Wednesday, 25 April 2018

We Present - The Incredible Disappearing Elings!!!

Roll up, roll up folks for the latest magic from the "Leader" "lol" of bent Sandwell Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling - a disappearing act of the first order! The Milkman may be able to p*ss down the legs of the BBC and West Midlands Police but The Skidder is made of sterner stuff....

Eling continually tells the Labour-voting morons of Sandwell what a great place it is despite all the evidence to the contrary. So much so that he, himself, only has a small flat in Smethwick but prefers to escape the ghastly sh*thole as much as possible to live in a pretty little village in Derbyshire. 

When I disclosed this via this blog the tyrannical Herr Eling went bananas and claimed I was invading his wife's privacy - a story he has told the "complex crime unit" of West Midlands Police whilst conveniently forgetting to explain how he and his wife threatened me with physical violence and to stitch me up with the police DURING an election count! He is attempting to stitch me up again via different methods but WMP and the CPS need to read my contemporaneous blog about the Elings' appalling behaviour before swallowing any of his other nonsense:

Milko is telling the police that his wife is a private individual with nothing to do with Sandwell politics - something which will cause amusement to most of his Labour comrades. She is a forthright person within the local party and attends all Abbey meetings (presumably based on sometime residence at Eling's local pied a terre rather than listing her residence as being in Derbyshire) where she is a dominant force. She is regularly spotted at election time at Terry Duffy House working the phone banks etc. As a Derbyshire resident she would not be eligible to stand as a local candidate which is what it was rumoured she hoped to do this time round. In a recent post I disclosed how between 30 and 40 current Labour councillors (with the exception of Liam Preece) were absolutely horrified at this prospect.

Of course, West Midlands Police have form for rigging Sandwell elections in favour of outsiders for their Labour friends - see the Cashmore saga (posts passim ad nauseum.)

In my post of 28th April, 2017 (link below) I showed that the Peopletracer company had proof of  Eling being registered as resident at his wife's Derbyshire address in the early noughties. (Peopletracer had references to two Derbyshire villages. I now believe, following further research, that the references to the village of Wyndley are erroneous.)

The curious thing was that when, much later, I searched Peopletracer again for any up to date records the original ones had disappeared. Pooooof! Gone! I duly wrote to Peopletracer (who have now closed down) and asked them if Eling or his wife had requested amendment of the records but they stated they were unable to supply that information. And so, like many infamous dictators, Eling had started to erase history. The question is why? Does he really think he can conceal his Derbyshire residence from the morons of Sadders? Is his wife really planning a tilt for a council seat so that she only wants to be registered at Eling's Smethwick bolt-hole? I think we should be told don't you folks?

And here we go again.... In my technical blog of Eling's emails etc of 4th March, 2018 (principally intended for my lawyers, WMP and the CPS ) I showed an entry from another company that does electoral roll searches,

Once again, and as with Peopletracer, they not only had Eling at the Derbyshire address in 2002 to 2004 but also on the voters roll. (It is not illegal to go on the voters roll at two different addresses provided that you are actually resident at both - ie have substantial use of both properties. You can only vote in the general election at one address but at local elections you can vote for both. Arrogant people like Eling are a cut above the rest of us having two homes and so consider they should have enhanced voting rights. Quite right too - he is an incompetent Council Leader still mired is the Sp*nkgate and other scandals and we are worthless scum.)

But what has happened again? Pooooof! Gone! Here is the 192 entry today:

He's disappeared again! (And so, for that matter, has Mrs Eling from Derbyshire!) Clearly they are contacting these companies (at least it is hoped they are doing it and not having staff at Sandwell or Rotherham Councils do their dirty work for them at taxpayers' expense) to have themselves expunged from the record. Ask yourselves why? Is even the hubristic and wealthy Milkman ashamed to have conned Sadwell folk for so long about where he is really living for a lot of the time? Is he embarrassed that, like most readers, he is not picking his way daily through the dog-turd strewn streets of Sadders but enjoying his bucolic view of the fine old chapel across the village green? As above, does the power behind the throne hope to become the second Cllr Eling?

If the increasingly paranoid Eling is playing this game to hide the facts he has a few more companies to contact. Here is an entry today from "Find My Past" and there he is in Derbyshire again:

Regulars will know that before I published the "Ay Up Me Duck" blog I had, like any good community journalist, asked Eling to comment on his residence in Derbyshire but he had declined to do so. But you will note that the above documents show him on the electoral roll there 2002 to 2004 (which begs the question why he seems to have come off the electoral register in 2004 whilst continuing to live there to this day - perhaps someone else was close to exposing his hypocrisy?) Curiously Herr Eling sent me this email which seemed to imply that he HAD been on the electoral roll at an earlier date when I asked if he had been registered at two addresses simultaneously without mentioning this to local voters (see below):

From: Steve Eling <>
Date: Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: Voters Roll
To: Vincent Alexandervich <>

So what? I don't think that would be correct in the 2000's anyway

So he is now making futile attempts to hide his longstanding and continuing residency from Sandwell folk but how can even a great man [sic] like himself nobble the paper records at The Derbyshire County Records Office where I was yesterday? They hold the paper records but only until 1999 (I am trying to find out where the rolls are for 1999 to 2002 when the computerised records appear.) Given his curious comment I went to take a look. Eling's wife was at the property before it came under her sole ownership in 1992. But guess who went on the voters roll there with her (whilst also a Sandwell councillor and on the voters roll in Smethwick) in the years 1996 to 1999 inclusive? None-other than The Milkman himself! So how will you try to alter the paper records in a secure building to hide the truth Milko?

[Note to WMP - if you charge up my phone which you still have not returned to me I can text you the photographic proof!]

Anyway - the scum who keep voting for corrupt Labour in Sandwell will probably keep on doing so and ignore what is really going on. And you deserve everything you get!

Election Night

I gather an Inspector Mees of WMP (whoever he is) told some local folk yesterday that the Guys'n'Gals in Blue are avid readers of The Skidder (though seemingly for professional rather than leisure reasons.) I do hope he and his colleagues will note the very kind invitations from no less than THREE political parties to me to attend the election count on May 3rd as their guest and as a champion of local democracy against dark forces. WMP have interfered to promote Sandwell Labour for long enough and it is high time they stop.

Alas, I cannot be at the count but wish all candidates fighting Labour's corruption and incompetence well.

As far as the count itself is concerned, it is a good chance for the feeble, cowed, staff of SMBC and their families and friends to earn a bit of beer money. Apparently so many of them are at it the operation of official council business is being affected (though some might say that is not necessarily a bad thing given the disastrous track record under joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton.) "Blind Jan" - the man who never saw the cronyism, fraud and corruption going on under his nose whilst collecting £150k+ per annum - had to send this out pathetic grovelling message to appeal to managers desperately trying to keep his sinking shit - sorry "ship" - afloat......

07930 361831 (9am to 10pm)

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Lion Farm - Gavan Breaks Ranks (+ Farewell Dicky!)

Cllr Bill Gavan is up for election in May. There was some controversy about his re-selection and a complaint was made to the Labour Party. But Bill himself says this is all nonsense. He says there were 13 voters at the selection meeting who went 7 to 6 for him. (Which seems to indicate that nearly half of local Labour members didn't, er, actually want him back.) Ex-Mayor Derek Rowley (himself currently suspended from the Party due to, inter alia, alleged irregularities in his handling of local selection procedures) then seems to have re-run the vote which came out 12 to 1 in Gavan's favour! So that's alright then....

I have been out on his patch a fair bit lately helping to deliver leaflets against the campaign by Sandwell Council's Leader, Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Tom Watson's puppet Cllr Paul Moore, to destroy Lion Farm Fields. What was truly alarming - though not surprising with this out of control, rogue, Labour Council - is that there has been no consultation with local folk whatsoever. The vast majority of those I spoke to had no idea that SMBC were plotting to get rid of this vital green space in a very heavily urbanised area and the few who did had only found out about it via this blog! This is a massive and controversial project and, typically, these con artists are hiding everything from the people.

But, lo and behold, as election day approaches Gavan has pronounced himself to be a convert to the "Save Lion Farm" cause and says they should remain as playing fields. He insists that this is NOT a trick to con local voters and that his view will be exactly the same after election day (assuming The Milkman has not had his b*lls off by then.)

If this is true it is a welcome step forward (assuming he IS re-elected) but, on the other hand, he has ordered the Campaign Group to stop emailing him which does seem to show a curious lack of interest in important local affairs....

Gavan has appeared in this blog before. Back in 2015 I expressed surprise that the moronic and corrupt former "leader" of the Council, the late Darren Cooper, had made him the Council's "business ambassador" when Bill and his Partner had been involved in a huge list of, er, dissolved companies! See my post, "Only in Sandwell":

I then revealed that a certain "William Gavan" had made a £5,000 donation to the local Labour Party and Bill, an inexperienced and newish Councillor, was then immediately promoted to Chair of (ironically given the Lion Farm debacle) The Asset Management and Land Disposal Committee which would yield him an extra allowance from us taxpayers of, er, £5,256 per annum. Bill has steadfastly refused to say whether he and the "William Gavan" who made the big party donation are one and the same person. Do ask him when you see him Langley voters! Full blog here:

We have seen that when it comes to recruitment of his henchmen and women, The Milkman has sh*t for brains (notably in this positioning of Marshall - see more below - as his right-hand man and enforcer) but Gavan made a curious remark the other day. After the election confident Bill said it "was not beyond the realms of possibility" that Eling would promote him to the Cabinet in charge of Parks and Recreation! Whatever the position cheeky Bill has seemingly jumped the gun and taken to parking his car near his home in a convenient spot in the entrance of The Jesson Playing Fields in West Brom. Well you have to have some perks for constantly brown-nosing The Milkman, eh folks?



SUNDAY 22nd April, 2018 at 1pm
St James Church, Shelsley Avenue,
Oldbury B69 1BG

Have YOUR say on bent Sandwell Council plan to destroy vital green space in Oldbury 
Say “no” to more congestion and air pollution
Object to Sandwell Council corruption
Support local sport, fitness and grassroots soccer

The fields are held in trust for YOU! How has a property developer got his hands on YOUR land?

Send questions for the meeting to

Join the campaign on social media

Twitter @LoveLionFarm

Facebook Group - Save Lion Farm Fields

FAREWELL RICHARD MARSHALL (The sooner you are gone the better....)

Nothing could show up Steve Eling's hapless abilities as Leader of the bent Labour Council than his disastrous decision to promote new Councillor Richard Marshall as his consigliere and enforcer when The Milkman tried to gain top spot. He and Marshall then used Council staff to dig up dirt on Eling's rivals and, infamously, both tried to recruit me to attack any of his opponents and staff that he perceived to have stepped out of line.

Even a great Eling/Marshall arse-licker like Bob Piper warned the Party of what might happen IF news got out of what was really going on (and he tried to help make sure it didn't) but a grave injustice remains to be overturned. Cllr Yvonne Davies (who is currently recovering from illness) was suspended by the local Party for attempting to tell the Labour Group what Marshall was up to. At the time, she didn't know the half of it but she rightly smelt a rat and warned the comrades of  his appalling conduct. Eling tried to hush it all up. Jan Britton declined to answer a Freedom Of Information Act identifying Marshall as the Sandwell Councillor who had been taken to court for non-payment of Council Tax though Marshall was eventually exposed via this blog. Even when Dicky was made bankrupt the flailing Eling clung on to him like sh*t to a blanket and kept him in the Cabinet until a tsunami of excrement finally overwhelmed him.

Many of Yvonne Davies's supposedly socialist comrades - including The Milkman - shouted at her and hurled abuse when she tried to warn them about Dicky and drummed her out of a meeting. She deserves immediate reinstatement and an apology from all those who attacked her. I know that is not how these venal cowards work but for once they should do the right thing....

Marshall was deselected by Labour. He had the cheek to turn up at the last Council meeting but did not use the main entrance where he would have been spotted. He is to be evicted from his house on Tuesday and is said to be moving to Redditch. No doubt the good matrons of the town are locking up their daughters as I write..... Goodbye and good riddance!


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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

It's Official - Labour Sandwell is Sh*te!

Yesterday the Birmingham Mail published the results of a survey showing Sandwell as the 18th worst place to live in the whole country - this after 43 years of Labour dictatorship. Still it prompted one local wag and ex-SMBC employee to ask incredulously, "you mean there are 17 worse?"

After decades under the dead-hand of a Labour Council that has become a by-word for fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence the comrades were in denial about this last night. Cllrs Roger and Linda Horton (whose own daughter ripped of us taxpayers for thousands) described it as "crazy". The Steve Eling "set" went for congratulatory drinks in Wetherspoons after the Council meeting to celebrate their part in this remarkable, er, achievement.

Cllr Liam Preece did say last night that Sandwell was a "brilliant" place to live though he is getting a reputation for being a bit of a contrarian. I spoke to between 30 and 40 of the comrades not so long ago when there was a nasty rumour that The Milkman's Derbyshire-resident wife was intending to stand for the bent Council and there was universal dismay at this prospect apart from young Liam who wished it to be put on record (as I am now doing) that he thinks she is "a lovely lady."

Socialist [sic] "Sadwell" is the only place in the West Midlands to make the top 20 of UK sh*t-holes in the company of such ghastly dumps as Rochdale and Sunderland. Needless to say that infamous other Labour basket case, Rotherham, makes the cut - how strange that Cllr Eling should be so intimately connected with both Councils? * And how "not" strange that The Milkman spends so much living in a pretty Derbyshire village away from all the scum and the dog crap!

Lion Farm Latest

It looks like there is going to be a good turn out for the public meeting on Sunday (St James Church, Shelsley Avenue at 1pm) and do please come along if you can and also tell your friends and neighbours if you live down that neck of the woods. The meeting will be chaired by Oldbury resident Pete Durnell and The Skidder will be saying a few words about the secret nature of Labour's "deal". There will be a short "question time" and then a chance to mingle and discuss the future of the fields - which the campaign says should remain as green space dedicated to sport (and they are held in trust for the people of Sandwell for that purpose.)

Some people have asked why no-one from Labour has been asked to speak even though that Party are actively promoting the bent deal. The answer is simple - they completely control their puppet Chief Exec, the hapless Jan Britton, and he has failed to comply properly with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act by adequately answering a long-standing FOI from The Skidder. You can see it here -

This matter has now been referred to the Office of the Information Commissioner and so it would be wholly inappropriate for Labour to speak on a matter where they have very deliberately failed to comply with the law. We understand that hitherto invisible councillor and Eling groveller Bill Gavan is intending to try disrupt the meeting which will at least give locals the chance to ask him for the truth about the allegations that his selection for Langley Ward in the May elections was rigged by ex-Mayor Derek Rowley who was in charge of such matters until he himself was suspended by The Labour Party.

As it is we understand that Gavan knows nothing about the secret deal. The man now trying to push for the destruction of the fields in Cllr Paul Moore. He is a Cabinet member and also one of the Eling set. He walks with an upright gait due to the fact that the arm of his employer, vile bully Tom Watson MP, is stuck up his rectum. (See further below.)

On Monday night your faithful newshound attempted to ask Moore about Lion Farm and here is the short video:

The organ-grinder won't say anything and so I am not sure what the monkey can add?

Paranoia at The Bunker

The Skidder was outside the Labour Group meeting on Monday when many comrades were chatty and in "end of term" mood. Bizarrely there were no less than FOUR street wardens "guarding" me (on my own). You can laugh but you are paying for this nonsense!

At the meeting the paranoid and enfeebled Eling, and his cronies, ordered a crack-down on Councillors being able to talk freely. They have also been ordered to "unfriend" and "unfollow" certain persons - including myself - on social media.

Outside last night's full Council meeting the pathetic sheep were mostly obeying Herr Eling's crazed diktat and remained tight-lipped. The most bizarre behaviour was from the aforementioned Moore. After being filmed the night before he entered OCH with his hood up and went through a different door to avoid walking past me. This from a man who laughably likes to portray himself as a physical "hardman!! Absolutely hilarious stuff.

How quickly the comrades have forgotten Eling and Marshall sitting in a Birmingham pub and saying how they would dish the dirt to me on Eling's enemies. How quickly they have forgotten the WhatApp account that was then used by them (in Marshall's name) to channel confidential and other information (and filth) from the two of them to me eg:

18/08/2016, 17:54 - Richard Marshall: No that's fine, there's going to be more leaks than Wales . Have you seen Halesowen News re Jones not being invited in, you can give Melanie a kicking for that if you wish

Still we have seen that this shower will do anything for Eling (and Cooper before him) as long as they get their allowances and special responsibility [sic] payments..... Kerching!

*I know the basics of the Bob Bone saga but understand that Eling was "very close" to him. Any info on that gratefully received.


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

More B*llocks From Bob Piper!

It is that time of year again when the moronic prats who live in Abbey Ward elect a Labour Councillor again. They already have the anonymous Ann Jaron "representing" "lol" them and, of course, the ridiculous "leader" of the corrupt Labour Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling. Eling has now sold his bosom buddy "Cllr" Richard Marshall down the river in an effort to save his own skin and is hoping that another Labour clean sweep in Sadders will save his leadership [sic] following his involvement in the Sp*nkgate affair and his abject failure to spot any of the fraud within SMBC despite his many years in the joke Cabinet and as Deputy Leader.

And then, of course, there is class comedian [sic] Bob Piper. He is a curious man. Wealthy and quite intelligent he is a strangely needy individual. He purports to be of independent mien but then clings to deadbeats like Eling and Marshall as a small child clings to a comfort blanket. Similarly he now metaphorically ejaculates at the mere mention of the words "Jeremy Corbyn" and slavishly supports every utterance of that economic imbecile and friend of terrorism.

(Not so long ago the fanatically anti-Zionist Piper - which must be interesting when he meets Spellar - took to social media to demand that Israel give up the Golan Heights but, for once, he fell strangely silent when I asked him who he wanted to return them to?! Presumably Jezza's mate, and all-round nice guy, President Assad of Syria (see pic) whose regime is still being propped up my Corbyn's other friends, the terrorist group Hezbollah "lol"! Labour - #forthemanybutnotthejew.)

We have seen how the pathetic also-rans of Sandwell Labour Group have closed their eyes to corruption insisting that they know nothing of what has been going on and only deal with their own wards. Thus as the Lion Farm scandal has come to the fore many of the comrades have simply shrugged their shoulders and said - to my face - that they don't care if there has been fraud as long as it hasn't been on their patch. An extraordinary state of affairs which local voters should heed (but won't.)

Many of these clowns just hoover up their allowances and remain invisible until they timidly come out of their burrows at election time. And Bob has even ventured outside his ward to make comments on "The Oldbury Page" Facebook Group about Lion Farm:

Piper claiming innocence and that "no decision has been made" is total bullsh*t and he knows it as he has been a part of the decision-making process!

We saw in other posts that Cllrs Hussain and Hackett approved the scandalous deal for an option to be given to Hussain's property developer friend in approximately 53 SECONDS back in 2012 and then the Cabinet approved this a couple of minutes in 2013. This whole bent deal is being hidden under the b*llocks title of "Junction 2 Regeneration." The Hussain/Hackett minutes came before the full Council in item 9 of the agenda on 8th January, 2013 and one Cllr Bob Piper was present and waived it through without objection. The Cabinet minutes then came to the next Council meeting on 5th March, 2013 when a certain Cllr Bob Piper again waived the deal through without comment or objection. And so he was fully au fait with the option being granted and cannot possibly - truthfully- say that "no decision has been made" when he approved the, er, decision......

We have seen that one of Tom Watson's puppets in the venal Council's Labour Cabinet, Cllr Paul Moore, is now trying to push the destruction of Lion Farm Fields through again. Last November Cabinet approved an extension of the option to the same developer - again deliberately locking out any competition. To be fair to Piper, he missed the full Council meeting when the sleazy socialists nodded the Cabinet decision through (even though I had warned a large number to Councillors that this was a bent deal before the actual meeting and, as above, many said they simply didn't care). But the truth is that a "decision" was most definitely made by the Cabinet in November and confirmed by the full Council in January so Piper is misleading folk once again, either deliberately of through ineptitude.

(What are the terms of the option Piper and why won't Britton's bent paid service answer the outstanding FOI?)

In the last Council year Piper - who is not short of dosh anyway - only picked up allowances of £15,876 (£305.31 a week) from us taxpayers and so on that sort of sh*t money I suppose we cannot realistically expect him to read the Council papers for a meeting he inexplicably couldn't attend can we eh readers?

Piper is supposed to be on the Audit Committee which has singularly failed to shine a light on much of Hussain's dealings, the Rouf Scandal, Bawa's involvement in a suspicious CPO deal and Rowley's involvement in the sale of Council (ie our) property. Such has been the failure to act that Rouf and Bawa are candidates for Labour in the May election! This is Eling and Co putting two fingers up to Sandwell Folk and adding insult to injury.

More on Moore!

Watson's glove puppet, Moore is, as above, leading the bid to shaft Lion Farm folk and local sports teams. He is up for election himself in May and the Council is supposed to be in "purdah" pending the election but, bizarrely, two Council officers were buying him lunch in Wetherspoons, Oldbury yesterday lunchtime! We have seen the unhealthy relationship between Councillors and staff on numerous occasions but this takes the Wetherspoons cream cheese-filled bagel!

I wrote to Moore and the Council's pathetic "Chief Executive" Jan Britton yesterday. Here is the email but I have had no reply as yet:

"Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018, 13:51
Subject: Lunch today
To: Paul Moore <>
Cc: Jan Britton <>

Dear Cllr Moore,


You had lunch today at The Court of Requests paid for by an employee of SMBC. Another employee was present.

What was the purpose of the lunch during Purdah and when you are standing for election."


An interesting story that a WM Police Inspector who has featured in this blog enjoys drinking with one of the pawnbroker family who have donated money to vicious bully Tom Watson MP. It's an incestuous world up Sandwell way....


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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Lion Farm - Public Meeting

A public meeting into Sandwell Labour's bent deal to build on the Lion Farm Playing Fields (currently held in trust for the people of Sandwell) will be held a week on Sunday at the local St James's Church. Here are the details:




22nd APRIL, 2018

1pm to 2pm

B69 1BG

Please come along. Please tell your friends and neighbours.

Image courtesy of Google
In the meantime, and unsurprisingly, the bent Labour Council has failed to answer my Freedom of Information request into the whole affair. So much for transparency!

Please support the campaign against the destruction of this vital green space if you use social media:

Twitter:  @LoveLionFarm              Facebook Group:  Save Lion Farm Fields

It is intended that the initial public meeting should be quite short (we will all want Sunday lunch!) and so if you have any questions you would like to put forward can you please email:

In the meantime, the local Warley League put out a press release about the damage to them if the so-called "socialist" Council get their way with the property developer they are trying to force through a private deal with. So far, the mainstream press seem to have ignored this (no surprise there...). Here is the press release:


22nd MARCH, 2018


One of the last football leagues in the Black Country faces possible closure says the President of the Warley & District Sunday League, George Ingley, as Sandwell Council threaten to close more pitches.

Mr Ingley says that the Council have closed 35 pitches already throughout Sandwell with 14 more threatened. Two more are going for the new Commonwealth Games Aquatic Centre but a further 12 are slated to go if a new shopping centre goes ahead on Lion Farm Fields, Oldbury.

“Oldbury has very little remaining green space and a local population facing significant fitness and obesity problems”, says Mr Ingley, “but whilst money can be found for expensive leisure centres the Council are destroying grassroots sport.” Matters have been compounded by ever increasing pitch fees and greater administrative burdens being placed on the League by the local authority.

The League is proud of its history of diversity bringing ‘the beautiful game’ to all communities across the Borough. “We would like to  improve existing facilities and expand the League” says Mr Ingley but he fears that there will soon be no local pitches left. “We were promised the use of two pitches at Londonderry Fields just weeks ago”, he says, “but then they were immediately taken away from us because of the Games.”

Mr Ingley says, “the loss of so many pitches at Lion Park could finish us off and where would young players go then?” He continues, “the fields at Lion Park have been left in Trust for the people of Sandwell. Is a shopping centre really needed on this green space when there are others nearby and a proposal to build yet another just down the road at The Junction by Sandwell & Dudley Station? The League has not been consulted at all about the Council’s plans.”

A public meeting is planned for local residents and other stakeholders to have their say but, in the meantime, Mr Ingley urges Sandwell Council to enter into discussions with the League as soon as possible and before it is too late to save local football.

Mr George Ingley.

The comrades are having to crawl out of their holes with an election coming and so don't forget to ask them why they are supporting this con!


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