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Skidder Quiz - The Answers!

The Skidder Team hope you enjoyed the 2017 quiz. The original questions are set out below together with the answers in bold type. If you still haven't a go, you can see the original questions here:

Just a couple of passing comments before the year ends....

I am sure most of us remember the excited tweets of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, whenever a snowflake fluttered towards the dog shit smeared streets of Sadders. A blizzard of tweets followed from the old wife-beater and Jan Britton's mega-expensive front-line service "lol", "the press office" about Dickhead Dazza's "snow champions" - allegedly an "idea" of Turdy himself (although this is improbable). The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers and Halesowen News excitedly ramped up this pathetic propaganda.

Alas, the drifts always failed to materialise. How the woman-bullying thug would have loved the opportunity for more self-publicity offered by the recent wintery weather but at least his useless sidekick continues to keep up the stream of Cooperesque bollocks. Here is the man - recently described to me by an employee as "the b*g f*t Parky" - in response to a "random" Twitter user Mr Neil Cox (presumably, er, no relation to the whisky-loving Senior Manager at corrupt SMBC of the same name):

Of course, Britton is more used to be up to his knees in the "brown" stuff but it seems others on social media who were not so anxious to arse-lick the head of the bent paid service eg this from a Facebook user:

As ever in the sh*t-hole Borough, there are parallel universes.....

Secondly, The Skidder was the first to expose that gambling millionaire Derek Webb was financing vicious London-resident bully Tom Watson MP (who pretends to "represent" West Brom in parliament) as long ago as February, 2015:

Further blogs followed:

But what's this? On Boxing Day "The Sun" newspaper finally caught up:

I am always delighted when the mainstream media occasionally get round to shining a light on corrupt Sandwell but to call the story an exclusive, well....


1    Which TWO Councillors are known as “The Sp*nk Brothers”?

A "Leader" "lol" Steve "The Milkman" Eling and bankrupt Cllr Richard Marshall.

2    The Sp*nk Brothers wrote that Cllr Ian Jones should “sp*nk” over
     which Councillor “in her bikini”?

A The unfortunate Cllr Maria Crompton who has yet to receive any justice from The Labour Party.

3    Which ex-Mayor (“lol”) complained to the police to try and get The
     Skidder’s first ever UK “Corruptour” banned?

A Cllr Linda Horton - mother of "A" Grade liar former Cllr Lying Lucy Cashmore who f*cked Sandwell folk over for 4 years' worth of council allowances whilst Linda 'n' Rog lost their tongues.

4    Which THREE Councillors left the local Labour Party in 2017?

A Cllrs Bob and Barbara Price and the Cllr the Sp*nk Brothers called "the eternal tossa [sic]", Steven Frear.

5    Which TWO local Councillors flounced out of a public meeting at Oldbury Kremlin with the West Midlands Mayor in December?

A The childish "hard man" Cllr Peter Hughes and his sheepish wife Cllr Pam.

6    Which Cllr tried to cheat a widow out of over £30k and was then made bankrupt when he couldn’t pay the money back?

A It's that man again! Cllr Richard "Tricky Dicky" Marshall!

7   The New Monitoring Officer refused a reasonable request by Cllr  
    Ian Jones for an adjournment of a recent standards hearing. How
    much did this cost the taxpayer in wasted Barristers’ fees?

(a) £5,000       (b)£6,500     (c) £7,750
A Taxpayers forked out £7,750 thanks to Mr Surjit Tour's willingness to play "the tough guy"!
8   Which Cllr - frequently abusive on social media - called an ex-services member of the public a “foul-mouthed fat Tory twat”?

A "Mr Bearwood" Cllr Bob Piper.

9   Which ex-Cllr and Mayor was reported to the police by SMBC in respect of the alleged sale by him of Council property?

A Bent West Midlands Police claim this is still being investigated but The Labour Party have promoted Derek Rowley within the regional party.
10   Which Cllr solicited donations for Wednesbury Celebrates from a Company involved in a controversial planning application?

A Wednesbury Police "Gold Commander", Cllr Elaine Costigan (more anon....)


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Skidder 2017 Quiz!

The Skidder recently hit 800,000 views. Thanks so much to helpers, informants and readers!

Here is a short quiz for you to ponder over the festive season. I will amend this post with the answers on New Year's Eve.


1    Which TWO Councillors are known as “The Sp*nk Brothers”?

2    The Sp*nk Brothers wrote that Cllr Ian Jones should “sp*nk” over
     which Councillor “in her bikini”?

3    Which ex-Mayor (“lol”) complained to the police to try and get The
     Skidder’s first ever UK “Corruptour” banned?

4    Which THREE Councillors left the local Labour Party in 2017?

5    Which TWO local Councillors flounced out of a public meeting
     at Oldbury Kremlin with the West Midlands Mayor in December?

6    Which Cllr tried to cheat a widow out of over £30k and was then
     made bankrupt when he couldn’t pay the money back?

7   The New Monitoring Officer refused a reasonable request by Cllr  
    Ian Jones for an adjournment of a recent standards hearing. How
    much did this cost the taxpayer in wasted Barristers’ fees?

  1. £5,000       (b)£6,500     (c)£7,750

8   Which Cllr - frequently abusive on social media - called an ex-
    services member of the public a “foul-mouthed fat Tory twat”?

9   Which ex-Cllr and Mayor was reported to the police by SMBC in
    respect of the alleged sale by him of Council property?

10   Which Cllr solicited donations for Wednesbury Celebrates from
      a Company involved in a controversial planning application?


Monday, 18 December 2017

Sandwell Labour's Final "Solution"!

Not content with pissing on the unfortunate residents of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") for 43 years the pathetic local Labour Party wants to wash their hands of the dead and sluice their remains into the main sewer! No - I am not making this up and it has been all over the national press over the weekend!

The local nasty Party - Labour - have apparently decided to buy a machine for Rowley Regis Crematorium which dissolves corpses in an alkaline solution. Strangely, I can't find any reference to this on the Council website (other than the planning application) even though the (no doubt considerable) costs must have been agreed somewhere and it will be interesting to see which Councillors were involved in this project..... all info welcome.

Now some folk may prefer their loved ones to be dissolved rather than cremated but the thing that is exercising many locals is that the final "solution" will simply be released into the main sewer!

Only one (horrified) Labour Councillor, hitherto oblivious to this scheme, has been prepared to speak to The Skidder so far and I quote precisely: "What the fuck flushing folk down the drain. I don't fucking thing so!" At least one comrade seems to be aware to the insensitivity of the brutal, bullying, "Socialist" dictatorship of which they are part.

The planning application (DC/16/60149) is by the Council to itself and went through - seemingly under delegated powers - in less than two months. The whole thing is dressed up under the guise of being simply an extension of the Crem for a, wait for it, "Bio" Facility. But even in the application the comrades accept that the deceased will be flushed into the main sewer:

You will note that Sandwell Labour refer to the remains of your loved ones as "foul sewage" but I suppose that is marginally better than the reality, "trade effluent":

As above, I can't find any details of the "deal" here. The Company that will supply the machine to liquefy the corpses uses the "soft" name "Resomation Ltd" but it is a subsidiary of the rather more unpleasantly monikered "Leeds and Bradford Boiler Co. Ltd"! Nice!

If it is isn't bad enough living in a shithole like Sadwell the greedy "Socialists" already charge some of the highest sums in the region when you come to make "the great escape" but the dictatorship has at least been thwarted at the moment on this little gem. At present, Severn Trent Water have refused them a licence to tip the residue of dead cadavers into the public sewer! Quelle surprise!

You may wish to boil your pathetic local councillors alive over this but you probably know that this scum will never back down and will use their total control of the benighted Borough to try to force this through. You might do better raising any objections with Severn Trent.

Of course, there is another, er, solution. Your cuddly local comrades are intent on building houses directly next to the horrifically polluted Rattlechain Lagoon* in Oldbury/Tividale. I don't know what sort of scum want to put the health of living men. women and children at such substantial risk of harm but these "people" (if you can call them that) are desperate to convert this badly-contaminated land into a "garden city" built by a company based in a tax haven.

If the local Labour politicians are so determined to put healthy folk at risk by building there why not just toss Sandwell corpses into the Lagoon as well? The cadavers will soon decompose and lie there surrounded by the toxic shit that's already there and which no-one is intending to deal with. As the dead can't vote they are no longer of any use to "The Party" it looks like a win, win situation.....

And finally...

I am told that MP's Lazy Tom Watson and John Spellar are working hard to make sure the Labour Party takes no action against The Sp*nk Brothers! No wonder the area is in such an awful state. Sad.

* Read Ian Carroll's blog on the poisonous pool:


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Thursday, 14 December 2017

West Brom's Muslim Boarding School

West Bromwich is a ghastly sh*thole after 43 years of Labour dictatorship but there are still a small number of fine buildings dotted about. One such is the old Grade II listed Ryland Memorial School of Art in Lodge Road, a 1902 structure by Wood and Kendrick in the Renaissance Revival style which was formally owned by the rapacious scumbag organisation known as Sandwell College.

For reasons that are not clear to me (and require investigation) the larger site, of which the Ryland was but a part, came into the ownership of the Government's Homes and Communities Agency and the word was that the site would be used for housing. The HCA's agents were our old friends, international property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle, who Cllrs Cooper, Hussain and Eling paid a fortune to for them to produce a report shafting The Public. (These three paid them even more to report on the Borough's town halls but that can wait until another day).

In 2013 Cllr Haque (the current mayor of Sadders) popped up with a planning application - citing the HCA as owner - for change of use of the Ryland from an educational facility to a Muslim boarding school for boys only. The application was made on the 10th of June (with an application for listed building consent) and passed through the process with considerable speed being granted on 26th July despite a massive 48 letters of objection and two petitions against the project containing, er, 409 signatures! The Committee report itself remarked on the fact that there was no mention anywhere in the application of the number of boys who would be boarding there which one might imagine to be rather germane to the whole issue even to the thick as sh*t "comrades". The application specifically stated that no parking issues would arise as there was plenty of town centre parking nearby.

In 2015 a further planning application was made but I can't tell you anything about it as Jan Britton's bent paid service have mysteriously removed it from the Council website for reasons unknown! Has this gone to internal audit for some reason? (If you want to look by the way, the applications are not for an address in Lodge Road but under "Sandwell College, High Street"!

This lovely old building has high ceilings and windows but in 2016 a Mr Mishbaur Rehman of Dudley turned up on behalf of the Latifiah Fultali Complex (LFC) and obtained listed building consent to whack in a suspended ceiling. There is now no reference to ownership nor of any continuing involvement of Cllr Haque. Rehman is recorded as a Director of LFC.

In 2017 there was a further application for planning permission to replace walls destroyed in an earlier fire. The application specifically states that no Councillor is involved in the application. But who should pop us as the agent but our old friend Anthony Hope - planning adviser to the Mahboob Hussain family and whose name coincidentally appears in connection with a number of the bent land deals described in this blog! (It is believed that corrupt West Midlands Police failed to interview Mr Hope under caution.) Needless to say the application was granted.

It is not clear whether the HCA sought offers from anyone else or how they came to favour this particular scheme. They appear to have entered into some sort of agreement with LFC on 6th March, 2015 with restrictive covenants but then appear to have flogged the site to them - subject to a covenant on the 2015 agreement - for just £110,000 on 27th April, 2016.

Meanwhile, in 2015 locals had become concerned that the "boarding school" apparently required 60 (yes, sixty) parking spaces in central West Bromwich not least because the "on-site prayer hall" was to cater for up to 2,500 people! A concerned resident put in a Freedom of Information Request in 2015 but SMBC basically said "nothing to do with us gov" - Haque had properly declared an interest in the 2013 application and there was no mention of any use of a prayer hall on site nor any mention (as above) of the requirement for ANY parking spaces in the planning applications.

Where on earth would silly downtrodden locals have got such an idea? Perhaps from, er, LFC itself who went onto the GoFundMe website asking for money. Not only was the school and prayer hall going to be used, they said, but the site was to be a conference centre for between 1,000 and 2,000 people too (although not mentioned on the planning application!) But at least they now had their own car park????

(Query why the HCA sold it so cheap if it is so big and LFC also intended to use it as a conference centre?)

Here is part of the GoFundMe begging plea:

On Go Fund Me LFC boasted of being over 70% towards "target" but on closer inspection most of the cash was allegedly from anonymous "donors" not using the site:

In other words, of £154,666 of alleged donations only £4,666 was documented online. (A donor of £2,000 was dear old Cllr Haque). Anyone wonder if a big con was going on here?

However much this lot actually raised they, er, neglected to pay the builders! Two companies who worked on the building had to pursue them for debt (and still are) and after an adjudication LFC acknowledged a debt of just £225,247.63p!!! That will knock a hole in the "donations" and they will have to run a few illegal conferences to pay that back "lol"!

One thing that WAS mentioned in the planning application was that the change of use at West Brom was needed because existing premises at Tipton were too small. Or maybe it was really because the Jalaliah Educational Institute for 11 boarding boys was operating illegally under the stewardship of  someone I am told is Cllr Haque's son, Muhammed  Khurshid-Ul Haque (it was a different one that had the more "infamous" run in with the law.) There were serious problems at this "school" and Haque's  alleged son was found to have put the children there at risk of "serious harm". He was suspended as a social worker for 12 months. The whole sorry saga is here:

Unbelievably Haque was working for SANDWELL COUNCIL whilst all this was going on!

Jalaiah Educational Institute is not listed as a charity and LFC give it's Tipton address as its own at HM Land Registry. It also gave this address at Companies House when LFC was set up as a company limited by guarantee in 2015 but has changed it now to the Ryland address. (LFC is NOT a registered charity.)

It is very important that bent Sandwell Council release the 2015 planning applications since if they say Cllr Haque was no longer involved in this project serious further enquiries must be made as, on 23rd September, 2015, the person referred to above as allegedly being Haque's son was a founder Director of LFC. In other words, depending on the dates, a close relative of Haque appears to have been directly involved in the applications and this was may not have been declared.

Furthermore, Muhammed Kurshid-Ul Haque (who, remember, put children at risk of senior harm in 2013) remains a director and this has been specifically NOT mentioned in the 2017 planning application - indeed it is specifically stated that the applicant is NOT related to a Councillor. This is false if he is, indeed, related.

But then what's this? Mayor Haque MBE (FFS) HIMSELF became a director of LFC on 24th September, 2015 and did not resign until 25th September, 2017 so that the 2017 planning application (at the very least) contain a blatantly false declaration:

The false application to which this sleazebag was a party was dated 28th June, 2017 and he didn't resign his directorship until 12 days AFTER the planning permission was granted. I am making an immediate standards complaint.

The comrades have form in destroying important architecture in the Borough and locals need to make sure that the applications for further listed building consent here are thoroughly scrutinised.

Am I the only one Haqued off by the way these so-called "socialists" are operating with impunity in this crap area? This arse needs to resign the mayoralty now before he brings that office into even further disrepute (if that is possible after Linda Horton and Derek Rowley.)

The Dictatorship - approximately 70 Labour councillors have presided over thousands of cases of child abuse in the last five years and looked the other way. The Government has had to intervene in the disastrous Children's Services department. Safeguarding has been non-existent and many unfortunate children have paid the heavy and unacceptable price. I personally feel queasy about a man who has been suspended from working as a social worker in recent history being a director of a company involved in this project whether he is related to Haque or not. Does he have day to day control of the premises?

We know the comrades are mostly a bunch of dozy f*ckers but we need to collectively keep an eye on the situation in this case and hold them PERSONALLY to account if anything goes awry here.


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Preet Gill MP Fails to Disclose Interests!

Here we go AGAIN! The failure by Sandwell Labour's sleazy councillors to properly declare interests (potentially a criminal offence) has been a leitmotif running through this blog. Happily for the miscreants, Chief Constable Clouseau of West Midlands Police has seemingly decreed that the law of the land should not apply to "Sadwell" councillors and his officers will not enforce it against them. What an insult to local voters and taxpayers (who also pay his wages)!

It came as a shock to dedicated Oldbury Kremlinologists when Cllr Preet Kaur Gill was elected as the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston as she gave the appearance of being a totally useless local representative - unless you happened to be a member of the Sikh community. On Sikh affairs she has been vociferous and has aligned herself to certain groups with "hardline" views. She has been keen on ranting about the so-called "love Jihad" allegedly perpetrated by local Muslims which some people have had the cheek to suggest might just me a wee bit rascist....

As she was yet another useless waste of space on the disastrous Council we all assumed she would give up her seat when she was elected as an MP but she hasn't. Bizarrely, she was also a cabinet member in the Borough which has become renowned for fraud, cronyism and corruption. Some unkind folk (including fellow councillors) have told The Skidder she wanted to keep on her position as a Councillor AND be an MP as she "wanted the money" but I am sure she is simply desperate to make amends for her inadequate performance to date and wants to "make it up" to poor old Sadders' folk "lol"! She has had to leave the joke "cabinet" but says she is still receiving a cool £892.02p a month from the taxpayer on top of her MP's salary. She says this is for 20 hours work so that's a cool £44.60 per hour. Handy!

There is also much womanouevering at present by the local Labour Party to engineer council seats for females. It is said that Sp*nk Brother (1) - "Leader" Steve Eling - has designs on getting a seat for his Derbyshire-resident wife. Another tale is that Derek Rowley - the ex-mayor who was investigated for disposing of council assets and who is now in charge of dishing out the goodies - is lining up the wife of disgraced Parks Supremo John Satchwell for a seat (you couldn't make it up - or could you Alex?)

Gill is obviously working hard for Sadwell folk behind the scenes since she has managed to miss three out of four meetings she was supposed to attend since the election (full Council on 17th October and two Select Committee for Policy Review meetings on 1st August and 12th September) !!!!

As with Sandwell, so with Westminster where she is also a nonentity. Mind you she gamely spoke up a couple of weeks ago in a Westminster Hall debate about public sector pay. She bemoaned the pay freeze for public sector workers and "did a Corbyn" - applying an onion to her eyes as she described a letter she had allegedly received from her constituent Kayleigh a newly-qualified nurse who was seemingly already an expert on this subject. Gill added this:

"Why would people want to go into a profession in which they feel undervalued and have a real-terms pay cut every year? If we cannot recruit the nurses, teachers and local government workers we need to provide vital local services that our constituents rely on, the very fabric of our society is at risk."

Some locals wondered why she needed to be informed of this situation by "Kayleigh" when she could have simply asked her husband who is a very well-paid manager in her own Council's disastrous Children's Services department!!!!! That's the one where Labour f*cked it up so badly the Government has had to intervene. There is no record of her mentioning hubby's employment in the debate.

Regular readers will be well aware of the antics of bankrupt Sp*nk Brother (2), Cllr Richard Marshall. The legendary Smethwick seducer - fresh from having meetings with a different female councillor in "back-street pubs" in West Bromwich - went weak at the knees (according to fellow councillors) at the mere mention of Ms Gill's name and hung on her every word. No tweet from the fragrant one went un-retweeted.

Happily it seems that Ms Gill was able to resist his blandishments although he did give her a leg-up even if he couldn't get his leg-over. Gill, as above, is screwing an extra £10,704.24p (£892.02 x 12) out of the taxpayer but she needed a constituency office. But why bother getting one in your actual constituency (!) when Sandwell is just up the road? And so she has taken space upstairs in, er, Lightwoods House where Tricky Dicky just happens to be the Chair of the Friends Group.

SMBC says the rooms were advertised for four weeks on their website and then allocated via the favoured method of land disposal by the bent Council - the infamous sealed bids. By happy chance (!) Ms Gill was successful but then if there were other bids she probably had greater firepower as she could pay a decent rent to the comrades safe in the knowledge that she could claim it back from us taxpayers via her parliamentary expenses!

Gill has taken a three-year lease in a building NOT in her constituency at a generous £10,500 per annum. Sharp-eyed readers will note that this is almost the same amount she is taking out of Sandwell Council. Now there's a remarkable coincidence! (It is not clear whether she will have personal liability to SMBC in the event that she loses her seat during the three year period and I have asked for clarification of this.)

It is said that Tricky Dicky (seen here with one of the few creatures he has allegedly not shagged in Sadders) is hanging around Lightwoods House like Romeo beneath the balcony.... Sigh....

Curiously, I am unable to find any public pronouncement from Ms Gill condemning the vile comments of the Sp*nk Brothers about two of her female councillor colleagues! Come on Preet - let's have a statement on this!

We have been lied to over and over again that Sandwell's Council's corrupt paid service had "clamped down" on failures of governance and that councillors had received special training and guidance about the need to properly declare their interests. Gill was elected as an MP on 8th June, 2017 - over 6 months ago - but you would not know it from her Declaration of Interests. Here are the relevant entries as of today's date:

1.  No mention of "office, profession or vocation - lol" as an MP:

2.  No mention whatsoever of taking a lease from her own Council on Lightwoods Park - the information had to be forced out of the corrupt Council via a Freedom of Information request:

I have put in a standards complaint.

Edgbaston, you are truly blessed!


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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Zorro Tantrum as Sandwell Shuns Tory Mayor!

Andy Street is the Mayor no-one wanted. The West Midlands didn't want to see a clone of the hopeless West Midlands County Council rise again and Brum specifically voted against having a Metro Mayor. But the showboating former Tory Chancellor, George Osborne, insisted on a wo/man at the top of the tree when dangling cash in front of supplicant local politicians.

I always feel a bit uncomfortable with Mr Street. Is he really standing on principles or just trying to flog policies like he sold curtains to bourgeois women throughout the land? Is he really a "breath of fresh air" or just incredibly naive? There is no doubt he is getting a bit of a taste for politics and power (foreign jaunts included) but can he survive what looks like being a Tory meltdown of epic proportions just around the corner? If Britain elects the communistic terrorist-lover and economic imbecile Corbyn and Labour increase their power in West Midlands councils then Street may become a lame duck very soon!

Street has been "light" on principles - notoriously steering clear of the Brexit debate and some matters closer to home. The general consensus is that he is only in power because grotesque bully Tom Watson forced Labour to put up the ludicrous and useless Sion Simon as their candidate. In his campaign, Street participated in a number of "Ask Andy" sessions where the public are invited to spend an hour in his company and ask him whatever they like. He has continued these sessions since his election but for how much longer remains to be seen if last Tuesday night is anything to go by, when Andy picked his was through the dog-turd smeared streets of Oldbury to expose himself (in the non-Hackett sense) to the apathetic, grunting proletariat in Sadders.

Ceremonial Shit-Strewn Way laid out in memory of the late woman-bully thug, Cooper.
The event took place in the Council chamber where attendees had to walk past a picture of the former Leader [sic] and wifebeater Darren Cooper to get in. (Of course, the late Smethwick Scumbag had delusional pretensions of winning the mayoral crown himself "lol"!) Sandwell Council is a fetid Labour dictatorship where ludicrous Councillors like John "Socialist Landlord" Edwards and Bob Piper actually take to social media and castigate Tories as "vermin". The "Party" has f*cked up the Borough royal in the 43 years of its existence and is currently an exemplar of fraud, cronyism and incompetence. And now mired in scandal too! 

But as the extra tier of West Midlands governance was thrust upon us against our will so some of these "socialist" sleazebags have now been "promoted" to positions within the Combined Authority despite all the f*ck-ups in Sadders! Spunk Brother Steve Eling has been taken on by Street himself as his Cohesion Czar! Perhaps the Mayor should sit down and have a read about Eling's "finest hour" in the High Court judgment of Mr Justice Hickinbottom where the left-wing ("lol") Council was slaughtered for discrimination and much else by - hang your head in shame Eling & Co - the Child Poverty Action Group!

Female equality Sadwell-style
Such was the "pull" of Street's appearance that I counted 22 people (excluding Andy's team) at the session plus two late-comers. Three were Sadwell Labour stooges (more anon). There was, as far as I could tell, only one representative of Sadwell Tories present to support their own man! The Skidder was there as was well-known community activist Darryl Magher and the amazing local wildlife and environmental campaigner Ian "Goose-man" Carroll. 

There was a tag team present of four young women who asked some fine questions about homelessness - and sexual discrimination in that context. Alas, they were not Sandwell folk but had travelled from Brum! (Ironic that they should have asked questions of this subject in this venue noting Eling's disastrous court case mentioned above.) Under questioning from your own correspondent, Street said the fact that he owns three and a half properties is "irrelevant" when discussing his attitudes to homelessness and also generally since we all strive to get on and do well in life..... Well quite!

There were two chaps who asked about transport related matters, one from the Motorcycle Action Group. 

Some women were present campaigning for WASPI - the campaign against horrendous pension and other inequality for women. One kindly wore a sash to make Tory Street feel at home, even if it wasn't an Orange one!

A young woman trying to start a business in the Borough bemoaned the lack of cheap non-office space in the Borough (hardly surprising as the "socialist" council has waged war on business and enterprise for 43 years.)

Mr Carroll asked how Labour Sandwell could be promoting the ridiculous "Garden City" concept as an excuse to let a developer - based in an offshore tax-haven - build houses around the incredibly-polluted Rattlechain Lagoon in Tividale/Oldbury, a poisonous pond stuffed with toxic white phosphorus*. Incidentally, the vile scum at Sadwell Council are calling the health-threatening lagoon "the wet tip"! The Mayor didn't know the facts about this but made an interesting comment for a Tory that he wasn't over-keen on companies using tax-havens to do business within the UK which is a reason he had issues with Amazon when he was boss of John Lewis.

Roughly half-way through The Skidder and Mr Magher asked some questions about the fact that there was no mechanism in the Combined Authority structure to suspend or expel corrupt Sandwell Council from the club. When the first question was asked the male Labour stooge ordered his two female companions to rise and storm out of the Chamber in a huff, thereby diminishing the already sparse audience! The leader whom the sheepish women dutifully followed was none-other than Labour Cllr Pete "Zorro" Hughes and his unthinking supporters Cllr ("lol") Pam Hughes (related) and Wednesbury's favourite "frail pensioner" Maggie Dorsett!!! 

Fair play to Street he does try - at least for now - to give straight answers eg that the CA was targeting concessionary travel fares on youngsters rather than wrinklies. Whilst he was diplomatic on the night he (and others) do now seem to be aware of the numerous "issues" in bent Sandwell (and WMP.) 

If he is not just giving us all the hard sell our Mayor comes over as a nice guy and he is certainly getting to grips with his brief, showing an increasingly impressive mastery of facts and figures etc. He still maintains that he is a "moderate, tolerant and inclusive" Tory who wants to bend the "nasty" Party to that way of thinking. Naive? Maybe. But I can't see him wasting much time with Sandwell  in the future just when the intervention of sensible outside agencies is desperately needed. 

I am sure if the crazed Jedward is reading about a "moderate" Tory he is already on Twitter using his favourite hashtag #vermin but these insular knuckle-dragging jokers are selling Sadders short once again. And what of "The Boy From The Brown Stuff" who made his second most infamous exit from an event since THAT night at Wednesbury Rugby Club? Yes folks, Peter "Tosser" Hughes is now the, er, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Panel at, yes you guessed it, West Midlands Combined Authority. Remember to "Ask Andy"  next time you see him how such a f*cking ridiculous appointment could ever have been made????????

And finally, remember this (PH being Pete Hughes) from leaked Labour Party minutes:

"Gallagher Retail Park – details were given of the proposed improvements that were going through on this retail park and increase in jobs, in addition to those at Lidl. EC/PH pointed out that they had built up a particularly positive relationship with the representative of the Management Company, Quadrant. They also expressed their extreme disappointment and disgust at the intervention of the CLP Chair, and Wednesbury South Councillor, Bob Lloyd, in criticising (in articles in the Express & Star and Sandwell Chronicle) the Management Company with regard to the car park works being carried out over the last few months of 2016."

As you will see from the photo below all is well in the world and EC "persuaded" Gallagher's to divvy up again for the Wednesbury lights. Let's all hope that if they have some more planning applications next year, SMBC will deal with them favourably as they have so often in the past.... 

Gates of Hell! (Hughes pictured with green antlers!)
*Read Ian's excellent blog about Rattlechain:


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Tour de Farce!

Even by the standards [sic] of the moronic Labour Council in Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") and Jan Britton's dysfunctional paid service, yesterday was one extraordinary day.... If you were assailed by loud noises it was the sound of the pathetic "comrades" scraping barrels. But we do now know that  Darren Cooper, the late wife-beater of Smethwick, was directly involved in the corrupt deal that eventually brought a large plot of land in Florence Road from public ownership into the hands of Cllr Mohammad Rouf's son, at least in the early stages.

Florence Road plot history - I have written at least 6 posts about the scandal involving this property, five of them during the grotesque lifetime of the late Smethwick Scumbag. I also made two Freedom of Information requests (FOI's) dated 8th June, 2014 and 24th July, 2015 - again both in Cooper's lifetime. Britton's bent staff tried to muddy the waters as much as possible in response to the FOI's and totally failed to mention anything that had happened before 27th October, 2011 but this finally came out yesterday to devastating effect.

The deeply corrupt Labour Council bought 8 houses in Poplar Grove for a price in the region of £200,000 (hold that figure in your minds please dear readers). They incurred legal costs in buying the houses and then used taxpayers' cash to demolish them leaving a nice clear site apart for an electrical substation.

A number of people have spoken to or contacted me to say that they were interested in acquiring the plot but were fobbed off by members of Jan Britton's bent staff. A favourite "excuse" was that there were (fictitious) "problems" with moving the substation.

Many local authorities routinely used auctions at this time to dispose of surplus land but Sandwell preferred a more, er, fluid approach usually involving "sealed bids" and other methods (eg see Boggate scandal. Of course, in Boggate bent Sandwell employees obtained a professional valuation but ignored it!)

As far as I can tell the Director of Strategic Resources, Stuart Kellas, had been given delegated powers to sell this plot but he did not obtain any sort of valuation. The property was then put in auction with a reserve of, er, £45,000 (remember that it cost the taxpayer way over £200,000.) It is not known who arrived at this low figure or how.

The plot was actually entered into auction in March, 2011 (seemingly with the substation in situ) but then the old wife-beater Cooper told Cllr Jones that there was other interest in the property and that there was someone willing to pay over £45,000. He told Jones to remove the property from the auction. Staff were notified and the plot removed. This was on or around 24th February, 2011.

That last paragraph is the ENTIRE case against Jones in Eling's politically-motivated standards witch-hunt. The very expensive London barristers employed by us taxpayers to nail Jones appear to accept that Dickhead Daz himself abused his powers in asking that the plot be sold elsewhere as the Council had already given delegated powers to Kellas. But these guys are London-based lawyers who are obviously completely unaware of the "Sandwell Labour" way of doing things.

As was shown in the Wragge Report and in a recent High Court Judgment the Labour dictatorship are "the bosses" and "run the show". The joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton permits this course of conduct. As this blog has said many times this is a recipe for disaster and fraud. The Sleazy Socialists are routinely ignoring so-called professionals employed by SMBC to do their own thing. As most of them are frighteningly thick - The Scumbag particularly - the authority has grossly under-performed for a mere 43 years.

Before they fell out and Cooper sacked him, Kellas was another "yes-man" of the first order. It is said that he sometimes drank with the Scumbag. It is not clear whether he was ever consulted on this and whether HE agreed to this course of action. Something for the police to investigate if they ever pull their finger out and properly investigate this shambles.

Had the land been sold at auction (provided it was properly presented and marketed) that would have been an effective disposal which, because of its public nature, would not generally be susceptible to legal challenge. But even the barristers are coy about this only saying that the auction "could have" resulted in "best value" being achieved. But no-one can possibly know. Sandwell's supposed "Socialists" had a collective policy NOT to use auctions most of the time (for reasons that they have never explained - I wonder why?) The fact is that Kellas and/or his staff had put a reserve of £45,000 on the land. If just one person bid this and there was no contest at the auction that is the sum the taxpayer would have received less the auctioneers fees and that would have been that (I personally lost several hundred pounds at auction recently and it is not always the best method of disposing of assets).

Here the plot thickens. Dickhead Darren Cooper knew who the person was that wanted to buy the plot. It now transpires from information hitherto kept secret by Jan Britton that it was one Ashfaq Ahmed. I am willing to bet this is the same guy on the electoral roll at 88 Shireland Road with, er, Mohammad Rouf and his son Mohammed Shauib (who eventually bought the plot.)

I have sent this email today to Cllr Rouf and will let you know when he responds:

Dear Mo,


What is your relationship with Ashfaq Ahmed. I know he was living at 88 Shireland at one point.


It is vitally important to note here that SMBC accept completely that Jones was told the identity of the prospective purchaser but did NOT know who he was and did NOT know he was connected to Rouf. Clearly the late Cooper did. (By the way, it is not known whether this Ashfaq Ahmed is the same person from Smethwick of that name who was imprisoned for serious drug-dealing offences. Darren Cooper, a man mysteriously beloved by the current Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, was known to be an habitual drug-user as was (is?) someone close to him.)

It seems to be the case of the two mega-expensive London legal eagles that Jones (and Cooper) breached the code of conduct simply by asking staff to remove the plot from auction. This is ridiculous.  If they are relying on them overruling Kellas then they need evidence to that effect and to also legally prove that Councillors can NEVER EVER ask staff to take a particular course of action once delegated powers have been conferred - a potentially ridiculous course of action as situations change. (See further below.)

It also seems to have been overlooked that properties are withdrawn from auctions all the time when people make direct offers and for a range of other reasons. At the point of withdrawal the costs of SMBC would have been negligible. If it transpired that an alternative disposal could not be achieved the matter could simply be put back into the next auction. The sale may have been delayed for a few months but if there was a proper alternative offer that seems reasonable (see further below). Indeed, Jones was specifically told of a better offer from a person he did not know - had he refused the Leader and insisted on the auction it might be that the prospective purchaser would have been in a position to complain that the Council had failed to get best value by refusing to consider his offer (although he would have had a chance at auction of course and might have got a bargain. Here though, we now know exactly what Cooper was up to.)

The second allegation against Jones is that he failed to "consider" best value at this point in time. But surely he is entitled to assume that professional employees would assess any possible alternative deal and, of course, very senior employee Kellas would have to approve the outcome of the negotiations and order the final sale? It was specifically NOT his position to decide on the offer and he didn't. All this is of course, dancing on a pin-head as Eling and associates are determined to shoot the messenger who was merely passing on instructions from a "leader" who was a vicious bully, and whom the entire feeble cohort of Sadwell Councillors cowered before. They all bowed to his demands eg Jedward kept his head down to save his Fire Authority chair. How many of them ignored this blog and all the fraud allegations because they just wanted to keep their allowances? Can you imagine the colour of  a feeble person like Piper's pants if he ever had to face up to the thuggish oaf? Like the others he steered well clear.

Let us assume - reasonably - for one moment that there were plenty of bent staff prepared to do Cooper's bidding and happy to defraud the public by selling the plot to his nominated purchaser. Unless the price was under the £45,000 then Jones's actions in asking staff to look at an offer which he had been told was in excess of the auction reserve price would have resulted in a GAIN for the Council in strict terms (though dodgy circumstances.) It would have saved the auction fees. He specifically did NOT ask staff to consider offers less than the reserve price which would, of course, have been a very different matter. He just asked them to remove the plot from auction and seemingly asked staff to try and do a better deal with a named buyer whom it is accepted he did NOT know (though Cooper did.)

Jan Britton's bent staff kept all this quiet. There was no mention whatsoever of any attempt to sell the land before 27th October, 2011. But as we saw in the Eling/Marshall papers the Spunk Brothers have engaged in a colossal campaign against, inter alia, Ian Jones and Jan Britton permitted them access to taxpayer-funded staff to further their vendetta against him and use public money to trawl through records trying to find any scrap of incriminating evidence against Jones. And believe me - this is the tiniest of tiniest scraps. But it was them and their grovelling associates on the Audit Committee who purported to discover this nonsense. Eling and Marshall were trying to drop Rouf in it at this point (January 2017) rather than Jones (and I am told that Rouf is a "dead-man walking" as far as his Council seat is concerned):

(Interestingly Eling and Marshall - two cheeks of the same shit-smeared arse - also make an allegation about the conduct of Jan Britton's staff although it is not clear here whether they mean they were undervaluing properties fraudulently or just because of the incompetence that runs through the staff from the top down.)

It is accepted by SMBC that Jones had no further dealings in the negotiation with Ahmed whatsoever (nor with anyone else for that matter). As far as I can tell, they say he had no further participation concerning the plot but this is NOT true and that is vitally important. Just a mention before I get onto that but this was a particular period when SMBC staff were lying to prospective purchasers. A number of people told The Skidder that they were ringing to ask why the property was not going into the auction and were being told the bollocks about the substation or that there were "legal issues"! There can be no doubt that some staff were in on the fraudulent plan.

As above, the lawyers you are paying so handsomely seem to suggest - ridiculously - that once Kellas had delegated powers that was that. So what ACTUALLY happened? For reasons unknown (but WMP will need to investigate) the sale to Rouf's relative/associate Ahmed did not proceed. Kellas could have simply put this matter back into auction at this stage but didn't (nothing to do with Cllr Jones and for reasons he needs to explain.) Rather the bent employees decided to set up a new scheme to sell individual building plots with the intention of getting these to members of the public, rather than developers. It is not clear where the political impetus came from for this scheme but it was NOT Cllr Jones. At this stage an unknown person included this specific Florence Road plot into this scheme - clearly seeking the approval of councillors to override Kellas's delegated authority. The comrades specifically did NOT want to sell these plots by auction but by sealed bids. The scheme included a provision that all bidders had to pay a non-refundable fee to enter into the process. But this being Sandwell where politicians must ALWAYS have the final say in all matters these f*cking con artists decided to add an extra twist. The sales would be by sealed bids but the Labour greasers specifically reserved the right allowed by law for them NOT to accept the highest bid where the value of the property was less than £2m (this is on the SMBC website)!!!!! The point here, of course, is that Kellas's delegated authority was, in fact, overruled and this plot added to a scheme where best value did NOT have to be achieved if the comrades decided otherwise. The scheme must have been discussed for some time as it was part of Cabinet Forward Plan Ref JE010. And the authority to sell the plot either via sealed bids or, if none were forthcoming, by terms agreed by Nick Bubalo was taken away from Kellas and given to Bubalo and Sharma (who both appear in virtually every bent deal investigated in this blog!)

But this scheme had to be approved and so it was put before the Asset Management and Land Disposal Committee on 27th October, 2011. Cllr Ian Jones now does appear again since he agreed the scheme on that date. Cllr Hussain voted similarly - he declared no interest (being a relative of Cllr Rouf although to be fair SMBC say that the Ahmed bid had fallen through at that stage.) And the final person on the Committee that day? Yes, folks - none-other than Steve "The Milkman" Eling - the man behind this crazed vendetta!

It is not accepted at this stage that Cllr Jones committed any offence in February, 2011. If he did it was of the most trivial and technical kind. Even if he had the tiniest element of culpability - and it is difficult to see how he did - this ended either when staff - including Kellas - rejected the Ahmed bid and could have put the plot back into auction or, at the very latest, on 27th October, 2011 when the AMLD - including The Milkman himself - voted to set up a new legal (if bad) scheme. The scheme was then approved by the Cabinet on 9th November, 2011 with Eling was present yet again (although they got the date of the committee wrong). The AMLD decision was approved by the full Council on 29th November, 2011 - minute 115/11. People agreeing not to auction this specific plot were two of The Milkman's puppets on the Audit Committee who set this hare running, Cllrs Piper and Jaron. Of course, Spunk Brother Eling also agreed for the third time that this plot should be sold via the new scheme and not by auction as did, er, Cllrs Lewis, Shackleton and Trow - three of the four hanging committee yesterday out to shaft Jones. Oh yes, and other keen supporter was Cllr Mohammad Rouf.....

So according to Eling and his cronies, Jones's career must be finished as he took a property out of an auction because the late Cooper told him there was a better offer in. He had no involvement with further specific negotiations which fell through. Eling himself then legally agreed with Jones to a different method of disposal. Three members of the Standards Committee also agreed that the specific plot should be sold other than by auction. Then the whole Council did. WTF is going on here?????

SMBC accept that Jones had no further involvement in this matter which, of course, ended very happily for the Rouf family. People who talked to The Skidder said that when asking about the possibility of buying the land no member of staff EVER mentioned a sealed bid process nor anything about a £75 fee. Even though there was considerable local interest in the property mysteriously only THREE bids were received. One of the bidders had not paid the fee and was excluded. Happily the winning bid at £65,000 was, by an amazing coincidence, from Cllr Rouf's son - Mohammed Shauib.

The Police now have to investigate this properly. There was fraud here and they must look afresh at the matter - particularly in the light of the new evidence. The one thing that is certain is that the fraudster was NOT Cllr Jones. But even with no direct involvement the fact is that had the land only sold on reserve at auction, the taxpayer would have been £20,000 out of pocket. The name Willetts appears in this case too and he should be invited in by the Cowards in Blue for a chat!

Jan Britton deliberately decided to exclude this saga from the Wragge investigation. He was totally in the thrall of Cooper. Did he know that this deal was bent? He needs to be interviewed under caution on this and numerous other matters. But this was gross incompetence at the very best and Eling should be taking appropriate disciplinary action against him.

There are other matters that require attention from Cooper's mate, the Chief Constable, as set out in other blogs. How did Rouf get the council house at 33 Trafalgar Road when he had £125,000 in his pocket from the sale of 23 Wellington Road AND when he was claiming a beneficial interest in 88 Shireland Road (now in the name of his wife) even though he had initially "sold" it to his son. Why did he make false declarations of interest to the Council - potentially a criminal offence?

This whole scandal was in the public domain for 18 months before the death of The Scumbag but neither the Council nor the police took a statement from him. Why not FFS? Of course, everyone (bar me and a few other souls) were afraid of him and knew what he was capable of if you crossed him. At least one bent cop within WMP served as his "guardian angel." Cooper was a compulsive liar and corrupt and it is highly likely that he deliberately sent the order to remove the property from auction via Jones to distance himself from the bent deal he was setting up.

Before we move onto yesterday's very expensive fiasco, Sandwell Council are adamant that they put up local planning notices and there were no objections whatsoever to plonking a massive seven-bedroom house in amongst terraced houses. Yet locals say they never saw ANY notices. The first time they knew that the land had been sold was when Mo started work on the site! The residents of  adjacent Lime Grove all say they saw no notices and were horrified when the giant property starting looming above their properties. They tried to get the hopeless London resident posh-boy and right-winger who purports to represent the area, John Spellar MP, involved and he did get round to writing a letter. Jan Britton pissed all over the poseur MP simply saying there was a "police investigation" [sic] and he couldn't comment. Spellar couldn't be bothered any more (if he was in the first place). Britton having seen off this clown by saying all the papers were in "lockdown" etc  then said ,within just a couple of weeks, there was a valid contract with Mohammed Shauib and the sale would proceed on practical completion of the build regardless of anything else!!!

Regular readers will be aware of Eling and Marshall's hate campaign of industrial proportions against Jones and others. Having ploughed through all the above you may wonder what Eling and his cronies are doing trying to bring a Standards case against Jones on the flimsiest facts but it is worse because thanks to Mr Surjit Tour, the new Monitoring Officer, it is now costing us taxpayers a small fortune!

Mr Tour has only been in Sadders for a short time but is like a referee who wants to be the centre of attention in a football match. You will have seen his pisspoor response on the Costigan Standards complaint (more anon) and he very rudely refused my request to give oral evidence at yesterday's Standards Committee. Clearly he is setting up to play "the hard man". In this farcical case against Jones he presented the Councillor with a 400 page bundle of documents 12 working days before the hearing date (unbelievably SMBC say this case is "document light" lol!) Jones's solicitors are not expert in this type of law according to his evidence yesterday and he had, at short notice, to try and find new solicitors and funding. The solicitors requested an adjournment which was obviously completely reasonable but tough guy Tour refused. Jones only received a promise of funding on Wednesday but new solicitors said they could not take the case for a hearing on Friday. Mr Tour was told all this but insisted the show trial would go on - and indeed he pandered to the vicious Eling and arranged to have the hearing in the main Council chamber and to have it filmed. Quite honestly, if this is how Tour intends to proceed Sandwell's already rotten standing will sink into even further disrepute.

The day came and Jones turned up. He asked the Chair of Eling's firing squad for an adjournment. The expensive London Counsel (yes!) for SMBC said the facts were relatively straightforward and so Jones didn't necessarily need legal representation which was a bit rich when he was there from London together with a second London barrister and SMBC Solicitor Maria Price (the one who allegedly gave up a day's holiday to accompany Dickhead Daz to Steelhouse Lane Police Station on a private matter. Oh yeah!) He also suggested, seemingly without irony, that the case was document-light fingering his, er, 400 page bundle! Jones's request was clearly wholly reasonable and Tour should have agreed to it but now he had caused the whole committee to convene. There were four SMBC employees in the chamber all morning plus Solicitor Price all at our expense plus two London barristers and the allegedly "independent person". Of course, four Cllrs had also turned up to do the dirty and were faced with all this. Cllr Lewis took the Committee into private session for well over an hour to decide whether to adjourn or not!!! (OK we know he is not the sharpest tool in the box but over an hour? Perhaps he was ringing Rotherham or Derbyshire for instructions "lol"!) The inevitable happened and an adjournment was granted with Cllrs Lewis and Trow looking like they were chewing wasps.

So not only is this whole procedure a total farce but now Tour is pissing public money up the wall to serve his new Master.

There are senior barristers involved here and they should really be giving SMBC proper advice ie that this case is wafer-thin AT BEST, the Council suffered no provable loss, the proceedings have been brought maliciously, there is no public interest in this matter proceeding as the outcome was, at worst, mildly delayed and the costs of this exercise clearly do not justify this show trial. Tour and Price as allegedly professional people also need to stand up to the elected bully boys and bring an end to this nonsense.

Bearing in mind what I have said above, it is difficult to see how Councillors who approved the sale of this plot by sealed bids can hear this case but that is most of the sheep. I will leave Mr Tour to work that one out lol!

A couple of interesting points came out of yesterday. I was forced into the balcony area where the sound is appalling particularly as I am partially deaf. I have written to the Chair and to the laughable Britton to complain about this (although the latter did nothing when I raised this previously).

The vendetta being pursued by Eling was very much a feature and there is going to be extensive reference to the communications between the Spunk Brothers and myself if this fiasco proceeds. It was noted that they were auditing a property sold by SMBC in Bason's Lane! More interestingly Jones referred to Eling's Derbyshire-resident wife threatening to destroy him "and his fucking family" if he did not stand down in the his leadership challenge to The Milkman. This statement was also given in evidence in the High Court and I am told it was not challenged there. Interesting as The Labour Party are said to be lining her up for a safe seat even though she lives near Belper in Derbyshire!

Before the hearing I asked Cllr Ann Shackleton why she had failed to respond to emails concerning safeguarding and what she, as a School Governor, had done when she established a fellow Governor had filmed himself masturbating using SMBC-owned equipment. More anon as she is still saying nowt!

I was able to drop my Standards Complaint about Cllrs Eling and Marshall down into the Chamber during the adjournment and am pleased to say that it was handed to Mr Tour in person. That matter is now live. See also:

And in an interesting final twist guess who has put in a FOI request about the costs of this Tour de Farce - none other than someone who worked hard with Cooper to harass The Skidder and his wife:


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