Friday, 7 September 2018

Jez Hall Dismissal - Everything Was Fair!

On 4th August, 2018 I wrote about the dismissal of the unfortunate Mr Jez Hall. The link to the blog is below but, in short, Mr Hall was a very long-standing and well-thought of employee at bent Sandwell Council. It seems that he "crossed" certain Councillors with regard to funding streams. He wrote a report which upset people. (The word is that two now ex-Councillors were involved). The Smethwick Xmas Lights - no less - appear in this saga somewhere.

Mr Hall, so it is said, bravely stuck to his guns against intimidation from Councillors and management [sic], and so he was suspended in the usual Sandwell Labour-style - presumably with the approbation of the joke "Chief Executive" who happens to live next door to Mr Tony Barnsley, the Unison rep for Sandwell Council and Mr Hall.

It is alleged that Mr Barnsley was handed (by a person unknown) details of a financial pay-off and a confidentiality clause in respect of Mr Hall and told it was only available for 24 hours. Hall had to take it or leave it. Mr Barnsley "helped" Mr Hall accept the severance package. Mr Jan Britton himself is said to have delivered the coup de grace. (Lest we forget the Labour Leader, Cllr "E-lying" Eling has very publicly stated that the corrupt Labour Council do not use such "gagging clauses" which is an outright, er, LIE!)

To date, Sandwell Council have refused to answer a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request on this subject. Again you can follow this link to read the whole thing but here is the main denial that has been made:

"I can confirm that the Council is not aware of the Council report you allude to and consider the allegation that the Chief Executive requested a change to a report , and said officer's refusal to do so, as grounds for the suspension, is wholly inaccurate."

Full FOI:

And so what DID Mr Hall - a man with an excellent record - DO which led to his suspension and dismissal? What had he done that was so wrong that Unison appear to have decided not to back him? Any info gratefully received! I call upon Jan Britton to waive the confidentiality clause so that Mr Hall can explain all.....

Mr Barnsley is saying now't. I wrote to him on 4th August, 2018 but he has declined to comment.

At least we know one thing. Happily neither Jan Britton nor any member of his bent paid service has done anything wrong in booting popular Jez out. I sent my August blog post on this to the main "auditor", Peter Farrow (the guy who is so, er, competent he, like Jan Britton, "missed" the fraud and corruption, false accounting etc of recent years) and he has replied as follows:

"We have looked into the issues you have raised, and from the information available we have found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Council."

So why not answer the FOI then Jan Britton?


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