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Corbyn's Evil Wench - Sarah James

Sarah James claims to be against bullying - at least if women are the victims. She and husband Darren are officers of the GMB Trade Union. Darren used to work for Sandwell Leisure Trust (SLT). They are both on a very good screw financially thanks to the dues of hard-working Union members and yet it is said that Labour Sandwell Council mysteriously gave then a council house thanks to the direct intervention of Cllr X (a very close associate of Tom Watson MP.) Certainly SMBC are shown as the owner of their house at HM Land Registry! Hope with all their money they weren't on the waiting list too long!

 Darren is now also a big cheese in the Labour Campaign Forum with the power to select and deselect candidates - no doubt under orders from the bully-boy-to-beat-them-all, London-resident Watson.

The James's were involved in a campaign a while back to save Sandwell Leisure Trust - an organisation funded by the Labour Council and supposedly at "arms-length" from them. The Unions handed in a 5,000 signature petition to the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, and SLT was saved. Of course, Sandwell Labour have a reputation for splurging multi-million pounds sums on anything "sporty" and cutting vital services to fund this obsession. (Curiously a Union petition of 5,000 was taken into consideration whilst a 5,000 signature petition from "ordinary folk" to save The Public was chucked in the bin!)

The question arises as to what the GMB have done for Sandwell Council employees since and whether they signed a pact with the devil - Dickhead Daz - in return for saving SLT? We have seen from the WhatsApp Feed of Cllrs Eling (pictured with some of the obscenities they posted about women) and Marshall that they have been sacking workers who do not support Eling's crazed regime left, right and centre and boasting about it! The Unions have seemingly done nothing for their unfortunate members. Just last week Eling suspended SEVEN workers - allegedly and amazingly via a lowly SMBC manager called Stuart Taylor (more info welcome please!) Even a cipher like Cllr Bob Piper - who parades his alleged left-wing and trade union credentials daily via social media - states that "if they [SMBC employees] ever had any clue, they made them redundant" (although I am unable to find any record of this "socialist" ever raising any objection to such dismissals.)

But even Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Co finally realised they could not maintain the reckless level of expenditure on sport whilst axing vital services. (That was until yet another vanity project came along and they are now going to splurge millions on a new pool whilst closing two others and building over playing fields at Londonderry.)

Whilst everyone boasts about the Commonwealth Games  and "sport for all" the comrades are quietly cutting funding for sport etc. They want to destroy Lion Farm Playing Fields and, having put SLT under financial pressure, redundancies are now due amongst the very staff engaged at community level to get kids and the local lardarses to live a healthier lifestyle! If there is no big headline glorifying the Labour Party the comrades don't want to know.

The local GMB (ie the James's) are supposed to be helping those at SLT under threat of losing their jobs but I haven't seen any demo organised outside Oldbury Council House this time! The GMB members at SLT are being hung out to dry.

Of course, most of Sandwell Vanity - sorry Leisure - Centres are heavily subsidised by us ordinary taxpayers especially as Labour use our money to try and undercut private gym businesses. There is a "race to the bottom" on prices with the taxpayer effectively guaranteeing losses (remember this when voting for the economic imbeciles). But for this misuse of our money you would think that Labour and the GMB would actually want to maximise income from the gyms so that less subsidy is needed and our money can be used to relieve poverty, provide social care etc. Indeed, if more money was coming in from paying customers rather than from the rest of us it might not be necessary for GMB members to face going on the dole. But in the weird world of Sandwell this is not the case. But guess who has arranged a "special discount" to pay even less than the taxpayer subsidised rate while putting their own members out of work.......

What a bunch of f****** c****!

Ms Sarah James has cleaned up her social media accounts in recent times. Not so long ago they were replete with incessant references to the soft-porn sado-masochistic drivel from author E. L. James and she whittered endlessly about "Mr Grey". Plus ca change - now she has found another "Mr Grey", a serial shagger and unlikely Lothario who is indoctrinating (though hopefully not impregnating) this woman with "Marxism". No doubt in "lengthy sessions" he whispers to her how he wants to dominate the people and hold them in bondage. How they must be forced into socialist submission and bend to his perverted Trotskyite will and discipline. The safe word is "Abbott". And here they are together:

Before she gets the chance to lick Mr Grey's derriere she is given the tantalising opportunity of  sitting behind him and watching him talk out of it........

Incredibly, Tom Watson and The GMB are pushing to find her a parliamentary seat! Marginal Telford has been mentioned even though local Labour figures describe her as utterly talentless!

But Sarah is a nasty piece of work as regular readers of this blog will know. If Labour want yet another vicious bully she fits the bill perfectly (and she can't even lie convincingly - a downside for a would-be MP.) You can see that from my earlier post:


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