Thursday, 20 September 2018

Jan Britton Follows Troll

Jan Britton, who purports to be the "Chief Executive" of bent Sandwell Council, is trying to criminalise me for the alleged single use of a swear word. I cannot say anymore about that as I am to stand trial for this at Dudley Magistrates Court on 23rd October at 1.30pm. Therefore the matter is sub-judice.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how my Twitter account had been hacked. I pointed the finger at Andrew Hipkiss a local computer geek (who also claims to be mentally ill). Twitter have known he is a major troll for years but actively permit him to continue on the site as he generates so much traffic. (He is on state benefits so we all pay for his incessant output.) Twitter permit him to "morph" his account into a new name when the inevitable complaints about his content start pouring in on each "new" account.West Midlands Police were also well aware of this when Darren Cooper was the "leader" of bent Sadders. Given the corrupt relationship between WMP and Sandwell Council they failed to take any action against the trolls. Even two serving police officers were disgusted with this particularly after my post "Cooper Exposed" of 11th April, 2015 when a sting operation caught Dickhead Daz out. The two officers both told me that the information therein was a "game-changer" but an unknown WMP officer actively prevented any investigation of the man the Chief Constable called his "friend".....

(If you read "Cooper Exposed" you will note references to the Twitter account "@OdgenW" who was, in fact, Andrew Hipkiss).

After the "Cooper Exposed" blog and with the full knowledge that his trolling of me and my wife was immune from police investigation he openly flaunted his relationship with Hipkiss. By this time Hipkiss had morphed from @OdgenW to "@Ennabran". Cooper even offered preferential treatment ie to have Council staff (paid for by you and I) move on travellers close to Hipkiss's then SMBC Council property on the Yew Tree.

[I wonder if the "relevant people" included Jan Britton's new "right-hand man"????]

Hipkiss had other cheerleaders amongst Sandwell Labour notably ex-Councillor Preet Kaur Gill (now, incredibly, an MP) and "Socialist Landlord" Cllr John "Jedward" Edwards.

A few weeks ago I set up the @SandwellSkidder Twitter account. Immediately Hipkiss (now using the latest of many Twitter names @Socialism_UK) stated he would get the account taken down and his tweet was immediately approved by Jedward via a retweet:

As we saw in my recent post Hipkiss did not just troll me but actively hacked the Twitter system and took the @SadwellSkidder account. In a bizarre twist, Twitter has suspended me and let Hipkiss keep the fake account! Hipkiss has set about trying to prejudice my trial:

And pretending to be me and referring to my occupation (or part of it):

Hipkiss is trying to pretend that the account is a "parody" but the fact he actually hacked the Twitter system and stole my account shows his malicious and evil intentions.

My excellent "Skidder Team" spotted yesterday that the Troll account set up to harass me and get me off Twitter had a single solitary "follower":

Who is this person? Yes, it is Jan Britton, the Chief Executive [sic] of Sandwell Council!

Lest you wonder whether this was just more trickery from Hipkiss we checked Britton's own account. At the relevant time he was following 43 accounts one of which was the troll:

So does Britton know Hipkiss? At worst, this is a very serious matter indeed. At best, it is a monumental error of judgement from a man supposedly "running" a major local authority. Any info welcome, as ever....

[I am planning various legal moves against Hipkiss. His wife threw him out of the Yew Tree property but he is probably in a Sandwell council house (in which case a complaint of use of the property for anti-social purposes will be made).]


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