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Hackett's Data Breach - Part One

I have written at length already on this subject but have now located some new information about this topical matter - topical because the highly controversial Monitoring Officer of bent Labour Sandwell Council, Surjit Tour, wrote yesterday to all Councillors claiming that the increasingly unhinged "leader", Steve "The Milkman" Eling had made a "mistake" when saying he had not been aware of Hackett's data breach because no-one had told him! (More on that in Part Two....)

To gallop through the facts - Hackett was head of the absolutely disastrous Children's Services Department in February, 2016 when, in the course of his duties, he was handed a file relating to the child of a Labour Councillor. We all know that, like North Korea, the state and the party are one and the same thing in Sadders and that a number of councillors consider that the law of the land does not apply to the benighted Borough. It is common ground that Hackett (who had worked for a charity and was Chair of Trustees of the WBA Foundation and so was well aware of safeguarding and data issues) knew that the information was confidential and involved a child. Nevertheless he ran immediately to then Labour Leader [sic] Darren Cooper and spilt the beans to his political boss. It happened that on that day Cooper was holding his regular "political meeting" and so the breach was compounded by the matter being discussed there too. At least one SMBC employee was also present. [Query why a taxpayer-funded employee in Britton's bent paid service is sitting in on "political meetings"?]

It is hard to imagine a more obvious breach by Hackett of his duty of confidentiality and the Data Protection breach! It is said that there was a meeting almost immediately afterwards involving Cooper, Hackett, Jan Britton and another employee (who I think may have been called Chris Ward) and so, if this is true, the paid service were also fixed with notice - by the very fact of the presence of Cooper - that confidentiality etc had been breached.

A Standards Complaint was made against Hackett (one of several including the infamous incident when he urinated in a bus shelter). He was found, in the "final report", to be in breach of the code of conduct in respect of this particular matter. Cooper was now dead but who should come riding to the rescue of The Sandwell Slasher but Milko himself. Eling suddenly remembered that HE had actually also been at Cooper's political meeting months before and put a different slant on things (again, more on this anon). Ring out wild bells - a "final, final report" was produced exonerating Hackett completely! Local newspapers even ran "Hackett is Innocent" stories!

BUT.....Hackett didn't just breach confidentiality with Cooper (and, if you disbelieve Eling's evidence the others at the "political meeting" too) since on the same day he phoned then Chief Whip, Derek Rowley, and told him all about it! Simon may have had his c*ck out in public but you have to wonder whether he was anxious here to cover his arse since he then wrote a backside-shielding email to Rowley a week later. Happily I have it and can share it with you:

"Sent: ‎Wednesday‎, ‎17‎ ‎February‎ ‎2016 ‎10‎:‎35
To: Derek Rowley

Morning Derek

This is to confirm that last Wednesday court papers were presented to me to sign regarding parents who had not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I immediately saw that one of the papers I was asked to sign was in relation to Councillor xxxxxxxxxxx. I therefore spoke to the Leader who said I needed to notify the Chief Whip. I therefore rang you last Wednesday.

Please let me know if you need any further information. 

Simon Hackett

Sent from my iPhone"

So there we have it. By his own hand Hackett admits blabbing confidential stuff about a child to both Cooper and Rowley who were not entitled to receive it. He is clearly trying to say that this further breach was down to Cooper but he was Head of Children's Services FFS! Hackett was NOT innocent and a subsequent ICO decision was that there had been a very clear and obvious breach of Data Protection rules. Other party members were not entitled to this information at that time. This is stating the bleeding obvious but the comrades still feel the need to cover this up!

What do you think folks - a "final, final, final" standards investigation and report into this morass of lies? Don't hold your breath!


More Skidder harassment. Another person has complained about me to West Midlands Police and they seek to interview me under caution AGAIN. More anon....


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