Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Come Clean Please Brendon Batson!

When I shivered on the Brummie Road End many moons ago, little did I think that three of my blue and white-striped heroes - yes, "The Three Degrees" - would, one day, be the subject of a ghastly, cartoonish, statue plonked in West Brom's shopping centre. Had I been told the saga of Mr Jim Cadman's involvement in this absurdity I would have condemned it as improbable fiction.....

I have written many blogs on Sunny Jim and his hideous scheme but in summary:

1   Cadman has portrayed himself as some sort of altruistic "fundraiser" - erecting statues of sports and other "celebrities" throughout the land in association with a sculptor called Graham Ibbeson. Make no mistake this pair are in business together and do this to make money.

2   This blog has listed the host of failed companies in which Cadman has been involved. At one point I put up the accounts for Ibbeson's two companies which did not make happy reading either. Cadman has left many creditors nursing losses including HMRC and cash-strapped local councils from Barnet to Blackburn.

Cadman is an oleaginous salesman of the old school. He finds a schtick to promote his statue projects. He always tries to get the deceased's family involved/exploit them (take your pick) to tug at the heartstrings of gullible donors (eg Laurie Cunningham's son in the the case of the "Three Degrees Statue").

Jim knows that football supporters are particularly one-eyed when it comes to their team and particularly credulous when he spins his schemes to promote "their" club (eg Leeds United cold-shouldered his Don Revie Statue scheme but fan pressure forced the Club to actually provide a small site for it outside Elland Road.)

(One who was not so gullible was former Baggies Chairman Jeremy Peace who wanted nothing to do with greaser Jim and refused to have the pathetic statue anywhere near The Hawthorns! Take note Baggies fans...)

Cadman also knows that the world of top-flight football is awash with money and he wants some of it. Further the issue of racism in footie is currently - and quite rightly - "in vogue" with more shed loads of cash available if people "press the right buttons." Thus "whiter-than-white" Jim suddenly became an unlikely champion of black footballers trying to make money from not one but TWO statues - for our own "Three Degrees" and one for the first black footballer, Arthur Wharton, in Rotherham. (By yet another amazing Sandwell coincidence the Labour Leader of deeply corrupt Sandwell Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling, works for that other Labour basket case, er, Rotherham Council.)

It is incredible to me in this day and age that a person like Cadman can simply ask the general public to give him money for a PRIVATE business project without any formal prospectus, no checks whatsover whether he is telling the truth and complete unaccountability for the monies received. The money is NOT being paid into one of his companies* and there is no trust or other charity administering the donations. Does he pay tax on these receipts? Where is the money held (or is it used in Jim's many other business ventures until it is needed?) How much has he raised and how much has he spent on his grand "dinners" etc? (I was contacted by someone who donated items belonging to a very well-known football figure for a raffle and who was very concerned what had happened to them).

Sunny Jim kicked this all off with a grand event in Birmingham Town Hall no less, hosted by Frank Skinner. A source close to Skinner says he was paid his full - large - fee for this event although his management company has refused to say how much he actually scored. Cadman has promised (for what that is worth) that "profits" from various events would go into the the statue "fund" (whatever that is) but how much did he rake in and how much did he have to pay out (to hire Birmingham Town Hall and The Hawthorns to name but two expensive venues). How did HE calculate these secret "profits"?

Don't get me wrong fellow Baggies fans. If you want to pay a businessman to provide an awful private statue then so what? It's a free country (at least outside the Hermit Kingdom of Sadders!) Do as you please. But even then there must surely be some sort of accountability for how that money is spent?

A short interlude for all real football fans reading this. Sandwell Council are giving the local Warley League a very hard time. Cllr Eling and his supposedly "socialist" cronies (notably Cllr Paul Moore) are also destroying the football pitches and vital open land at Londonderry Fields (check out "Save Londonderry Lane Playing Fields" on Facebook) at a time when child obesity is rampant in the sh*thole Borough and every bit of green space should be cherished and nurtured. Even worse, Moore especially, is hell bent on forcing through a bent deal with a property developer to destroy the  huge 19ha greenfield site at Lion Farm, Oldbury, by M5 J2. The Warley League have 11 grass pitches there and Eling wants to build a shopping centre over them. Local football isn't just about the Baggies. Support real-life grassroots football and green space for kids to play folks instead of nostalgia w*nkfest statues.....!)


So, private money for a private business project if folk are daft enough to want to enrich Cadman is ok BUT....

This blog has shown that bent Sandwell Council (when "money-man" Eling was statutory Deputy Leader) took planning gain monies for new developments (including New Square in West Brom) which were intended to improve local infrastructure for local people and lumped them into a slush fund to spend on anything they fancied and without having to make detailed public disclosure of their self-promoting vanity projects. Thus Eling and Co agreed to donate £30,000 of OUR money secretly to Cadman! I broke this story long ago following a Freedom of Information request.

Please remember that after 44 years of Labour dictatorship in Sandwell the pisspoor Borough is at or near the bottom of every deprivation league table going. Its Children's Services department was so bad a Tory government had to intervene to stop them doing anymore damage to vulnerable kids. In the football world Sandwell would have long since been relegated to non-league status. I suppose £30k is just pocket-money for Brendon Batson but Sandwell people NEED that money and it should be paid back NOW! Still, better for Labour to glorify in a crap statue than try and stop children being raped and

Sandwell Council are unable or unwilling to account for the whereabouts of OUR £30k. I will ask one more time: "where's the f*cking money and the accounts Cadman?"

Eling and other failing Labour councillors also pulled another stunt. Even though the statue is brown bronze and meant to represent three black footballers (though in my opinion the pictures of it seem to portray our handsome heroes as gurning simpletons) they sprayed three black men, er, gold to pretend to be the statue! This apparent racism was paid for from public money looted by Sandwell Labour from an Arts Council grant to the Sandwell Arts Festival!

We all know that the bent Council has a propaganda machine costing us taxpayers over half a million pounds a year and the local equivalent of "Pravda" also doing their bidding ie. "The Express and Star" aka "The Wolvo C*cksuckers". The "Star" have been incessant cheerleaders for this crazed project without once asking how much money Cadman has had off folk nor where he has secretly spent it.

Thus on 28th July the C*cksuckers breathlessly announced that the "final £38,000" for the ugly thing had been found. How was this £38,000 calculated? The statue is said to cost £220,000 (way more, incidentally that many other Cadman statue projects). Where are the invoices to show this? If £38,000 was needed that means Cadman had allegedly raised £220,000 - £38,000 = £182,000. But Sunny Jim has had large expenses eg Frank Skinner, Birmingham Town Hall, hire of The Hawthorns etc PLUS his "cut". So how much as he raised to get the net figure of £182,000? One million? Half a million? Tell us Cadman! (And why wasn't Eling asking to see the accounts before he and his mates agreed to hand over £30k of public money to a private businessman?) If all is above board Jim I give me the details and I will publish them on here for all to see!

According to the C*cksuckers the balance is being made up by The Professional Footballers' Association - itself an organisation not immune from controversy. The PFA is an incredibly rich charity run by Gordon Taylor. Last year its income was a stonking £27 million!!!! (Let's hope some of that eventually gets used to save the Warley League - see above).

BUT despite its wealth and alleged arrogance the PFA is still a registered charity. Is it a valid use of the charity's funds to give money to a private business enterprise run secretively by Cadman without sight of the accounts for what has gone on so far? I duly wrote to the PFA on 26th July, 2018 but they failed to reply:

"Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018, 12:12
Subject: Three Degrees Statue, West Bromwich
To: <>

It is being reported that you have given a substantial donation to the above.

I write the Sandwell Skidder blog about local matters and have written extensively about the proposed statue. 

Can you please state:

1 The amount of your donation; and
2  Whether you saw Jim Cadman's accounts for this project before you agreed your donation. 


Julian Saunders


The Trustees of the PFA Charity need to step up to the penalty spot here and tell us why their donation is within the terms of the trust deed of the charity and what the financial position of the whole project actually is. Happily, and not mentioned by the C*cksuckers, there is one Trustee who is uniquely positioned to tell us the truth about what has actually gone on with Sunny Jim and this statue over several years. Yes, from the list of the PFA's trustees on the Charities Commission website, step forward Mr Brendon Batson MBE.....!!!!

* The latest accounts for Jim's latest company, Cornerstone Marketing Limited, are in abbreviated form but show net current assets at a tiny £739!


The Chief Executive of bent Sandwell Council, Jan Britton, is STILL deliberately following the Twitter troll account! My account is back up @SandwellSkidder.


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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Jan Britton Follows Troll

Jan Britton, who purports to be the "Chief Executive" of bent Sandwell Council, is trying to criminalise me for the alleged single use of a swear word. I cannot say anymore about that as I am to stand trial for this at Dudley Magistrates Court on 23rd October at 1.30pm. Therefore the matter is sub-judice.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how my Twitter account had been hacked. I pointed the finger at Andrew Hipkiss a local computer geek (who also claims to be mentally ill). Twitter have known he is a major troll for years but actively permit him to continue on the site as he generates so much traffic. (He is on state benefits so we all pay for his incessant output.) Twitter permit him to "morph" his account into a new name when the inevitable complaints about his content start pouring in on each "new" account.West Midlands Police were also well aware of this when Darren Cooper was the "leader" of bent Sadders. Given the corrupt relationship between WMP and Sandwell Council they failed to take any action against the trolls. Even two serving police officers were disgusted with this particularly after my post "Cooper Exposed" of 11th April, 2015 when a sting operation caught Dickhead Daz out. The two officers both told me that the information therein was a "game-changer" but an unknown WMP officer actively prevented any investigation of the man the Chief Constable called his "friend".....

(If you read "Cooper Exposed" you will note references to the Twitter account "@OdgenW" who was, in fact, Andrew Hipkiss).

After the "Cooper Exposed" blog and with the full knowledge that his trolling of me and my wife was immune from police investigation he openly flaunted his relationship with Hipkiss. By this time Hipkiss had morphed from @OdgenW to "@Ennabran". Cooper even offered preferential treatment ie to have Council staff (paid for by you and I) move on travellers close to Hipkiss's then SMBC Council property on the Yew Tree.

[I wonder if the "relevant people" included Jan Britton's new "right-hand man"????]

Hipkiss had other cheerleaders amongst Sandwell Labour notably ex-Councillor Preet Kaur Gill (now, incredibly, an MP) and "Socialist Landlord" Cllr John "Jedward" Edwards.

A few weeks ago I set up the @SandwellSkidder Twitter account. Immediately Hipkiss (now using the latest of many Twitter names @Socialism_UK) stated he would get the account taken down and his tweet was immediately approved by Jedward via a retweet:

As we saw in my recent post Hipkiss did not just troll me but actively hacked the Twitter system and took the @SadwellSkidder account. In a bizarre twist, Twitter has suspended me and let Hipkiss keep the fake account! Hipkiss has set about trying to prejudice my trial:

And pretending to be me and referring to my occupation (or part of it):

Hipkiss is trying to pretend that the account is a "parody" but the fact he actually hacked the Twitter system and stole my account shows his malicious and evil intentions.

My excellent "Skidder Team" spotted yesterday that the Troll account set up to harass me and get me off Twitter had a single solitary "follower":

Who is this person? Yes, it is Jan Britton, the Chief Executive [sic] of Sandwell Council!

Lest you wonder whether this was just more trickery from Hipkiss we checked Britton's own account. At the relevant time he was following 43 accounts one of which was the troll:

So does Britton know Hipkiss? At worst, this is a very serious matter indeed. At best, it is a monumental error of judgement from a man supposedly "running" a major local authority. Any info welcome, as ever....

[I am planning various legal moves against Hipkiss. His wife threw him out of the Yew Tree property but he is probably in a Sandwell council house (in which case a complaint of use of the property for anti-social purposes will be made).]


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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Skidder Twitter Account Hacked!

Regular readers will know that the late Leader [sic] of Sandwell Council joined forces with Mr Andrew Hipkiss and others to troll me (and my wife) and get my Twitter accounts closed down. They used over SIXTEEN troll accounts and months were spent before Twitter closed most of them down*.

Twitter are well aware of Hipkiss's trolling and actually support it because he spends eighteen hours a day on the site and generates lots of traffic! They have been well aware of him for over three years but every time complaints start flooding in about his conduct they permit him to simply clone his account to a new name. They have let him do this several times. His current cloned account is @Socialism_UK. (Incidentally Cllr John Edwards is very keen on promoting Hipkiss).

Not long ago I set up a Twitter account in my own name and with all my own information: Jules Saunders @SandwellSkidder. Here is the public profile:

Immediately Hipkiss (a computer buff who claims to be mentally ill) said he would get the account closed down.

Yesterday Hipkiss hacked the account actually cloning my Twitter name which I believe to be a criminal offence. He set up a similar account with the actual Twitter handle @SandwellSkidder:

Note that he has identified the area where I live.

Last night I went through the usual rigmarole with Twitter - reporting him for impersonation, sending off my passport etc but guess what? I sh*t ye not but Twitter have suspended MY account for impersonation and let Hipkiss keep the malicious fake account going! This from Twitter:

This even seems to have taken Hipkiss by surprise and he put this mocking Tweet up about the so-called "parody" (ie troll) account outlasting the target:

Now Hipkiss is pretending to be me and sending stuff out supposedly in my name eg posts from the blog.


Andy, a day of reckoning IS coming....

* It is a work in progress but see, for many examples, "Darren Cooper's Troll Legacy" at

Contact details remain as normal barring via Twitter, of course (although a PR firm will be advertising this blog from now on).


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Monday, 17 September 2018

The GMB Union - A Short "Apology"....

Hitherto this blog has suggested that the GMB Union, in their dealings with Sandwell Council, have been less than enthusiastic about fighting the management [sic] of the bent Borough. I have asked whether they formed a pact with the Devil himself , Dickhead Daz, to "go easy" on the corrupt Council in return for Sandwell Leisure Trust being saved?

(With regard to SLT - in a matter as yet reported in The Skidder - a number of SLT employees met with me in a Birmingham pub when they were slated for redundancy complaining vociferously to me about what THEY perceived to be a lack of union representation to protect their interests!).

When I disclosed the WhatsApp feed set up by Labour Leader [lol] Steve "The Milkman" Eling and his bankrupt sidekick, (former) Councillor Marshall, to pass this blog confidential information I asked why the likes of the GMB were not protecting their members against the purge against the SMBC staff who were being dismissed if perceived to be disloyal to Milko? Who can forget such boasts from them as "Hurricane Eling is sweeping through Sandwell" as folk were thrown out of work by the so-called "socialists"?

It was my attempt to campaign on behalf of GMB member Amy Hodgkiss that has landed me in Dudley Magistrates Court next month. I was trying to enquire of Jan Britton, the head [sic] of the bent paid service, why she was treated differently from the six secretaries who Unite won compensation for? Amy is (or was) a GMB member.

Of course, the GMB now fund the vicious bully Tom Watson MP who purports to represent West Brom from his London lair. The former fatman is, of course, the de facto Leader of Sandwell Council and so, once again, there is a serious question about the union's "impartiality".

Watson cronies were placed on the short-lived disaster "the Labour Campaign Forum" in another manifestation of the bitter civil war within Sandwell Labour "Group". One of then was the GMB's own Mr Darren James.

In addition to my travails with the criminal milieu last week I was also fending off a claim against me by the GMB on behalf of a local member:

In respect of my above allegations (and others) clearly nothing could not be further from the truth! I now know the GMB are tireless and utterly ruthless in protecting their local members in Sandwell. Such is their "socialist" zeal they even want to increase the UK's homelessness problem!

They have said they will seek an injunction against me and claim damages and costs. They added "In this respect, we see that you are the joint registered owner [with my wife] of 11 Chelworth Road. If, as we fully expect, our client obtains judgment against you, it will be enforced, if necessary, by our seeking an order for sale of the property." Nice!

At least if the worst happens Linda and I should be able to get a Sandwell Council house PDQ in the bent Borough! This blog previously reported that during the Cooper era "a monkey" was the "going rate" for a Smethwick property though it was never specified who the money was to be paid to.... (Answers on a postcard please!)

And in Wednesbury, a childless couple (like ourselves) with excellent income (unlike ourselves) easily obtained a property despite, eg, press reports in 2016 that 6,000 were on the Sadwell waiting list and some folk had to wait 10 years for a property! The happy couple were GMB members. I think I am going to try to join "lol"!!!!!

(Have you considered joining The Skidder Facebook group? Details below...)


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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

C*cksuckers Put Boot In!

I am naturally rather circumspect in the current climate of using my usual nomenclature for The Express and Star "newspaper" but hey ho....

The Wolverhampton C*cksuckers have done a piece on my trial but linked it to a report of a Twitter spat with the late Darren "Dickhead Daz" Cooper from 2015!

Here is my email to the Editor tonight:

"I have seen your article tonight entitled "Sandwell Blogger to stand trial for 'harassing' council boss."

I appreciate that you are a propaganda machine for Sandwell Council and hate my guts by your piece is low even by your "standards" and intended to blacken my character and prejudice my trial. I would respectfully remind you that I am sixty year old and have never even had a parking ticket.

In the opening paragraph you state that I allegedly used "insulting words" whereas the prosecution has been brought solely in relation to one word.

You then drag up an allegation of harassment via Twitter from 2015 involving Sandwell super-liar, Darren Cooper deceased. This is a deliberate attempt to smear me. You have failed to mention that Cooper's own account Twitter account was suspended even though you reported on it yourselves! You failed to mention that Sandwell Council staff were permitted to help Cooper send two letters to my wife's then employers seeking to have her sacked. You failed to mention that Cooper had me covertly photographed on two occasions and used the products to harass me on social media. You failed to mention that Cooper was at the heart of a trolling campaign assisted by Andrew Hipkiss and others harassing me and my wife for many months. Twitter closed down some 16 (sixteen) trolling accounts operated by Cooper and Co. (Incidentally, pop along to my trial for some more on this). You can see some of this on the blog "Darren Cooper's Troll Legacy" - a work in progress at Happily the trolling stopped the night Cooper died in what many Labour councillors in Sandwell say was a drink and drug-fuelled binge.

You failed to mention that Cooper was interviewed at Steelhouse Lane Police Station in Birmingham in respect of harassment or that Jan Britton used taxpayers' money to have him ferried there and back in the Mayor's chauffeur-driven limousine and provided a Sandwell Council Solicitor to represent him. I could go on and on and on and on.....

My present case has nothing to do with Cooper or Twitter so your article is intended to prejudice my trial. I am sending a copy of this email to West Midlands Police.

Incidentally, you too had me covertly photographed yesterday by a cameraman using a long lens from across the street. If you want a photo simply ask or I can supply one for you.

I note that you have not said anything in the report of the District Judge's comments yesterday on the nature of the prosecution.

Julian Saunders"

Strangely I have been on the receiving end of other vile calumny this week but from an unexpected source! The left-wing Skwawkbox has been doing an excellent job in skewering the lies of bent Sandwell's Labour Leader [sic] Steve "E-lying" Eling - yes, The Milkman himself! Once again bloggers are leading the way in exposing Sandwell whereas the Wolvo C*cksuckers and their ilk do nowt.

I would urge you to read the two pieces on Eling so far this week (and the links are below) but in the first they accused me of being right-wing and, even worse, a supporter of UKIP! Following complaint they have edited the piece! (Here is a picture of my house which gives a visual clue that I might not be a Kipper "lol"!)

Thanks so much for the donations today - one particularly generous one! Here are the Skwawkbox links about Cllr E-lying:


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The Skidder is to stand trial on the afternoon of 23rd October, 2018 at Dudley Magistrates Court. Kick off is 1.30pm and the case will be dealt with by a District Judge ie a professional judge rather than a lay bench.

I cannot comment on the case as it is sub judice but can report on yesterday's proceedings - also before a District Judge.

The Skidder is charged under s.4 of the Public Order Act 1986 and entered a plea of not gulity.

The charge arises from the alleged use of a single swear word outside Oldbury Council House on 22nd May, 2018.

The District Judge publicly expressed incredulity that the Police had charged me under s4 which is an imprisonable offence and asked if the CPS had "reviewed" the charge. He was told that they had and that they intend to proceed with the s4 offence.

The CPS made an application to prevent me from personally cross-examining Prosecution witnesses but this was rejected.

The Skidder was granted unconditional bail.


It is rather annoying that even though I don't have a pot to piss in I am not entitled to Legal Aid for an imprisonable offence because of my wife's financial position! She, of course, is nothing to do with any of this but there we are.

Why not come along to Dudley Magistrates Court on The Inhedge on 23rd October? It should be "interesting" and one national newspaper has already indicated a desire to cover the story.

I do want someone along who can take very accurate notes of the evidence and can offer a small fee. Let me know if you fit the bill (no pun intended!)

There is a security check in place at the Court and so you need to be there a few minutes before 1.30 if you want to catch the start.

Please rest assured that The Skidder will continue to provide normal service throughout this difficult period. He is also under attack in respect of a civil matter - more of that anon. As ever, if you can make a small donation to keep the blog going please use the donate button on the right of the first page of this post. (If you are viewing on a mobile phone please click through to "web version" to find the "donate" button).

All the attacks on me simply strengthen my resolve to continue to expose the fraud and corruption within bent Sandwell Council. There is a good reason why such extensive steps have been taken for years to close this blog down.

As ever, please keep info coming, You are the eyes and ears for this blog. The Police have tried to interfere with my communication channels but all should be ok now. If you are still worried about that please write to me (address below).


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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Sandwell Staff Costs - Highest in West Mids!

This blog has repeatedly shown that Jan Britton's bent paid service in the Labour Dictatorship of Sandwell is a byword for fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence but according to figures sent to me anonymously this morning it is also the most expensively run Council in the West Midlands.

This is hardly surprising. In Britton's stinking, incestuous, staffing arrangements over seven years most good people have been fired at enormous expense and bound by gagging clauses leaving a bunch of cowardly "yes" men and women most of whom are Labour members or supporters. People are taken on despite earlier failures elsewhere eg Neeraj Sharma (Walsall) and Alison Knight (Sandwell itself!) There is a reason for this.... Many staff are related to Councillors by blood or marriage and their is a history of male senior managers (up to very high levels) shagging female staff who mysteriously then gain promotion or keep their jobs despite their obvious ineptitude.

But here are numbers related to the population of the WM Councils areas:

Spend per head employees:                       Net expenditure per head:

Birmingham             819.07                       1,550.71
Coventry                  754.11                       1,278.44
Dudley                     754.34                       1,305.96
Sandwell                 890.42                       1,620.21
Solihull                    777.87                       1,280.20
Walsall                     702.73                       1,402.73
Wolves                     815.38                       1,476.76

Sandwell has suffered 44 years of Labour rule and is at or near the bottom of every deprivation league table going yet Britton and Cllr E-Lying run the most expensive ship. The left-hand column shows that the bent Council either employs too many people of pays them too much. Britton's Council is an even worse performer than Birmingham!!!!!

Thanks again "Anon". I thought I would cheer you up with the "monument" to Ms xxxxxx xxxxxx who was promoted in Sandwell Parks Department for sexually servicing top management there!

(Please note my postal address below if you are worried about police interference with my communications!)


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Friday, 7 September 2018

Jez Hall Dismissal - Everything Was Fair!

On 4th August, 2018 I wrote about the dismissal of the unfortunate Mr Jez Hall. The link to the blog is below but, in short, Mr Hall was a very long-standing and well-thought of employee at bent Sandwell Council. It seems that he "crossed" certain Councillors with regard to funding streams. He wrote a report which upset people. (The word is that two now ex-Councillors were involved). The Smethwick Xmas Lights - no less - appear in this saga somewhere.

Mr Hall, so it is said, bravely stuck to his guns against intimidation from Councillors and management [sic], and so he was suspended in the usual Sandwell Labour-style - presumably with the approbation of the joke "Chief Executive" who happens to live next door to Mr Tony Barnsley, the Unison rep for Sandwell Council and Mr Hall.

It is alleged that Mr Barnsley was handed (by a person unknown) details of a financial pay-off and a confidentiality clause in respect of Mr Hall and told it was only available for 24 hours. Hall had to take it or leave it. Mr Barnsley "helped" Mr Hall accept the severance package. Mr Jan Britton himself is said to have delivered the coup de grace. (Lest we forget the Labour Leader, Cllr "E-lying" Eling has very publicly stated that the corrupt Labour Council do not use such "gagging clauses" which is an outright, er, LIE!)

To date, Sandwell Council have refused to answer a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request on this subject. Again you can follow this link to read the whole thing but here is the main denial that has been made:

"I can confirm that the Council is not aware of the Council report you allude to and consider the allegation that the Chief Executive requested a change to a report , and said officer's refusal to do so, as grounds for the suspension, is wholly inaccurate."

Full FOI:

And so what DID Mr Hall - a man with an excellent record - DO which led to his suspension and dismissal? What had he done that was so wrong that Unison appear to have decided not to back him? Any info gratefully received! I call upon Jan Britton to waive the confidentiality clause so that Mr Hall can explain all.....

Mr Barnsley is saying now't. I wrote to him on 4th August, 2018 but he has declined to comment.

At least we know one thing. Happily neither Jan Britton nor any member of his bent paid service has done anything wrong in booting popular Jez out. I sent my August blog post on this to the main "auditor", Peter Farrow (the guy who is so, er, competent he, like Jan Britton, "missed" the fraud and corruption, false accounting etc of recent years) and he has replied as follows:

"We have looked into the issues you have raised, and from the information available we have found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Council."

So why not answer the FOI then Jan Britton?


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