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Skidder Quiz - The Answers!

The Skidder Team hope you enjoyed the 2017 quiz. The original questions are set out below together with the answers in bold type. If you still haven't a go, you can see the original questions here:

Just a couple of passing comments before the year ends....

I am sure most of us remember the excited tweets of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, whenever a snowflake fluttered towards the dog shit smeared streets of Sadders. A blizzard of tweets followed from the old wife-beater and Jan Britton's mega-expensive front-line service "lol", "the press office" about Dickhead Dazza's "snow champions" - allegedly an "idea" of Turdy himself (although this is improbable). The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers and Halesowen News excitedly ramped up this pathetic propaganda.

Alas, the drifts always failed to materialise. How the woman-bullying thug would have loved the opportunity for more self-publicity offered by the recent wintery weather but at least his useless sidekick continues to keep up the stream of Cooperesque bollocks. Here is the man - recently described to me by an employee as "the b*g f*t Parky" - in response to a "random" Twitter user Mr Neil Cox (presumably, er, no relation to the whisky-loving Senior Manager at corrupt SMBC of the same name):

Of course, Britton is more used to be up to his knees in the "brown" stuff but it seems others on social media who were not so anxious to arse-lick the head of the bent paid service eg this from a Facebook user:

As ever in the sh*t-hole Borough, there are parallel universes.....

Secondly, The Skidder was the first to expose that gambling millionaire Derek Webb was financing vicious London-resident bully Tom Watson MP (who pretends to "represent" West Brom in parliament) as long ago as February, 2015:

Further blogs followed:

But what's this? On Boxing Day "The Sun" newspaper finally caught up:

I am always delighted when the mainstream media occasionally get round to shining a light on corrupt Sandwell but to call the story an exclusive, well....


1    Which TWO Councillors are known as “The Sp*nk Brothers”?

A "Leader" "lol" Steve "The Milkman" Eling and bankrupt Cllr Richard Marshall.

2    The Sp*nk Brothers wrote that Cllr Ian Jones should “sp*nk” over
     which Councillor “in her bikini”?

A The unfortunate Cllr Maria Crompton who has yet to receive any justice from The Labour Party.

3    Which ex-Mayor (“lol”) complained to the police to try and get The
     Skidder’s first ever UK “Corruptour” banned?

A Cllr Linda Horton - mother of "A" Grade liar former Cllr Lying Lucy Cashmore who f*cked Sandwell folk over for 4 years' worth of council allowances whilst Linda 'n' Rog lost their tongues.

4    Which THREE Councillors left the local Labour Party in 2017?

A Cllrs Bob and Barbara Price and the Cllr the Sp*nk Brothers called "the eternal tossa [sic]", Steven Frear.

5    Which TWO local Councillors flounced out of a public meeting at Oldbury Kremlin with the West Midlands Mayor in December?

A The childish "hard man" Cllr Peter Hughes and his sheepish wife Cllr Pam.

6    Which Cllr tried to cheat a widow out of over £30k and was then made bankrupt when he couldn’t pay the money back?

A It's that man again! Cllr Richard "Tricky Dicky" Marshall!

7   The New Monitoring Officer refused a reasonable request by Cllr  
    Ian Jones for an adjournment of a recent standards hearing. How
    much did this cost the taxpayer in wasted Barristers’ fees?

(a) £5,000       (b)£6,500     (c) £7,750
A Taxpayers forked out £7,750 thanks to Mr Surjit Tour's willingness to play "the tough guy"!
8   Which Cllr - frequently abusive on social media - called an ex-services member of the public a “foul-mouthed fat Tory twat”?

A "Mr Bearwood" Cllr Bob Piper.

9   Which ex-Cllr and Mayor was reported to the police by SMBC in respect of the alleged sale by him of Council property?

A Bent West Midlands Police claim this is still being investigated but The Labour Party have promoted Derek Rowley within the regional party.
10   Which Cllr solicited donations for Wednesbury Celebrates from a Company involved in a controversial planning application?

A Wednesbury Police "Gold Commander", Cllr Elaine Costigan (more anon....)


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