was started some months ago and had to be held up because of this, it's hoped that it will be reopened if he is deemed fit enough at some point. Btw I struggle with you calling me 'a senior labour source ' and also most people told DC not to engage with you , there was no cowardice
05/01/2017, 21:04 - Jules: So if he is not fit to face discipilinary he keeps job????
05/01/2017, 21:08 - Richard Marshall: No we will be reviewing things shortly but I'm afraid I'm not one of the hang em all brigade
05/01/2017, 21:08 - Jules: [redacted serious allegation against the named employee]
05/01/2017, 21:11 - Richard Marshall: Well i dont know all that you are suggesting or if it's even factual but I prefer to take each case on its merits. It's easy to throw stones. Like I said I just wanted to make you aware
05/01/2017, 21:11 - Jules: Noted
05/01/2017, 21:14 - Richard Marshall: Thank you. I know that you've had some nasty horrible shite directed at you and Linda but we are who we are not who we associate with
11/01/2017, 15:20 - Jules: I am being refused access to cabinet meeting. I am in foyer
11/01/2017, 15:29 - Richard Marshall: You in now??
11/01/2017, 16:54 - Jules: Tall member of staff - long blonde hair - glasses - red cardigan. Letting people in and out. Do you know who?
11/01/2017, 16:55 - Jules: Should say female!!
11/01/2017, 16:55 - Richard Marshall: Lollzzz. In and out of??
11/01/2017, 16:56 - Jules: Your bit of the building
11/01/2017, 16:56 - Richard Marshall: 40's?
11/01/2017, 16:57 - Jules: At most
11/01/2017, 17:00 - Richard Marshall: It sounds like you might be describing [redacted name]
11/01/2017, 17:01 - Jules: Seen picture of her so not sure. Long blonde hair sort of highlighted.
11/01/2017, 17:02 - Richard Marshall: That sounds about right
11/01/2017, 17:03 - Jules: She isn't shagging [named senior SMBC employee] is she (excuse me whilst I vomit)
11/01/2017, 17:03 - Richard Marshall: Back away from the edge man!!
11/01/2017, 17:04 - Jules: ???
11/01/2017, 17:04 - Richard Marshall: Where was she letting people in an out as that's not really a role she'd play?
11/01/2017, 17:05 - Jules: Up the stairs to that link corridor
11/01/2017, 17:07 - Richard Marshall: She is wearing red Cardigan, black skirt , black tights and black shoes. Highlighted blonde hair most the way down her back
11/01/2017, 17:08 - Jules: I can only remember red cardie but hair sounds right
11/01/2017, 17:09 - Richard Marshall: What makes you ask ??
11/01/2017, 17:11 - Jules: I am told a blonde haired woman with glasses who works close to [named senior employee] is shagging him.... Normally reliable source...
11/01/2017, 17:11 - Richard Marshall: Good lord above
11/01/2017, 17:12 - Jules: Well quite!!! Who else fits that bill?
11/01/2017, 17:15 - Richard Marshall: I can't think why anyone would. Sure your source isn't just stirring it??
11/01/2017, 17:16 - Jules: Possible but sounds quite sure....
11/01/2017, 17:17 - Jules: The North Sadwell Mafia were quiet today....
11/01/2017, 17:18 - Richard Marshall: They don't like you staring at them! Come every time
11/01/2017, 17:20 - Jules: If you happen to notice [named councillor] car reg & make let me know. Still trying to track his address outside Borough but v difficult [redacted]
11/01/2017, 17:29 - Richard Marshall: Leave it with me. You are looking well by the way. Syeda said 'we shouldve asked Julian in for coffee'
11/01/2017, 17:29 - Richard Marshall: Any particular reason you came btw?
11/01/2017, 17:30 - Jules: I am going to be regular feature for a few weeks. There are a couple of stories I have to crack! One of them involves [redacted councillor's name and reference to an alleged sexual relationship] "lol".
11/01/2017, 17:32 - Richard Marshall: Puuuleeease !!!
11/01/2017, 17:32 - Richard Marshall: Are you trying to make me ill again
11/01/2017, 17:32 - Jules: πŸ˜€
11/01/2017, 17:33 - Jules: There are two of us working on Rowley at mo. The A team!
11/01/2017, 17:35 - Richard Marshall: More images!!
11/01/2017, 17:44 - Jules: πŸ˜€
11/01/2017, 19:32 - Richard Marshall: Can I ask a question?
11/01/2017, 19:55 - Jules: Can't guarantee answer but shoot...
11/01/2017, 19:57 - Richard Marshall: Wtf don't people that give you information give you names??
11/01/2017, 20:29 - Jules: Many do. Employees are too scared. [redacted]
11/01/2017, 20:49 - Richard Marshall: I get that , but I don't get the riddles . It's probably just me
11/01/2017, 21:18 - Jules: No riddles with me. What you see is what you get.
11/01/2017, 21:36 - Richard Marshall: No I know, I mean them to you, they obviously know the name
11/01/2017, 22:04 - Richard Marshall: Why don't they give it you? If it's real info , why leave it to a description that could be a number of people, you even thought it might be someone you already knew about today [redacted], it doesn't make sense, but I'm just a simple builder
11/01/2017, 22:06 - Jules: Well I can only take the info as it comes in. I try to verify stuff before I print it
11/01/2017, 22:07 - Richard Marshall: I'm not having a go
12/01/2017, 10:49 - Richard Marshall: [redacted car make and reg number of a named councillor]
12/01/2017, 11:09 - Jules: Ta
12/01/2017, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: Do you also know he has a Cock in a frock?
12/01/2017, 11:10 - Jules: Yep
12/01/2017, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: And she/he lives in Harborne?
12/01/2017, 11:11 - Jules: This is the odd bit - think may be at his given address. Have someone checking.
12/01/2017, 11:14 - Richard Marshall: Ok, anything else let me know. The Audit meeting minutes are avaliable next week , proving Jones a liar again, no restricted covenant on the toilets
12/01/2017, 11:15 - Jules: I am working on that!
12/01/2017, 11:15 - Richard Marshall: Good man
12/01/2017, 13:39 - Jules: Someone just phoned. Says within last 4 years he talked to Ian Jones about doing up stage at Weds TH. Jones said he son was moving back to the area & would sort it all out. Various improvements were made. Did SMBC pay & if so did the contract go to tender or was it sorted by the Joneses?
12/01/2017, 13:41 - Jules: I had come across name Maureen Inskip. Told she is helping out at WC. She is Jones's sister if you don't already know...
12/01/2017, 13:43 - Richard Marshall: I was told by IJ at the start that they did the TH up on the basis they got it for free use, then the rent issue hit the fan. She is Ians sister and is a vile individual who is his partner in crime, they have been involved in dodgy deals together as far back as 92 in Walsall
12/01/2017, 13:46 - Richard Marshall: [Photo of Maureen Inskip with a rather orange complexion]
12/01/2017, 13:46 - Richard Marshall: Shes a vile person . She no longer helps at WC they hate her with avengance
12/01/2017, 13:46 - Richard Marshall: I will ask questions about refurbishment and let you know
12/01/2017, 13:47 - Jules: Weird colour - was she ever married to Trump? Might be interesting to find out who did the work in case RJ taking a cut....
12/01/2017, 13:49 - Richard Marshall: It looks like IJ in drag. I will
12/01/2017, 13:50 - Jules: πŸ˜€
12/01/2017, 14:13 - Richard Marshall: I've just told our Audit Team I want it looking into, I'm told it was Hill Contracts that carried out the work
12/01/2017, 14:13 - Jules: Noted
12/01/2017, 14:13 - Jules: They must love you at the moment....
12/01/2017, 14:15 - Richard Marshall: #antichrist
12/01/2017, 14:15 - Jules: πŸ˜€
12/01/2017, 14:15 - Richard Marshall: Seriously though I'm Marmite
12/01/2017, 17:24 - Richard Marshall: Your info re the blonde is incorrect
12/01/2017, 17:25 - Jules: Do you mean he it is not [named employee] or he is not playing away.
12/01/2017, 17:27 - Richard Marshall: He isn't playing anything
12/01/2017, 17:27 - Richard Marshall: Or anyone
12/01/2017, 17:27 - Jules: Well I thought it unlikely! How do we know?
12/01/2017, 17:27 - Richard Marshall: I've asked him
12/01/2017, 17:28 - Richard Marshall: He seemed fairly chuffed that someone might actually think he's capable of it
12/01/2017, 17:29 - Richard Marshall: Hes not Lothario material , trust me. You source is stirring
12/01/2017, 17:30 - Jules: Well I did wonder - it seemed improbable but then a few opened their thighs for Cooper....
12/01/2017, 17:31 - Richard Marshall: ....allegedly
12/01/2017, 17:31 - Jules: "Lol"
13/01/2017, 18:30 - Jules: Is PKG trying to get Rouf of taxi committee?
13/01/2017, 18:39 - Richard Marshall: PKG?
13/01/2017, 18:40 - Jules: Gill
13/01/2017, 18:40 - Richard Marshall: Ooooh
13/01/2017, 18:42 - Richard Marshall: What makes you ask?
13/01/2017, 18:42 - Jules: Just something someone said....
13/01/2017, 18:49 - Richard Marshall: Bless them
13/01/2017, 23:19 - Richard Marshall: This person, do you think they they were appealing to you to help Rouf?
14/01/2017, 11:23 - Jules: Other way round. Not sure if you saw this on FB today
14/01/2017, 11:24 - Jules: [Facebook comment by Keith Bracey praising Marshall]
14/01/2017, 11:28 - Richard Marshall: No, well thank you that's very nice of you to say
14/01/2017, 11:31 - Richard Marshall: Will you let Linda know that I've taken her advice and we are planning a Culture drive , inviting artists of all persuasions to come in to tell us what we can do to help them achieve
14/01/2017, 11:31 - Jules: πŸ˜€
14/01/2017, 11:33 - Richard Marshall: I particularly like my tacky working title as we are doing it the month after next 'mARTch in Sandwell '
14/01/2017, 11:34 - Jules: Oh dear!
14/01/2017, 11:35 - Richard Marshall: That's me!!
14/01/2017, 11:37 - Richard Marshall: Shit has hit the fan re taxi drivers
14/01/2017, 11:37 - Richard Marshall: I'll tell you more in the week
14/01/2017, 11:37 - Richard Marshall: When the info has dispersed slightly
14/01/2017, 11:53 - Jules: Oh good!
14/01/2017, 11:54 - Richard Marshall: It's far from good , believe me
14/01/2017, 11:56 - Jules: Oh!
14/01/2017, 11:56 - Jules: Does MH feature?
14/01/2017, 11:57 - Richard Marshall: A certain relative of his does
14/01/2017, 11:57 - Jules: πŸ˜€
14/01/2017, 11:57 - Richard Marshall: And no doubt some companies MH has dealings with when we dig into it more
14/01/2017, 11:59 - Jules: If poss useful to have stuff by Tuesday so I can publicly ask him outside Council meeting....
14/01/2017, 12:00 - Richard Marshall: If i can, info came through v late yesterday and less than a handful know about it currently
14/01/2017, 12:01 - Jules: Noted
14/01/2017, 12:03 - Richard Marshall: Officers will only just be being hauled over the coals on Monday morning
14/01/2017, 12:13 - Jules: Oh!
14/01/2017, 13:57 - Jules: She must be much younger than him but told [redacted named female employee] who has recently left Parks was shagging [redacted named mail employee]! She duly won promotion beyond her abilities.....
14/01/2017, 14:00 - Richard Marshall: Correct
14/01/2017, 14:01 - Richard Marshall: Late 20s
14/01/2017, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: theThey were both on my to go list from  the off. [Redacted male employee's name] went sick on the day it went public that I was Cabinet Member and never returned, literally packed his bag and walked out and she was left completely out of his depth without him there protecting her
16/01/2017, 10:02 - Richard Marshall: Do you have any knowledge of ANY taxi  companies in Sandwell that MH might have a financial benefit in?
16/01/2017, 11:35 - Jules: There was Midland & Apollo in Oldbury (now seperate I think). Azeem has just bought 3 firms - Platinum & Town & Country are 2. Will need to try & find my notes but out & about & that might take some time I'm afraid.
16/01/2017, 11:38 - Richard Marshall: That's fine, any help will do. There is much  inconsistency with how drivers are dealt with and at 'first glance' (I say that as it's took 2 months to get info) that certain companies get better treatment than others
16/01/2017, 11:40 - Jules: That is certainly what people in the trade have told me
16/01/2017, 11:51 - Richard Marshall: Well we are starting to see a pattern but without knowing who owns what it is just a theory
17/01/2017, 10:38 - Richard Marshall: Question, that bit of info the other wk that someone was trying to feed you about Derek Rowley, was it anything to do with him threatening someone by chance?
17/01/2017, 10:40 - Jules: No but tell me more!!!!
17/01/2017, 10:41 - Richard Marshall: It's a lie that's all , the dark side are t putting someone under immense to change some minutes of a meeting to say it happened but they won't as it didn't, it just kind of coincides with your comment timing wise
17/01/2017, 10:43 - Jules: Oh!
17/01/2017, 16:58 - Jules: I assume as Jan crowing the report tomorrow is another whitewash?
17/01/2017, 17:01 - Richard Marshall: ???
17/01/2017, 17:03 - Jules: [Facebook entry of Adam Smith saying Wragge Report to be released following day]
17/01/2017, 17:57 - Richard Marshall: I would hope not
18/01/2017, 11:43 - Richard Marshall: Reports out
18/01/2017, 11:57 - Jules: Where is it on the website?
18/01/2017, 11:59 - Jules: Got it
18/01/2017, 12:12 - Richard Marshall: πŸ’£
18/01/2017, 12:13 - Jules: πŸ˜€
18/01/2017, 12:18 - Richard Marshall: Happy?
18/01/2017, 12:18 - Jules: Ish...
18/01/2017, 12:19 - Richard Marshall: Good, we've had to force the release of this . That's between you and me
18/01/2017, 12:20 - Jules: Puts police in awkward spot!!!
18/01/2017, 12:20 - Richard Marshall: Yes
18/01/2017, 12:40 - Richard Marshall: [Someone puts photo of police car outside Oldbury Council House on soical media]
18/01/2017, 12:42 - Jules: Is this a joke or for real conected to allegations?
18/01/2017, 12:50 - Richard Marshall: Joke id imagine but good timing eh!
18/01/2017, 13:00 - Richard Marshall: Also worth mentioning that YD said last night at full council that ' this audit investigation is a waste of public money'
18/01/2017, 14:31 - Jules: On taxis Midland & Apollo Cars of Oldbury was in the name of Adnan Hussain - son of MH. It was sold and I believe is now independent. If I remember correctly they were getting a lot of flak for taxis parking in the street. This was one reason for purchase of bogs which was intended as a taxi office. The  large yard behind the bogs was owned by SMBC & probably still is. A source told me that MH was going to swing a cheap lease for the taxi firm there thus keeping them off street but I cannot prove the last bit.
18/01/2017, 14:55 - Richard Marshall: Thanks
18/01/2017, 14:56 - Jules: There will be a bit more when I can find it...
18/01/2017, 15:12 - Jules: I was never able to make link but one Hussain was director of Choice and Wednesbury Cars Limited (niw dissolved). SMBC gave contract to Choice Cars UK Ltd (but wrongly named them as Choice Cars Ltd) but had operated as a non-Ltd co before that. The sole person in control was Basharat Hussain (dob 08/04/73).
18/01/2017, 16:05 - Jules: Any TV interest?
18/01/2017, 16:15 - Richard Marshall: Midlands Today are interested according to WM
19/01/2017, 09:18 - Richard Marshall: Something you've missed.....
19/01/2017, 09:18 - Richard Marshall: The dodgy CPO policy approved by the Finance Committee that only ever benefitted two people, Hussain and Bawa was.....
19/01/2017, 09:19 - Richard Marshall: ...Chaired by....
19/01/2017, 09:32 - Jules: ?
19/01/2017, 09:32 - Jules: IJ?
19/01/2017, 09:33 - Richard Marshall: No....better
19/01/2017, 09:33 - Jules: It was a long time ago - Cooper?
19/01/2017, 09:34 - Richard Marshall: Last guess.....
19/01/2017, 09:34 - Richard Marshall: It's as easy as...
19/01/2017, 09:35 - Jules: MH himself?
19/01/2017, 09:35 - Richard Marshall: Adrian Bailey
19/01/2017, 09:35 - Jules: Wow!
19/01/2017, 09:35 - Richard Marshall: Exactly
19/01/2017, 09:36 - Richard Marshall: Ties things up nicely eh?
19/01/2017, 09:42 - Jules: That wouldn't be on the website though?? BTW if anything should ever happen to Jan I would love to be having a cup of tea in the Spoons that day....
19/01/2017, 09:47 - Richard Marshall: No, it's not common knowledge but it's nothing that isn't findable. Looks like this back scratching has been going on a long while eh, MH now Baileys biggest of life !
19/01/2017, 09:47 - Jules: So I can use it?
19/01/2017, 09:49 - Richard Marshall: Of course
20/01/2017, 18:31 - Jules: Blog up - hope you like the photo & caption
20/01/2017, 18:51 - Richard Marshall: Can I reserve judgement till I see it??
20/01/2017, 18:59 - Jules: πŸ˜€
20/01/2017, 19:23 - Richard Marshall: We have picked up more dodgy house deals for Roufs family today
20/01/2017, 19:31 - Jules: Oh good
20/01/2017, 19:32 - Richard Marshall: More to follow !
20/01/2017, 19:32 - Jules: Don't suppose I can use that yet?
20/01/2017, 19:33 - Richard Marshall: Leave it till Monday/Tues there's not many of us 'senior members' that know
20/01/2017, 19:33 - Jules: Will do
20/01/2017, 19:33 - Richard Marshall: ⭐
20/01/2017, 19:36 - Richard Marshall: Btw Bawa is really on the back foot with all this, hes complaining to anyone that'll listen. IJ and OJ are busy telling anyone that'll stop an listen in Wednesbury that 'it's all lies you know , there lying bastards that new lot in charge not like us' and Idiot Boy has thrown his dummy out and said 'bollocks to council I ain't going to any meetings they can all fuck off'
20/01/2017, 19:56 - Richard Marshall: I think the shop you may be looking for may well be the Jolly Bengali on Bearwood Road between the old Barleycorn Pub and Hadley Stadium
20/01/2017, 20:23 - Jules: πŸ˜ƒ
20/01/2017, 20:32 - Richard Marshall: Blog gets the [thumbs up emoji]
22/01/2017, 22:08 - Richard Marshall: Evening , have you heard anything about Bailey living over in Bridgnorth?
22/01/2017, 22:10 - Jules: Nope. They have a couple of holiday cottages in Cornwall.  I have  feeling someone said he had Gloucester connections but it has been a long day....
22/01/2017, 22:11 - Richard Marshall: We are hearing this might be his nest
22/01/2017, 22:11 - Jules: Interesting....
22/01/2017, 22:12 - Jules: Not dossing in Jones's new chalet is he?
22/01/2017, 22:14 - Richard Marshall: No, believe it or not there is a Baileys Bistro
22/01/2017, 22:17 - Richard Marshall: Apparently they are regulars at ' the castle tea rooms'
25/01/2017, 09:26 - Jules: Anything I can use on Rouf?
25/01/2017, 10:55 - Richard Marshall: Are you doing a blog or just general stuff?
25/01/2017, 11:58 - Jules: I thought you were hinting there would be some news....
25/01/2017, 11:58 - Jules: I am home. See text.
25/01/2017, 11:59 - Jules: Oops - forget last
25/01/2017, 12:07 - Richard Marshall: Still working on taxi issues, awaiting further deatils
26/01/2017, 10:55 - Richard Marshall: Audit committee later
26/01/2017, 10:55 - Jules: Anything happening there?
26/01/2017, 10:56 - Richard Marshall: Trawling over Jones and Bawa and Rouf what said what and when
26/01/2017, 10:57 - Richard Marshall: You might want to listen in
26/01/2017, 10:57 - Jules: Indeed
26/01/2017, 10:57 - Richard Marshall: You never now but you may get a mention....😜
26/01/2017, 10:57 - Jules: Oh!
26/01/2017, 10:57 - Richard Marshall: Sssshhhhh
26/01/2017, 10:59 - Richard Marshall: Interestingly about Rouf house being pulled out of the auction by Jones , no one is asking if Rouf knew about it as he was the only one going for it
26/01/2017, 10:59 - Jules: !
26/01/2017, 11:00 - Richard Marshall: And that as it's now proven that officers grossly undervalued other sites and properties isn't fair to assume Rouf paid way below the market value too??
26/01/2017, 11:04 - Jules: Well paid a lot less than SMBC did - it's in the blog...
26/01/2017, 11:05 - Richard Marshall: Ok....keep your name check under wraps till later
26/01/2017, 11:05 - Jules: Will do.
27/01/2017, 10:01 - Richard Marshall: Did you hear your calling?
27/01/2017, 17:36 - Jules: I am assuming the Mr Lloyd referred to in the court case of Jones v Labour as Chair of Jones's CLP is Cllr Bob Lloyd. (Phone low on power so may go off soon).
27/01/2017, 18:07 - Richard Marshall: Yes
30/01/2017, 08:27 - Jules: How did Frear get onto the Housing Scrutiny Board. Bob P says not SE decision so how does it work?
30/01/2017, 08:39 - Richard Marshall: I'm on onto that myself let you know
30/01/2017, 08:44 - Jules: Blogging about Rouf today
30/01/2017, 08:50 - Richard Marshall: What time
30/01/2017, 08:52 - Jules: Late pm probably. Starting now but expecting some interruptions
30/01/2017, 08:53 - Richard Marshall: Ok
30/01/2017, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: Have you frears full address?
30/01/2017, 09:02 - Jules: Give me a few mins
30/01/2017, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: Ok
30/01/2017, 09:04 - Jules: It should be on his new reg of interests
30/01/2017, 09:06 - Richard Marshall: Ok ta
31/01/2017, 14:02 - Jules: Is Rowley still Labour whip???
31/01/2017, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: No, you can only be a whip if you're a Cllr
31/01/2017, 14:04 - Richard Marshall: This info about Rowley and the keys when did you get it?
31/01/2017, 14:04 - Jules: What is his role apart from [redacted sexual reference]?
31/01/2017, 14:04 - Richard Marshall: Stop!!!
31/01/2017, 14:04 - Jules: Keys - it was public in the last audit meeting
31/01/2017, 14:05 - Richard Marshall: Oh ok! He hasn't got a role in the group but he's obviously a party Member
01/02/2017, 07:56 - Jules: Does Rowley have a security pass at OCH?
01/02/2017, 07:57 - Richard Marshall: Not to my knowledge
01/02/2017, 07:57 - Richard Marshall: Is that just a general question or anything specific you want to  know ?
01/02/2017, 08:08 - Jules: I am told he is reguarly there.  Does he get into the private areas via Khatun?
01/02/2017, 08:09 - Richard Marshall: Really? That would suprise me , only the cabinet are there what you could call regularly.  I only see him at full meetings and only occasionally at them
01/02/2017, 08:19 - Jules: I have clearly been misinformed!
01/02/2017, 08:19 - Richard Marshall: I'll say
01/02/2017, 08:20 - Richard Marshall: I wont say the reason but I'll ask him the last time he was there and let you know his reply
01/02/2017, 10:39 - Jules: I am assuming Bubalo off sick still? Is he coming back?
01/02/2017, 10:59 - Richard Marshall: He is going to be on a phased return
04/02/2017, 20:59 - Jules: Someone saying Frear gave up the Whyley Walk council house and went to live with his mother. Told this made him ineligible 4 rehousing. Do dates show a gap?
04/02/2017, 21:08 - Richard Marshall: The file is being looked at by our auditors at the moment . I will mention this to them on Monday
04/02/2017, 21:09 - Jules: πŸ˜€
04/02/2017, 21:10 - Richard Marshall: Thanks . Btw I asked Rowley , hes been 3 times in 6 months  to OCH  and has no pass
04/02/2017, 21:10 - Jules: πŸ˜€
06/02/2017, 08:39 - Richard Marshall: Morning, your 'Member of the public ' talking to Meich, can you elaborate?
06/02/2017, 08:41 - Jules: Not really but a very reliable source who lives in Sandwell. BTW the gnats are biting re SE this morning
06/02/2017, 08:43 - Richard Marshall: Would his last name be Silvester at all? With reference to?
06/02/2017, 09:22 - Jules: Can't say on either count.
06/02/2017, 09:22 - Richard Marshall: Great stuff! 
Pity that Western Power have confirmed they paid the bill
06/02/2017, 09:24 - Jules: Well as SE says - not the most important point in the Rouf saga
06/02/2017, 09:26 - Richard Marshall: No but it wouldve given up officers
06/02/2017, 12:54 - Richard Marshall: RM asks re a social media post of mine saying formal complaint made about two councillors and asks if it is from one of my trusted sources.
06/02/2017, 13:18 - Jules: Yes me!
06/02/2017, 13:21 - Richard Marshall: None on record!
06/02/2017, 13:22 - Jules: It's in the post!
06/02/2017, 13:22 - Richard Marshall: Oooh!
06/02/2017, 13:43 - Jules: The lad who sang at the Scumbag's do at Town Hall aggrieved that SMBC have no job for him at end of month. Bit embrrassing really and not great PR.
06/02/2017, 13:50 - Richard Marshall: Thanks for making me aware I'll have a look
06/02/2017, 13:52 - Jules: [Redacted name] in Bereavement Services I think
06/02/2017, 13:53 - Richard Marshall: Mark Satchwell s pond
09/02/2017, 08:24 - Jules: Were the Bearwood bogs leased to a mate of yours?
09/02/2017, 08:25 - Richard Marshall: No
09/02/2017, 08:25 - Richard Marshall: Is that the latest 'shit'
09/02/2017, 08:25 - Jules: What did happen with them after withdrawal from sale to MH's relative?
09/02/2017, 08:26 - Richard Marshall: They got demolished
09/02/2017, 08:31 - Richard Marshall: Why what is being said?
09/02/2017, 08:31 - Jules: As above
09/02/2017, 08:32 - Richard Marshall: It's a non story. The hornets nest has been poked this last wk, bless them
09/02/2017, 08:33 - Jules: Why does Jones keep on about it?
09/02/2017, 08:35 - Richard Marshall: Hes doing the smoke and mirrors stuff, he's trying to imply that 'it wasn't just him' just muddying the waters same as MH consistently does
09/02/2017, 08:36 - Richard Marshall: I wasn't even in the Labour Party at the time
09/02/2017, 17:06 - Jules: Has trading standards guy taken over taxi licensing?
09/02/2017, 17:09 - Richard Marshall: Not strictly speaking, why?
09/02/2017, 17:33 - Jules: Just someone saying. Anything I can run with?09/02/2017, 17:34 - Richard Marshall: It's another non story, they have  systems in that dept that we can use to update taxi licensing
10/02/2017, 18:05 - Jules: TV star!
10/02/2017, 18:44 - Richard Marshall: What can I say
14/02/2017, 19:46 - Richard Marshall: I'm happy for you to keep prodding me with a stick but I'm being asked to let you know that WMP response to travellers in Sandwell this last few days has been appalling
14/02/2017, 19:48 - Jules: I don't really understand that? (Phone very nearly dead)
14/02/2017, 19:50 - Richard Marshall: [reference to Express and Star article on travellers]
14/02/2017, 19:54 - Jules: I am slightly pissed but still don't get this. What is grouse with WMP? On other point I thought I was remarkably soft and hoping for good things. It seems to me no harm in gentle criticism of your goodself to deflect any suggestion of collaboration?
14/02/2017, 20:00 - Richard Marshall: Lets chat tom. I'm happy criticism gentle or not
14/02/2017, 20:04 - Jules: πŸ˜€
16/02/2017, 19:21 - Jules: Who are the whips at the moment? Seems to have all gone a bit quiet....
16/02/2017, 19:58 - Richard Marshall: John Edward, Kerrie Carmicheal,  Roger Horton
17/02/2017, 13:45 - Richard Marshall:
17/02/2017, 13:48 - Jules: One for Ian Carroll not me!!!
17/02/2017, 13:51 - Richard Marshall: I dont know him! Btw do you or linda know of any sandwell dance based groups? Ive set up the CEP with about 30 different groups but im aware weve no dance themed groups
17/02/2017, 13:52 - Jules: I'll ask her tonight
17/02/2017, 13:53 - Richard Marshall: Cheers
18/02/2017, 21:48 - Richard Marshall: Am i missing something??
18/02/2017, 21:53 - Richard Marshall: Sorry its been a while since then, Cllr Hughes realised he was a pawn and being shafted and came back on side
18/02/2017, 21:53 - Jules: Really?
18/02/2017, 21:54 - Richard Marshall: Unless you know something i dont
18/02/2017, 21:57 - Jules: Well I wouldn"t trust him as far as I could spit at him but then I suppose that goes for many of your comrades!
18/02/2017, 21:59 - Richard Marshall: Unfortunately id agree with much of that but i didnt pick them
18/02/2017, 22:03 - Jules: Stunned by the Mark Rogers news. How can a bloke like that be forced out and a cunt like Britton keep his job. Genuinely angry!!!!
18/02/2017, 22:03 - Richard Marshall: Mark Rodgers? Sorry ive been dealing with travellers most the week
18/02/2017, 22:04 - Jules: Boss of Bham sacked
18/02/2017, 22:09 - Richard Marshall: Really, id not heard , blimey
27/02/2017, 23:04 - Richard Marshall: Considering all 'the contacts' you have in Sadders its amazing youve not said anything about tom night.   It proves to me  what side of the light has been feeding you info these past few months
28/02/2017, 06:50 - Jules: ????
28/02/2017, 15:50 - Jules: Have asked 8 people today who have never heard of him. You will need to give me a clue! Blog tomorrow re Hussain's son.
28/02/2017, 16:21 - Richard Marshall: Heard of who??
28/02/2017, 17:02 - Jules: Tom Knight?
28/02/2017, 17:03 - Richard Marshall: Or to give him his full name 'tomorrow night'
28/02/2017, 17:04 - Jules: You have lost me on this one!
28/02/2017, 17:05 - Richard Marshall: I said it to you last night. There is something happening tonight
28/02/2017, 17:06 - Jules: Misundwrstood. Do you mean Watson?
28/02/2017, 17:08 - Richard Marshall: No! My tom night was exactly that, i said it to you last night, with reference to something happening tonight
28/02/2017, 17:16 - Jules: Right - I am finally there but what? There is a Labour meeting I am told..
28/02/2017, 17:19 - Richard Marshall: Im loving the thought of you asking people who Tom Knight is ! Yes you are told correct
28/02/2017, 17:20 - Jules: πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
28/02/2017, 17:53 - Jules: I hope after all my fruitless efforts today you will let me know??!!!!!
28/02/2017, 18:03 - Richard Marshall: I will let you know later once its over
28/02/2017, 18:06 - Jules: Ta
01/03/2017, 07:29 - Jules: And.....
01/03/2017, 07:30 - Richard Marshall: Patience!!
01/03/2017, 07:35 - Richard Marshall: Have a look at my last tweet
01/03/2017, 09:53 - Jules: Who did Britton sack yesterday?
01/03/2017, 11:07 - Richard Marshall: Not a clue, ill have a dig. Last night the party whip was removed from IJ and OJ for 4 months and BL for 3 months for bullying a volunteer pensioner last summer
01/03/2017, 11:08 - Jules: Can I use that?
01/03/2017, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: Yes please do
01/03/2017, 11:12 - Richard Marshall: It was at Wednesbury Town Hall on the night of a show 5 people trapped her in a room and berated and intimidated her for over 30 mins before others came in and broke it up . You know the other 2 nasty pieces of work
01/03/2017, 11:16 - Jules: Costigan? Hughes?
01/03/2017, 11:30 - Richard Marshall: Mcvitte and Richard Jones
01/03/2017, 11:30 - Jules: Oh!
01/03/2017, 11:49 - Richard Marshall: Yes
01/03/2017, 11:52 - Jules: Would you be able to leak the name (and address if possible) of A16 in the Wragge report so I can make discreet enquiries. He was the alleged under-bidder on Lodge St.
01/03/2017, 12:13 - Richard Marshall: Do my best
01/03/2017, 12:14 - Jules: Blog up in a few minutes
01/03/2017, 12:24 - Richard Marshall: Great stuff
01/03/2017, 12:25 - Jules: Up
01/03/2017, 12:26 - Richard Marshall: πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
01/03/2017, 13:27 - Jules: And another one....
01/03/2017, 13:28 - Richard Marshall [thumbs up emoji]
02/03/2017, 07:18 - Jules: Did Costigan come on side against the Jones's Tuesday night? Also - and I may have already asked you this - do you know if Cllr Tranter has kids in WM Police?
02/03/2017, 07:19 - Richard Marshall: Costigan  et al are all on side and have been for months . Yes, i do not know the answer tho
02/03/2017, 10:13 - Jules: Has anyone asked Rouf what his family relationship is to Hussain?
02/03/2017, 10:23 - Richard Marshall: Its known they are related but its not something he brags about, im also told Zahoor Ahmed is too
02/03/2017, 19:20 - Jules: Is there the "normal" Labour Group on Monday (I can't be there but hope to come over on Tuesday).
02/3/2017, 19:20 - Richard Marshall: Yes, normal minus 4 cllrs of course
02/03/2017, 19:27 - Jules: Lol!
03/03/2017, 08:44 - Richard Marshall:
06/03/2017, 18:05 - Jules: Any fireworks expected tonight?
06/03/2017, 18:43 - Richard Marshall: Anyones guess!
07/03/2017, 08:46 - Jules: No blood on the carpet?
07/03/2017, 08:49 - Richard Marshall: Not this time !
09/03/2017, 19:19 - Jules: Haque next mayor?
09/03/2017, 19:19 - Richard Marshall: Yes
09/03/2017, 19:24 - Jules: [Redacted comments about a leading councillor and an employee]
09/03/2017, 19:27 - Richard Marshall: MH didn't like haque and bullied him 
EC knows a bit about this, why don't you have a wander over Wednesbury to chat the WC, I know the 'bullied pensioner ' would happily chat with you
09/03/2017, 19:28 - Jules: You mean Elaine knows re [redacted]? Yes have pensioners number re WC.
09/03/2017, 19:34 - Richard Marshall: Well [redacted] were best mates remember and you know how girls talk...
15/03/2017, 11:49 - Jules: Understand Rouf's mum affected by CPO that knocked houses down for car park corner of Shireland/Florence Roads? Hussain part of decision making process.
15/03/2017, 11:58 - Richard Marshall: I'll have an ask
16/03/2017, 09:12 - Jules: Told Melanie Dudley has new job but can't trace at mo. Do you know?
16/03/2017, 09:54 - Jules: Has Frear moved out of 55 Hill Top?
16/03/2017, 09:58 - Richard Marshall: Not that I've heard to either  but I do know he's gone for job interviews
16/03/2017, 09:58 - Richard Marshall: Have you seen the Audit minutes??
16/03/2017, 09:59 - Richard Marshall: OJ not declaring an interest
16/03/2017, 09:59 - Jules: Yes - tweeted a bit & will have a proper read after the Tesco run! Frear looking for work????
16/03/2017, 10:00 - Richard Marshall: Well the AGM is looming and he must feel like his days as planning supremo are numbered
16/03/2017, 10:01 - Jules: Oh!
16/03/2017, 10:01 - Richard Marshall: Hes probably not the only one
16/03/2017, 10:01 - Jules: πŸ˜€
16/03/2017, 10:03 - Richard Marshall: Items 4 and 9a are some of the meaty bits
16/03/2017, 10:03 - Jules: Yes I have put 4 up.
16/03/2017, 10:05 - Richard Marshall: Course the police could pursue OJ for not declaring an interest in Hill Top and prosecute before the one year deadline if they could be arsed
20/03/2017, 06:36 - Jules: Did Jan Britton attend a Buckingham Palace garden party last year?
20/03/2017, 06:58 - Richard Marshall: I really don't know I wasn't in the mix last year. When are you doing the [redacted] story you spoke of some wks ago?
20/03/2017, 07:35 - Jules: Still working on latter. I will do something on Hill Top today or tommorrow.
20/03/2017, 14:06 - Jules: Was Mark Greenburgh involved in sacking of Kellas?
20/03/2017, 14:08 - Richard Marshall: Never heard of Greenburgh , I'll ask
20/03/2017, 14:08 - Jules: He is the bloke who wrote Wragge report.
20/03/2017, 14:09 - Richard Marshall: Ok, I'll ask
20/03/2017, 14:13 - Richard Marshall: No is the answer
20/03/2017, 14:48 - Richard Marshall: MH did however complain to the solicitors regulatory body about Greenburg but all counts were dismissed
24/03/2017, 18:55 - Jules: I have just received an invitation to attend the offices etc of BAWA!!!!
24/03/2017, 18:56 - Jules: Sorry BWA!
24/03/2017, 18:58 - Richard Marshall: Bwa??
24/03/2017, 18:59 - Jules: Khatun's Bangladeshi Women's Assoc.
24/03/2017, 18:59 - Richard Marshall: Oooh , goodho are you going??
24/03/2017, 19:01 - Jules: May do. They are talking about April when I am very busy. We shall see. Not sure from what I hear I am very safe in Tipton at the mo!
24/03/2017, 19:02 - Richard Marshall: I'm sure you'll be fine but if not suggest somewhere neutral
24/03/2017, 19:02 - Jules: Like Alaska lol?
24/03/2017, 19:03 - Richard Marshall: OCH
28/03/2017, 11:33 - Jules: You are quiet Richard?
28/03/2017, 11:34 - Richard Marshall: Busy mate. All ok with you?
28/03/2017, 11:34 - Jules: Aye.
28/03/2017, 11:35 - Richard Marshall: Good
28/03/2017, 11:36 - Richard Marshall: Helping out with Children's services trying to get it on track
28/03/2017, 11:38 - Jules: Don't envy you that! Still no sign of Britton getting the boot I suppose?
28/03/2017, 11:38 - Richard Marshall: The mARTch events went well had over 200 visit to fill in surveys re wait they wanted to see more arts and culture , can you say thanks to Linda for me for her ideas
28/03/2017, 11:39 - Richard Marshall: I know but its not going to get sorted without a bit of oomph behind it
28/03/2017, 11:39 - Jules: Will do. Hoping to be at Chance Glass thing tomorrow.
28/03/2017, 11:40 - Richard Marshall: Great see you there , it will be a brilliant project if we can get it moving, they've got designs on the whole Galton Valley including Langley Maltings and the Soho Foundry too
28/03/2017, 11:41 - Jules: πŸ˜€
28/03/2017, 11:42 - Richard Marshall: The Jones and and Lloyd are in this pm appealing them having the whip withdrawn
28/03/2017, 11:42 - Jules: Oh. Time?
28/03/2017, 11:43 - Jules: [redacted re threat by a councillor to sue me if I wrote about an alleged sexual relationship with an employee].
28/03/2017, 11:46 - Richard Marshall: The fun starts at 430. Did he really??   He's front page of the E &S today
28/03/2017, 11:47 - Jules: Just passing OCH.
28/03/2017, 11:47 - Richard Marshall:
28/03/2017, 11:54 - Richard Marshall: [Redacted name of councillor] threatens to sue anything that moves, Johnny Cash must sang that song about him, A boy named Sue!
28/03/2017, 11:58 - Richard Marshall: Can't you say that he threatened to sue you if you ran a story about him shagging [redacted name of employee]? As that's factual he can't sue you for that surely??
28/03/2017, 12:23 - Jules: No I think that would be too close to the mark but I have something planned.
28/03/2017, 12:23 - Richard Marshall: Goodho
28/03/2017, 13:55 - Jules: Who decides on Jones/Lloyd appeal?
28/03/2017, 13:56 - Richard Marshall: Regional office
28/03/2017, 13:57 - Jules: So is it at Terry Duffy?
28/03/2017, 14:14 - Richard Marshall: No , OCH
28/03/2017, 14:22 - Jules: Why is OCH being used for party business?
28/03/2017, 14:24 - Richard Marshall: The whips have an office there just like the tories did when they had a party
28/03/2017, 17:04 - Jules: Do let me know the result!
28/03/2017, 17:05 - Richard Marshall: Will do
28/03/2017, 20:09 - Jules: Still no news?
28/03/2017, 20:25 - Richard Marshall: Joneses didn't show, still waiting to hear
28/03/2017, 20:25 - Jules: Really!
28/03/2017, 20:26 - Richard Marshall: Yup
28/03/2017, 20:27 - Jules: I thought he fought everything. Any reason given for absence?
28/03/2017, 20:27 - Richard Marshall: None at all not even apologies
28/03/2017, 20:28 - Jules: Can I use that?
28/03/2017, 20:28 - Richard Marshall: Let me get you more first
28/03/2017, 20:28 - Jules: πŸ˜€
28/03/2017, 21:51 - Jules: ???
28/03/2017, 21:53 - Richard Marshall: Lloyd descion tom , Joneses to come later
28/03/2017, 21:59 - Jules: Ta.Let me know when I can use anything.
29/03/2017, 11:07 - Richard Marshall: You're sat in Ian Jones chair!!
29/03/2017, 11:08 - Jules: Lol - usually banned from this part of OCH!
29/03/2017, 13:20 - Jules: Assuming the Afzal Hussain on the Trust Board is "no relation"?

29/03/2017, 13:23 - Richard Marshall: Definitely. However it is rumoured he has bought into the skip  company on site that is holding up the whole project
29/03/2017, 13:23 - Jules: Oh!
29/03/2017, 13:24 - Richard Marshall: Exactly, skip company have bought up leases to other buildings on site
29/03/2017, 13:25 - Jules: Presumably holding out for a payoff?
29/03/2017, 13:31 - Richard Marshall: You might be able to say that but....
29/03/2017, 13:31 - Jules: Do we know anything about him? I will take a look....
29/03/2017, 16:51 - Richard Marshall: It's said he is the brother of the owner of the skip company whole stockpiled £1m of waste on Nelson Street Oldbury which is still there
29/03/2017, 16:55 - Jules: Ok. Will start digging plus I know a man to ask....
29/03/2017, 17:00 - Richard Marshall: Okay, I'll get you some names
29/03/2017, 17:56 - Jules: Police investigations collapsing on council house sales etc?
29/03/2017, 18:06 - Richard Marshall: Not heard that
29/03/2017, 18:07 - Jules: HN
29/03/2017, 18:08 - Richard Marshall: Ok ta
29/03/2017, 18:08 - Jules: Anything I can run on Lloyd?
29/03/2017, 20:04 - Richard Marshall: Nothing yet

I then discovered that Marshall had been made bankrupt but he hadn't told me.
01/04/2017, 12:20 - Jules: You could gave given me the story!!!!
01/04/2017, 12:28 - Jules: Have!
01/04/2017, 12:30 - Jules: How can you carry on as suggested in the E&S? Surely undischarged bankruptcy is a disqualification?
01/04/2017, 14:07 - Jules: Someone saying Cooper lent you money to pay the Council Tax thing????
01/04/2017, 14:10 - Richard Marshall: Nope. The dark side are stirring aren't they
01/04/2017, 14:11 - Jules: Looking that way. BTW was LH actually at the meeting when the tour was discussed?

01/04/2017, 14:11 - Richard Marshall: Rouf and Zahoor have asked to come and see me this wk as they 'want to tell me everything that's been going on'
01/04/2017, 14:12 - Richard Marshall: On the 23rd?
01/04/2017, 14:12 - Jules: Yep - the town meeting
01/04/2017, 14:12 - Richard Marshall: Yes, she raised it under AOB
01/04/2017, 14:13 - Richard Marshall: Myself and Steve just looked at each other bemused at what she was saying
01/04/2017, 14:13 - Jules: Oh that sounds interesting - count your fingers after meeting that pair!
01/04/2017, 14:14 - Richard Marshall: Well it's coming up to the AGM and they don't want to loose positions or should I say money
01/04/2017, 14:15 - Jules: Is there any timescale on Hussain's court case?
01/04/2017, 14:17 - Jules: Also was it Sgt Badham at the town meeting? [This was an error by me - the police officer was Sgt Statham]
01/04/2017, 14:17 - Richard Marshall: Not that I know other than soon . We've all been told we can't discuss as judge heavily critiqued Council for leaks to press and he said anymore could find the case being thrown out
01/04/2017, 14:23 - Jules: Noted. Sgt Badham?
01/04/2017, 14:24 - Richard Marshall: That's him . She'd obviously already spoke with him previously
01/04/2017, 14:25 - Jules: Ta.
01/04/2017, 14:25 - Richard Marshall: Welcome
01/04/2017, 15:01 - Jules: What is offcial name for the meeting of 23rd ? Is it Smethwick Town Panel or similar? (BTW a friend of the Jones been on muttering that you should resign so they are on your case!)

01/04/2017, 15:25 - Richard Marshall: "A friend of the Jones" anyone still claim to be that should be locked away for their own saftey.  It's the "quarterly members meeting" simple as that
01/04/2017, 16:40 - Jules: πŸ˜€
01/04/2017, 22:06 - Jules: Take a look at the blog of 5 mins ago....
02/04/2017, 07:03 - Richard Marshall: Blimey , so how related is he?? Why didn't you say when we were chatting yesterday??
02/04/2017, 07:26 - Jules: I didn't find it till last night. I was preparing for the tour and looking at the bogs. Getting involved with ANQ is bad news.
02/04/2017, 07:30 - Richard Marshall: I know I'll speak to Mark Davies. I'm suprised you think that it's odd we were there, Steve was asked to do a speech, it's my portfolio and I've been integral in getting it this far. They are looking at Langley Malting which is Gavan and Trowes area and Bob's interested due to chances links to Bearwood parks, it's a huge project for the borough id personally think there was something amiss if we weren't there
02/04/2017, 07:38 - Jules: Is it all a bit pie in the sky? Aren't there long leases on part of Chance site? How do they buy those out?
02/04/2017, 07:50 - Richard Marshall: Not really, they have the verbal support of the lottery, British Waterways and Canal and River Trust were there and are fully behind it also, of course it's an ambitious project but there's nothing wrong with ambition is there? There is a 99 yr lease that the skip company bought out as well as another 2 when this started gaining traction last year. They could privately settle on a price and as with anything if Council were minded to they could compulsory purchase the land for the value of the site

02/04/2017, 07:53 - Jules: Ah so CPO is the plan is it!
02/04/2017, 07:53 - Richard Marshall: Easy tiger I never said that
02/04/2017, 07:55 - Jules: πŸ˜€
02/04/2017, 07:56 - Jules: I am guessing land zoned as industrial use??
02/04/2017, 07:57 - Jules: BTW - not against it but SMBC need to do homework and not get sucked in by the hype.
02/04/2017, 07:58 - Richard Marshall: Not sure as skip company was only on temporary consent and are operating illegally. It is a heritage zone also
04/04/2017, 10:44 - Richard Marshall: Morning
04/04/2017, 10:46 - Jules: Morning. Has the Lloyd decision been made yet? Anything of interest from Labour Group?
04/04/2017, 10:47 - Richard Marshall: Can I call
04/04/2017, 10:47 - Jules: Yep
04/04/2017, 11:46 - Jules: So Meic has gone? Who is successor?
04/04/2017, 11:54 - Richard Marshall: Don't know yet
05/04/2017, 08:45 - Jules: Do you know who "Jess" is on Twitter? Seems to know a lot about the Yvonne Davis outburst?
05/04/2017, 08:55 - Jules: I take it she kept her gob shut last night?
05/04/2017, 09:02 - Richard Marshall: Jess is a party member and knows most the Smethwick cllrs, this kind of news doesn't stay quiet for long. Yes not a peep
05/04/2017, 09:22 - Richard Marshall: Btw, saw you say something the other wk re the audit mins about WC bill being £7k not £14k ?? That's because the new ctte had already paid back £7k
05/04/2017, 09:50 - Jules: Ta for that.
05/04/2017, 09:52 - Richard Marshall: You might want to ask who and how the rest of the bill was paid as it was £20k plus.....
05/04/2017, 10:00 - Jules: Foi in.
05/04/2017, 10:01 - Richard Marshall: ⭐
05/04/2017, 19:04 - Jules: 1. Why has Meic gone. 2 what is happening at Providence Place - do BT move out in October?
05/04/2017, 19:05 - Richard Marshall: 1.He was only a temp appointment
2. I'll ask
11/04/2017, 10:56 - Jules: [redacted joke with a sexual connotation]
11/04/2017, 11:01 - Richard Marshall: Go on.....?
11/04/2017, 20:47 - Richard Marshall: Are you going to say who??
11/04/2017, 20:48 - Jules: I heard there was another interim MO?
11/04/2017, 20:50 - Richard Marshall: Ooh ok
11/04/2017, 20:53 - Jules: Off air this week - normal service will return next week. (Unless anything major happens!!!!)
11/04/2017, 20:54 - Richard Marshall: πŸ‘πŸ»
12/04/2017, 13:27 - Richard Marshall: Good play on words re [redacted]
12/04/2017, 13:28 - Jules: πŸ˜€
19/04/2017, 21:18 - Jules: All very quiet...
19/04/2017, 21:39 - Richard Marshall: Yes, You?
19/04/2017, 21:40 - Jules: Same...
19/04/2017, 21:42 - Richard Marshall: Good!!!
21/04/2017, 11:47 - Jules: So PKG not going for a parliamentary seat?
21/04/2017, 12:07 - Richard Marshall: I don't know, nominations aren't in till Sunday. Things are changing for the better in children's btw Ofsted came in in the wk , good feedback off them but still a way to go

21/04/2017, 21:29 - Jules: This Chance Glass deal is beginning to stink....
21/04/2017, 21:30 - Richard Marshall: Go on
21/04/2017, 21:32 - Jules: I am working on it....
21/04/2017, 21:32 - Richard Marshall: Tell me then?
21/04/2017, 21:34 - Jules: I can't yet - been working on this but picked up a lot of info today.
21/04/2017, 21:34 - Jules: And some very interesting documents....
21/04/2017, 21:37 - Richard Marshall: Why can't You? I don't want us getting dragged into bad deals
21/04/2017, 21:38 - Jules: Well for a start you should look at threats being made by SMBC staff - who is authorising that?
21/04/2017, 21:39 - Richard Marshall: What threats???
21/04/2017, 21:45 - Jules: You need to check with Jan about that!!
21/04/2017, 21:46 - Richard Marshall: Who's being threatened??
21/04/2017, 21:48 - Richard Marshall: I can't think of a single member of staff that would scare anything!!
24/04/2017, 18:12 - Richard Marshall: 

24/04/2017, 18:14 - Jules: Yes I saw that!
24/04/2017, 18:14 - Richard Marshall: Murray Hall! WC 2!
24/04/2017, 18:15 - Richard Marshall: No wonder the Joneses have been smooching the Walsall Tories for the last few months
24/04/2017, 18:24 - Jules: Indeed!
25/04/2017, 13:06 - Jules: Have you been telling me porkies about Ofsted rating?
25/04/2017, 13:30 - Richard Marshall: No why? It's not a rating either it was a 2 day interim inspection

25/04/2017, 13:31 - Jules: So still "inadequate" then?
25/04/2017, 13:32 - Richard Marshall: Of course till they do another inspection
25/04/2017, 13:33 - Richard Marshall: But as I said , they said we are showing many signs of improvement in significant areas
26/04/2017, 09:12 - Richard Marshall: <Media omitted>
27/04/2017, 09:37 - Jules: So Hackett caught out and Steve covered for him. Not good.
27/04/2017, 09:38 - Richard Marshall: I've not a clue what you're on about?
27/04/2017, 09:39 - Jules: Steve (and Council) lying about Hackett disclosure of child's info. ICO say DPA breach.
27/04/2017, 09:47 - Richard Marshall: I've had no dealings with it so do not know, have you asked Steve?
27/04/2017, 09:49 - Jules: Yes but he is up to neck in it
 Blog later. Why did he make up a statement months after the event? Crazy.
27/04/2017, 09:51 - Richard Marshall: I really do not know what you're on about, have you spoken to him?
28/04/2017, 10:39 - Richard Marshall: You really have become a messenger for Mahboob
28/04/2017, 10:48 - Jules: Oh don't be silly Richard!
28/04/2017, 10:52 - Richard Marshall: Can you not see who is giving you this info and more importantly Why??
28/04/2017, 17:05 - Richard Marshall: Julian , would you at least blur out Pams address , it's her property not Steve's and she is there alone most of the time and you've left her feeling very vulnerable
28/04/2017, 17:08 - Jules: She doesn't strike me as being the vulnerable type. Thanks for confimation she is living there though!

28/04/2017, 17:09 - Richard Marshall: Why wouldn't she be there It's her property ?
28/04/2017, 17:10 - Jules: I gave SE the chance months ago to explain the situation but he wouldn't. Same old Sandwell!
28/04/2017, 17:11 - Richard Marshall: Julian, you have better access to him than you've ever had, he'll sit drinking with you in the pub at the drop of a hat for goodness sake, like you he probably thinks his wife business shouldn't be a public matter
28/04/2017, 17:12 - Jules: I would also remind you that SE has failed to explain why he is shown at the address. Rest assured we are now going to check that out. A national publication has offered to help....
28/04/2017, 17:15 - Richard Marshall: Well I 'll leave it with you, I was just asking you not to sink to the levels that you and your wife were dealt previously
06/05/2017, 14:33 - Richard Marshall: 

06/05/2017, 14:34 - Jules: Is this right Bailey was at High Court supporting Hussain?
06/05/2017, 14:35 - Richard Marshall: Yes, he wasn't the only one there either
06/05/2017, 14:46 - Jules: ?
06/05/2017, 14:50 - Richard Marshall: YD, MC, the Jonses
06/05/2017, 14:52 - Jules: Blimey!
06/05/2017, 15:48 - Richard Marshall: I'm going to forward you something
06/05/2017, 15:51 - Jules: Ok
06/05/2017, 15:53 - Richard Marshall: [Sends Bailey MP's statement to the High Court while case still to be decided]
06/05/2017, 16:20 - Richard Marshall: Obviously you know what you and can't do with it publicly
06/05/2017, 17:12 - Jules: Game on. Can you get me anything more re Bailey being one who approved CPO payments to Hussain and Bawa
06/05/2017, 17:26 - Richard Marshall: You mean dates etc?? As he was the chair of the committee at time of approval
06/05/2017, 17:26 - Jules: Was anything else dug up?
06/05/2017, 17:27 - Richard Marshall: From then?
06/05/2017, 17:27 - Jules: Yep
06/05/2017, 17:29 - Richard Marshall: Not that I'm aware, he's a snake of an mp though
06/05/2017, 18:02 - Jules: I urgently need to know who the solicitor/barrister for Labour was.
06/05/2017, 18:12 - Richard Marshall: This wk??
06/05/2017, 18:13 - Jules: Yep
06/05/2017, 18:13 - Richard Marshall: Goode I believe
06/05/2017, 18:14 - Jules: Are you sure? Surely he was involved in Wragge business?
06/05/2017, 18:19 - Richard Marshall: Yes definitely.
06/05/2017, 18:35 - Richard Marshall: Other statements to follow!
08/05/2017, 19:36 - Jules: Any result re Y Davies? How many rebels?
09/05/2017, 08:15 - Jules: Do we have a list of the rebels?
09/05/2017, 08:20 - Richard Marshall: No, secret vote. However people were refusing to sign Bailey's nomination papers
09/05/2017, 08:20 - Jules: ? Who? Why?
09/05/2017, 08:21 - Richard Marshall: Because of the way he's been and his open support for MH. Some of his own Cllrs
09/05/2017, 08:22 - Jules: Can I use that?
09/05/2017, 08:23 - Richard Marshall: You can
09/05/2017, 08:23 - Jules: What was the exact number of votes for Steve & how many against?
09/05/2017, 08:23 - Richard Marshall: I can't say as less than a handful of us have that info but it was significant
09/05/2017, 08:25 - Jules: I am told "over 50" for SE?
09/05/2017, 08:27 - Richard Marshall: As I said , significant
13/05/2017, 12:55 - Jules: Hussain case?
13/05/2017, 12:56 - Richard Marshall: Still waiting on the judgement mate, as soon as I know I'll let you know, don't know why but they said it would be 1-2wks
16/05/2017, 16:33 - Jules: [Picture of man playing drums]
16/05/2017, 16:45 - Richard Marshall: Who's that?
16/05/2017, 16:45 - Jules: Is this the Dave Willetts?
16/05/2017, 16:45 - Jules: The bloke who was Hussain's bag man.
16/05/2017, 16:46 - Richard Marshall: Never seen him so I wouldn't know, it was all before my time
16/05/2017, 16:52 - Richard Marshall: Steve's probably best to ask
25/05/2017, 19:26 - Jules: Has Paul Slater gone from SLT?
01/06/2017, 10:04 - Jules: Any date re Hussain court judgment?
08/06/2017, 16:12 - Jules: [Image of Eling and Marshall campaigning for Preet Kaur Gill]
08/06/2017, 23:39 - Jules: Are you seeing my FB live [re Mr and Mrs Eling's attack on me at the election count].
18/07/2017, 10:51 - Jules: I am in an auction.
18/07/2017, 11:04 - Richard Marshall: Ok, what time ypu out about , just need a quick chat?
18/07/2017, 11:06 - Jules: Not til about 3
18/07/2017, 11:10 - Richard Marshall: Ok, catch you then
26/07/2017, 09:02 - Jules: Has Frear gone independent?
26/07/2017, 09:41 - Richard Marshall: He has , its not wide knowledge yet so if you can hold off saying till i say that would be good?
26/07/2017, 11:45 - Jules: It is now on SMBC website so going with it.
26/07/2017, 12:02 - Richard Marshall: [thumbs up emoji]
26/07/2017, 13:45 - Jules: People say Pete Hughes lined up to replace you. Don't shoot the messenger - just the chatter....
26/07/2017, 13:51 - Richard Marshall:

26/07/2017, 14:07 - Jules: Well I assumed on Cabinet. BTW also being told you had a sexual 
Relationship with [redacted name of woman]
26/07/2017, 14:19 - Richard Marshall: Well i didnt know i was leaving!! And no , there are some extremely vicious people talking to you /giving you info one that was arrested some years ago from the sounds of it for threatening to burn down my house with my children inside
26/07/2017, 14:22 - Jules: I am only passing on what I am hearing. So no rumpy pumpy with [redacted named woman]?
26/07/2017, 14:24 - Richard Marshall: And i thank you for it, none at all. Like i said there are some vicious nasty individuals that make MH look like a pussy cat. Youve opened them up like a can of worms by printing your blog on me
31/07/2017, 18:40 - Richard Marshall: ?????
01/08/2017, 07:15 - Richard Marshall: Morning Julian, what's going on now??
01/08/2017, 16:12 - Jules: I am busy today due to change of plan. But time to bring the whole MH business to a head...
01/08/2017, 16:17 - Richard Marshall: Ok , can we chat at some point as im confused in what youve said
01/08/2017, 17:15 - Jules: I won't be in til late tonight but it seems to me that far from trying to expose MH you are actually protecting SE. Eg why the Wragge report is so heavily redacted and you won't tell me eg who A16 is. SE was at the heart of the {redacted names] corruption hence why JB still in post. Got to go back to basic here & nail culprits.
01/08/2017, 17:43 - Richard Marshall: I understand what your saying but I'm not protecting anyone, if its to late today I'll give you a call tomorrow, have a good evening


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