Saturday, 28 February 2015

Useless Local Media!

With the bright shining exception of the Halesowen News and Adrian Goldberg the local media have been totally pathetic in their obsequiousness to the Labour Party in Sandwell and its moronic "Leader" in particular. It is difficult to know whether this is due to partisanship and political bias or due to simple ineptitude. Some insiders tell me of the pressure for resources newsrooms are under so that there is no "proper journalism" any more and a tendency to simply regurgitate press releases without any objective assessment of their veracity.

Even the BBC with all their resources are at it. Witness their media coverage of the Turdmeister twitter scandal last week. The BBC, the Express and Star and the Birmingham Mail all reported the suspension by Twitter of Sandwell Council Leader, [sic] Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper and gave him a public platform for his ludicrous allegation that he was somehow "a victim" of trolls (without naming any of them).

The media totally ignored all the evidence put forward so far by this blog of Turdy's own very close engagement with NUMEROUS troll accounts but also the actually bullying of individuals by him via his own "personal" twitter account - much of it via his Council-owned iphone.

The BBC, Express and Star and Birmingham Mail all told the tale that Twitter suspended Dimwit Darren's account not because of harassment and intimidation (though I can assure you Twitter have had plenty of complaints about that) but because of his publication of a photo of a private individual in violation of the rules. Don't forget that no-one forced Cooper to display the photograph - he did so of his own free will (and thus displaying once again his appalling lack of judgement).



DID TURDY PUBLISH THE PHOTO IN THE FIRST PLACE? The answer, of course, is that he did so to, er, HARASS AND INTIMIDATE the individual concerned.

Had the media organisations (who know the identity of the person being victimised) troubled to look at this blog they would have seen that The Great Helmsman has a long history of harassing that person. Way back in May, 2014 I did a detailed blog about this: "Tweets of The Turdmeister, Part One":

What on earth did these journalists imagine Cooper was actually doing????

Incidentally, Cooper was using twitter to attack the same individual in the same vein as recently as 9th February.

The professional journalists (excluding once again the Halesowen News and Adrian G) take great delight in looking down their noses at this blog and some boast that they do not trouble to read it despite the fact that The Skidder has scooped them on numerous stories! How very, er, professional.

Had they bothered to look they would have seen that Turdy (lest we forget - stifles laugh - the Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel) has "form" for putting covertly-obtained photos on his twitter account in order to harass and intimidate. Here is a second one:

Covertly-obtained photo placed on Twitter by Turdy the same day
For further details professional journalists should read these two posts:

It is also shocking that Twitter reinstated Turdy's account so quickly but at least this allowed one of the troll accounts (currently suspended) that Cooper was actively engaging with (another example of his appalling lack of judgement - or worse) to gloat:
         Victim? Don't make me laugh....
(Massive blog on Cooper's bullying coming soon....)

Police fraud team investigating Sandwell Council - DS Wayne Haynes & Team - 0121 251 2175


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Friday, 27 February 2015

Labour's Turd-Tweeters Cost Over Half a Million!

Risible stuff!
This is the sort of total bollocks being pumped out by Sandwell Labour's propaganda machine but the real stink is that this is still costing us taxpayers over HALF a MILLION QUID a year!

I am setting out below the full text of a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act response as to the cost of the bloated "spin" department. Before I comment further may I just make a couple of observations.

Firstly, the dimwitted "leader" of Sandwell Council, Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper, made a great song and dance recently about how, in future, Labour would usher in a new era of openness and transparency in its dealings (a tacit admission of the secrecy and obfuscation that shrouded its dealings in the past). The venal and incompetent comrades actually cheered him - I was there and nearly vomited over myself. Of course, this turned out to be total Cooper bullshit and just by way of a simple example, the crafty comrades have recently REMOVED all the old FOI replies from their website and there is no other means of accessing them! Thus in a grotesque Stalinesque stunt they have airbrushed any information that may be used against them from history. (I have been onto the Information Commissioner about this and it seems that this is actually legal!)

Secondly, it seems that before they are sent out, all FOI replies are now being routed through Melanie Dudley whose deep involvement in the multi-million pound BT contract disaster (and much else) ensured that Turdy recently PROMOTED her to Assistant Chief Executive. Mind you this might be a good thing since the amoeboid Chief Executive, Jan Britton, has obviously been comfortable with the Council lying in FOI replies (eg Judgstock, eg Bog-gate,eg rate relief on Labour Party-owned Terry Duffy House and, most recently, eg Sunny Jim Cadman's failed statue fund). I am writing again to the Information Commissioner about these matters since this is a totally unacceptable situation (except to Britton apparently). With Mel's seemingly unswerving devotion to Labour and The Turdmeister himself I feel sure she will soon act to stop the rot!

Moving swiftly on, you will see from the reply that even the spinners have not been exempt from Cooper's mass redundancies but that there are still 9 full-timers and 2 part-timers churning out inane tweets, writing Cooper's blog for him (as he is too thick to do it himself - though I am told they do give him some crayons and let him colour the pictures in now and again) and producing such notorious works as the communications plan to do down The Public - see:

(Incidentally, I wonder if the three ringers brought in in 2013/2014 were there to work on Labour's campaign to destroy The Public? Info anyone?)

Incessant coverage of Turdy obsession

And so at a time when Cooper is driving Sandwell Council over the cliff edge the taxpayer is forking out around £550,000 a year for this garbage and for the glorification of The Great Helmsman himself!

I repeat the offer I made via twitter to the loony lefties - if they want ME to sit in the pub all day tweeting about dog shit I will be happy to oblige - and at a fraction of the current cost!!!

In you have any information about "unusual" council house allocations by the comrades can you please contact DS Wayne Haynes and the police fraud team on 0121 251 2175.


E-mail:      Twitter:   @bcrover (Vernon Grant)

Confidential phone no:   07599 983737

 Freedom of Information Request – Communications Information 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request dated 29 January 2015. Please find below the information you have requested:

May I preface this request by saying that it may have been unnecessary had SMBC chosen to respond to my request for a copy of an earlier FOI request (not from me) on this subject and/or to have responded to my question to your press office. It looks like that you ate going to force this blog to do everything "the hard way". So be it.

 In respect of the size and budget for SMBC's Communication's Department please state: 1. The number of employees – specifying full-time, part-time, temporary, seconded etc employed in the Communications Department and the annual cost for each of the following years (being "Council years" ie 1st April to 31st March):

 The number of employees employed in the Communications Unit on 1 April of each of the years requested was as follows: 

• 12 full-time (including 2 on reduced hours)
• 1 part-time
• 1 temporary, part-time
• 1 seconded, full-time (not funded by Communications Unit budget)
• 1 seconded, part-time (not funded by Communications Unit budget)
• 14 full-time
• 1 part-time
• 1 temporary, part-time
• 11 full-time
• 1 part-time
• 2 temporary, part-time
• 10 full-time
• 1 part-time
• 1 temporary, part-time
• 3 seconded, full-time (not funded by Communications Unit budget)

The approved net target budget for the Communications Unit for each of
the years requested was as follows: 

2010/11 £598,800
2011/12 £579,200
2012/13 £641,000
2013/14 £549,600

These figures included staffing, communications materials/campaigns
and overheads – e.g. office equipment, electricity, telephones and
building costs. 

2. Please state the current number of employees (as defined above)
within the Department and the budget for the current financial year
to 31st March, 2015.

The approved net target budget for the Communications Unit for 2014/15
was £554,300. Again, this figure included staffing, communications
materials/campaigns and overheads – e.g. office equipment, electricity,
telephones and building costs.

On 1 April 2014, the number of employees in the Communications Unit
was as follows:
• 12 full-time
• 1 part-time
• 1 temporary, part-time

Following a restructure of the Improvement & Efficiency directorate in
December 2014, the number of employees currently in the
Communications Unit is now as follows:
• 9 full-time
• 1 part-time
• 1 temporary, part-time

They cover the following areas of work – media enquiries, news releases,
marketing, digital and social media, design, photography, internal
communications and supporting council events.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sandwell Stunner - Taxpayer to pay for Jim Cadman Statue Scheme!

Sandwell you are being conned by Labour and once again they have LIED in a Freedom of Information reply!

This blog has pointed out all along the dubious nature of the joke leader Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper's "deal" with statue entrepreneur Jim Cadman whose numerous companies have a less than glorious recent record of late. One of the companies operated by a member of his family recently went bust leaving dozens of cash-strapped councils owed hundreds of thousands of pounds. Here are the links if you want to see some more detail later:

In the above blogs I have pointed out all the best aspects of this bent deal but, very briefly, Jim Cadman is a "businessman" with previous connections with Darren Cooper and SMBC. He has raised money for a number of statues but has never produced accounts for any of them. A string of his companies have been struck off and one went into liquidation. As above, another company which he claimed to represent and which was controlled my a relative with the Cadman name went bust recently owing three-quarters of a million pounds.

Cadman mostly uses a sculptor called Graham Ibbeson to make the statues. Ibbeson runs two companies which were, at the time of his last accounts, both also in poor financial shape.

(Cadman is currently also trying to raise money for a project in Morecambe and told the local paper that Ibbeson was "his business partner"?)

This deal was always "sold" by Cadman as a private initiative though there are grave doubts about this given the activities of Cooper and officers of Sandwell Council. Cadman brought in one of my great heroes - Cyrille Regis - to give the scheme credence. I simply refuse to believe that Cyrille is "in" on this dodgy business and can only assume that he is being somehow duped as to the true nature of this odd arrangement.

Enter self-appointed "Voice of the Baggies", The Turdmeister, and Sandwell employees. With no proper public consultation and at a time of unprecedented cuts to frontline services and mass redundancies, senior officers of the Council allegedly took it upon themselves to divert £30,000 of public money (mostly received from the new Tesco development in West Bromwich - what is known here as s. 106 money) to this PRIVATE project. I mean, it's not as if Sandwell needs any infrastructure improvements is it? The Council, including its amoeboid Chief Executive, has consistently refused to say WHO they paid the PUBLIC money too or to say whether they checked-out Cadman and the legal status of his unaccountable fund!

So much for this being a private project. Sandwell's planning chief, Nick Bubalo (a name familiar to readers of this blog in respect of a number of issues) then applied for planning permission for the hideous thing in the half-empty New Square IN HIS OWN NAME as an officer of the Council and then GRANTED THE PLANNING PERMISSION HIMSELF UNDER HIS OWN DELEGATED POWERS! When I pointed out the blatant illegality of this Sandwell came back with the comment that having looked at this again it had been decided that planning permission had not been required in the first place (something you might think the head of planning might have known)!

I suspect the £30,000 has been paid to Cadman and Ibbeson who have used it to make a small model of the ugly statue known as a maquette. Curiously, you have probably never seen this but it appears that one version has found its way into the private office of, er Cllr Darren Cooper. Take a look at the object behind his head here (apologies for quality):

A piece of sh*t?
I have put various Freedom of Information requests in about this scandalous state of affairs  and here is part of a specific reply of 31st July, 2014 which, after admitting the diversion of £30,000 of public money to Cadman, stated quite unambiguously:

"It is not currently envisaged that there will be
any further financial contributions to this project from s 106, or from
other SMBC funding sources. The balance of funding for this privately
sponsored public art initiative is to be raised through private
subscription and public donations."

Cadman was using his tried and tested routines to raise the secret sums for these projects and a gala dinner was planned for 10th November, 2014 - in Birmingham not West Bromwich. Unfortunately he had difficulty selling the £95 per head tickets (discounted deal £900 for a table of ten) and the event collapsed!

As above, Cadman has never produced accounts as to the money he has collected, what he paid out and how much he and Ibbeson took out of the pot. This cartoon-ish statue was to be far more expensive than other projects at £220,000 but then perhaps he knew that he had the idiotic "Baggies-mad" Cooper on the hook and that Cooper would use all his powers to ensure that the project was completed with public money.

Cooper was frantically pumping his pet scheme for all it was worth and then the Labour Council diverted a further £1,469 of public money intended for Sandwell Arts Festival (including Arts Council money) to promote the wretched thing. Once again this was seemingly permitted by senior officers of the Council without question. Even so it did not help Sunny Jim with the dinner ticket sales.

Cadman was interviewed by the Birmingham Mail following the collapse of the Birmingham shindig and this is what they reported on 20th November, 2014 - just three months ago:

"Entrepreneur Jim Cadman admitted there had been difficulties with the project but said the fund was well on its way to achieving its target even though the project was behind its original schedule.
Mr Cadman said: “In the time that has elapsed we have continued with our fundraising. Counting cash and pledges we now have £155,000 towards the target required of £220,000.” "
He also stated that the gala fund-raising dinner had been re-scheduled for "Spring, 2015".

Cooper takes the attitude that once Sandwell folk vote Labour in each year they can then fuck-off. He has a "democratic mandate" and the Labour party will do whatever they please. Here is yet another example. This is buried in the Regeneration and Economy [sic] budget for the next financial year commencing on 1st April:

Growth Points: Celebration Public Sculpture £160,000

Let us just recap for a moment:

1. There is no evidence of any proper consultation for this private project;
2. The legal status of Cadman's fund is unknown and he produces no accounts for his private projects;
3. There does not appear to have been any democratic decision of the Council to spend public money on this private project which has all allegedly been decided by officers of the Council.

The sharp-eyed will have also noted another serious discrepancy here. Super-salesman Sunny Jim says he has already "raised" £155,000 and Sandwell Council have already stumped up public money of £30,000. That leaves just £35,000 to raise to get to £220,000 so why on earth are Sandwell budgeting £160,000! IS SOMEONE TELLING PORKIES HERE?

Sandwell have destroyed  arts provision in the Borough, are killing the libraries, closing down Youth Services and hacking frontline services to pieces. They have budgeted another £8.5m for more mass redundancies in the next financial year but are, on the figures, putting £191,469 into a private project because Cooper demands it.The Council are being castigated for failing in their statutory duty to the most vulnerable kids in the Borough - those at very serious risk of harm - but continue to pump huge sums into The Albion Foundation - a charity allegedly operated by a rich Premier League club who, in fact, pay a pittance in whilst reaping the kudos from its activities. And all again because Dimwit Darren decrees it. The Club itself also benefits from taxpayers' money and just last month the cash-strapped Labour Council paid them £7,906.40 of OUR money for an unknown purpose!

When the Labour candidates come knocking before the May elections remember to ask them about all this won't you?

Don't forget you can speak to the police fraud team currently investigating Sandwell Council on 0121 251 2175 - DS Wayne Haynes and his team.


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Monday, 23 February 2015

No Sh*t Serco!

Back in 2010 the "socialist" Sandwell Council outsourced its street cleaning, waste disposal etc to private behemoth, Serco, in a 25-year £650 million + contract.

Unite the Union made a great song and dance about it and there was industrial action but they quickly caved-in when Serco offered them a sop. "I'm very pleased. All members are happy", local Unite officer and close personal friend of Council Leader [sic] Darren Cooper, Brian Rickers, told the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers.

It has to be said that Labour have a disastrous record with outsourcing and "25-year" contracts. The housing contract had to be brought back in-house and the BT "Transform Sandwell" deal turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, with the multi-million pound fallout still damaging Sandwell. The Public was another "25-year" project which the comrades simply tore-up.

On the other hand, the loony Lefties have been comprehensively stitched-up in long-term PFI deals by the likes of Barclays Private Equity and Interserve and are being forced to pay eye-wateringly large sums to them and their successors for periods of up to 30 years. Just take a look at SMBC's "payments over £500 list" and you will see the colossal monthly payments under these deals to the likes of Total Schools Solutions (Sandwell) Ltd and Sandwell Futures Ltd.

PFI is not known as "Pay For it Indefinitely" without good reason and the "socialists" would have to pay staggering sums to buy the people of Sandwell and the taxpayer out. The strutting "leader", Cooper, and his Labour comrades have saddled not just this generation but the next with mountainous debts.

On a happier note it is said that a few "friends" of Sandwell Labour have been found employment with Serco including, so it is said, one with a criminal record for serious violence. It is also said that Deputy Leader Cllr Mahboob Hussain's son-in-law works for them (the one who owns a house in Century Road, Oldbury with Hussain's daughter for which Sandwell labour gave the couple a home-improvement grant - which is strange as she has also been given a four-bedroom council house by the cunning comrades and diligent officers of Jan Britton's Council team!)

Serco have been raking in millions from Sandwell folk and the taxpayer-at-large but are showered with praise at every opportunity by senior Labour councillors. In 2013 Cllr Ian Jones (the one who lied live on BBC radio about the #bog-gate scandal) said:

"Since teaming up with Serco in 2010 we have dramatically improved waste and recycling services for residents".

When a local resident tweeted to Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper himself with a contrary view, Turdy replied in his own inimitable way (via his purely "personal" account which is not, er, used to promote SMBC etc):

Feedback about Serco very positive normally. But we meet know when it's not a good service."

Sandwell Labour have permitted Serco to put their logo as an advertisement on a variety of SMBC propaganda posters and leaflets including a former arts festival, a shindig aimed at promoting Labour at West Bromwich Town Hall and others.

Serco also (allegedly) sponsor the "Big Spring Clean" whereby volunteers laudably go around doing for free what Serco itself is paid millions by us taxpayers to do anyway ie cleaning up the Borough. You will see from the 2014 poster that this purports to be a Serco "event" and the contact is via Serco but SMBC boldly display their logo and their huge, taxpayer-funded, press office use all available means to link this to the Council and thus to promote Labour:

Let's hope that the funding is coming from Serco and not the cunning comrades, eh Readers? There is only one company "cleaning-up" from all this!

Which brings us neatly to Sandwell Labour's favourite subject - canine excrement. Not long ago, the Trotskyist [sic] Turd-hunters launched a poster campaign of staggering vulgarity at a cost of £3,386 to the taxpayer against the brown tide engulfing the six towns and, ever since, the bloated and supposedly "independent" press office has pumped huge public resources into promoting this. Of course, The Turdmeister himself has given the campaign his imprimatur and extensive backing - earning his sobriquet in the process.

Unbelievably, it is said that some other councils (Bewdley possibly being one) have adopted the ghastly images and so at least that means Sandwell Labour have got some licence fees back for all this public expenditure. Alas not. The comradely coprophiles have, according to a Freedom of Information reply, gifted the rights away "in the spirit of co-operation"! So who says they are short of cash?

Ah well, I hear you say - at least the Serco logo is daubed all over the posters and so the entrepreneurial lefties will have got a fair old screw out of the capitalist giant for that? I think you can guess what is coming? Yes, you are right. Sandwell Labour say in an FOI reply that they got precisely NOTHING from Serco for advertising the logo far and wide.

The morons in Sandwell Labour like to refer to the public-cash-guzzling monster that is Serco as their "partner" (perhaps Cllr Sandars writes the script?) This is not something that comes out of a dog's arse but out of that of a larger beast altogether. It is popularly called "bullsh*t".

Sandwell employees and others can phone the police fraud team in confidence - DS Wayne Haynes - 0121 251 2175


E-mail: Twitter: @bcrover (vernon Grant)

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Hussain Family Payday Edges Closer!

Just thought you would like to see the progress of the Lodge Street, Oldbury development. These shots are from two days ago. Clearly you will all be anxious that shed loads of money arrive safely with Councillor Hussain's family and soon!

The first two houses are coming along nicely - roofs on and windows in. The two next door are only partially completed but a start has been made on another two.

Of course, Sandwell Labour initially wanted to put "old people" here on land infamously described by the Labour Deputy Leader, Mahboob Hussain, as "f*cking sh*t". Hussain's Land Disposal Committee (Hussain, Eling, Hackett and Ian Jones) decided to sell the substantial cleared plot and duly authorised Neeraj Sharma and Nick Bubalo - both senior and highly-paid Council officers - to arrange matters. Fortunately, unknown officers of the Council were then able to facilitate the actual sale (no questions asked) at just £145,000 to Cllr Hussain's own son, Azeem Hafeez, who is also an EMPLOYEE of the Council, and then grant him planning permission for 14 houses! Although the Labour Council deemed this proposal for 14 houses a "major development" the unknown officers of SMBC also graciously declined to ask Hussain's son, for a s.106 planning/Community Infrastructure Levy payment. Kerrching!

Labour Sandwell are REFUSING to answer a Freedom of Information request about all this which The Skidder put in on your behalf because of the "ongoing police investigation".

(Remember you can contact DS Wayne Haynes and his fraud team in confidence on 0121 251 2175).

First two houses progressing well and the money will soon be rolling in.

Two more houses awaiting roofs and two more started.

Nice to have some good news about Sandwell Labour though, isn't it Readers?


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Thursday, 19 February 2015

New phone number AND HOT NEWS!

Twitter have finally noticed the abusive and bullying content of Council "Leader" Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper's Twitter account and his engagement with numerous KNOWN troll accounts (following, retweeting etc) and SUSPENDED his account.

Sandwell Council official business card sanctioning the Twitter account

No doubt Twitter will let him back on in due course and the troll accounts are all still up and running.

In the meantime the craven BBC have given Turdy a platform to go on air and play the victim - it is all a conspiracy against him stretching from Sandwell to California! No doubt the c*ck-suckers at The Express and Star will be next to apply the whitewash.

But this is all down to you moron! You have no-one to blame but yourself for what the Council laughingly say is your "personal" account. Still, I for one am glad you are also bringing the Labour Party into disrepute though less happy with the damage your utterances are causing to the Borough of Sandwell.

Just one of the trolls Cooper is actively engaged with,
Remember that Cooper was managing to follow one of the troll accounts that Twitter eventually took down SEVERAL HOURS BEFORE IT WENT LIVE. He has not been able to give an explanation for this!

Here are just some of the troll accounts from HIS timeline before his abusive account was suspended. Cooper knows that, for example, the accounts purporting to be those of my wife are clearly NOT but continues to engage with them in any event despite their abusive and defamatory content:

This is the troll account the1nformer which he has stopped following

That is SEVEN troll accounts at least that the moron has been actively engaging with plus the two that Twitter have taken down. YOU made these decisions YOURSELF Cooper!

This man is the CHAIR of the WEST MIDLANDS POLICE AND CRIME PANEL! You couldn't make it up! He also wants to be in charge of "Greater Birmingham" if and when it ever happens and it seems Labour are promoting him for that role! Birmingham and Solihull - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

No doubt the trolls are stirring as I write this. There is an ongoing police investigation with regard to this harassment of myself and my wife. If you have information please contact Twitter AND the police on 0121 251 2175 (crime reference 20BW/219129J/14).

There is a mega-blog coming shortly with regard to the Sandwell Labour "leader's" bullying, Watch this space.....


07584 759551


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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cllr Mohammad Rouf - An Oasis at The Midnight

I hate it when people have a go at "the unemployed". Many of us have faced periods of unemployment in our lives - often through no fault of our own (though the opposite often applied in my case!) People often accuse the unemployed of fecklessness whereas many continue to work tirelessly for their local communities.

Sandwell Labour's Councillor Rouf is one such. Here is the most recent Register of Interests from as recently as 13th November, 2014.


1. Any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain (Including employment outside of the Borough of Sandwell).


Mind you, it seems Cllr Rouf has had a touch of what is known locally as "Hussain's Disease" where a person appears physically and mentally healthy but has a tendency to "forget" important details about their life history. 

Thus in previous blogs, for example, I have referred to the discrepancy between Rouf's legal statements to the Council that he was "unemployed" (whilst holding a Birmingham City Council private hire taxi licence until 12th January, 2015) whilst as recently as 14th August, 2014 he was making legal declarations to Companies House that he was, in fact, "self-employed".

My Smethwick informants told me, however, that rather than sitting on his backside watching Jeremy Kyle etc the unemployed Rouf works tirelessly for the Midnight Pharmacy on Shireland Road, Smethwick. Rouf opens up each morning, serves customers all day AND delivers prescriptions. I was told that such is his diligence that he opens the shop at exactly 8.45 am each day.

And so, dear readers, I found myself in Smethwick on 16th January, 2015 and at 8.45 am PRECISELY a black C-class Mercedes parked behind the building and Mr Rouf got out and proceeded to open the shop. Just as well since although the pharmacy does not officially open until 9.00 am,  at 8.49 Rouf took a delivery from AAH Pharmeuticals and two customers appeared.

I had some other research to do for this blog and went off, returning at 9.15 am. By this time Rouf had been joined by another member of staff. My plan was to go for some breakfast but I was so concerned that I might come into contact with the canine faecal material which, according to Sandwell's moronic "leader", lies in huge quantities around Smethwick and other areas of the Borough that I went in and bought this:

I was not offered a till receipt for my cash purchase.

Happily I was able to have a chat with Councillor Rouf himself! Although I had not asked, Cllr Rouf told me that the shop belongs to one of his sons and that he just "helped out" occasionally. I asked him if this was "voluntary work" and he replied in the affirmative. People tell me that this "work" has been going on for a long time but that cannot be correct since Rouf didn't mention it in his Register entry of 25th September, 2014 (although did refer to doing "occasional" unpaid work at the pharmacy in his revised entry of 13th November, 2014)!

Surely, the good citizens of Smethwick may wish to recognise Rouf's social work with some sort of community award?

I liked Mohammad. He seemed a humble, down-to-earth sort of chap. I took the opportunity to ask him when he would be moving into the seven-bedroom mansion nearing completion just round the corner from the pharmacy on Florence Road but he assured me that HE wouldn't be moving in. He confirmed that he would prefer to stay in his terraced Council house in Trafalgar Road. What a guy!

(Happily, Rouf's Labour comrades together with officers of Sandwell Council rallied round and made sure he went to the top of the list for the Council house in Trafalgar Road when he sold the property he already owned in Wellington Road for just £125,000).

Rouf told me that only one of his sons and his "large" family would be moving in to the seven-bedroom Rouf Hall:

As at 16th January, 2015 - Rouf Hall nears completion
That will be a tremendous relief as the brand new Electoral Register shows that the son in question, Mohammad Shauib and what Rouf says is his "large family", are apparently all cooped up in the flat above the barbers in Shireland Road:

What was Rouf's Interest in this Property?
Not only that but the Electoral Register also shows that one of Rouf's other sons - the one who IS a pharmacist - Mohammad Javed - is also living there even though he co-owns a property in Station Road, Stechford (which address he used on a planning application to, er, Sandwell Council).

As stated in an earlier blog Mohammed Shauib is the legal owner of the barbers and flat above since 2005 and yet Councillor Rouf stated in a legal declaration to Sandwell Council of 2008 that HE retained an unspecified beneficial interest in the property. Doubtless the officers of Sandwell Council who let him jump straight into a council house satisfied themselves that he had disposed of this (and the money he received for the disposal of his interest).

But Sandwell Council do not just piss on us and tell us its raining - they even do it do poor old Spellar MP. Many local residents were unhappy at the huge Rouf Hall rising next to their traditional terraced houses and some complained to Spellar. The MP duly wrote to the Council and the Chief Executive of Sandwell no less, the independently-minded "Giant Amoeba" Jan Britton, replied. Clearly a public school educated person like Spellar, inculcated with notions of fair play, believed what he was being told and duly wrote to concerned residents on House of Commons notepaper dated 14th November, 2014:

"I enclose a copy of his [Britton's] reply and as you will see because of the investigations that are taking place at the moment involving the Council and the police they are unable to access the files until such time as the investigations have been completed".

(These being the investigations presumably that uber-thicko "Leader", Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper claims do not exist.)

Couldn't be much clearer could it readers? Exactly the same reason has been given by Britton and Co to refuse to reply to my Freedom of Information requests regarding the land sales to Labour's Deputy Leader Hussain's son and to Councillor Bawa. But wait - what's this? Within a fortnight the decisive Chief Executive changed tack completely. Even though the files are in "lock-down" it would actually be unlawful NOT to convey Rouf Hall to, er, Rouf's son! Here is the actual relevant part of Britton's letter dated 28th November - just 14 days after Spellar's effort:

"I can advise that whilst the initial land disposal process is currently under investigation the prospective purchaser is legally required through a separate and independent Building Agreement to continue with the development. Mr Shauib is obligated under the terms of the Agreement to complete the development within a certain timeframe and in accordance with the requisite planning permission obtained. Consequently, a licence to occupy the land for the purpose of construction is currently in operation and as you are no doubt aware the building is now nearing completion. A Practical Completion Certificate is to be issued to the Council and will hopefully confirm that the development conforms with the Agreement. Once the Council is satisfied that the Building Agreement has been complied with THE LAND WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO MR SHAUIB. I understand there are AT PRESENT no legal grounds for the Council to intervene and stop the development and if they did this would be in breach of the Building Agreement and liable to claims against the Council."

So up yours Spellar, local residents and the people of Sandwell!

Presumably The Amoeba wrote this having consulted with Sandwell's highly-paid lawyer, Neeraj Sharma, so it must be right!

It is indeed fortuitous that the original land deal was completely above board following open competition and that it was entirely coincidental that the purchaser, Shauib, happens to be Rouf's son. It is also gratifying that Shauib himself has the wherewithal to build a seven bedroom house on the vacant plot.

Good luck to 'em I say. With all Rouf's voluntary work for the community it's only what they deserve!

(Thanks as ever to my various Smethwick songbirds).

The police fraud team are still gathering evidence relating to Sandwell Council - you can phone DS Wayne Haynes and his team in confidence on 0121 251 2175.


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Monday, 16 February 2015

Tom Watson "Donation" - A Tangled Webb!

A "private individual" called Derek Webb paid £5,500 cash in 2014 by way of two donations which were duly declared by the expenses-guzzling MP for West Bromwich East, Wealthy Watson, in his Register of Interests.

In my blog of 6th February, 2014, "Tom Watson MP - Who is Donor Derek Webb?", I questioned this and also sought assurance from the Rutting Walrus himself that "Derek Webb" was not one and the same as the Derek Webb who heads a lobbying group called "The Campaign for Fairer Gambling". I also contacted that organisation but neither they nor Wealthy condescended to reply.

Following communications with the office of The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner* it now transpires that the mysterious Mr Webb actually paid the money to Wealthy's constituency Labour Party rather than to him and that they have declared the donation to the Electoral Commissioner.

Accordingly, even IF the secretive Webb IS the lobbyist chappie, Wealthy can apparently ask Parliamentary questions in his anti-gambling crusade without having to declare an interest as the payment was not direct to him but to the Party.

So that's all right then! Kerrching!

"Receipt from The Party - No Problem!"

* May I just say that since I have been writing this blog I have faced obstruction, deliberate disinformation and obfuscation from many bodies, individuals and media organisations. What a breath of fresh air then to e-mail the office of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner at 10.27 this morning and to get a comprehensive and detailed reply at 10.48!!! Bravo "GH" of that office.


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Friday, 13 February 2015

Halesowen News Article - Sandwell Fraud Investigation

I am not sure if all my readers have seen the very interesting Halesowen News article this week about the ongoing fraud investigation and so here is the link:

Given the totally craven attitude of the local media (particularly the Express and Star) to Sandwell Labour this is a breath of very fresh air!

There is a matter of concern. I have only recently discovered that the Council puts a notice out from time to time about all the items the crafty comrades want to deal with in secret in the private parts of their meetings where the public are excluded. (The "Sandwell Scrutineers" need to obtain and act on these notices as soon as they appear since it is absolutely ridiculous that Labour are trying to keep so much out of the public domain and there is a facility to object within a pretty tight time frame). The Halesowen News point out that Hussain has "temporarily" stood down from the Asset Management and Land Disposal Committee but it APPEARS (and I do not put it more strongly than that) the Cabinet is deciding what matters before that Committee should be kept secret and Hussain MAY be part of that decision-making process. Certainly his name is on the last notice. If that is correct then that is clearly highly undesirable.

Cooper and Hussain have allegedly been putting it about that the police investigation is over. You will also note the ludicrous comment from The Orifice of Oldbury (Chair - West Midlands Police and Crime Panel) in the article that the police are only investigating "systems". I have never known a single case of the police bringing charges against "a system".

Incidentally, this is not the story from officers of sleazy Sandwell who are refusing to answer certain Freedom of Information requests concerning the land deals because of the ongoing "police investigation"!!!!

The police investigation IS ongoing and DS Wayne Haynes and his team welcome further evidence via 0121 251 2175. (By the way, one of the Twitter troll accounts* which Darren Cooper is engaging with has been named "Wayne" in an obvious attempt to mock the police).

It is very important that any SMBC employees who have not already spoken to Wayne's team do so if they have information. They are guaranteed a confidential hearing if they phone the above number (but should not do so on an SMBC phone as they are being monitored). Incidentally, Jan Britton wrote to me the other day concerning a comment about the very strong anecdotal evidence I have received from a large number of people concerning the destruction/disappearance of files and the shredding of documents. He categorically denies that this has happened. All I can say is that the information that I have received on this subject has been passed to the Regional Fraud Team.

I think the moronic "Leader" would be very surprised if he knew the number of folk who have contacted me in confidence to say they have been in touch with the Regional Fraud Team (and even more so if he knew their identities!)

Let's clean up Sandwell (and I don't just mean the colossal mounds of canine excrement which so fixate "The Turdmeister")!

* The imbecilic Cooper is not only following but now actively engaging with SEVEN accounts he knows to be Twitter trolls (Twitter have taken a further two abusive accounts down). After the last Sandwell Labour Leader was outed as a thief it is difficult to think how anyone could diminish the office of "Leader" still further but dimwit Darren seems to be on a one-man mission (correction two-man - with his Unite the Union operator) to besmirch the reputation of the Borough and the local Labour Party. Here are screenshots from HIS Twitter account (remember once again that Cooper is also the Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel). In the case of the last account it has a sole follower - "Councillor Darren Cooper" and was following just three people one of whom was....yes, you guessed it....""Councillor Darren Cooper"!!!!

This last account being @the1nformer


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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Labour Council Leader WAS Behind Covert Photography!

Thanks to a Freedom of Information response I can now confirm that Labour Sandwell Council have confirmed that they were NOT responsible for the covert photography of me in Wetherspoons opposite Oldbury Council House in September. Accordingly this was all down to the moronic Labour "Leader" of the Council, Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper!

Regular readers will know that in September 2014 I was the sole member of the public to attend one of the farcical Labour "cabinet" meetings at the Oldbury Kremlin. There is little point in attending these affairs as large parts of the meetings are held in private. Thus a couple of matters are discussed and then anyone who has bothered to turn up is asked to leave.

The cognoscenti will also know that when I attended a "cabinet" meeting for the first time with Bob Woods we both received a torrent of abuse from the Council Leader [sic] that night via "his" twitter account. (Bob Woods made a formal complaint to the Standards Committee about this but, like others, it was knocked-back by Sandwell's very highly-paid "Head of Legal", Neeraj Sharma, on the spurious basis that the twitter account is nothing to do with the Council but TheTurdmeister's "private" account. More on this anon but in the meantime it is again worth showing his OFFICIAL Council business card which clearly refers to the same twitter account.)

Back to September. This meeting occurred shortly after the Council permitted filming, photography and sound recording at meetings. When Dimwit Darren entered the room he made a great display of photographing ME on his Council-owned, taxpayer-funded, iPhone. How frightening that this childish prat is "in charge" of a major local authority and still, apparently, has ambitions to enter parliament!!!!

True to form, the public part of the meeting lasted a matter of a few minutes and I was then asked to leave whilst the "commode" went into private session. I duly adjourned to The Court of Requests pub across the road (no surprise there and Cooper would have known that this was highly probable). Whilst I was at the bar I was covertly photographed by a person unknown (obviously NOT the imbecile "Leader" as he was still across the road).

But that night, "Turdy" put up the covert photograph on "his" twitter account. Here it is:

But nowThe Council have confirmed in writing that they have no knowledge of the origin of the photograph and that I have not been investigated by them using RIPA or any other powers (this may not be factually correct as a member of their press office (now deceased) WAS investigating me and at one point was, I am informed by a London journalist, "screaming" down the phone at him. Perhaps he was not acting for the Council but "personally" for Councillor Cooper and/or The Labour Party?)

And so this covert photography stunt was all the work of Labour's Cooper and his associates (see also my blog on the attempted stitch-up of myself by Sarah James of Wednesbury acting on behalf of the GMB Union in the very same pub - "Skidder Shorts No. 22 - Hilarity at Oldbury Wetherspoons" 20/12/14)

So this is the fit and proper conduct of a Council Leader? Ed Miliband apparently thinks it is* but I will let you be the judge of that. I will just mention in concluding that "The Turdmeister" is now not only FOLLOWING but actively ENGAGING with at least five accounts on twitter which he knows are troll accounts. How very appropriate for a man who is also, astonishingly, the Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel!

The police fraud investigation into Sandwell Council continues - if you have information please speak to DS Wayne Haynes and his team on 0121 251 2175.

*See blog 12/11/14 "Ed Miliband's as Weak as Piss!"


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Friday, 6 February 2015

Tom Watson MP - Dial U for Unite!

J. K. Rowling he ain't. For all the hype it seems that Wealthy Watson's co-written book on his pet obsession, Rupert Murdoch, brought in a few bob initially but this has tailed-off pretty dramatically.

The folks who were foolish enough to vote for the expenses-guzzling Labour "leftie" are, presumably, delighted with him jumping on every "right-on" bandwagon that passes since it is not as if his West Bromwich East (WBE) constituency has any problems that require attention. I am sure many citizens of WBE are not instinctive Murdoch supporters but probably don't lie awake at night in the benighted town worrying about him and his businesses. In an area wracked with poverty and deprivation they have different priorities, I suppose. How grateful they must be that their MP appears to spend every waking hour feeding his Murdoch addiction.

Back in 2013 this strutting buffoon felt the need to go to Australia to pursue his relentless campaign against Rupert and here are some interesting clips from and the full link for an article in the Guardian of 9th August, 2013, before he went:

"British Labour MP and anti-Murdoch campaigner Tom Watson is preparing to fly to Australia to talk about the conduct of Rupert Murdoch’s organisation, alleging that the media proprietor has “learned nothing” from the phone hacking scandal at his newspapers in the UK.

Watson decided to fly out after seeing election coverage by News Corp Australia newspapers.....

“I’m coming out there to ask some serious questions about whether Rupert Murdoch has learned the lesson of the Leveson inquiry in the United Kingdom."

Watson plans to fly out some time in the next fortnight and said he did not have a schedule, although he has had offers and is hoping to give speeches and hold community meetings while in the country.

He added that he would have to return to the UK by 9 September, when the trials of some former News Corp staff in the UK, including Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, are due to begin.

He made the decision on Thursday night Australian time after tweeting that he was “tempted” to come out.
Within two hours he was clearing his diary and looking into flights."

It all seems rather charmingly amateurish doesn't it? Our bumbling hero has no schedule but rushes to the other side of the world to wield his shining sword of truth for the greater good of humanity. He clears his diary (!) and dashes off. What a guy! Well not quite. He made sure that he had secured £8,076 funding for flights, hotels and taxis first from the New York-based Arvaaz Foundation who, incidentally, make great play of using modern technology to promote their causes but are clearly not averse to stumping-up for sizeable buttocks to sit on plane seats as they lavished an astonishing £6,212 on the hastily-arranged flights alone!
But what of the members of Unite the Union? That Union is, of course, taking great pains to close this blog down and one of its local Regional Officers, Brian Rickers, has (presumably with the full backing of the mighty Unite) been harassing a local arts charity where my wife happens to work*. One imagines that many of the hard-working guys and gals who have to hand over their dues to Unite are probably rather against the suppression of free speech and the harassment of charities in their name but heigh ho. But I assume that they would certainly be surprised to know that Unite has also used some of their hard-earned cash to fund Wealthy Watson in his anti-Murdoch crusade.

Huge Unite Regional HQ in West Bromwich
After all, Wealthy only has his MP's salary and expenses to rely on. He was, of course, caught out in the MP's expenses scandal where his shopping habits in Marks and Spencer's food hall became the stuff of legend (mind you, on Twitter he implied in 2013 that he actually then shopped at the rather more downmarket Lidl!) In the last full financial year - 2013/2014 - his additional MP's expenses (on top of his salary but including payments to his retinue) were, I'm sure you will agree, a very modest £181,843.85p.

He has also received some business and "private" donations.

In his Register of Interests Wealthy states that he earned royalties for his book, "Dial M for Murdoch", of £13,272.20p and that, incredibly, some daft sod paid him £22,385.00p for the film rights (what a "first date" movie that would make!!!!!) Mind you, in the last full year that Watson records in the Register he only scooped, er, £115.01 for actual sales of his influential tome! Hardly enough for a meal at his favourite Soho restaurant! (Murdoch - net worth estimated by Forbes Magazine at $13.7 billion - must be wetting himself!)

But, shockingly, Unite have also paid for him to go on his foreign anti-Murdoch adventures and to pose in Los Angeles at the News Corporation (Murdoch's company) Annual General Meeting from the 20th to 23rd of October, 2011 at an incredible cost of £6,300 (yes, six thousand three hundred pounds) of their members' dues! (By the way, Unite - the real power behind Labour in Sandwell - also gave Wealthy another £3,000 pocket money in April, 2014).

There is no mention anywhere of Watson paying the £6,300 back to Unite members from his royalties and film rights but as Wealthy - allegedly - knows only too well, every Lidl helps.....

*See by blog of 2nd December, 2014 "Labour Leader & Unite Officer Harass Arts Charity!"


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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tom Watson MP - Who is Donor Derek Webb?

Remember how the expenses-guzzling MP for West Bromwich East, Wealthy Watson, is always banging on about gambling and that his own Labour Party should not have permitted the introduction of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT's)? Of course things haven't always gone smoothly - in 2013 Wealthy cocked-up his own parliamentary vote and voted against his own campaign:

6 December 2013 - BBC News:

"An MP who had pressed the prime minister at PMQs for action over fixed-odd betting machines managed to vote the wrong way in Parliament.

Tom Watson explained to Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics that he "made a mistake, an embarrassing and humiliating one."

The Black Country MP said it was an unusual vote, held through a ballot, but he "no idea" what he was thinking when voting against his wishes, and backed the government."

Of course, Wealthy embraces hundreds of issues which may be "worthy" in a leftie sort of way but are of little or no relevance to his long-suffering constituents and his rare utterances on local issues are frequently disastrous (eg when he said he was going to give his full attention to The Public and just six HOURS later The Turdmeister and Co issued its death warrant!)

I don't know how often he actually walks through West Bromwich but it is certainly a place where his anti-gambling campaign has failed spectacularly:

In the short stretch of the disaster-zone that is West Bromwich High Street between Bull Street and the Town Hall there are 3 slot-machine "arcades"; 2 William Hill's; 1 BetFred; 1 Ladbokes, 1 Coral's and the recently-opened Paddy Power. Mind you, at least if gamblers run short there are no less than FIVE pawnbrokers/money-lenders on the same stretch!

(Lest we forget, Wealthy's cunning comrades on Labour Sandwell Council specifically voted against having any further casinos in the Borough - there being one already, also on West Brom High Street - but then tried to force through a brand-new, er, casino at Birchley Island until they were stopped by the courts!)

In 2014, Watson quite properly declared in his Parliamentary Register of Interests that he had received two lots of cash from a private donor:

Name of donor: Derek Webb
Address of donor: private
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: sponsorship of constituency party dinner, £2,500
Donor status: individual
(Registered 7 October 2014)

Name of donor: Derek Webb
Address of donor: private
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £3,000 following the fundraising dinner sponsored by the donations registered on 7 October 2014
Donor status: individual
(Registered 28 October 2014)

I am obviously assuming that the donor "Derek Webb" is NOT this gentleman:

"The Campaign For Fairer Gambling

Derek Webb was a successful poker player, businessman and the inventor of Three Card Poker; a game that is played worldwide on casino tables and is an expert in understanding gambling game content and gambler behaviour. Derek and his partner, Hannah O’Donnell, have retired from commercial activity following an asset sale of their gambling games to a US public company. Derek and Hannah provide funding for the Campaign for Fairer Gambling and the Stop the FOBTs Campaign."

Unfortunately, two e-mails to the Campaign for Fairer Gambling and two e-mails plus three phone calls to Wealthy's office have failed to elicit a response.

Anyone know who the mysterious Mr Webb is?

(By the way, Watson also refused to respond to my request about his time at Hull University - see my blog of 31/08/14 "Tom Watson MP - Hull Graduate or Too Much Larkin About?". Anyone out there know the answer to that one too?)


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