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Preet Gill MP Fails to Disclose Interests!

Here we go AGAIN! The failure by Sandwell Labour's sleazy councillors to properly declare interests (potentially a criminal offence) has been a leitmotif running through this blog. Happily for the miscreants, Chief Constable Clouseau of West Midlands Police has seemingly decreed that the law of the land should not apply to "Sadwell" councillors and his officers will not enforce it against them. What an insult to local voters and taxpayers (who also pay his wages)!

It came as a shock to dedicated Oldbury Kremlinologists when Cllr Preet Kaur Gill was elected as the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston as she gave the appearance of being a totally useless local representative - unless you happened to be a member of the Sikh community. On Sikh affairs she has been vociferous and has aligned herself to certain groups with "hardline" views. She has been keen on ranting about the so-called "love Jihad" allegedly perpetrated by local Muslims which some people have had the cheek to suggest might just me a wee bit rascist....

As she was yet another useless waste of space on the disastrous Council we all assumed she would give up her seat when she was elected as an MP but she hasn't. Bizarrely, she was also a cabinet member in the Borough which has become renowned for fraud, cronyism and corruption. Some unkind folk (including fellow councillors) have told The Skidder she wanted to keep on her position as a Councillor AND be an MP as she "wanted the money" but I am sure she is simply desperate to make amends for her inadequate performance to date and wants to "make it up" to poor old Sadders' folk "lol"! She has had to leave the joke "cabinet" but says she is still receiving a cool £892.02p a month from the taxpayer on top of her MP's salary. She says this is for 20 hours work so that's a cool £44.60 per hour. Handy!

There is also much womanouevering at present by the local Labour Party to engineer council seats for females. It is said that Sp*nk Brother (1) - "Leader" Steve Eling - has designs on getting a seat for his Derbyshire-resident wife. Another tale is that Derek Rowley - the ex-mayor who was investigated for disposing of council assets and who is now in charge of dishing out the goodies - is lining up the wife of disgraced Parks Supremo John Satchwell for a seat (you couldn't make it up - or could you Alex?)

Gill is obviously working hard for Sadwell folk behind the scenes since she has managed to miss three out of four meetings she was supposed to attend since the election (full Council on 17th October and two Select Committee for Policy Review meetings on 1st August and 12th September) !!!!

As with Sandwell, so with Westminster where she is also a nonentity. Mind you she gamely spoke up a couple of weeks ago in a Westminster Hall debate about public sector pay. She bemoaned the pay freeze for public sector workers and "did a Corbyn" - applying an onion to her eyes as she described a letter she had allegedly received from her constituent Kayleigh a newly-qualified nurse who was seemingly already an expert on this subject. Gill added this:

"Why would people want to go into a profession in which they feel undervalued and have a real-terms pay cut every year? If we cannot recruit the nurses, teachers and local government workers we need to provide vital local services that our constituents rely on, the very fabric of our society is at risk."

Some locals wondered why she needed to be informed of this situation by "Kayleigh" when she could have simply asked her husband who is a very well-paid manager in her own Council's disastrous Children's Services department!!!!! That's the one where Labour f*cked it up so badly the Government has had to intervene. There is no record of her mentioning hubby's employment in the debate.

Regular readers will be well aware of the antics of bankrupt Sp*nk Brother (2), Cllr Richard Marshall. The legendary Smethwick seducer - fresh from having meetings with a different female councillor in "back-street pubs" in West Bromwich - went weak at the knees (according to fellow councillors) at the mere mention of Ms Gill's name and hung on her every word. No tweet from the fragrant one went un-retweeted.

Happily it seems that Ms Gill was able to resist his blandishments although he did give her a leg-up even if he couldn't get his leg-over. Gill, as above, is screwing an extra £10,704.24p (£892.02 x 12) out of the taxpayer but she needed a constituency office. But why bother getting one in your actual constituency (!) when Sandwell is just up the road? And so she has taken space upstairs in, er, Lightwoods House where Tricky Dicky just happens to be the Chair of the Friends Group.

SMBC says the rooms were advertised for four weeks on their website and then allocated via the favoured method of land disposal by the bent Council - the infamous sealed bids. By happy chance (!) Ms Gill was successful but then if there were other bids she probably had greater firepower as she could pay a decent rent to the comrades safe in the knowledge that she could claim it back from us taxpayers via her parliamentary expenses!

Gill has taken a three-year lease in a building NOT in her constituency at a generous £10,500 per annum. Sharp-eyed readers will note that this is almost the same amount she is taking out of Sandwell Council. Now there's a remarkable coincidence! (It is not clear whether she will have personal liability to SMBC in the event that she loses her seat during the three year period and I have asked for clarification of this.)

It is said that Tricky Dicky (seen here with one of the few creatures he has allegedly not shagged in Sadders) is hanging around Lightwoods House like Romeo beneath the balcony.... Sigh....

Curiously, I am unable to find any public pronouncement from Ms Gill condemning the vile comments of the Sp*nk Brothers about two of her female councillor colleagues! Come on Preet - let's have a statement on this!

We have been lied to over and over again that Sandwell's Council's corrupt paid service had "clamped down" on failures of governance and that councillors had received special training and guidance about the need to properly declare their interests. Gill was elected as an MP on 8th June, 2017 - over 6 months ago - but you would not know it from her Declaration of Interests. Here are the relevant entries as of today's date:

1.  No mention of "office, profession or vocation - lol" as an MP:

2.  No mention whatsoever of taking a lease from her own Council on Lightwoods Park - the information had to be forced out of the corrupt Council via a Freedom of Information request:

I have put in a standards complaint.

Edgbaston, you are truly blessed!


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