Friday, 5 October 2018

Chief Superintendent Richard Baker - Sandwell Police

Over and over again this blog has bemoaned the sickening relationship between corrupt Sandwell Labour and West Midlands Police.

This blog was hearing that Chief Sup't Baker was possibly "one of the good guys" but I now have direct evidence that the beleaguered "Leader" of bent Sandwell, Steve "The Milkman" Eling has been playing Iago to his Othello. Here is an email I have just sent to him which should be self-explanatory:

"Dear Chief Superintendent Baker,


I received some disturbing documentation yesterday. May I say from the outset that you, of course, cannot choose who sends email to you - this one being a case in point.

I am now aware that during the long Complex Crime Unit investigation into me on spurious and false allegations by Sandwell Labour Councillors Eling Marshall and Costigan, that Eling was in direct communication with you via email attempting to blacken my name.

I am particularly concerned with regard to one grossly defamatory email that Eling sent you. It is quite clear that this was not sent to you in an operational capacity connected to the Complex Crime Unit investigation.

In the circumstances I have today put in a subject access request to WMP for all emails passing between you and Eling relating to me and, as above, since at least one had nothing to do with operational matters I expect them to be disclosed.

What I have already seen will lead to a civil claim in defamation (and possibly under the Protection from Harassment Act) against Eling without more. I am not sure what the protocol is but would like to take a formal statement from you regarding what I have seen so far, that it was sent to your email address etc for use in the civil claim. Please can you contact me to make appropriate arrangements?

I am sending a copy of this to Eling's private email address as his defamatory behaviour was not "council business" but purely malicious and political.

I await to hear from you.

Julian Saunders"

Complex Crime Unit

You will all know that I was subjected to the stress of a five month investigation by the WMP Complex Crime Unit who seemingly haven't got anything else to do. Now fresh evidence is coming out from SMBC itself that all that I said about the WhatsApp feed etc was, er, true. Accordingly I have asked the CCU to examine the new evidence with a view to taking action against the liars:

"Dear DS Xxxxxxxx,


The Complex Crime Unit investigated me for five months on totally spurious allegations from three Sandwell Labour Councillors, Eling, Marshall and Costigan. 

As pointed out to you during the investigation Costigan gave a false statement telling deliberate lies about me.

You may not be aware but Sandwell Council held what purported to be a "Standards Hearing" last week involving, inter alia, Eling and Marshall. Lots of new evidence is now in the public domain (albeit incomplete as the allegedly "independent" investigation did not take evidence from me even though I was a key participant and, in certain areas, the ONLY witness!)

Can you please confirm that the Complex Crime Unit will review the new evidence with a view to considering a possible prosecution(s) against any one or more of the complainants in respect of the deliberate provision of false statements to WMP?

I should add that your unit confiscated my phone for some considerable time and had access to the full UNREDACTED WhatsApp feed set up by Eling and Marshall to channel information to me. You therefore have access to some material which is not in the public domain. In particular you will see information about Ms Melanie Dudley which the pair were anxious for me to put in the public domain which was highly damaging and, more to the point. totally false. It must be remembered that Ms Dudley was an employee of the Council at the time.

I am sending Ms Dudley a copy of this email as I understand she made formal complaint to you concerning these matters.

Julian Saunders"


Nearly two thousand of you have already seen the shocking bullying of me yesterday at Sandwell Council House - if you haven't click here:

The very aggressive man (see picture) who hid his ID and refused to identify himself has been named as Stuart "Clacker" Clarke (not to be confused with someone of the same name who I think works in IT). I have made a formal complaint about the aggression etc yesterday to Jan Britton.

If this chap is "Clacker" I am told he got his job through the intervention of xxxxxxxxxx (more anon after my Court case (23rd October 1.30 Dudley Mags and thereafter at the Lamp Tavern, Dudley - all welcome). As ever, info welcome..............


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