Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Give The Keys Back, Lardarse Rowley!

Even by Sandwell standards this is f*cking unbelievable!

Once again The Skidder has led the way in exposing the murky doings of Jan Britton's bent paid service at Sandwell Labour Council - in this case the Parks Department. Curiously, Britton himself used to be a "Parks" person according to his dismally thin CV but, yet again, alleges that he was completely unaware of what has been happening on his watch as the joke "Chief Executive".

Ever since I have been investigating Sandwell I have been recommended to pay heed to the doings of the Satchwells - father and son - in Parks. There is mystery how Satchwell Junior secured a very highly-paid job within the Department given his reputed "abilities" and as to what he actually DOES all day for large sums of OUR money but SMBC assure me he was promoted on merit after interview. So that's alright then.

Without implying at all that the two Satchwells were directly or indirectly involved, there are allegations which I have submitted to Sandwell Council that there has been widespread fraud in Parks. There has been alleged massive over-ordering of materials and plants etc for the parks with person or persons unknown selling off the excess for personal gain (this allegation was also sent to West Midlands Police). An allegation that a named employee has landscaped his Sandwell home from materials purloined from Parks (and the photos look very nice) has, at present, been denied by SMBC internal audit (although the information came from an SMBC whistleblower). On the subject of blowing, there is an unsavoury allegation that a female secured promotion way beyond her abilities via a casting couch down the potting shed.....

But in a Skidder exclusive to 5th April, 2016 (followed up on 17th July, 2016) I revealed how Tom Arnold (of the "well-known" Tipton family) was advertising SMBC property for sale - portakabin offices at the Jubilee Park Depot - on HIS social media!



Arnold has lived for many years just a few doors down from ex-Councillor Derek Rowley - another Labour figure (like fag-hag Linda Horton) who has also done so much to demean the Office of Mayor of Sandwell. Rowley may not still be a councillor but is the constant companion of Cabinet member ("lol") Sayeeda Khatun and still wields considerable influence within the local Labour Group.

We know that bent WMP are failing to act in any way in respect of Sandwell. Where I receive information which appears to have legitimacy I am now sending it direct to Chief Constable Dave Thompson. Here is my (redacted) letter to him as long ago as 7th April, 2016:

"The Chief Constable                                                                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
West Midlands Police                                                                               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Steelhouse Lane                                                                                      7th April, 2016
Birmingham B4 6NW

Dear Mr Thompson,

Sandwell Council

I don’t know what to do now that WMP have made it clear they are not going to investigate any matters involving the deeply corrupt Sandwell Council. The fact is that people tell me things concerning possible criminal activity which I have neither the time, the resources nor the powers to investigate but one fine day the whole house of cards will collapse and it is important that, come that day, people will know that SMBC, and people connected with it, apparently enjoyed police immunity.

In the circumstances, I still intend to send information I receive to WMP by recorded delivery letter. These are allegations only and have not been investigated by me and so there may be nothing in them - but time will tell.

1   This is straightforward. Informants tell me that xxxxxxxxxxx, a SMBC employee in The Parks Department called xxxxxxxxxx and a private individual called Thomas “Tom” Benjamin  Arnold (xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx Tipton) decided to sell some portable buildings belonging to SMBC and xxxxxxxxxxx. I understand the Arnold family are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Arnold advertised the buildings for sale:

2 [This relates to unconnected allegations concerning a serving Labour Councillor].


I have the recorded delivery evidence that the letter was delivered to Steelhouse Lane (the correct address whilst the renovations of Lloyd House were ongoing.)

Almost immediately an allegation emerged that ROWLEY had also sold at least four shipping containers belonging to Sandwell Council to a "member of the public". According to the Audit Committee it appears this is TRUE!!!! The Audit Committee also said that Rowley had been storing unspecified personal property at the Jubilee Park Depot where - as at last Thursday - the ex-Councillor still had keys to the compound and various units therein!

This is a photo I have shown on this blog before. Who is our fat friend gaining access to units at the Jubilee Park Depot? Who gave Rowley the keys and why?

I was informed by various sources that WMP were also fully aware of the allegation of the sale/theft of the shipping containers but, as ever with Labour Sandwell, they have done absolutely f*ck all.

SMBC got rid of Satchwell Senior following all this - allegedly with a pay-off of taxpayers money! At the Audit Committee last week there was general wringing of hands. It was said that the alleged sale of shipping containers by Rowley to a member of the public WAS a breach of the Council's financial regulations but as he was no longer a Councillor nothing could be done! Similarly Satchwell was no longer a council employee. There was no mention whatsoever of the Council also referring these matters to the police. It was eventually resolved that SMBC would ASK Rowley to return the keys. As an afterthought these geniuses then thought it would be a good idea to change the locks (at taxpayer's expense of course!) Britton - send the bill to Rowley!

Of course, I tried to ask Rowley about all this outside Oldbury Council House when he came to collect Cabinet member Khatun from a meeting. He threatened to "kick me in the bollocks" - which I have on video.

How the f*ck is this not a police matter? Suffice to say I will now be making an official complaint to the IPCC about WMP's failure to investigate this adequately or at all.

Unbelievably, I received communications from someone in Sandwell Council High Command telling me that a named Parks employee who had been implicated in respect of these alleged matters had had two nervous breakdowns and had been on suicide watch so would I be so kind as not to write anything about the Parks scandal? I have heard that trade unions have regularly recommended to SMBC employees that they go sick to avoid investigation and also that useless Jan Britton has, in the past, allowed taxpayer-funded sick-pay to be paid to individuals way beyond the contractual obligations (the most egregious example being Cllr Hussain's son, the "property-developer employee" Azeem Hafeez, in respect of his broken wrist). Incredibly, when I asked how long this named individual had been on the sick the senior person told me "oh no, he's back at work!" It transpires that SMBC do not want to aggravate his illness so have kindly let him back into his old job on full salary with no sanction. So much for Steve Eling's much vaunted "investigations" to "drain the swamp"....


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Monday, 30 January 2017

Cllr Rouf STILL Protected!

A major new revelation about the Rouf mansion scandal came out from Sandwell Council last week but Cllr Rouf continues to avoid scrutiny!

I have written no less that six posts on the scandal of the Rouf mansion plus others referring to it but matters are actually WORSE than I have found out so far....

Let us not forget that Rouf has told a string of lies in his Register of Interests with regard to both his employment situation and his ownership of property. He used to own both 23 Wellington Road, Smethwick and a flat at 88 Shireland Road. Land Registry documents show that in or around 2005 he disposed of his interest in his interest in his flat to one of his sons, Mohammad Shauib though he continued to claim to own it in his Register of Interests (which means he made a false declaration to SMBC or to HM Land Registry). The flat has subsequently been transferred to Saleeman Begum - believed to be also connected to Rouf.

In April, 2013 he sold his unmortgaged property at 23 Wellington Road for £125,000 but despite having this large capital sum (and the possible interest in a flat) he was given an SMBC council house at 33 Trafalgar Road, Smethwick. Why is this not being investigated for f*ck sake?

We saw in yesterday's post how Cllr Frear concealed that he had also been given a council house by claiming to own it in the Register of Interests when this was clearly untrue. Rouf has done exactly the same thing IN MORE THAN ONE DECLARATION. Making a false declaration is, potentially, a criminal offence but, as ever, bent West Midlands Police (WMP) have refused to investigate this.

This blog has shown that Labour Sandwell Council paid over £200,000 for 8 houses in Poplar Grove on Florence Road, Smethwick and then used our, taxpayer's, money to demolish them and create a nice clear building plot. The area is all terraced housing but Labour then sold this huge plot to Cllr Rouf's son, Shauib, for just £65,000. He was granted planning permission by the comrades to put a huge and incongruous seven-bedroom house there - despite widespread local objections (including to London-resident "local" MP John Spellar) - which was subsequently built and where Cllr Rouf himself is now in residence. For good measure, the comrades reduced the price of an annual parking pass in the car park opposite to a pittance!

This blog was actively blocked by Jan Britton's bent paid service from establishing the facts for many months. I have been contacted by a number of people who wanted to buy the nice cleared plot and who contacted SMBC. They say that they were fobbed off either by being told the property was going to auction or that there was a problem in selling the land because of the presence of a small electrical sub-station thereon (which was moved without fuss to land supplied by, er Labour Sandwell Council in the car park opposite. It is not clear whether the comrades also paid for this to be done as another gift to the Rouf family.) One or two other yarns were told potential buyers. they all say that despite having expressed an interest they were NOT contacted by SMBC when the alleged bidding process started.

One family who own businesses in the area were particularly interested. Like all the other people I spoke to they were mystified about the "sealed bid" process for the sale and say they knew nothing about it. This family certainly contacted WMP when the first corrupt fraud "investigation" started and voiced their concern that there had been criminal activity in the bidding process.

But it gets worse! It now transpires from the meeting of the Audit Committee last week that the plot WAS actually put up for auction but a file note says that the former "leader", Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper, asked Cllr Ian Jones to pull it from the sale. There is, apparently, a paper trail linking proven liar Jones to the removal of the property from auction. We are now also told that the property was removed from auction by Cllr Ian Jones as it was to be sold privately to another son of, er, Cllr Mohammad Rouf at a considerable undervalue!!!!

Nothing was said at the Audit Committee why this sale did not proceed and we clearly need evidence about this.

At the Committee meeting were two of the Council's statutory officers. Firstly Darren Carter, the new s.151 Officer who is supposed to be the money man. Secondly, the "on contract" and, no doubt mega-expensive, Monitoring Officer, Meic Sullivan Gould (as featured in this blog when he boasted how he has bought a sports car from the money he made out of another Labour basket-case council, Tower Hamlets).

There is no evidence that Mr Carter has been involved in the fraud and corruption of the Cooper/Britton period but I understand that he has been with Jan Britton's bent paid service for some years - certainly since 2014 - as a senior accountant etc. If he was not aware of the fraud and corruption then he was another, like Britton himself, who seemingly had his head up his arse throughout all the shenanigans and the question has to be asked as to whether he is a fit and proper person to be engaged in these investigations. Even if he is squeaky clean there is a public perception that he was in very senior posts when all this was going on. Surely, someone independent must be brought in to deal with these allegations?

We don't know much about Meic apart from his love of putting pictures of himself eating and drinking in foreign climes on social media and whether he is up to the job. He seemingly has no local knowledge and it is noteworthy that after the previous Audit Committee meeting he was to be seen laughing and joking with Cllr Jones's solicitor which seems highly inappropriate in the circumstances.

These two gentlemen claim to have "investigated" these matters. They accept that the allegation that Jones pulled the property from auction to sell to one of Rouf's sons may have been a breach of the Council's rules (!) but they say this should NOT be a matter that should be referred to the police!!!! They say that because the deal was mysteriously stopped by person or persons unknown there was no loss to the Council. (And so if I run into the post office with a gun to rob it but come out empty handed this is not a police matter???)

Darren and Meic then claimed that there was NOTHING WRONG with the sealed bid process where, by amazing coincidence, the plot was sold to another of Rouf's sons.

We must remember that disgraced employee, Dave Willetts of Bog-gate infamy, was involved in all this which must, in itself, be a cause for concern.

Willetts said in a Freedom of Information reply that the large clear plot was "marketed" in an unspecified way for "four or five weeks". Despite the widespread local interest (eg see comment below from Gail Meek and, as above, that a family gave evidence to WMP about their definite interest) Cooper's big mate Dave said only three bids were received. There was, oddly, a £75 fee to bid but one bidder had failed to pay and was immediately disqualified. Of just two remaining bids the highest at a mere £65k was from Rouf's son.

In the very same meeting, Darren and Meic said they were referring other matters to WMP because of problems with exactly the same "sealed bid" process in other land sales but for some bizarre reason they think everything was OK here?

To be fair, at least two Councillors present at the Committee meeting were incredulous about all this. Cllrs Bob Piper and Bill Gavan argued there was clear prima facie evidence that there was something seriously wrong here which must be referred to WMP and it was up to them to decide if there had been criminality. Unfortunately, this rather overlooks the fact that part of this sorry saga WAS reported to WMP by me and others. When nothing was being done due to WMP corruption I specifically wrote to DI Chris Berrow way back on 17th April, 2015 and a redacted form of that letter was shown on this blog as long ago as 24th April, 2015 (see item 7).


We now know that Darren Cooper, Jan Britton and Neeraj Sharma agreed to commission the Wragge Report and that corrupt WMP agreed to pull the fraud investigation (such as it was) because of this. This is crazy. The Police have extensive investigative powers - far beyond Wragge's and even the Council itself. Wragge's report - in my opinion a very expensive piece of badly-written sh*t - only looked at documents and not the context here. They have assumed that everyone is telling the truth which is ridiculous. In this particular case Jan Britton deliberately made sure that the instructions to Wragges were very limited and did not even ask them to consider some very serious issues like this one (perhaps because Cooper was directly involved) and the Hussain taxi contract! Given the colossal cost of the report this should be a disciplinary issue for the joke "Chief Executive" in itself.

It is noteworthy that at the small demo outside the Oldbury Council House back at the 2016 mayor-making the demonstrators called for a Wragge-style investigation into Rouf but still nothing has been done. As ever, the comrades have circled the wagons rather than root out corruption.

In this particular case the Police already had a prima facie case to question the sealed bid process (also criticised in my very first blog on this affair all the way back on 26/09/14!) and to seek evidence from local people about the dubious sales process. (I am now planning a leafleting campaign in the area.) We know that WMP only interviewed four people under caution in the whole alleged initial investigation and we can safely surmise that Mohammad Rouf was not one of them! That HAS to be rectified Chief Constable particularly given the new evidence on an earlier attempt to sell the land at an undervalue to another member of the same Councillor's family. Come on Dave Thompson - pull your finger out or arrange for an independent force to do the job properly!


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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Cllr Frear's Council House

I will be posting in detail about the matters arising out of all the new fraud and corruption allegations coming to the surface from the disastrous Cooper/Britton years but at least it looks like Mahboob Hussain's bag man Cllr Andrews/Bloxham/Kerton/Frear (or whatever name he is currently using) seems to be in the clear - for now....

At the Audit Committee last week it was reported that, whilst it was unusual to grant a single man a three-bedroomed Sandwell Council house at a time of desperate shortage, there had been nothing "inappropriate" with his application and that it had been personally approved by the Director of Housing Services at Sandwell Homes (was this the disgraced Adrian Scarrott or someone else - clarification please? Addendum 31/01/17 - usually reliable sources say Scarrott DID authorise this for Frear.)

Addendum 30/01/17 - Steven Frear was himself a Director of Sandwell Homes Limited 24/05/06 to 21/05/08.

Regulars will recall that this affair was yet another Skidder exclusive. Frear was shacked up with a woman in Whyley Walk but was then granted the three-bedroomed property at Hill Top, Oldbury. By repute, Frear is notoriously impecunious - possibly due to an "exotic" lifestyle. Unbelievably the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, made him Chair of the Planning Committee at "Sadwell" when he appears not to have the intellect nor ability to run a whelk stall but then Cooper and Hussain liked to put yes-men and women in positions of power to do their bidding eg the joke "Chief Executive", Jan Britton.

It is disappointing that Jan Britton's bent paid service have not put the list of the huge expenses claimed by the comrades for March, 2016 on the website - the last figures being for March, 2015 (perhaps Leader Steve Eling can put a boot up Britton's ample arse?) The earlier figures are also conveniently deleted from the website and so I cannot say what Frear was earning at the time of his application but for the year ended March, 2015 he scored a generous £23,758.08 from us taxpayers by way of expenses. Apparently he still qualified for a three-bedroomed council house despite his earnings. Of course, we know that he has also had a well-paid lodger for some of the time - the foul-mouthed social media troll, Paul Kerton. See:



If you haven't got time to read those posts now, suffice to say that Kerton's social media output was vile and that he also colluded with the thuggish Cooper to harass my wife's employers. Happily this nasty individual works with primary school children with a good salary courtesy of his employers, er, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council!!

I am not sure what the rules are about sub-letting Council housing in Sadders but Kerton could certainly afford accommodation in the private sector. But the pair of them, with a joint income bound to be considerably more than £50k per annum, were found to be deserving of public housing from the comrades!

As above, the Audit Committee was told that Frear somehow qualified as a single man for a three-bedroomed home and so the comrades decided, in effect, that nothing more could be done and that there should just be a general tightening of procedures so that such applications are made more "transparent" in future. Specific mention was made that living in Council housing would, in any event, appear in an individual councillor's Register of Interests entry. Clearly, the councillors on the Committee and the Council's statutory officers have not been reading The Skidder properly because the whole point here is that Cllr Andrews/Bloxham/Kerton/Frear did not make such a declaration but had made a false entry in HIS Register of Interests. He stated that he actually personally OWNED the Hill Top property. It was only when The Skidder received information to the contrary that a Land Registry search was undertaken and this was found to be wholly false. (Incidentally, Cllr Rouf made a similar false entry when he sold a property he owned and immediately was housed in a SMBC council house - whilst he may also have had an interest in a Smethwick flat at the time too - see picture!)

I specifically referred Frear's false entry to Sandwell Police (ie separately and not as part of the later bent WMP Fraud investigation). In the absence of a response on this and other related matters I made a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission who upheld my complaint on the basis that WMP/Sandwell Police had taken NO ACTION IN RESPECT OF THE COMPLAINT WHATSOEVER. They have done nothing since either! Still Frear is a close friend of Hussain so enough said....

We are none the wiser how Frear qualified for public housing nor how he was permitted to sub-let to Kerton. It has never been established why he made a false declaration (a potential criminal offence) on the Register. Now his Labour comrades are just washing their hands of all this as per....

Incidentally, whilst there was no suggestion of obvious criminality on the part of Frear a course of conduct which he was connected with WAS specifically referred to the later WMP Fraud investigation [sic] but, as we know, one or more bent coppers pulled that investigation.

The Chief Constable himself is also personally aware of another allegation which may or may not be true.

Of course, the BBC have mostly ignored the fraud and corruption in Sandwell. Frear used to boast of his sexual conquest of a very well-known local BBC personality and so don't expect them to look into his, er, affairs.....

Addendum 30/01/17 - Corrected - Frear is now on the Housing Scrutiny Board!!!!! How do sick Sandwell Labour allow this to happen?????

Addendum 31/01/17 - It now transpires that as a sick joke all those Labour Councillors who attended the full Council meeting on 19th July, 2016 waived Frear's nomination through!


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Friday, 27 January 2017

Butt Out Tom Watson MP!

As ever, it has been Adam Smith and The Halesowen News who have blazed the trail in the local media with the latest fraud and corruption allegations engulfing the Labour rotten borough of Sandwell.

Also disclosed by them this week was the story that Cllr Mahboob Hussain is fighting any action to be taken against him by the Sandwell Council Standards Committee on the ground that such action is politically motivated. This is a bit rich noting his and his family's mysterious involvement in numerous bent land deals and the taxi contract scandal. Of course, Hussain enjoys the protection of West Midlands Police thanks to "services rendered" and so they helpfully pulled the first police investigation into these matters.

Now both the statutory officers of the Council and the political leadership are asking WMP to come in again given further evidence of apparent wrongdoing that has emerged. Clearly the Chief Constable - a groupie of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper - must ensure that ALL outstanding matters are properly investigated (preferably by calling in an independent force).

As we all know, a resident of Bermondsey in London "controls" the local Labour Group ie effectively the whole of Sandwell Council even though he seems to have little time for the Borough otherwise. Yes, waddle forward the joint-laziest MP 2010-2015, Tom Watson MP (occasionally).

Hussain should appear before the Standards Committee simply because of the overwhelmingly amount of evidence of his involvement in a number of dodgy transactions (not to mention the allegations of staff-bullying made against him - and apparently condoned again by the Chief Executive [sic] Jan Britton and the feeble trade unions). Similarly the police must now interview him PROPERLY under caution. But Hussain is apparently right though when he says there is also a political campaign against him as local Labour sources say this is being orchestrated by Watson himself!

Watson, like most cowards/bullies, prefers the knife in the back to confrontation. The Rutting Walrus is alleged to have submitted a "72 page dossier" to the Labour Party to "finish" Hussain off. This sort of thing is muddying the waters in the "proper channels". Even though Party and Council are hideously intertwined in Sandwell this purely Party infighting so beloved of Watson is causing real damage. Whilst the new regime are working very hard to "drain the Cooper/Britton swamp" Watson cannot resist interfering. Back in December, for example, he rushed off to those infamous apologists for the Cooper/Britton regime, The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star), to demand speedy action - again rich noting his active support of the bent leadership over so many long years:

(One comment in the paper about the above described Lazy Tom as "as much use as a cat-flap in a submarine......")

Mind you, when Watson says he is doing something it is hard to know whether that is true or not (apart from when he hounds a dying man to his grave with vile and false allegations). He was given a hard time by a number of constituents over the proposed closure of The Public and eventually claimed that he had submitted another of his pathetic "dossiers" by email to the thuggish Cooper. Yet this is the reply to a Freedom of Information Request from the Council itself:

"I have liaised with the relevant Officers, who have confirmed that no 
correspondence from Tom Watson MP was received by Councillor Cooper in his 
official council e-mail address, or by officers of the Council between the 
1st April and 24th December 2013."

Of course, he may have had a private email for Cooper who may have deliberately concealed any dossier received but we simply don't know. Someone is lying again though.....

Whilst we are on the subject of the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (ROFLMAO!) his constituents will, no doubt, be delighted to note that he has been very exercised with a council planning application recently and has been sticking his oar in. But, of course, Watson doesn't choose to live with the scum in his benighted constituency and so "Bermondsey Tom" was mithering about matters closer to his south London home ie Labour Lewisham Council's plans to sell land around Millwall Football Club. Watson voters in West Brom East - you are either very sad, very stupid or both....

So Watters old chap - concentrate on your obsession with the Murdoch family, your extensive expenses claims and your sh*gging and butt out of Sandwell Council issues!


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Friday, 20 January 2017

Cllr Bawa Allegations NOT New to BENT West Midlands Police!

Its been another explosive week in Sandwell as further fraud allegations rock the corrupt Labour Council. Except that some of the allegations are not new and were buried by bent West Midlands Police in their stinking first "investigation"!

Well over two years ago a member of Smethwick's Muslim community provided me with a number of leads concerning corruption under the Cooper/Britton regime. (Of course, Chief Executive - ROFLMAO - Jan Britton currently remains in his highly-paid post.) This caller explained to me that he and others were sickened by what was going on in Oldbury Council House and that they had thought they had left behind this sort of criminality when they left Pakistan.

He alleged that Cllrs Mahboob Hussain and Cllr Babu Bawa OBE (Order of the Brown Envelope?) used to be great friends before an estrangement and that they had both "made a killing" out of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for properties in West Bromwich Street and Foundry Lane, Oldbury. Alas, he was unclear on the details and, being so long ago, I struggled to get to grips with that particular story.

On 2nd November, 2014 following information from a delightful lady I discovered that Bawa had bought a building plot from SMBC in 2000 and I duly put in a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) on 23rd October, 2014 and blogged about the suspicious nature of this transaction on 2nd November, 2014. Here is the link if you want to go back to it:


On 14th November, 2014 I had a lengthy interview with police officers DS Wayne Haynes and a DC when these matters were raised. I specifically mentioned that I could not get to the bottom of the CPO business but that the Police should be able to do so with their greater investigative powers and access to records. I only personally met DS Haynes once and he appeared to be a very diligent officer. He made copious notes throughout the meeting. Of course, we now know that at least one officer above him was bent and hindered the investigation before pulling it altogether.

In the meantime, Jan Britton's bent paid service had replied to my FOI request on 4th November, 2014:

"As you will be aware, allegations of misconduct or unlawful behaviour are currently being investigated and it is believed that disclosure of the information you have requested would interfere with the outcome of the investigation into allegations related to the sale of the land at Bridge Street, Oldbury. The aforementioned investigation will determine whether allegations of misconduct that have been made are founded or not. Given the gravity of the allegations that triggered this investigation, it is of paramount importance that a fair and impartial inquiry be conducted.....

I can also confirm that we have consulted with the police who, as you are aware, are conducting the investigation. The police have advised that release of this information would impact upon the integrity and validity of their investigation."

Accordingly, they used a statutory defence to avoid answering the FOI. But you will note from the above that both SMBC AND the Police were already fully aware that this was, at the very least, a suspicious deal. Of concern is the fact that we now know that WMP did NOT investigate many of the allegations made against "Sadwell" but effectively also stopped the Council carrying on with its own investigations since they claimed that they were. (I will be writing shortly about another matter where there is alleged collusion between SMBC and WMP to prevent the investigation of a possible crime. They may have both been at it here too.)

Of course, under the disastrous Cooper/Britton leadership [sic] there would not have been a Council investigation anyway. It is also noteworthy that all the Labour Councillors of Sandwell had notice via this blog of this and many other suspicious deals but sat on their hands. No-one at all raised any questions but many preferred to insult and attack me (and my wife) either directly or via The Smethwick Scumbag, Cooper.

You will all be aware that local media like the BBC and The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers have, with only a handful of exceptions, bent over backwards (and forwards in the case of the Suckers) to protect Dickhead Darren Cooper and his cronies. Nationally, Private Eye have taken a keen interest but locally, the only voice in the media wilderness has been Adam Smith of the Halesowen News and so it was no surprise when Adam scooped his bigger and wealthier rivals with the latest exposes.

Here is Adam breaking the Bawa story:

These are the audit committee report's findings over concerns over land sales to Councillor Bawa and Councillor Hussain when displaced from their homes by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) September 1999.

"The council has found indicators that suggest potential collusion and fraudulent practice against the council may have taken place. While it is looking back retrospectively over a period of time which is now nearly 20 years ago, the unique set of circumstances surrounding certain sales, and that Councillor Bawa and Councillor Hussain benefitted from a unique CPO pilot scheme, give rise to these concerns.
In particular in the following areas:
• Why an exclusive bid for self-build plots was only introduced in 1999 after the majority of residents affected by a CPO had already relocated and was restricted to plots of land that Councillors Bawa and Hussain had already expressed an interest in back in 1998.
• That only Councillor Bawa and Councillor Hussain and their immediate family members submitted bids for these plots in September 1999, and that the bids gave the impression of potential cover pricing and bid suppression.
• That for one plot, four bids were received all from Councillor Hussain and members of his family without any declaration to the council that this was the case.
• That the two plots that were sold in March and April 2000 were done so at a value below the guide price, contrary to the agreement at the time the scheme was approved.
• A failure by Councillor Bawa to declare his role as a councillor when a planning application was submitted on his behalf in October 2007. This matter has been referred to West Midlands Police’s Regional Organised Crime Unit and should be referred to the council’s Monitoring Officer.  
• Concerns over one of the sales were raised back in 2001 with the District Auditor. Unfortunately due to the passage of time the investigation team were unable to determine how this matter was concluded at the time.
• That Councillor Bawa never actually took up residence in the property built under the scheme. 
You will see that matters have been referred to the Police but they were already au fait with the information and deliberately shafted any investigation - particularly anything relating to Hussain who enjoys their special protection for "services rendered".

Of course, a number of the other suspicious land deals connected to the Hussain family used the "sealed bids" system as did the sale of the Florence Road, Smethwick property to Cllr Rouf's son.

Incidentally, a senior Sandwell source has told me (although it is currently unconfirmed) that the Chair of the Committee which nodded through the CPO arrangements to the benefit of two of his comrades was that useless streak of p*ss (even by Sadwell standards) Adrian Bailey - now of course Adrian Bailey MP (MP = Mahboob's Patsy?)

Steve Eling: "In you get, Mahboob!"
Jan Britton's bent paid service only recently answered my original FOI. The plot was sold to Bawa for £14,000 but I still can't tell you his profit on the deal. SMBC told me in the FOI that Bawa was entitled to apply "as a resident" and that the sale had been done via sealed bids without mentioning any of the above suspicious details and so, effectively, trying to deceive me yet again.

Clearly the police must re-open investigations right across the board and not just in respect of the new matters this week. As I have shown in this blog, Sandwell Police (part of WMP) are constantly up Sandwell Labour's arse. We know they have been protecting Hussain from proper investigation. We have seen that a local superintendent enjoyed golf and spa "sessions" with senior management. It is alleged a senior manager was shagging a WMP Inspector. High ranking Sup't Basit Javid (brother of the government minister) was directly involved - possibly innocently and/or stupidly - in the bent Public deal. I will shortly be blogging about one or more senior officers actively blocking enquiries into Cooper's vicious and criminal trolling campaign against me and my wife. One or more bent senior officers stitched up the first enquiry. Oh, and who was a craven apologist for the sh*thead Cooper you may wonder - none other than the current Chief Constable.

Accordingly it is essential that this whole stinking mess should be taken out of the hands of West Midlands Police and another force brought in to PROPERLY investigate this and all other matters.

In the meantime, local MP James Morris has written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid (see above), asking him to intervene to drain the swamp. Watch this space....

PS:  I am anxious to trace the exact address of the shop Mahboob Hussain had in Bearwood/ Smethwick many years ago which "caught fire". I hope someone out there can help. The exact road name would be a start!


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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is Ian Jones "The Third Man"?

I will, of course, be blogging soon about today's major developments in the stinking cesspit that is Sandwell Council. For those that are not up to speed the Council's own statutory s151 Officer has referred further matters to West Midlands Police. Suffice to say here that as some of the new allegations concern Cllr Hussain (and he is believed to enjoy special protection from WMP for "services rendered") and as we know at least one senior WMP officer deliberately hindered and then pulled the original fraud investigation it would be wholly improper for them to be involved further here and a different force should be called in to properly investigate the old and the new allegations.

This is a long post but we have to nail any guilty bastards once and for all. I am hoping the events of today may be the "Stalingrad moment" when the tide turns against some of these corrupt liars so willing to shaft people they purport to represent.

Now, however, I shall return to that perennial Skidder favourite - the Bog-gate scandal! This is another matter which West Midlands Police failed to investigate adequately or at all as part of the original enquiry but it raised its ugly head again when Cllr Ian Jones finally appeared - with lawyer to hold his hand (!) - before the Sandwell Council Audit Committee in December. I have to say that the questions and replies are pisspoor and large parts on the "grilling" of Jones are unintelligible even in the print version. I thus write this piece based on what I think are Jones's replies but if I have misinterpreted this I will be happy to print any further comment from him or his lawyer. It should be noted that my first blog about this scandal was dated as long ago as 8th August, 2014 and this matter is STILL under investigation.... And, of course, I am happy to assist any committee members who wish to discuss this matter further before the next meeting.

The basic facts are that Sandwell closed some toilet blocks and agreed to dispose of them in 2003 though there is still no evidence as to what, if any, attempt was made to market them for sale or to place them in auction. They just stood empty but years later in early 2012 a person suddenly made an offer for four blocks and three were sold.

The blocks were sold to Abdul Naeem Quyum (not to be confused with the other Abdul Quyum who has business connections with Cllr Mahboob Hussain). I made the allegation very early on that a lady called Jamilla Bibi had at least three children - Abdul Naeem Quyum (ANQ), Abdul Amean and Nigat Loreen. The latter married one of Cllr Hussain's sons. She is shown on the voters roll as actually living in Hussain's house for protracted periods from 2003. I am not aware of Hussain ever making any sort of declaration to SMBC about his connection to ANQ but, as regular readers will know, he does have severe but, usually, temporary amnesia (eg when his firm was bidding for a valuable SMBC taxi contract which he duly won).

As readers will also know, Sandwell has a huge highly-paid workforce but under the bent Cooper/Britton regime certain Councillors "ran" the Council instead, notably the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, Ian Jones, Hussain and Eling (and even though a senior Labour source said Cooper was "so thick he could hardly write a sentence"!). Jan Britton allowed this to happen because he was too weak to stand up to Cooper but we will examine in due course whether he was bent as well.

This threw an already dodgy council wide open to fraud. Instead of going through proper channels people could go direct to councillors to "do deals" eg. we recently saw that Labour's "Lord" Peter Snape is claimed to have introduced an ice-rink operator direct to Dickhead Daz with a view to "doing a deal".

It now appears that Cllr Ian Jones was the "go to" man if you wanted to buy some publicly-owned land in 2011. But he claims he was very busy with trying to get re-elected from March, 2012 and was "rarely in the Council House". Then in May, 2012 he changed portfolio and so was no longer in a hands-on role in land sales (although still on the Land Sales committee).

Even now I am not sure what his evidence is, in that he seems to have accepted that his office received one or two offer letters from ANQ or his related companies. And yet in one of my Freedom of Information Act responses on this from Jan Britton's bent paid service I was told "the offers were received by a council officer in Property Services". Which officer and where is the email?

We know that Sandwell's Labour councillors are stuck together like sh*t to a blanket but Jones flatly denies that he was doing a favour for Hussain here. If that is true, then he MAY (and I put it no higher than that) be telling the truth that he did not know ANQ was the bidder since ANQ used a couple of company/trading names before having the bogs sold to him in his own name. Something which caused no concern to "Sadwell's" Legal Department under now-disgraced Neeraj Sharma.

No-one involved in this scandal has ever claimed that SMBC made any attempt to market the bogs elsewhere when the offer came in. One might imagine that everyone knew that this was one of Hussain's "deals" and waved it through but I couldn't possibly make such an allegation. Still, another example of Britton's dismal failure to run a council.

Here it all becomes confused again. The disgraced employee involved in all this, David Willetts, undoubtedly had discussions with Jones and Hussain. It appears that Hussain again failed to mention that the proposed purchaser was related to him by marriage unless, as above, everyone knew it was a bent deal from day one. At this stage four blocks were still in play. Without getting any sort of formal valuation, Willetts himself mysteriously decided that the blocks should sell for £15,000 each and offered them to ANQ/ his companies for £50k (this again is extraordinary behavior in Britton's cowboy/girl outfit).

Now it becomes even stranger - one block was pulled from the sale and at this point both Jan Britton and our old friend Nick Bubalo were involved. On 18th April, 2012 a deal was agreed at £35k for the remaining three blocks. But just 6 days later Willetts claimed "members" wanted a separate valuation. The very handsomely rewarded author of the useless Wragge Report concluded that the members were Jones and Hussain but this seems incredible and is, in any event, flatly denied by Jones upon legal advice. Jones says he was about to change portfolio and had been fighting the election. He says he did not even know of the sale of the bogs until a year later and of the valuation until after that. It would have been a proper thing to do, if he had taken his eye off the ball during the election, to question what Willetts had done and to have demanded a valuation prior to exchange of contracts but Jones categorically says that he did not do this. Equally, Hussain must have known that £15k each for the blocks was a cracking deal for a relative (my marriage). We know he is a cheeky bastard (eg saying the Lodge St land sold by SMBC to his son at a gross undervalue was cheap because it was "f*cking sh*t) but surely he would not have risked a valuation which may have been adverse and was bound to delay the deal? Or perhaps he is so consumed with greed he thought his relative could get an even cheaper deal!

The Audit Committee must get to the bottom of this crucial aspect of the issue.

It is not clear whether Willetts himself instructed the District Valuer to prepare the eventual valuation and the Audit Committee MUST get a copy of the actual letter of instruction (The DV will have a copy even if SMBC have "lost" their own). This becomes important for another matter as we shall see. Then on 23rd May, 2012 the excrement hit the, er, khazi block as the valuation was for £130,000 - a mere £95k MORE than Willetts had already agreed with Hussain's relative! (In must be remembered here that Willetts was also very closely associated with Darren Cooper).

Another problem arises here in that the useless Wragge report is heavily redacted but there was email traffic between council employees "A9" and "A12". The second email is damning: "received further instructions from David [Willetts] via Councillor Hussain and Jones. The transaction you are dealing with can proceed as normal." Firstly, Jones is flatly denying he knew anything about the valuation and so he says this contemporaneous email between two staff members is untrue. He seems to be claiming that the odious Cllr Rowley had taken over the portfolio by then. Of course, if he did know and made the order...

But Hussain is also named. This documents claims he was aware of the valuation of £130K but overruled this and ordered a sale to a relative (by marriage) for £95,000 less. This was a major complaint made to West Midlands Police but, as above, Hussain enjoys their "special protection" and any proper investigation was pulled.

Jones complains that he can't remember every detail after so many years ago. The bogs were sold for £35k and one of them was later sold on for £40k on its own.

We then come to the notorious Radio WM interviews. My first blog on this subject was dated 8th August, 2014 and picked up by Adrian Goldberg. At this stage, the thuggish Cooper was slagging me off at every opportunity. Goldberg invited me and an SMBC representative on his morning show. Cooper refused to let anyone go on as he didn't want me to be seen as being in anyway "legit". Fair play to Goldberg (normally a Cooper apologist), he had me on anyway and SMBC looked very bad from the revelations. Thus SMBC contacted the BBC and demanded a right to reply. Again, Goldberg stood his ground and pointed out they had been the ones who declined to appear. Accordingly, he would also allow me on again. He didn't allow us to go head to head but kept us on separate lines. Jones started with a vicious attack on me straight from the Smethwick Scumbag's songbook - it was all untrue, I had a vendetta against Cooper and the Council etc etc. But he then made the bizarre comment that the valuation had been done AFTER the sale (see my contemporaneous blog of 21st August, 2014). Both myself and Goldberg expressed incredulity at this and asked what the point of this would be? Jones started to waffle that it was something Jan Britton's bent paid service did "regularly" - particularly when selling properties that had been hard to shift (????)

Following another FOI request it became obvious that Jones has told a massive porky live on air as the valuation was done before exchange of contracts and, as above, staff had been told to ignore it. On 6th November, 2014 I famously bumped into Cooper, Hussain and Jones outside the Kremlin (see my blog the next day, 7th November, 2014) and I asked Jones to one of his two faces why he had lied. He did the decent thing to try to save his neck and blamed staff saying he had been given an inaccurate briefing paper! (Nice Guy!) It also seems highly unlikely that Jones knew absolutely nothing about my allegations given the blog post AND my Goldberg interview the previous day!

But his story has subtly changed with the passage of time. As to the inaccurate briefing he seems to think this was prepared by Nick Bubalo (the very highly-paid Director who was very directly involved in almost every one of the bent land deals exposed in this blog but who claims he had strangely omitted to notice anything dodgy about any of them). He also claims that what he might have meant was that there was a distinction between agreeing a sale and exchanging contracts. He seems to imply that Britton's bent paid service regularly "made up" sale prices and only checked them out after a sale was agreed and was "subject to contract". If that is the case that is surely another nail in the coffin of the useless Britton. But Jones's comments here are academic since he insists he personally knew nothing about the valuation and nothing about it being overruled until much later - and presumably after the Goldberg interview as he is still seems to be relying on the "dodgy dossier" defence. Again, it is vital for the Audit Committee to get a copy of the briefing paper.

Jones has referred to finding out about restrictive covenants on two of the blocks which affected the value. He says he found out about these years later. Now there are restrictions on the Land Registry entries for two of the properties and so the Skidder asked SMBC right from the off for a copy of a key document - the "Agreement of 22nd June, 2012" but has always been denied it on the ground that it was "commercially confidential". Once again it is vital that the members of the Audit Committee see this document which is a legal agreement and must be in safe storage at SMBC.

If there are restrictions that affect value why on earth has Jan Britton's bent paid service not disclosed this when I have been on about it for well over two years? We must remember that Jan Britton's shower spent £1,200 OF OUR MONEY on the District Valuer's Report when a price of £35k had already been agreed. Whoever instructed the DV was grossly negligent if they failed to mention proposed legal restrictions that would affect value. The Audit Committee need to get to the bottom of who decided on the restrictions and whether they are actually material. As above, employees A9 and A12 clearly state that Jones and Hussain overruled the DV valuation with no mention of restrictions. Jones absolutely denies being involved. So Hussain, Rowley or someone else?

Even worse, when all the fraud investigations started we the people had to fork out again for a new report from commercial agents, Savills. It is not clear if the instructions were from SMBC or Wragge and Co for the purposes of their own useless report. If there were genuinely restrictions that affected value why on earth weren't Saville's told? The Audit Committee need to see the letter of instruction. If SMBC did it, the staff member should be disciplined. If an error was down to Wragges, SMBC should ask for the cost of the report back. In the event, Saville's agreed with the DV valuation.

Addendum- 19/01/17: A highly-placed "little bird" tells me there are no restrictions which affect value and wonders why Jones has set this particular hare running? But the Audit Committee still need to check this out!

It should be remembered that such restrictions are something of an Hussain "speciality". SMBC applied them in respect of properties of his close associates and then simply removed them without even charging legal fees let alone seeking to take a cut of profits that would then accrue. Yet again, West Midlands Police were advised of the removal of covenants on the former Sandwell Muslim Organisation premises in Church Street, Oldbury and at The Plough, Tividale but....yes, you know the score. This blog also showed that Tipton Mosque was given a whole "street" of demolished houses with a covenant for use only as "overspill" parking. The word is that, again, the covenant will be secretly removed in due course allowing the Mosque to develop the land and pocket the profit. Readers will know Hussain and Co were attempting the same trick with The Dartmouth Street Mosque but The Skidder's last minute intervention stalled the obviously bent deal.

David Willetts left the Council. It is alleged he received the customary pay-off with our cash subject to him signing a gagging clause to protect the Cooper/Britton regime. He refused to attend the Audit Committee which has been adjourned to see if he can be encouraged to turn-up. His version of events differs somewhat from Jones's. He undoubtedly knows more than he is letting on - particularly about Hussain's involvement. He also lied to me in a Freedom of Information Reply about the identity of the purchaser. Employee Anouk Wendling did the same and the Audit Committee should seek to interview her too. Britton ignored my very legitimate complaints about this which should become another disciplinary matter for the joke CE to answer.

Another matter arises from all this. If one makes a planning application there is a legal declaration saying, effectively, that the applicant owns the land and has the right to make the application. But the planning applications in respect of these bogs were submitted by our old friend Anthony Hope on behalf of "Bobby Jandhu". Now, at all material times, the Land Registry Records show that Bobby Jandhu had NO legal interest in the properties so these were false entries by Mr Hope. Who he? By an amazing coincidence the planning man of choice to the, er, Hussain family notably the Wellesley Road property (not in Hussain's name but WMP KNOW he has an interest) and for his son Azeem's properties at John St, Birmingham Road, Clifford Street and the infamous Lodge Street development. (See my blog as long ago as 25/09/14 when I suggested Jan Britton should investigate this anomaly). Of course, SMBC considers that some of the laws of England and Wales don't apply in the shit-hole Borough and Nick Bubalo fobbed me off saying that these clearly false applications might have been made "in error" and he was not going to take any action as no particular advantage had been gained. So what's the point of having the effing declaration in the first place?

(The address used by Jandhu in Wolverhampton has also been used by companies related to ANQ and his brother.)

Two curiosities arise from Jones's evidence. He says he has spent thousands of pounds trying to clear his name (which doesn't seem to affected his spending power noting his social media pics of his new chalet, Olwen's car and his party in Tenerife!) He was, of course, suspended from the Labour Party for a while. He went to court and was reinstated but the minutes suggest that incompetent Labour sought no evidence of his wrongdoing which, if true, would have made it rather difficult to defend their actions! A member of the Labour Party higher up than Sandwell claimed that Jones has been bragging that he has "taken" his own Party for £19,000* and my informant was not at all happy (I assume this would have been costs so would not have been profit to Jones - wife Olwen is the "damages" claimant!)

Jones also says that he was interviewed by the police. Now we know that despite extensive allegations made to WMP and months of alleged investigations they only managed to interview FOUR people under caution. The interviews lasted 4hr 4min, 1hr 55min, 1hr 48min and, er 15 mins respectively. Apart from the first, these are very short interviews. Now we have to assume that two of the interviewees were Hussain and his son, Azeem, so was Jones the third man?

The Police are being invited to investigate new matters but this whole can of worms must be re-opened. In respect of this matter alone they need to interview under caution Jan Britton, Hussain, Jones on any new information, Willetts, Wendling, A9, A12 plus Bubalo and anyone else found to be directly involved. They also need to interview Bobby Jandhu, ANQ, and Anthony Hope.

(We simply don't know if Britton is bent. His name is not on anything but his presence is like a gargantuan turd in a swimming pool and we do know that he was instrumental in bringing Wragges in on a VERY limited remit which mysteriously "helped" WMP to pull their own feeble investigation. This guy was at the head of everything for years whilst all the fraud and corruption was going on. Admittedly he was on his knees with his tongue between Cooper's buttocks for most of the time but the police need to question him under caution as to what he knew and, perhaps more importantly, what he claims he didn't know. You say you are innocent Britton so get off your arse and volunteer to help the police with their enquiries!)

No committee or council meeting would be complete now without the harsh, rasping sound of pathetic loser Cllr Yvonne Davies's voice attacking the new leadership of her own Party or sucking up to Jones. On Tuesday night at full Council she questioned the merit of continuing with this particular enquiry and asked if it is worth the cost. Yes madam - it is. Some of your comrades and staff have shafted the public and WMP have shoved a truncheon up our arse too. We want justice and we want it now so shut your gob Councillor.

* That's 6,333 of Corbyn's £3 keyboard warriors!


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Friday, 13 January 2017

Potty-Mouthed Piper On Fine Form!

I quite like my Facebook chum Cllr Bob Piper even if he is a foaming-at-the-mouth acolyte of the absurd Corbyn. He is one of the more interesting of the serried ranks of mostly unemployed deadbeats who constitute the Labour Dictatorship of Sandwell - not that that is saying much. He even reads books without his lips moving.

Clean-living but foul-mouthed Bob does have form for letting rip on his blog and social media sites. Be warned that what follows contains strong language!

It appears to have been taken down now but a tweet about Margaret Thatcher was so "lewd" that even those Sandwell Labour groupies the Wolverhampton c*ck-suckers could not bring themselves to repeat it!

Bob also had a go at Cameron - foolishly using a blacked-up image of him from the internet with the caption "Yo n*ggahs" on his blog leading to nationwide calls for him to be fired. [Bob Piper adds 14/01/17 that the use of the image was intended to be satirical but accepts that, taken out of context, the use of the image caused considerable offence which he regrets.]

Being one of the more erudite of SMBC's knuckle-draggers, Bob famously opined that the Falklands was "a war over a pile of penguin shit". Here are some more "S" word classics. Firstly Bob goes nautical (though seeming to mix up the merchant arm for the Senior Service):

Naturally, he couldn't be a Sandwell councillor without sharing the late, unlamented, Turdmeister's fascination with canine excrement:

Of course, civil war is now raging through what's left [sic] of the Labour Party both locally and nationally. Bob is not one to bow the knee to mere Labour MP's. Here he is being disrespectful to a Welsh "comrade":

He claims that he doesn't want to rock the rapidly sinking Party rubber dinghy - yet:

But unlike the other craven grovellers in Sandwell Labour he is prepared to take on vicious bully Tom Watson MP and also the moronic gob-shite who represents Yardley in Birmingham (think Darren Cooper in a dress) so that he does have some redeeming features:

Bob is keen to use social media to describe folk as "twats" including such diverse personalities as Mick Hucknall, Adrian Chiles and Benedict Gummer whereas Stephen Nolan is a "complete twat".

The pathetic greaser who is the joke "Chief Executive" of Sandwell Council, Jan Britton, was too feeble to stop the late Smethwick Scumbag from making himself and the Borough a laughing stock with his vile and illiterate Twitter account but the new regime has tried to beef up its social media policy since the demise of the bullying thug. The code says that "members" must ensure that "the Council's reputation is not damaged or adversely affected" but thanks to the years of fraud, corruption and incompetence during the Cooper/Britton era that ship has already sailed....

Equally, of course, the Labour Party has no reputation left to bring into disrepute by its elected representatives and tribunes of the people.

"Members" are urged to "be respectful - set the tone for online conversation by being polite, open and respectful." Maybe sweary Bob has a dose of the winter blues but he has recently veered dangerously "off message":

The Code also says, "Member should not send or post inappropriate, abusive...messages to members of the public" which makes this exchange today particularly interesting:

Never mind Bob, if they kick you out I'm sure the kippers will welcome you!


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Darren Cooper - Greedy Scrote: Part Two

There is plenty of new material in this post but I'm afraid I do have to rehearse some issues from this blog for it all to make sense.

Regular readers will recall that the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, tried every trick in the book to close down this blog. Of course, he attacked me constantly and even tried to have me arrested by his pals at WMP leading to me spending two hours in a police station (as a volunteer). He acted in concert with others (including, in all probability, some of Jan Britton's bent paid service at Sandwell Council) to have my Twitter account closed down. But as someone else wrote when he was still alive: "the vengefulness of this spite-filled character is legendary." And so he launched a vicious trolling campaign via Twitter in association with local Unite the Union Regional Organiser, Brian Rickers, and the self-proclaimed "mentally-ill" Andrew "Sniffpiss" Hipkiss of the Yew Tree Estate.

As we shall see in another post coming shortly, Cooper had "history" when it came to bullying women and so he could not resist also attacking my wife.

One of the problems with the delusional Dickhead Daz was that he actually thought he was clever and everyone else was thick. He and Unite the Union's Brian Rickers started tweeting nonsense to my wife's employers, a small arts charity in Birmingham. Incredibly they used their own Twitter accounts  - see:


Cooper thought this would queer my wife's pitch but the charity and its trustees were aware that my wife had nothing to do with this blog and could obviously see through his pathetic game. But then Dazza, in association with Unite the Union also started trolling my wife and her employers through fake accounts. The charity and my wife complained to West Midlands Police but you can imagine what they did - or rather, didn't do - as this obviously involved a friend of the present Chief Constable.

My wife complained to SMBC and now disgraced head lawyer Neeraj Sharma batted the complaint away. My wife persisted and the matter was supposed to have been referred to unknown members of the Standards Committee - presumably Labour Councillors - who apparently decided that Cooper's @sandwellleader account (which he frequently accessed on his SMBC taxpayer-owned iphone) was purely personal and nothing to do with the Council! These anonymous heroes went on to unnecessarily opine that my wife somehow "deserved" the bullying anyway - presumably also holding the view that women who wear short skirts deserve to be raped.......

Other complainants about Cooper's bullying were also met with the claim that it was nothing to do with the Council but a purely personal affair! So that's alright then!

Cooper's Brain
But the uber-thick Cooper couldn't stop with just the trolling. He started to threaten my wife and I via Twitter that he was going to write to the Chair of Trustees at her place of work - all the time interacting with Unite's Brian Rickers for encouragement. Now we all know that Dazza had sh*t for brains - indeed, a VERY senior Sandwell Labour figure told me, and these are his EXACT words: "he was so thick he could hardly write a sentence!" (This the narcissistic prat who wanted to be an MP and, when even Labour couldn't stomach that, Mayor of the West Midlands "lol".)*

Cooper couldn't write a letter himself so he decided to get help. I am not sure who actually wrote it but I do know that Jan Britton caused and/or permitted taxpayer-paid Sandwell Council staff to become involved (surely a dismissible offence?) The one person we do know know who was definitely involved was Cooper's secretary, Jane Perham. As we shall see, Jan Britton's staff involvement NEARLY had far reaching consequences......

Jan Britton caused and/or permitted his staff to forward letter one. Jane Perham sent it not to the Chair of the Trustees but to the open email address of the charity. I believe this was done deliberately in an effort to cause my wife maximum distress and several people within the organisation saw the contents which were not marked as being "private". Did Jan order that or, as with the years of fraud and corruption on his watch, did he have his head up his massive arse and allegedly miss everything that was really going on?

Students of Cooper's nasty thuggishness will recognise his pathetic modus operandi. The sh*thead lied - with the apparent permission of Jan Britton - that he had to write to the Chair of the Trustees because he had received "a number of letters" from Sandwell residents concerned about a small charity in Birmingham! Sound familiar ex-councillors Mick Davies and Jayne Wilkinson (who suffered the "anonymous letter" treatment from the bootboys)? The letter asked some daft questions about the organisation (all the information was already publicly available) before getting to the meat and starting to ask questions about my wife's employment and my volunteering activities with the charity. The charity replied in polite terms.

A few weeks went by and Jan Britton caused and/or permitted his staff - including Jane Perham again - to send a further letter. This time the gloves were off and Britton let a really vicious and libellous letter go. Once again the letter was deliberately sent to an open email address for maximum effect. Of course, the letter was highly libellous about me but that is water off a duck's back. But Cooper and Jan Britton's staff were highly defamatory about my wife - effectively saying, inter alia, that because she has the misfortune of being married to me she was unfit to do her job. The Chair of Trustees was effectively urged to terminate her employment.

My wife consulted lawyers and a letter before action was sent personally to Cooper at his Londonderry Lane address (the one where he frequently said Cllr Mahboob Hussain paid for the sizeable extension). But because Britton had foolishly or maliciously allowed SMBC staff to become involved in the libel the lawyers also directed a claim at SMBC - in other words he had deliberately, recklessly or negligently put taxpayers money at risk because his tongue was always between Cooper's buttocks (metaphorically speaking, m'lud).

Now the law (as my wife's solicitors quickly pointed out to SMBC) says that, save in certain circumstances, a council cannot fund the defence of a libel claim against a councillor - particularly in a case like this where the libel had nothing whatsoever to do with council business but just from the pure maliciousness of a particular "member". Accordingly, Cooper should have instructed his own solicitors and met the costs from his own resources. But why should he do that when Jan Britton would allow YOU the taxpayer to pay for him? And so it came to pass that us taxpayers laid on the might of Sandwell's legal department (and, possibly, external counsel) to defend the vicious woman-bullying thug as well as defending their own claim. Jan's a generous guy with your money folks!

For the sake of completeness, the legal case did not proceed for a strange reason. The Defamation Act 2013 changed the law in a significant way. Although my wife had been hideously libelled by Cooper and by Britton's bent paid service she now had to go on and show that she had suffered special damage. The fact was that her employers were shocked and horrified by Cooper's conduct but knew his spitted bile was false and malicious. Therefore, they treated my wife with all due consideration and sympathy as the unwitting victim of a complete c*nt. Had they disciplined or sacked her she would have suffered the requisite damage to maintain a claim but they replied appropriately to Cooper and continued to give her full support. Which is good but stopped any claim.

Incidentally, the cowardly sh*tbag Cooper did not have the balls to tackle the Chair of Trustees again but did continue to troll my wife and the charity via Twitter. In particular, he and his associates bombarded the charity with allegations that she was "sleeping around". Of course, all the trolling mysteriously stopped last Easter Sunday.......

(More on the police and WMPCP protection of the troll coming soon).

It is also noteworthy that a (different) senior Labour figure says that many of the massed ranks of the comrades at Sadwell were against Cooper's "engagement" with me which they thought was "disastrous" (for him not me). What a shame they once again cowered before the bully boy instead of speaking out but that's cowards for you....

We move on with the related story of Jan Britton's looting of taxpayer's resources as more information is now available about Dickhead Dazza's infamous visit to Steelhouse Lane Police Station in Birmingham where he was interviewed under caution about harassment.

Regular readers will know that the initial allegation - from a normally very reliable SMBC insider - was that even though this was another purely personal matter Jan Britton decided that the Smethwick Scumbag should not have to pay for his own solicitor (or make use of the free duty solicitor) but that the taxpayer would pick up the bill for him. The inside info was that Britton personally arranged that top solicitor Maria Price would secretly take a day's leave to hold his hand. Britton refused to comment when I put this to him.

But now another very highly-placed source has come forward and said that prior to the day itself only FOUR people knew of the police station visit - Cooper himself, Cllr Mahboob Hussain, Jan Britton and Maria Price. I am told there have been investigations about this and my informant is absolutely adamant that this is completely correct. But someone is telling porkies again since I recently had a reply to a Freedom of Information Act request about all this - which, very strangely, has NOT been signed by any employee - which says that it was purely coincidental that Maria Price had "pre-booked a day's holiday" for the very day Cooper was in the sh*t. The FOI reply says Britton did NOT request Maria Price accompany the thug but that "her manager" verbally advised her to go with him if she felt it impacted on council business (which it clearly did not). So some anonymous person is trying to clear Britton and has brought in another player - the "manager" - whom a highly-placed source says was most definitely NOT involved!

But the joke "Chief Executive" DOES admit to laying on a chauffeur-driven SMBC taxpayer-funded limo to take Dickhead Daz and a woman believed to be Maria Price to the nick in Brum. The enclosed photo is absolutely terrible but caught these liars out as the woman getting out of the limo seems to be confirmed as Maria Price:

And so we are expected to believe that Britton laid on the chauffeur but knew nothing about sending a taxpayer-funded solicitor too - and this being directly contrary to what TWO highly-placed sources are saying. Someone is p*ssing down my leg and telling me it's raining.....

I fail to see why Leader Steve Eling seemingly has a soft-spot for Britton when he has presided for YEARS over a paid service riddled with corruption but something is wrong here and he needs to order further investigations as to how taxpayer's money was diverted in this obscene way.

Cooper was a greedy, envious, little scrote. I am by no means flush (especially having dedicated a considerable time not working whilst exposing him and Britton's disastrous regime) but the late bully regularly took to Twitter to claim that I was rolling in it and living the Life of Riley. He always pretended to be a "man of the people" but an awful lot of Sandwell residents haven't got a pot to piss in whilst he was happy for corrupt Labour Councillors to rip them off and sh*t on them. But Britton, Cooper could have afforded his own legal bills. The Scumbag left net estate of just,er, £387,740 - a fortune for most long-suffering folk in the "socialist paradise".

* See also post from April, 2015:



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