Thursday, 4 October 2018

Shocking SMBC Bullying Of Blogger!

I am trying to keep this blog short as it is essential for you to view the videos here - particularly 1, 2 and 3.

I was in Oldbury yesterday. On the way there someone sent me a message that Melanie Dudley had been on the radio about the bullying she was on the receiving end of when Eling decided he wanted her out and he and Marshall asked me to, inter alia, "give her a kicking".

I will write about all this shortly but suffice to say here that the liar Eling is desperately trying to distance himself from all this and blame Marshall. There are various questions the media should ask. A non-exclusive list should include:

  1. Why did Eling want Melanie out?;
  2. If Marshall did not get the confidential information about this and much else from Eling where did he get it from? Who in Jan Britton's bent paid service was telling Marshall this highly-sensitive stuff? If it was NOT Eling (and that is a very big "IF") then it had to be someone very senior....! There must be an properly independent inquiry.
  3. The so-called "independent investigation" into this did not interview me even though I am the key player in the WhatsApp saga. I have only put up a redacted version of the feed via this blog. Folk should be aware that Eling and Marshall were very anxious for me to publish some really bad (and totally UNTRUE) stuff about Melanie, which I fortunately didn't. Local media should be aware that they haven't got all the facts here!)
My informant about the radio stuff said SMBC had given the BBC a press release half-heartedly accepting the shocking bullying by them of Melanie but also pleading that they were somehow the victims in all this because folk were using social media to attack the deeply corrupt Council! Accordingly, when I got to Oldbury I went into the Council House (a public building) and asked at reception if I could get a copy of the press release. The member of staff made a phone call and then told me I had to apply in writing for it to Chief Executive [sic] Jan Britton!!!!!! She offered me a piece of paper but I said I might as well email.

I went back to the linkway and plugged my phone in. I started to write an email to Britton when two of Eling's paramilitaries approached me. They asked me what I was doing and before I could answer asked me to leave! No reason given whatsoever except "we are obeying orders". I managed to film most of this exchange:

I had not completed my email and said I would do so in the main building. I went there and sat down when another gang of the wardens appeared including their very aggressive bearded leader who had no collar number and refused to identify himself. By this time I was sending a second email to Britton - a subject access report in respect of this thuggery! Please look at videos two and three. This is in a public building!

WE as taxpayers are paying for this! 

There is not a lot on video four save that you will see that two of the stormtroopers are on the walkway and I remind our anonymous bearded friend that I am a member of the public and deserve due respect and demanded he stop calling me by my first name.

Clearly with my forthcoming trial (Dudley Mags 23rd October 1.30pm - all welcome) they were trying to wind me up and get me in trouble with the police again. Eling was not on the premises so who ordered this horrendous harassment?

[I am indebted to Rob Mayor of the BBC for simply sending me the press release which Britton would not let me see.]

Incidentally, the following photo does not show this but when Melanie turned up at the Standards "Hearing" about Eling and Marshall last week with her 90 year-old vicar father, Jan Britton or his bent staff thought they were sufficiently dangerous that they had to sit to the side of the chamber under guard from one of Eling's heavies (just out of shot to the left)! As if they didn't bully her enough first time around they had to do it again - publicly!


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