Wednesday, 28 February 2018

West Midlands Police Go After The Skidder (Again!)

I have been offered the opportunity of "volunteering" for an interview under caution by WMP at Oldbury nick following a complaint by corrupt Sandwell Council's leader [sic] Steve "The Milkman" Eling (pictured with some of the filth he and Marshall put out about two women councillors in Sandwell). This is the second time a Labour leader has tried to get their friends in bent WMP to do their dirty work for them and try to close down this blog.

It is noteworthy that in the joke "fraud enquiry" which was pulled by a senior officer and officer they only interviewed FOUR people in the whole "investigation". The combined interview lengths totalled  just 7 hours and 2 minutes" They have already spent 2 hours interviewing me but then refused to hand over the tape despite telling me it was my legal right to have a copy! They are refusing to tell me the allegations against me (!) but will only tell my solicitor. When she contacted them she was told they are going to rely on FIVE lever-arch files of documents! Looks like they are being more thorough in trying to nail me than in rooting out corruption in the stinking Council!

The date is being arranged and I will let you know how I get on......

In the meantime regular readers will be aware that Eling and Marshall tried to use The Skidder to conspire to harass their opponents and various members of SMBC staff including then Assistant Chief Executive, Melanie Dudley. They were particularly vicious about the Jones family.

Initially these liars tried to claim that they had nothing to do with the Whats App account but The Skidder showed a clear link between a telephone number being used by Marshall and the Whats App account:

Only today, as I begin to prepare for the lengthy police interrogation did a find a short string of text messages between myself and Marshall - and lo and behold they were also on the same number! They started by attacking the Jones's again in the reference to Wednesbury Town Hall and then urged me to go onto Whats App for security reasons. Here is the screenshot!


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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Twice A Knight!

Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council insiders have been expressing concern that Leader [sic] Steve "The Milkman" Eling has appointed - or, more accurately, re-appointed - one Alison Knight as "Executive Director, Neighbourhoods". People have asked The Skidder how she possibly got a top (and very highly-paid) job with the corrupt Labour authority given the "Click Sandwell debacle". Now read on......

Even given The Labour Party's history of corruption and incompetence over the 43 year history of the Borough of Sandwell "Click Sandwell" was a low point. The comrades secured a colossal grant from Advantage West Midlands - AWM (as was) - "to develop a knowledge community" in the benighted Borough (no, I am not making this bollocks up!) Of course, Labour has consistently failed Sandwell kids and, even now, many have their young lives blighted by receipt of a pisspoor education. But the sleazy Socialists keep spouting total crap (gratefully swallowed by the moronic voters of the Borough). Here, rather than attempting to make gradual incremental improvements they immediately made the crazy claim that this multi-million pound taxpayer gift meant that the Click scheme would be "an integral part of the Borough's aim to create a WORLD CLASS learning community." Today Tat Bank, tomorrow the WORLD for these psychologically inadequate bullsh*tters! (As above, you can laugh readers but many of you will ensure more of the same come voting day in May....)

Incredibly Sandwell Council were appointed by AWM to be the "accountable body" "lol" to spend the millions and, inevitably, the whole thing went t*ts-up! One experienced insider tells The Skidder "it is without doubt the worst project I have ever seen." The Milkman was a senior figure in the Council throughout this shaming degringolade.

Alison Knight was "all over it" say insiders - though to be fair to her she was said not to have been the WORST culprit "lol"! Huge sums were squandered and all the additional grant-funding lost.

AWM stopped the disaster mid-track. Rather than hang their heads in shame at f*cking all this up and screwing the Borough's kids over yet again Labour prepared a ludicrous whitewash "scrutiny report". Whilst acknowledging a very small degree of culpability the "panel" placed the blame for the abject failure squarely on AWM which had supplied the cash rather than the body running the actual scheme, er, Labour Sandwell Council! But if I tell you that three of the four "panel" members preparing the report [sic] were Martin Prestidge, socialist Landlord John Edwards and Eling arse-licker Cllr Bob Piper you need to know no more....

Incredibly, one of the panel's recommendations was for MORE political interference from thick-as-sh*t Councillors with no or minimal life experience outside "The Party" rather than less - and we have seen what has happened with this crazed approach since haven't we folks?

Alison Knight returned in September, 2017 and by November was pushing the bent Lion Farm Playing Fields deal through - an affair in which Eling is taking a personal interest.

And so control freak Eling (pictured with some of the filth he and soon-to-be ex-Cllr Marshall put out about women) has appointed someone with a track record of being very heavily involved in a major Sandwell Labour disaster, to the considerable surprise of local cognescenti. Now why would he do that? And what could possibly go wrong.....?

Curiously, an insider states that Ms Knight "has friends in Derbyshire." What can this all mean....?

*I am indebted to Cllr D. Hosell as the inspiration for the catchy title of this post although I believe it doesn't do him full justice.....


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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Cashing In On Big Cyrille's Death!

There have, unsurprisingly, been tremendous outpourings of grief following the death of the great Cyrille Regis. But every cloud has a silver lining for some and local sleazeball "Sunny" Jim Cadman didn't even wait for the funeral before trying to cash in on the death via his private statue scheme.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have written at length about Cadman's statue schemes and, in particular, his plan to immortalise our three beautiful local heroes - Batson, Cunningham and Regis - in cartoon-ish form as a trio of gurning simpletons.

Cadman has been involved with a host of failed companies one of which went bust leaving many cash-strapped councils out of pocket. One of his businesses involves working with a sculptor called Graham Ibbeson (who doesn't appear to be very successful financially himself if his accounts are anything to go by) to produce crap "celebrity" statues. His shtick is to get the deceased celebrity's family involved and also to try and tap up local authorities for dosh. The big problem is that he also raises cash from the general public - usually by purporting to act as a quasi- charity - but does not produce any evidence of where the money has gone and how much has gone into the pockets of himself and the sculptor. It is incredible that this should be the case in this day and age. Cadman has rebuffed my requests for accounts in respect of the Three Degrees Statue and I have referred the matter to West Midlands Police to see if they can clarify the position. If all is well, what's the problem in showing us the accounts Jim?

Many of Cadman's statue projects have been considerably cheaper than this one. Interestingly, West Bromwich Albion Football Club under Jeremy Peace wanted nothing to do with this pile of crap but Jim already knew Dickhead Darren Cooper, the late Leader [sic] of Sandwell Council, and that he would jump at the chance of putting OUR - public - money into something connected with The Baggies. Thus Labour's own third-rate trio - Cooper, Hussain and Eling - removed £30,000 of s.106 monies destined for other worthwhile projects to back this private enterprise. (They later also diverted Arts Council money from Sandwell Arts Festival to promote the wretched thing.)

Cadman said initially that the statue would cost a stonking £200,000 but that has mysteriously gone up to £220,000. But the project started to flounder despite generous donations of money, raffle prizes etc from ordinary folk. Jim couldn't wait for this payday and so blagged the money for a statue of Laurie alone at Leyton Orient FC. Now I loved Laurie but does his record really warrant two statues?

Sunny Jim's Facebook Page had been moribund since an entry of 30th October, 2014 but Jim couldn't even wait for the funeral and started promoting his cash cow again five days beforehand.

His website makes interesting reading. Last summer, Cadman claimed that he and Ibbeson had found "savings" and that only £38,000 was then needed? But how much had he raised already? £182,000 or some other mysterious and unspecified sum? He has put on very expensive do's but won't say what profit, if any, he made from them. He will not provide a list of donations nor his and the sculptor's "expenses". Yet he claims that the w*nkers at Labour Sandwell Council are STILL involved in the project and that the statue would be in situ by, er, the beginning of the 2017/2018 season (ie six months ago!)

Then this - which is interesting as Sandwell Council don't own New Square. It belongs to Tesco who refuse to comment of this dodgy affair!

What an opportunity for Cadman though Cyrille's untimely demise has provided and the website was quickly changed with the ludicrous claim that poor Cyrille's death had suddenly made the need for a statue more necessary. What a complete and utter c***!

With one notable exception the Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star) keep flogging this dead horse without making any attempt to find out how much cash Cadman has received and what has happened to it. (I suppose it is at least a distraction from the ludicrous Editor's campaign for a blue plaque for Enoch Powell FFS!)

Cadman is using Frank Skinner again on his publicity. Skinner received what I am told was a very substantial fee for launching this seeming scam at Birmingham Town Hall though Cadman and Skinner's Management Company refuse to confirm (or deny) this. No wonder he looks happy. Kerching!

But Cyrille's death has emboldened Sunny Jim to try and screw the allegedly "final" (final of what?) £38,000 from the unsuspecting public and he has gone onto a crowdfunding website to grab your cash - with more crocodile tears about Cyrille. Now reputable sites would normally show separately where money has allegedly been raised elsewhere but instead of showing how much Cadman has allegedly raised towards the (moving) target Crowdfunder UK have not done this and just allowed him to try and raise "the last £38,000." I have made a formal complaint to them about this but they have failed to respond although I am informed that an employee of Crowdfunder may be directly involved in this "campaign"!?!

But alas for Jim, the final payday remains elusive. Folk do not want this piece of crap even for "just" another £38k. The Crowdfunder flopped with just £1,660 initially pledged at a time when this nonsense was getting massive publicity of the back of a tragedy.

But Cadman is a tryer and has extended the time again. So if you want to make our heroes a permanent metallic laughing stock, despoil central West Brom AND enrich Jim Cadman get your pledges in now!

And Jim - pay the £30k back to the people at Sandwell - vital services are being cut by the deeply corrupt Labour Council and they shouldn't be using OUR money for trash like this!

And finally...

If you want cheap hospitality tickets for The Baggies there is now no need to buy them from the Club since a local tout is offering such delights at bargain prices on her Facebook page. Yes, step forward Labour Councillor, Cabinet Member ("lol") and West Midlands Police Wednesbury "Gold Commander" Elaine Costigan! Let's hope she has cleared this with WBA!


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Monday, 19 February 2018

Lion Farm - Eling & Britton Take The P*ss!

Steve "The Milkman" Eling - who somehow "missed" all the fraud going on at Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council whilst maintaining a tight grip on the purse strings "lol" - claimed he was going to overhaul the Freedom of Information "system" which has been grossly abused by Chief Executive "lol" Jan Britton's bent paid service for many years. Judge for yourself whether that was just another Eling lie from the recent pisspoor response to my very important FOI on what appears to be a major fraudulent deal involving Lion Farm Fields......

For background please see:

The Skidder was on site this weekend and spoke to a number of local residents and businesses and he has also spoken to users of the fields.

Local insisted that this bent deal had all died a death and were incredulous when I told them Sandwell Labour are trying to force this through and that the Cabinet - via Tom Watson puppet Cllr Moore - pushed the deal onwards in November. (It has been hidden. of course, by Director in charge Alison Knight and Paul Moore under the spurious title "Junction 2 Regeneration". Incidentally Knight - presumably no relation to Knight Adams - only joined SMBC in September and this may be a test of her mettle whether she can force this bent deal through.)

Control freak Eling is, of course, personally involved in all this and has told users they have to get off the pitches at the end of the season. He said two pitches could be used to replace the 12 here at Londonderry Fields but this was clearly another of his little fibs as that is now to be used for the multi-million pound vanity project that is the swimming pool!

SMBC have now - several years after the event - disclosed the secret Cabinet Report for the original decision which confirms that Cllr Hussains friend Mr Knight Adams, the property developer, was mysteriously given sole rights to build on green space with all other competition locked-out. Knight Adams had, of course, bought a property off Cllr Hussain's son for £470,000 which the son had only paid £85,000 for but that is, no doubt, entirely coincidental!

The suspicion here is that Knight Adams has the corrupt Labour Council by the short and curlies and so they are desperate to force this through against the wishes of locals just to save face.

You can see how coy SMBC are being about this stinking deal by the pathetic answers in the Freedom of Information Request here. The same link will also take you to the original "secret" 2011 report.

Image courtesy of Google


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Tricky Dicky Dumped!

One Sp*nk Brother down! Bankrupt Councillor and keen amateur swordsman Richard Marshall was due to stand for election again in May but at the recent Labour Campaign Forum meeting in Sandwell he was given the bum's rush by the comrades! His fall from grace has been even more spectacular than his mysterious rise to the position of "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling's right-hand man and "enforcer"! But his demise may turn out to be good news for his fellow Sp*nk Brother.....

Incidentally, Eling himself left before the vote on his pal, an incident described by one Labour Party insider as "abject cowardice even by his standards!"

It seems that Legendary Lothario Richard had not even been in the Labour Party for very long when he was taken under the wing of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper. We know the former wife-beater never acted for altruistic motives and it remains an enigma what services Tricky was to provide for Dickhead Daz's dubious patronage!

Marshall was quickly found a seat and became a Councillor in 2014. He was perpetually skint and he and his wife ran up numerous debts. Although he initially denied it was him, he eventually confessed to being the Sandwell Labour Councillor who had to be taken to Court for non-payment of Council Tax (although "Chief Executive" "lol" Jan Britton tried to suppress that fact.) He operated a very small building company but had difficulty getting credit from building suppliers whom he had already sh*t upon such as Travis Perkins. He had debts of £133,000 secured on his low-value property plus many unsecured amounts (see further below) and his wife has three current County Court Judgments registered against her.

I know that despite my scatalogical lapses this blog attracts a "family" audience but, alas, the rumours about Tricky Dicky's extra-marital activities are just too graphic for the shrinking violets of Sadders. But we cannot move on without reference (mentioned elsewhere in this blog) of how this poor innocent abroad was wickedly entrapped and seduced by a veritable she-devil described here in his very own words:

"She said her husband would not be back for a while, grabbed me and started groping me. I am ashamed to say that I responded."

Yes folks, poor Richard was a VICTIM - though his next comment about this sordid tale rather suggests otherwise "lol":

"This was the start of a sex-only affair that lasted approximately 12 months."

It is not my practice to mention the family of councillors save where there is very good reason why their affairs should be in the public domain eg. Cooper's domestic violence in a former relationship, Eling being listed at his wife's property in Derbyshire and their joint threats to me at the election count (posts passim) etc. But Mrs Marshall was a co-defendant with Tricky Dicky in a court case where she backed him up 100%. In case you missed it - Richard had a fantasy project to do a barn conversion on a farm near Halesowen although he didn't actually, er, own it. He and his wife then procured a sum in excess of £30,000 from a widow to part-fund this pie in the sky nonsense. Of course, nothing ever came of it and Mr & Mrs M simply blew the cash. The widow asked for the money back and when she didn't get it, commenced court proceedings. The Sopranos, sorry Marshalls, fought the case on the ludicrous ground that the money had been a "gift" and both did a vicious hatchet job on their unfortunate victim - attacking her in most vile ways. Immediately before the Court hearing it seems that a barrister gave the Marshalls the "appropriate advice" and they caved in. By this time the debt had increased with interest and the widow had spent thousands of pounds on legal costs so that she obtained judgement for around £80,000 whereupon Tricky Dicky simply declared himself bankrupt.

(Despite her involvement in ripping off the widow whilst amassing numerous debts there is a rumour going round - which surely cannot be true - that Mrs Marshall is now in receipt of our - public - money as an employee of dire Sandwell Labour Councillor and now also Edgbaston MP, Preet Kaur "Greedy" Gill!!!! Any info on this gratefully received!)

Because of the debts secured on his property plus all his other debt - including nearly £7,000 which Marshall had screwed out of a (then) near-neighbour to buy supplies and pay workers following "an invoicing error" - the widow is now likely to receive nothing at all! Nor are his other conned and unfortunate creditors.

Steve Eling has known all the stories about Marshall for ages but showing spectacular lack of judgement - like many other comrades - chose to ignore them and even to ignore direct warnings, not least from Cllr Yvonne Davies. Even though Dicky had only been a Councillor for two years when the Scumbag died, The Milkman gave him a Cabinet position at the bent Council!

Love her or hate her, Yvonne is a feisty character - unlike the cowering dimwitted sheep around her in the Sandwell Labour Group. She was actually hounded out of one of their meetings with Eling himself screaming "out, out, out" at her for telling the comrades the facts about Marshall. She has been hauled before the "whips" for trying to alert them of impending disaster if they continued to back Marshall but, as ever, the pathetic drones played "follow my leader" and did Eling's bidding. Cllr Davies was duly admonished for, er, telling the truth! I hope the sheep will be queuing up now to apologise to her!

If only the comrades had also heeded the words of impending disaster from class comedian Cllr Bob Piper! He also gave the comrades fair warning of what was likely to happen but he is such a joke no-one paid any heed to what he was saying - things like this:

But Piper has also been a major Eling/Marshall groupie. Here is again on the subject of cheating conman Tricky Dicky:

"I think he's a good bloke whatever his past indiscretions (if any)."

Despite outstanding complaints with the Labour Party there are also Standards Complaints with SMBC against Eling and Marshall although the new(ish) and highly controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, is doing his best to block them.

Cllr Marshall (though not Cllr Eling) referred himself to Standards after the WhatsApp revelations when he and Eling attacked fellow Labour Councillors, SMBC employees and disclosed confidential information. This is the sort of filth they churned out:

This was clearly the standard ploy to try to save his skin (and Eling's) but complaints have also gone in from others including myself and ex-Assistant Chief Executive, Melanie Dudley.

Melanie was, of course, viciously attacked by Eling and Marshall and it was plain from the WhatsApp feed that Eling planned to get rid of her (Marshall didn't have the authority for that decision). As we have seen time and time again (though Eling recently DENIED it to The Halesowen News) errant employees have been paid off and gagged with confidentiality clauses from speaking out. Here, Eling himself ordered Jan Britton not to go over the top with her severance package:

Labour keep on about "Tory" cuts whilst robbing local folk and pissing cash up the wall yet if the unaudited accounts are to be believed The Milkman agreed a final severance package for Mel of just short of HALF A MILLION POUNDS! Here is the relevant section from the accounts which show a final annualised payment to Melanie Dudley of £482,079!!!!

(I have repeatedly pointed out to the Chief Constable and other officers of bent West Midlands Police that the contractual confidentiality clauses only have effect in civil law and that if the Cowards in Blue did their job properly they would have interviewed a number of people who have been paid to remain silent and broken the whole stinking Sandwell mess wide open. But CC Dave Thompson was a mate of Dickhead Daz and his force is deeply implicated in this whole scandal and so he won't. Let us hope that the recent comments of James Morris MP on Sandwell recently in Parliament will mean that higher authorities will intervene here and demand police action - preferably from an independent force.)

So paying out nearly half a million quid of OUR MONEY is not going "above and beyond" as far as Eling and Britton are concerned! (This payment, by the way, was not approved by the full Council despite the huge sum involved.) But like Yvonne Davies, Melanie is no pathetic pushover. The Sp*nk Brothers and Britton thought they have bought her off but she bravely put in her own Standards complaint following the WhatsApp disclosures although she only named Marshall. Clearly Surjit Tour thought he could safely ignore this but brave Mel then went to the Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star) in early February and pointed out that her complaint had been made in October and nothing had been done for four months! (What a way to treat a senior ex-employee in any event.)

In the meantime the Skidder also put in a Standards complaint against Eling and Marshall since, as far as the WhatsApp feed is concerned, that pair are two cheeks of the same sh*t-smeared arse. The Complaint went in at the end of November (although further allegations have been added to the original ones since.) I was told on 22nd December, 2017 that one Sandra Prail of SMBC would be conducting the investigation and that she would be in touch. Later that day Tour said he had been appraised of "further information" and would be reconsidering whether my complaint would be dealt with at all. He also tried to silence me from commenting on it. Despite a prompt I have heard nothing further since and it looks like I will have to approach the Local Government Ombudsman in due course.

Of course, the likelihood here is that Tour has been stalling Melanie and myself so that any "investigation" runs into the "purdah" period before the May elections (ie from late March onwards the sleazy Council will "shut-down" any controversial party issues until after the election) This was important when Marshall was due to stand in May.

Now the situation is even rosier for Eling as Standards Hearings only occur for serving Councillors. Following the defenestration of Tricky Dicky by Labour, Tour only has to delay the investigations a short while longer and once the election has taken place that is that as far as Marshall is concerned and Melanie's objections to their shocking conduct will die a death. My complaint about Marshall will also die but Tour will no doubt do his best to block the one about Eling (if he has survived as Leader by then.)

Folks, your chance of seeing this pair on camera in the Council chamber having to account for their misdeeds is now very remote. If you want the truth you will have to consider reading The Skidder, I'm afraid!

As everyone has now seen, Eling and Marshall wanted me to attack Melanie Dudley whilst she was ACE of their own Council eg suggesting at one point that I give her a "kicking" and making untrue allegations of various sorts against her. On 3rd September, 2016 Eling and Marshall wanted me to attack her again:

But Melanie has the mine and Marshall's got the shaft. Indeed Eling has given Dicky a sharp stick of his own to make himself useful as he is now just hanging around like a bad smell....


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Friday, 9 February 2018

What Does Jim Brennan Know?

The new highly-controversial Monitoring Officer (at Director-level) Surjit Tour is playing silly buggers with me - refusing to even acknowledge correspondence let alone reply to it (a matter shortly to be referred to the Local Government Ombudsman.)

Here is an email - with redactions at present - where he has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt despite a chaser too!

I hold other information which shows that a very senior employee, Jim Brennan, was involved in these matters. So perhaps Chief Executive Jan Britton will now respond noting that highly-paid Tour is incapable or unwilling to do so.

There has been no response either from male Cllr X who is said to personally know Ms Y.

Date: 17 Jan 2018 15:20
Subject: Whistleblowing Allegation
To: "Surjit Tour" <>
Cc: [Cllr X]


A SMBC employee has sent me some information via a third party. I do NOT know the identity of the employee. The third party informs me that he or she is too scared to use the whistleblowing procedures within the Council fearing - with good reason given what has gone on under the Britton regime - bullying and/or other reprisals.

I have no intention of libelling Cllr X. I am simply facilitating a whistleblowing complaint. I have not investigated this matter and I make no comment whether the allegation is true or not. However, I reserve the right to refer to this email after 14 days in any way I see fit and, if there is any truth in the allegation, to include it in any formal standards complaint.

For all I know the allegation may be malicious but it is of a serious nature and requires proper investigation and Cllr X must be given fair opportunity to defend himself against what is being said.

The allegation (which I stress I personally do not say is true) is that Cllr X intervened and improperly used his position to secure a council house for [Ms Y] who was not even on the housing list. At some point thereafter Ms Y's grandfather died and she decided she wanted to move into his property. The second allegation is that Cllr X then abused his position to improperly facilitate Ms Y taking over the tenancy at [address]

I am informed that SMBC senior employee Jim Brennan also knows all about this.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Julian Saunders


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Friday, 2 February 2018

Will Self Meets The C*ck-Suckers!

It's the weekend and as those of us who retain some hair prepare to let it down we could all do with a good laugh.

Not many Sandwell folk are devotees of The Guardian newspaper and the doings of the metropolitan elite in London (where two of the areas Labour MP's prefer to live rather than in the sh*tholes they claim to represent) and so may be unaware of the multi-talented Mr Will Self. He is an eminent and "trendy" man of letters. I personally find his books a tad too complex for my minuscule brain but greatly enjoy his journalism and broadcast work. On Radio 4 (where else?) at the moment his lugubrious wit is given a splendid platform via "Will Self's Great British Bus Journey." He is what my old Dad would have called "a bit of a lad" and in the series he embarks on bus journeys around our septic isle. (It really IS excellent and I heartily commend it to you!)

It is curious that two of the most, er, incurious media organisations in respect of the multiple failings of Labour Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council are the BBC and The Express and Star (aka "The C*ck-Suckers") and yet their paths mysteriously entwined during Self's tour when he visited Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulverampton.

Only a few days ago this blog featured the goings on within the local BBC where Sandwell is concerned (and two of their journalists were ace Express and Star grovellers in their previous incarnations as scribes at the feet of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper):

But the C*ck-Suckers are Manchester City to The BBC's Barnet when it comes to glorifying the benighted Borough. They have completely failed to report on most major Sadders stories over the last four years. Their shameless propaganda on behalf of the former wife-beater Cooper would have made Joseph Goebbels blush. They have been supportive of The Sp*nk Brothers and never miss an opportunity to "big-up" Sadwell Labour and associated crazed projects eg the "designer shopping village" in the malodorous cesspit that is Oldbury, Jim Cadman's private statue, the destruction of The Public and, of course, the new multi-million pound vanity project that is the swimming pool.

They have not acted by any reasonable journalistic standards. To this very day they still lie about the grasping College paying rent on The Public when they are not and this blog has put up the actual screenshot from the legal lease to prove that. And, of course, they have been very happy to put the boot in on me from time to time. I can't imagine why?!

But they really did a number on Will Self. He met with our old friend Rob Golledge who continues to purport to be "a journalist." The exchange is set out below. His knowledge of Sandwell Council is so sketchy he can't even get the number of councillors right (there are 72 councillors and, until recent defections and suspensions, 71 were Labour) but in a classic piece of arslikhan Rob Groveller managed to get two paeans of praise in for the ludicrous editor, Keith Harrison (currently pushing a suggestion of a blue plaque for Enoch Powell FFS), plus a mention in dispatches for the owners!

If any regulars can read this without uncontrolled urination (Cllr Hackett excluded) I will stand them a pint down the 'Spoons!

Will Self:  H. R Mencken said the role of the journalist is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Give me an example of how you have afflicted the comfortable recently?

"Journalist":  There's a Council for an area called Sandwell. You know as an authority for the last sort of  four years or so it's had I think out of about 61 members its had about sixty of them been Labour so I think there's been questions and concerns over whether [Self interjection - Tammany Hall] over how many members of one party you get and there have been some major stories coming out of that Council in recent years about concerns about Councillors wielding their influence to get council houses for family members, parking tickets cancelled, particularly also on the sale of defunct Council land.

Will Self:  And you're pushing at that door consistently?

"Journalist":  We have - this editor has been one of the journalists at the forefront of trying to get questions answered over this case.

Will Self:  That's rather serious stuff.

"Journalist":   It is rather serious stuff.

Will Self:   We worry a lot now in the digital age and with the loss of circulation in the local press that there isn't anybody anymore to speak truth to power and hold it accountable but you seem to have managed to buck that trend. To what do you attribute your success?

"Journalist"   We've been in the hands of the same family for over a hundred years....... We have got an editor who is prepared to invest in stories.....

You couldn't make it up. Oh hang on - The Star just did!


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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Corbyn's Evil Wench - Sarah James

Sarah James claims to be against bullying - at least if women are the victims. She and husband Darren are officers of the GMB Trade Union. Darren used to work for Sandwell Leisure Trust (SLT). They are both on a very good screw financially thanks to the dues of hard-working Union members and yet it is said that Labour Sandwell Council mysteriously gave then a council house thanks to the direct intervention of Cllr X (a very close associate of Tom Watson MP.) Certainly SMBC are shown as the owner of their house at HM Land Registry! Hope with all their money they weren't on the waiting list too long!

Addendum 03/12/18 - I have not been contacted by either Sarah or Darren James with regard to the widespread rumour within Labour Party circles concerning the council house. I have been contacted by solicitors on behalf of Sarah James who appear to be saying that there is no truth whatsoever that there was political string-pulling in the allocation of a council property to the James's. 

 Darren is now also a big cheese in the Labour Campaign Forum with the power to select and deselect candidates - no doubt under orders from the bully-boy-to-beat-them-all, London-resident Watson.

The James's were involved in a campaign a while back to save Sandwell Leisure Trust - an organisation funded by the Labour Council and supposedly at "arms-length" from them. The Unions handed in a 5,000 signature petition to the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, and SLT was saved. Of course, Sandwell Labour have a reputation for splurging multi-million pounds sums on anything "sporty" and cutting vital services to fund this obsession. (Curiously a Union petition of 5,000 was taken into consideration whilst a 5,000 signature petition from "ordinary folk" to save The Public was chucked in the bin!)

The question arises as to what the GMB have done for Sandwell Council employees since and whether they signed a pact with the devil - Dickhead Daz - in return for saving SLT? We have seen from the WhatsApp Feed of Cllrs Eling (pictured with some of the obscenities they posted about women) and Marshall that they have been sacking workers who do not support Eling's crazed regime left, right and centre and boasting about it! The Unions have seemingly done nothing for their unfortunate members. Just last week Eling suspended SEVEN workers - allegedly and amazingly via a lowly SMBC manager called Stuart Taylor (more info welcome please!) Even a cipher like Cllr Bob Piper - who parades his alleged left-wing and trade union credentials daily via social media - states that "if they [SMBC employees] ever had any clue, they made them redundant" (although I am unable to find any record of this "socialist" ever raising any objection to such dismissals.)

But even Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Co finally realised they could not maintain the reckless level of expenditure on sport whilst axing vital services. (That was until yet another vanity project came along and they are now going to splurge millions on a new pool whilst closing two others and building over playing fields at Londonderry.)

Whilst everyone boasts about the Commonwealth Games  and "sport for all" the comrades are quietly cutting funding for sport etc. They want to destroy Lion Farm Playing Fields and, having put SLT under financial pressure, redundancies are now due amongst the very staff engaged at community level to get kids and the local lardarses to live a healthier lifestyle! If there is no big headline glorifying the Labour Party the comrades don't want to know.

The local GMB (ie the James's) are supposed to be helping those at SLT under threat of losing their jobs but I haven't seen any demo organised outside Oldbury Council House this time! The GMB members at SLT are being hung out to dry.

Of course, most of Sandwell Vanity - sorry Leisure - Centres are heavily subsidised by us ordinary taxpayers especially as Labour use our money to try and undercut private gym businesses. There is a "race to the bottom" on prices with the taxpayer effectively guaranteeing losses (remember this when voting for the economic imbeciles). But for this misuse of our money you would think that Labour and the GMB would actually want to maximise income from the gyms so that less subsidy is needed and our money can be used to relieve poverty, provide social care etc. Indeed, if more money was coming in from paying customers rather than from the rest of us it might not be necessary for GMB members to face going on the dole. But in the weird world of Sandwell this is not the case. But guess who has arranged a "special discount" to pay even less than the taxpayer subsidised rate while putting their own members out of work.......

What a bunch of f****** c****!

Ms Sarah James has cleaned up her social media accounts in recent times. Not so long ago they were replete with incessant references to the soft-porn sado-masochistic drivel from author E. L. James and she whittered endlessly about "Mr Grey". Plus ca change - now she has found another "Mr Grey", a serial shagger and unlikely Lothario who is indoctrinating (though hopefully not impregnating) this woman with "Marxism". No doubt in "lengthy sessions" he whispers to her how he wants to dominate the people and hold them in bondage. How they must be forced into socialist submission and bend to his perverted Trotskyite will and discipline. The safe word is "Abbott". And here they are together:

Before she gets the chance to lick Mr Grey's derriere she is given the tantalising opportunity of  sitting behind him and watching him talk out of it........

Incredibly, Tom Watson and The GMB are pushing to find her a parliamentary seat! Marginal Telford has been mentioned even though local Labour figures describe her as utterly talentless!

But Sarah is a nasty piece of work as regular readers of this blog will know. If Labour want yet another vicious bully she fits the bill perfectly (and she can't even lie convincingly - a downside for a would-be MP.) You can see that from my earlier post:


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