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Sh*thole Sandwell Digest 03/11/18

A trailer before I start - a major blockbuster blog post will be coming soon - tonight or tomorrow. I promise fireworks..... Watch this space!

A quiet week politically in Sadders. The mainstream media have been writing a lot about crime including murder this week whereas the comrades and their half a million pound plus "press office" have been bombarding locals about "Safer 6".... As ever they are on a different planet. One or two interesting stories have caught the eye however:

Today - Express and Star aka "The Wolvo C*cksukers" - the Council's propaganda sheet has been reporting that the "hamburger" island scheme is to go ahead at the horrendous Birchley Island. This is due to the Tory Government finding the cash and putting it through the West Midlands Combined Authority. Part of a quote from Tory Mayor Andy Street reads:

"This won't solve our regions congestion issues - to do that we need a shift to other forms of transport....".

The whole point of having an extra and costly tier of local government - the WMCA - foisted on us was to engender "joined-up thinking". Thus this plan by Street and his pals to try and resolve congestion at Birchley runs directly CONTRARY to bent Labour Sandwell Council's plan to destroy the adjoining 19ha greenfield site at Lion Farm Fields. Labour's vicious "leader", Steve "The Milkman" Eling, and Cllr Paul Moore are insistent that the corrupt deal with a property developer known to ex-Councillor Hussain to build a shopping centre on this vital green space will go through (hence the Audit Committee fake "hearing" recently). The air quality is shocking in this area but as Lion Farm folk are just scum in Sandwell Labour's eyes their views don't count and they can squat in their tower blocks etc and watch their precious open space be concreted over. Please tell me how building a massive "up-market" shopping centre next to Birchley Island is not going to massively INCREASE congestion?

Incidentally Tory Mayor Street also mentioned money will be available for the Dudley Bus etc interchange and ancillary developments. Here is a photo of him with the developer who has bought up land by the bus station including off the Hussain family:

The developer, the guy holding the plan, is Jeremy Knight Adams ie the same guy planning to destroy Lion Farm Fields after his friend Hussain failed to mention his involvement with him and he and "The Sandwell Slasher", Cllr Hackett, waived a deal through with Knight Adams in 2012 which Eling and Co quickly endorsed but are STILL trying to keep secret!

No doubt Knight Adams is having a massive party tonight to celebrate his good fortune in his mansion on the edge of the Malvern Hills far, far, away from sh*tholes like Sandwell and Dudley.

Oh, and did I mention again, that he is a massive donor to the Tory Party?

2nd November - The Wolvo C*cksuckers Again - Is this the start of Rotherham-style revelations I wonder? Sandwell Labour have a disastrous record with Children's Services. This chap worked for the corrupt local police and also lives in WB.

31st October The Guardian -

Two reasons for including this report. Firstly, the general point that conditions for trade are, like butchery, bloody on the High Street. Crawshaws have prominent premises in West Brom which was supposed to be something of a flagship branch. "Dr" Alison Knight - someone who was involved in a disastrous Sandwell Council project, left, but has, amazingly, been re-employed - produced a report using her professional expertise seemingly ignoring what is happening all over the country and claiming that a new shopping centre destroying Lion Farm Fields (see above) will create 2,000 jobs. So that's alright then comrades! Sadders will buck the national trend.....

Secondly, this looks like more bad news for Sandwell's very own millionaire "chicken-king", Ranjit Boparan. He held nearly 30% of Crawshaws and his "Two Sisters" company also supplied meat to them. He has the powder and shot to maybe enter a deal saving the best outlets and shafting the creditors but we shall see.

This comes on top of a £5 million profits dip at Two Sisters thanks to a food hygiene scandal at its West Brom plant which made national news in 2017. The breaches of standards were facilitated by lapses by your rotten Labour dictatorship. The head of Sandwell's bent paid service, Jan Britton admitted another pathetic Labour failure to Parliament thus ("he" being Britton):

Finally, and controversially:

1st November Metro - Our old friend Adam Smith (ex-Halesowen News but now "national") has written a piece on the new Smethwick Statue (and I was pleased to bump into him on licensed premises that night).

I am fully supportive of remembering the sacrifice of folk from the sub-continent in support of the British Empire. I am against the obsession with new statues in this country. Just wander around London and see how many of the figures of plinths mean anything to you? If communities want to raise statues they should pay for them. I understand there has been a donation from the Gurdwara and others in the local community but skid row Sandwell Labour have stumped up a significant amount of public money for this. I am sure they won't tell us how much and that a Freedom of Information request will have to be made to get the information.

Children's Services have been in crisis for years under Labour. There have been terrible cuts in Adult Social Care as the comrades say they haven't got any money. But old people in extremis and kids being sexually and physically abused don't tend to vote whereas Labour takes great pains to court the "Asian" demographic. So why not screw the populace again to pay for a statue in Smethwick if they bag more votes next May? I am sure a number of the Labour greasers will be out in force at the grand opening tomorrow to try and claim some kudos and so if you are there you will be able to ask them the costs and contact me with the details.

Incidentally, this statue has been "sold" to the public as the "first statue" commemorating Indian Soldiers in WWI whereas there are already monumental memorial gates in London commemorating the folk of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Caribbean who served in the First and Second World Wars. Further there is the the beautiful and evocative Chattri on the Sussex Downs inaugurated in 1921 commemorating Indian Soldiers in WWI.

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."


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  1. I'm a Labour supporter but it's obvious that Sandwell's councillors have been far too complacent for far too long!

    It's a vote for the Green's at local elections from me from now on!