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Squealing Eling and West Mids Police!

Time and time again this blog has criticised the incestuous relationship between bent West Midlands Police and corrupt Labour Sandwell Council so that the former fail to do their job and investigate the latter.

Thanks to an informant I discovered that the "leader" of Sandwell Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Sandwell Council had been writing to Ch Supt Richard Baker of Sandwell Police encouraging him to prosecute me for writing this blog. I knew nothing of this since when the Police interviewed me under caution they told me they were the "complex crime unit" from Wolvo. (Regular readers will know that even though I had a solicitor present two of their officers tried to fit me up by alleging that two complainants against Eling and Marshall were, in fact, complaining about ME! This was a lie). Clearly this was another lie as Sandwell Police were also involved (eg see the reference to the "Gold Meeting".

I made a subject access request to WMP and have received a whole batch of emails between Eling/SMBC heavily redacted. But even what is there shows grossly defamatory comments by Eling and SMBC and I will be taking appropriate action.

If there was any doubt of a conspiracy to "get me" - not via the civil law but by the police acting as corrupt agents for an elected Labour Council you now have it here.

The general reader should also take a look at the entry of 18th March 2018 when Sandwell Council and Eling somehow think it is appropriate to inform the Police about my support for the families of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. What the f*ck is going on?????

Eling is a bully. He and his wife threatened me with violence INSIDE an election count and then said they would lie to the police and fit me up. Just ask Yvonne Davies, Melanie Dudley and various SMBC employees about Eling's temper and bullying. He was heavily involved as the "numbers" man throughout the disastrous Cooper/Britton era and was duly exposed by James Morris MP in the House of Commons last January. His dimwitted comrades saw him as a safe pair of hands despite all the evidence to the contrary and he scraped through as leader in a rigged process. He immediately set up inexperienced Cllr Richard Marshall as his enforcer in Sandwell whilst he continued to rake in pay in his day job at Rotherham Council and grabbing his full Sandwell allowances. A shocking lack of judgement. The pair met with me and asked me to attack his enemies. They promised me the "bullets" to fire and set up a WhatsApp account to send me information which they mistakenly believed was encrypted. The "Spunkgate" and other scandals followed. Marshall was exposed for not paying Council tax but Eling stood by him. Marshall was made bankrupt but Eling stood by him. When the WhatsApp feed was made public Eling lied about it to at least one fellow Labour Councillor. Even when Marshall's phone number was shown on the account Eling stood by him and would have let him stand for election again in May had not he suddenly realised that it was better to let Tricky Dicky take the rap to try and save his own skin. Will he is personally all over what follows and has involved SMBC in all this so that they also now face legal action. His position is untenable and he has to go..... Even the thick "comrades" must realise this in the light of all this!

Obviously the redacted information is likely to include even more highly defamatory material.

Even some of the recipients have been redacted from the following but it is highly likely that when fuller versions become available this will link SMBC even deeper into the conspiracy. I say this because I am aware of at least one email that has, for an unknown reason at present, not been disclosed to me by WMP. In that mail Squealing Eling wrote to "Rich" Baker but copied in three senior people at the top of the bent Sandwell paid service ie Jan Britton, Surjit Tour and Philip Tart. Clearly there will need to be a full investigation into Britton and Tour's involvement in this shocking scandal as taxpayers' money has seemingly been squandered for purely political reasons. Further there is clear evidence that they have leaked confidential documents including legal statements.

14/08/17 - Note this has been sent via a Sandwell Council account. What on earth does he mean that I have been trying to "pervert the course of justice"?

17/08/17 - once again this email is from "Sandwell SMBC":

23/08/17 - I wrote to Eling and Marshall about Sp*nkgate and suggested they both resign. Jan Britton's bent paid service sent this on the WMP:


19/09/17: this is again sent via Sandwell Council but is more "matey" in tone - presumably from Eling to his WMP mate "Rich"?

19/09/17 - Ch Supt Baker replies to SMBC:

23/09/17 - Someone, presumably Eling, continues to use SMBC to push "Rich" towards prosecuting me. You will see that "we" - by which he presumably means Jan britton's bent paid service have obviously used taxpayers' money to prepare a "dossier" with "appendices".

16/01/18 - an odd one as this is just SMBC sending an email to three councillors to the police even though I had copied them in!

17/01/18 - this is very interesting since it refers to my unlawful ejection from attending a public council meeting which is now the subject of civil action BY ME in respect of the false and malicious allegation. There is also here highly libellous allegations that I was "harassing and stalking" a woman! I can guess who is putting these lies forward can't you readers? Clearly a "file" has also been sent to the CPS. Note - SMBC are STILL actively hiding the person who made the false allegation against me which caused the wardens to act. If the matter was reported to SMBC why are they lying to me? They obviously know the source of the malicious complaint!

27/01/18 - finally Eling uses his personal account. Why the hell is he wasting police time on this b*llocks? Why are they letting him? "Criminal Intimidation"? FFS!

19/02/18: Eling returns to using his official Council account and is clearly writing on behalf of the Council. He threatens legal action which never came. But you will see from this and what follows that he is VERY anxious to shut me up about the bent Lion Farm deal!

19/02/18 - Eling seems to be getting desperate and uses SMBC to try and force my prosecution. Note he is trying to suggest that he is acting on behalf of all Labour councillors!

19/02/18:  The third email of the day as SMBC/Eling seek to waste more police time!

02/03/18: I had provided a statement to Solicitors for a Council Standards hearing which was not used. Eling says the Council then unlawfully sent it to the Police. But here Eling sends it again under his own name. He is an elected member and not a member of Jan Britton's bent paid service. He  has no right to use the statement (which may have been subject to legal professional privilege in any event). He has unlawfully used a private Council document. Funnily enough this statement was brought up when I was interviewed under caution by corrupt WMP and I questioned the police how they had got it!

Note the "Regards Steve" to his mate...

02/03/18: Police confirm to Eling that I am to be interviewed under caution (and I was a few days later):

02/03/18: An acknowledgement from the Groveller Eling!

13/03/18 - this is interesting because in January the highly controversial Monitoring Officer of bent Sandwell Council, Surjit Tour, wrote to say that public money was to be spent to instruct "specialist" legal counsel to find ways to shut my blog down (even though it is said that Jan Britton had been down this route when Cooper was alive). Apparently there is so little serious crime in Sandwell WMP can discuss my blog at their "Gold Meeting"! You couldn't make it up....

18/03/18 - this is incredible! Eling/SMBC think it appropriate to "inform" WMP that I support the Justice 4 The 21 campaign ie to get justice for the 21 folk murdered in the Birmingham pub bombings. How is Jan Britton allowing him to do this via SMBC and why does Eling think this is a matter for WMP (who. of course, failed spectacularly to do their job and fitted up the Birmingham Six for the atrocity). Presumably Eling thinks WMP hate the families of those murdered and he can curry favour with "Rich" by associating me with their campaign.

17/04/18:  heavily redacted but this shows there is a concerted campaign of SMBC-linked complaints to the police about me. It will be interesting to see if this email refers to Jan Britton!

17/04/18:  Apparently standing up for my legal rights constitutes "a menacing threat"! You will also see that Eling is becoming increasingly paranoid and starts attacking WMP alleging they have a "mole" in the ranks leaking information to me! This is a bit rich when he and Marshall set up a line of communication and then leaked confidential SMBC information to me to attack his enemies.

This summer I have had to fight off the GMB's solicitors in a spurious defamation claim on behalf of Sarah James. It is quite clear from this that she had involved Eling in this and no doubt the comrades egged her on to take action as part of their concerted campaign against me. This is a civil matter nothing to do with SMBC and yet Jan Britton is permitting Ealing to use the Council's facilities to send it to the police!

20/05/18:  I am a journalist but Eling takes exception to me writing to him on a subject raised by fellow Labour Councillors. This from his private email.
31/05/18: Sent from his personal account Eling continues to bombard WMP with crazed nonsense:

15/06/18 - Eling and SMBC re-start their attack on me. This time Eling again objects to me standing up for my rights and somehow thinks this is a police matter whereas he is just wasting their time again:

26/06/18: Once again Eling objects to plain old-journalism. I ask him questions based on an article on the Skwawkbox site and on information received. Yet again he classes a journalistic enquiry as some bizarre form of criminal harassment! Lest we forget he IS (unbelievably) "leader" of the Council!

29/06/18: This disclosure by WMP is incomplete as an email of 29/06/18 was sent by Eling to "Rich" Baker which was grossly defamatory.

12/07/18: Eling is panicking about my FOI request about him and Marshall using SMBC's audit department to attack his enemies and writes to the Police and to the Office of the Information Commission - desperate to stop the latter's investigation. Needless to say I am contacting the ICO. Note that this is an official SMBC email signed "Leader, Sandwell MBC" and he is trying to stymie the ICO's activity:

27/07/18: Squealing Eling is losing the plot. Just look at the ludicrous title of this email: "Complaint about the most outrageous profanity by Saunders" - "Lol"! As above, his crazed paranoia starts to kick in and he starts blaming the Police for my blogs! (As we shall see this backfires).

28/07/18: Finally the Police have had enough of this. They have spent huge resources over many months in trying to silence me. I had pointed out to them on numerous occasions that Eling (a rich man) and SMBC have civil remedies against me but can't/won't use them as they know they will lose.  They are determined to criminalise me instead. WMP confirm that there has been no criminal conduct (although still put me under immense pressure for several months to realise the bleeding obvious and they seized my phone). They are clearly fed up with this pressure from Eling/SMBC. (Once again query whether they will consider proceeding against certain individuals for (a) wasting police time, and (b) lying in police statements).

30/07/18: Eling and SMB are thwarted and Squealer resorts to what he does best - bullying. He now starts to attack the police who have simply done their job for once and advised him that he should take civil action if he has a grouse.

30/07/18: Once again WMP seem to be getting pissed off with this ranting bully and put him right on the law (what a shame it took 5 months plus of police resources to realise that free speech is precious!) Why can't the huge Sandwell Council legal department work this out????

30/07/18: Eling tries to read something positive into the reply.... What a deluded and nasty man!

I can't say too much at the moment but this orchestrated and malicious campaign has now switched so that staff are being forced to make complaints. Hence I face criminal trial in January for alleged calling Jan Britton a "c*cksucker". I can't say much about this as it is sub judice but other communications from SMBC trying to force Rich Baker's team to prosecute me have already been referred to the CPS. Further, I have been called into Oldbury nick again next week by Rich Baker's officers in respect of yet another alleged (and unspecified) complaint against me. It looked like the penny had finally dropped with that senior officer about what is really going here but obviously not. The harassment of me and this blog continues via SMBC and West Midlands Police!


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