Monday, 29 June 2015

Twitter Love Trolls #5

Twitter have been having a rough ride commercially in recent times and CEO Dick Costolo has been fired/forced to walk the plank. Advertising revenue is not what the laissez-faire Californians hoped for and is it any wonder when Twitter continue to allow trolls to run amok and discredit the whole enterprise?

In the fifth of an occasional series we look at another egregious "turning of the blind eye" by our Californian friends and, as ever, the case involves our local lover of troll accounts - @sandwelleader - who, unbelievably, actually is the Labour "leader" of Sandwell Council, Darren Cooper!

Regular readers will know that Cooper associated himself with an account @OdgenW who went live using a fictitious name in early March. The primary purpose was to abuse (a) me and (b) UKIP and hundreds of posts poured forth from this troll. Cooper soon started following this troll and directly communicating with him (for it is a "him").

Cooper claimed not to know who the troll was but when "Mr Mole" and I set up a "sting" * my velvety friend sent me this on 27th March, 2015:

How strange then that two days LATER Cooper should tweet to a UKIP Councillor, Phil Garrett, claiming the exact opposite (surely deliberately and publicly giving a fellow Councillor false information is a breach of the Council's standards if nothing else?):

Cooper's constant lauding of the troll was risible even by his standards. As ever Twitter did take some action against the account but then saw fit to reinstate it - much to the "leader's" delight:

As the Labour Party hierarchy warned Cooper off his own account in the run up to the election he became brazen in his ludicrous support for the troll:

Curiously the now unemployed Cooper used to be a mental health nurse but was happy to continue with incessant communications with the troll even when the latter set up a "loony list" - attracting more complaints to Twitter:
(see further below).

Yet again Twitter refused to act on reports from myself and others and many hours of time were duly wasted until eventually even they "saw the light" and suspended @OdgenW. Right up to the moment of suspension Cooper was trying to direct traffic to the troll:

The moronic Cooper duly lamented Odgen's suspension (complete, as usual, with a missing apostrophe):

But, of course, as everyone bar West Midlands Police and Twitter can plainly see, as soon as one troll is suspended another one immediately pops up to continue the co-ordinated campaign. And this happened on the very next day when a semi-dormant account in the name of one @andrewhipkiss suddenly morphed into @Ennabran.

Now there is a real person called Andrew Hipkiss who supplied the covert footage of one of Cooper's enemies which the latter then immediately put on his Twitter account - earning himself a suspension in the process (the one and only time Twitter have taken action against bullying and abuse by @sandwellleader).

This was the Twitter profile for Hipkiss:

But when the account morphed into @Ennabran the profile became:

Suddenly this tosspot was claiming "disability" and when regular Sandwell Twitter watchers started to expose the account as yet another troll, the anonymous "Ennabran" started to whine that he was being attacked despite his alleged "condition". He claimed to have "several mental problem" [sic]. I am not sure what the policy of Twitter is to anonymous mentally-ill people running amok across their site (again, I am sure the advertisers are most encouraging of this) but the ludicrous troll tried to put up a ridiculous sob story that being abusive on Twitter was somehow therapeutic for his alleged conditions and to accuse people of bullying him!


Now Twitter may be taken in by this guff but the anonymous "Ennabran" does let his guard down. His real motive is to troll others and, if possible, to get their accounts suspended. As you will see from the above he has studied Twitter's rules and thinks he is clever enough to circumvent them (he is right so far). And there is more - setting out his true intentions:

And Twitter have received complaints about this guy but, once again, they have allowed this troll back into business. "Ennabran" - although remaining anonymous - claims to have sent his ID to Twitter:

So whose ID do Twitter have exactly and are they concerned that this self-confessed "mentally-ill" troll is telling the truth - particularly when this moron has been using Twitter to openly boast about his skills at forging ID documents!!!!!!

I am sure Twitter advertisers are also well-impressed that users "advertise" the ease of using fake ID documents!

As ever, @sandwellleader is directly communicating with the troll - in this example making yet another threat to me (he thinks it very clever as the leader [sic] of a large public authority to call me "#Skidmark"):

Once again the former mental health nurse Cooper is happy to keep following Ennabran despite his descriptions of people as "nutters" and "fruitcakes".

Of course, @sandwellleader has form for putting a covertly obtained photo of me on Twitter and another troll account - @notsandwellukip (also now suspended by Twitter) - put a covertly obtained photo of me talking to some UKIP candidates canvassing at the election and claimed this showed me as being a "Ukipper". Cooper and Ennabran then discussed this with the Council "leader" clearly approving this sort of clandestine street photography:

Now it seems to me there are three possibilities here -

1   The Hipkiss account was never the real account of Andrew Hipkiss but was set up to make us think that it is his account (sounds weird but there is some precedent for this is the web of Cooper-associated troll accounts);

2   Hipkiss is allowing his name to be used as "cover" for the trolls. If this is the case I hope he is not getting paid for this as the real Hipkiss claims to be unable to work and is reliant on state benefits;

3   Ennabran is Andrew Hipkiss. In which case was he also "Odgen"? Both accounts have more or less identical writing styles and use hundreds of photoboards/memes which must take hours of preparation (perhaps Andrew got some tips from his son, Ryan, who works for a digital tech company and who has been using such sites as Photoblip since 2011). I am sure Mr Hipkiss will wish to formally refute this and I look forward to hearing from him.

Clearly if Hipkiss is able to pour out literally hundreds of tweets in a very short space of time it begs the question why he is allegedly "unfit for work"?

The curious thing is that, despite complaints made, Twitter cannot seem to make the link between Hipkiss and Ennerbran and yet their own Advanced Search Facility does! Here is a search for UKIP + Andrew Hipkiss and look at the name on the tweets that pop up!!!!

The Ennabran account IS followed by Hipkiss's wife and by the son, Ryan. He is also a Facebook friend with, er, Councillor Darren Cooper!

West Midlands Police have been determined to protect Cooper thus far but why are Twitter so keen to do so? Perhaps if you have enough "followers" they simply don't care about his association with trolls...... I wonder if their advertising paymasters agree?

*  See my post - "Cooper Exposed":

For more on Ennabran see:


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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cooper - "Conman Communicator"?

We all know that woman-bullying thug Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper, the ludicrous Labour Leader [sic] of Sandwell Council, is not the sharpest tool in the box but I am grateful to "Mr X" for solving one little mystery about him.

Cooper was, of course, renowned throughout the land for his abusive Twitter account "@sandwellleader" until the Labour powers that be warned him off before the election. As he attempted to clean up his act on Twitter so there happened to spring up a whole host of "troll accounts" which he mysteriously associated himself with (one before it even went "live"). These accounts were too abusive even for the laissez-faire Californians at Twitter and most of them have now been suspended. Happily West Midlands Police are now investigating certain aspects of this sustained campaign of hatred and harassment.....

Unbelievably, The Turdmeister is trying to crawl out from the dog-turd smeared streets of Sandwell to try and resurrect his nose-diving career in the new "Greater Birmingham". Many senior figures in Brum are openly joking that this buffoon will not be allowed a significant role in the new "combined authority/talk shop" whilst allowing Turdy to act as the official cheerleader. Maybe they should learn some lessons from history - Von Papen springs to mind.

As Sandwell becomes increasingly mired in scandal and yet more failures (like another disastrous Ofsted report into their inadequate Children's Services and the Providence Place fiasco) come to light one has to wonder what the likes of Birmingham & Solihull hope to gain my allying themselves with this metropolitan basket-case but the ludicrous Turdy is trying to bounce them into a rushed and ill-thought-out "deal". There is an old saying - marry in haste and repent at leisure. Cooper should be personally well aware of this given his own disastrous first marriage but his egomania knows no bounds and he is desperate to use his flock of pliant comrades to support his promotion to a larger stage.

And so Greater Birmingham, you might as well start acquainting yourselves with the "real " Darren Cooper, the 2015 winner of The Skidder's national competition to find "Britain's Thickest Council Leader". Sadly, the unemployed Cooper pleaded an engagement elsewhere and was unable to attend out small awards ceremony at Oldbury's Stasi HQ:

But this moron quickly threw down the gauntlet to challengers for his crown in the 2016 competition with this little gem sent by him to one of his associated troll accounts OdgenW (now also suspended by Twitter):

Don't forget he don't live here anymore. Just feel sorry for the poor folk in Wales now, having to put up with his whaling.

(Incidentally he is attacking a member of the, er, Labour Party who had the temerity to criticise him).

Cooper's childish behaviour knows no bounds and he thinks he can upset me (and my wife) by boasting about the bent Public deal and the destruction of the building by the Labour Council and Sandwell College and by mocking me for exposing the appalling "Three Degrees" statue scandal (see posts passim). Thus as Labour held on in the backwater of Sandwell, despite the meltdown of the Party nationally, Cooper immediately changed his Twitter profile and header photos after the election in a"statesman-like" riposte, though he didn't manage to align the header photo very well. You will see the laughing dimwit changed to a profile picture taken in The Public with the other £70m+ College building in the background. The header photo shows the disgraceful racist stunt when Labour Sandwell forced three black actors portraying three black footballers to be painted gold to advertise the private statue appeal of Jim Cadman where the allegedly cash-strapped Council are secretly pumping in thousands and thousands of pounds of public money. (Incidentally, for this particular stunt Cooper & Co paid for this by partly plundering monies received from the Arts Council for Sandwell Arts Festival [sic]). As it turns out, in a fitting visual metaphor, Cooper's header photo appears to show him placing his head as closely as possible to the groins of the three actors......

Spot the Dickhead!

The currently unemployed Cooper has now finally changed his false Facebook profile where he was claiming to still be employed by the NHS in the run up to the election but this semi-literate clown still claims to have studied at "Birmingham City University" - an odd statement for one who also used to claim that he had never read a book in his life. Nevertheless, dozy Daz still finds time to attack one of his most hated Tories for trying to maintain some standards:

Michael Gove is instructing his civil servants on grammar

A Curious Statement From "Mr Combined Authority" - "Lol"
Dunce Darren cannot string 140 characters together in a Tweet without f*cking it up and yet claims he writes a blog on behalf of Sandwell Council, the modestly-titled:

The Leader's Blog

which is given prominent billing on the home page of the SMBC website.

Here are just a few examples of his pathetic boasts:

Today's debate on devolution to be screened on BBC 1 tonight see my blog post on Combined Authority's

No services or authorities will be amalgamated here's a bit more on my blog

The cold this morning reminded me that's its nearly time for our Details on my blog

Action to improve Sandwell's academies! Check out my blog I'm not happy.

But Cooper is as thick as the canine-excrement he so often talks about and the blogs are, in fact, mostly written for him by the spin-doctors in the ludicrously over-sized and taxpayer-funded SMBC "Communications Unit". Whilst the Labour "socialists" axe front-line services and hundreds of their own staff they still manage to find half a million quid a year to fork out for this lot to send out rubbish tweets ad nauseum and to wipe Cooper's arse for him.

But avid followers of the Sandwell joke leader" always assumed that the long suffering Council press orifice were also responsible for Cooper's daily digest of topical subjects on Twitter (the Michael Gove tweet above being one such from today). Now we had already condemned as improbable fiction the prospect of the Smethwick Simpleton sitting down with a cup of Earl Grey and a tasty plate of Ukippers and scanning the august journals of the day before revealing partial, but occasionally erudite, insights. Turdy can probably manage "reading" The Beano and its reports of the antics of some of his fellow Labour Councillors, "The Cash Street Kids", but can he really manage "the papers" every morning? Indeed he cannot and does not but at least, for once, the taxpayer is not directly burdened by his deception.

Let us just look, by way of example at his inane Twitter account for 18th June, 2015. We have links to sundry newspaper articles with the occasional pro-Labour comment attached:

F*** off and die! What Boris told cabbie in street row over taxi app <Rt The strain of being a back bencher.

Labour leadership hopefuls clash but no clear winner in first televised debate

Cllr Darren Cooper ‏@sandwellleader Jun 18 Roaring pay growth could force Bank of England to raise interest rates | via @Telegraph …

Margaret Thatcher's personal papers saved for nation after family donate them to reduce inheritance tax bill

Scottish football fans given legal right to buy their clubs

(Incidentally, most of these efforts are then faithfully retweeted by "The Tomb Raider", Labour's Cllr Sandars).

And so the good folk of Sandwell start their daily toil mightily impressed with the diligence and learning of their beloved Great Helmsman. Except that......

Spot the difference:
 And on and on it goes......

The fact is that Turdy is not reading the papers at all (as we always suspected) but simply doing a cut and paste job from a daily digest of articles - with and without the compiler's own comments - by local [MP] and ex-public schoolboy, er, John Spellar called "Spellar News - Early Bird" as shown in the five examples (of thousands) above. Spellar sends this out to any poor unfortunate in the Labour "movement" who will accept it.

Tweets - abusive and barely literate;
"My Blog" - a lie:
Daily News - plagiarised from Spellar.

Birmingham, Solihull et al - you have been warned......


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Thursday, 18 June 2015

More Hussain Memory Loss?

As the Police and SMBC are not conducting proper investigations into various matters involving proven liar Labour Councillor Mahboob Hussain, the small Skidder team have re-started investigations. With our very limited resources we are looking at anything with Hussain's name "on it". Once again, however, we are indebted to an informant for raising an issue and this "rang bells" within The Skidder's befuddled head.

Just before I start, I should once again remind readers that either Councillors are lying to officers who duly repeat what they have been told in official Council documents or else there are corrupt people working for SMBC who are prepared to collude with Councillors to falsify the public records of the Council. The classic example, of course, is the official lie faithfully recorded by officers in Council records that Sandwell College approached Sandwell Labour to suggest the bent Public deal when it was the other way round, with Hussain himself happily sitting in Council meetings where this falsehood was perpetuated.

Whenever you see a deal brewing in Sandwell Labour documents where the comrades decide to lock out all competition so they can deal with a single favoured party who just happens to have "approached" them - you can start smelling rodent. The bent ice rink deal being another classic example where the woman-bullying leader [sic] Darren Cooper himself has given statements to the "press" which contradict the official record.

And so we come to a very large piece of land indeed - but one which is open land "in trust" for the people of Sandwell: Lion Farm Playing Fields. Even though the property has restrictions preventing its development the shifty "socialists" decided to grant an option to a property developer to see whether it was feasible to flog the land off for housing. They came up with the usual bollocks about "regeneration" and "job creation" which they always trot out to try and justify their dodgy deals (see the ice rink saga again).

And so we come to the infamous meeting of the Asset Management and Land Disposal (AMLD) Committee on 19th December, 2012 which will be familiar to Skidder junkies. This was the notorious meeting when two (then) Labour Cabinet members (one still is) managed to get through a full agenda in just, er, SEVEN minutes and one of their decisions was to flog off the old Coroner's Office in Smethwick. Yes, step forward the liar Hussain himself and Cllr Simon "Two Homes" Hackett (he of the recent further shocking report into the way the loony lefties treat vulnerable kids in the Borough). Happily officers of the Council were later able to arrange a sale of that property at a very reasonable price indeed to Cllr Hussain's son.

Neither Hussain nor Two Homes declared any interest in the meeting in question and they also had before them the agenda item to flog off playing fields held in trust by SMBC for the people. Needless to say the documents were "private" and not available for public view prior to the meeting. Indeed, apart from the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting Hussain and Hackett excluded the public from the rest of their seven minute meeting entirely. And so they made this decision in respect of vital open space held in trust for the people (although cunningly made to sound like a bit of old crap land by the M5):

"74/12 Junction Two Development (Key Decision Ref. No. AML026)

 It was reported that the Council had been approached by a developer who wished to enter into an option agreement with the Council for a period of twelve months whilst they undertook additional detailed feasibility work to develop a major regeneration scheme on lands owned by the Council off Junction 2 on the M5.

 The scheme would bring forward for development 19ha of land that was currently used for recreational purposes. As part of any development package, the loss of existing playing pitch provision would need to be re-provided to an appropriate quality and to meet demand. Preliminary work by the developer had indicated that the site could physically accommodate significant development. However, additional work was required to assess the sites capacity.

There were major benefits of a redevelopment of the site from a regeneration perspective. Such a proposal could deliver significant employment opportunities for the local community, plus wider investment and improvement to recreational facilities.

 Asset Management and Land Disposal Cabinet Committee – 19th December, 2012 IL0 - Unclassified

 Resolved:- (1) that the Director - Legal and Governance Services be authorised to prepare and complete an option agreement for a period of twelve months from the date of the agreement with Jeremy Knight Adams of Hampton Properties in relation to Lion Farm Playing Fields Oldbury on terms and conditions to be agreed by the Area Director – Regeneration and Economy;

(2) that, subject to resolution (1) above, at the end of the option agreement, or sooner if appropriate, a report be brought to the Cabinet Committee to provide an update on the results of the feasibility studies;

(3) that the Area Director - Regeneration and Economy be authorised to extend the twelve month period referred to in resolution (1) for a further twelve months."

As ever, our old friend Nick Bubalo was left to sort things out.

I keep telling you good folk of Sandwell - Labour are p*ssing on you but you will keep voting them back in!!!!!

Now the curious thing here is that as at the date of the Hussain & Hackett meeting, the said Jeremy Knight Adams was the legal owner of "land on the east side of Portersfield, Dudley" under Land Registry title number WM500595 which readers might remember better as the, er, Hussain family's "Rickshaw Restaurant" back in the day! Without doing an historic search I cannot say definitively but Mr Knight Adams, and/or one of his companies may also have been the landlord of Hussain's Five Star taxi office either under the aforementioned title or under title SF51049.

The Oldbury Liar did not declare that he knew Mr Knight Adams on 19th December, 2012 when granting a potentially very valuable land option to him which seems a tad odd in the circumstances. Perhaps he did know him but was just suffering another of his increasingly regular bouts of amnesia and "forgot" to say so!

Remember - the Police regional Fraud team want to hear from you if you have evidence of any possible wrongdoing at Sandwell Labour Council on 0121 251 2175 - DS Wayne Haynes & Team.