Monday, 16 February 2015

Tom Watson "Donation" - A Tangled Webb!

A "private individual" called Derek Webb paid £5,500 cash in 2014 by way of two donations which were duly declared by the expenses-guzzling MP for West Bromwich East, Wealthy Watson, in his Register of Interests.

In my blog of 6th February, 2014, "Tom Watson MP - Who is Donor Derek Webb?", I questioned this and also sought assurance from the Rutting Walrus himself that "Derek Webb" was not one and the same as the Derek Webb who heads a lobbying group called "The Campaign for Fairer Gambling". I also contacted that organisation but neither they nor Wealthy condescended to reply.

Following communications with the office of The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner* it now transpires that the mysterious Mr Webb actually paid the money to Wealthy's constituency Labour Party rather than to him and that they have declared the donation to the Electoral Commissioner.

Accordingly, even IF the secretive Webb IS the lobbyist chappie, Wealthy can apparently ask Parliamentary questions in his anti-gambling crusade without having to declare an interest as the payment was not direct to him but to the Party.

So that's all right then! Kerrching!

"Receipt from The Party - No Problem!"

* May I just say that since I have been writing this blog I have faced obstruction, deliberate disinformation and obfuscation from many bodies, individuals and media organisations. What a breath of fresh air then to e-mail the office of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner at 10.27 this morning and to get a comprehensive and detailed reply at 10.48!!! Bravo "GH" of that office.


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