Wednesday, 12 September 2018


The Skidder is to stand trial on the afternoon of 23rd October, 2018 at Dudley Magistrates Court. Kick off is 1.30pm and the case will be dealt with by a District Judge ie a professional judge rather than a lay bench.

I cannot comment on the case as it is sub judice but can report on yesterday's proceedings - also before a District Judge.

The Skidder is charged under s.4 of the Public Order Act 1986 and entered a plea of not gulity.

The charge arises from the alleged use of a single swear word outside Oldbury Council House on 22nd May, 2018.

The District Judge publicly expressed incredulity that the Police had charged me under s4 which is an imprisonable offence and asked if the CPS had "reviewed" the charge. He was told that they had and that they intend to proceed with the s4 offence.

The CPS made an application to prevent me from personally cross-examining Prosecution witnesses but this was rejected.

The Skidder was granted unconditional bail.


It is rather annoying that even though I don't have a pot to piss in I am not entitled to Legal Aid for an imprisonable offence because of my wife's financial position! She, of course, is nothing to do with any of this but there we are.

Why not come along to Dudley Magistrates Court on The Inhedge on 23rd October? It should be "interesting" and one national newspaper has already indicated a desire to cover the story.

I do want someone along who can take very accurate notes of the evidence and can offer a small fee. Let me know if you fit the bill (no pun intended!)

There is a security check in place at the Court and so you need to be there a few minutes before 1.30 if you want to catch the start.

Please rest assured that The Skidder will continue to provide normal service throughout this difficult period. He is also under attack in respect of a civil matter - more of that anon. As ever, if you can make a small donation to keep the blog going please use the donate button on the right of the first page of this post. (If you are viewing on a mobile phone please click through to "web version" to find the "donate" button).

All the attacks on me simply strengthen my resolve to continue to expose the fraud and corruption within bent Sandwell Council. There is a good reason why such extensive steps have been taken for years to close this blog down.

As ever, please keep info coming, You are the eyes and ears for this blog. The Police have tried to interfere with my communication channels but all should be ok now. If you are still worried about that please write to me (address below).


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