Monday, 17 September 2018

The GMB Union - A Short "Apology"....

Hitherto this blog has suggested that the GMB Union, in their dealings with Sandwell Council, have been less than enthusiastic about fighting the management [sic] of the bent Borough. I have asked whether they formed a pact with the Devil himself , Dickhead Daz, to "go easy" on the corrupt Council in return for Sandwell Leisure Trust being saved?

(With regard to SLT - in a matter as yet reported in The Skidder - a number of SLT employees met with me in a Birmingham pub when they were slated for redundancy complaining vociferously to me about what THEY perceived to be a lack of union representation to protect their interests!).

When I disclosed the WhatsApp feed set up by Labour Leader [lol] Steve "The Milkman" Eling and his bankrupt sidekick, (former) Councillor Marshall, to pass this blog confidential information I asked why the likes of the GMB were not protecting their members against the purge against the SMBC staff who were being dismissed if perceived to be disloyal to Milko? Who can forget such boasts from them as "Hurricane Eling is sweeping through Sandwell" as folk were thrown out of work by the so-called "socialists"?

It was my attempt to campaign on behalf of GMB member Amy Hodgkiss that has landed me in Dudley Magistrates Court next month. I was trying to enquire of Jan Britton, the head [sic] of the bent paid service, why she was treated differently from the six secretaries who Unite won compensation for? Amy is (or was) a GMB member.

Of course, the GMB now fund the vicious bully Tom Watson MP who purports to represent West Brom from his London lair. The former fatman is, of course, the de facto Leader of Sandwell Council and so, once again, there is a serious question about the union's "impartiality".

Watson cronies were placed on the short-lived disaster "the Labour Campaign Forum" in another manifestation of the bitter civil war within Sandwell Labour "Group". One of then was the GMB's own Mr Darren James.

In addition to my travails with the criminal milieu last week I was also fending off a claim against me by the GMB on behalf of a local member:

In respect of my above allegations (and others) clearly nothing could not be further from the truth! I now know the GMB are tireless and utterly ruthless in protecting their local members in Sandwell. Such is their "socialist" zeal they even want to increase the UK's homelessness problem!

They have said they will seek an injunction against me and claim damages and costs. They added "In this respect, we see that you are the joint registered owner [with my wife] of 11 Chelworth Road. If, as we fully expect, our client obtains judgment against you, it will be enforced, if necessary, by our seeking an order for sale of the property." Nice!

At least if the worst happens Linda and I should be able to get a Sandwell Council house PDQ in the bent Borough! This blog previously reported that during the Cooper era "a monkey" was the "going rate" for a Smethwick property though it was never specified who the money was to be paid to.... (Answers on a postcard please!)

And in Wednesbury, a childless couple (like ourselves) with excellent income (unlike ourselves) easily obtained a property despite, eg, press reports in 2016 that 6,000 were on the Sadwell waiting list and some folk had to wait 10 years for a property! The happy couple were GMB members. I think I am going to try to join "lol"!!!!!

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