Thursday, 29 November 2018

Jan Britton's Staff P*ss On Taxpayers' Alliance

Time and time again we have seen Jan Britton's bent paid service involved in fraud, corruption and incompetence though all, seemingly, without the highly-paid Chief Executive's knowledge (and his political masters think that is, er, OK). They have been involved in bent deals, secret and un-minuted meetings and played fast and loose with, inter alia, the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Of course, I am used to them lying to me but it is always interesting to see Britton's staff taking the piss out of other folk. I am sure I will be reporting further in due course on his corrupt staff's FOI reply in respect of the new access system to The Kremlin but, in the meantime, I note they did a number on the Taxpayers's Alliance.

The TA did a nationwide survey to allegedly cash-strapped councils about mayoral cars. This blog has been campaigning for years asking why a dirt-poor sh*thole like Sadders needs two fancy cars AND two chauffeurs! After 44 years of socialist failure bent Labour still run a limo and a fancy Range Rover. And they employ two chauffeurs!!!!

Here are the vehicles outside The Kremlin (and please note the number plates - the right-hand limo is 1HA):

Yet when the TPA contacted corrupt Sandwell they were told that the sleazy socialists only had ONE limo. Jan's bent staff "forgot" about the Range Rover. Under "cost of cars" the answer was, mysteriously, "zero"! No doubt Sadders have a fleet policy for vehicles since they also claim that there are "zero" insurance premiums for these two beauties,

Fuel for the limo is £3.871.39 per annum and maintenance of £6,512.54 (a whopping £542 a month for just one vehicle). Thus Jan's out of control staff claim the Council runs just one limo and it costs a mere £10.383.93. This is a lie.

Once again Jan's bent boys and girls are lying again. Interestingly they told the TPA they had no "personalised number plates" on the vehicles. It is unlikely the two number plates shown in the above picture came with the vehicles as they would command very high values on the market. When did Sadders acquire them and how much did they cost the pisspoor Borough?

Addendum 01/12/18: folk tell me the number plates - or at least 1 HA - were issued by the old Borough's making up Sadders. The 1 HA was for the old Smethwick mayoral car. As below - there is no reason why the valuable plates could not be sold and the money used properly.

Is there are reason why a sh*thole Council needs to own number plates "1 EA" and "1 HA"? What have these got to do with Sadders anyway? Surely the socialists should sell the number plates (as well as at least one of the vehicles) and use the money for frontline services?

Having openly lied about the number plates Jan's staff completely failed to mention the employment of two chauffeurs!

This is where Sandwell Labour are sh*tting on your faces folks!

Of course, Britton provided the limo and a chauffeur plus a SMBC Solicitor (Maria Price) for the late Smethwick Scumbag, Cooper, when he had to attend a police interview for a purely personal matter at Steelhouse Lane nick in Birmingham - using taxpayers money - ie OUR money - for the grotesque charade:

And I caught Cooper using the Range Rover during his ill-fated fantasy that he would become West Midlands Mayor. Britton, of course, had no, er, personal interest in that ludicrous plan and so it is inexplicable why he allowed one of the chauffeurs to ferry Dickhead Daz to a political campaigning meeting in the Range Rover at taxpayers' expense before Cooper's campaign fizzled out when he died during a drink and drugs-fuelled binge:

TPA - like everyone else - Jan Britton's staff have had your pants down!


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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Bent Lion Farm Deal "Consultation".

Apologies for the brevity of this post but I am just recovering from an operation. Please note that a rushed "consultation" is in progress at short notice as your corrupt Labour Council tries to force this stinking con through!


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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Bullied Labour Councillor Is Back!

At this time of year the wealthy "leader" of bent Labour Sandwell Council, Steve "Squealing" Eling, squires his charming wife away from her Derbyshire rural idyll to the spicier surroundings of Thailand. I hear he is there now. He usually - and without irony - buys a couple of ties to bring home. Presumably these products of the non-unionised sweatshops of Bangkok are, er, cheaper there.... But this trip he may need to also invest part of his fortune in new underpants because SHE IS BACK! At long last the bullying comrades have reinstated Cllr Yvonne Davies to the Labour Party after an incredibly lengthy suspension on ludicrous "charges".

The trouble for Yvonne started when she had the temerity to stand in the Sadwell leadership election following the death of the Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, in a drink and drugs-fuelled "session". The election was alleged to have been rigged and Eling "won". He then set about trying to destroy any possible detractors of his tyrannical rule and, as you all know, he and his dumb sidekick, Marshall, recruited me as their mouthpiece and sent me confidential information about Council and Party matters with a view to me causing damage to Eling's enemies. Hard-core Skidderatti will remember Eling and Marshall crowing via the WhatsApp feed that Cllr Davies did not have the sort of money needed to legally challenge the rigged vote and had to back off.

Way back in April, 2017 Yvonne spoke out at a private Labour Group meeting about Cllr Marshall (now, happily, ex-Councillor Marshall) and pointed out to the comrades what he was really up to. Eling blew a fuse (a not uncommon event from the hot-tempered bore) about this attack on his beloved "enforcer" and joined comrades who disgracefully screamed and brayed for Yvonne to be ejected from the meeting - which she duly was.

Of course, the truth about the Sp*nk Brothers' deal with me came out. Marshall was, by now,bankrupt (financially and morally). Eling stuck to him like sh*t to a blanket as he had done when Marshall was exposed for non-payment of council tax and the truth about his horrendous conning of money out of a widow became well-known. But back in April 17 the howling "socialists" preferred to shoot the messenger rather than examine the facts. They believed Eling and Marshall (until this pair were duly exposed).

Step forward the "Chief Whip" John "former socialist Landlord" Edwards. "Jedward" seemingly performs a role akin to that of a common prostitute with Sandwell Leaders. He promises them any number of dubious personal "services" provided they make him Chair of the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority - a nice source of much extra loot on top of his allowances.

Yvonne was duly hauled in before the Whips and suspended for, er, telling the truth!

But this bunch of bullies don't do things by halves and weak as piss Cllr Anne Shackleton also put in a complaint to pile the pressure on her Labour "sister". As far as I can make out this was some pathetic nonsense that Yvonne had shouted at her when Shackleton stumbled into a private meeting. But as we have seen with the police investigations against me, these bastards are cowards and hunt in packs.

Why it has taken this long to clear Yvonne is a mystery. This blog has been pushing the shameful "socialists" to make a public apology to Cllr Davies for a very long time. The martinet Edwards has known the truth and what the Sp*nk Brothers had been up to for over a year now! What the f*ck has this moron been doing all that time?

(Incidentally, regulars will know that the self-proclaimed left-winger and Corbynista Jedward was exposed on this blog as being the co-owner of a flat in The Hub, Oldbury. The agents for this "socialist landlord" made it clear that "DSS" claimants need not apply for a Jedward tenancy. It appears that he and his co-owner flogged the property in or around February this year for £106,000 so Landlord no more....but more dosh in the bank!)

Don't get me wrong - Yvonne is as capable of spouting Corbynist claptrap as the rest of them in Sadders but (1) she has a spine and (2) she has a brain and an independence of spirit sadly lacking in most of the Labour Group. Eling is already on the ropes with the Labour Party over Sp*nkgate and much else. Many in the local and national party realise that he is weak and his incompetence is becoming increasingly evident. His out of control outbursts within the Council House and beyond are now showing him up as the vicious bully he is (eg him reporting me to the Police for supporting the Justice 4 the 21 campaign). Yvonne is likely to hold his feet to the flames.... Game On!

You might wonder from the above whether all this is why you have not heard much from Cllr Davies of late but, unfortunately, she has also been poorly. I gather she is on the mend and personally look forward to her being back in fighting form and taking up issues with The Milkman such as the corrupt Lion Farm Fields deal which he is now desperate to force through! Job one Yvonne - get the "option" agreement made public!

Cllr Davies is also building a Twitter presence. There is a lot of nonsense on there but it is still well worth a follow  - go to @nottobeneutral and ignore the leftie b*llocks!

PS - why was the "leader" before Cooper, the thief Bill Thomas, known as "Bangkok Bill" I wonder....

And finally, here is The Squealer in one of his Thai ties with the infamous sentiment he and Marshall shared with me about three Labour Comrades!


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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Sh*thole Sandwell Digest 17/11/11

We start this week with some great news! The head head-giver of the Wolvo C*cksuckers is on his way out! Yes, Sandwell Labour and Tom Watson's propagandist at The Express and Star, editor [sic] Keith Harrison, is away and, as a double bonus, seemingly leaving the area too! Harrison is an utter disgrace to journalism. One assumes that he has mysteriously been ordered to pump out lies and misinformation that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush on behalf of bent Sandwell Labour Council and that he has been craven enough to simply "obey orders" to protect his pay and position? How else does one explain his conduct?

One of my main gripes about this lackey - apart from his personal attacks on me - is that he would not print the truth even when confronted with it. The most egregious example of his lack of proper journalistic standards relates to The Public. The late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, told him the grasping College was to pay rent for the building. This was another Labour lie which Harrison and "The Star" continue to push even to this day and even though I sent this greaser a copy of the lease proving the true situation. (The College are paying back the millions spent destroying the building but are NOT paying rent!)

What next? Will there still be an outbreak of mass masturbation every time a Sandwell Council press release arrives in Wolvo?

Goodbye and good riddance!

But as ever in Sandwell - bad news is always around after 44 years of dismal Labour dictatorship...

Safer Six - the annual campaign where two corrupt bodies - the Labour Council and West Midlands Police - try and con the public that they are "beating" Sandwell crime has been in full swing with the moral Cowards in Blue expending massive resources in numerous publicity stunts. Most of these involve officers being taken away from their job - ie nicking villains - and attending "crime prevention" events which are then plastered over Twitter with suitable plugs for their bent political puppeteers.

But the local media has been full of crime stories this week including this (from the Birmingham Mail) where a woman was attacked just a hundred yards of so from Sandwell Council House!

And the Police have gone into overdrive about the Sikh Community recently (Sandwell Labour, of course, spend enormous resources ensuring they get out the Sikh vote) but, alas, they are losing touch with Sikh youth. From social media we discover that WMP have been banned from another local Gurdwara. Oops:

Of course, Sikh youth may well wonder what WMP are up to. They used a leading Sandwell Labour figure in the Muslim community to act as their informant for many years in return for immunity from investigation into his affairs. As I am learning to my cost, you can't trust WMP!


Cllrs Cooper, Hussain and Eling destroyed The Public and are now shafting locals royally with £90 fines if you stray into the bus lane outside. Money that could have gone to keep the building open is in the bank at The Kremlin but Cllr Hosell assures us - "lol" - that it will be used for road and associated traffic improvements elsewhere (rather than just being blown on a vanity project like the new swimming pool). So that's, er. alright then!

This from the Wolvo C*cksuckers:

More Horrendous Health News - From Birmingham Mail:

As ever after 44 years of Labour the Borough - another disastrous statistic. The average TB rate per 100,000 in the UK is 8.4 whereas in the failing socialist paradise it is 27.2!

Cheer up if you are coughing your lungs out - Liar Councillor Elaine Costigan is Sandwell Labour's Health AND Crime supremo!


Whenever I have been into "Sadwell" Council House the staff - apart from the security staff recently - have been a delight and have looked after me extremely well. Of course, they are barred from reading this blog and my other social media and so when I complimented the staff on Twitter the other day I was surprised to hear one of the Dictatorship's many Twitter accounts had responded favourably to me. Needless to say the management soon removed it but someone sent me a screenshot. Alas it contains a subversive - or Freudian - slip "lol":

Justice 4 The 21

This weekly digest in not meant to be about me but I cannot blog for a few days now and so include this. Many of you will now have seen the (newly pixelated) film of my encounter of the Leader [sic] of the corrupt Council the other night. Steve "Squealing" Eling and Sandwell Council reported me to bent WMP for supporting the campaign by the bereaved families of the Birmingham pub bombers but The Milkman declined my invitation to say why. I also wrote to The Squealer yesterday and here is my email. Milko has failed to respond:

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018, 08:47
Subject: Justice 4 The 21
To: Steve Eling>


I note you are refusing to say why you reported me to WMP for supporting the Justice 4 The 21 campaign.

For the record:

1   Please disclose the complete unredacted email you sent to WMP via Sandwell Council dated 18/03/18;

2   Please state why you and SMBC thought it appropriate to report me to WMP for supporting that campaign.

3   The email was sent at 10.39am. Please confirm whether you were in Sandwell at that time or at work in Rotherham (or working elsewhere for RMBC).

Yesterday I was informed by YouTube that you had applied to stifle free speech and have my recent uploaded video removed from that site.

4   Did you contact YouTube or did SMBC (or did you use SMBC facilities to try and have the video taken down).

5   At what time did you contact YouTube and were you supposed to be working on behalf of RMBC at that time.

Please respond by 3pm today latest.

Julian Saunders


There was an excellent event last Saturday at the YMCA Carters Green (lovely venue and service) when Graham Peet launched his book on The Public - packed with hitherto unseen photos. Graham has been a stalwart of the Sandwell arts scene for very many years and the book is a superb historical record of the iconic building and the shattered dream. (Apologies for photo quality below).

The book is £10 from and that INCLUDES postage! BUT IT NOW!


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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Steve Eling And The Pub Bombers

In 1974 21 people enjoying a night-out were slaughtered by Jeremy Corbyn's mates, the IRA. Corrupt West Midlands Police beat-up and then fitted up 6 men for the evil acts. The bereaved families have fought for the truth and are still being shafted by the establishment to this day.

Thanks to an informant I recently became aware that the embattled part-time Labour "Leader" of Sandwell Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling had used Sandwell Council official channels to communicate extensively with Chief Superintendent Richard Baker of West Midlands in an effort to criminalise me and silence this blog (more on this anon). I forced some disclosure from WMP and was very surprised to discover that Squealing Eling had contacted his cop pal to report to him that I was supporting the Justice 4 the 21 campaign via social media!

Why a local Labour Councillor "Leader" (although he also spends a lot of time in a Derbyshire cottage owned by his wife) thinks it appropriate to snitch on people who support the Campaign is bizarre but reflects his abysmal lack of any sort of reasoned judgement. That this paranoid bore should pass information to WMP who are STILL letting down the bereaved families is completely unfathomable.

Last night your dedicated newshound attempted to ask Squealing about this. I was caught on the hop as I was just about to leave Oldbury and so I mixed my wording up a bit and called the local Chief Supt "Inspector". But you will see that a man who drones on and on for hours making a Chairman Mao speech look like a model of brevity suddenly lost his tongue! We await answers on this Eling and will not let it rest!

Why are the craven mainstream media not investigating this too?

Kremlin Security

Eling and Co often have barriers erected around the Oldbury Kremlin to stop people talking to their elected representatives. In addition to the normal security staff Eling and Britton now also have their "barmy army" paramilitary force. The latter - supposed to be costing taxpayers £200,000 a year (though probably much more as two managers are both on a good screw) - are supposed to be out on the beat looking for incontinent canines and fly tippers. But as my recent blog showed there are usually a large number hanging around the Oldbury Kremlin. In another video I showed no less than 8 protecting the back of the Kremlin alone to stop "intercourse" with Councillors - yes, even with Dave!

I went to Cabinet yesterday but once again it was almost impossible to hear anything from the public gallery. There were two security staff and AT LEAST three of the Barmy Army to police 4 members of the public. You are paying for this nonsense folks! 

Eling will no doubt ring the building with barbed wire to stop journalists like myself being able to doorstep him. But it is just as well I am a law-abiding person since despite the heavy security presence last night someone left the doors to to the back of the Council chamber open! What a bunch of tossers!


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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Racist Wragge's?

New readers to this blog will be surprised that a corrupt local Labour Council can "buy off" an investigation into its affairs by bent West Midlands Police just by instructing a firm of Solicitors to prepare an "independent report".

Faced with multiple fraud allegations the bent cops were finally forced to act and started a formal investigation into the sleazy cesspool that is Sandwell Council but a corrupt senior officer (or officers) agreed to pull the investigation if just SOME of the matters were dealt with by a firm of independent solicitors (who do not have the powers of the police to compel witnesses to be interviewed, to search premises and to seize documents, computers etc).

Thus Jan Britton, the head of Sandwell's bent paid service approached a friendly local firm whom he knew well, Wragge's in Birmingham (now known as Gowling WLG). They had earned fees from Sandwell before. Britton instructed Wragge's on just some of the fraud matters and the cops agreed to ignore the rest (eg the fraud concerning a massive site at Lion Farm Fields in Oldbury).

Britton used to work at Buckinghamshire County Council (2004-2006) before he brought his incredibly limited skills to Sadders (2004-2006). Although not contemporaneously, one Mark Greenburgh had been Leader of that Council - until 2001. Greenburgh had moved to posh solicitors Wragge's where he became "Head of Public Sector" touting for Council business throughout the land.

Jan Britton knew Wragge's well as did his now disgraced Head of Legal, Neeraj Sharma. The main "target" of the police investigation was a Pakistani Muslim Councillor and his son. The latter was employed in Britton's bent paid service and, inter alia, started buying cheap properties from the corrupt Council. (Britton claims he knew nothing about this as he does with all the other allegations of fraud). Greenburgh very publicly proclaimed himself to be a Zionist but Britton seemingly did not perceive that as being a possible cause of conflict (or else Britton simply ignored the matter).

Britton (pictured as envisioned by another well-known Sandwell blogger) did not put the provision of the report out to tender and agreed to pay Wragge's £100,000 of taxpayers money to stop the cops from sniffing around. Needless to say, as solicitors often do, this was "not enough" and so Britton agreed to pay them another £85,000 of OUR money on top.

The report was useless. As the solicitors did not have police powers they could not force key witnesses to speak (eg the Councillor's son), seize documents etc. They could only see what Jan Britton's bent staff gave them (and at the time there were widespread allegations from decent staff of document shredding). For that reason alone you taxpayers should be concerned that the money spent resulted in such a feeble document (although it was good enough for the corrupt senior officer or officers within WMP to finally close down any police investigation!)

But it gets WORSE! Nearing the end of the process our Zionist friend told Jan Britton that the Muslim Councillor's daughter was disabled because of "inbreeding" in their community. Even the slow-witted Britton was concerned about such overt and horrendous racism but he decided to let Greenburgh complete the report and duly handed over OUR dosh (seemingly without discount) when the invoice came in.

By this time, the new "leader" of the Council, Steve "Squealing" Eling, had decided to shaft the Muslim Councillor who was hitherto supposed to have been his mate (he was alleged to have been best man at Squealing's wedding but the "leader" refuses to confirm or deny this). The rotten Borough then decided to appoint a QC - allegedly principally because of Greenburgh's racist remark - to say whether it was OK to release the report. There has been no breakdown yet of this guy's fees but his first bill to SMBC after the QC being instructed was just, wait for it, £67,500! If Britton and Co are telling the truth, Greenburgh and Wragge's have cost the taxpayer this amount too!

The Muslim Councillor is no longer on the Council but there are other matters (eg Lion Farm) where he needs to face further investigation. But whatever he has or has not done he has been subjected to a racist slur of a most vile kind by a major firm of solicitors and that is not on!

I made a formal complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority some 15 months ago but, whilst they claim to be "investigating" this they have not yet come back to me. As this is all reported in a High Court judgment in a case involving Sandwell what else is there to investigate? (And if you do not believe any of the above email me and I will send you the link to the case report).

I have written twice to the senior partner at Wragges's, one Peter Fennell, demanding to know how Wragge's intended to compensate the taxpayer for the huge amounts they have handed over to them (and forked out for the QC). Fennell has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge two letters dated 08/08/17 and 05/10/17. Where is a formal apology to (a) the Councillor and his family, (2) to the wider Muslim community and (3) to taxpayers. They have got rid of Greenburgh but apparently sat on the loot.

Greenburgh now runs his own firm and touts himself as a "trusted advisor to Local Government etc!

Accordingly I am starting a campaign today to have at least £185,000 repaid to the dirt-poor Socialist Sh*thole Borough of Sandwell and/or to a Muslim Aid charity. I will be distributing a leaflet outside Wragge's offices. Please follow and use the hashtag #payforracismGowlingWLG on social media and watch out for further news of the campaign.


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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Sh*thole Sandwell Digest 10/11/18

The Black Country might like to present itself as a jolly yam-yam sort of place but local voters certainly don't appear to give a toss about kids. For years now children's social care has been a total disaster in the sh*thole Labour Borough and yet "The Sandwell Slasher", Cllr Simon Hackett remains in charge from the Council's side of things despite years of failure and a data breach which Eling and Co are still trying to cover up. But STILL incompetent and corrupt Labour get voted in year in, year out so folk obviously aren't fussed about the sexual and physical abuse of local kids. Whilst working on this digest I noticed two headlines from the Council's propagandists, the Express and Star - aka "The Wolvo C*cksuckers":

Look at the dates - five years apart and things continue to slide. The problems started to occur roughly when Darren Cooper and Jan Britton took the helm and "Inadequate" Ofsted reports followed thick and fast. Things became so bad the Government had to intervene and a seperate "Children's Trust" [sic] was set up. The liar and fantasist who now "runs" the failing Labour Council, Steve "Squealing" Eling, told the C*cksuckers in April:

"We are looking forward to bringing about better outcomes for some of our most vulnerable people. Now the real work starts."

One wonders why the "real work" hadn't been started under Jan Britton in 2011/12! Eling was the deputy Leader of the pathetic Council all that time too and throughout this shocking scandal! I am told that money has been thrown at the Trust with Christmas bonuses and all sorts of other incentives but that a load of deadbeats who Jan Britton infamously accused of being wholly responsible for the service failure in the first place have simply been transferred to the new body. And so just a few months after being set up we get this:

Birmingham Mail - 6th November (George Makin) :

This lot couldn't run a whelk stall but the moronic local population just don't get it!

Ah well, I hear you say, at least the comrades keep telling us how brilliant education now is in Sadders. Er, hang on a minute.... this from Birmingham Mail, 8th November:

Open your eyes folks! You may have f*cked up your own lives and be happy to wallow in a faggotts and peas stupour but someone has to stop this shower destroying the prospects of the next generation too!

The Tories invented the financial scam that was "PFI" for funding and building new infrastructure but Tony Blair and Gordon Brown loved it and went into overdrive with the rip-off schemes. Sandwell Labour Council loved PFI, particularly the late "leader" Dickhead Daz. Every year the comrades boasted in the annual accounts that they were seeking more PFI "opportunities" so that they could bask in the glory of new buildings whilst local taxpayers had to pick up the tab for the next 30 years.

The late Smethwick Scumbag was ecstatic about the PFI deal to build the hospital in Smethwick (not any old hospital, of course, but a "super"- hospital). He regularly took to Twitter saying how "brilliant" it was. But Cooper wasn't known as "Sadim" for nothing. That name is the reverse of "Midas" and signifies that everything the woman-bullying thug touched turned to sh*t. Alas the completion of this particular monumental folly is further delayed according to press reports.


I pointed out last week that not everyone was happy with the new Sikh soldier statue in Smethwick as many young Sikhs in particular are disturbed about the role played by their ancestors in what they see as Imperialist affairs. But it is still shocking (and wrong) that the statue has been vandalised already with anti-imperialist graffiti. These pics from social media:


To finish on a - potentially - good news story... This is not a Council story as such but local residents in Tipton saw off the destruction of yet another pub when they contested a planning application by a food chain to convert the boozer into a convenience food store. I was delighted to meet some of the campaigners from The Sportsman in Tipton when the turned up at The Kremlin for the planning meeting this week. Let's hope there is no appeal and that the pub is saved for the foreseeable....

This is a lesson that Sandwell Folk can fight for themselves and can occasionally win. You don't have to put up with a bent and corrupt Labour Council. You can take on Eling's vicious dictatorship people! Go for it!

And Finally - I advertised yesterday that the Save Londonderry Playing Fields Campaign are having a meeting at 5pm on Sunday 11th November. I am hearing rumours (no more than that) that the comrades have banned them from holding it at Thimblemill Library. If you are going to the meeting please check the Facebook Group to check details.

Please also pop along to the YMCA on Carters Green between 2.30 and 4.30 today for the launch of a new book on The Public and a chance to chat to former staff and users. Bring your own photos if you have any. You can also meet The Skidder if that floats your boat....


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Friday, 9 November 2018

Labour Councillor Pisses on Poppy Day!

There is something really sick about Labour Councillors in the horrendous Hermit Kingdom of Sandwell politicising EVERYTHING but when it comes to the Remembrance Day commemoration it is time to speak out…

There are few Labour councillors in Sandwell who are more pathetic than groveller Peter Hughes in Wednesbury (posts passim). This blog wrote up last year about his appalling behaviour at a Remembrance Day ceremony two years ago which was caught on video.

In Wednesbury the protocol is that the party in NATIONAL government lay the first wreath on this solemn occasion be it Labour or Conservative. That has been observed for decades. But a couple of years ago the man who calls himself “Zorro Hughes” decided to politicise and demean the event and bizarrely jumped forward in front of the Tory wreath-layer to “get in first” on behalf of corrupt Sandwell Labour.

I mentioned this scumbag’s despicable behaviour in this blog last year and expressed the wish that he would get a grip and conduct himself with proper decorum. And he did. But it now transpires that rather than being ashamed of his earlier actions he had lobbied Jan Britton, the head of Sandwell’s bent paid service, about the protocol with a view to putting Labour first! New evidence has come to light - and whilst we do not yet have Jan Britton’s email - this is what the ghastly “Zorro” wrote before the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month:

Is there no end to this moron's vainglorious posturing at the expense of the war dead and injured? Grow up Zorro or do everyone a favour and stay away.

(Incidentally how does a proven liar like Costigan get to lay a wreath? Wednesbury is SICK - and I don’t mean the use of that word in the “modern” sense!)


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Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Public - New Book Launch Tomorrow!

COME ON DOWN - to the YMCA at Carters Green, West Bromwich tomorrow for a celebration of The Public. Meet old staff and users and remember the many good things done there despite the political shenanigans. Free entry to remember part of West Brom's history!

The one and only Graham Peet will be launching his new book on the former iconic building (before it was wrecked by the Council and College in a bent deal). I had a sneak preview a few weeks and there are some great photos! You can buy the book for just a fiver!

The event will be taking place between 2.30 and 4.30. Also, if you want a chat with The Skidder you can collar me there (if that is not an unfortunate choice of phrase given the ongoing police harassment!)


Don't forget the all important community meeting on Sunday evening organised by the Save Londonderry Playing Fields Group (join them of Facebook). This is to stop yet another green space in Sandwell being destroyed by Squealing Eling and Co for the multi-million pound Commonwealth Games vanity project that is the "aquatic centre". The meeting starts at 5pm on Sunday at Thimblemill Library.

(My apologies for absence from that but I am working on Sunday. Good luck folks!)


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Eling and WMP Harass Blogger AGAIN!

If you thought my blog four days ago marked a turning point in the corrupt relationship between Labour Sandwell Council and bent West Midlands Police - think again!

In my post of 4th November, 2018 (link below) I detailed hard evidence that although I was under investigation by the Complex Crime Unit of WMP (who tried to fit me up in an interview when I had a solicitor present!!!!) Sandwell Police were directly involved in the whole sordid affair in the person of Chief Superintendent Richard Baker. Sandwell Council were writing to him frequently urging my prosecution and sending him reams of documents. He even discussed my case at a "Gold Meeting" which I had always understood to be an opportunity to make operational decisions in respect of serious crime!

Already this blog has discovered that the situation is worse than first thought. I have discovered two further emails between Eling and his mate "Rich" Baker which WMP failed to disclose in the original list. How many more of them are there? Are WMP deliberately concealing documents of just incompetent?

Sorry readers but I need to take you back and ask you to read the letter of complaint I sent to Dave Thompson the Chief Constable (a former friend and supporter of the late "leader" of the Council, Darren Cooper) wherein I set out a list of the his corrupt police force's failures to investigate issues at Sandwell Council - or cases where one or more bent senior officers actively prevented investigations taking place. The letter is in a blog I wrote in May:

I also expressed my concern in that post about police interference in the political process particularly in respect of Standards Complaints against Eling and others. Informants said I was on the right track and that Ch Supt Baker was actively colluding with the corrupt Council to hold up the Standards Process but until now I had no evidence of that. Please remember that despite his lying, philandering, non-payment of Council tax, bankruptcy and Sp*nkgate, Eling was still protecting Marshall when the last police investigation kicked off. If he had had his way Eling wanted Marshall to stand again for election again in May. Thanks to collusion with "Rich" the voters would never have known about the multiple standards complaints against Marshall - especially from former Assistant Chief Executive whom Eling and Marshall urged me to "give a kicking" to.

Alas for Dicky it was not just this blog that brought him down. Cllr Yvonne Davies told all the comrades the truth about him and was promptly hounded out of a Labour Group meeting by screaming "comrades". The Labour Whip was suspended from her and, as far as I am aware, she has still not received a formal apology from the other Councillors who were at that meeting - including Squealing Eling, of course. At least one other brave Labour Councillor made a complaint to the Labour Party about Marshall over Sp*nkgate. After much faffing the Party - rather than Eling - stopped his little game.

"Elling" enjoying coffee from the firm who have the ludicrous new swimming pool contract.

Once again hard evidence has now emerged that Ch Supt Baker WAS involved in stopping the Standards process so much so that the head of the bent paid service at the Council, Jan Britton, actually wrote to him to agree the wording of an email to be sent to all councillors. Here is Britton writing to his friend "Rich":



How on earth is a senior Police officer helping out a Council Chief Executive (of a deeply corrupt authority) write memos to Councillors? I am told Richard Baker is a sound guy but clearly there needs to be a full investigation into all this and he needs to be debarred from any dealings with SMBC in the interim.

To be fair to "Rich" it did appear from emails set out in the post I wrote four days ago that he was getting fed up of being pressured by the grim, mirthless Milkman. He finally snapped and wrote to the Squealer - and the wording is important here:

"The investigation into Saunders is concluded..... I strongly advice that if you wish to pursue a legal challenge against Saunders that you consider a civil action.... we will not investigate further unless an obvious criminal threshold is met."

Alas his words were meaningless and he set the dogs on me again yesterday following a pathetic complaint from one Steven Charles Eling of Derbyshire and Sandwell! If the above is not amazing enough hold onto your hats!

West Midlands Police phoned me to "invite" me in for a "voluntary interview". THEY SPECIFICALLY REFUSED TO TELL ME OR MY SOLICITOR WHAT I WAS ACCUSED OF! They just expected me to take two lengthy bus journeys and present myself at Oldbury Lock-Up.

When I arrived with my Solicitor the secret was revealed. They had assigned a Detective Sergeant no less to present us with this tweet:

Apparently, the proven liar Eling, had done a statement saying that this was a threat of violence and that he feared for his safety! I sh*t ye not!

(This was rich when Eling and his wife threatened ME with violence at the election count last year and that they would fit me up with the police - posts passim!)

Because the Police had deliberately stopped me preparing for the interview I was unable to set this tweet in context immediately. I said that on the wording alone this could not be classed as any sort of threat of violence but was told that was irrelevant if the Squealer "perceived it as a threat of violence"! Once again I sh*t ye not!

I explained that Jan Britton's bent paid service had rigged the Standards process (eg by excluding my evidence) to try and exonerate Eling over Sp*nkgate once he had decided to try and clear himself by throwing Marshall under the bus. What I was saying - and which Eling would clearly know - is that there are continuing Labour Party investigations into him. The fact that Jan's bent service "cleared" him did not mean he was out of the [Warley] woods just yet. I had received information direct from West Mids Labour Party to this effect and shared it with some other local media folk/organisations.

And so dear readers, a DS was taken off crime-fighting in Sandwell for this. You are already paying for corrupt WMP to do their job (which they are not doing in respect of SMBC) but you also had to pay for my lawyer yesterday via Legal Aid. If you ever needed more proof of a vendetta against me by Sandwell Council and WMP this is surely it and this harassment has to stop. I also complained that I was very unhappy about WMP expecting me to just give up several hours of my day without even telling me what the matter was about! I also said that someone within WMP clearly had to get a grip and heed "Rich" Baker's words set out above. How can the wording of the tweet possibly have met a clear "criminal threshold"? Someone with half a brain in WMP should now be considering calling Eling in for wasting police time!

(Incidentally, the DS herself had been badly briefed as she had no knowledge of the mega-expensive enquiry into me that had lasted several months!)

I am to be informed in due course if I am to be charged with an offence!

Alas there is something else on this subject of collusion between SMBC and WMP in respect of my "c*cksucker" trial but at present that is sub judice although the matter that has been referred to the CPS.


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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Squealing Eling and West Mids Police!

Time and time again this blog has criticised the incestuous relationship between bent West Midlands Police and corrupt Labour Sandwell Council so that the former fail to do their job and investigate the latter.

Thanks to an informant I discovered that the "leader" of Sandwell Council, Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Sandwell Council had been writing to Ch Supt Richard Baker of Sandwell Police encouraging him to prosecute me for writing this blog. I knew nothing of this since when the Police interviewed me under caution they told me they were the "complex crime unit" from Wolvo. (Regular readers will know that even though I had a solicitor present two of their officers tried to fit me up by alleging that two complainants against Eling and Marshall were, in fact, complaining about ME! This was a lie). Clearly this was another lie as Sandwell Police were also involved (eg see the reference to the "Gold Meeting".

I made a subject access request to WMP and have received a whole batch of emails between Eling/SMBC heavily redacted. But even what is there shows grossly defamatory comments by Eling and SMBC and I will be taking appropriate action.

If there was any doubt of a conspiracy to "get me" - not via the civil law but by the police acting as corrupt agents for an elected Labour Council you now have it here.

The general reader should also take a look at the entry of 18th March 2018 when Sandwell Council and Eling somehow think it is appropriate to inform the Police about my support for the families of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. What the f*ck is going on?????

Eling is a bully. He and his wife threatened me with violence INSIDE an election count and then said they would lie to the police and fit me up. Just ask Yvonne Davies, Melanie Dudley and various SMBC employees about Eling's temper and bullying. He was heavily involved as the "numbers" man throughout the disastrous Cooper/Britton era and was duly exposed by James Morris MP in the House of Commons last January. His dimwitted comrades saw him as a safe pair of hands despite all the evidence to the contrary and he scraped through as leader in a rigged process. He immediately set up inexperienced Cllr Richard Marshall as his enforcer in Sandwell whilst he continued to rake in pay in his day job at Rotherham Council and grabbing his full Sandwell allowances. A shocking lack of judgement. The pair met with me and asked me to attack his enemies. They promised me the "bullets" to fire and set up a WhatsApp account to send me information which they mistakenly believed was encrypted. The "Spunkgate" and other scandals followed. Marshall was exposed for not paying Council tax but Eling stood by him. Marshall was made bankrupt but Eling stood by him. When the WhatsApp feed was made public Eling lied about it to at least one fellow Labour Councillor. Even when Marshall's phone number was shown on the account Eling stood by him and would have let him stand for election again in May had not he suddenly realised that it was better to let Tricky Dicky take the rap to try and save his own skin. Will he is personally all over what follows and has involved SMBC in all this so that they also now face legal action. His position is untenable and he has to go..... Even the thick "comrades" must realise this in the light of all this!

Obviously the redacted information is likely to include even more highly defamatory material.

Even some of the recipients have been redacted from the following but it is highly likely that when fuller versions become available this will link SMBC even deeper into the conspiracy. I say this because I am aware of at least one email that has, for an unknown reason at present, not been disclosed to me by WMP. In that mail Squealing Eling wrote to "Rich" Baker but copied in three senior people at the top of the bent Sandwell paid service ie Jan Britton, Surjit Tour and Philip Tart. Clearly there will need to be a full investigation into Britton and Tour's involvement in this shocking scandal as taxpayers' money has seemingly been squandered for purely political reasons. Further there is clear evidence that they have leaked confidential documents including legal statements.

14/08/17 - Note this has been sent via a Sandwell Council account. What on earth does he mean that I have been trying to "pervert the course of justice"?

17/08/17 - once again this email is from "Sandwell SMBC":

23/08/17 - I wrote to Eling and Marshall about Sp*nkgate and suggested they both resign. Jan Britton's bent paid service sent this on the WMP:


19/09/17: this is again sent via Sandwell Council but is more "matey" in tone - presumably from Eling to his WMP mate "Rich"?

19/09/17 - Ch Supt Baker replies to SMBC:

23/09/17 - Someone, presumably Eling, continues to use SMBC to push "Rich" towards prosecuting me. You will see that "we" - by which he presumably means Jan britton's bent paid service have obviously used taxpayers' money to prepare a "dossier" with "appendices".

16/01/18 - an odd one as this is just SMBC sending an email to three councillors to the police even though I had copied them in!

17/01/18 - this is very interesting since it refers to my unlawful ejection from attending a public council meeting which is now the subject of civil action BY ME in respect of the false and malicious allegation. There is also here highly libellous allegations that I was "harassing and stalking" a woman! I can guess who is putting these lies forward can't you readers? Clearly a "file" has also been sent to the CPS. Note - SMBC are STILL actively hiding the person who made the false allegation against me which caused the wardens to act. If the matter was reported to SMBC why are they lying to me? They obviously know the source of the malicious complaint!

27/01/18 - finally Eling uses his personal account. Why the hell is he wasting police time on this b*llocks? Why are they letting him? "Criminal Intimidation"? FFS!

19/02/18: Eling returns to using his official Council account and is clearly writing on behalf of the Council. He threatens legal action which never came. But you will see from this and what follows that he is VERY anxious to shut me up about the bent Lion Farm deal!

19/02/18 - Eling seems to be getting desperate and uses SMBC to try and force my prosecution. Note he is trying to suggest that he is acting on behalf of all Labour councillors!

19/02/18:  The third email of the day as SMBC/Eling seek to waste more police time!

02/03/18: I had provided a statement to Solicitors for a Council Standards hearing which was not used. Eling says the Council then unlawfully sent it to the Police. But here Eling sends it again under his own name. He is an elected member and not a member of Jan Britton's bent paid service. He  has no right to use the statement (which may have been subject to legal professional privilege in any event). He has unlawfully used a private Council document. Funnily enough this statement was brought up when I was interviewed under caution by corrupt WMP and I questioned the police how they had got it!

Note the "Regards Steve" to his mate...

02/03/18: Police confirm to Eling that I am to be interviewed under caution (and I was a few days later):

02/03/18: An acknowledgement from the Groveller Eling!

13/03/18 - this is interesting because in January the highly controversial Monitoring Officer of bent Sandwell Council, Surjit Tour, wrote to say that public money was to be spent to instruct "specialist" legal counsel to find ways to shut my blog down (even though it is said that Jan Britton had been down this route when Cooper was alive). Apparently there is so little serious crime in Sandwell WMP can discuss my blog at their "Gold Meeting"! You couldn't make it up....

18/03/18 - this is incredible! Eling/SMBC think it appropriate to "inform" WMP that I support the Justice 4 The 21 campaign ie to get justice for the 21 folk murdered in the Birmingham pub bombings. How is Jan Britton allowing him to do this via SMBC and why does Eling think this is a matter for WMP (who. of course, failed spectacularly to do their job and fitted up the Birmingham Six for the atrocity). Presumably Eling thinks WMP hate the families of those murdered and he can curry favour with "Rich" by associating me with their campaign.

17/04/18:  heavily redacted but this shows there is a concerted campaign of SMBC-linked complaints to the police about me. It will be interesting to see if this email refers to Jan Britton!

17/04/18:  Apparently standing up for my legal rights constitutes "a menacing threat"! You will also see that Eling is becoming increasingly paranoid and starts attacking WMP alleging they have a "mole" in the ranks leaking information to me! This is a bit rich when he and Marshall set up a line of communication and then leaked confidential SMBC information to me to attack his enemies.

This summer I have had to fight off the GMB's solicitors in a spurious defamation claim on behalf of Sarah James. It is quite clear from this that she had involved Eling in this and no doubt the comrades egged her on to take action as part of their concerted campaign against me. This is a civil matter nothing to do with SMBC and yet Jan Britton is permitting Ealing to use the Council's facilities to send it to the police!

20/05/18:  I am a journalist but Eling takes exception to me writing to him on a subject raised by fellow Labour Councillors. This from his private email.
31/05/18: Sent from his personal account Eling continues to bombard WMP with crazed nonsense:

15/06/18 - Eling and SMBC re-start their attack on me. This time Eling again objects to me standing up for my rights and somehow thinks this is a police matter whereas he is just wasting their time again:

26/06/18: Once again Eling objects to plain old-journalism. I ask him questions based on an article on the Skwawkbox site and on information received. Yet again he classes a journalistic enquiry as some bizarre form of criminal harassment! Lest we forget he IS (unbelievably) "leader" of the Council!

29/06/18: This disclosure by WMP is incomplete as an email of 29/06/18 was sent by Eling to "Rich" Baker which was grossly defamatory.

12/07/18: Eling is panicking about my FOI request about him and Marshall using SMBC's audit department to attack his enemies and writes to the Police and to the Office of the Information Commission - desperate to stop the latter's investigation. Needless to say I am contacting the ICO. Note that this is an official SMBC email signed "Leader, Sandwell MBC" and he is trying to stymie the ICO's activity:

27/07/18: Squealing Eling is losing the plot. Just look at the ludicrous title of this email: "Complaint about the most outrageous profanity by Saunders" - "Lol"! As above, his crazed paranoia starts to kick in and he starts blaming the Police for my blogs! (As we shall see this backfires).

28/07/18: Finally the Police have had enough of this. They have spent huge resources over many months in trying to silence me. I had pointed out to them on numerous occasions that Eling (a rich man) and SMBC have civil remedies against me but can't/won't use them as they know they will lose.  They are determined to criminalise me instead. WMP confirm that there has been no criminal conduct (although still put me under immense pressure for several months to realise the bleeding obvious and they seized my phone). They are clearly fed up with this pressure from Eling/SMBC. (Once again query whether they will consider proceeding against certain individuals for (a) wasting police time, and (b) lying in police statements).

30/07/18: Eling and SMB are thwarted and Squealer resorts to what he does best - bullying. He now starts to attack the police who have simply done their job for once and advised him that he should take civil action if he has a grouse.

30/07/18: Once again WMP seem to be getting pissed off with this ranting bully and put him right on the law (what a shame it took 5 months plus of police resources to realise that free speech is precious!) Why can't the huge Sandwell Council legal department work this out????

30/07/18: Eling tries to read something positive into the reply.... What a deluded and nasty man!

I can't say too much at the moment but this orchestrated and malicious campaign has now switched so that staff are being forced to make complaints. Hence I face criminal trial in January for alleged calling Jan Britton a "c*cksucker". I can't say much about this as it is sub judice but other communications from SMBC trying to force Rich Baker's team to prosecute me have already been referred to the CPS. Further, I have been called into Oldbury nick again next week by Rich Baker's officers in respect of yet another alleged (and unspecified) complaint against me. It looked like the penny had finally dropped with that senior officer about what is really going here but obviously not. The harassment of me and this blog continues via SMBC and West Midlands Police!


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