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Racist GMB Man Finally Goes?

I wrote about Steve Dawson on 22nd March, 2018 and told the tale how, in 2015 (yes 2015!), he had racially abused a co-worker in front of an independent witness. In the real world he would have have faced immediate disciplinary action but he was "one of the boys" in Jan Britton's bent paid service and was duly protected.

Just three days ago I blogged about Jan Britton's close association with Unison's main man in the corrupt Labour Council, Tony Barnsley, and we all know now about how the GMB have sold out their members in the benighted Council. (There is, of course, no connection between this and the GMB's Darren and Sarah James being given a council house - alleged via the influence of a Labour councillor close to Tom Watson MP.)

Addendum 03/12/18: I have been contacted by solicitors acting for Sarah James who appear to be saying that there was categorically NOT any political string-pulling in the allocation of a council property to the James's.

Dawson had apparently been a Unite Rep but switched to the feeble GMB. And so it came to pass that Jan decided to stand by his man and A LABOUR COUNCIL took the decision not to discipline Dawson but also to fight the compensation claim brought by his unfortunate victim ie the chap who was racially-abused! Not only did this poor man have to suffer the initial incident but he was then forced to fight his case for THREE YEARS as Jan made sure his claim was blocked despite the crystal clear facts. Absolutely sickening.

Jan Britton fought the case for three days at an Employment Tribunal this year and, inevitably, lost. The victim was awarded £16,000 of our money thanks to Dawson and god knows what legal fees Britton caused US to pay too. This was in February, 2018. In the meantime Dawson had retained his job and enjoyed his high salary throughout!

The decision of the Tribunal acknowledged that Dawson was continuing to work as a manager in Jan's bent paid service and made two further orders:

1 Mr S. Dawson to be provided with equality and diversity training within two months of 22/02/18; and

2 Mr S. Dawson should not be permitted to line manage the Claimant EVER as from 22/02/18!

Two reputable sources have now contacted The Skidder to say that the taxpayer duly forked again for Dawson to undergo "Equality and Diversity" training but then sacked him last Friday. Sources say that Jan Britton was perfectly comfortable with his racist abuse but his man had to go because of "bad publicity" surrounding the Council which reflected badly of his already sh*t-smeared Council!!!!! (As ever, more info welcome and if you are too scared to use some of the contact points below you can write to Jules Saunders, 11 Chelworth Road, Birmingham B38 0BG).

Addendum 7th August, 2018: I have received a threatening letter from Jan Britton regarding this post. He says he was not "perfectly comfortable" with Dawson's racist abuse and I am happy to put his comment to you to consider. As ever Britton has referred this matter to West Midlands Police.

Incidentally, I have also been contacted to say that the initial investigation into this matter (possibly by a Mr Greenhouse) was a, er, whitewash. It found no case to answer against Dawson despite the independent evidence!!!!

Britton imagines that Sadwell has a reputation to protect. If it has, it has sunk even lower....


The sun seems to have got to "socialist landlord" Cllr John Edwards who recently took to Twitter to attack Comrade Tom Watson!

Edwards is a greaser of the first order who was notorious for arse-licking Cooper and, er, Watson as long as he kept his remunerative job as Chair of the West Midlands Fire Authority. He behaved rather in the manner of a common prostitute - doing anything they asked as long as the money kept rolling in. His Fire position has continued under the Labour "leadership" of Steve "The Milkman" Eling - another wealthy man very fond of the folding stuff. In return, he is The Milkman's enforcer as "chief whip". Thus Sandwell-watchers were slightly bemused when Jedward (who claims to be anti-Israeli but not anti-semitic) put this tweet up:

Jedward claims not to like Labour folk abusing each other but this seems to only apply to MP's since, as Sandwell Labour Group Chief Whip, he has done everything possible to protect Eling from #spunkgate. For new readers, Cllrs Eling and Marshall met with me to get this blog to attack Eling's political opponents (and, as it turned out, Council employees who crossed Milko). They set up a WhatsApp account to send info to me which included the comment that Labour Cllr Ian Jones should "spunk" over, er, Labour Cllr Maria Crompton "in her bikini" as it would be better than him "doing" his wife - Labour Cllr Olwen Jones! This was about 10 months ago and Edwards has done diddly squat to discipline The Milkman despite formal complaints from Eling's victims. We shouldn't shield abusive Councillors either Jedward but as ever, he who pays the greedy piper (no pun intended) calls the tune....


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