Thursday, 22 February 2018

Twice A Knight!

Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council insiders have been expressing concern that Leader [sic] Steve "The Milkman" Eling has appointed - or, more accurately, re-appointed - one Alison Knight as "Executive Director, Neighbourhoods". People have asked The Skidder how she possibly got a top (and very highly-paid) job with the corrupt Labour authority given the "Click Sandwell debacle". Now read on......

Even given The Labour Party's history of corruption and incompetence over the 43 year history of the Borough of Sandwell "Click Sandwell" was a low point. The comrades secured a colossal grant from Advantage West Midlands - AWM (as was) - "to develop a knowledge community" in the benighted Borough (no, I am not making this bollocks up!) Of course, Labour has consistently failed Sandwell kids and, even now, many have their young lives blighted by receipt of a pisspoor education. But the sleazy Socialists keep spouting total crap (gratefully swallowed by the moronic voters of the Borough). Here, rather than attempting to make gradual incremental improvements they immediately made the crazy claim that this multi-million pound taxpayer gift meant that the Click scheme would be "an integral part of the Borough's aim to create a WORLD CLASS learning community." Today Tat Bank, tomorrow the WORLD for these psychologically inadequate bullsh*tters! (As above, you can laugh readers but many of you will ensure more of the same come voting day in May....)

Incredibly Sandwell Council were appointed by AWM to be the "accountable body" "lol" to spend the millions and, inevitably, the whole thing went t*ts-up! One experienced insider tells The Skidder "it is without doubt the worst project I have ever seen." The Milkman was a senior figure in the Council throughout this shaming degringolade.

Alison Knight was "all over it" say insiders - though to be fair to her she was said not to have been the WORST culprit "lol"! Huge sums were squandered and all the additional grant-funding lost.

AWM stopped the disaster mid-track. Rather than hang their heads in shame at f*cking all this up and screwing the Borough's kids over yet again Labour prepared a ludicrous whitewash "scrutiny report". Whilst acknowledging a very small degree of culpability the "panel" placed the blame for the abject failure squarely on AWM which had supplied the cash rather than the body running the actual scheme, er, Labour Sandwell Council! But if I tell you that three of the four "panel" members preparing the report [sic] were Martin Prestidge, socialist Landlord John Edwards and Eling arse-licker Cllr Bob Piper you need to know no more....

Incredibly, one of the panel's recommendations was for MORE political interference from thick-as-sh*t Councillors with no or minimal life experience outside "The Party" rather than less - and we have seen what has happened with this crazed approach since haven't we folks?

Alison Knight returned in September, 2017 and by November was pushing the bent Lion Farm Playing Fields deal through - an affair in which Eling is taking a personal interest.

And so control freak Eling (pictured with some of the filth he and soon-to-be ex-Cllr Marshall put out about women) has appointed someone with a track record of being very heavily involved in a major Sandwell Labour disaster, to the considerable surprise of local cognescenti. Now why would he do that? And what could possibly go wrong.....?

Curiously, an insider states that Ms Knight "has friends in Derbyshire." What can this all mean....?

*I am indebted to Cllr D. Hosell as the inspiration for the catchy title of this post although I believe it doesn't do him full justice.....


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